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					 T r e a ttm e n tt M a c h iin e s ,, Q u a lliitty C o n ttr o ll,, R a d iio b iio llo g y ,,
  Trea men Mach nes Qua y Con ro Rad ob o ogy                                                                   R a d iia ttiio n D o s iim e ttr y ,, T r e a ttm e n tt P lla n n iin g
                                                                                                                Rad a on Dos me ry Trea men P ann ng
B r a c h y tth e r a p y & R a d iio tth e r a p y IIm a g iin g ((C h e lls e a s iitte ))..
Brachy herapy & Rad o herapy mag ng Che sea s e                                                                  a n d T r e a ttm e n tt T e c h n iiq u e s ((S u tttto n s iitte ))..
                                                                                                                 and Trea men Techn ques Su on s e
                               Tuesday, March 8th, 2011                                                                         Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
   Operation principles and QA of kilovoltage units.                        Dr Karen Rosser        Photon interaction mechanisms.                                 Professor Frank Verhaegen 1
   Linear accelerators I: principles of operation.                       Dr David Convery10        Electron interaction mechanisms.                               Professor Frank Verhaegen
   Linear accelerators II: production of a clinically useful beam.         Dr Philip Mayles2       Fundamental principles of dosimetry I.                              Professor Alan Nahum 2
   Other MV photon beam delivery systems in Radiotherapy                  Dr David Nicholas        Fundamental principles of dosimetry II.                              Professor Alan Nahum
   Accuracy and quality in radiotherapy: an overview                        Dr Philip Mayles       Radiotherapy applications of monte-carlo methods               Professor Frank Verhaegen
   Multileaf collimators: characteristics and commissioning              Dr Vivian Cosgrove        Photon beams: physical characteristics and calculations                    Mr. Peter Childs
   Routine quality control of linear accelerators.                          Mr Rollo Moore         Radiotherapy and Cancer                                                  Dr Victoria Harris
                                  Wednesday, March 9th                                                                             Wednesday, November 9th
   Cellular radiobiology of tumours.                                   Professor Alan Nahum          Ionisation chamber design and measurement practice.                     Mr. Tom Jordan 3
   Modelling tumour local control probability.                        Professor Alan Nahum           In Vivo dosimetry techniques                                           Mr. Colin Nalder
   Radiobiological considerations in brachytherapy.                    Professor Roger Dale9         Practical small field dosimetry                                      Mr Jim Warrington
   Modelling normal tissue complication probability (NTCP).          Dr Giovanna Gagliardi 8         Radiochromic film dosimetry.                                        Dr Vivian Cosgrove
   Cellular radiobiology of normal tissues.                           Dr Giovanna Gagliardi          Treatment Planning Margins; ICRU 50, 62 and 83.                     Dr Carl Rowbottom 5
   Gaps in external beam radiotherapy                                   Professor Roger Dale         Electron beam therapy in clinical practice                               Mr Peter Childs
   Dose Fractionation in Radiotherapy                                   Professor Roger Dale         Evaluation Tools in Treatment Planning.                       Miss Margaret Bidmead
                                  Thursday, March 10th                                                                             Thursday, November 10th
   Calibration and QA of Brachytherapy Sources.                            Mr. Colin Nalder          Photon Beam Algorithms in treatment planning systems.                   Dr James Bedford
   Intracavitary techniques and dosimetry.                           Miss Margaret Bidmead           MR and PET imaging for Radiotherapy Planning.                          Dr Mike Partridge
   Clinical considerations in brachytherapy.                                 Dr Peter Blake          Quality Control in Treatment Planning.                             Dr Vibeke Hansen
   3D Image-based brachytherapy planning                               Dr Christian Kirisits11       Introduction to intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT).          Professor Steve Webb
                                                                                              4       Radiotherapy treatment planning methods for IMRT                       Ms Liz Adams3
   Iodine seeds for prostate implants.                                     Mr Peter Bownes
                                                                                                      Intensity modulated arc therapy techniques                              Dr James Bedford
   Guest Lecture: Radiotherapy in Developing Countries                       Dr Peter Blake
                                                                                                      Large field techniques in radiotherapy                             Dr Westley Ingram
   Radiation protection in brachytherapy                                    Mr Jim Thurston
                                                                                                                                     Friday, November 11th
                                    Friday, March 11th                                                Techniques in radiotherapy of the head & neck.                      Dr. Shree Bhide
   Radiation protection in external beam radiotherapy                Mr Jim Warrington               External beam radiotherapy for lung tumours.                Professor Michael Brada
   Quality assurance in multi-centre trials                              Ms Emma Wells               Intracranial stereotactic radiotherapy and SBRT                       Dr Young Lee
   Image quality and patient dose in IGRT & IMRT                        Dr Edwin Aird 12             Implementing new treatment techniques at the ‘clinical coal-face’ Dr Helen McNair
   EPID imaging in routine practice: quality control & dosimetry       Dr Vibeke Hansen              External beam radiotherapy for Prostate cancer.                     Mr Chris South
   IGRT techniques.                                                     Dr Emma Harris               Adaptive radiotherapy for bladder cancer in clinical practice       Mrs Helen Taylor
   Organ motion in Radiotherapy                             Professor Marcel Van Herk13              Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer: Current & Future practice Professor John Yarnold
   Geometrical Uncertainties in Radiotherapy                  Professor Marcel Van Herk              Radiotherapy with Protons and Heavy Ions                           Dr Alejandro Mazal 7

Saturday workshops in both weeks include calibration & in vivo dosimetry,                          Additional practical tutors: Mrs Irena Blasiak-Wal, Mrs Natalie Bleackley,
treatment planning for different tumour sites, complex treatment plan verification,                Ms Corrinne Brooks, Mr Kevin Burke, Mr Greg Smyth, Ms Ruth Colgan, Mrs Liz
afterloading equipment, radiotherapy machine quality control,                                      Fernandez, Mrs Karole Warren-Oseni, Ms Caroline Lamb, Mrs Carole Meehan, Ms Kate
intracavitary and implant dosimetry .                                                              Roome and Dr Michael Thomas.

                                                                                                   Course Organisers: Mr Jim Warrington and M/s Margaret Bidmead
                                                                                                   KCL MSc module co-ordinator: Professor Phil Evans.
Key to External Lecturers:

                                                                                               The 20th year
1 Maastricht University Hospital, The Netherlands;
2 Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology, The Wirral; 3 Royal Surrey County Hospital, Guildford;
4 St James’ Hospital, Leeds; 5 The Christie Hospital, Manchester;
6 The Cromwell Hospital, London; 7 Institute Curie, Paris;

                                                                                                         of the
8 The Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm; 9 Imperial College Hospitals, London;
10 Guys & St. Thomas’ Hospital, London; 11 Medical University of Vienna, Austria;
12 Mount Vernon Hospital, Middlesex; 13 National Cancer Institute, Amsterdam;

                              COURSE SUMMARY
 This course provides a practical and theoretical background to radiotherapy
 physics and key aspects of radiotherapy. The course is aimed at recently qualified
 radiotherapy physicists and includes a MSc module for students at Kings College,
 London. However, the course should also be invaluable to PhD students, Post

 Doctoral researchers, newly specialising clinical oncologists, radiotherapy
 engineers, radiographers, manufacturers’ representatives and in fact, anyone
 needing to deepen or update their understanding of this rapidly evolving field.
 The faculty is composed of physicists, clinical oncologists and radiographers,

 many of whom are internationally renowned for their expertise. Saturday
 workshops and demonstrations make full use of the facilities of The Royal
 Marsdens’ Radiotherapy Departments on the Chelsea and Sutton sites. The course
 is reviewed annually to reflect changes in practice and technology.

                              Fees and Registration
 The cost for each course week, including practicals, is £750.
                                                                                                 March 8tth to 12tth 2011
                                                                                                          h        h

 For those wishing to book the complete two weeks, the cost is £1250.
 A reduced cost ‘lectures only’ option; ending at 5.30pm on the Friday can be
 booked at a rate of £600 for 1 week and £1000 for two weeks.
  Individual weekdays of the course can be booked for £160 per day.
 External, full-time PhD students with proof of academic registration can book
 the 9 lecture days of both weeks for a total of £400.
                                                                                                November 8tth – 12tth 2011
                                                                                                            h       h

 All fees include daily booklets of handout notes, lunches, light refreshments,
 a special buffet and a course dinner, as appropriate. Accommodation is
 available in a local hotel at approximately £80 per night extra.

 The link for the registration form is:                                                             The Joint Department of Physics, sections/physics/2162.shtml                                 The Royal Marsden Hospital and
                                                                                                    The Institute of Cancer Research,
 Additional information can be obtained from The Course Administrator:                                Sutton, Surrey SM2 5PT and
 Mrs Cheryl Taylor (                                                           Chelsea, London SW3 6JJ
 Tel. +44 (0)208 661 3647; Fax +44 (0)208 643 3812                                                            United Kingdom