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									                         Walla Walla
                         Community College
Extended Learning

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W A L L A         W A L L A          C O M M U N I T Y               C O L L E G E

                    Center for Business and Professional Development
                          Supervisory Management Certificate Program............ 5, 6
                                              Online Educator Courses............ 6-8
                                                           Hospitality............ 8
                                                     Computer Classes............ 9
                                                           QuickBooks............ 9
                                      Online Career Training Programs............ 
                                                     Contract Training............ 
                                           Online Courses for Teachers............ 3, 4

                            Community Education & Lifelong Learning

                                                          Food and Home............ 6
                                                           The Weekender............ 7
                                                           Special Interest............ 7
                                                        Dance and Fitness............ 8
                                                           Arts and Crafts............ 9
                                              Technology and Photography............ 0
                                                       On the Serious Side............ 0
                                                      Real Estate Training............ 

                                                     Distance Learning
                                 Tuition and Fees for Distance Learning............ 3
                        Online Certificate Programs and Career Training............ 3
                                  Continuing Education Online Classes............ 35
                                            Hybrid & Washington Online............ 4
                                                 WWCC Online Courses............ 47

                                Walla Walla Area Small Business Center............ 5

                                                              Campus Map............ 5
                                                       General Information............ 53
                                                         Registration Form............ 54
                                                       Registration Options............ 55

Walla Walla Community College is committed to provide equal opportunity and nondiscrimina-
tion for all educational and employment applicants as well as for its students and employed
staff, without regard to race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, including
gender expression/identity, marital status, age (over 40), the presence of any sensory, mental,
or physical disability, the use of trained guide dog or service animal by a person with a dis-
ability, or status as a Vietnam and/or disabled veteran, National Guard member or reservist in
accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972,
the Federal Rehabilitation of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and any other
applicable Federal and Washington State laws against discrimination. For further information
or to request accommodation, contact WWCC’s Disabilities Support Services Office: Walla
Walla Campus (509) 527-4262 • Clarkston Campus (509) 758-1718 • TDD (509) 527-4412

    Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm

        Center for
Business and Professional Development

Nancy Reller,
  Training Coordinator

Hildy Helgeson,
  Secretary Senior

• Supervisory Management Certificate Program
• Online Courses for Teaching Professionals
• Hospitality Courses
• Computer Training
• QuickBooks Series
• Online Career Training Programs
• Customized Contract Training

for online registration for these courses.

The following classes may or may not be
transferable nor do they necessarily fulfill a specific
degree requirement. Students are encouraged to
discuss course selections with their advisor to
ensure courses will meet each student’s intended
goal. Please call the Student Development Center
at 527.4262 for referral to an appropriate advisor.

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                Center for Business and Professional Development

Supervisory Management Certificate Program
Are you interested in a leadership           DEFINING THE WORk AND
position, recently been promoted, or         PERFORMANCE STANDARD
need to develop your management              3388/BUS 099A
skills? Organizations, like yours, are       This class will cover the following
demanding higher levels of supervisory       topics:
and leadership competence from               • Create a simple job description
frontline leaders. The Supervisory           • Develop performance standards for
Management Program can provide                 each job and skill level
you and/or your employees with the           Th, Feb. 18                     5:30-8:30 pm
supervisory expertise and leadership         Board Room                      Detweiler
skills to meet your current and future       $99 (incl. dinner & workbook)   .3 credits
challenges. Discover common sense,
easy-to-apply management strategies
that you can use immediately in today’s
                                             DAILY PERFORMANCE
fast-paced workplace.                        MANAGEMENT MEANS
                                             DAILY COMMUNICATION
                                             3387/BUS 099B
Learn New Management Skills                  The following topics will be covered:
Walla Walla Community College’s              • Ask the right questions
Supervisory Management Certificate           • Performance feedback made easy
Program will help you learn new skills       • Developing an employee’s skills and
in the following areas:                        performance
• Leadership                                 • Performance evaluations that you
• Communication                                don’t need to dread
• Legal Issues                               Th, Feb. 25                     5:30-8:30 pm
• Hiring the Right People                    Board Room                      Detweiler
                                             $99 (incl. dinner & workbook)   .3 credits
This program is ideal for you if you . . .
• Are a supervisor or manager seeking        DIFFICULT EMPLOYEES,
  to upgrade your skills                     DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS
• Are a new supervisor or manager            3386/BUS 099C
• Aspire to a management position            Learn best practices for dealing with
• Are a technical professional with          difficult employees:
  management duties                          • Performance warnings
                                             • Resolving work group conflict
                                             • Legal issues and documentation
Certificate Awarded
                                             • How to work with HR and when to
All participants who successfully
                                               bring in an expert from outside
complete 9 of the 12 classes will be
                                             Th, Mar. 4                      5:30-8:30 pm
awarded a Supervisory Management
                                             Board Room                      Detweiler
Certificate indicating the Continuing
                                             $99 (incl. dinner & workbook)   .3 credits
Education Units (CEUs) earned.
                                             TERMINATING AN EMPLOYEE
Managing Performance Courses                 3385/BUS 099D
The daily responsibility of setting          Learn the process of terminating an
work goals, monitoring, coaching, and        employee
achieving results through others is the      • When to terminate
heart of management. During these            • Why to terminate
classes participants will work through       • How to terminate
the basic skills needed to achieve good      • Legal issues and documentation
performance from a work team and             Th, Mar. 11                     5:30-8:30 pm
how to deal with difficult employees.        Board Room                      Detweiler
                                             $99 (incl. dinner & workbook)   .3 credits

    Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
                Center for Business and Professional Development
Who would benefit from these classes?        New! Teaching Students
• Anyone who is or will be supervising       with Autism
                                             4088/ED 299A       $89
Management Certificate
Program Courses                              New! Teaching Writing:
                                             Grades 4-6
Fall 2010                                    4089/ED 299I       $89
• Introduction to Management
• Finding the Right Employees                New! Solving Classroom
• Keeping Great Employees                    Discipline Problems II
• Effective Meetings                         4079/ED 299O       $89
Winter 2010
Managing Performance Courses:                New! Excel 2007 in the Classroom
• Defining the Work and Performance          4017/ED 299T       $89
• Daily Performance Management               New! Word 2007 in the Classroom
• Means Daily Communication                  4039/ED 299U       $89
• Difficult Employees, Difficult
• Terminating an Employee
                                             Teaching Science: Grades 4-6
                                             4008/ED 299G       $89
Spring 2010                                  Want to increase your effectiveness as a
• Leverage Your Resources: Leverage          science teacher for the middle grades?
  Your Employees                             Join us and learn about the nature and
• Effective Decision Making                  history of science as well as how to help
• Employment Law                             students in this age group grasp the
• Supervisor/Management Recap:               scientific method.
  Pulling It All Together
                                             By the end of the course, you will have
Courses can be taken in any order, and       gained knowledge about both science
there are no prerequisites to register for   and teaching methods. Learn about
any Supervisory Management Course.           some of the best web sites available to
Upon completion of 9 of the 12 courses,      science teachers—great resources for
you will receive a Certificate.              you! Everyone will benefit from the
                                             Discussion Area where you can share
                                             your experiences and profit from the
                                             experiences of your fellow teachers.
Nancy Reller, Training Coordinator
                                             Your confidence will soar and you will
                                             have many new skills that will benefit
                                             both you and the children you teach.
Online Educator Courses
                                             Differentiated Instruction
Courses for Teaching Professionals           in the Classroom
Visit for course    4062/ED 299L        $89
descriptions.                                Differentiated Instruction (DI) is
                                             becoming a mainstay in classrooms
Beginning Dates:                             across the country as educators are
• December 9, 2009                           starting to see the ways that the
• January 20, 2010                           traditional classroom setting limits their
• February 17, 2010                          ability to reach diverse learners. Join us
• March 17, 2010                             on this journey through 10 practical DI
                                             integration strategies! Count on at least
                                             three sample integration lessons for each
                                             strategy, and just think of all the ways
                                             that you can apply them to improve
                                             learning outcomes for your students.

                    Register online at
               Center for Business and Professional Development
This course is a must for today’s          The Classroom Computer
teachers who often have to differentiate   4072/ED 299Q       $89
quickly, and with a minimum of             If you are a teacher, this course will
resources. DI is an excellent launch pad   show you how to create an exciting and
for ramping up your creative classroom,    enriching experience for your students.
and with the tips in these lessons; you    Learn a wide variety of simple, field-
will be reaching diverse learners in no    tested, and easy to apply techniques
time flat.                                 that will make the most of the computer
                                           in your classroom.
Integrating Technology
in the k-5 Classroom                       Your instructor will work with you to
4063/ED 299M       $89                     assess your knowledge of computer use
Join us for an exciting and fun-filled     and to help you set goals so that you
tour of the technology-friendly            achieve the highest level of personal
classroom. Educational technology          benefit from this course.
is advancing at an astounding rate,
offering today’s busy teacher quick        Using the Internet
and easy solutions for more interactive    in the Classroom
lesson plans, exciting WebQuests, and      4073/ED 299S       $89
challenging assignments.                   Harness the power of the Internet to
                                           make your textbooks and lessons come
In this course, you will learn how         alive! Teach your students how to
to design your presentation station,       locate and evaluate Internet resources.
identify kid-friendly Internet search      Improve the caliber and amount of
tools, teach keyboarding, and develop      discussion through the use of e-mail
integrated lesson plans in reading,        and discussion boards. Learn how
writing, science, math, and social         to safeguard your students and their
studies, as well as music and art.         personal information while they are
                                           using the Internet. The Internet can
If you find yourself being forced to       make teaching easier--this course will
produce more and more in less and less     show you how.
time, this course is an absolute must!
Reinvigorate and streamline your lesson    Enhancing Language
plans with the latest techniques and       Development in Childhood
newest technologies.
                                           4082/ED 299X       $89
                                           Follow your child’s lead and have
Solving Classroom Discipline               fun while enhancing language
Problems                                   development! In this fun and user-
4071/ED 299N       $89                     friendly course for parents, teachers,
Why do some teachers enjoy peaceful,       and caregivers, you will discover how
orderly classrooms while others face       children learn to process language and
daily discipline battles? The answer is    how they become proficient speakers
that some teachers know the secrets to     and thinkers. This course will help you
solving discipline problems. This course   enrich your child’s life by stimulating
reveals those secrets and presents a       his or her continued speech, brain, and
step-by-step approach to effective,        language development in an enjoyable,
positive classroom discipline              age-appropriate, and natural way.

    Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
               Center for Business and Professional Development
Additional Educator Online Courses –    How to RegisteR
Visit for      Register online anytime at
course descriptions:           by calling
                                        (509) 527-4443 between 1pm and 4pm,
Guided Reading & Writing for            if you have a VISA or MasterCard, or
Maximum Student Achievement             come to the Office of Admissions and
                                        Records and register in person. If you
4142/ED 299B    $89
                                        would like to register by mail, a mail-in
                                        registration form is located at the end
Working with Learning Disabled          of the schedule for your use. Once you
Students                                register and pay tuition, you can
4143/ED 299C    $89                     attend the online orientation for each
                                        course by visiting the website at
Survival kit for New Teachers 
4064/ED 299D    $89
                                        Online classes are 6 weeks long for 2.4
                                        credits or 24 clock hours. To request
Leadership                              clock hours at the completion of
4010/ED 299E    $89                     your course, call Hildy Helgeson at
Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL
4102/ED 299F    $89                     Please visit
                                        wallawalla for requirements,
Teaching Math: Grades 4-6               demonstrations, additional
                                        information, and to check out all
4065/ED 299H    $89
                                        courses. See page 35 of this schedule
                                        for registration details or call Hildy
Guided Reading: Strategies for the      Helgeson at 509.527.4331.
Differentiated Classroom
4034/ED 299J    $89                     NOTE: All computer classes are
                                        available for credit if you have an
Understanding Adolescents               Application on file.
4067/ED 299P    $89
                                        Hospitality Classes
The Creative Classroom
4066/ED 299R    $89                     Mandatory Alcohol Server
Excel 2003 in the Classroom             3357/HOSP 095A – Jan. 26
4017/ED 299T    $89                     3358/HOSP 095B – Feb. 16
                                        3359/HOSP 095 – Mar. 2
Word 2003 in the Classroom              • Employees must be state certified to
4039/ED 299U    $89                       serve alcohol
                                        • Walla Walla Community College has
Ready, Set, Read                          a certified instructor to train your staff
                                        • Pre-registration is required
4040/ED 299V    $89
                                        • Register online at
                                 and select
Creating k-12 Learning Materials          Center for Bus/Prof Development.
4076/ED 299W    $89                       Register by telephone at
                                           509.57-4443. Payment with Visa or
Speed Spanish                             MasterCard required online or by
4104/SBM 014    $89                       telephone.
                                        T, Jan. 26, Feb. 16, or Mar. 2   6-9 pm
                                        Enol/Vit Room 1612               Calder
                                        $35                              .3 credits

                   Register online at
                    Center for Business and Professional Development

Computer Classes                             Intermediate Access 2007
                                             3402/CT 084 (w/ book)
MS Office Excel 2007 is a powerful tool      3403/CT 084A (w/o book)
for analyzing, sharing, and managing         • Creating and modifying forms and
information to help you make more              reports
informed decisions. Office Excel             • Creating custom forms
007 delivers a new, results-oriented        TTh, Mar. 2 & 4                4-6 pm
interface, PivotTable views that are easy    Room 201                       Fisher
to create and use, enhanced formula          $89 (w/ book) $59 (w/o book)   .4 credit
authoring, rich data visualization, and a
much faster way to create professional-
looking charts and tables.                   Having trouble fitting classes into
                                             your schedule, but need the training?
Introduction to Excel 2007                   Take an online class in the comfort of
3425/CT 073                                  your home and at the convenience of
• Creating a worksheet                       your schedule – when the kids are in
• Formatting worksheets, cells,              bed, early morning, late evening, or
  columns, and rows                          whenever suits you. We offer many
• Printing                                   online classes at a reasonable price
• Conditional formatting                     starting the beginning of each month.
• Using and creating formulas and            For more information, please visit our
  functions                                  website,,
TTh, Feb. 9 & 11               4-6 pm        refer to page 35 of this schedule, or call
Room 201                       Fisher        509.57.433.
$89 (w/ book)                  .4 credits
                                             QuickBooks 2007
Intermediate Excel 2007
3426/CT 083 – with book                      Session 1: Introduction to
3427/CT 083A – without book                  QuickBooks Pro
• Intermediate usage of formulas             3430/CT 088A
• Functions                                  Participants will learn to set up a
• Filters/sorting                            company, create a chart of accounts,
• Protection worksheets & cells              enter opening balances, write checks,
• Templates                                  reconcile checking accounts, and track
• 3-D referencing & formulas                 other types of accounts such as fixed
• Hands-on project utilizing intro &         assets, loans, and credit cards.
  intermediate skills                        T, Jan. 12                     3-5 pm
TTh, Feb. 16 & 18              4-6 pm        Room 101                       Quistberg
Room 201                       Fisher        $99 (includes book)            .2 credits
$89 (w/ book) $59 (w/o book)   .4 credits

Introduction to Access 2007
3401/CT 074
• Creating and maintaining a database
• Querying a database
TTh, Feb. 23 & 25              4-6 pm
Room 201                       Fisher
$89 (w/ book)                  .4 credits

    Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
                    Center for Business and Professional Development

Session 2: Accounts Payable and               Introducing your
Receivable with QuickBooks Pro                QuickBooks Instructors from
3431/CT 088B – with book                      Thompson & kreitzberg . . .
3435/CT 088E – without book
This is an intermediate level course
that will take you through the steps
of handling accounts payable and
receivable in QuickBooks. You will
learn how to enter and pay bills, set up
inventory, create invoices, customize
forms, receive payments, and make
                                                    Matt Quistberg     Ellen Camp
deposits. In addition you will learn how
to create various reports and graphs.
Prerequisite: Introduction to QuickBooks or   Matt Quistberg is an Enrolled Agent
current user of QuickBooks.                   and Certified QuickBooks ProAdviser
T, Jan. 19                     3-5 pm         at Thompson & kreitzberg with these
Room 101                       Quistberg      qualifications:
$99 (w/ book) $69 (w/o book)   .2 credits     • Computer software consultant includ-
                                                 ing QuickBooks
Session 3: Payroll and Sales Tax              • Tax preparation for individuals and
with QuickBooks Pro                              business
                                              • Bookkeeping and write-up services
3432/CT 088C – with book
                                                 for small business
3436/CT 088F – without book                   • Walla Walla native with over 18 years
This is an intermediate level course             of experience in manufacturing and
that will take you through the steps of          banking
handling payroll and sales tax tracking.      • Graduate of Walla Walla Community
You will learn how to set up payroll,            College, 000
create paychecks, track payroll tax
liabilities, and print Forms 940 and
                                              Ellen Camp, a CPA at Thompson
941. In addition, you will learn how
                                              & kreitzberg, has the following
to track and pay sales tax. Prerequisite:
Introduction to QuickBooks or current user
                                              • Compilation and review financial
of QuickBooks.
                                                statement preparation
T, Jan. 26                     3-5 pm
                                              • Tax preparation for individuals and
Room 101                       Quistberg
$99 (w/ book) $69 (w/o book)   .2 credits
                                              • Accounting support
                                              • Computer software support including
    Take all 3 sessions for only $219,          QuickBooks
         registration code 3433               • 20 years experience in accounting
            (includes book)!                  • B.A. degree from Wellesley College,

                                              QuickBooks courses are also available
                                              online. See page 35 in the Distance
                                              Learning Section to find out about
                                              QuickBooks and other Business &
                                              Professional Development Courses
                                              or visit

                         Register online at
                Center for Business and Professional Development

                                              Business Administration
ONLINE CAREER                                 Visit for
TRAINING PROGRAMS                             more information.

Walla Walla Community College, in             Bookkeeping the Easy Way
partnership with Gatlin Education             (140 Hours)
Services (GES), offers online open            4507/BA 006
enrollment programs designed to               This course is designed for students who
provide the skills necessary to acquire       are interested in gaining knowledge of
professional level positions for many         basic bookkeeping practices in planning
in-demand occupations.                        a more profitable future or seeking a
                                              new career. Textbook and thorough
Each program includes a set of                tutorial for QuickBooks are included.
lessons and evaluations; grades are           $1695
a combination of the instructor’s or
mentor’s evaluation of students’ work
and computer-graded tests. We know
                                              Freight Broker/Agent Training
you will appreciate the quality as            (150 Hours)
well as the convenience of anytime,           4513/BA 018
anywhere learning!                            Become a part of the exciting trucking,
                                              freight logistics, and transportation
                                              industries as a licensed freight broker, or
Health Occupations                            as a freight broker agent.
Visit for
more information.                             $1695

Administrative Dental Assistant               Principles of Private Investigation
(240 Hours)                                   (200 Hours)
4500/HO 001                                   4518/BA 062
This online program will teach you            This comprehensive basic course in
the essential administrative tasks for        private investigation will facilitate
managing the business aspects of a            a career in the investigative field.
dental practice. Textbooks included.          Students will learn the basic techniques
$1595                                         of information gathering, techniques
                                              required to successfully practice as a
                                              private investigator.
Veterinary Assistant (240 Hours)
4506/HO 008
This online program will prepare
you for an exciting new career as a           Project Management (40 Hours)
veterinary assistant by teaching you the      4519/BA 065
essential skills of a veterinary assistant.   This program teaches the basics of
Textbooks included.                           project management and includes
                                                 Telephone Registration with Visa or
$1795                                         preparation for the Project Management
                                              Professional national certification exam.
                                              Textbook and exam prep included.
Personal Fitness Trainer
(150 Hours)
4534/HO 015
                                              Travel Agent Training (200 Hours)
This program is designed to present
the student with the knowledge, skills,       4524/BA 071
and abilities to implement a unique           This industry-leading program will
medically-based fitness model for their       prepare students for the Institute
future or current clients.                    of Certified Travel Agents TAP
                                              Certification teaches the basic skills
                                              needed to operate a computer
                                              reservation system. All materials

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
                Center for Business and Professional Development

Wedding Planner – NEW
(300 Hours)                                  Customized
4531/BA 088
This comprehensive program covers          CONTRACT
everything an aspiring wedding
planner needs to know to get started
                                          TRAINING CLASSES
in the business. Whether you plan on
working part-time, planning only a few     Our staff at the Center for Business
weddings a year, or a full-time career,    & Professional Development is
this program will provide all the tools    available to work with you and
necessary to work as a professional        your employees to develop training
wedding planner or start your wedding      materials and classes customized to
planning business.                         the specific needs of your business.
$1395                                      We have experts available to work
                                           with you on many topics including:
Construction / Home Inspection
Visit for
more information.                          For all employees:
                                           • Team management
Home Inspection Certificate                • Project management
(200 Hours)                                • Employee orientation
4525/CARP 039                              • Presentation skills
This program covers the principal          • Business writing skills
components of a home inspection            • Time management
procedures and processes.                  • Computer skills
$2095                                      • Customer service
                                           • Workplace Spanish
To see a complete list of Online
                                           • Conflict resolution
Certificate Programs, please visit              • And more

                                           For supervisors and managers:
                                           • Interviewing
                                           • Supervisory skills
                                           • Delegating
                                           • Effective meeting management
                                           • Creating performance standards
                                           • Creating job descriptions
                                           • Budget management
MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm      • And more

                                           Contact Nancy Reller at 527-4582
                                           for more information.

                 Register online at or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
   Telephone Registration with Visa
                Center for Business and Professional Development

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm

           Center for Business and Professional Development

                                              LL          IT

                                                                               Walla Walla Community College
                                    LL A W

                                                                     LLEGE •
                                    • WA



                                                   LIS H E D 19

              Register online at or MasterCard, 509.527.4443,
Telephone Registration with Visa M-F, 1-4 pm
     Club Ed–Where Learning Meets Leisure

       Nancy kress,
         Coordinator, 509.527.4561

       Tracy Peterson
          Secretary Senior, 509.527.4329

        • Food and Home
        • Special Interest
        • Dance and Fitness
        • Arts and Crafts
        • Technology and Photography
        • Real Estate Training
        • Language
        • Lifelong Learning
        • Quest

        for online registration for these courses.

       The following classes may or may not be
       transferable nor do they necessarily fulfill a specific
       degree requirement. Students are encouraged to
       discuss course selections with their advisor to
       ensure courses will meet the student’s intended
       goal. Please call the Student Development Center at
       527.4262 for referral to an appropriate advisor.

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
                 Club Ed – Where Learning Meets Leisure

                                                                     r   e
                                                     e      ets L
                                              ning M
                                    Where Lear

Club Ed is launched!                 Food and Home
Take a learning vacation this
winter with Club Ed (aka             Cake Decorating for Any Season
Community Education), an
oasis in the world of learning
                                     Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings…it’s
with friendly face to face
                                     the cake that marks an occasion as
instruction. No experience
                                     being special. Enjoy making cakes that
necessary. Get on board with
                                     take center stage using the Wilton cake
the Cruise Card and Friendly 4
                                     decorating course. Begin with learning
discount opportunities. Enjoy!
                                     to make cake and frosting, then practice
                                     making decorative borders, roses and
Sail on with a                       other flowers. A book is included in
Club Ed Cruise Card                  the cost of the class. A supply list is
Get a Cruise Card after you          given to you the first night with a
register for a Club Ed class         recommendation for necessary tools.
winter quarter and start             Th, Jan. 14-Feb. 11             6:30-8:30 pm
collecting points towards a free     Tech. Center 1108               Linda Krueger
“cruise.” Take 4 classes and         $58
get a free “cruise” with your 5th
registration. Cruise Cards will
be sent to you following your
registration. The Cruise Card
                                     Making Cheese for
                                     Fun & Food
is good for any non-credit Club      3277/CEC022
Ed class.                            Join this professional cheese maker in
                                     preparing ricotta, queso blanco, and
                                     mozzarella cheese and get ideas on
The Friendly 4                       how to use this fresh product once you
Do you have a gang of friends        make it at home. The basic principles of
you want to take a class with?       cheese making, including ingredients
Get 4 on board for a specific        and supplies, the use and care of
class and the 5th can come as a      equipment, and recipes to try at home
“stowaway” for FREE!                 are all presented. The instructor is a
                                     trained chef who transitioned from the
                                     kitchen to the farm (the source of food!)
                                     and is the cheese maker for Monteillet
                                     MT, Feb. 8 & 9                  6:30-8:30 pm
                                     Enol & Viticulture Kitchen      Jackie Freeman

                Register online at
                               Club Ed – Where Learning Meets Leisure

     The Weekender
                                                          It’s a Rooster
                                                          Revolution!          New!
                                                          Run around town early in the morning
   Wine and food take center stage
                                                          and you may be surprised to hear
   with classes featuring hors
                                                          the crowing of roosters, evidence of
   d’oeuvres and sparkling wines to
                                                          the backyard chicken craze sweeping
   topics on cheeses, chocolate, and
                                                          the country. Noisy roosters are not
   hands-on cooking. In the kitchen
                                                          necessary, though, to raise chickens
   you have hands on sessions with
                                                          for eggs, broiling, or simply as pets.
   both Italian and Thai cooking,
                                                          Information will be given on the life
   cooking with wine, and preparing
                                                          cycle of chickens, what breeds to raise,
   an elegant breakfast of eggs
                                                          how to raise them, how to sex chicks,
   Benedict. Call 527-4561 to request
                                                          what to expect financially, and the
   a complete flyer or check online
                                                          bio hazards connected with chickens.
   at for
                                                          Building plans for chicken coops will
   details and registration.
                                                          also be available.
     Sa, Feb. 20                   9 am-3 pm
                                                          M, Feb. 1               6:30-8:30 pm
     Enology & Viticulture Bldg.   Multiple Instructors
                                                          Tech. Center 1107       Arranged

All About knives:
From Sharpening to
Keep the knives in your kitchen
sharp enough to do the job they were
intended to do by learning how to use
a sharpening stone correctly. You will
also learn how to keep the stone in good
condition. Following the sharpening
demo, American Bladesmith Society
Mastersmith Bruce Bump will describe
the art and craft of making forged or
hammered knives. He will describe
the process of making knives the old
fashioned way and answer questions
if you are interested in picking it up as
                                                          Special Interest

a hobby yourself. Bump is one of three
master bladesmiths in Washington and
                                                          Screenwriting for
one of 100 in the entire world. If you                    New Writers
want to start your own hobby with                         3245/CEC018
forged knives, or if you just want to                     Is the next big movie waiting to be
admire the knives that will be displayed                  written? Do you have an inkling of
and see what the craft involves, this                     desire you could encourage with this
class should do it all.                                   interactive course? Story structure,
W, Jan. 20                                                character development, plot, and
Tech.Center 1107                                          formatting are discussed. You will
                                                          engage in a variety of writing exercises
Sharpening Session (#3278)         6:30-7:20 pm           as a means of learning the craft
$10                                Jay Entrikin           elements of screenwriting and how to
                                                          develop both a hero—the protagonist,
Forging Session (#3276)            7:30-9:30 pm           and the opposition—the antagonist.
$15                                Bruce Bump             Have some fun and take a chance on
                                                          your imagination.
                                                          W, Jan. 13-Feb. 10      6:30-8:30 pm
                                                          WWCC 106                Marie Wallace

      Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
                       Club Ed – Where Learning Meets Leisure

Discover the Lost Art
of Manga Storytelling         New!             Singing Beyond the Shower
3246/CEC072                                    Your shower shouldn’t be the only place
The simple definition of Manga                 you dare to lift your voice in song. If
storytelling is that it is the Japanese        you are vocally challenged get beyond it
form of comics, but unlike Western             by putting your vulnerable voice in the
comics, Manga have complex,                    company of others in the same plight.
lengthy storylines. The conventions            Submit to the non-threatening singing
of traditional three-part storytelling         techniques taught that can help you
through a visual medium are discussed.         develop your unsung voice and find
Reading Manga and watching anime               satisfaction in singing by yourself or
films will be a source of inspiration and      with others.
illumination for mapping out a story of        Th, Jan. 7-Feb. 11      7-8:30 pm
your own choosing. (For more Manga             WWCC 303                Julie Jones
see Drawing Manga Animation.)                  $48

Th, Jan. 21-Feb. 11       6:30-8:30 pm
WWCC 106                  Johanna Stoberock    Simply Music
$48                                            3293/CEC059
Communicate with
Your Pet
                          New!                 You do not need to be either young
                                               or a serious music student to learn to
                                               play the piano. A revolutionary new
3260/CEC041                                    method, Simply Music, trains you—and
Could you better understand your pet           your fingers—to play patterns that you
if you could communicate with him?             can practice before you sit down at the
Just because your pet does not speak           keyboard. Get a taste of this unique
your language, however, does not mean          piano method while you learn to play
that you cannot communicate with him.          great-sounding contemporary, classical,
Understanding animal behavior is key           gospel, blues, and accompaniment
to the communication process and you           pieces almost immediately. Both familiar
will learn to recognize and use the four       tunes and new ones are acquired and
basic tools animals and humans have to         you will finish the class with 8-10
communicate with each other. Since your        songs you can play. Materials include a
pet won’t learn to speak, it is up to you to   teaching CD and small text which are
learn to think like an animal, live in the     included in the cost of the class.
present moment, recognize the use of body      Th, Feb. 18-Mar. 11     6:30-8:30 pm
language, and even recognize telepathy.        Music Bldg. 303         Gladys Wentland
M, Jan. 25-Feb. 1         6:30-8:30 pm         $58
WWCC 106                  Shirley Scott
                                               Dance & Fitness
Connecting with the
Psychic Side               New!                Dancing Salsa Like the Stars
3263/CEC042                                    3242/CEC054B
Look into the world of spirits, energy,        Salsa is one of the favorite dances
and things that go bump in the night–or        on Dancing with the Stars, and you
day. Discover how energy is implanted          can start here in learning the popular
in places and things and how it affects        Latin rhythm with progressive dance
us. Learn about the images, sounds, and        instruction. Basic steps, turns, and
other paranormal events when someone           styling as well as the history of salsa
is trying to contact us from the other         dance and music are taught alongside
side. House clearings and talking to           other popular styles of Latin dance
spirits will be described. If you want to      found in social settings. It is not
open up to see and feel the “other side”       necessary to come with a partner.
the presenter, recognized by herself and       Su, Jan. 10-Feb. 28     3-5 pm
others as a psychic reader and medium,         Dome 2nd Floor          Aileen Hetrick
will guide you.                                $49
M, Feb. 8-Mar. 1          6:30-8:30 pm
WWCC 106                  Shirley Scott

                      Register online at
                               Club Ed – Where Learning Meets Leisure

Qigong Acupressure
Self Massage
                                  New!              Drawing Manga
                                                    Animation              New!
3223/CEC067                                         3231/CEC071
If you love a good massage but don’t                Calling cartoonists! Turn your
have the inclination to visit a masseuse,           attention to Manga, the Japanese form
learn to give one to yourself! Qigong               of animation drawing, and learn the
and Acupressure Self Massage is a                   characteristics of this popular style. Big
Chinese form of exercise that opens the             eyes, simplified facial features, stylized
acupoints and cleanses meridians. This              hair, and muscular bodies all typify
promotes the circulation of qi and blood            Manga. Drawing techniques, the use of
in the body and consequently improves               basic watercolor for shading, costume
health. Techniques are taught sitting in            design, and background development
a chair making the class suitable for all           are all introduced as you develop your
ages.                                               own contemporary fairy tale characters.
MW, Jan. 11-Mar. 17              4-5 pm             (For more Manga see Discovering the
Many Waters Wellness Ctr         Sandi Wicher       Lost Art of Manga Storytelling.)
820 Sprague Avenue                                  W, Jan. 20-Feb. 10       6:30-8:30 pm
$79                                                 WWCC 116                 Cassie Spangrude
Zumba Fitness
(Sessions 1 & 2)
                               New!                 Watercolors for
3280 & 3281/CEC030
                                                    Beginners & Restarters
Latin and international music infuse
your spirit with get up and go that can’t           3228/CEC005
be ignored in this hot exercise form that           Whether you have never painted before
is sweeping the country. Easy to follow             or you want to start painting again after
dance steps move you into the aerobic               an absence from it, this opportunitity
realm with interval training where you              awaits you. If you are not aware that
burn calories and fat and tone your                 your inner artist needs an outlet, or if
body. Come to the Zumba party, move                 you need to find a way to concentrate in
fast, have fun, and dance your woes                 a calm setting, this may be the answer.
away!                                               Expert instruction guides you in the use
TTh, Jan. 12-Feb. 11 (#3280)
                                                    of color and composition as you turn
TTh, Feb. 16-Mar. 18 (#3281)     12:30-1:20 pm
                                                    paper into a wash of color, form, and
Dome 2nd Floor                   Debbie Daly
                                                    feeling. A supply list is given to students
$48 (each session)
                                                    the first class.
                                                    T, Jan. 12-Mar. 2        7-10 pm
                                                    Tech. Center 1108        Joyce Anderson
Arts & Crafts                                       $89

Drawing with Pastels
                                   New!             Watercolors for Intermediates
Whether you call it drawing or painting,            Don’t stop now that you have your
finished pastel art projects are a                  brushes and your interest is kindled.
beautiful blend of color, shading, and              You may have ignored your inner
contrast. Working with pastels requires             artist long enough, so keep going with
specific materials and knowledge of                 the instruction and the one night of
techniques that you will learn. Two                 the week when you can paint in the
approaches to painting development are              company of others. The basic elements
taught, a variety of materials explored,            of art, composition principles, and use
and basic composition covered. You will             of color are covered as well.
get instruction on professional matting             W, Jan. 13-Mar. 3        7-10 pm
and framing in the last class and leave             Tech. Center 1108        Joyce Anderson
with one or two finished pastel pieces              $89
ready for hanging and admiring.
Th, Jan. 13-Feb. 25              6:30-8:30 pm
WWCC 116                         Cassie Spangrude

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
                      Club Ed – Where Learning Meets Leisure

Wood Carving
                                           Exploring Online
                                           Social Networking       New!
Find the same satisfaction that others     3225/CEC069
have found for hundreds of years with      Facebook, Blogging, and Newsfeeds
a piece of wood, a carving knife, and      have taken the world by storm. Are
an idea. Whether you are a beginner        you going to continue to ignore it all or
or experienced carver you will have a      do you want a guide to show you the
sense of accomplishment as you carve       opportunities to reach out to the world
small, decorative sculptures. The wood     in a comfortable, hands-on computer
is furnished but bring your own filet      lab setting? Set up a blog, try a social
glove and carving tools to class. The      networking site such as LinkedIn, Flickr,
instructor will give details about the     Ning, Facebook, MySpace or Blogger,
necessary tools the first class.           and test out the latest applications such
Th, Jan. 14-Mar. 4       1:30-4:30 pm      as Twitter and Jaiku. Learn how Google
WWCC 116                 Mel Wheatley      and Skype can turn your computer into
$52                                        a video phone so you can see those with
                                           whom you are speaking. Face it, you are
                                           living in the 21st Century; you may as
Technology &                               well join in the fun.
Photography                                T, Feb. 9-23            6:30-8:30 pm
                                           Tech. Center 1121       David Walk
Digital Imaging                            $35
3227/CEC007                                Beginning Photography
Now that you have your digital
camera figured out and you have
                                           Get a working knowledge of your
basic computer skills, it’s time to get
                                           camera and its related accessories and
acquainted with the exciting ways
                                           learn about lighting, composition, and
you can edit and manipulate your
                                           other details involved in capturing a
photographs using the Adobe products
                                           great image. Since the basics of taking
of Photoshop and Elements. Many of
                                           successful pictures remain the same
the concepts taught are applicable to
                                           for all types of cameras, you may
other image editing programs as well.
                                           participate with film or digital cameras.
M, Jan. 11-Mar. 1        6:30-8:30 pm
                                           Class is a professional approach with an
Tech. Center 1121        Larry Goodhew
                                           informal atmosphere so photographers
                                           of varying experience are welcome.
                                           Th, Jan. 7-Mar. 18      6:30-8:30 pm
Demystifying iMac                          Tech. Center 1204A      Kathy Farrell
3203/CEC038                                $178 (WA Residents)
iMac thinks he is a sensitive machine,
one with whom your intuitive self
can easily connect and comprehend.
                                           On the Serious Side
So what’s the problem? If there is

one, don’t worry. This short, fun class    Legal and Financial
will help you gain the upper hand          Issues of the
and confidence by teaching you the         Non-Profit Board
wonderful things iMac can do with the      3211/CEC006A
OS X operating system and the iLife ‘08    Do you know how to conduct a legal
Suite. Along the way you learn to make     and financial assessment of tasks for
a book, a calendar, and learn how to       your non-profit board and staff? The
process and store photos. Specific needs   roles and responsibilities of a non-
of the students will also be addressed     profit’s staff and volunteers concerning
such as how to copy a CD, make a DVD       legal and financial issues will be
or even a quick photo slideshow on a       clarified. An attorney will be available
website.                                   to answer questions on specific areas of
T, Jan. 12-Feb. 2        6:30-8:30 pm      interest regarding non-profits.
Tech. Center 1121        David Walk        F, Feb. 5               8:30 am-12:30 pm
$48                                        Conf. Center 185C       Nancy MacDuff

                     Register online at
                     Club Ed – Where Learning Meets Leisure

Managing Change
for Non-Profit Boards
                           New!               Real Estate Training
The non-profit board copes with change
                                              Real Estate Principles
each year, and it is necessary to learn       3899/BA 075
how to manage the change without              This online course is an in-depth study
losing members or funders. Discuss            of the main areas of concern in the
how change impacts individuals in the         real estate industry including the real
organization and leave with a strategy        estate career, real property ownership,
to organize smooth transitions.               contract law, agency law, listing, selling
F, Feb. 19              8:30 am-12:30 pm      valuation, finance, escrow, state license
Conf. Center 185C       Nancy Macduff         law, Fair Housing, and real estate math.
$79                                           You will be ready to take the state
                                              license exam after completion of the
Are You Ready
for the Recovery?
                      New!                    60-hours of pre-license training.
                                              Open Entry               Online
                                              $245                     Rockwell Institute
If the recession threw a curve in             WA Real Estate Practices
your retirement plans, or if you want
                                              3898/BA 076
to become better informed about
                                              This is a practical course for new agents.
investment opportunities in this post-
                                              It offers guidelines in areas such as
recession recovery, start here. Financial
                                              listing agreements, purchase and sale
planning guidelines, tax deferred
                                              agreements, pricing property, qualifying
accounts, long term versus short term
                                              the purchase, agency relationships,
goals, savings and spending needs,
                                              financing, and other information
and tax advantages are presented
                                              pertinent to the new salesperson. All
to help you get back on track. The
                                              new salespersons are required by the
fifth session features estate planning
                                              State to take this course before the first
tools presented by an attorney and
                                              renewal. It also satisfies the 30-hour
accountant. These include wills,
                                              elective requirement for broker’s license
durable power of attorney, probate,
taxation, and advanced directives. A
                                              Open Entry               Online
useful document used to track all of
                                              $175                     Rockwell Institute
your financial matters will be available.
This class incorporates Estate Planning
item #3214. You do not need to register       Washington Real Estate Law
for both.                                     Online
T, Feb. 2-Mar. 2        6:30-8:30 pm          3897/BA 077
Tech. Center 1107       Sam Wells             This course offers an overview of the
$39                                           legal aspects of real estate and discusses
                                              the laws governing the ownership
Estate Planning/Tracing
Your Investments
                              New!            and sale of real estate in Washington.
                                              It examines common problems in
                                              real estate transactions and provides
                                              examples from actual court cases. Topics
Estate planning tools will be presented
                                              covered include: the distinction between
by attorney and accountant Carol
                                              real and personal property; methods of
Jean Thompson. Wills, durable power
                                              land description, easements, liens and
of attorney, probate, taxation, and
                                              other interests in real estate; forms of
advanced directies will be defined
                                              co-ownership; contracts; deeds and
and discussed. A useful planning tool
                                              titles; zoning; taxation; fair housing;
will be given to you to help you in the
                                              landlord/tenant law.
organization of your financial matters
                                              Open Entry               Online
when you get home. This class may be
                                              $175                     Rockwell Institute
taken individually, or as a part of item
T, Mar. 2               6:30-8:30 pm
Tech. Center 1107       Carol Jean Thompson
$15                     Mary Meeker

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
                       Club Ed – Where Learning Meets Leisure

                                              Basic Spanish IV
Language                                      3272/SPAN 050
                                              This second year of Spanish study will
Basic Spanish II                              give you the opportunity for a language
3271/SPAN 048                                 exchange with native Spanish speakers.
Continue your acquisition of this             Reading, writing, and conversing
important language by furthering your         in Spanish will help you continue
growth in comprehending and speaking          to acquire second language skills. A
simple conversation as well as reading        prerequisite for the class is one year of
and writing in Spanish. This is the           Spanish study. The text used is Motivos
second of a three quarter Spanish study       de Conversacion and is available in the
progression. The text used is Motivos         WWCC Bookstore.
de Conversacion and is available in the       Th, Jan. 7-Mar. 18      6-8 pm
WWCC Bookstore.                               Tech. Center 1107A      Courtney VanSlyke
MW, Jan. 6-Mar. 4         6:00-7:30 pm        $178 (WA Residents)
Tech. Center 1107A        Courtney VanSlyke
$267 (WA Residents)

                      Register online at
                                          Lifelong Learning
                                                      First Bytes (Series Session 1)
Lifelong Learning                                     3502/LLL 023A
                                                      This introduction to the computer
Lifelong Learning classes are for adults              includes terminology, basic facts, file
60+ years of age. Classes are conducted               management, and other hands on
both at The Center at the Park, 720                   functions. Beginners need to start with
Sprague, and on the WWCC campus.                      this class to progress on to other sessions
Registration is in person at The Center,              in the series.
except for the computer classes, Pilates,             TTh, Jan. 12-21
and Yoga. Register for these classes                  WWCC Tech. Ctr 1121      1:30-3:20 pm
in one of these three ways: call                      $35.20                   Troy Sampson
Telephone Registration, 509.527.4443,
from 1-4 pm; online any time at (Lifelong                       Word Processing (Series Session 2)
Learning); onsite at the Office of                    3503/LLL 023B
Admissions at WWCC.                                   Learn basic word processing skills by
                                                      starting with file management. Also
Story Writing for Posterity,                          learn how to enter text, set margins and
Profit, or Pleasure                                   tabs, make changes, use the spell and
3500/LLL 031                                          grammar checker, find and replace text,
Whether you want to write your                        save, print, and format for special effects
memoirs, supplement your income                       such as bold, italics, and colors.
                                                      TTh, Jan. 26 & 28
with publishable stories, or respond
                                                      WWCC Tech. Ctr 1121      1:30-3:20 pm
creatively to your emails, this interactive
                                                      $22.60                   Troy Sampson
class will help you make your stories
more effective and enjoyable to read.
Register for this class in person at the              Internet & Email (Series Session 3)
Center at the Park. Call 527-3775 for                 3504/LLL 023C
directions.                                           Access the Internet in a safe
W, Jan. 6-Mar. 17                                     environment and learn how to get the
Center at the Park             1-3 pm                 information you want using simple and
$42.50                         Helen Heaverland       advanced searches, tabbed browsing,
                                                      typed URLs and Favorites. You also
Computers in Small Bytes Series                       learn how to create an email account on
3501/LLL 023                                          the web and use it to understand email
Specific information regarding your                   concepts and practices.
                                                      TTh, Feb. 2-11
understanding of the computer and
                                                      WWCC Tech. Ctr 1121      1:30-3:20 pm
its particular use for you is given in
                                                      $35.20                   Troy Sampson
this series. Each class may be taken
individually as an independent session
if you do not take the entire series. The             Edit & File Digital Photos
topics are: First Bytes on the Computer;              (Series Session 4)
Guide to Word 2007; Guide to the                      3505/LLL 023D
Internet; Guide to Excel 2007. To take                Download photos from your digital
sessions beyond the First Bytes you                   camera onto your computer, and learn
need at least elementary computer                     how to file and edit them as well.
literacy skills.                                      MW, Feb. 16 & 18
TTh, Jan. 12-Feb. 25                                  WWCC Tech. Ctr 1121      1:30-3:20 pm
WWCC Tech. Ctr 1121            1:30-3:20 pm           $22.60                   Troy Sampson
$121.25                        Troy Sampson

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm

                                    Lifelong Learning
Excel (Series Session 5)                      Dance to Fitness
3506/LLL 023E                                 3510 & 3511/LLL 021
Excel is a powerful tool used for             Music that inspires you to move and
business but it has many household            have fun is integral to this exercise
applications as well. Use it for              class. A variety of dances and exercises
everything from creating household            designed to build strength, stability,
shopping lists and gardening plots            range of motion, cardiovascular fitness,
performing complex calculations.              and flexibility are included. Register for
Consider taking this class even if you        this class in person at the Center at the
think you don’t need it as you may be         Park. Call 527-3775 for directions.
performing tasks in Word that could be        MW, Jan. 4-Mar. 17 (#3510)
simplified by utilizing Excel.                TTh, Jan. 5-Mar. 18 (#3511)
TTh, Feb. 23 & 25                             Center at the Park            9-9:50 am
WWCC Tech. Ctr 1121      1:30-3:20 pm         $42.50 (each session)         Sylvia Bushman
$22.60                   Troy Sampson
                                              Forever Fit
                                              3512/LLL 022
Watercolors for Beginners                     Gentle chair-based exercises set to
3508/LLL 019                                  music for a great and effective fitness
Whether you are picking up the                class. This workout will improve your
paintbrush for the first time, or after       balance, strength, flexibility, and range
an extended absence from it, you may          of motion using light hand weights,
rediscover yourself with watercolors.         resistance bands, and a chair (standing
How to use color, determine                   optional). Simple, functional, and easy-
composition, and achieve distance in          to-follow movements with an emphasis
landscapes are taught and practiced.          on the needs of mature adults. Register
Register for this class in person at the      for this class in person at the Center at
Center at the Park. Call 527-3775 for         the Park. Call 527-3775 for directions.
directions.                                   TTh, Jan. 5-Mar. 11
Th, Jan. 7-Mar. 11                            Center at the Park            9-9:50 am
Center at the Park       1-4 pm               $42.50                        Sylvia Bushman
$74                      Joyce Anderson
                                              3515/LLL 012
Watercolors for Intermediates
                                              Are you feeling your age…or worse?
3509/LLL 020                                  Practice the dynamic techniques of Yoga
Continue practicing your watercolor           and develop a strength and range of
painting and learning new techniques.         motion you didn’t know was possible.
Register for this class in person at the      MW, Jan. 4-Mar. 17
Center at the Park. Call 527-3775 for         WWCC New Theater              10-11 am
directions.                                   $41.50                        Reta Washam
F, Jan. 8-Mar. 12
Center at the Park       1-4 pm               Pilates
$74                      Joyce Anderson       3513/LLL 026
                                              Pilates is designed to strengthen
Tai Chi                                       each muscle group in the body while
3514/LLL 017                                  providing additional stamina and
Greater strength and range of motion          stability to the core muscles in the
are acquired by working on the slow           abdomen and lower back. It is a
controlled movements that typify this         complete exercise and fitness workout
ancient exercise form. Register for this      that helps develop concentration,
class in person at the Center at the Park.    increase control and flexibility of
Call 527-3775 for directions.                 movement and balance, and strengthen
MW, Jan. 4-Mar. 17
                                              the cardio-respiratory system. This class
Center at the Park       1:30-2:30 pm
                                              is at the YWCA, 213 South 1st Avenue.
                                              TTh, Jan. 12-Mar. 18
$42.50                   Ron Johnson
                                              YWCA                          3-4 pm
                                              $41.50                        John Kerwin

                      Register online at
                                                Quest Foundation Donation
                                                If you are requesting a Quest
                                                membership, consider making a tax
                                                deductible donation to the WWCC
                                                Foundation for a single quarter ($25) or
                                                two quarters ($50) instead. If registering
                                                by telephone, ask to make your
                                                membership a donation to the WWCC
                                                Foundation (A3019). You receive full
                                                Quest membership benefits with your
                                                donation. Please note: If you are making
                                                a donation at the same time you are
                                                registering for classes, please make a
Quest is a membership driven institute          separate check payable to “WWCC” for
for active learners 50+ years of age that       your classes. Donation checks should be
encourages learning, socializing, and           made payable to “WWCC Foundation
active participation. It is one of over 260     - Quest.”
college-sponsored institutes for learning       Winter Quarter Donation (3007) Fee: $25.
in retirement in the U.S. and Canada            Winter-Spring Quarters Donation (3008) Fee: $50.
that is affiliated with the Elderhostel
Institute Network.                              Winter-Spring Quarters
                                                3002/QUEST 001
            Quest Social                        This membership is good for both
                                                winter and spring quarters,
     The Social is an opportunity for           January 7-June 18, 2010. With this
     Quest members and guests to get            membership you may attend the Quest
     acquainted with one another, enjoy         Socials and take Quest classes. You
     hors d’oeuvres and beverages, and          also get free admittance to the WWCC
     listen to the instructors introduce        theater productions and limited free
     their classes for the winter quarter.      admittance to The Little Theater and the
     It is free to members and first time       Walla Walla Symphony.
     guests. Returning guests pay $10;          Fee: $50.
     the fee is applied to your Quest
     membership when you join.                  Winter Quarter Membership
                                                3001/QUEST 002
         Thursday, January 7, 2010              This membership is good for winter
             3:00-5:00 pm Social                quarter only, January 7-March 19, 2010.
         (2:45 pm check-in begins)              Fee: $25.

                                                90+ Quest
                                                3004/QUEST 004
       Discover Club Ed!                        Congratulations! If you are 90+ years
       Club Ed is launched with                 of age, your Quest membership is free
       classes to satisfy the lighter           and you have the full privileges of
       side of your curiousity.                 other dues-paying Quest members.
       Quest members will receive               Registration for classes is still necessary.
       a Club Ed Cruise Card for
       a free Club Ed class to be               Scholarships
       taken winter or spring                   Limited free scholarships are available
       quarter. Sail on!                        for Quest memberships. Registration
                                                for classes is still necessary, however. To
                                                request a scholarship call 527-4561.

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm

REGISTRATION OPTIONS                                  important than the verse or rhyme that
                                                      you think poetry needs. Haiku, free
Online - Use CampusCE, to register                    verse, and well known rhyming poems
anytime at your convenience from your                 are among the styles to be discussed and
own computer. Here’s how: Log into                    may be the impetus to jump start your and select                      own poetic creations.
from a variety of categories to see classes           T, Jan. 12-Feb. 9       2:30-4:30 pm
for Quest, Lifelong Learners, Club Ed                 WWCC 104                Marie Wallace
and other valuable programs. Follow                   $41.50
the prompts for registration online. If
you need assistance with this, call Tracy             The 7 Deadly Sins Sampler
Peterson, 527-4329.                                   3185/QUEST 038
                                                      Pride, Envy, Anger, Sloth, Greed,
Telephone or In Person - Telephone                    Gluttony, and Lust all define the
Registration 527-4443 (M-F, 1 pm-4 pm).               problems with being human instead
In person at the Office of Admissions                 of being divine. These sins reveal
(M-F, 8am-5pm).                                       themselves throughout literature and
                                                      are there for understanding how they
Mail In - Complete the registration form              affect people individually and society
included in this flyer and return it to the           as a whole. Probe deeply into the
address shown along with your check.                  characters and ideas presented in the
                                                      reading selections and connect that
For More Information                                  literature to your own experiences and
Quest Coordinator, Nancy Kress,                       opinions. This is a Great Books selection
509.57.456 or                  and the text, The Seven Deadly Sins, is
                                                      available in the WWCC Bookstore.
                                                      T, Jan. 12-Feb. 9       2:30-4:30 pm
Session 1:                                            WWCC 106                Linda Moats
January 11-February 12                                $41.50

Writing the 10 Minute Play                            Landscaping Problems & Plans
3171/QUEST 035                                        3102/QUEST 042
Calling all theatre buffs with short                  Take a hard look at your yard and
attention spans! In keeping with the                  garden and consider the options for
trend towards brevity in many art                     developing a landscaping plan for it.
forms, 0 minute plays are in demand                  The selection of suitable plants and
throughout the country. Elements of                   their spacing will be covered as you
story, character, dialog, and theme are               work on creating landscape “rooms”
discussed after you read examples                     in your yard. After the design process
of short plays in class and engage in                 and principles are introduced you will
playwriting exercises. See your play                  get individual help to create your own
performed by your fellow students the                 workable landscape plan.
last session of class and revel in your 10            W, Jan. 13-Feb. 10      1:30-3:30 pm
minutes of fame.                                      WWCC 102                Robert Berger
M, Jan. 11-Mar. 15            1:30-3:30 pm            $41.50
WWCC 102                      Marie Wallace

Finding a Voice in
Poetic Melodies
3170/QUEST 034
Express the essence of your private
thoughts and feelings by choosing a
topic and selecting just the right words
to reveal yourself. The topic and the
choice of words you use may be more

                        Register online at
king Arthur and the Round Table             Local History Comes Alive!
3100/QUEST 058                              3106/QUEST 032
The legend of King Arthur and the           Walla Walla’s pioneer past is full of
Knights of the Round Table endures as       colorful characters who earned their
one of the most powerful in western         reputations. Some of them will make
literature. The development of the          a return appearance just for you and
legend and the ideals of its world, at      resurrect their historical accounts.
its height and in decline, are examined     Among those visiting are: William
through readings from Thomas                McBean, chief factor of Fort Walla Walla
Malory’s 15th century compilation, Le       trading post at Wallula Gap; Dorsey
Morte d’Arthur (reading requested).         Baker, founder of the Rawhide Railroad
Discussion will be supplemented with        and Baker Boyer Bank; E.B. Whitman,
consideration of two other influential      the first elected mayor of Walla Walla,
narratives (reading optional) that          and his wife, Maria Greenwood
epitomize the world of King Arthur and      Whitman. An overview of the history
the Round Table: Yvain: or The Knight       of the area, beginning with Lewis and
with the Lion, by Chretein de Troyes, and   Clark, ties the sessions together.
The Stanzaic Morte: A Verse Translation     F, Jan. 15-Feb. 12           2:30-4:30 pm
of le Morte Arthur, translated by Sharon    WWCC 120                     Paul Franzman
Kahn. The texts are available in the        $41.50
WWCC Bookstore.
W, Jan. 13-Feb. 10      1:30-3:30 pm        Short Shorts I & II
WWCC 106                Ed Foster
                                            3160 & 3161/QUEST 028
                                            Brevity is a trend in many arts, and
                                            writing is reflective of that trend with
Movie Matinees:                             the emergence of short, short stories.
Exploring French Films                      Discover through reading and analyzing
3130/QUEST 030                              selected works what makes writing
Contemporary French films representing      effective then apply this knowledge
different genres—comedy, drama,             to your own writing. Of course, when
romance, and a musical—will be shown        writing your very short stories you
with various themes and cultural            can either tell the truth or use your
differences encountered in the films        imagination and poetic license and
being examined and discussed. Films         make stuff up.
to be shown are: The Dinner Game, The       F, Jan. 15-Feb. 12 (#3160)   9:30-11:30 am
Closet, Amelie, Ponette, and Eight Women.   F, Feb. 19-Mar. 19 (#3161)   Betty Hull
The instructor is a a native of France      Conf. Center 185C
and has a masters degree in French          $41.50
Literature from Purdue University.
Th, Jan. 14-Feb. 11     1:30-4 pm
WWCC 121                Edith Leibrand      Session 2:
$41.50                                      February 17-March 19
Perspectives of Human Thought II
                                            Nothing but the Truth
3181/QUEST 052A
                                            3120/QUEST 044
Buddhaism and Christianity, two of the
                                            Notions such as fact, knowledge, belief,
major religions of the world, continue
                                            evidence, opinion, certainty, truth, and
to have profound influences on human
                                            justification all reflect foundational ideas
thought in spite of their extraordinary
                                            that we too often take for granted and
humble beginnings. Discover how
                                            use casually in our everyday talk. An
and why the quest for happiness by
                                            examination and discussion of these
Siddharta Gautama in India nearly
                                            notions in a systematic and reflective
2500 years ago, followed later by the
                                            style will have you pondering and
teachings of Jesus Christ, continue
                                            discussing accepted ideas in the light of
to influence cultures and individuals
                                            new consciousness.
through the centuries.
                                            W, Feb. 17-Mar. 17           2:30-4:30
Th, Jan. 14-Feb. 11     2:30-4:30 pm
                                            WWCC 106                     Holly Phillips
WWCC 106                Jesse Burgess
     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm

Homemade Winter Soups                         was followed by huge machinery and
3144/QUEST 070                                farming practices that changed the
Chowders, clear broths, wedding soups,        landscape with resulting erosion. Now
and bisques are on the menu for winter        the importance of stopping harmful
comfort you can create later in your          farming practices and conserving the
own kitchen. In class you will make           land is of concern. The history of the
the soups from scratch and learn how          agricultural revolution is outlined then
to store and serve the final products.        followed by others who will speak to the
A recipe exchange the last session will       topic of various conservation practices
have you trading your favorites with the      that are in place, both in the countryside
rest of the class.                            and inside the towns.
Th, Feb. 18-Mar. 11         1:30-3:30 pm      M, Feb. 22-Mar. 8        2:30-4:30 pm
Enology & Vit. Kitchen      Greg Schnorr      WWCC 120                 Larry Hooker
$35.20                                        $28.90

Singing for an Audience                       Live Theatre Views & Reviews
3131/QUEST 045                                3163/QUEST 064
The voice is organic. It can grow and         Make attending live theatre this winter
change, or it can wither from disuse and      more enjoyable by taking part in
lack of practice. Expert instruction can      discussions with the directors of the
help you develop your voice beyond its        current productions. Discussion will
current level and prepare you better for      take place either prior to opening night
singing in a church choir or other public     or after the final curtain. The plays
occasions.                                    to be attended, at your convenience,
Th, Feb. 18-Mar. 18         2:30-4 pm         are: Exit the Body (The Little Theater),
WWCC 303                    Julie Jones       Around the World in 80 Days (Harper Joy
$32.05                                        at Whitman), and The Women of Lockerbie
                                              (WWCC). Discussions and meetings
                                              with the directors will take place Feb. 22,
Quantum Mechanics: Too Small                  March 1, 8, 15 at WWCC.
to Imagine?                                   M, Feb. 22-Mar. 15       11 am-Noon
3188/QUEST 076                                Conf. Center 185C        Madonna Doocy
This big topic is about the smallest of       $22.60
the small, 1000 times smaller than the
smallest atom. Why bother with things
this size? Two reasons: electronics and       Technology
advanced engineering techniques use
quantum particles all the time and,           Learn All About
secondly, these particles are all there
are! Everything, including us, is made
                                              Your Digital Camera
up of quantum particles, though their         3165/QUEST 023A
behavior is quite weird, not like ours at     Get a basic introduction to all the basic
all. Discover the paradoxical nature of       elements of your digital camera in this
these particles and see that they provide     class. Bring your camera and its owner’s
the next step in understanding after the      manual with you (please read it first),
mythological. This class is a sequel to       and learn how to use both to take better
the study of The Odyssey.                     pictures. Photoshop Elements is used
Th, Feb. 18-Mar. 18         2:30-4:30         to improve the pictures once you save
WWCC 106                    John Jamison      them to your computer. A web based
$41.50                                        file share program that allows you to
                                              electronically send photo albums to
                                              friends and family is introduced.
Tracking the
                                              M, Jan. 11-Feb. 22       1:30-3:30 pm
Agriculture Revolution                        Tech. Center 1121        Larry Goodhew
3141/QUEST 046                                $41.50
It was not that long ago that the
surrounding fields were farmed using
animals to pull the machinery. This

                         Register online at

Editing Digital Pics
Online for Free                              Fitness
3168/QUEST 031A
If your digital photos are not yet picture   Tai Chi for Health & Balance
perfect, you can improve their quality       3125/QUEST 017
by editing them with an online photo         Sun style Tai Chi is an exercise regimen
manager. Learn editing techniques and        that coordinates both parts of the body
apply them for free to some of the online    with the mind. It helps to improve
services such as Flickr, Picassa, Snap       balance and reduce falls, strengthens
Fish, and Kodak Easyshare. Remove the        and increases flexibility in the legs,
threat from technology; leave the thrill.    knees and ankles, and helps to reduce
Th, Jan. 14-Feb. 11     3:30-5:30 pm         stress, tension, and depression. In
Tech. Center 1121       David Walk           addition, it is a safe, fun, and moderate
$41.50                                       exercise that is approved by the Arthritis
                                             Foundation. Many Waters Wellness
Store Your Memories in Digital               Center, 80 Sprague Avenue.
                                             T, Jan. 12-Mar. 18            1:30-2:30
3169/QUEST 072                               Many Waters Wellness Center   Sandi Wicher
Are your memories—slides of trips you        $41.50
have taken, old home movies, boxes
of photos, favorite records—stored on
technology that is now outdated and          Pilates
nearly inaccessible? It is easier than       3513/LLL 026
you think to make lasting keepsake           Pilates is designed to strengthen
gifts for your family by transfering the     each muscle group in the body while
memories to modern computer files,           providing additional stamina and
DVDs or websites. You will work on a         stability to the core muscles in the
personal project in class and migrate old    abdomen and lower back. It is a
memories into modern presentations.          complete exercise and fitness workout
Th, Feb. 18-Mar. 18     3:30-5:30 pm         that helps you develop concentration,
Tech. Center 1121       David Walk           increase control and flexibility of
$41.50                                       movement and balance, and strengthen
                                             the cardio-respiratory system. YWCA,
                                             corner of 1st and Birch Streets.
                                             T, Jan. 12-Mar. 18            3-4 pm
                                             YWCA                          John Kerwin

                                             3515/LLL 012
                                             Are you feeling your age…or worse?
                                             Practice the dynamic techniques of Yoga
                                             and develop a strength and range of
                                             motion you didn’t know was possible.
                                             MW, Jan. 4-Mar. 17            10-11 am
                                             WWCC New Theater              Reta Washam

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
              Community Education & Lifelong Learning
                        Distance Learning

        Distance Learning

Sandi Madsen,
  Director of Distance Learning

Hildy Helgeson,
  Secretary, 509.527.4331

• Online Certificate Programs
• Continuing Ed Online Classes
• Telecourses
• Washington Online

The following classes may or may not be
transferable nor do they necessarily fulfill a specific
degree requirement. Students are encouraged to
discuss course selections with their advisor to
ensure courses will meet the student’s intended
goal. Please call the Student Development Center at
527.4262 for referral to an appropriate advisor.

             Register online at
                   For Information Call 509.527.4331      9
                                                    Distance Learning

                                      DISTANCE LEARNING
                       2009-2010 TUITION AND FEE SCHEDULE
                                               SEE BELOW FOR COLUMN DESCRIPTION

                                     RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE
     Credit             A              B                  C                    D                   E                F
     Hours          WA RES          ID RES         OR & OTHER ST       INTERNATIONAL            WA HSC         PARENT ED
                     $97.00          $97.00            $0.00             $69.00              $8.00           $.00
                    $78.00         $78.00            $04.00              $5.00             $40.00           $4.00
        3            $67.00         $67.00            $306.00              $783.00             $60.00           $36.00
        4            $356.00         $356.00            $408.00            $,044.00             $80.00           $48.00
        5            $445.00         $445.00            $50.00            $,305.00            $00.00           $60.00
        6            $534.00         $534.00            $6.00            $,566.00            $0.00           $7.00
        7            $63.00         $63.00            $74.00            $,87.00            $40.00           $84.00
        8            $7.00         $7.00            $86.00            $,088.00            $60.00           $96.00
        9            $80.00         $80.00            $98.00            $,349.00            $80.00          $08.00
       0            $890.00         $890.00          $,00.00            $,60.00            $00.00          $0.00
                   $93.00       $,9.00          $,30.40            $,647.00            $.00          $3.00
                   $956.00       $,34.00          $,33.80            $,684.00            $4.00          $44.00
       3            $989.00       $,357.00          $,36.0            $,7.00            $36.00          $56.00
       4           $,0.00      $,390.00          $,39.60            $,758.00            $48.00          $68.00
       5           $,055.00      $,43.00          $,43.00            $,795.00            $60.00          $80.00
       6           $,088.00      $,456.00          $,453.40            $,83.00            $7.00          $9.00
       7           $,.00      $,489.00          $,483.80            $,869.00            $84.00          $04.00
       8           $,54.00      $,5.00          $,54.0            $,906.00            $96.00          $6.00
  9+ per cr.)         $73.00         $73.00             $73.00                $45.00            $.00            $.00

A– (1)      Washington residents (for residency questions, see college catalog);
   (2)      nonresidents who are taking classes toward H.S. completion;
   (3)      residents under age 19 taking classes toward high school completion, with permission only; or
   (4)      non US citizens without visa if the Washington Higher Education Residency, Affidavit/Declaration/Certification,
            (HB 1079) is met.
NOTE: Effective July 1, 2003, individuals who are not permanent residents or U.S. citizens MAY qualify for resident tuition
if they have or will have graduated from a Washington State high school, or while living in Washington, have received the
equivalent of a high school diploma. A three year residency requirement must be fulfilled. Additional criteria are required.
Please contact the Walla Walla Campus Office of Admissions and Records, 509.527.4283; toll free 1.877.992.9922.

      B–         IDAHO Residents, Fee Pay Status 07.
      C–         OREGON and all other U.S. Citizens other an WA and ID. Fee Pay Status 29.
      D–         INTERNATIONAL students/non-U.S. citizens.
      E–         WASHINGTON residents enrolled in high school completion classes (19 years or older).
      F–         FAMILY/PARENT Education classes only.

Facility Use Fee: $4.00 per credit (minimum $8.00, maximum $40.00) included in above schedule.
Technology Fee: $3.00 per credit (minimum $6.00, maximum $30.00) included in above schedule
Matriculation Fee: $1.00 per credit (minimum $2.00, maximum $10.00) included in above schedule.

Professional/Technical students registered exclusively in required professional/technical courses for their degree will be
charged $22.00 per credit in excess of 18; other students registered for more than 18 credits, see schedule above for 19+ credits.

Reduced tuition rates available for eligible Washington domiciled veterans or National Guard members, children & spouses
of totally disabled or POWs/MIAs or deceased eligible veterans or National Guard. See Office of Admissions and Records for
ABE, GED, ESL students pay a $25.00 charge per quarter at the time of registration.

• $30.00 lab fee is charged per quarter for science, professional-technical, computer and other selected classes
• Books: estimated costs–$298 per quarter
• Fitness fee: $7.50 charged quarterly for specific fitness classes (see course description footnote)
• Other fees may be charged for specific courses
• Registration fee: $35.00–to be paid after quarterly registration/tuition due date

• Call toll free .877.99.9922 if you have additional questions.

• Classes developed specifically for senior citizens, including QUEST–$31.50 per credit (plus $4/credit Facility Use fee &
  $1/credit Matriculation fee–minimum fee $10.00), plus any appropriate lab fees for specific classes.
• On a space-available, not-for-credit basis, Washington State seniors (age 60 and above) may also enroll in classes for $2.50
  per class, limited to two classes per quarter (does not include special fee classes).
• Seniors cannot register for these classes until after the first class meeting.

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
30                                      For Information Call 509.527.4331
                                 Distance Learning
                                            Each program includes a set of
eLearning                                   lessons and evaluations; grades are
                                            a combination of the instructor’s or
(WASHINGTON ONLINE,                         mentor’s evaluation of students’ work
                                            and computer-graded tests. We know
WWCC ONLINE, TELECOURSE)                    you’ll appreciate the quality as well as
                                            the convenience of anytime, anywhere
In an eLearning course the instructor
and student participate in the course
at a time and place separate from one
another. Where applicable, eLearning        Please note: Once the course is accessed
courses are subject to the same             there are no refunds.
assessment and prerequisites of all
WWCC courses. Successful distance           Health Occupations
learning students are typically self-       Visit
disciplined and possess excellent study
                                            wwcc for more information.

There Are Four Types of eLearning
                                            Administrative Dental Assistant
Courses:                                    (240 Hours)
• ONLINE                                    4500/HO 001
• HYBRID                                    This online program will teach you
• WAOL / WASHINGTON ONLINE                  the essential administrative tasks for
• TELECOURSES                               managing the business aspects of a
                                            dental practice. Textbooks included.
For more information on eLearning           $1595
visit or call
509-57-433                                Certified National Pharmaceutical
                                            Representative (120 Hours)
                                            4501/HO 002
ONLINE CERTIFICATE                          Students will automatically become
PROGRAMS and                                a member of NAPSR and receive
                                            eligibility to sit for the CNPR national
CAREER TRAINING                             certification exam at no additional cost.
Walla Walla Community College, in
partnership with Gatlin Education
Services (GES), offers online open          Veterinary Assistant (240 Hours)
enrollment programs designed to             4506/HO 008
provide the skills necessary to acquire     This online program will prepare
professional level positions for many       you for an exciting new career as a
in-demand occupations.                      veterinary assistant by teaching you the
                                            essential skills of a veterinary assistant.
Online career training and continuing       Textbooks included.
education courses that are designed to      $1795
provide the workforce skills necessary
to acquire professional caliber positions   Personal Fitness Trainer
for many in-demand occupations.             (150 Hours)
                                            4534/HO 015
Our programs are designed by a team         This program is designed to present
of professionals from each respective       the student with the knowledge, skills,
field, who work to provide the most         and abilities to implement a unique
effective web-based learning experience     medically-based fitness model for their
available today. Instructors/mentors        future or current clients.
are actively involved in your online        $2095
learning experience. They respond to
any questions or concerns as well as
encourage and motivate you to succeed.

                 Register online at or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
   Telephone Registration with
                           For Information Call 509.527.4331                         3
                                  Distance Learning
Advanced Personal Fitness                   Certified Global Business Professional
Trainer (240 Hours)                         Credential (CGBP) provides a
4535/HO 016                                 benchmark for competency in global
The Advanced Certificate is designed        commerce.
for students interested in furthering       $2495
their personal training education by
incorporating specialized resistance        eBusiness (200 Hours)
training, functional movements, and         4512/BA 015
nutritional programs for their clients in   The primary objective of this online
partnership with Registered Dietitians.     program is to introduce concepts, tools,
$2795                                       and approaches to eBusiness. Textbook
Business Administration                     $1995
                                            Freight Broker/Agent Training
wwcc for more information.
                                            (150 Hours)
                                            4513/BA 018
HIPAA Compliance                            Become a part of the exciting trucking,
(4 user licenses) (12 Hours)                freight logistics, and transportation
4502/BA 001                                 industries as a licensed freight broker or
The HIPAA Compliance online program         as a freight broker agent.
provides doctors and their staff with a
simple route to compliance.
                                            Lean Mastery (60 Hours)
                                            4515/BA 030
Bookkeeping the Easy Way with               Students will learn the concepts and
QuickBooks (140 Hours)                      theories needed to transform an
4507/BA 006                                 organization to Lean in this online,
This course is designed for students        expertly-facilitated program.
who are interested in gaining               $1695
knowledge of basic bookkeeping
practices in planning a more profitable
future or seeking a new career. Textbook
                                            Paralegal (225 Hours)
and thorough tutorial for QuickBooks        4516/BA 050
are included.                               This online, instructor-led program
                                            prepares students to be successful in
                                            the fast growing paralegal career field.
                                            All materials included! Note: If you
Certified Bookkeeper (80 Hours)             plan to pursue the National Association
4508/BA 007                                 of Legal Assistants (NALA) Certified
This online course for experienced          Paralegal/Certified Legal Assistant (CP/
bookkeepers leads to national               CLA) credential, you must meet one of the
certification with the American Institute   requirements for eligibility shown below
of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). All     under the heading NALA Certification
textbooks included.                         Eligibility Requirements. This Paralegal
$1795                                       course is 225 clock hours. In order to meet
                                            the eligibility requirements to sit for the CP/
Certified Global Business                   CLA credentialing exam using this course,
Professional (400 Hours)                    you must also hold a Bachelor’s Degree in
4510/BA 010                                 any field, or you must have seven years of
This online preparatory program for the     experience as a legal assistant under the
Certified Global Business Professional      supervision of a member of the Bar.
Credential exam is a prestigious            $1795
acknowledgement of international
business expertise. The North American
Small Business International Trade
Educators Association (NASBITE)

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
3                       For Information Call 509.527.4331
                                 Distance Learning

Payroll Practice and Management             provides a framework that allows
(80 Hours)                                  participants to integrate and apply
4517/BA 061                                 proven supply chain management
This new online program is designed         strategies within their scope of
to teach the solid skills and knowledge     responsibility.
of payroll rules and regulations to the     $2795
beginner and to increase or refresh the
skills of the more experienced student.     Travel Agent Training (200 Hours)
$1595                                       4524/BA 071
                                            This industry-leading program will
Project Management (40 Hours)               prepare students for the Institute
4519/BA 065                                 of Certified Travel Agents. TAP
This program teaches the basics of          Certification teaches the basic skills
project management and includes             needed to operate a computer
preparation for the Project Management      reservation system. All materials
Professional national certification exam.   included.
Textbook and exam prep included.            $1595
                                            Pay Per Click Marketing
Six Sigma Black Belt (200 Hours)            (150 Hours)
4521/BA 067                                 4528/BA 085
The Black Belt training program             Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC) is a
integrates online learning with hands-      sub-set of Search Engine Marketing, and
on data analysis. The course material       refers to a specific type of advertising
provides an in-depth look at the            where you pay a search engine every
DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze,            time a potential customer clicks on your
Improve, Control) problem-solving           ad. Extreme demand for experts in this
methodology, as well as deployment          relatively new field means Pay Per Click
and project development approaches.         Marketers can pick and choose their
Workshops are incorporated extensively      jobs and/or clients.
throughout the training to challenge        $1395
the student’s analytical and problem-
solving skills.                             Search Engine Optimization
$2695                                       (150 Hours)
                                            4529/BA 086
Six Sigma Greenbelt (100 Hours)             The Search Engine Optimization
4522/BA 069                                 training series has been developed in
Six Sigma is one of the highest             direct response to the skyrocketing
standards for companies and                 growth of the search engine industry.
individuals to achieve. This interactive    No longer the territory of geekdom,
online experience provides the skills       search has exploded into the
needed to affect this highly valuable       mainstream over the past few years and
skill as well as prep for the national      businesses are falling over themselves to
certification. All materials included.      get seen by online searchers.
$1895                                       $1395

Supply Chain Management                     Search Engine Marketing
(240 Hours)                                 (250 Hours)
4523/BA 070                                 4530/BA 087
By examining managerial behavior,           Learn the essential components for
organizational strategies, incentive        understanding this unique and growing
alignment, legal considerations,            career field, including: search engine
operational execution, and other            optimization, pay per click marketing,
management topics, this program             and web site copywriting.

                 Register online at or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
   Telephone Registration with
                           For Information Call 509.527.4331                         33
                                Distance Learning

Wedding Planner (300 Hours)                Continuing Education
4531/BA 088
This comprehensive program covers          Online Classes
everything an aspiring wedding
planner needs to know to get started       Update your skills, discover a new
in the business. Whether you plan on       talent, or chart a career path at your
working part-time, planning only a few     own pace and at your convenience
weddings a year, or a full-time career,    with our instructor-led Education To
this program will provide all the tools    Go online courses. These lessons are
necessary to work as a professional        supplemented by: interactive quizzes,
wedding planner or start your wedding      assignments, tutorials, and online
planning business.                         discussion areas. All materials will be
$1395                                      made available to you over the World
                                           Wide Web. Read your lessons and ask
Energy Systems Technology                  questions of your instructor at times
                                           that are most convenient to you. All you
Visit             need to get started is an e-mail address,
wwcc for more information.                 Internet access and a Web browser.
                                           If you have a difficult time attending
HVAC Technician Certificate                classes because your schedule is full or
                                           changes constantly, consider enrolling in
(320 Hours)
                                           an online class. You will be able to study
4526/EST 050                               a lesson, complete assignments, and ask
This program is designed to prepare        questions from the convenience of your
learners using an online, mentor           home or office.
facilitated, self-paced environment for
entry-level positions in the HVACR         Winter 2010 Extended Learning Online
industry, continuing education for         Courses begin on the following dates:
upgrading skills, or becoming Certified    • December 9, 2009
or Licensed (NATE, etc).                   • January 20, 2010
$3095                                      • February 17, 2010
                                           • March 17, 2010
Automotive Technology
Visit             Web Page Design
wwcc for more information.                 Visit for
                                           course description.
Modern Automotive Service
Technician (380 Hours)                     Creating Web Pages
4527/AMM 041                               4015/CT 076F      $89.00
The Modern Automotive Service
Technician online program teaches
the construction, operation, diagnosis,    Introduction to Dreamweaver 8
service, and repair of late-model          4121/CT 076G      $89.00
automobiles and light trucks. This
comprehensive program uses a               Introduction to Flash MX 2004
building-block approach that starts with   4122/CT 076H      $89.00
the fundamental principles of system
operation and progresses gradually
                                           Introduction to Perl Programming
to complex diagnostic and service
                                           4323/CT 084C      $89.00
procedures. Students and professionals
learn quickly and easily, helped by
thousands of color illustrations, scores
of -D and 3-D animations, built-in
quizzes, and other interactive features.

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
34                      For Information Call 509.527.4331
                               Distance Learning

Computer Courses                          Advanced Microsoft Excel 2007
                                          4381/CT 083E       $89.00
Visit for
course description.                       Introduction to
                                          Microsoft Access 2007
Introduction to Photoshop CS3
                                          4090/CT 074        $89.00
4074/CT 077     $89.00

Introduction to Database                  Introduction to Microsoft Outlook
Development                               4012/CT 070P       $89.00
4321/CT 074A    $89.00
                                          Introduction to
                                          Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
Introduction to
                                          4014/CT 075k       $89.00
 PC Troubleshooting
4000/CT 070A    $89.00
                                          Introduction to
                                          Microsoft Publisher 2007
Introduction to
                                          4141/CT 077G       $89.00
Personal Computer Security
4004/CT 070     $89.00
                                          Introduction to Visual Basic
                                          4340/ CT 089B      $89.00
Creating a Home or
Small Office Network
4006/CT 070     $89.00                    Health Care
                                          Visit for
QuickBooks 2009 for Contractors           course description.
4131/CT 077     $89.00
                                          Become a Physical Therapy Aid
Introduction to QuickBooks 2009           4144/SBM 014       $89.00
4083/CT 078D    $89.00
                                          Become an Optical Assistant
Performing Payroll in                     4092/SBM 014       $89.00
QuickBooks 2009
4357/CT 088     $89.00                    Medical Coding
                                          4003/SBM 014       $89.00

Introduction to QuickBooks 2007           Medical Terminology: A Word
4027/CT 077R    $89.00                    Association Approach
                                          4110/SBM 014       $89.00
Introduction to
Microsoft Word 2007                       Assisting Aging Parents
4130/CT 072B    $89.00                    4344/SBM 014       $89.00

                                          Become a Veterinary Assistant
Microsoft Word 2007
                                          4050/SBM 014       $89.00
4086/ CT 081B   $89.00

Introduction to                           Become a Veterinary Assistant II
Microsoft Excel 2007                      4329/SBM 014       $89.00
4059/CT 078B    $89.00
                                          Become a Veterinary Assistant III
Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2007         4005/SBM 014       $89.00
4112/CT 083E    $89.00

                 Register online at
                         For Information Call 509.527.4331                35
                                   Distance Learning

Certification Preparation                     Building Wealth
                                              4060/SBM 014     $89.00
Visit for
course description.                           Personal Finance
                                              4123/SBM 014     $89.00
Basic A+ Certificate Prep
Course #1: Hardware I                         Real Estate Investing
4018/CT 079       $89.00                      4068/SBM 014     $89.00

Intermediate A+ Certificate Prep              Test Preparation
Course #2: Operating Systems I
4023/CT 089       $89.00                      Visit for
                                              course description.
Advanced A+ Certification Prep
Course #3: Hardware II and                    GED Preparation
                                              4051/SBM 014     $89.00
Operating Systems II
4029/CT 099       $89.00
                                              GED Preparation – Language Arts
                                              4041/SBM 014     $89.00
Personal Enrichment and
Development                                   GED Preparation – Mathematics
Visit for            4043/SBM 014     $89.00
course description.
                                              Preparing for the LSAT I
Lose Weight and keep It Off                   4037/SBM 014     $89.00
4091/SBM 014      $89.00
                                              Preparing for the LSAT II
Mastering Digital Photography:                4038/SBM 014     $89.00
Photographing People
4001/SBM 014      $89.00                      Writing Courses
                                              Visit for
Conversational Japanese                       course description.
4084/SBM 014      $89.00
                                              The keys to Effective Editing
Instant Italian                               4328/SBM 014     $89.00
4021/SBM 014      $89.00
                                              How to Start & Operate Your
Speed Spanish                                 Own Publishing Business
4104/SBM 014      $89.00                      4132/SBM 014     $89.00

Speed Spanish II                              Introduction to Journaling
4306/SBM 014      $89.00                      4081/SBM 014     $89.00

Speed Spanish III                             Introduction to Internet Writing
4129/SBM 014      $89.00                      Markets
                                              4080/SBM 014     $89.00
Discover Digital Photography
4114/SBM 014      $89.00                      Grammar Refresher
                                              4308/SBM 014     $89.00
Secrets of Better Photography
4341/SBM 014      $89.00

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
36                         For Information Call 509.527.4331
                              Distance Learning

Writing for Children                      Introduction to
4028/SBM 014   $89.00                     Non-Profit Management
                                          4391/SBM 014       $89.00
Mystery Writing
4126/SBM 014   $89.00                     Marketing Your
                                          Non-Profit Organization
Forensic Science for Writers              4026/SBM 014       $89.00
4022/SBM 014   $89.00
                                          Writing Effective Grant Proposals
Beginning Writer’s Workshop               4389/SBM 014       $89.00
4024/SBM 014   $89.00
                                          A to Z Grant Writing
Beginners Guide to                        4033/SBM 014       $89.00
Getting Published
4127/SBM 014   $89.00                     Get Grants!
                                          4032/SBM 014       $89.00
Write Like a Pro
4332/SBM 014   $89.00                     Small Business
                                          Visit for
Fundamentals of                           course description.
Technical Writing
4125/SBM 014   $89.00                     Construction Business
The Craft of Magazine Writing             4078/SBM 014       $89.00
4030/SBM 014   $89.00
                                          Accounting Fundamentals I
Creativity for Writers                    4352/SBM 014       $89.00
4031/SBM 014   $89.00
                                          Accounting Fundamentals II
Effective Business Writing                4351/SBM 014       $89.00
4358/SBM 014   $89.00
                                          Creating a Business Plan
Business Marketing Writing                4392/SBM 014       $89.00
4388/SBM 014   $89.00
                                          Administrative Assistant
Resume Writing Workshop                   Fundamentals
4350/SBM 014   $89.00                     4353/SBM 014       $89.00

Non-Profit Management                     Administrative Assistant
Visit for        4354/SBM 014       $89.00
course description.
                                          Starting a Consulting Practice
Creating Your Own Non-Profit
                                          4396/SBM 014       $89.00
4019/SBM 014   $89.00
                                          Start and Operate Your Own
                                          Home-Based Business
Become a
                                          4042/SBM 014       $89.00
Grant Writing Consultant
4128/SBM 014   $89.00

                   Register online at
                         For Information Call 509.527.4331                     37
                                   Distance Learning

Legal Courses and                             Project Management
Paralegal Certificate                         4394/SBM 014     $89.00
Visit for            Project Management Applications
course description.                           4393/SBM 014     $89.00

Paralegal Certificate Program #1              Principles of Sales Management
Legal Terminology, Process,                   4302/SBM 014     $89.00
Ethics, Tort, and Contract Law
4044/SBM 014      $159.00                     Fundamentals of
                                              Supervision & Management
Paralegal Certificate Program #2              4387/SBM 014     $89.00
Legal Documents and Analysis
4045/SBM 014      $159.00                     Supervision & Management II
                                              4395/SBM 014     $89.00
Paralegal Certificate Program #3
Evidence, Legal Interviewing and              Mastery of
Investigation                                 Business Fundamentals
4046/SBM 014      $159.00                     4011/SBM 014     $89.00

Paralegal Certificate Program #4              Customer Service Fundamentals
Legal Authority                               4355/SBM 014     $89.00
4047/SBM 014      $159.00
                                              Courses for Teaching
Paralegal Certificate Program #5
Computers, Legal Writing, and                 Professionals
Appellate Procedure                           Visit for
4048/SBM 014      $159.00                     course description.

Paralegal Certificate Program #6              Teaching Students with Autism
Law Office Administration,                    4088/ED 299A     $89.00
Advocacy, and Job Hunting
Techniques                                    Guided Reading & Writing for
4049/SBM 014      $159.00                     Maximum Student Achievement
                                              4142/ED 299B     $89.00
Introduction to Criminal Law
4124/SBM 014      $89.00                      Working with
                                              Learning Disabled Students
Evidence Law                                  4143/ED 299C     $89.00
4061/SBM 014      $89.00
                                              Survival kit for New Teachers
                                              4064/ED 299D     $89.00
Large Business
Visit for            Leadership
course description.                           4010/ED 299E     $89.00

Understanding the                             Introduction to Teaching ESL/EFL
Human Resource Function                       4102/ED 299F     $89.00
4161/SBM 014      $89.00

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
38                         For Information Call 509.527.4331
                              Distance Learning

Teaching Science: Grades 4-6            Ready, Set, Read
4008/ED 299G   $89.00                   4040/ED 299V            $89.00

Teaching Math: Grades 4-6               Creating k-12 Learning Materials
4065/ED 299H   $89.00                   4076/ED 299W $89.00

Teaching Writing: Grades 4-6            Enhancing Language
4089/ED299I    $89.00                   Development in Childhood
                                        4082/ED 299X            $89.00
Guided Reading: Strategies for
the Differentiated Classroom            How to RegisteR
                                        . Register online anytime at
4034/ED 299J   $89.00            
                                  by calling
                                           (509) 527-4443 between 1:00 pm
Teaching ESL/EFL Reading                   and 4:00 pm, if you have a VISA or
4087/ED 299k   $89.00                      MasterCard, or come in and register
                                           in person. If you would like to
Differentiated Instruction in the          register by mail, a mail in registration
Classroom                                  form is located at the end of the
4062/ED 299L   $89.00                      schedule for your use.

Integrating Technology in the k-5       2. Once you have registered and
                                           paid WWCC for your online
                                           classes, you will need to go to
4063/ED 299M   $89.00             and begin
                                           your course on the first day of class.
Solving Classroom Discipline
Problems                                3. All Ed2Go classes run six weeks. Two
4071/ED 299N   $89.00                      class lessons are accessible each week
                                           for a total of  lessons.
Solving Classroom Discipline
Problems II                             4. The final exam is taken at the end of
4079/ED 299O   $89.00                      the sixth week.

Understanding Adolescents               5. Students can download a letter of
                                           completion for any class after meet-
4067/ED 299P   $89.00
                                           ing all course requirements. You will
                                           see instructions at the end of the
The Classroom Computer                     final exam. Walla Walla Community
4072/ED 299Q   $89.00                      College will send a certificate out to
                                           those who successfully complete all
The Creative Classroom                     courses in a certificate program.
4066/ED 299R   $89.00
                                        Complete online courses at your home,
                                        office or use our computer labs at Walla
Using the Internet
                                        Walla Community College in Walla Walla
in the Classroom                        or Clarkston.
4073/ED 299S   $89.00

Excel 2007 in the Classroom             HYBRID COURSES
4017/ED 299T   $89.00
                                        These courses are a mix of traditional
Word 2007 in the Classroom              face to face instruction with an online
                                        component. Typically students will
4039/ED 299U   $89.00
                                        meet on campus 1-2 hours each week
                                        of the quarter at a time and place

                 Register online at
                        For Information Call 509.527.4331                                  39
                                      Distance Learning
determined by the instructor. There is
a technical fee charged to the student              Note: WAOL courses begin
of $2 per credit. You will need regular                   January 7, 2010
access to a computer and must have an           PLEASE NOTE:
active Email account.                           • If you need to order textbooks do
                                                  it early, at least a week before the
NUTRITION FOR                                     course begins.
CULINARY ARTS                                   • LAST DAY TO REGISTER
5809/CUL 108                                      January 7, 2010
Introductory nutrition course designed          • CLASSROOM OPENS
for students entering the food service            December 31, 2009
and hospitality industry.                       • INSTRUCTION BEGINS
M                       4:00 pm-4:50 pm           January 7, 2010
Room 201                Becky Samitore-Durand   • INSTRUCTION ENDS
3 credits                                         March 17, 2010
Please visit
for information regarding the online
                                                PRINCIPLES OF
portion of this course .Instructor email is
                                                ACCOUNTING II
                                                5779/ACCT& 202
                                                This course develops the accounting
WASHINGTON ONLINE                               principles employed by partnerships
(WAOL) COURSES                                  and corporations with a heavy
                                                emphasis on the partners’ and
                                                stockholders’ equities. Also covered
Washington Online is a cooperative
                                                is the time value of money concepts,
effort by the Washington State
                                                which are used extensively throughout
Community and Technical College
                                                accounting. Prerequisite: ACCT 201.
System. The courses offered are taught
through the Internet by faculty at any          Linda Sherman 5 credits
of the Washington State Community               Instructor email is
and Technical Colleges. Classes are
“attended” completely online. WAOL              MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING
tuition is the same as on-campus classes        5780/ACCT& 203
plus a $10 per credit technical/online          Application of accounting concepts
fee.                                            and techniques to managerial problems
                                                of planning and control. Accounting
PC Minimum Configuration                        viewed as a management tool.
• Operating Systems: Windows XP,                Prerequisite: ACCT 202.
  MAC OSX                                       WAOL 5 credits
• Browsers: Internet Explorer 7 or
  newer                                         SURVEY OF ANTHROPOLOGY
• Also try browser FireFox 3.0 or higher        5759/ANTH& 100
• High speed internet or broadband              Introduction to the study of
  strongly recommended                          anthropology. Provides a brief
                                                study of the four main subfields of
            GET STARTED                         anthropology: Biological Anthropology,
   Please visit the WWCC eLearning              Archaeology, Cultural Anthropology,
   page (before your course begins) at          Linguistics and various cultures around This      the world. Formerly ANTH 101, Intro to
   page provides links to detailed              Anthropology.
   information about your course,               Susan Vetter         5 credits
   how to get started and textbooks             Instructor email is
   required for your class. Please call
   the eLearning Department if you
   have questions 509-527-4331.

Questions? Call 509-527-4331

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
40                          For Information Call 509.527.4331
                                   Distance Learning

ART APPRECIATION                              respective responsibilities of different
5757/ART& 100                                 criminal justice agencies. Studies the
Study and appreciation of the various         movement through the system from
periods in the history of art and the         initial investigation of the crime to
materials and methods used by artists.        ultimate release from confinement.
Course satisfies five of the Humanities       Recommended: READ 98.
credits required for graduation.              Dominic Cortinas              5 credits
karen Johnson 5 credits                       Instructor email is
Instructor email is

5731/ART 127                                  COMMUNICATION
A study of art in Europe, Egypt, and the      5791/CMST& 201
near East from the Prehistoric Period         Theory and practice of intercultural
through the Middle Ages.                      communication; understanding
WAOL 5 credits                                culture and cultural differences, both
                                              internationally and domestically, while
                                              working to develop the skills necessary
HISTORY OF WESTERN ART II                     to improve effective communication
5732/ART 128                                  and relationships across cultures.
A Study of art in Europe and Early            Formerly SPCH 201.
America from the fourteenth through
                                              WAOL 5 credits
the eighteenth centuries.
WAOL 5 credits
                                              FUNDAMENTALS OF SPEECH
                                              5716/CMST& 220
HISTORY OF WESTERN ART III                    This course emphasizes developing
5733/ART 129                                  competency in planning, preparing,
A study of art in Europe and the U.S.         presenting, and evaluating basic speech
made during the nineteenth and                with emphasis on critical and orderly
twentieth centuries.                          thinking; using appropriate language,
WAOL 5 credits                                support, and motivational appeals;
                                              handling speech anxiety; and assessing
                                              audiences. Formerly SPCH 101.
                                              Linda Anthony 5 credits
                                              Instructor email is

                                              TO CHILDCARE
                                              5752/ECE 148
                                              A survey course that provides STARS
                                              approved basic training for childcare
INTRODUCTION                                  workers and licensed family day care
TO BUSINESS                                   personnel. Recommended: READ 88.
5736/BA&101                                   WAOL 2 credits
Introduction various issues including
the history of business, typical forms        GUIDING BEHAVIOR OF
of business, accounting, management
styles, marketing and e-business.
                                              YOUNG CHILDREN
                                              5788/ECE 170
Steve Peters         5 cr
                                              Study of classroom behavior
Instructor email is
                                              management by gaining practical and
                                              theoretical information relating to
INTRODUCTION                                  successful practices in the classroom.
TO CRIMINAL JUSTICE                           Recommended: READ 88. Student may not
5708/CJ& 101                                  earn credit for both ECE 170 and ED 170.
Examines the relationships and                WAOL 3 credits

                 Register online at or MasterCard, 509.527.4443,
   Telephone Registration with Visa M-F, 1-4 pm
                            For Information Call 509.527.4331                            4
                                   Distance Learning

SURVEY OF ECONOMICS                           INTRODUCTION
5755/ECON 200                                 TO LITERATURE
Emphasis is given to application of           5734/ENGL& 111
economic principles and concepts              Studies poetry, fiction, drama, and
in solving economic problems                  non-fiction from around the world.
encountered by individuals at the firm        Formerly LIT 140.
or household level up to the national         David Owens          5 credits
level. College transfer students are          Instructor email is
encouraged to take ECON 201 and 202.
WAOL 5 credits
                                              GEOLOGY OF
CHILD DEVELOPMENT                             THE PACIFIC NW
5787/EDUC& 114
                                              5740/GEOL& 210
Survey of the development and
                                              In this course you will examine the
behavior of the child from prenatal to
                                              present-day geology as well as geologic
eight years of age. Recommended: READ
                                              history of the Pacific Northwest. Topics
88. Student may not earn credit for both
                                              include plate tectonics, volcanism, rocks
ECE 141 and ED 141. Formerly ED 4.
                                              and minerals, faults and folds, age
WAOL 3 credits                                determination, map reading, mountain
                                              building, and glaciations. Successful
BASIC EXPOSITORY WRITING                      completion of the course requires a
5802/ENGL 97                                  field excursion to a site chosen by the
Focuses on development of critical            student. This course includes lab work.
thinking and composition of well-             Ralph Dawes          5 credits
developed paragraphs and essays.              Instructor email is
Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score
or grade of “C” or better in ENG 087.         WESTERN CIVILIZATION I
Formerly ENG 099.
                                              5703/HIST& 116
Lisa Chamberlin 5credits                      Survey of the history of Western
Instructor email is lisa.chamberlin@wwccc.    society and culture covering origins
edu                                           to Renaissance. NOTE that this course
                                              may not be taken if a student has
ENGLISH COMPOSITION I                         already satisfactorily completed History
5707/ENGL& 101                                05. Suggested reading level: READ 98.
Focuses on the development of                 Eileen Soldwedel              5 credits
structural and stylistic writing skills
with concentration on expository,             WESTERN CIVILIZATION II
critical, analytical, and persuasive essay    5704/HIST& 117
techniques. Prerequisite: Placement by        Survey of the history of Western society
entrance assessment or grade of “C” or        and culture from the Renaissance to the
better in ENG 100.                            Industrial Revolution. NOTE that this
Shalin Hai-Jew 5 credits                      course may not be taken if a student has
Instructor email is or      already satisfactorily completed History                       07. Suggested reading level: READ 98.
                                              Eileen Soldwedel              5 credits
5706/ENGL& 102                                WESTERN CIVILIZATION III
Concentrates on learning how to gather        5705/HIST& 118
and present evidence for a research or        The history of Western society and
library paper in the humanities, social       culture from the Industrial Revolution
sciences, or natural sciences. Both           to the present. NOTE that this course
MLA and APA documentation will be             may not be taken if a student has
studied. Prerequisite: ENG 101 with a         already satisfactorily completed History
grade of “C” or better.                       09. Suggested reading level: READ 98.
Rosemary Reigle 5 credits                     Eileen Soldwedel              5 credits
Instructor email is

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
4                        For Information Call 509.527.4331
                                  Distance Learning

MEDICAL VOCABULARY                           YOGA TO GO I, II & III
5749/HO 280                                  5793/HPER 168
Students will learn basic elements           5794/HPER 169
that make up medical words: prefixes,        5795/HPER 170
word roots, combining forms, and             Beginning, intermediate, and
suffixes. The course includes a review       intermediate-advanced exploration
of each body system utilizing practical      of the philosophy and practice of
application of medical vocabulary. Text      the ancient art of Yoga. Students will
and medical dictionary are available in      learn the physical components of Yoga
the Bookstore.                               practice as well as the essential written
Bev Davis           2 credits                principles. Note: These courses may be
Instructor email is                          taken for 1, 2 or 3 unduplicated PE credits.                       karen Johnson 1 credit each
                                             Instructor email is
5761/HPER 166                                BASIC FITNESS I & II
Beginning Yoga is an introduction to         5768/HPER 188 & 189
the philosophy and practice of the           This fitness course includes 3 parts:
ancient art of Yoga. This course will        (workout program), (research paper &
teach beginning Yoga students the basic      quizzes), (projects & chat rooms with
physical components of Yoga as well as       classmates).Topics include developing
the essential written principles of this     a personalized workout program,
ancient art.                                 nutrition, exercise principles, and
* HPER 166 Beginning Yoga I                  general health. HPER 188 & HPER
  1 credit                                   189 (1 credit each) must be taken
* HPER 167 Beginning Yoga II                 concurrently.
  1 credit                                   * HPER 188 Basic Fitness I
* These two courses must be taken               1 credit
  concurrently.                              * HPER 189 Basic Fitness II
karen Johnson 1 credit each                     1 credit
Instructor email is                          Chad Bodnar          2 credits                       Instructor email is

BEGINNING YOGA II                            BASIC FITNESS III
5762/HPER 167                                5770/HPER 190
Beginning Yoga II continues in the           This course is the third in a 3-part
exploration of philosophy and practice       series. Topics include developing
of the ancient art of Yoga. This course      a personalized workout program,
will teach beginning Yoga students the       nutrition, exercise principles, and
basic physical components of Yoga as         general health. Prerequisite: HPER 188
well as the essential written principles     & 189.
of this ancient art.                         Chad Bodnar          1 credit
* HPER 166 Beginning Yoga I                  Instructor email is
  1 credit
* HPER 167 Beginning Yoga II
                                             PERSONAL AND
  1 credit
* These two courses must be taken            COMMUNITY HEALTH
  concurrently.                              AND HYGIENE
karen Johnson 1 credit each                  5753/HPER 274
Instructor email is   A course designed to present current
                                             information to students and enable
                                             them to make intelligent decisions
                                             concerning their physical, mental, and
                                             social well-being. The importance of
                                             positive personality and self-image is
                                             also stressed as a basis for sound health
                                             WAOL 5 credits
                 Register online at or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
   Telephone Registration with
                             For Information Call 509.527.4331                          43
                                    Distance Learning

INTRODUCTION TO                               functions/relations. Prerequisite: Grade of
INFORMATION RESOURCES                         “C-“ or better in MATH 65 or MATH 65B,
5754/LIB 110                                  satisfactory placement score or permission of
A course designed to introduce the            the Mathematics Department.
student to computer-based research and        Sheila Palmer        5 credits
print resources. Resources used will          Instructor email is
include library information networks,
online catalogs, and the Internet.            INTRODUCTION
Students will learn strategies for            TO STATISTICS
locating and citing recourses.                5520/MATH 201
WAOL 5 credits                                A study of both descriptive and
                                              inferential statistics. Prerequisite: Grade of
MATHEMATICS I                                 “C-“ or better in MATH 95 or permission
5721/MATH 049                                 of the Mathematics Department.
Basic mathematical concepts with an           Eric Schulz          5 credits
emphasis on practical application and         Instructor email is
consumer-related word problems.
Prerequisite: Appropriate placement score     MUSIC APPRECIATION
or instructor permission.                     5760/MUSC& 105
Martha Smith        5 credits                 This course is a historical survey of
Instructor email is                           western music that focuses primarily                         upon the song, though other musical
                                              forms are examined. The course consists
MATHEMATICS II                                largely of directed listening to a broad
5722/MATH 050                                 range of musical ideas and guided
Bridges the gap between arithmetic            hands-on musical activities. The course
and algebra. Prerequisite: Appropriate        covers the musical period from 1600 to
placement score, grade of “C-“ or better in   the modern era.
MATH 49, or instructor permission.            WAOL 5 credits
Martha Smith        5 credits
Instructor email is martha.smith@wwcc.        GENERAL NUTRITION
edu                                           5771/NUTR& 101
                                              Study of food nutrients and application
INTRODUCTORY ALGEBRA                          of this knowledge in relation to normal
5726/MATH 065                                 health throughout the life cycle,
Covers the basics of algebra (MATH            including socio-economic, cultural,
65/95): variables and their applications,     ethnic, and psychological implications
solving equations, and an introduction        of food. Recommended: READ 98 and high
to graphing linear and quadratic              school or college chemistry.
functions. Prerequisite: Grade of “C-“ or     Jill Emigh           5 credits
better in MATH 50, satisfactory placement     Instructor email is
score or permission of the Mathematics
Department.                                   INTRODUCTION
Sheila Palmer        5 credits                TO WORD PROCESSING
Instructor email is    5724/OT 125
                                              Introduces and develops formatting
INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA                          and word processing functions for the
5727/MATH 095                                 creation of business documents.
The second of a two-course series             Susan Quinn          5 credits
covering the basics of algebra (MATH          Instructor email is
065/095): algebraic expressions,
solving equations and inequalities,
solving systems of linear equations, an
introduction to functions, and graphing

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
44                         For Information Call 509.527.4331
                                  Distance Learning
5751/OT 280                                  5818/TST 252
Students study medical terminology           Gas and diesel engines, electrical,
to prepare for an entry-level position       power trains, and hydraulics to perform
as a medical transcriptions or medical       simple tune-up and repairs will be
secretary. Terminology in the fields         covered.
of pediatrics, surgery, psychiatry,          George klein        3 credits
dermatology, urology, cardiology,            Please email your instructor at
in addition to medical suffixes and to begin your
prefixes are learned. This course is ideal   course.
for the student interested in a medical
profession.                                  INTRODUCTION
Bev Davis            5 credits               TO PHILOSOPHY
Instructor email is
                                             5763/PHIL& 101
                                             This course confronts the big questions
SHOP FUNDAMENTALS                            human beings have struggled with
5810/TST 151                                 for millennia and engages in dialog
Explores introducing, perfecting,            with some of the world’s greatest
and evaluating basic safety and shop         thinkers and seekers. Examines
skills necessary for the successful turf     important terminology, chronology,
equipment manager.                           and conceptual language of some of
George klein        3 credits                the great philosophical traditions. At
Please email your instructor at george.      a minimum, students should read above to begin your course.         READ 98 and write above WRITE 100.
                                             Scott Cochrane 5 credits
BASIC 2-STROkE                               Instructor email is
5812/TST 155                                 INTRODUCTION TO ETHICS
A comprehensive study of the                 5758/PHIL 131
mechanics of 2-stroke gasoline engine        Discussion and study of the original
repair and diagnostics used in outdoor       writings of classic moral philosophers.
power equipment necessary for EETC           Scott Cochrane 5 credits
Technician Certification.                    Instructor email is
George klein        1-7 credits
Please email your instructor at george. to begin your course.

5813/TST 156
Comprehensive study of OPE
attachments and basic electric
fundamentals, component diagnostics
and repair, and electro-hydraulic theory.
George klein        1-17 credits             INTRODUCTION
Please email your instructor at george.      TO PSYCHOLOGY to begin your course.         5764/PSYC& 100
                                             A survey course introducing students to
HYDRAULICS/POWERTRAINS                       factors which influence human behavior
5813/TST 157                                 and thinking. The outcome of this study
Comprehensive study of OPE                   should be a clearer understanding of
attachments and basic electric               individual behavior. Critical thinking
fundamentals, component diagnostics          skills and practical applications are
and repair, and electro-hydraulic theory.    emphasized. Suggested minimum reading
George klein        1-17 credits             level: READ 98. Formerly PSY 100.
Please email your instructor at george.      Jill Seiver          5 credits to begin your course.         Instructor email is

                 Register online at or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
   Telephone Registration with
                           For Information Call 509.527.4331                         45
                                    Distance Learning

DEVELOPMENTAL                                  TURF IRRIGATION SYSTEM
PSYCHOLOGY                                     COMPONENTS
5765/PSYC& 200                                 5746/WMGT 110A
An in-depth study of human                     Jerry Anhorn        1 credit
development focusing on the physical,          Please contact your instructor before
cognitive, and psychosocial domains            beginning your course at
of each of the stages of the life span
from birth to death. Suggested minimum
reading level: READ 98. Formerly PSY           SITE AND SYSTEMS
Jill Seiver          5 credits
                                               5613/WMGT 110B
Instructor email is
                                               Jerry Anhorn        1 credit
                                               Please contact your instructor before
                                               beginning your course at
TO SOCIOLOGY                         
5735/SOC& 101
This course introduces the basic
                                               DESIGN AND INSTALLATION
principles of social relationships,
collective behavior, and human                 5614/WMGT 110C
interaction. These principles are applied      Jerry Anhorn        1 credit
to the study of culture; race, gender,         Please contact your instructor before
and class inequality; deviance; law;           beginning your course at
and social change. Suggested minimum 
reading level: READ 88.
Christopher Winter            5 credits        DRIP METHODS AND PLANT
Instructor email is     WATER NEEDS
                                               5615/WMGT 220A
INTRODUCTION                                   Greg Farrens        1 credit
TO SOCIAL PROBLEMS                             Please contact your instructor before
5718/SOC& 201                                  beginning your course at
Examines a variety of global social  
problems – condition or phenomena
that adversely affect significant              DRIP COMPONENTS
segments of the population.                    AND SYSTEMS
Chris Ruggiero 5 credits                       5616/WMGT 220B
Instructor email is                            Greg Farrens        1 credit                         Please contact your instructor before
                                               beginning your course at
RACIAL AND                           
5719/SOC 205                                   DRIP IRRIGATION DESIGN
Focuses on intergroup race and ethnic          5717/WMGT 220C
relations with a social-historical
                                               Greg Farrens        1 credit
                                               Please contact your instructor before
Chris Ruggiero 5 credits
                                               beginning your course at
Instructor email is
                                               HYDRAULICS AND WATER
                                               5618/WMGT 225A
5797/SOC 208
                                               Greg Farrens        2 credits
Examines the processes involved in
family relations, household life and           Please contact your instructor before
structures, and family problems                beginning your course at
Curtis Phillips 5 credits
Instructor email is
     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
46                         For Information Call 509.527.4331
                                    Distance Learning
BASIC DESIGN                                  INTRODUCTION TO
5619/WMGT 225B                                COMPUTER/INFORMATION
Greg Farrens        2 credits                 TECHNOLOGY
Please contact your instructor before         5504/CS 115
beginning your course at                      Provides an in-depth study of computer                        technology including concepts,
                                              terminology, history, usage, ethics,
SPECIALIZED DESIGN                            hardware, and software. Keyboarding
5620/WMGT 225C                                beneficial.
Greg Farrens        2 credits                 Robin Greene         5 credits
Please contact your instructor before         Instructor email is robin.greene@wwcc.
beginning your course at                      edu. Course web site is http://staff.wwcc.                        edu/robin.greene

WWCC ON-LINE                                  TELECOURSES
COURSES                                       Telecourses offer students the
                                              opportunity to complete courses
WWCC online courses are delivered             offered by WWCC in the comfort and
all or in part over the World Wide Web.       convenience of your own home or at
These courses can be taken at home            a chosen place of study. Telecourses
using your own computer, modem                consist of video or DVD programs,
and Internet access or in the college         textbooks, study guides, and/or
computer labs.                                workbooks. A licensing fee of $25.00 is
                                              required for each of these courses. A set
           GET STARTED                        of rental tapes or DVDs are available
  Please contact your instructor prior        in the Bookstore for each of these
  to the first day of class. Please call      courses for a non-refundable fee of $40
  the eLearning Department if you             a quarter. To order textbooks or visual
  have questions 509-527-4331.                materials by telephone, call the WWCC
                                              Bookstore at 527-4255 or 527-4256.
COMPUTERS AND                                 BASIC SOIL SCIENCE
                                              5060/AGPR 201
                                              Introductory course designed to
5505/CS 110
                                              provide an understanding of soil
Application of the software currently
                                              structure and composition as related
used in home and work environments.
                                              to temperature, water, and other
This course emphasizes proficiency
                                              environmental controls. Emphasizes
in using basic functions in word
                                              studying soils from a land use and
processing, spreadsheets, databases,
                                              management perspective.
presentations, Internet, and Microsoft
                                              Jerry kjack          5 credits
Windows. Recommended: CS 100
(formerly CT 100).                            Instructor email is
Robin Greene        5 credits
Instructor email is Course web site is

                     Register online at
                             For Information Call 509.527.4331                           47
                                   Distance Learning

SOILS FERTILITY AND                          of budgeting, aeration, sodding,
MANAGEMENT                                   over seeding, top dressing, mowing,
5080/AGPR 202                                and monitoring of weather and field
This course offers a study of macro and      conditions.
micronutrient uptake and utilization         Bill Griffith        5 credits
by plants and the fertilizer products        Instructor email is
used to supply different nutrients.
Includes soil conservation, erosion          TURF DISEASES AND
control practices, and utilization of soil   INSECTS
survey reports. Prerequisite: AGPR 201       5049/TURF 215
or instructor permission.                    An introductory course on the
Jerry kjack          5 credits               identification, study of life cycles, and
Instructor email is     control of insects and diseases common
                                             to turf. The course will concentrate on
TURF EQUIPMENT                               the fundamentals of entomology and
OPERATIONS II                                plant pathology, as well as specific
5043/TURF 102                                problems and their controls on turf.
Continuation of Turf Operations I, to        Bill Griffith        3 credits
include tractors, sprayers, and snow         Instructor email is
removal equipment.
Bill Griffith        3 credits               PESTICIDE LICENSING
Instructor email is   5048/TURF 231
                                             Preparation for taking the State of
TURF MANAGEMENT                              Washington Pesticide Licensing exam.
5044/TURF 211                                Bill Griffith          3 credits
Fundamentals in turf management,             Instructor email is
operation and performance in areas

     Telephone Registration with Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F, 1-4 pm
                           Small Business

Walla Walla Area Small Business Center

 Rich Monacelli,
   Business Development

 for online registration for these courses.

 The following classes may or may not be
 transferable nor do they necessarily fulfill a specific
 degree requirement. Students are encouraged to
 discuss course selections with their advisor to ensure
 courses will meet the student’s intended goal. Please
 call the Student Development Center at 527.4262 for
 referral to an appropriate advisor.

             Register online at
                                     Small Business

Operating A
Home-Based Business
2456/SBM 019
User friendly information about legal
forms of ownership, registration and
licensing, record keeping, taxes, zoning,
networking and contracting. This
workshop will also discuss emerging
trends in politics, the economy, business
opportunities, and computer technology
for cottage industries.
T, Jan. 5                6-10 pm
Port of Walla Walla      Monacelli           All workshops for small business owners
310 A Street                                 will be held at the Port of Walla Walla, 310
$55                                          A Street, Walla Walla.

Writing Your Own Business Plan
2454/SBM 020                                 Online Classes for
This workshop provides a functional
format to develop a Business Plan            Small Business Owners
from the mission statement and goals
through marketing, accounting and            •	 See the Distance Learning section for
finance, legality, operating, personnel,        more small business courses.
management, and administration.
T, Jan. 19               6-10 pm
                                             This portion has been developed by the
Port of Walla Walla      Monacelli
                                             Washington SBDC in partnership with
310 A Street
                                             the U.S. Small Business Administration,
                                             under agreement number 9-7629-0054-19.
                                             The Small Business Development Center
How to Buy and Sell A Business               (SBDC) operates in partnership with the
2451/SBM 021                                 U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
Learn the objective criteria and methods     and Walla Walla Community College
to determine the value of business           (WWCC). The support given by the SBA
assets, net present value, and internal      through such funding does not constitute
rate of return, project payback period,      an express or implied endorsement of the
and “blue sky.” Information about            cosponsor(s) or participants’ opinions,
franchising will also be covered.            products or services. Any opinions, findings,
T, Feb. 2                6-10 pm
                                             and conclusions or recommendations
Port of Walla Walla      Monacelli
                                             expressed in this publication are those
310 A Street
                                             of the author(s) and do not necessarily
                                             reflect the views of the U.S. Small Business
                                             Administration. All SBDC programs and
Human Resource Management                    services are offered on a non-discriminatory
2434/SBM 022                                 basis. Reasonable arrangements for persons
Job descriptions and requirement;            with disabilities will be made if requested at
performance appraisal; recruitment,          least two weeks in advance. Call 527-4681
selection and staffing, improving            or mail request to Walla Walla Community
commitment, performance and                  College, 500 Tausick Way, Walla Walla,
satisfaction; administration of benefits     WA 99362.
and personnel law will be discussed in
this workshop.
T, Feb. 23
Port of Walla Walla      6-10 pm
310 A Street             Monacelli

                   Register online at or MasterCard, 509.527.4443,
     Telephone Registration with Visa M-F, 1-4 pm
                      AC     NI
                    LL          T

                                                     Walla Walla Community College

          LL A W

                                          OLLEGE •
          • WA
                                                     Campus Map
                            LIS H E D 19

1. Center for Enology & Viticulture (1501-1650)                                                              14.   Welding & Precision Machining Tech (340-346)
2. Auto Technology (1401-1405)                                                                               16.   Music & ESL Offices (301-303)
3. Health Science and Performing Arts                                                                        17.   Cosmetology (310-314)
    (1701-1836)                                                                                              18.   China Pavillion (500-507)
4. Technology Center (1101-12-15)                                                                            19.   Conference Center & ITV (185-285)
5. Turf Equipment/Maintenance (Craik Building)                                                               20.   Bookstore, Business Office, Cafeteria
6. First Flight Child Center                                                                                 21.   Administration, Library, Sciences &
7. John Deere Training Center (601-620)                                                                            Student Services (130-288)
8. Diesel Mechanics (651-660)                                                                                22.   Business Ed, Academic Ed, &
9. Farrier & Grounds Maintenance (701-723)                                                                         Transitional Studies (101-222)
10 Applied Technology Training Center (800-825)                                                              23.   Women’s Center
11. Greenhouse                                                                                               24.   Parent Child Center
12. Water and Environmental Center (2000-2027)                                                               25.   Dietrich Activity Center (Gym)
13. Auto Body (330-334)

                                                                                                               ng             ter-
                                                                                                         uildi          ay	In
                                                                                                    k	B            ighw
     To	Airport

                                                                                          To                 To	H
                                    New	Construction                                                                            Golf
                                                                                   enu    e                     Parking
                                                                              s	Av
                                                                                               Parking                                  4
                                                       2                                                                                                           6
                                                                                                       Campus	Drive
                            1                                                                                                                   13        Parking                     8
                                                                                                                    Parking                                                  7

                                                                        Tennis	                                                              16 17
                                                                                                                                                     14             ree
                                                                                                 Parking                                                                    Parking 9
                                                                                                                                                                  s	C

                                                     s	Drive

                                                                                                                                              18                       11        10
                  Main	                                                                                                        20       19
                                                     Soccer	                                                       22        21
                                                                                               25                                                      12

                                                                                                                 j 23                                                       N
                                                                                                24 k                                           ek
                                      Softball                                                                                             re
                                                                  Baseball                                                        Tit us	C

                                             November 13, 2006

                                                               2006-2007 State Support of Higher Education Students

                                             RCW 28B.10.044 directs colleges to provide “state support” information to students. This
                                             requirement became effective fall quarter 1997, and must be provided to students quarterly.

                                             The following table indicates the amount of state support by tuition category for students
                                             attending community and technical colleges. This information is to be used for the academic
                                             year 2006-2007.

                                                                                                  Resident                     Nonresident
                                                                                                Undergraduate                 Undergraduate
                                                           Instructional Cost per
                                                           FTE Student                              $6,192                         $6,192
                                                           Operating Fee                            $2,073                         $6,892
                                                           Net State Support per
                                                           FTE Student                              $4,119                           ---

                                             The following table indicates the amount of state supported financial aid including that provided
                                             from the local institutional financial aid fund (3 ½ percent).

                                                                                                          State                       Institutional
                                                                                                      Financial Aid                  Financial Aid
                                                      Undergraduate Resident                              $638                            $73*
                                                      Undergraduate Nonresident                           $ 45                            N/A

                                                      *Institutional financial aid is shown on an average student basis. Data are not available to allocate
                                                       by student category. Institutional financial aid is not available to nonresidents.

                                             Note: Data source provided by the Higher Education Coordination Board is available upon

                                             If you have any questions, please contact me at (360) 704-4305 or

                                                        Register online at
  GENERAL information
Extended Learning     Karin Hilgersom . . . . . . . . .Director of Extended Learning
                      Sandi Madsen . . . . . . . . . . .Director of eLearning
                      Nancy Kress. . . . . . . . . . . . .Coordinator of the Office of Community
                                                          Education & Lifelong Learning
                      Nancy Reller . . . . . . . . . . . .Training Coordinator for Center for
                                                          Business and Professional Development
                      Rich Monacelli. . . . . . . . . . .Walla Walla Area Small Business Center
                      Hildy Helgeson . . . . . . . . . .Secretary Senior
                                                          eLearning Program and Center for
                                                          Business and Professional Development
                      Tracy Peterson . . . . . . . . . . .Secretary Senior,
                                                          Extended Learning and Community
                                                          Education and Lifelong Learning

Office Hours           Extended Learning: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

College Information    509.522.2500/877.992.9922–toll free

Pre-Registration       Please register for your classes at least a week prior to the start
                       of the class. Your early registration may have a big impact
                       in a class with minimum enrollment. If you pre-register, we
                       can notify you of a location change, instructor illness, or class

Cancellations          Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment. If a class is
                       cancelled, pre-registered students will be notified based on the
                       information they provide. We regret any inconvenience this may

     Refunds           ❖ Full refunds are given for cancelled classes.
                       ❖ Student requested refunds can be made before the start of the
                         second class session.
                       ❖ Please notify our office at least three working days in
                         advance to receive a full refund. A refund can be given in
                         advance if it is requested at least three working days prior to
                         the event. No refunds will be given to “no-shows.”
                       ❖ Refunds for check or cash payments take approximately two
                         weeks. Credit card payments will be credited to the card
                         holder’s account.

Do you want to         Bring your special skill to the community by offering to
teach a class?         teach a class for us! Classes range from single sessions to a
                       quarter-long series.

           View and register for Visa or MasterCard, 509.527.4443, M-F,
     Telephone Registration with our classes at pm
                             MAIL FORM AND CHECk TO:
        Office of Admissions, WWCC, 500 Tausick Way, Walla Walla, WA 99362-9267

Social Security Number                                             ❒ Walla Walla Campus              ❒ Clarkston Campus

Student I.D. Number 814-           -                               Phone Day:
Last                                              First                                           M.I.    Date of Birth
Name                                              Name
Mailing                                                                                       Apt. #       ❒ Male
Address                                                                                                    ❒ Female
City                                                       State                        Zip               Handicapped
                                                                                                          ❒ Yes ❒ No
 Item       Course                     Course Title                   Cr.   Rm.       Day          Time       Instructor
             No.                                                                  S M T WTh F S

 Date           Fee         Cr            Aud         Total Credits           Student

If you want WWCC credit, you must have an application on file. Do you wish community college credit?
❒ Yes, I have a file.                          ❒	No	credit	wanted.
❒ Yes, send application to start file.
❒	Enclosed	is	my	check	made	payable	to	WWCC.	
❒	Bank	Card:	(circle	one):	Master	—OR—	VISA
Name	on	Charge	Card	____________________________________________________________________________
Bank	Card	Number	______________________________________________________________________________
(Circle	One)	VISA	or	MASTERCARD.	Expiration	Date	_________________________________________________
Signature	______________________________________________________________________________________
For	further	information,	contact	the	Campus	Continuing	Education	Department,	527-4329.	
01—	 New	Student
02—	 Returning	Student		Quarter/Year	Last	Attended____________

(Circle	answer	that	BEST	applies	to	you.)
11—	 Take	courses	related	to	current	or	future	work
12—	 Transfer	to	a	four	year	college
13—	 High	school	diploma	or	GED
14—	 Explore	career	direction
15—	 Personal	enrichment
90—	 ________________________________________________________________________________________

❏	 No	(999)					❏			Yes,	Cuban	(709)			❏			Yes,	Puerto	Rican	(727)
❏	 Yes,	Mexican,	Mexican	American,	Chicano	(722)
❏	 Yes,	Other	Spanish/Hispanic/Latino	(please	specify)	________________________________________________

What race do you consider yourself to be?                 ❏	   Chinese	(605)
(Check	all	appropriate	boxes)                             ❏	   Filipino	(608)
❏	 White	(800)	                                           ❏	   Japanese
❏	 African	American	(872)	                                ❏	   Korean	(612)
❏	 American	Indian	(597)                                  ❏	   Vietnamese	(619)
❏	 Alaska	Native	(015)                                    ❏	   Other	Asian	(621)	
❏	 Native	Hawaiian	(653)                                  ❏	   Other	Ethnicity	(please	specify)		
❏ Other Pacific Islander (681)                            	    _______________________________________
Send form and check to: WWCC, Office of Admissions, 500 Tausick Way, Walla Walla, WA 99362-9267. Register
for any of these classes by completing and mailing the attached registration form or by calling 527-4443. 24-hour
registration available by faxing (FAX#: 527-3661) in your completed form with VISA or Mastercard number.
Register online at
For further information, contact the Extended Learning Department, 527-4329.                                     (3/2009)

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                        3.   Online
                             for online registration for these courses.

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