Biohazard Symbol by liwenting

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									Toxic Sign
                 Toxic Sign
• Indicates toxicity
  - Toxic substances are poisonous and can cause
  damage to the body
• Different types of toxic
  - Chemical
      - Harmful chemicals such as mercury and asbestos
  - Biological
       -Harmful bacteria that cause diseases
Biohazard Sign
             Biohazard Sign
• A sign that indicates the presence of biological
  hazards (biohazards)
  - Biohazards are infectious biological substances that can
  threaten our health
  - Biohazards are usually bacteria and viruses
• Biohazards are leveled according to risk
  - Level 1 biohazards, like varicella, have minimal risk
  - Level 2 biohazards, like HIV, can cause mild diseases
  - Level 3 biohazards, like malaria, can cause severe or fatal
  diseases, but there are treatments
  - Level 4 biohazards, like Ebola virus, can cause severe or
  fatal diseases and there are no treatments.
High Voltage Sign
         High Voltage Sign
• Indicates that there is high voltage
  - Voltage is the degree of electrical force
  - The higher the voltage, the more dangerous the
  electricity and the more intense electrocution will be
• Used in:
  - Electrical power distribution
  - Cathode ray tubes
      - used in x-rays and particle beams
Trefoil (Radiation) Sign
              Radiation Sign
• Indicates radiation
  - Radiation is the process wherein energy travels through
  space to be absorbed by another object
• Has 2 kinds
  - Ionizing radiation (     )
       - consists of electromagnetic waves that can detach
  electrons from atoms
       - Includes x-rays and ultraviolet rays
  - Non-ionizing radiation (      )
       - consists of electromagnetic waves that do not have
  enough energy to detach electrons from atoms
       - Includes microwaves and radio waves (cellphones,
  radio, etc.)
Corrosive Sign
             Corrosive Sign
• Indicates material that can cause corrosion
  - Corrosion is the disintegration of a substance into
  atoms and is usually caused by chemical reaction
• Corrosive substances are harmful
  - Can cause damage if inhaled, ingested, or has contact
  with the eyes or skin
  - Includes some acids such as sulfuric acid and bases
  such as ammonia

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