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									2009 NRCS District Conservationist

        Jennifer Heglund, ASTC(P)
• CPM 512 Policy
• Part 512 Revision Highlights
   • General Clarifications and Explainations
   • New Farm Bill required Actions
• Audit Response Conclusions
• Questions and Answers
Title 440 – Conservation Programs Manual
     Part 512 – Conservation Programs
           Policy and Scope
• 2002 Farm Bill gave NRCS additional program
   • Part 512 was first published in response to
     ProTracts becoming NRCS’s official program
     business tool for processing applications and
     developing Conservation Program Contracts
   • CPM Part 512
      • Programs administered under the Financial
        Assistance Programs Division (FAPD)
   Why a Revision to Part 512?
• Lessons Learned
  • Internal and External Audit Findings
     • Financial Audit
     • Quality Assurance Activities
     • OIG and GAO Audits
  • Frequently Asked Questions
     • Support Requests
     • Policy Clarifications
         Revision Highlights
• FSA Eligibility Responsibility
   • CCC-902 (Entities) and CCC-926 (AGI)
• Historically Underserved Individuals
   • Socially disadvantaged: member have been
     subject to racial or ethnic predudice
      • Gender alone is not covered
   • Limited Resource Farmer/Rancher
   • Beginning Farmer/Rancher
   • Self-certification
      • Socially disadvantaged will not be verified
       Revisions Highlights
• Signature Authority
   • FSA, upon request, will provide documents
     supporting the signature authority of an
   • Verficiation of signature authority
   • Power of Attorney
      • FSA 211 (12/17/08) updated for NRCS
      • NRCS-CPA-09 can be use this year.
         Revision Highlights
• Payment Schedule
   • Effectice 10/1/07 for all contracts administered
     through ProTracts
   • Management Practices
      • Lifespan 1 year, limited to max of 3 payments
      • Foregone income
• Activity Plans
   • FA used for planning purposes
   • CNMP is an example
        Revisions Highlights
• Defines second level reviewer responsibilities
• 12 Month Waiver – Requires 153 to
• Sequencing of Signatures
• Transfer Agreement Form NRCS-CPA 152
• Mods 20% or $10,000 Program mngr approval
• Contract Reviews
   • Annual reviews required in ProTracts
         Revision Highlights
• Second Level Review of Payments
• Recurring Payments available
   • But No Period of Adoption
• TSP payments
• Advance Payments
   • EQIP Historically Underserved – 30% of estimated
   • ProTracts needs to be reworked to accommodate
• When climatic conditions, weather, or situations beyond
  the contract holder’s control impacts the full extent of
  implementation on the contract acres, the contract holder
  may provide evidence that the balance of the extent was
  implemented outside the contract acreage. Field offices
  will document the implementation on other acres on forms,
  such as the ND-CPA-300E and ND-CPA-6. This policy
  applies whether or not payments were based on the
  recurring practice process.
         Revision Highlights
• Describes Annual, Multiple and No-year funds
• Funding Allocations
   • LR, BF, SD, Indian/Tribal, Specialty Crop,
     Organic, Planning, etc…
• Cost Overrun accounts
   • When depleted request allowance change
      • STC to RAC, Deputy Chief Programs, FNM
• Fund cancellation date (final day of 5th FY after
   • Not more than 1% of current year funds for
     cost-overruns of prior year contracts
         Revision Highlights
• New Exhibits
   • Forms
   • Sample Letters
Audit Response Conclusions
   Smile! Success From Audit
• Obtained proper signature authority
• Learned proper signature authority
• Out of balance contracts were fixed between
  FFIS and ProTracts
• Provide protocols for better contracting in
      We Can Do It! We did it!
• Cancelled terminated contracts
   • 26 terminations $217,859
   • 37 cancellations $635,056

• Removed extra funding in WRP contracts
• FNM gained consistency with accruals
• Deobligations for terminations and cancellations was
   • Immediate
• 2009 Audit


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