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					                      The New York Stories Multi-Genre Study
When we began the semester, we set out to answer several questions: How can a city inspire an artist? Why is
New York City used as a setting? What is a New Yorker? Paul Auster, Alfred Hitchcock, Dorothy Parker, J.D.
Salinger, E.B. White, Joan Didion and others have each given us a way to answer these questions. Now, you will
take some time to consider all that you have learned, and to answer these questions in your own words.

STEP 1: Choose ONE of the following questions to answer throughout your project (put a check mark next to the
question you choose):
                       How can a city inspire an artist?
                       Why is New York City used as a setting?
                       What makes a New Yorker?

STEP 2: Create a project with four components – a multi-genre project. (Creating these components will allow
you to answer your question in a number of different ways.) The following are required components:
    1. Personal Statement (2pgs): Write a short memoir similar to E.B. White’s or Joan Didion’s. Use a quote
       from White’s Here is New York or Didion’s Goodbye to All That as a jumping off point or “lens” to focus
       your piece. The quote you choose should help you answer your chosen question. In the rest of the piece,
       identify yourself as a New Yorker AND comment on your chosen question. This piece should be free of
       grammatical errors, and should be clearly and logically organized.
    2. Found Poem (at least 12 lines): Create a found poem that further communicates your answer to your
       chosen question. You must use text from at least three different written pieces about New York City to
       create your poem. (You may choose from any written source – newspaper articles, advertisements,
       poems, novels, short stories, essays, songs, etc. – get creative!).
    3. Literary Analysis (1-2pgs): Write a one to two page analysis of a literary piece about New York. This is
       essentially a mini-literary essay – your chosen question from step 1 above is your essay question. Use
       evidence from a literary piece of your choosing to support your thesis. (You may analyze a short story,
       poem, novel, essay, song, etc.) This should also be free of grammatical errors and be clearly and logically
    4. Visual Element*: Create ONE of the following options to answer your chosen question visually:
        Choose a New York City location that is significant to you and create a map of it. Your map must include at
         least 6 landmarks important to you, identified on a key.
        Prepare a self-portrait that indicates something about yourself as a New Yorker. This self-portrait may be in
         the form of a drawing, painting, collage, artistically enhanced photograph, etc.
        A visual element of your own choosing. (Please run your idea by me first.)
       * Include an “artist’s statement” (a paragraph that explains how this visual element helps you answer
       your chosen question) – approx. 200 words.

  Include a cover page with your name and section & a table of contents (okay to combine all onto one page).
  Personal Statement and Literary Analysis must be typed, double-spaced, 12-pt., Times New Roman.
  Include an annotated bibliography (we will go over what this entails).
  Meet deadlines:
          Rough draft of Personal Statement due – Wed, 12/19
          Rough draft of Found Poem & Sketch of Visual due – Thu, 1/3
          Rough draft of Literary Analysis due – Mon, 1/7
          Working copy of your Visual Element due – Thu, 1/10
          Your final project is due Monday, January 14th, 2008.

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