UCAS 2011 Briefing by wuxiangyu

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									UCAS 2011 Briefing for students
       UCAS application system
• Register at
• Set up account through the school with

• Rafflesjc2011
How To Apply - registration
• The website should state ‘Raffles Junior
  College’. Click ‘yes’ to register under the
• For ex-students whose classes are not listed in
  the drop-down menu, click on ‘don’t know’.
Personal details
• Accepts up to 5 choices
• You should not apply to more than four
  courses in any one of these areas: 1) medicine
  2)dentistry 3)veterinary medicine/veterinary
• You should also not apply to more than one
  course at either the University of Oxford or
  the University of Cambridge
     Education and Employment
• Click on ‘add new school/college centre’ and
  enter ‘Raffles Junior College’.
Education and Employment
         Entering qualifications
• Under ‘Raffles Junior College’, click on ‘add
Education and Employment
Click on ‘Other qualifications type not in this list’
        Entering qualifications
• Everyone should choose ‘Singapore Integrated
  Programme Cambridge Advanced Level’ from
  the list
• Choose ‘Singapore Integrated Programme
  English qualification’ (only for RP)
• Enter your subjects and choose ‘Other’ if the
  subject is not listed.
          Entering Qualifications
• Enter your H1, H2, H3 subjects into the boxes. There
  should be drop-down menus for you to choose from.

• Choose ‘CIE’ (Cambridge International Examinations) as
  awarding body for subjects administered by Cambridge
  and ‘SEAB’ for subjects such as Mother Tongue and
  Project Work.

• Enter ‘pending’ for your grades (for current students)
• For non-RP students, click on ‘add new school/
  college/centre’ to add your secondary school
• Fill in the name of your secondary school
  under ‘Other’ if it is not in the UCAS database.
• Give details of your ‘O’ level results (under
  “Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level”)
Personal statement
          Personal statement
• 4000 characters/47 lines
• Explains why you want to study the course(s)
  you are applying for
• Why you are interested in it/Ideas and things
  you find interesting about the subject
• http://ucas.com/students/applying/howtoapp
Current students: Batch of 2010
• UCAS requires ONE reference which you will
  obtain from your CT.

• Submit your request early so that your CT can
  write a reference and complete the
• You will need to contact your CT for the
  reference and he/she will enter it into UCAS.
  Approach your Co-CT if the original CT is no
  longer in RI.
• If you are unable to locate your CT or Co-CT,
  please approach Ms. Wong May Ee at the
  Student Services Centre.
• more than one course, university or college =
• one course at one university or college = £11.
• You make the payment yourself with credit
             Additional tests
• Some universities require additional tests to
  be taken for specific courses.

• Check the requirements for your course.
• Biomedical Admissions Test – for Cambridge,
  Oxford, Imperial College, University of Oxford,
  Royal Veterinary College, UCL
• http://www.admissionstests.cambridgeassess
Standard Entry Fees closing date
 30th September 2010
• UK Clinical Test (for entry into medical and
  dentistry degrees at selected universities)
• http://www.ukcat.ac.uk/
• Registration deadline: 27 September 2010
• Last testing date: 8 October 2010
• National Admissions Test for Law
• Applicable for Law degrees in :
• University of Birmingham
  University of Bristol
  Durham University
  University of Glasgow
  King's College London
  University of Nottingham
  University of Oxford
  University College London
• http://www.lnat.ac.uk/2010/

• LNAT registration begins 2 August 2010
  LNAT test sittings from 1 September 2010
   Recognised courses for practice in
• University courses for medicine:

• For law:
                        Additional records
•   For RP students, please email a scanned copy of your Record Of Achievements (ROA) to

Your ROA refers to your IP summary results which you get at the end of Year 4.

• Use this template:
Please find attached my RoA for the Singapore Integrated Programme.

My name is ___________
UCAS Identification Number/Application Number ________________

I agree to the information contained in this RoA attachment being shared with the institutions
     detailed in my (year) UCAS application.
(Student type out full name and date)

Indicate in the subject line of your email that you are applying for UCAS.

•   You must send in scanned copies of the original form of any examination certificate in these
    formats: jpeg or GIF.
              Additional Records
• All additional records (i.e. RoA) should be emailed to UCAS
  AFTER you have submitted your part of the UCAS
  application. UCAS can then match your application to your
  email, process your RoA/records and forward it to the schools
  you have applied to.

• Any further supplementary information not contained in the
  application should be put in a Word document.

• Please send all documents in a Windows zipped file format
  that can be easily accessed by the schools.
           Cambridge applications
• For Cambridge applications, please obtain a Cambridge application
  form (COAF) either from the Student Services Centre, or download
  from website:
• Please register your details at the SSC if you have obtained a
  COAF/wish to apply for Cambridge so we can track your application.
• Note that all COAF forms need to be returned to the school via your
  CT for submission by the stated deadline(this includes ex-students).
• Note that the Cambridge application needs to be submitted earlier
  than the Oxford/med/vet science/dentistry applications.
• Cambridge applicants would also need to attend an interview in
• Last date for submission of Cambridge application to CT is 23
  August 2010.
           Oxford Applications
• For those applying to Oxford, there will be no
  additional forms to fill in.
• There will be NO face-to-face interviews this
  year held in Singapore.
• Oxford University interviews will be held over
               Things to note:
• The UK universities practice a rolling
  admissions policy, so it is best to apply as early
  as possible to ensure you have the best
  chance of getting in. Do not wait until the 15
  January deadline to submit your application.
• For medicine applications, bear in mind that
  universities will require you to fly to the UK for
                        Dates to remember
•   1 September 2010       UCAS open to receiving applications

•   23 Aug 2010            Last day for students to request references from CTs for Cambridge
                           application and for students to submit COAF

•   13 September 2010      Students applying to Cambridge need to complete UCAS application

•   20 September 2010      Closing date for Cambridge applications to arrive at Cambridge (for interviews held in S’pore)

•   20 September 2010      last day for students applying to Oxford, Medicine, Dentistry or veterinary
                           medicine to request for references from CT

•   15 October 2010        Closing date for Oxford, Medicine, Dentistry or veterinary medicine or
                           veterinary science applications

•   2 Jan 2011             Deadline for students to request for teachers’ recommendations and submit UCAS
                           application for 15 Jan deadline

•   15 January 2011        Applications after this deadline are not guaranteed to be considered

•   24 March 2011          Deadline for arts and design courses

•   30 June 2011           Final deadline for UCAS applications
        Student Services Centre
• Ms Wong May Ee – book for consultations at

• Mr. Kevin Sim-

• Personal essays – drop off in box

• Updates on raffles connect and outside SSC
 For students who have graduated
• Please call the Student Services Centre for any
  queries: 64199741

• Ask for Ms Wong May Ee or Mr Kevin Sim

• Email: mayee.wong@ri.edu.sg
1. Will the UK universities defer my place while I do NS?
 UK universities award deferments on a case by case basis so there is no
     guarantee of a deferment. You should apply to enter the UK universities
     during your first year in NS.*
2. But what if my CT is not around by the time I decide to apply?
 Indicate to your CT your intention to apply for UK university NOW, so that
     your CT is prepared to be contacted. Do contact your CT nearer the date
     of your application and he/ she will be obliged to submit a reference for
3. Can you add other courses besides Oxbridge/Medicine on or after the 15
     October deadline?
 If you have existing choices not used up in your application, you can do so.
4. Do I register for the additional tests (e.g. UKCAT) through the school?
 No, you will have to register for these tests on an individual basis. Please
     visit the British Council website for updates and test dates.

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