; Congress Passes Legislation to Improve Affordable Senior Housing
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Congress Passes Legislation to Improve Affordable Senior Housing


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									                                                                                                                Winter 2011

Congress Passes Legislation to Improve
Affordable Senior Housing                                                     NEW COMMUNITIES
       ne of the last actions of    the best quality senior housing
       the previous Congress        in the country.
       was to pass legislation
that would improve funding            The new act will improve
and the preservation of afford-     how the Section 202 program
able senior housing. President      can be used with other state
Obama signed into law on            and local government resources
January 4th, the “Section 202       to expand the number of senior
                                    housing apartments; as well as
Supportive Housing for the
                                    to attract resources to refinance
Elderly Act of 2010”, that will
                                    existing Section 202 senior
bring about a number of
                                    housing facilities. In addition,    John Piazza Apartments is EHDOC’s newest
reforms to one of the most
                                    the act will enable additional      community in Fontana, CA. The Grand Opening
successful federal senior hous-
                                    resources to be available to        ceremony of this 60-unit community took place in
ing programs.
                                    improve the physical condition      December 2010.
                                    and to expand supportive
  EHDOC Executive Director,
                                    services in existing Section 202
Steve Protulis, who testified
before Congress in support of
the legislation, praised the             Steve Protulis commended
Section 202 program as one of       not only Congress and other
the most important federal          national organizations who had
resources to enable non-profit      provided leadership to get the
organizations like EHDOC to         law enacted, but also the many
provide quality affordable          residents, family and friends of
housing for millions of seniors.    EHDOC senior housing facili-
EHDOC has received national         ties who had written and com-
recognition for its effective use   municated with their Congres-       In July 2010, EHDOC celebrated the Grand Opening
of the Section 202 program to       sional members in support of        of Ed Romero Terrace, a beautiful 40-unit community
develop and operate some of         this important legislation.         in Albuquerque and EHDOC’s first project in the
                                                                        state of New Mexico.
Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation

                                  Executive Director’s Views
                                  By Steve Protulis

Elderly Housing Development
  & Operations Corporation        How Long is the Wait?
Mission Statement
EHDOC develops and manages              uring my visits to the EHDOC           HUD budget, this cut means even longer
safe, secure and affordable             properties across the country I        waiting lists and more seniors having to
housing for senior citizens       experience a series of mixed emotions.       choose between food and housing. I find
across the United States.         I am delighted to see first hand that        this choice unacceptable and decidedly
EHDOC advocates for the           EHDOC continues to provide quality           un-American.
highest quality of life for the
                                  affordable housing for 5,000 seniors and
seniors of today and tomorrow.
                                  to personally hear from them how                 While we all recognize that the nation
                                  grateful they are to be in safe housing      is facing record deficits, we cannot
Board of Directors                with needed support services. I am           balance the budget on the backs of the
Morton Bahr
President                         equally saddened when I know that each       poor, seniors, the disabled, and the
                                  of the properties has a waiting list. In     disenfranchised. Properties for seniors
Steve Protulis
Executive Vice President          some cases, the waiting lists are 3 to 4     and for the disabled are necessary and in
Leo W. Gerard
                                  years long.                                  the long run cost effective. Seniors
Vice President of Operations                                                   living in EHDOC properties and other
Edward L. Romero
                                    The shortage of affordable senior          HUD Section 202 properties have
Vice President for Quality        housing becomes real when you look           greater disposable income for groceries,
Maria C. Cordone
                                  into the face of a senior who is desper-     occasional movies, a new pair of shoes,
Secretary                         ately seeking housing. When they ask         or going to a restaurant, which is more
Susan L. Phillips                 ”how long is the wait?” and you know         than they would have if they had to
Treasurer                         you to have to tell them it will be years    spend their entire Social Security check
Marjorie Colebut-Jackson          you are face to face with a crisis.          on rent. This helps drive local econo-
Director                                                                       mies. Construction of new senior hous-
Tony Fransetta                       I recall the 1,000 seniors who stood in   ing creates jobs in the building trades
Director                          line for the chance to get an application    and long term employment for site staff.
Maxine Carter                     for Palermo Lakes, knowing only 109 of
Director                          them would actually get housing. In             I am encouraged by the new Section
Roger Smith                       California the day we opened John            202 legislation that will make develop-
Director                          Piazza Apartments and moved in 60            ment of new housing more efficient.
Joseph Hunt                       seniors, we had another 35 already on a      However these new procedures are of no
Director                          waiting list. And with the baby boomers      use without proper funding to build new
John Olsen                        turning 65 this year, the lists will grow    housing. With all of the discussions
Director                          longer. When I served on the congres-        about debt reduction, we can never
Mark Weiner                       sionally appointed “Senior Housing           forget the impact those cuts would have
Director                          Commission” in 2001-2002, the com-           on our most vulnerable citizens. Frank-
Ellen Feingold                    mission recommended 40,000 new               lin D. Roosevelt once said “The test of
Director                          housing units per year. Since 1979 we        our progress is not whether we add more
New Dimensions is published by:
                                  have been building less than 10% of that     to the abundance of those who have
Elderly Housing Development       number.                                      much; it is whether we provide enough
& Operations Corporation.                                                      for those who have little”.
                                     It is this reality that causes great
1580 Sawgrass Corporate Parkway   concern when proposed federal budget           EHDOC will continue to be an advo-
Suite 210                         cuts would eliminate $90 million from        cate for affordable senior housing.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33323
Tel: (954) 835-9200
                                  the senior housing new construction          Every one of us should be aware of this
Fax: (954) 835-0888               budget. With an already low allocation       senior housing crisis and join together to
E-mail: newsletter@ehdoc.org      for new construction in the proposed         make it a top priority in our nation.

 New Dimensions - 2
                                                               Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation

                          President’s Comments
                          By Morton Bahr

                                                                    The Time to Act is Now

A     merica’s seniors have an
      enormous stake in what
members of the newly elected
                                       ful, would impact their children
                                       and grandchildren. The new law
                                       currently includes:
                                                                            because of these high medical
                                                                               Other benefits continue to
House of Representatives are
                                       •No child can be refused coverage    become effective in the years
attempting to do with the health
                                       because of a pre-existing condi-     ahead. Knowing these facts, can
care reform bill passed last year.
                                       tion.                                any of us, especially seniors, sit
As this column is being written,
                                                                            back and watch the health reform
efforts are underway to repeal the     •Children up to the age of 26 can
                                                                            be dismantled?
law. All Americans, particularly       now be carried on their parent's
seniors, should be concerned by        policies.                               For the first time, we are on the
efforts that will dismantle the                                             threshold of seeing millions of our
legislation piece by piece.            •You cannot be charged extra for
                                                                            citizens receive needed health
                                       emergency medical care if the
                                                                            care. This certainly should be a
   There has been considerable         hospital happens not to be in your
                                                                            basic right of every American. To
mis-information regarding the          insurance company's network.
                                                                            protect what has already become
health care reform. Some of the
                                                                            effective and what will become
information proffered by oppo-
nents has been designed to scare        Providing healthcare for            effective in the near future, it
                                                                            requires all of us to become politi-
people, especially seniors, into        all is not something we             cally active. For many who have
opposing the legislation.                    can put off until              forgone medical treatment, for
   Let me set the record straight.              tomorrow.                   those suffering long term illness
This year, in accordance with the                                           this new legislation provides a
new law, seniors will receive          •Coverage can no longer be           much needed lifeline. For every-
significant new benefits. Of major     cancelled just because the policy-   one, affordable health care defines
importance is that there will be       holder got sick – as has been        their quality of life.
relief when the senior hits the        done.                                   All of us working together can
“donut hole.” For the first time,
                                       •The law sets a percentage of        win this fight. Providing health
there will be a discount on
                                       premiums that the insurance          care for all is not something we
prescription drugs when you hit
                                       company must spend on health         can put off untill tomorrow. It is
the donut hole, thereby greatly
                                       care for its insured.                time for all concerned Americans
reducing the cost to many seniors.
                                                                            to let their office holders - at every
Further, beginning this year,          •Insurance companies can no          level of government - know just
seniors will be entitled to free       longer impose an annual maxi-        how they feel about this issue.
screening for various types of         mum or lifetime maximum on           Our seniors can set the pace by
cancers as well as for wellness        benefits they would pay. This is     rallying their families for the fight
exams.                                 extremely important as we all        that looms ahead. And, it is
   While these benefits accrue         know that costs associated with      certainly time now for all to write
directly to Medicare recipients,       cancer and heart disease can         to their Members of Congress
our seniors are also concerned         easily exceed previous maximum       making it clear that you support
about how plans to dismantle the       amounts. Many families have          the new health care legislation.
health care legislation, if success-   been forced to file for bankruptcy   The time to act is now.

                                                                                                New Dimensions - 3
Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation

   In the News
               Helping the Community                                          Staying in the Game
                    Chateau Des Amis                                               I.W. Abel Place
                   Ville Platte, Louisiana                                    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

     Resident Association President, Flora Isbell and Vice-        IW Abel resident Henry Bobeck built a corn toss
     President, Anna Siffert receive a thank you letter from       game for his community and hopes to get other
     Ville Platte Fire Department Chief, Ted Demoruelle.           seniors in the area interested in future competitions.
     The Chateau Des Amis’ Resident Association                    Henry Bobeck, a resident of I.W. Abel, lent his
     collected money from their fellow residents to give           carpentry talent to build a corn toss game for
     to the Ville Platte Volunteer Fire Department.                the residents in his building. Corn Toss is easy
     President, Flora Isbell, and Vice-President, Anna             for all age groups to play. Mr. Bobeck hopes
     Siffert, presented Fire Chief, Ted Demoruelle, with           that other senior properties in the area will
     a donation on behalf of the residents at Chateau              join in on the fun, so they can someday host a
     Des Amis. Mr. Demoruelle thanked the residents                friendly competition. Sandra Niemetz a resi-
     for their participation in the 2010 Fund Drive and            dent of I.W. Abel started playing darts at age
     informed them that their contribution would be                66 in July of 2010. Several weeks later she
     used to purchase Fire Safety packets that will be             received two medals; one gold medal from the
     given to school children. In recognition of their             Pittsburgh City-Parks and a silver medal from
     donation, the residents of Chateau Des Amis                   the Pennsylvania State Senior Olympic games
     received a letter of appreciation from the Ville              held in York Pennsylvania. Congratulations to
     Platte Volunteer Fire Department.                             Ms. Niemetz on her achievements!

                                                          Creating Partnerships
                                                          Council House - Marlow Heights, Maryland
                                                          Council House residents have partnered with Gov. Martin
                                                          O'Malley's Public Service Commission in a fact-finding
                                                          mission concerning PEPCO billing practices. Council
                                                          House Residents are working with the Prince George's
                                                          County Sheriff's Office S.A.L.T/Triad Program to create
                                                          awareness about crimes against senior citizens. Upcom-
                                                          ing projects involve launching a computer learning center
                                                          for the residents and seniors in the Marlow Heights
                                                          community and hosting continuing education classes
                                                          through Prince George's County Community College.

New Dimensions - 4
                                                      Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation

  A Great Residents Association                                Beanie Babies for the Holidays
      Jack Kenny Memorial Housing                                     Leisure Lane Apartments
           Rochester, New York                                            Rayne, Louisiana

(Left to-right) Association Officers: Marge Bridge-          (Left to right): Leisure Lane residents, Preston
land Secertary, Sandy Schaffer President, Paulette           Verrett, Ruth Wright, and Adam Burliegh prepare
Mestler Treasurer, Paul Moran Vice president                 the beanie babies for shipment to the New Orleans
Since its creation in April, the Jack Kenny                  Children Hospital.
Memorial Housing Resident Association in                    After losing her daughter a few months ago,
Rochester, New York, has made great strides in              Ruth Wright and her fellow residents at
improving the lives of the residents who call               Leisure Lane, took upon themselves the
Jack Kenny home. The Association has already                assignment of packing and shipping the
held 2 pot luck dinners, open to all the resi-              Beanie Babies Ruth’s daughter used to collect.
dents; a sidewalk and bake sale; a clothing                 The Beanie Babies were then shipped to the
drive for a battered women shelter in Roches-               New Orleans Children Hospital where they
ter; "Coffee and Donut Sundays" and has been                were distributed to children before going
holding a very popular "Bingo Saturday" as                  home for the holidays.
well. The Association is currently working to
organize a winter clothing drive to collect coats,             For more information on our communities
hats, scarves and gloves for the local homeless                        please visit our website:
shelter. As the Association grows in numbers
so shall the good they are accomplishing!
Congratulations and continued success!                               or call us at (954) 835-9200

                                                                  Bringing Smiles to Children
                                                                             Palermo Lakes
                                                                             Miami, Florida
                                                            Residents at Palermo Lakes got together to bring
                                                            smiles to the faces of many children and families
                                                            during the holiday season. With the help of their
                                                            Community Manager and Service Coordinator,
                                                            the residents collected, wrapped and delivered
                                                            presents to many children at the McDonald
                                                            House at Jackson Memorial Hospital.
                                                             (Left to right): Residents Nieves Hernandez; Georgina
                                                             Turner; Sara Valladares, Rosa Alvarez, Service
                                                             Coordinator; Lia Luzardo and Odalis Diaz, Commu-
                                                             nity Manager.

                                                                                                  New Dimensions - 5
Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation

                              EHDOC Leadership Conference 2010
                                Success is the Result of a Winning Team
                                                             The conference was also attended by dear friends
                                                             of the EHDOC family and Board of Directors
                                                             members such as Susan Phillips, Maria Cordone,
                                                             Tony Fransetta and John Olsen. This event
                                                             brings together our field staff, corporate support
                                                             staff and friends for training and to ensure that
                                                             we are current
                                                             on HUD regu-

                                                             Awards were
                                                             presented to
                                                             recognize the
                                                             hard work of
   EHDOC staff members gathered for three days of training   many staff
   and team building activities last fall in Las Vegas.      members who
  The EHDOC Leadership Conference took place                 go above and
  last September in Las Vegas, Nevada. Managers,             beyond their
  Assistant Managers, Administrative Assistants,             call of duty to
                                                                               Community Manager Nancy Graybill
  Maintenance Personnel and Service Coordina-                ensure the well   receives an award from Mr. Protulis
  tors from all over the country gathered for three          being of our      recognizing the fundraising efforts of
                                                                               her residents and staff for the Haiti
  days to receive training from professionals in the         residents and     Relief fund.
  housing industry.                                          properties.

                                           Service Coordinators
                                              Housing with a Heart
  EHDOC Service Coordinators are committed to
  enhancing the lives of our senior residents. Our
  mission in assisting seniors to age in place                                                        EHDOC
  drives our Service Coordinators to continuously                                                     Executive
                                                                                                      Director, Steve
  look for innovative programs that will benefit our                                                  Protulis,
  residents. Seniors are faced with many challenges                                                   presents
                                                                                                      Antonio Sixto
  such as complicated health programs, limited                                                        Acea with the
  finances, ever changing supportive services and                                                     2010 Service
  the need to remain active within their commu-                                                       Coordinator
  nity. The role of the Service Coordinators is vital
  since they offer our residents help and guidance
  they would not find elsewhere.

  This year, EHDOC Service Coordinator Antonio               Service Coordinator Award for his outstanding
  Sixto Acea, Service Coordinator at Council                 service to our residents. We appreciate all our
  Towers North, was named the recipient of the               Service Coordinators!

New Dimensions - 6
                                                     Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation

                               Tenant Apartment Safety
                                A Focus on Individual Safety from EHDOC
Often, as residents, we look at apartment safety as just being the responsibility of the Community Manage-
ment Company or the Community Manager. That is just not the case. There are certain factors that simply
cannot be monitored or controlled every minute of every day by any management company or its on-site
manager. We need every resident to be aware and alert to safety situations. Here are some safety tips that
every resident can use to help make sure our properties remain safe.

1. Door Locks, Door Chains, and Dead Bolts               6. Common Area/Parking Lot Lighting
Always lock your door and deadlock, if provided,         If bulbs are burned out, notify the Community
when you leave and after you get home. Do not prop       Manager right away.
your door open or leave it open for friends or deliv-
eries.                                                   7. Window Coverings
                                                         Keep your curtains or blinds closed if you are away
2. Window Locks and Ventilation Locks                    from home for an extended period of time. Open
Always lock your windows. All first floor windows or     window coverings make it easy for an intruder to see
windows and sliding doors accessible by a balcony        that you are either not home or home alone.
should be kept locked. These locks, when installed
and used properly, will not allow entry without          8. Door Viewer
breaking glass. If locks are missing or don't work,      Always use your door viewer before you open your
request repairs immediately.                             door for someone. If the door viewer is broken,
                                                         notify the Community Manager immediately.
3. Key Use Policy
Never label your keys or key chain with your house       9. Be Aware
or unit number. If you lose them, your residence will    In this day and age it seems no one is safe from
be at risk. If you lose your keys, the manager will      crime. Remember to be aware of your surround-
have new keys made for you. (You may be required         ings. If you spot something that seems to be
to pay a fee for lost keys.)                             unusual to the normal setting of your residence, let
                                                         your Community Manager know.
4. Security Locked (Controlled Access)
Entrances                                                10. Don’t take matters into your own hands
Controlled entrance doors are only secure if the         Don’t confront anyone that seems out of the ordi-
common doors remain closed and locked when not           nary, just tell your Community Manager or a
in use. Remember, if you prop them open, you are         member of the
compromising the safety of the whole building. Key       staff, and they
codes should not be given out, if this applies to your   will deal with
property.                                                the situation.
                                                         Remember to
5. Sliding Door Locks and Secondary Security             call 911 in
Devices                                                  emergencies.
Unsecured sliding doors are a common target for
unauthorized entry. Be sure your patio door lock
mechanism locks securely when closed. A secondary        Courtesy of:
locking device such as a broom or mop stick can be       Jack Bailey
placed in the sliding track to prevent the door from     CPCU/ARM

                                                                                              New Dimensions - 7
Elderly Housing Development & Operations Corporation

  Residents Corner
                                   Life at Village de Memoire
  In two short years, Ms. Jimmie                                                   donated items are sold to raise
  LeCoq has become a true member                                                   money for cancer research at
  of the Village de Memoire com-                                                   Tulane University and LSU School
  munity through selfless acts of                                                  of Medicine. She has raised as
  service. She presently calls Bingo,                                              much as $3,000 in one conven-
  paints ceramics in the Ceramic                                                   tion.
  Center, volunteers her time in the
  computer room and library, and is                                                 Ms. Jimmie moved to the Village
  a Commissioner at the Village de                                                  de Memoire two years ago follow-
  Memoire voting polls.                                                             ing the untimely death of her
                                                                                    beloved husband and sister in a
  Ms. Jimmie was married for 45                                                     car accident. She states, “I believe
  years to Winfield LeCoq. He made                                                  Village de Memoire is a great place
  an occupation out of serving in                                                   mostly because of the people but
  the United States Army. After he                                                  also for the many activities
  retired from the Army they both                                                   planned here. I enjoy living here
                                        Ms. Jimmie LeCoq paints ceramics amd
  joined the Ville Platte VFW                                                       and feel that moving here was my
                                        serves as a volunteer in the computer room
  (Veterans of Foreign Wars). Ms.       at Village de Memoire.
                                                                                    best choice amongst other apart-
  Jimmie served the VFW ladies’                                                     ment complexes in this area.”
  auxiliary as President for 20 years planning many
  activities and fundraising events for veterans and             We are truly blessed and appreciative to have Ms.
  their families. She also attends the VFW Convention            Jimmie LeCoq as a resident of Village de Memoire.
  every year where she runs a Cancer Booth in which

                                 EHDOC Development News
  In 2010-2011 EHDOC will invest over $21 Million
  into six currently operating EHDOC Communities.
  Robert Sharp Towers I, Miami Gardens, FL; Johnson
  Towers, Washington DC; Jacksonville Towers, Jack-
  sonville, AR, Mayfield Manor I, Canton, OH; Team-
  sters Residence; Maumee, Ohio; and MC Pepper
  Towers, Miami, FL were the recipients of the funds
  through special HUD programs and property
  refinancing.                                                Architect rendering of Edward M. Marx Apartments,
                                                              EHDOC’s newest project in Chicago, IL.
  Part of the $21 Million came from the American
  Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, through the          will include a host of upgrades to the units and
  Green Retrofit Program. EHDOC successfully                  common areas. The remainder of the funds came
  applied for and received three grants totaling over         through conventional refinancing.
  $3.75 Million to make energy and green retrofit
  improvements to the properties.                             EHDOC has also been busy with the construction of
                                                              three new Section 202 communities. We recently
  Mildred Claude Pepper Towers, a 150 unit commu-             completed Ed Romero Terrace in New Mexico and
  nity in Miami, Florida is currently under redevelop-        Piazza Apartments in California, creating 40 and 60
  ment as EHDOC’s first low-income housing credit             new units respectively. Construction has com-
  refinance. Through the use of tax credits the property      menced on Edward M Marx apartments, a 33 unit
  will receive a nearly $8 million dollar renovation that     substantial rehab located in Chicago, Illinois.

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