Assisted transport services in Greater London

					Assisted transport services
in Greater London

                Transport for London
Assisted transport services in London                                           Contents

Introduction                                                                     Dial-a-Ride
Public transport in London is becoming more accessible, providing older          How does it work?                      2
and disabled people with great opportunities for independent travel. 100%        How to apply                           3
of buses operated on TfL services are low-floor and wheelchair accessible
                                                                                 Travel Assistance Scheme               4
and the Docklands Light Railway and Croydon Tramlink provide accessible
services. If you have a Freedom Pass these services can be used free of
charge. In addition, 100% of licensed London taxis are wheelchair
accessible. To find out more about accessible services phone the                 Taxicard
Transport for London 24 hour Travel Information Call Centre on                   How does it work?                      5
020 7222 1234, textphone 020 7918 3015, email                                    How to apply                           6, or visit
If you still have difficulties using public transport, subsidised assisted
transport services may be for you. Assisted transport is intended to             Capital Call
provide disabled people for whom public transport is not always
accessible, with the freedom to travel around London.                            How does it work?                     7
                                                                                 How to apply                          8
This leaflet will help you to decide whether you should apply to use assisted
                                                                                 Taxicard and Capital Call map         9
transport and which service is best suited to your mobility and travel
requirements. It provides an overview of Dial-a-Ride, Taxicard and Capital
Call and also outlines other community transport schemes that are available.
                                                                                 Mobility assessments                  10
You can use any of these services for trips such as to go shopping, for
                                                                                 Mobility assessments FAQs             11
visiting your friends and family, the library, a club, your doctor or dentist
and for other recreational purposes. Please note, however, these                 Community Transport & other
services are not intended for transport to work and it would be                  assisted transport services           12
best not to use them to attend time critical appointments such                   Community Transport services map      14
as hospital outpatient clinics.                                                  Shopmobility                          15
                                                                                 Alternative formats of this leaflet   17
Transport to work
If you have to travel regularly to work each day and you are unable to use
buses, Tube or trains, you may be eligible to apply for assistance from the
Department of Work and Pensions through the Access to Work Scheme.
Please contact your local Job Centre for more details.
Transport to hospital
If you feel that you need assistance in getting to hospital for a medical
appointment, please ask your doctor or consultant for details of the non-
emergency patient transport services provided by NHS Primary Care Trusts.

Dial-a-Ride is available in all London boroughs and is a multi-occupancy         ◆ registered blind
door-to-door transport service for disabled people who cannot use buses,         ◆ in receipt of a Higher Rate Attendance Allowance (for women aged over
trains and the Tube. It can be used for all sorts of journeys, for example         60 and men aged over 65)
shopping, visiting friends and family, college, doctors and dentists
                                                                                 ◆ in receipt of a War Pension Mobility Supplement
appointments and going out at night.
                                                                                 How to apply
How does it work?                                                                If you think you may be eligible for Dial-a-Ride you should contact the 24
Dial-a-Ride is a membership service which you pre-book. You will usually         hour TfL Travel Information Centre on 0207 222 1234, for further
be expected to travel with other passengers going in the same direction          information on how to join. Alternatively visit our website on
and may have your journey time extended by picking up or dropping off  
others on the way to your destination.
Dial-a-Ride is generally best at providing local trips but longer journeys can
often be arranged on request.                                                    Dial-a-Ride:
Children under the age of 11 must always be accompanied on Dial-a-Ride           ◆ is for people with permanent or long-term disabilities
vehicles by an adult (ie a person aged 16 or over). Dial-a-Ride may require      ◆ provides cheap journeys
a child aged 11 or over to travel with an essential escort if necessary eg       ◆ does not have a limit on the number of journeys you can make
due to behavioural issues.                                                       ◆ is available seven days a week from 6.00am to 2.00am
Fares                                                                            ◆ is appropriate for people in wheelchairs as all vehicles are wheelchair
Fares, based on the length of your journey, are not expensive and start            accessible
from 60p for a trip of less than a mile.
With effect from December 2005, children under 16 can travel free of
charge on Dial-a-Ride. This brings Dial-a-Ride into line with TfL’s fares
policy for under 16s on London’s bus and Tram services.
Dial-a-Ride membership
To be eligible for Dial-a-Ride membership you must have a permanent or
long-term disability which makes you unable or virtually unable to use
public transport services.
You may be asked to undergo a mobility assessment (see page 10 for
more information) to establish your level of difficulty in using public
transport, unless you are:
◆ a member of Taxicard
◆ in receipt of a Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability
  Living Allowance
Travel Assistance Scheme                                                        Taxicard

The TfL/London Dial-a-Ride Travel Assistance Scheme aims to give disabled       Taxicard is available in all London boroughs and is for people with mobility
Londoners the information and confidence they need to make more use of          problems to whom buses, trains and the Tube services are not always
accessible public transport, whether on its own, or using Dial-a-Ride or        accessible. Taxicard uses licensed taxis to provide trips for social
Taxicard to provide a door-to-door element at either end of the journey.        purposes, for example going shopping, visiting friends and family, going
The Scheme offers advice on planning a journey using an accessible route        out to events.
and can provide someone to come with you for the first few times you try        How does it work?
to use a low floor bus, accessible Tube or overground train service.            Taxicard provides reduced cost trips in licensed taxis, so you do not pay
The Scheme offers assistance between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday.              the full metered fare. Taxicard is managed by the Association of London
Travel assistance is free of charge to participants.                            Government (ALG) and is jointly funded by your local council and
                                                                                Transport for London.
What does the Scheme offer?
• Short term assistance to help you gain confidence in accessible public        Taxicard fares
  transport so you can become an independent traveller.                         You will pay a minimum fare, usually £1.50, and can travel up to a
What you could use the Scheme for…                                              maximum fare of £11.80 on the taxi-meter. If the journey goes above the
                                                                                maximum subsidy then you will pay the extra.
You could use the Scheme to help you complete local journeys eg to the
shops, library or local college, using local accessible bus routes. You could   The fare may vary according to traffic conditions and time of day, because
use the Scheme together with Dial-a-Ride or Taxicard to help you                the meter works on a combination of distance and time. The taxi tariff is
complete a longer distance journey that door to door services either find it    more expensive in the evening and at weekends.
hard to provide, or are very costly to you. In fact, you could use the          Taxicard membership
Scheme to find out the options for any journey you want to complete in
the London area by public transport.                                            There are certain people who will be eligible to join Taxicard automatically.
                                                                                These are those who:
Who can use the Scheme?
                                                                                ◆ receive the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the
The Scheme is available to all disabled people living in the Greater              Disability Living Allowance
London Area.
                                                                                ◆ are registered blind
How do I find out more?                                                         ◆ receive a War Pension Mobility Supplement
If you are interested in making use of the TfL/London Dial-a-Ride Travel        If you are not in one of these categories you will either have to get your
Assistance Scheme please contact us:                                            doctor to certify that you are eligible for a Taxicard or you will have to
◆ Telephone: 020 7027 5822                                                      undergo a mobility assessment (see page10 for more information) and
                                                                                possibly attend an interview.
◆ Write to:
  TfL/London Dial a Ride Travel Assistance Scheme, London Dial-a-
  Ride Management Control Centre, Mandela Way, London SE1 5SS
◆ E-mail: marked for the attention of the London
  Dial-a-Ride Travel Assistance Scheme.
4                                                                                                                                                            5
Taxicard                                                               Capital Call

How to apply                                                           Capital Call uses licensed Private Hire Vehicles (minicabs) and is for
Contact the ALG Operations Unit:                                       disabled people to whom buses, trains and the Tube services are not
                                                                       always accessible. Please note, you must be a Taxicard member to
ALG Operations Unit - Taxicard                                         apply for this service.
New Zealand House
80 Haymarket                                                           Capital Call was introduced to support Taxicard in boroughs where there
London                                                                 are limited licensed black taxis and is currently available in the following
SW1Y 4TZ                                                               boroughs; Bexley, Enfield, Hillingdon, Hounslow, Kingston, Lambeth,
                                                                       Lewisham, Merton and Southwark.
Phone: 020 7484 2929
Email:                                             The service can be used for all sorts of social journeys, for example
Fax: 020 7484 2919                                                     shopping, visiting friends and family, doctors and dentists appointments,
                                                                       going out at night. It is not intended to travel to hospitals for
                                                                       medical appointments.
Taxicard:                                                              How does it work?
◆ is for people with mobility problems                                 Capital Call is similar to Taxicard in that you will pay a minimum charge to
◆ is available 24 hours a day                                          take your trip. However, unlike Taxicard there are no meter charges. You
◆ provides cheaper trips, but can be expensive for long journeys       will be told the cost of your trip at the time of booking. All members of
◆ offers a limited number of trips each year                           Capital Call are given an annual budget to cover the cost of trips. The
                                                                       budget will allow you to take lots of local trips or to make a few longer
◆ is for social trips – not for travelling to important appointments
                                                                       journeys. You will pay only the minimum charge until you use up your
◆ is appropriate for people in wheelchairs as all vehicles are         budget.
  wheelchair accessible
                                                                       Capital Call bookings can only be made during normal office hours, but
                                                                       you can take your trip at anytime.

6                                                                                                                                                     7
                                                                              Taxicard and Capital Call services map

Capital Call Membership
You must be a member of Taxicard and live in a borough in which Capital
Call operates.                                                                                                         2
How to apply                                                                                                                                   14                       31
If you are already a Taxicard member and require further information,                                         4

phone Capital Call on 020 7275 2446. If you are not a Taxicard member,              17

please refer to the Taxicard section for details of how to apply on page 6.                          9                                                             30

                                                                                                                                     33              7
                                                                                                                  13   20

                                                                                           18                                                            28                       11
Capital Call:
                                                                                                         27                               22                                                3
◆ is for Taxicard members in some London Boroughs                                                                                                                       23
◆ is for social trips                                                                                                      24

◆ provides fixed cost trips up to a fixed budget                                                          21

◆ uses minicabs, some of which are not accessible to wheelchair users                                                           29                       8

  who are unable to transfer into the seat of a saloon car

Capital Call is funded by Transport for London.

                                                                              1. Barking: Taxicard                                                           18. Hounslow: Taxicard and Capital Call
                                                                              2. Barnet: Taxicard                                                            19. Islington: Taxicard
                                                                              3. Bexley: Taxicard and Capital Call                                           20. Kensington and Chelsea: Taxicard
                                                                              4. Brent: Taxicard                                                             21. Kingston: Taxicard and Capital Call
                                                                              5. Bromley: Taxicard                                                           22. Lambeth: Taxicard and Capital Call
                                                                              6. Camden: Taxicard                                                            23. Lewisham: Taxicard and Capital Call
                                                                              7. City of London: Taxicard                                                    24. Merton: Taxicard and Capital Call
                                                                              8. Croydon: Taxicard                                                           25. Newham: Taxicard
                                                                              9. Ealing: Taxicard                                                            26. Redbridge: Taxicard
                                                                              10. Enfield: Taxicard and Capital Call                                         27. Richmond: Taxicard
                                                                              11. Greenwich: Taxicard                                                        28. Southwark: Taxicard and Capital Call
                                                                              12. Hackney: Taxicard                                                          29. Sutton: Taxicard
                                                                              13. Hammersmith and Fulham: Taxicard                                           30. Tower Hamlets: Taxicard
                                                                              14. Haringey: Taxicard                                                         31. Waltham Forest: Taxicard
                                                                              15. Harrow: Taxicard                                                           32. Wandsworth: Taxicard
                                                                              16. Havering: Taxicard                                                         33. Westminster: Taxicard
                                                                              17. Hillingdon: Taxicard and Capital Call

Mobility assessments                                                          Mobility assessments – frequently asked questions

Applications procedures for Taxicard vary from borough to borough. In         What sort of questions will I be asked?
some boroughs you will need to undergo a mobility assessment and in           You will have to answer questions about your mobility, for example,
others you will need to get your doctor to support your application and       how far you can walk unaided, how long you can stand and if you can
possibly also have a mobility assessment at a later date. You will be         climb steps.
advised about the mobility assessment procedures for your borough
during the application process.                                               How long will it take?
                                                                              We aim to complete the whole process within six weeks of your
What is a mobility assessment?                                                application. The interview may take up to one hour.
A mobility assessment is used to find out the extent of your mobility
impairment and the accessibility of public transport services available       Does it cost me anything to apply?
to you. The mobility assessment has up to three stages:                       No, it is free to apply.
1) Your completed application form is sent to mobility assessors.             I am not sure I am eligible. What should I do?
2) Based on your information the mobility assessors will make a decision      You should call either the Taxicard number (see page 6), or the Dial-a-Ride
   on your eligibility or will ask you or your nominated health/social care   Management Control Centre (see page 4) where the staff will be pleased
   professional for more information.                                         to help you.
3) If the mobility assessors feel they need to have more information
   about your mobility impairment they will invite you to attend an           How can I get help filling out the form?
   assessment clinic.                                                         The form comes with guidance on how to complete it. There will
                                                                              also be other help available but you are advised to contact your local
There is a right of appeal if you are denied access to Taxicard and/or
                                                                              borough council.

10                                                                                                                                                     11
Community & other assisted transport services

Most, but not all, London boroughs have community transport projects
which provide a range of services for older and disabled people for whom
public transport services are not always accessible.

Community Car Schemes are usually provided in saloon cars or people-
carriers, many of which are adapted to take passengers using wheelchairs
or who have disabilities that make it difficult to get in and out of vehicles.
Trips can be long or short and are not usually confined to within the
borough boundary. You will be able to register for membership of a
community car scheme that is based in the borough in which you live.
Fares tend to be based on the number of miles travelled and usually work
out slightly cheaper than a standard minicab journey.

PlusBus services are available in some boroughs. These are accessible
minibuses providing a local service for older and disabled people.
Although they follow pre-determined routes, like an ordinary bus, buses
will stop at any point along the route (so long as it is safe to do so) and
drivers will provide assistance with boarding and alighting if required.
There is usually a one-off joining fee (often about £1) but individual
journeys are free.

Shopper services are provided in some boroughs. The services are
provided at specified times and on particular days of the week and take
passengers from home to a local supermarket or shopping centre.
Passengers must pre-book and will be collected from their front door. The        Group Transport services are provided where local organisations need
return trip is also at a fixed time and will usually be about two or three       to use an accessible minibus to help their members reach a day centre, go
hours later. Membership is either very low cost (about £1) or free while         on a day trip or participate in some other activity. The organisation using
fares are usually about £2 for a return journey.                                 the vehicle pays a small annual fee and is charged according to how long
                                                                                 the vehicle is use for.
Shopmobility is linked into the Shopper service and can, where
necessary, provide passenger assistants free of charge. Please refer to the      Contact your borough to find out if community transport services operate
map on page 15 for details.                                                      in your area. Please refer to the map on page 14 for details.

12                                                                                                                                                        13
Community Transport services map                                                                          Shopmobility services map

                                                        7                                                                                           8

                                    2                                                                                         9
                                                                                               11                                                                                     14
                            4                                                                                                                                            11
                                                             8                                                 16
     12                                             8                                                                                           5
                                                                                      1                                                                                       1
                       6                                         21


             13                                         15                                                               10
                                                                                          3                                                                                       4
                           19             23   15                                                                                          17                   13

                                          20            5                                                                                               6

1. Barking & Dagenham               9. Hammersmith & Fulham                     17. Merton                1. Barking & Dagenham        8. Enfield tel/text               15. Sutton
   020 8592 8603                        020 8741 5311                               020 8648 7727            020 8252 5340 tel             020 8366 8081                     020 8770 0691
2. Barnet                           10. Harrow                                  18. Newham                   020 8252 5286 text        9. Harrow                         16. Uxbridge tel/text
   020 8359 5014                        020 8427 6619                               020 7473 4635         2. Brent Cross                   020 8427 1200                     01895 271 510
3. Bexley                           11. Havering                                19. Richmond & Kingston      020 8202 1702             10. Hounslow                      17. Wandsworth
   01322 333377                         01708 764 914                               020 8481 0031         3. Bromley                       020 8570 3343                     020 8875 9585
4. Brent                            12. Hillingdon                              20. Sutton                   020 8313 0031             11. Ilford
   020 8838 1353                        01895 277 773                               020 8644 6001         4. Bexley Heath                  020 8478 6864                  No Service
5. Croydon                          13. Hounslow                                21. Tower Hamlets            020 8301 5237             12. Kingston Upon Thames
   020 8683 1800                        020 8572 8204                               020 7987 6447         5. Camden                        020 8547 1255
6. Ealing                           14. Kensington & Chelsea                    22. Waltham Forest           020 7482 5503             13. Lewisham
   020 8813 3210                        020 8964 4928                               020 8521 0665         6. Croydon                       020 8297 2735
7. Enfield                          15. Lambeth & Southwark                     23. Wandsworth               020 8688 7336             14. Romford tel/text
   020 8363 2255                        0870 9021 316                               020 8676 7460         7. Edmonton tel/text             01708 739 431
8. Hackney & Islington              16. Lewisham                                020 8675 7460                020 8379 2551
   020 7275 2400                        020 8692 4849                            No Service

14                                                                                                                                                                                               15
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