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					         Belize Real Estate: Choose Sanctuary Belize
If you are looking to invest in Belize real estate land or
live in the country I recommend looking and checking out
what a company called Sanctuary Belize has to offer.
They are selling Belize real estate that are prime land and
with great developmental packages as well as financial
viability. You can scan for the Belize real estate of you
dreams and find the perfect home for you to settle and

What you need to know about Sanctuary Belize is that the
company has around 14,000 acres of property. In huge
amount of land what they plan is to get around 4,000 acres
and have it developed getting experts from the various
fields of contruction, architecture, real estate management
to come and develop the property. The rest of the acres of
land will be prserved. So there will be rain forest and jungles along side the exclusive real estate
lot. The company will consolidate all the structures and will have it near oceans and river

In this area you can choose the scenery that you want to settle in there is the choice of water
frontage. It really will depend on your lifestyle. The is the oceanfront view, there is a river front
view, an equestrian village, live near the dockside or stay close to the marina. You can opt for
large or private homes and properties. There is even a strip reserved for an airfield for people
who like airplanes or who like to visit their private beach home via private airline.
The center of this community is already being built by the company and it is called the marina
village. This village will have shops, lifestyle stores and condos which will make things such as
food and cafes accessible and this will be located in the marina. The whole marina will be
finished this year.

The focal point of the community will be a marina village with condos and shops overlooking
the 175-slip marina already under construction and due for completion by the end of this year.
This is without any doubt a great project and something that is well though of. For people who
are skeptical the company said that the company is the real deal and that the developers are
teaming up with the best people out there to collaborate and make this a beautiful home for
people who really want to settle and retire in Belize.
The company owns the land and has no debt which makes it a very green investment. The
contruction is already under way. There are guided tour which allows you to check out the
property so you can see for yourself what it is like.

Description: You can scan for the Belize real estate of you dreams and find the perfect home for you to settle and retire