Abortions (and Stupid People)

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					Abortion (and Stupid People)

Oh boy. Here we go. This is a topic that is seldom discussed by people, out of fear, or just out
of the fact that it offends so many people.

I’ll be straightforward and honest about the myths, facts, and my own opinions on this topic.

Really, my interest for my political reasons developed when I started debating. Believe me,
both debating and publishing this rant-essays have definitely won me some better writing skills.
Not to mention that the more you elaborate, the easier it is for your audience to grasp your
point. Sure, if you are into the TED Talks podcasts or videos, you’re already familiar with the 18
- 22 minutes length of time. But each of the TED Talks are long for a reason!

See, no matter what side you are in a debate, I will ALWAYS respect you for having good
points, knowing what you are talking about, citing sources, citing RELIABLE sources, and
listening to both sides. The abortion debate that I was in drove me crazy -- and after two or
three crazy months -- I was able to win the topic. See, the opposing debater did the things
that drives me insane in a debate. She was an extreme pro-life debater that failed to come up
with more than two points (her best arguments were retorts of my own points), she “recruited”
another extreme conservative debater to fire more at me when she wasn’t winning, she cited an
extreme pro-life propaganda cite, and had absolutely no respect for me.

As you can guess .. I’m pro-choice. But need I remind you, there are extreme pro-choice
people out there that give our side a bad look, too.

Our other debater (let’s call her Jane) fired several myths at me. Before I ever debate seriously
on a subject, I like to gather several sites and facts that will enable me to succeed. Some of the
myths that Jane fired at me amused me, but also shocked me at the misinformation that floats
- All women die after an abortion, and if she doesn’t die, then she will always regret it
- Abortion doctors are murderers, because they are just as skilled as a murderer is
- Abortion should be illegal!!!!!!!!
- The baby, the baby, the baby
- God, God, God, God, immoral, evil, icky, wrongdoing, sinners do abortions, God, God, God
- Fetus, Zygote, Embryo, etc is alive
- [insert any other sentimental plea or what-if]

Not the mention that the people against abortion:
- 70% are male (who will never get pregnant in the first place)
- 100% will never get an abortion
- Never had an abortion (or were “saved” from an abortion)
- Do not realize the importance of the access of these things for all women
- Even younger people who follow what their parents strictly say
That’s all I can think of at the moment. FIRSTLY, there is a reason why several people want a
separation of church and state. I’m an atheist who studied Buddhism and Wicca: even though
I do not believe in any deities, I still have a close affinity with the two. And not everyone is a
Christian. Not everyone reads the Bible. I’ve only read part of Genesis, and the story about the
Apocalypse (y’know, the one with the seals and the horsemen?) And the Bible has some good
stories. But mind you .. and this is what I always say: religion shouldn’t be the sole reason why
someone becomes good and clean again, just like a boyfriend is the only way that will make you
happy. I know amazing Christians out there who agree that, Yeah, there are a lot of jerks that
give us a bad name, but that doesn’t mean that all Christians are sinners in disguise that want to
look good.

And, looking at some of those reasons (be you pro-life or pro-choice): really? I assumed -- and
I even checked -- that women don’t die after abortion. For really: childbirth is more dangerous
than abortions. Think about it: childbirth is the live birth of a real-deal human being. Abortion is
the extracting of a clump of human cells.

The reason that most pro-life people like to use is: the fetus is alive. Is this true? Yes. But
there’s a few things that they have to understand ..
- Just because it has a heartbeat does not mean that it is capable of other things. Sure, it has a
heart beat. But the four chambers of the heart still need time to develop. The brain is probably
not present, and even if it is, then it is a blob of mushy tissue.
- The fetus cannot survive outside of the mother. It CAN survive after a gestation of eight
months, but the average gestation period is nine months.
- By the way, abortions are typically not legal after the third trimester. But if it is an emergency,
then yes, there are some exceptions
- The unusual grow of skin that has been developing on my big toe also contains human cells ..
and bacteria, which is also alive. (True story)
- Sperm is potential people too. So should guys abstain for masturbating?

And really .. trying to drive the point that abortion is icky, evil, immoral, and sinful? Even though
this is from an atheist’s point, I’m pretty sure Jesus would sympathize for today’s issues. He
seemed like a pretty hip guy, y’know? Anyhow .. the idea that abortion is icky, evil, immoral,
sinful, and selfish TO YOU is the morals that YOU hold. I have to say, abortion isn’t the
greatest thing in the world. But how would it affect YOU if I got an abortion tomorrow? Exactly.

There are several fake images that you can find on any propaganda site against abortion.
Usually, a too-maturedfetus that looks bloody, with .. oh, I don’t know .. a flower next to it?
Maybe a poem written in elegance font about how the fetus didn’t want mommy to get rid of
him? Or perhaps the extracted clump of the fetus, arranged to look more like a person? All to
build sentiment, fear, and anger. Of course, I have seen pro-choice posters with the image of a
bloody alley with the impact text WE WON’T SURRENDER TO THE BACK ALLEY.

In America, mistakes are often stigmatized. But really, there’s a difference between “oh, it’s
your fault that you are pregnant, carry it to term, it’s your fault,” and “you broke your arm, it’s
your fault, you cannot fix it.” Even if the developing fetus will become a newborn after live birth,
it is still a part of the woman who is carrying it. And it is HER permission that she is carrying
the fetus. Do I have to go over women anatomy? Trust me, I had to explain sex to get a point
across. There’s this thing called a vagina, a uterus, a placenta, and an umbilical cord. All of
which are related to this developing fetus, but ultimately .. the mother. She’s the one who is
feeding this fetus, she is the one who is carrying it around. Safe to say, the woman has more
rights than a fetus.

One pro-life debater said, “Even if a fetus cannot speak for itself, I am speaking, because I was
once a fetus too!”

Yeah .. well .. I’m speaking for pro-choice, and I used to be a fetus, too.

I’m a woman for pro-choice, and I’m not evil. I want options. No one knows what will happen
in the future, but things come up, and we all should have the right to get the attention and
rights that we deserve. It makes no sense to become America, home of freedom .. when you
give us less options. The government should never have control over our reproductive rights.
Guys .. you heard it .. this is an especially scary thing for us to here! Not to mention that some
politicians are trying to redefine rape and incest -- blasphemous! And, uh, politics and religion
are two different concepts.

Speaking of the religion again, looky here:

Exodus 21:22-23

If an attack on a woman causes a miscarriage the attacker must pay a fine. If he causes serious
damage to the mother it's "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth". This indicates that a fetus does
not have equal standing under God's law.

...Leviticus 27:6

Monetary values are assigned to lives according to age and gender. Lives under one month old
have no value.

Numbers 5:21-21, 27-28

A potion given to the Israelites by God is used to determine paternity. If the father is not the
husband, an abortion occurs. god clearly places no value on a fetus that is not the result of union
between husband and wife.

Genesis 38:24
God's law states that if a woman is pregnant and is to be executed there is to be no waiting for
the fetus to be born. It is counted as part of the mother and she burned to death with it still in her

Plus, some web drawings:

And lastly, when all else fails, give the lyrics to the song “Get Your Gunn” or use the power of
Geroge Carlin!
Some really great resources that you can check out about safe-sex, teen health, woman’s
health issues/topic, and more information on abortion (as well as some narratives of women
who have had an abortion): Scarleteen and Amplify!

That’s all I have for now. Cheers.
-- Scrawled by Tenebris In Lux

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