Pastel Intro to Bookkeeping by nuhman10


									                                                                                             P AR T N E R T R AI N I N G
                                              Introduction to Bookkeeping
This training program will introduce learners to basic Bookkeeping terms and concepts. This brief overview course will show
learners how to deal with basic bookkeeping documents and how to use them in a manual accounting system. Intermediate
Entrance Requirements
Learners need no prior exposure to a manual accounting system, but should be numerically literate.
Target Learners
Individuals who are required to operate any of the Pastel Accounting packages, but have had little or no exposure to
bookkeeping. Intermediate
There is no assessment attached to this course. Learners wishing to qualify as Bookkeepers would need to attend a longer,
more in-depth bookkeeping course through an accredited training centre. Letters of attendance are issued at the end of the
training session.
Delivery methods
Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model, with structured hands-on activities. Intermediate
All the transactions introduced in this course will be used again when learning Pastel Accounting Partner 2005. As a learner
this helps you to cross the line from manual accounting system, to Softline Pastel’s easy-to-use and powerful accounting
system for SMEs
Course Outline
Bookkeeping Concepts
Familiarise yourself with different types of accounts, the double entry system, trial balance, income statement, balance sheet
and types of companies.

Dealing with Cash, Customers and Suppliers
Understand and practice completing and recording receipts, deposit slips, cheques, EFT payments. Working with the
Cashbook, posting journal transactions to the General ledger. Completing VAT returns. Complete purchase orders and
briefly explore customer credit policies.

Petty Cash and Customer Processing
This lesson will show you how to work with petty cash, draw accounts and petty cash withdrawals, balancing and processing
the sales journal.

Bank and Stock
This will help you to overview the bank statements, the inventory, the quotation, sales order and fill in a tax invoice.

Value Added Tax
This lesson will explain what VAT is, how to register for VAT, how to cancel a registration, and how to do your tax
2 days Pastel Accounting Intermediate
Training Investment
R1,900.00 incl. VAT

                                            Booking Your Pastel Training
To book on-line please ensure that you have your ID number, Pastel Serial Number and Customer/Pin Number ready. If you
are not currently a Pastel user, your ID number is all you need.

Step 1:
Visit and select the BOOK TRAINING ONLINE option box on the right of the screen. Select “Search for
Training Event”

Step 2:
You will be prompted to select an event type – or course. From the drop down menu select the event you want to attend. (If
you are unsure which course to attend – please go back and at the home screen select training to find comprehensive course

Step 3:
Select the Location in which you would like to attend training. And click on SEARCH. A list of dates and possible venues in
that region will be displayed.

Step 4:
Select the Location and Date combination that is most convenient for you to attend training. A brief overview of the course
with confirmation of price, availability and the venue will then be shown prior to you actually booking. You may now elect to
book or to go back and select another event or a different venue.

Step 5:
If you are happy with your Event, Location and Date – go to the Book for Event Box at the bottom of the page. Enter your Id
Number, Serial Number and Customer/Pin number.

Step 6:
You are now required to enter your personal details, including your reasons for attending the course and any food allergies
you may have. On completion of this section you will submit your provisional booking and a pro-forma invoice will be
generated, giving you unique TRA booking number.

Step 7:
You now have 2 days in which to make payment for this course and to send proof of payment to Pastel. You may elect to fax
your closest Pastel office: Jo’burg – 011 290 2873; Cape Town – 021 680 9090; Durban – 031 566 3694. When sending
through the proof of payment, please quote your unique TRA booking number.

Step 8:
Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive course confirmation and a map.

Should you later wish to confirm your booking – you may return to, select the BOOK TRAINING ONLINE
option and then click on Confirm Booking/Event. By entering either your Id number OR unique TRA Number you will be
able to check the details of your booked event and the status of your payment view your invoice and reprint your map.

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