Baby safety gate by ibraj


									When it comes to child-proofing your home, one of the first things you
will consider is the baby safety gate. Neglecting to add baby gates to
your home can mean risking your baby's safety when wandering around the
home. It only takes a second of distraction and your child could be in a
dangerous situation. Many parents are multi-tasking during their day and
it is impossible to keep an eye on your child's actions every minute of
the day. This is why a baby gate is so critical in a home no matter what
the size. A small apartment can be just as dangerous as a four bedroom
home when it comes to a wandering toddler. The basic areas a baby gate
is used for include blocking stairways and hallways.

There are several types of baby gates to choose from. Now a days,
manufacturers have made them easy to install and easy to open and close.
This is important as most baby gates are blocking a high traffic area in
which adults and older children must constantly use. Beware of old baby
gates of the past that are made of flimsy material and have the accordion
like open and close functionality. These types of old baby gates are not
safe at all as a small child could get their head caught in between the
slots. While these types of gates are no longer sold, you may still find
them lying around at garage sales or passed down from family or friends.
Newer model baby gates are much sturdier and open and close easily for
adults to pass through.

If you are using a baby gate in a high traffic area like a hall way, a
flexible gate that is retractable is suitable for this type of area. You
want to be sure that it isn't easily movable by your child (of course),
yet not a hassle to open and close for older people in the household.
The last thing you want is for older children and adults to be climbing
over the gate as this can lead to injury if someone trips and falls. If
you are using a gate to block your baby from stairs, a wall mounted
version is a better choice. These models are screwed into the walls or
banisters and typically open like a door.   Because these models are
screwed into the walls, it makes it especially difficult for a young
child to manipulate the gate, yet easy for older kids and adults to
unlock and walk through. Don't worry if the area you wish to mount the
gate is not an exact fit as baby gate mounting kits are almost always
available for hard to fit areas.

It is not uncommon to have multiple baby gates mounted around the house.
All stairs should have a baby gate and any doorways that lead to high
risk areas of the home such as a pool area. While they may be an
annoyance for some family members, it is better to be safe than sorry.
Remember, baby safety gates are temporary solutions until your babies are
old enough to wander without much supervision.

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