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					                  Westchester County
                      Department of
                    Emergency Services

             Hospital User Training
                   For Motorola XTL2500 (Base Radios)

Andrew J. Spano                                         Anthony W. Sutton
County Executive                                        DES Commissioner
       Training Objectives:
  Upon completion of this training, attendees should have

A basic understanding of the radio
– How it works
– Who can you talk to
– How to use the radio in your Hospital ED
      (Motorola XTL2500 Mobile Radio)
 Westchester County Interoperable Radio System

   System Features
    – Voice Recording (All trunk channels recorded)
    – Radio use analysis software

NOTE: When we reference “Talk Groups” we are referring to Radio Channels
                                        A 60 – CONTROL

                            Power Button

To Turn Radio On:
1. Press the Power button.
   When the radio is turned on, it will display   Notes:
   “XTL 2500’, then it performs a self check.     If FAIL ##/## is displayed, the radio will not
To Turn Radio Off: Press power button             function until it is serviced.
NOTE:                                             If a problem occurs, an error code “ERROR
THE RADIO SHOULD ALWAYS BE LEFT ON WITH           ##/##” will be displayed.
                                                  Contact DES or your radio repair service for
                             A 60 – CONTROL

Volume Knob

•Raise and lower volume by
turning the knob.
            To adjust display brightness:

                 A 60 – CONTROL

                         Press the Dimmer Button to change the
Dimmer Button           display brightness. It has four levels: off-
                        When OFF, both the display and the
                        backlight will be turned off.

 To transmit (talk) on the radio:

1. Lift the microphone off hook/desk,
 press and hold the microphone PTT
 button.                                    - If you hear a continuous low-
If you hear three quick tones and the         pitched tone when pushing the
red XMIT (transmit) lights steadily,          PTT button, the radio is unable
proceed with your message.                    to access the system. (should
                                              not happen from fixed sites).
If the system is busy (unlikely) you will
                                              Red XMIT indicator light may
hear a busy tone and the yellow (busy)
                                              flash as the radio tries to access
light will flash
                                              the system. Release the PTT
If you experience a “busy”, release the       button and try again.
PTT button and wait for three quick
                                            - If the transmit problem persists,
tones. Press and hold the PTT button
                                              report the problem to DES or
to transmit your message within three         your radio repair vendor.
seconds after hearing the three tones.
                                             Note: Time out timer enabled
Release the PTT button to hear the
person on the radio.                                 (60 Seconds)
          Zone Select or Change
                             A 60 CONTROL

                                    1. The display shows the current bank
    Home Button
                                      and channel.
• A bank / zone is a group of       2. Press          the button below ZONE.
  channels.                         3. Press either       or      arrow right or
• To Select a bank / zone:             left to select the desired zone (in
                                    4. Press       the home button or the PTT
                                       button to save the displayed zone as
                                       the new home (default) zone.
                                    • The zone name stops flashing once it
                                      is saved.
                                    4. Press the PTT button to begin talking
                                      on the new channel.
                  Selecting a Channel:
  •To select a Channel:           Home Button                      Channel Knob

                                                     A 60 – CONTROL

PTT (Push
To Talk)

1. Turn the channel Knob until the desired channel is displayed.
2.Press the PTT button to talk on the new channel.
                           Emergency Button:
                                                                          Emergency Button


1. If you press the Emergency button it will activate    2. If you purposely push the emergency button,
   the emergency call/alarm feature (the display will       press the PTT button and announce your
   alternate between EMERGENCY and the current              emergency.
   zone/channel). The radio identifier will alarm and
   flash on each dispatch position in the ECC until it   3. To reset the emergency button, press and hold
   is reset. The ECC will call the radio to confirm         the emergency button until you hear a tone.
   there is no emergency.                                   The EM ERGENCY display will reset and the
   Pushing the emergency button will place the              radio will return to normal operation.
   radio back on the home channel                        Note: Turning the radio off also cancels the
                                                            emergency state.
          Westchester Interoperable Radio
            Communication Guidelines
  To optimize system use and minimize the
  possibility of a busy* signal

  –   Use Plain English and avoid 10 codes
  –   Transmit short concise messages
  –   Avoid lengthy / unnecessary communications
  –   Avoid slang, acronyms etc

*Busy signals prevent your talking on the system.
             DES Oversight:

Please provide feedback; suggestions; or
requests to DES
– Phone:     (914) 231-1684
– Fax:       (914) 813-4106
– Web form:

Report incidents of questionable or poor
coverage experienced.

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