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					IVF Financial Information
    Strong Fertility Center
IVF Refund Program
• IVF Refund program offers another choice to
    patients who are eligible.
•   Patients pay the approximate cost of two fresh
    IVF cycle in advance.
•   In exchange SFC will offer its services until a
    patient conceives for a total of three fresh cycle
    and three frozen cycles.
•   If the patient is not pregnant after these cycles
    a refund of 75-85% is returned to the patient.
New York State Grant

• Strong Fertility Center has been given a
  grant from NYS infertility demonstration
• This grant provides funds that are used to
  help defray the cost of IVF for NYS
  residence meeting the income and
  insurance requirements.
New York State Grant
• In order to be considered for the grant patients
    must meet clinical criteria set forth by NYS and
•   Eligibility for the grant funds is the
    determination of the SFC medical providers and
    is based on individual cases.
•   Your portion of the payment will be determined
    based on your combined gross income on the
    previous year’s IRS income tax return.
How to Apply for the NYS Grant
• There is not an application process. Please
  inform you SFC doctor or nurse if you would like
  to be considered for the grant. Additional
  testing may be needed before our team can
  make a decision. Once your evaluation is
  completed a decision will be made regarding
  your eligibility for the grant money. You will
  receive the grant paperwork after you have
  been approved.
How to Pay?
• Master Card, Visa, Discover
• Certified Bank Check
When Is Payment Due ?

• Payment is due two weeks before your
 egg retrieval at your baseline

• Recipients payment is due 10 days after
 you choose your egg donor.
Frequently Asked Questions

• Will my insurance company cover IVF ?
    Patient are encouraged to call their
    insurance company to inquire about
    their benefits.
Frequently Asked Questions

• What insurance companies cover IVF?
    It is not the insurance company that
    determines IVF coverage but the type
    of contract your employer has
    chosen. Look at your individual written
    policy to determine your benefits.
What to ask when you call your
insurance company
• Some insurance companies can only give
you information if you provide them with
the appropriate billing codes called CPT
codes. Some of the most common CPT
codes are listed on the next page.
CPT Codes
• Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)              58322
• Sperm prep for insemination                  89261
• In Vitro Fertilization
   • Intrauterine embryo transfer              58974
   • Oocyte retrieval                          58970
   • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)   89280
   • Cryopreservation of embryos               89258
   • Storage of embryos                        89342
• Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)
   • Thawing of cryopreserved embryos          89352
   • Preparation of embryo for transfer        89255
   • Intrauterine embryo transfer              58974
• Medication
   • 2 wk lupron kit                           J9218
   • Gonal F                                   S0126
   • Follistim                                 S0128
   • Repronex                                  S0122
Frequently Ask Questions ?

• What if my cycle is canceled?
    SFC must charge for any procedures that
    were done in advance of your canceled cycle.
    If you have this insurance benefit we will bill
    your insurance company, though you are
    ultimately responsible for the expenses.