New technique helps doctor target problem areas

by SHANESSA FENNER                                       typically one treatment is required. The session
                                                         may last from 45 minutes to one hour for each
     Women and men want to look and feel good            treated area.
about themselves. Coressence Medical Spa has a                “After the surgery the patient will walk two
new tool — SmartLipo — to help them to do so.            miles that night,” said Clinton. “This gets the
     “Coressence is committed to providing the           liquid coming out of the patient.”
highest quality laser services available in the               Everyday afterwards, the patient will walk
United States,” said Dr. Robert Clinton, owner of        four miles. This is a requirement or otherwise
Coressence Laser & Skin Center.                          Dr. Clinton will not perform the surgery.
     Clinton dedicates himself to delivering quality,    The patient will need to wear a compression
effective minimally-invasive aesthetic skin care, he     garment for several days to several weeks,
said, and SmartLipo is a new tool.                       depending on the body area being treated. Rest
     “We have treated 40 SmartLipo patients this         is recommended after the treatment and activity
month,” he said recently.                                can be resumed gradually. Results can be seen
     SmartLipo has only been in the United               as soon as a week with continued improvement
States for a few months and is a great adjunct to        over several months. The procedure is very safe
traditional liposuction procedures, although it does     with minimal side effects.
not replace conventional liposuction. Its purpose is          “I am very impressed with SmartLipo,”
to treat small areas of the face, neck, arms, breasts    said Rhonda, SmartLipo patient. “I really
and areas that contain loose and flabby skin. If         believe more woman will be happy with
a patient has areas of fat that will not respond to      SmartLipo versus regular lipo.”
diet and exercise, they are a good candidate for              Rhonda added that women care
Laserlypolisi. Ideal candidates are in good health, of   about the holes and the incisions.
normal body weight and have realistic expectations       Smaller holes have less recovery time
for the results. This treatment is not for morbidly      and tighter skin.
obese patients.                                               Other services that the center
     “We will not do the treatment on a patient who      provides includes cosmetic lifts, fat and
is not healthy or working out,” said Clinton. “They      cellulite reduction, laser hair reduction,
have to be healthy, on a diet and have a workout         laser hair removal, injectables and
plan.”                                                   wrinkle reducers, and rejuvenation,
     Adults do not create new fat cells. When a          exfoliation and acne treatments.
person gains weight, the fat cells expand. The                The services that the center will be
SmartLipo procedure permanently removes the fat          adding in the next couple of months
cells. The patient is advised to not drink red wine      include hair transplantation, anti aging
or take multivitamins or supplements ten days            services and enhanced cosmetic surgical
prior to the operation. The procedure entails a very     procedures.
small tube called the cannula approximately one               Future projects coming soon for
millimeter in diameter containing a laser fiber is       Clinton include moving into a bigger
inserted into the skin. The cannula is moved back        facility, a tattoo removal laser, a laser
and forth delivering the                                                  to stimulate hair growth,
laser’s energy directly                                                    and a fractional laser for
to the fat cells, causing                                                 the treatment of aging
them to rupture and                                                       skin, scars and melasma.
easily drain away.                                                        He and his wife plan on
The laser energy                                                          opening another business
interacts with                                                             in the downtown
the dermis,                                                                Fayetteville area along
resulting in skin                                                          with relaunching mineral
tightening or                                                              makeup and skin care
shrinkage.                                                                 lines.
     For most                                                                   Dr. Clinton spends
patients,                                                                  his free time Salsa
                                                                             dancing with his wife
                                                                                 and spending time
                                                                                   with his three
                                                                                                                     oriented,” said Clinton. “We still want people to
                                                                                      children. He also coaches
                                                                                                                     have an unforgettable experience.”
                                                                                         his sons’ wrestling team
                                                                                                                         The center is located at 2139 Valleygate Drive,
                                                                                           and attends Manna
                                                                                                                     Suite 101B. For more information, call 321-0079.
                                                                                                    “We are
                                                                                                  results oriented          Shanessa Fenner, Contributing Writer
                                                                                                    more than               COMMENTS? 484-6200 ext. 222 or

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