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					                                    CYBF Entrepreneur: Dr. Aaron Van Gaver
                                    CYBF Mentor: Ryan Picklyk
                                    CYBF Community Partner: Small Business BC
                                    Inception: 2008
                                    Jobs created: 4
                                    Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

Downtown Wellness Centre                                                             ACOMPLISHMENTS:

Business Profile: Naturally better health.                                          2009
                                                                                    • Hired new associate
Downtown Wellness Centre provides Naturopathic care to clients who want to          • Placed second in
improve their health. Services include Acupuncture, Vitamins, Herbs, Nutritional      Small Business BC
Counseling and Homeopathy.                                                            Business Plan
The staff at the Downtown Wellness Centre provide services and support to help
guide patients on their journey to personal wellness.                               2008
                                                                                    • Launched business
His Story: Aaron Van Gaver always knew he would end up in the health

After studying at the University of Guelph and the Canadian College of
Naturopathic Medicine, Aaron knew the next step was launching his own practice.
That’s where the investment from CYBF and the support of Small Business BC
came in, allowing Aaron to develop Downtown Wellness Centre.

Aaron says he owes a great deal to his CYBF mentor Ryan Picklyk. Calling him
“an anchor,” Aaron say Ryan has been instrumental in helping him prioritize, and
has provided vital advertising and marketing suggestions.

As he continues to find success as a Naturopathic doctor and a business owner,
Aaron encourages other young people to take charge of their own careers.
However, he cautions that planning and research beforehand is critical.

“Make sure you do your market research. Don’t be afraid to spend money in the
beginning, because affective advertising goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to take
calculated risks.”

                                         Downtown Wellness Centre - continued
Downtown Wellness Centre

Short Quote:

“CYBF and its staff have been very supportive in providing not only start-up funds
for my business, but also with an amazing mentor who helped me overcome my
fears and create a successful practice.”
- Dr Aaron Van Gaver, Downtown Wellness Centre

Mentor Program Quote:

“I think above all, my mentor Ryan has been an anchor – he takes all my ideas,
and helps me focus my thoughts.”
- Dr Aaron Van Gaver, Downtown Wellness Centre

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