A Memorable Sabbath

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                    A Memorable Sabbath
                                           By A.    S. MAXWELL
  SUNSHINE   after rain was never                                                 "We are to grow in grace, not
more welcome than that which                                                    groan in it," he said.
warmed the sodden camp ground                                                     "Some people pride themselves
on Friday afternoon and raised                                                  on having been born Adventists;
new hopes for a happy Sabbath.          ing aroused some concern, but al-       but what God wants is bom-again
  Half-past seven found well over       most before the worshippers at the      Adventists."
twelve hundred people gathered          morning prayer meeting had re-
                                                                                  "When God made the world He
expectantly in the large marquee.       turned to their homes and tents, it
                                                                               didn't have a single man around
  As the ministers walked on to         began to pass before the gathering
                                                                               to help Him. Thus H e showed
the platform the choir softly chant-     strength of the rising sun. By
                                                                               that H e is not dependent on us,
ed those sweet solemnizing words        9.45 pm., when Sabbath-school
                                                                               but we on Him."
so reminiscent of the recent Gen-       commenced, all fears for the day's
                                        weather were set at rest.                 "Only two men have ever got out
eral Conference :
                                           And what a crowd ! In addition      of this world alive; yet to-day God
"There is a place of quiet rest,        to the many hundreds already resi-     is planning to take hundreds; there-
  Near to the heart of God,             dent in the 'district, great contin-    fore how important it is that we
 A place where sin cannot molest,       gents arrived from the various         should seek a deeper spiritual ex-
  Near to the heart of God.                                                    perience."
                                        London churches, until the large
"0 Jesus, blest Redeemer,               marquee was filled to capacity, not       "Enoch," said Brother Gilbert,
  Sent from the heart of God,           to mention the Missionary Volun-       "walked with God three hundred
 Hold us who wait before Th,ee,         teer and children's tents, where       years-yet we find it hard to walk
  Near to the heart of God                                                     with Him three minutes."
                                        other sections of the Sabbath-
   The m e ~ s % ~ e the hour was de-
                 of                     school were in session.                   "We need God to-day," he said;
livered by Brother MacGuire, and           By the time the second service      "indeed our greatest need is, as
it surely went home to every heart.     began there must have been, in-        Sister White once said, 'A revival
Taking one of the most familiar         cluding t h e large, augmented         of true godliness in our midst."'
Advent chapters as his theme, he        choir, almost two thousand persons        Brother Gilbert, who as most of
brought forth lessons new and old,      present; and it was an inspiring       our people know, is a converted
all wonderfully appropriate for the     sight to look down from the plat-      Jew, used one illustration from the
opening Sabbath service of this         form upon this sea of eager up-        ancient sanctuary which greatly
great Second Advent Congress.           turned faces.                          comforted everybody.
You will find his address elsewhere        What a treat it was, too, to lis-      "Why was the pot of manna
in this issue and you surely must       ten to Brother F. C. Gilbert. Such     placed in the ark?" he asked.
read it quietly by yourself. There      a friendly, homely, heart-to-heart     "Why was it placed beside the
is a blessing in it.                    talk he gave, sparkling with de-       law ?"
   Damp mist early Sabbath morn-        liciously trite phrases.                  Because the manna was "miracle
                                          British Advent Messenger                                    AUGUST 4, 1936

food" supplied by God to His peo-
ple in their emergency, and is
therefore a symbol of God's wil-
lingness, through all time, to supply            Dew From the Lord"
the needs of His children accord-
ing to His riches in Christ Jesus.       Abstract of Bible Study given Friday Afternoon, July 31, 1936
Be sure to read this story in the
fuller report on page 7. It is won-                                 BY H. W. LOWE
derfully cheering for all who are
facing hardship through their de-
termination to observe the Sabbath
of the Lord.                                 IT is a long time since I had the   coming from the next cell. A ban-
   At the close of the service many      pleasure of speaking to my fellow-      dit serving a long sentence was on
came forward in response to an           countrymen. Since leaving the           his knees speaking through a crack.
earnest appeal for rec consecration,     British field I have greatly enjoyed    H e inquired as to who they were
and stood before the platform as         my work in different sections of        and told them that he had never
W. E. Read, the Division presi-          the Northern European Division.         heard such singing in his life. H e
dent, led the great congregation in      We hold meetings in many lan-           told them that he had never seen
prayer.                                  guages, but wherever we go we           a Bible, and that no one had ever
    That was at 1.15 pm., and it         find the Lord's people one people.      spoken to him about Christ.
seemed but a few moments before          They are very much the same in          "When I come out of prison," he
the next meeting began, an un-           Poland and Norway as in England.        said, "you must come and tell me
usually interesting Bible study by       I love the Lord's people wherever       about it." They took his address
 S. G. Maxwell of East Africa.           I am.                                   and later visited him, held studies,
This appears on page 9 of this               The thing uppermost in my mind      and eventually won him to the
issue.                                   since I left the British field, how-    truth.
    Then came the Youth's Rally,         ever, is not that I love the Lord's         That is the burden that I believe
 splendidly organized by the Union       people. There is no credit in lov-      should come upon us, and in this
Departmental Secretary, F. W.            ing one's own people. Uppermost         connection I would like to draw
 Goodall. Children with banners,         in my mind has been the fact that       your attention to a scripture which
 each with a different motto, came       wherever we go there are millions       describes the experience which the
 streaming in and lined the sides of     who have never heard the sound          people of God should be having
 the large marquee. Young people,        of the Advent message. In many           in these days. It is in Micah 5 :7 :
 singing     appropriate     hymnS,       countries there are hundreds of         "And the remnant of Jacob shall
 marched down the centre aisle to        thousands who have never heard          be in the midst of many people as
 take their places. It was a fine         the name of Christ and never seen       a dew from the Lord, as the
 effort to interest the rising genera-    a Bible. I cannot get away from         showers upon the grass."
 tion, and let the grown-ups realize      it. It crushes me.                         Unfortunately Israel failed to
 something of what the depart-               Down in East Europe there was        come up to the Lord's ideal for
 ments are trying to do for them.         a bandit-infested area which had        them. In an interesting comment
    After supper, study was given         never been entered by the message.      on this text in Desire of Ages,
 to the educational work in the           Two young colporteurs went to the       page 27, we are told:
 Union, and W . G. C. Murdoch,            elder of their church and asked            "Even after Israel had been
 principal of Newbold College, gave       why no one had been there. They         wasted by war and captivity, the
 a pleasing and characteristic appeal     were told that the bandits were so      promise was theirs, 'The remnant
 on behalf of this important insti-       bad that it was impossible even to      of Jacob shall be in the midst of
 tution. As he pointed out so em-         pay the driver of the horse-wagon       many people as a dew from the
 phatically, there is urgent need to      in the street. The two young men,       Lord, as the showers upon the
               enior College here at                                              grass.' . . . But the Israelites fixed
:'LTiZroRe          Empire.
                                          however, determined to go down.
                                           In two days they were in prison.       their hopes upon worldly greatness.
    The response to the appeal was         In their dark cell one of the young     From the time of their entrance to
  3158, but you can't build a senior      men began to lose courage and be-       the land of Canaan, they departed
  college on that or help many stu-       moaned the folly of their having         from the commandments of God,
  dents through their college course.     gone down there. But the other           and followed the ways of the
 T h e fund is still open.                 replied, "Don't you remember what       heathen. It was in vain that God
    Well, it was a good Sabbath.           Paul and Silas did when they            sent them warning by His pro-
  Everybody says so. Everybody, so         were in prison? Let us sing an          phets. In vain they suffered the
  far as I know, received a spiritual      Advent hymn." When they had             chastisement of heathen oppres-
  blessing, and to some it was defi-       finished singing they heard a rough     sion. Every reformation was fol-
  nitely an epoch-making occasion.         voice saying, "Sing it again." They     lowed by deeper apostasy."
     So, even if it does rain the rest     sang it once more, and again a             I have been wondering if two
  of the week we can at least thank        voice called, "Sing it again." They     angels were conversing about the
  God for one grand, red-letter day.       then discovered that the voice was      world of the past fifty years, what
                                           British Advent Messenger
   they would say of the church.          exodus of thousands of starving two or three showers a year. H e
  Would they say that "in vain" they      people some years ago. he$ had showed me that the scrubby herb-
  have seen the greatest war, the         seen most of their family die. age was covered with tiny crystals
  greate5t famine, the greatest re-       Their horse had died and their of salt and told me that if I were
  volution, the greatest departure        wagon was lost. They marched to go out in the early morning I
  from true religion?                     across the country eating grass would find that the salt crystals
      There is another statement in       and herbs, and at last lay down caught every drop of moisture
  Haggai 1 :g, 10 which also may          and prayed for death. While they from the air. The plants were sus-
  have its application in our time.       lay there a man came along and tained by the dew, and they in
  Of Israel again it is said, "Ye         seeing their condition gave them a turn gave life to the animals.
  looked for much, and, 10, it came       few pieces of raw potato. When
                                                                                The remnant are to be like that.
  to little; and when ye brought it       their strength revived slightly he
                                                                              Living in conditions which seem to
  home, I did blow upon it. Why?          began to talk to them of the com-
                                                                              men to be impossible, they are to
  saith the Lord of hosts. Because        ing of Jesus and of the time when
                                                                              be like the dew. Brother Read has
 of Mine house that is waste, and         all things would be set to rights.
                                                                              told us that in the past quadren-
 ye run every man unto his own            Hope revived in their hearts and
                                                                              nial period more souls have been
 house. Therefore the heaven over        they began to pray that God might
                                                                              won with less money. We found
 you is stayed from dew, and the         let them live a little longer and
                                                                              the same story at the General Con-
 earth is stayed from her fruit."        that they might have strength and
                                                                              ference. Surely God is even now
      In times when there was a great    power to give others the message.
                                                                              pouring out His Spirit upon those
 work to be done, the house of God       When I met them in the meeting I
                                                                              who are willing in times when it
 to be built, and the nations enlight-   asked them whether God had given
                                                                              would seem impossible for people
 ened, the people were running           them the strength to do that for
                                                                              to do anything.
 about after their own affairs. They     which they had prayed. The old
 had no time for the things of God.      woman bade me wait until the mor-      In the days ahead, I believe, God
 Could that also be said of the peo-     row, and on going into the church has glorious surprises for us. We
 ple of God in our day? In times         she showed me a row of people in the Northern European Division
 of distress and apostasy we should      saying that every one had come in are a conservative people. It may
 give more time to the things of         as a result of their prayer for life be that when the power of God
 God than to our own things.             and power.                           descends as the life-giving dew,
     In a conference I attended some         Thinking of dew, I was a few some of God's surprises will be in
 time ago there was a carpenter          weeks ago in the desert of Arizona new openings, methods of work,
 who, in one of the meetings,            with an Adventist doctor who was and enlarged horizons, which may
 praised God that he had won one         working among the Indians. H e seem to our conservatism to be
hundred souls that year. Speaking        took me out among the natives and astounding and unorthodox. They
 to him afterward, he said, "Peo-        I saw a woman making woollen will smash through this conserva-
 ple say I am a carpenter, but it is     rugs. I inquired as to where they tism, if only we give ourselves to
not so. I am only a carpenter to         obtained the wool to make the rugs, Him and receive the dew from
earn my living and keep my family.       and was surprised to learn that the heaven. One has well written that,
First and foremost I am a mis-           Indians had sheep in this desert "the present darkness, like Calvary,
sionary." For three years he had         region. I asked on what the ani- is a divinely arranged setting for
been doing a large work in gather-       mals lived. The doctor took me out the display of some overwhelming
ing souls in his town. One year          into the mountains and showed me triumph." May the Lord take our
he had won thirty-seven, another         little scrubs of herbs on which the lives and pour His dew upon them
 forty-seven, and still another one      sheep fed. I asked further how the and send us out into new experi-
hundred. That man had the right          plants managed to obtain moisture, ences and greater victories for
vision.                                  for he had told me they only had Him.
     I have been glad to hear the re-
ports which have come to us,
which represent much work and
prayer, yet when I look at the map
of the British Isles and think of        Preparation
what remains to be done I feel
that without an infilling of the                                           for she Coming                     of
power of God, without the dew                                              #he Lord
from heaven, there is no hope.            Abstract of Sermon preached Friday Evening, July 31, 1936
    The main reason for our coming
together, I believe, is to pray that                            BY MEADE MacGUlRE
God may make this remnant "as
a dew from the Lord."
    Perhaps some may have heard            I AM going to take for my text      not know of any better subject that
me tell the story of an old Russian      the very large sign which is placed   we can study to-night as we enter
couple I met. These old people           outside the marquee, "The Great       upon the first Sabbath of this con-
drifted from Russia in that great        Second Advent Congress." I do         ference than that of the second
                                                   British Advent Messenger                                     AUGUST 4, 1936

coming of Jesus. There is nothing                filled." Brethren, I rejoice in that            W H A T I S T H E "OIL"?
in the world of so great an interest             assurance. I believed this text           Turning again to Matthew
to us as a people as the coming of               fifty years ago and with all the        twenty-five we do well to inquire,
our Lord Jesus Christ. It is this                conviction of my heart I believe it     "What is that oil?" for everything
that makes us a separate people in               to-night. I believe that this genera-   depends upon having a supply of
the world.                                       tion will not pass until all has        this oil in our vessel when the
   One of the first things I remem-              been fulfilled. And I believe that      crisis comes.
ber, as a child, of this message is              "this generation" has come very
                                                                                           The oil is the righteousness of
hearing ministers preaching on                   near to its termination. "But,"
                                                                                         Christ. It is the wedding garment.
Matthew twenty-four. But I re-                   He continued, "of that day and
                                                                                         If we do not have this when the
member also that it was preached                 hour knoweth no man, no, not the
                                                                                         storm breaks we are lost. Thc
as though the message was pri-                   angels of heaven, but My Father
                                                                                         time to get it is now. It is not
marily to an unbelieving world.                  only." So Jesus solemnly warns
                                                                                         possible for one man to secure this
It was a startling discovery when                us, "Watch therefore; for ye know
                                                                                         righteous character for another.
I realized some time ago that                    not what hour your Lord doth
                                                                                         Each must obtain it for himself.
Matthew twenty-four was not ad-                  come."
                                                                                         Each must be purified from every
dressed primarily to the unbeliev-                   I have been alarmed greatly as
                                                                                         stain of sin.
ing people of this world, but that               I have seen the attitude of some
it belonged to people like you and               Seventh-Day Adventists. W e are
me.                                              often too complacent, too self-             E X P E R I E N C E TO BE BOUGHT
   If you will turn to Matthew 24 :3             satisfied because we have this mes-        I n Matthew 25 :8, 9 we are told
you will find the statement, "And                sage for these last days. We think      concerning the foolish virgins that
as H e [Jesus] sat upon the Mount                we are all right and in no danger       they "said unto the wise, Give us
of Olives, His disciples came unto               of being unprepared for His com-        of your oil; for our lamps are
Him privately, saying, Tell us,                  ing. But Jesus says to us, as to        going out. But the wise answered,
when shall these things be? and                  those intimate disciples, "Watch,       saying, Not so; lest there be not
what shall be the sign of Thy                    therefore." While we do not know        enough for us and you: but go
coming, and of the end of the                    the hour, our duty is to be ready       ye rather to them that sell, and
world?"                                          every moment of time.                   buy for yourselves."
   It was to the inner circle of                                                            What does that expression mean,
H i s disciples that Jesus gave the                 PARABLE OF T H E T E N VIRGINS       "Go, . . . and buy for yourselves."
words of Matthew twenty-four and                                                         What do you have to buy to be a
                                                    Passing on into the twenty-fifth
twenty-five, and it comes to His                                                         good Christian? You do not have
                                                 chapter we come to the story of
own intimate circle-to      Seventh-                                                     to buy the Bible. If you can't af-
Day Adventists-more than anyone                  the ten virgins. And in reading
                                                 this parable we should remember         ford it someone will give you one.
else in the world to-day.                                                                You do not have to buy the Holy
   In verse four H e says further:               that this, too, was given privately
                                                 to Jesus' most intimate disciples.       Spirit, for the Holy Spirit is also
"Take heed that no man deceive                                                           given to all freely. There is one
you." So the words of Jesus come
                                                 A11 ten went out to meet the bride-
                                                 groom; all had lamps; all lighted       thing that you cannot have unless
to you and to me just as though                                                          you pay for it. That is experience,
they were spoken to-night, "Take                 their lamps; they all slept; all
                                                 lamps went out; and they all            Christian experience. It takes time
heed that no man deceive you."                                                           on your knees, time to pray, time
                                                 awoke. They were all the same up
                                                 to this point. But five had a lack      to absorb the heavenly influence
  DANGER O F S P I R I T U A L L E T H A R G Y   of oil and because of that lack         that comes down to soften your
   There were two things upon                    they were left outside. The other       heart, to lift you up into the pres-
which Jesus seemed to feel the                   five went in and the door was shut.     ence of God.
greatest concern, and of which H e                  This is not the only place where        You say, "I cannot do it. It just
warned His disciples again and                   Christ emphasizes this particular       takes all my time to earn a living-."
again. Of t k s e two things I shall             lesson. In Matthew 7 :24 we have        Isn't that just as it was in the
only have tlme to speak of one,                  the story of the man who built his      time of Noah, before the flood,
namely, the danger of being asleep               house upon the rock and the man         when "they were eating and drink-
and unprepared. The thing that H e               who built upon the sand. Here we        ing, marrying and giving in mar-
wanted to stress was the danger                  have two persons instead of ten,        riage, until the day that Noah en-
of being asleep. I n verse 32 He                 but the same two classes, the wise      tered into the ark."? Matt. 24 :38.
says : "Now learn a parable of the               and the foolish. When the floods           Too busy to pay for a Christian
fig tree; When his branch is yet                 came and the winds blew the one         character. Brethren, our salvation
tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye             house stood and the other fell. One     depends upon our paying that price
know that summer is nigh. So                     house went down in ruin and one         and storing up oil in our vessels
likewise ye, when ye shall see all               house withstood the storms.             with our lamps. Buy it to-day be-
these things, know that it is near,                 Christ seeks to rouse us from be-    fore the storm breaks. That state-
even at the doors. Verily I say                  ing complacent and self-satisfied in    ment, "While they went to buy, the
unto you, This generation shall not              this time just before the coming        bridegroom came," presents before
pass, till all these things be ful-              of the Lord.                            my imagination the saddest and
                                         British Advent Messenger
most terrifying experience I can       probably will be to the end. What,     behind the message to-day. More
possibly name. I think, too, of that   then, does it mean?                    light is shining all the time, but
other statement in the Spirit of         It is the same awful, terrifying     many of our people, I fear, are
prophecy that the greater propor-      picture brought to view in the         like the woman who said she had
;ion of those who appear to be         parable of the ten virgins.            "held on to the message for thirty-
genuine and true will prove to be                                             five years." She certainly had held
base metal. The Lord will see that       KEEPING U P WITH THE MESSAGE
                                                                              on to i t ; she had never given it
we are ready if we are willing to                                             to anyone else.
pay the price, but that is our re-        Some years ago a very godly,
                                       Christian woman whom I knew              This message has progressed and
sponsibility. That is what Jesus is                                           as we seek God day hy day H e
trying to impress upon our minds.      went to one of 'her neighbours and
                                       said, "Don't you think it would be     opens our eyes and lets the light
Brethren, may God help us to take                                             shine on His Word, and we see
the words of Jesus seriously.          a nice thing if we had a little
                                       meeting around at our home one         new glories in Christ and new
                                       evening a week, and just sit down      ways in which that light may be-
         LIFE AND LIGI-IT              with our Bibles and study the mes-     come our life, and we say "Lord,
                                       sage and pray for more light."         I will do it." W e are storing up
   There is a text that came to me
                                       Several readily agreed to come, but    for ourselves oil in our vessels
some time ago with a new mean-
ing over here in Luke 8 :16 "No        when she spoke to the wife of a        with our lamps.
man, when he hath lighted a can-       physician, a very cultured woman,         I am so thankful that God has
dle, covereth it with a vessel, or     brought up in the message, and         given us this precious opportunity
putteth it under a bed; but setteth    who had gone through church            to come here and study day by day
it on a candlestick, that they which   school, academy, and college, she      these truths that stir our hearts
enter in may see the light." It is     replied, "Thank you for your invi-     and awaken a great hunger and
talking about a light, that is why     tation, but I know all that. I have    thirst after righteousness. May God
I connect it with this study to-       heard it all my life." My friends,     help us that we shall not lack oil.
night. I have heard ministers and      I am fearful that unless something     I am so thankful that H e
leaders often counsel us, "Do not      comes to waken that woman up,          has pointed out our lack, so that
hide your light under a bushel;        she will be twenty-five years be-      H e can supply our need and bring
get it out where all the world can     hind this message when the storm       us up to the standard. As we seek
see it." But the Saviour says, "No     breaks.                                Him early God will come and re-
man, when he has lit a candle, puts       This message has not stood still.   veal Himself to us, and we shall
it under a bushel." If a man lights    For many years it has been mov-        go home from this conference
a candle he holds it up, and if you    ing on and anyone who got the          transformed men and women, filled
and I have not got our lights show-    message thirty-five years ago and      with the Spirit of God and with a
ing to-night, we have not got any      stopped there is thirty-five years     new vision of Christ.
light. Christianity does not con-
sist of theory but of light. W e
are accustomed so constantly to
measure our Christianity by what
we know in our heads. But God                         Morning Prayer Meeting
measures it by what we live day
by day. It is the life that proves                           Sabbath, August 1, 1936
the genuineness of the Christian
   Returning to the thought that
there will he many going out to                       at
                                         PROMPTLY seven o'clock a                Therc were two things H e pro-
try to buy some oil after the storm    song of praise rang cheerily out on    mised them :
breaks, there is a Scripture in the    the morning air. Evidently the            1. That H e would come again.
Old T e s t w e n t which brings be-   continuous rain and the conse-           2. That I-Ie would send His Holy
fore us a GUerysimilar picture. It     quently wet seats of the day be-       Spirit.
is in the eighth chapter of Amos:      fore had not damped the Advent            The Spirit would be their Com-
"Behold, the days come, saith the      spirit; for there was a large con-     forter or Helper, never to be with-
Lord God, that I will send a           gregation, and happily all the         drawn. Divested of human person-
famine in the land, not a famine       seats were dry.                        ality, H e could be with them al-
of bread, nor a thirst for water,        Pastor Dorland led us to the         ways and everywhere, as Christ
but of hearing the words of the        mercy-seat with one of his char-       in the flesh could not. "It is ex-
Lord." Amos. 8 : 11. I read that       acteristically clear-cut B i b l e     pedient for you that I go away,"
text for many years and wondered       studies.                               H e declared to them. (John 16 :7.)
what it could mean. I used to say        Notwithstanding Christ's cheer-      How so? Why could not the Com-
to myself, I wonder if the time will   ing promise, recorded in John 14 :     forter come while Jesus was with
come when all Bibles will be des-      1-3, the disciples continued down-     them? H a d H e not been at work
troyed. I don't think so. There        cast as they contemplated His go-      from the very beginning; when H e
are more Bibles every day, and         ing away from them.                    brooded upon the face of the deep
6                                        British Advent Messenger        ,                         AUGUST 4, 1936

and brought order out of chaos?        that ye are My disciples, if ye           A very fitting solo was rendered
Had not all the Old Testament          have love one to another," says        by Mr. J. Collins, a student from
writers been inspired by Him?          Christ. Love to those about us, to     Newbold College, entitled, "The
   While Jesus was with them in         friend and foe alike, is the hall-    Lord Looked upon Peter." The
the flesh, we are told in Desire of    mark of the true Christian, the        theme of this item was taken from
Ages, page 669, His disciples de-      crowning proof of the Spirit of        Luke 22 :61, 62.
sired no other helper. H e met all     God in the heart.                         Pastor W. G. Murdoch took the
their needs, so that they felt no         The season of prayer that fol-      lesson study from the desk. In our
need of further aid. But it is those   lowed this study was fervent and       mind's eye we could once again see
who hunger and thirst after            unflagging. Frequent bursts of         Christ in the judgment hall, first
righteousness for tkernselves in       song punctuated the prayers for        before the high priest and then be-
whom God comes to dwell. Hence         an infilling of the Holy Spirit. And   fore Pilate. Speaking of Pilate's
the disciples must graciously be       most of them were well pitched         question, "What is truth?" Brother
placed in circumstances where          and well sustained. We suspect         Murdoch pointed out that truth is
this soul hunger would be stimu-       that this was due to the presence      a kingdom, and that Christ is the
lated and encouraged. They must        of some of those incomparable          King of truth. It was pointed out,
learn to lean upon the unseen          Welsh songsters, who help so           too, that truth is great and is cer-
power of God through the agency        much to warm the atmosphere of         tain to triumph.
of His Holy Spirit.                    our devotional meetings.
   And what would be the evidence         The closing hymn, "Spirit divine,      The lessons derived from the
                                       attend our prayer," was feelingly      week's study were :
of the Spirit's control of their
lives? "By this shall all men know     sung by all.                H.F.D.        1. Beware of compromise.
                                                                                 2. T o remain silent under con-
                                                                                 3. Truth always wears a crown.
                                                                                4. Money wrongly obtained will
                                                                              witness against us.
              'Report of Sabbath-School                                          5. Criticism leads to greater
                        Held August 1, 1936                                   sins.
                                                                                 6. Remorse is often confused
                                                                              with repentance.
                                                                                 7. The sinner takes his own life.
   "FATHER mercies ! in Thy
             of                        bers over the age of fifty.               We were glad to have with us
Word what endless glory shines !"         Our attention was called to the     Pastor S. G. Maxwell from East
was the very appropriate hymn          threefold aim of this department,      Africa to give the missions appeal.
with which we opened the first         namely, "To Serve All the Flock,"      H e told us something of the needs
Sabbath-school of the quadrennial      "To Study the Word," and "To           of the women and children of Af-
session.                               Save Souls."                           rica. Both means and workers are
   The auditorium was filled almost      How reassuring were the words        urgently needed in this connection.
to its capacity as the fifteen hun-    of our next hymn, "Lord, Thy           In response to this appeal our
dred senior members and young          Word abideth, and our footsteps        members gave the magnificent sum
people gathered together. It was a     guideth."                              of $75, which included about $2
scene never to be forgotten as we        We were reminded of the out-         from the junior department.
viewed the great concourse of peo-     standing points in our previous           While the senior Sabbath-school
ple who had gathered from all          week's lesson as Brother A. K.         was being held, sixty children un-
parts of our island home, and also     Armstrong took the review. One         der the age of nine years were
from overseas.                         of the most serious thoughts im-       meeting in the Stanborough Park
   The Scr&fure reading, Isaiah        pressed upon our minds was that        Church, and a hundred juniors be-
53 :1-9, was read by the young peo-    as Peter followed Jesus afar off,      tween the ages of eleven and four-
ple in the congregation.               so it is possible for us to do like-   teen were gathered in the Mis-
   Following this, Pastor W. G.        wise. We should ever be on our         sionary Volunteer marquee. It is
Murdoch prayed, making earnest         guard against this great danger. It    interesting to note that eighty-
petition that God would bless not      was also pointed out to us that in     seven of this numbcr reported
only those assembled together, but     the denial of Peter, one sin led to    daily lesson study for the week.
also those who were left behind in     another. Peter first of all denied     Another seventy children between
the churches and unable to join us.    his Lord, and finally he cursed and    the ages of eight and ten had their
   Brother Goodall welcomed the        swore. After the pitying and sym-      Sabbath-school in the children's
Sabbath-school members who had         pathetic look of the Saviour, Peter    marquee.
come in from all parts of the          went out into the night with great       An inspiring Sabbath-school was
British Union. It was interesting      sorrow of heart to the very spot       concluded with hymn 160 and the
to note that there were present        Jesus had just left, in the garden     benediction by Pastor A. K.
about fifty Sabbath-school mem-        of Gethsemane.                         Armstrong.                 KT.J.
    I\uc;UST 4, 1936                          British Advent Messenger
                                                                                      ble?" Indeed it is, for God would
                                                                                      never ask of us what H e had not
                                                                                      made provision for, because I read
    God's                                                                             in my text again this statement :
                                                                                      "Who gavc Himsclf for us, that
                       Programme for                                                  H e might rcdccm us from a71
                                                                                      iniquity." T h c provision is ample,
           Abstract of Sermon preached on Sabbath Mornmg                              it is full, it is complete, that we
                                                                                      might be redeemed from 1111
                                 August 1, 1936                                       iniquity.
                                                                                         But some may s a y : "I do not
                                                                                      think I can reach that standard be-
                               BY F.   C. GILBERT                                     cause I have so many temptations,
                                                                                      so many perplexities."
                                                                                         Well, let me tell you, beloved,
                                                                                      God knows exactly what your
       "For thc grace of Cod that bring-    to secure it. And, thank God,             nature and mine are. H c knows
    eth salvation hat11 appeared to all     every provision has been made             we a r e bad, H c knows that you and
    men,                                    whereby it is possible for every          1 cannot help heing bad, bccause we
       "Teaching us that, denying ungod-    son and daughter of Adam, not             were horn bad. So God has made
    liness and worldly lusts, we should
    live sobcrly, righteously, and godly,   only to be a n apt student but to         provision for us to gct a new birth.
    in this present world ;                 pass at the graduation day.               You rcmember Jesus Christ told
       "Looking for that blessed hop:,                                                Nicodemus, "Verily, verily, I say
    and the glorious appearing of the                                                 unto thcc, Except a man hc horn
                                                 ENOCH AN OBJECT LESSON
    rreat God and our Saviour Jesus
    Christ ;                                                                          again, he cannot see the kinqdom
       "Who gave Himself for us, that          God has given us a n object les-       of God." No person will be lost
    He might redeem us from all iniquity,   son that that is so, for in Hehrews       hecause he is bad.
    and purify unto Himself a qxuliar       11 : 5 we read : "By faith Enoch
    people, zealous of good works Titus     was trcmslnted that he should not              WHY   SOULS WILL RF: L O S T
                                            see death." H e r e was a man who            Do you know why people will be
                                            lived in this world so sobcrly,           lost? Not because they were bad,
      TIIIS scripture is God's pro-         righteously, and godly that God           but because they woulcl not Ict
    gramme for thc children of men          actually translated him. We, too,         Jesus make them good. In Trsti-
    in this world, not when the Lord        are looking f o r translation, a r e we   monies, Vol. 2, pagc 352, we are
    comes and we go to heaven. If you       not? Oh, beloved, somehow let us          told : "All may be savcd if thev
    and I do not live soberly, righ-        pray that God might put in your           will " Tt is left to us to make the
    tcously, and godly in this present      heart and in mine that spirit, that       choice Again I read in T e s t i ~ u o w
    cvil world I do not think any of        power and ability, so that what                                    ,
                                                                                      ies to M i n i s f c ~ s page 437 : "God
    us wlll ever have the opportunity       Enoch was enabled to do, H e              will not condemn any at the judg-
    of living in any other world.           might enable each one of us to do.        ment because they honestly he-
      God has arranged in His pro-             Day by day Enoch had longed            lievcd a lie o r conscientiously
    gramme that this world of ours          for a closer union with God.              cherished error. But it will be be-
    should be a school. In Isaiah 54 :      Closer and closer had been his            cause they neglectcd opportunities
    13 it is written, "All thy children     communion until God took him to           of making themselves acquainted
    shall be taught of the Lord," and       Himself. H e stood a t the threshold      with the truth."
    in Matthew 11 :28 we a r e told who     of the eternal world with only a             This explains the testimony
    the Teacher is. "Take My yoke           step between him and t h e land of        given bp our Lord Himself in John
    upon you and learn of Me," says         rest. And then the portals opened;        3 : 17 : "God sent not H i s Son into
    Jesus, "for I am meek and lowly in      the walk with God so long pursued         the worlcl to condemn the world."
    heart; and ye shall find rest unto      on earth continued, and he passed         W h v ? Because the world is al-
    your souls. F o r My yoke is easy,      through the gates of the holy city        ready conclemneil The world does
    and My burden is light." I t is truc    -the first from among men to en-          not need condemnation. "But that
    many people go to school and do         ter. I understand from that that          the world through I-Iim might be
    not learn W C might have a splen-       Enoch's first day of his journey to       saved " "He that believeth on
    did teacher and yet bc dull             heaven was lived in exactly the           Him is not condemned : but he that
    scholars. But I am so grateful          same way as his last day on earth.        helieveth not is condemned already,
    that in the school God has ar-          T o such con~munionGod is calling         because h e hath not believed in
    ranged for us in this world we          us, for we are told concerning the        the name of the only-bcgotten Son
    have a wonderful Teacher.               peoplc of God in the last d a y s :       of God " Now mark this, "This is
       Now what is it WC a r e to learn?    "As was Enoch's must be their             the condemnation, that light is
    W c are told in John 17 : 3 : "And      holiness of character who shall be        come into thc world, and men loved
    this is life eternal, that they might   redeemed from among men a t the           darkness rathcr than light, he-
    k~zozvThee." W e go to school to        Idorcl's second coming."                  cause their dccds were evil."
    learn what eternal life is and how         "Well," you say, "is that possi-          If people p efer to follow dark-
S                                         British Advent Messenger                                 AUGUST 4 , 1936

ness rather than light, if people       and it means more than many of         should be our first work. One day
insist in doing wrong instead of        us imagine in order to be ready for    in the investigative judgment Jesus
through the grace of God doing          that outstanding event. Of all the     Christ is going to come to your
right, what can God do for them?        millions and billions and tens of      name. When my Lord, my High
There is nothing H e can do.            billions of men and women who          Priest, comes to my name I want
    I hear people say so often, "If     have lived in this world during the    Him to be my Advocate. I want by
you lived where I did, if you had       six thousand years only two in-        the grace of God to live soberly,
to contend with all that I had to,      dividuals ever got out of this world   righteously, and godly in this
you would think differently." But,      alive. One was Enoch and the           world that my Lord shall present
beloved, environment has nothing        other was Eiijah. But God has          my name before His Father clothed
to do with it. Nobody does wrong        told us in 1 3 s Word, that in these   and covered with the robe of His
because he has to. W e do wrong         last days H e is preparing not only    righteousness.
not because we have to, but be-         one or two thousand but tens and          The trouble with a lot of us to-
cause we choose to. You cannot          tens of thousands to look into the     day is that we take a chance. We
change your heart, but you can          beautiful face of Jesus Christ, and    want to be in heaven, we want,
choose to serve Him. You can give       we need to pray God to give us an      when the Lord comes, to be saved,
Him your will and H e will then         experience that will enable us to      but we take a chance. We are
work in you to will and to do of        get ready for that day.                not seeking God with all our
His good pleasure. Thus your                                                   hearts for power to live day by
whole nature will be brought under            ALL NEEDS T O BE SUPPLIED        day a victorious Christian life. It
the control of the Spirit of Christ.       We need to worry not about is no use trying to excuse our sins.
    The religion of the Lord Jesus      temporal things but spiritual You cannot excuse sin. The only
is not a one day a week religion.       things. You remember Aaron was way to dispose of it is to confess
I remember some time ago in the         told to take a pot of manna and it and get it forgiven. Why should
States we were having a camp            put it alongside of the law in the people go on day by day repenting
meeting, and as we were getting         ark. Now why do you think it and confessing, repenting and con-
ready the preaching tent there          was to be alongside the law? That fessing, when Jesus has made it
were some lads who gathered             God's children always might have possible that we may live soberly,
around there rather inquisitive,        the assurance that the man or the righteously, and godly in this pres-
and they said to me, "Mister, what      woman who will obey God and ent evil world. May God deliver us
is this?" I replied, "This is going     keep His commandments will have from this lethargy and indifference,
to be a Seventh-Day Adventist           bread to eat.                          hoping somehow, s o m e W h e re,
camp meeting." The boy evidently           People often ask what became of sometime we will by the grace of
did not get my reply quite right, for   the pot of manna. In Early Writ- God get ready.
he called to a friend that it was the   ings, page 32, the servant of the         You know people say, "Well,
"Seven Days Adventists." That           Lord saw in the sanctuary in we are told there is a great
made a great impression 011 my          heaven in the ark the golden work to he done, and it may take
mind. Really, are we simply to be       pot of manna, Aaron's rod that years and years, so why hurry?"
Seventh-Day Adventists or Adven-        budded, and the tables of stone. We have a greater God than we
tists seven days in the week? What       So it is in heaven, where our great have a task. Did it ever occur to
God does for man on the Sabbath          High Priest is, and that is why you that when God made the world
H e can do for him every day. If        again and again when we face H'ie did not have a man to help
we have not that experience in our      peculiar situations, somehow God H i m ? H e made man the very last
lives, we need to pray God to give      marvellously opens the way. God thing on the last day of creation.
 it to us.                               who fed this people forty years Why? That ever after we might
                                         still lives to feed His people to- realize that God does not need man
                                         day if they will only be loyal to to help Him. W e must not say the
   God desires to "purify unto           Him. God has settled the living Lord's arm is short. What God is
Himself a pe&liar people," not a r       question, and wants us to live in waiting for to-day is for people
                                         harmony with His will.                 who will so give their lives to Him
odd, not a strange, not a freakish                                              a n d S o consecrate themselves
people, but a peczdiar people, dif-                                             to Him that H e can use them
                                              R E V I V A L O F TRUE GODLINESS
ferent from the world. There are                                                mightily and fit them to get others
many who can say, "I was born               In Christ Our Righteousness we ready. There are too many taking
an Adventist." But what matters          read : "A revival of true godliness a chance.
is, are you a "born-again" Adven-        among us is the greatest and most
tist? There are some people who          urgent of all our needs." W e have
                                                                                         TAKING A CHANCE
groan in grace. W e want to grow         many needs. W e need men, we
in grace by studying the Word            need means, we need institutions,         I was once in a train passing
of God. That is the only way.            we need money. There are lots of over a trestle bridge when the train
That is why so many to-day have          things we need. The servant of the suddenly stopped. I got out and
such a poor religious experience.        Lord has told us that our greatest walked along the bridge. When I
   W e must remember we are here         and most urgent need is a revival got to the end I saw a man lying
to-day to get ready for translation      of true godliness T o seek this at the foot of the hill It seems Ilc
AUGUST 4, 1936                            British Advent Messenger                                                 9

was in a car with another man on           It is almost fifty years since       generations have gone by? I n Mat-
the road which ran parallel to the      Christ came into my poor heart          thew 17 we are told that there were
railway track. H e said to his          and I have loved H i m these years.     forty-two generations from the
companion, "I am going to beat          H e is everything to me and I have      time of Abraham to Christ. There
that train to the crossing." "All       lived in anticipation of that great     were twenty generations from
right," said the other, "you take       event that some day I should see        Adam to Noah, and ten from Noah
the chance, but not me.'' S o he        Him face to face. I t would be a        to Abraham, making seventy-two
got out. T h e man accelerated and      tragedy after one had lived many        in all.
he got to the crossing, but as he       years in the hope of seeing Christ          Now if you would like to double
started to go over his car stalled,     to discover a t the last that one had    them f o r the past two thousand
and the driver of the oncoming          not made the necessary prepara-         years that have gone by, it would
train was unable to stop in time.       tion. I bless God to-day with all       give us approximately 150 genera-
T h e front of the engine cut the car   my soul that Jesus Christ h a s made     tions that have passed from the
in two. As I stood there and looked     every provision to redeem us from        time God began to give covenants
a t the man I said, "You poor man,      iniquity and purify us unto Him-         and promises to H i s people unto
you are only one of a multitude         self a peculiar people if we will        to-day. Yet God has promised that
who a r e taking a chance in this       only give H i m our hearts. I want       H e will keep H i s covenant with
world and also taking a chance          to be ready to mect Him. Do              H i s people for a thousand genera-
with eternity."                         you?                                     tions. There are surely enough to
                                                                                 brinz home to us the certain ful-
                                                                                 filment of the promises of God
                                                                                 right through the millennium and
                                                                                 into the countless ages of eternity.

                        #he Promises                  sf God                       Let us now take one o r two
                                                                                testimonies from those who have
      Abstract of Sermon preached on Sabbath Afternoon                          tested out some of these promises
                                                                                of God.
                             August 1, 1936                                        Joshua was the hero of a hun-
                                                                                dred battles. H e tested out the
                          BY S. G. MAXWELL                                      promises of God. H e had been the
                                                                                leader of the people in a most diffi-
                                                                                cult time. A s he draws near the end
                                                                                of his creneration we hear him de-
                                                                                clare to the people gathered to-
   "See that ye refuse not Him that       This afternoon I would like to        gether : "And, behold, this day I
spealteth. For if they escaped not study with you one of the things             am going the way of all the earth :
who refused Him that spake on we know will not be shaken in this
earth, much more shall not we es-                                                and ye know in all your hearts and
cape, if we turn away from Him that terrible time that is just before           in all your souls, that not one thing
speaketh from heaven :                  us You will find it in Deuteron-        hath failed of all the good things
   "Whose voice then S h o o k t l1 e omy 7 :9 : "Know therefore that           which t h e Lord your God spake
earth : but now H e hath promised, the Lord thy God, H e is God, the
saying, Yet oncc more I shake not                                                concerning you; all are come to
the earth only, but also heaven         faithful God, which keepeth coven-       pass unto you, and not one thing
   "And this word, Y]et once more, ant and mercy with them that love            has failed thereof." Joshua 23 : 14
signifieth the removing of those Him and keep H i s commandments                    T h a t was a fine testimony. Have
things that are shaken, as of things to a thousand generations." H e r e
that are made, that those things is one thing in which w e can confi-            we so tested the promises that H e
which cannot be shaken may remain                                                has laid us for us in H i s Word
Heb. 12 :25-g.                          dently place our trust. God is a         that we can say that not one thing
    You will A t i c e that the apostle promise-keeping God, and the             has failed of all the things God has
here is contrasting two things, the covenants that H e has made with             promise'd to do f o r us?
things that will be shaken and re- His children will see us through                 Passing on several hundred years
moved, and certain things which into the kingdom of God.                         another young man comes to the
 cannot be shaken and will remain         H o w long is a generation? Back       front with a similar ringing testi-
 even unto the days of eternity. To- in the time of Abraham, I believe           mony. Solomon standing hefore a
 day we are in the beginning of that we could count a hundred years              great congregation says : "Blessed
 shaking time. W e see the shaking to a generation; later on in Moses'           be the Lord, that hath given rest
 of social customs to-day. W e see time, seventy years. If we take the           unto H i s people Israel, according
 the shaking of nations and empires. seventy years as a generation God           to all that H e promised : there
 W e see the threatened breaking up here promises to keep H i s covenant         hath not failed one word of all His
 of our civilization. And we know, with H i s children for seventy               good promise, which H e promised
 too, that the shaking will come thousand years                                  hv the hand of Moses H i s servant."
 very near to us all                       Can we calculate how many              1 Kings 8 :56.
                                           British Advent Messenger                                       AUGUST 4, 1936

   The promises of God were not           them into captivity? Why, he was           fourth generation shall sit on the
like the promises so often given          dead and buried. Where was the             throne of Israel." 2 Kings 10 :30.
among the nations and in the busi-        line of Babylon? Finished. Who                 In the following chapters we find
ness world. God "remembered His           was on the throne? Darius the              that Jehoahaz, Joash, and Jero-
holy promises" (Psa. 105 :42), and        Mede. Did he know anything about           boam I 1 succeeded in the direct
God will always keep His pro-             these captives? No, he was not             line. But when Jeroboam died a
mises to His people.                      interested in them at all. Where           descendant of his did not immedi-
   Peter reminds us of the same           was sympathy coming from that              ately come to the throne. There
thing when he says that "God is           this prophecy might be fulfilled?          was no sign of the fourth genera-
not slack concerning His promise."        Darius reigned two years and then          tion coming to the throne. Baal
                                          Cyrus came to the throne, and the          again came into the ascendancy,
                                          Lord stirred up the spirit of Cyrus,       and all Israel began to apostatize
   In the book of Acts we have an         the king of Persia, and caused him         once more.
example of how in past days God           to come to an understanding of the                                       sav
                                                                                         Would not the s c e ~ t i c in that
remembered His promises to His                                                       time to the childrenLof GO& "Now
people : "But when the time of the                                                   where is your God, where is the
promise drew nigh, which God had                                                     promise that God gave unto Jehu?
sworn to Abraham, the people                                                         The third generation has come to
grew and multiplied in Egypt."                                                                       d
                                                                                     an end. ~ o said four generations,
Acts 7 : 17. What were these pro-                                                    but only three have sat on the
mises that God had made to Abra-                                                      throne in Israel." What could the
ham? W e read of them in the                                                         people of God say in reply? There
early chapters of Genesis, how                                                       was no sign of the fourth genera-
that the Lord told him that his                                                       tion coming to the throne. There
seed should be strangers in the land                                                  was confusion throughout the land.
of Egypt, and that they should re-                                                    The first, second, third, and on to
main there a certain definite num-                                                    the eleventh year passed away, and
ber of years. Abraham believed                                                        still there was no evidence that the
that promise and went to his rest.                                                    promise to Jehu was going to be
Now Stephen reminds us that when                                                      fulfilled. They must have hung on
the time of that promise drew                                                         in hope and in faith that God
nigh God began to make prepara-                                                       would fulfil that promise to Jehu.
tion for it to be fulfilled. In the                                                      Did God fulfil i t ? Yes. We
twentieth verse we read that God
                                                                                      notice in the eighth verse of the
raised up a leader to see that that
                                                                                      fifteenth chapter that after eleven
promise was fulfilled. And in
                                                Pastor S. G. d f n m e l l .          years God vindicated His promise,
Exodus 12 :40 we read of the ful-
                                          Superintendent of the.East African Union     and in the thirty-eighth year of
filment of the promise In the                              Miss~on                    Azariah Zachariah reigned over
"selfsame day" in which that
                                                                                       Israel in Samaria six months God
time-prophecy was to be fulfilled         prophecy that Daniel had been pro-          saw in the son of Jeroboam a
the armies of Israel marched out          claiming. And God was there to              worthless young man. H e was not
of Egypt. The whole programme             vindicate that promise and caused           worthy to be king, even over
had been planned by God in ad-            it to be fulfilled even to the very          apostate Israel, but rather than
 vance, and H e was only awaiting         day and hour.                                that the prophecy of God should
 the co-operation of His people.                                                       fail, God caused him to be king
                                                 THE PROMISE TO JEHU
    1 note another ~ r o m i s e Daniel
                                            There is another promise to an             for a period of six months. And so
 9 : l , 2 which must have been a                                                     we read in the twelfth verse :
 great encouragement to the people        individual of whom we do not
                                          know very much to-day, which                 "This was the word of the Lord
 of God at that time. There we are
                                          brings courage to my heart. It is            which H e spake unto Jehu, saying,
 told that DA+pielcame to an under-                                                    Thy sons shall sit on the throne of
 standing of the number of the years      a prophecy to Jehu, a captain of
                                          the host of Israel in the time of            Israel unto the fourth generation.
 of the captivity as a result of his                                                   And so it came to pass."
 study of the prophecy of Jeremiah.       Ahab. W e are told that Jehu cut
 They had been there sixty-eight          off the house of Ahab completely.               Now if God could keep His pro-
 years and yet not one of the cap-        He also cut off Baal, and so zealous        mise to Jehu, can H e not keep His
 tives had understood this special        was he in the bringing of the peo-           promises to us, even for a thousand
 promise. Daniel gave himself to          ple back to the worship of God               generations? Surely H e can.
 the study of God's Word and then         that God gave him a promise. "And               Now I would ask you this after-
 the light dawned upon him that           the Lord said unto Jehu, Because             noon whether we have come to the
  only two years were left before         thou hast done well in executing             place where we have so tested the
  God would fulfil that promise.          that which is right in Mine eyes,            promises to us, even for a thousand
    It was not easy to believe that       and hast done unto the house of              we can truly say that they are
 that promise would he fulfilled.         Ahab according to all that was in            "exceeding great and precious pro-
  Where was the king that had taken       Mine heart, thy children of the              mises," as Peter declared. (2 Peter
                                         British Advent Messenger

1 :4.) I believe that the measure of    one other promise and this is the      promise, and have proved it up to
our Christian experience is our         greatest of all. In the book of Acts   the hilt. This Holy Spirit of God
             to the promises of God,    we read, "Then Peter said unto         has become my own possession,
for Peter further tells us that faith   them, Repent, and be baptized          and I have seen the sanctifying
in these promises will take us out      every one of you in the name of        power of God in my life."
of the corrupting influences of this    Jesus Christ for the remission of         I pray God this afternoon that
world, that they will make us godly     sins, and ye shall receive the gift    we may all be helped to a deeper
and cause us to be partakers of the     of the Holy Ghost." Acts 2 :38.        desire for the searching of God's
divine nature.                             Have we gone through these          Word for these promises which
                                        three stages of repentance, bap-       H e has left on record for us, and
                                        tism, and the reception of the         that each promise may be sealed
         "YEA   AND AMEN"
                                        Holy Spirit? W e need to pray God      home so that we can say of each
   In 2 Corinthians 1 :20 the apostle   in this gathering that we may come     one, "True, Lord, this has been ful-
emphasizes our proving of the pro-      to the place where we can say,         filled in my experience. Amen.
mises of God in our own experi-         "I have been right through this        Praise the Lord."
ences. H e says : "For all the pro-
mises of God in Him are Yea, and
in Him Amen, unto the glory of
God by us." I take it from that
verse that we are to put the Amen
to each of God's promises as they
come into our experience. There
                                                     GREAT WALLY OF YOUTH
is not to be a single promise that
God has left for us that is to be                       Sabbath Afternoon, August 1, 1936
left with a negative sign against it.
   What about a few promises?
Here is one : "Call upon Me in the
day of trouble : I will deliver thee,     AT 4 :30 p.m. on Sabbath,            ty-one were repeated by different
and thou shalt glorify Me." Psa.        August Ist, t o the opening strains    sections of the audience.
50:15. Have we proved that?             of, "Saviour, blessed Saviour, lis-
How many can say Amen to that?                                                    A hearty welcome was extended
                                        ten while we sing," the 200 young      to all by the chairman, and greet-
   "I will never leave thee, nor for-   people in the M.V. Camp as-
sake thee." Heb. 13 :5.                                                        ings were brought by Brethren
                                        sembled on the platform.               H . T. Johnson and J. H . Parkin,
   "Honour the Lord with thy sub-         At the same time eighty-four
stance, and with the firstfruits of                                             representing the youth of South
                                        juniors bearing banners of various     and North England. Then followed
all thine increase." Prov. 3 :9
Have we tested that one fully?                                                 greetings from Wales, Scotland,
   "Bring ye all the tithes into the                                            and Ireland. The young people
storehouse, . . . and prove Me now                                              from these fields were invited to
herewith, saith the Lord of hosts."                                            'rise to their feet as the conferences
Mal. 3 : 10. Can we say Amen to                                                and fields were mentioned.
that one?                                                                         An outstanding feature of the
   "Ask, and ye shall receive."                                                Rally was a roll call of all the
John 16 :24.                                                                    societies in the British Isles.
   "I will take away sickness from
the midst of thee." Exod. 23 :25.                                                 As the society's name was called
   "There is no want to them that                                               the standard-bearer for that society
fear Him.'' Psa. 34 :9.                                                         raised the banner showing the
   These are only a few. We could                                               motto chosen. It was a sight long
enhance our%-wn experience in the                                               to be remembered to see the juni-
things of God if, day bv day, we                                                ors standing like a guard around
made a list of these promises as                                                the huge marquee and lifting their
we read through God's Word.                                                     banners in response to the call.
 Set out on paper every promise and                                             Over eighty societies were repres-
 ask ourselves whether they h a w                                               ented, including the Stanborough
been iulfilled in us. If they have                                              Park Sunday-school, the Chil-
 not, let us examine the cause. Is            Pastor F. W . Goodall.            dren's League of Health, the Sun-
 it because we are afraid to test                                               beams, and the Stanborough Park
                                             Union Departmental Secretary
the promise? Many times it may                                                  Missionary Volunteer Guild.
 mean sacrifice. But before the                                                    During the singing of Hymn No.
work is finished we must come to        colours took their places around        224. "Hallelujah," the juniors
 the place where each one of these      the large marquee. Portions of          marched with their banners on to
promises is fulfilled in us.            Scripture from Psalm ninety-six         the platform. Their varied colours
    In closing I will mention just      and Revelation nineteen and twen-       formed a striking background.
IZ                                       British Advent Messenger                                  AUGUST 4, 1936

  Greetings were also brought to       reported more fully below. Master       fact that God had brought him into
us from West Africa in a personal      Graham Maxwell sang "God Make           the world to be a forerunner of the
letter from A. W. Cooke of Ni-          Me Kind."                              first advent of Christ. And no
geria, and from East Africa              A special hymn, "Eternal Love,"       Seventh-Day Adventist father or
through the personal message of        composed for this conference was        mother to-day should deprive his
Pastor S. G. Maxwell. Other            sung in concluding this wonderful       child of that kind of teaching. The
countries such as Germany, Den-        meeting.                                father or mother that does not let
mark, Sweden, Norway, Canada,                                                  the teaching burn into the soul of
                                       Let all our youth their voices raise    his child that he lives and exists
Egypt, and even the I s l a d of       In songs of praise through endless
Mauritius were represented at this           days,                             to be the forerunner of the second
meeting.                                 0 pralse Him ! Hallelujah !           advent deprives his child of the
   Pastor Meade MacGuire gave          To Him from whom all blessings          most important thing in this world.
                                             flow,                             Every Seventh-Day Adventist
an inspiring address to the youth      Our hearts and lives His praise would
emphasizing the importance of                show.                             child should grow up with this con-
standing loyal to the truth. It is       Hallelujah ! Hallelujah. F.W.G.       viction burned into his soul. The
                                                                               one thing for which God brought
                                                                               you into existence is to be of help
                                                                               in finishing the work. My dear
                                                                               young people and children, God has
       Sharing                                                                 a place for every one of you in
                                                                               His work. I would not thank any-
                                                                               body to tell a child of mine, "You
                             in    #he Work               of God               cannot all be in the work." This
                                                                               text does not say five, ten, or fifty
     Abstract of address given at the Young People's Rally,                    per cent of your sons and
                     Sabbath, August 1, 1936                                   daughters shall prophesy. God has
                                                                               a place in His work for every
                        BY MEADE MacGUlRE                                      Seventh-Day Adventist boy and

                                                                                  I remember one time, maybe
                                                                               twenty years ago, there was a
   I REMEMBER very well when I         before we had anything of the           group of young people's leaders
was a child, and first heard this      kind organized in this denomina-        and secretaries who were talking
message, there grew up in my mind      tion.                                   over matters, and one got up and
a conviction that this message was        A few years later I was called       said, "The first time I saw Elder
God's last message to the world,       to the leadership of the young          MacGuire, he told me that the only
and that if I were to share in its     people and immediately I began to       thinp in the world I was interested
triumph I must share in its ser-       study of the Word of God and the        in was riding steers, but I went
vice. I felt that Jesus would never    Testimonies to see what the Lord        to the meetings, and one evening
come down and say "Well done"          had said about the young people's       Elder MacGuire put his arm
to me unless I did something.          work in connection with this Ad-        around my shoulders and said,
   I was teaching in a public school   vent message.                           'John, the Lord has a place for
when I was eighteen years old, but        I am going to read a text this       you in H i s work. And now I want
all the time I was troubled by the     afternoon that has always been an       you to get right off to school and
feeling that some day the Lord         assuring one to me for our young        study hard, and get out into the
would come and I would be left         people :                                work and help me.' Well, Brother
out because I had not done any-           "And it shall come to pass after-    MacGuire, here I am," he said.
thing for Him. So, finally, I de-      ward, that I will pour out My           H e was then a young people's sec-
cided I would have to go into the      Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons    retary in one of our conferences.
work I n t k s e days it was not       and your daughters shall prophesy,         Now I wish somehow that God,
so easy as it is to-day. There was     your old men shall dream dreams,        this afternoon, would start the
no one to ask me to go into the        your young men shall see visions."      conviction in the minds of you
work. No one ever invited me to        Joel 2 :28.                             children and young people that God
one of our schools, but I felt I had      That is a wonderful text. I have     has called you. Your name is in
to get into the work because I had     often thought of John the Baptist       the Bible, young man. Your name
to save my soul by sharing in this     when he was out there in the wil-       is in the Bible far more definitely
work of God.                           derness. One day some of the Jews       than John the Baptist's was. "Your
   Years later, when I got into the    came after him to ask who he            sons and your daughters shall pro-
organized work, I felt that as they    was, and he replied: "I am the          phesy." My dear children, if your
had young people's societies in        voice of one crying in the wilder-       father and mother, or even one of
other churches, we ought to have       ness." How did he know? The             them, is a Seventh-Day Adventist,
them in our churches. So I or-         parents of John the Baptist in-         then your name is right there in
ganized a young people's society       stilled into his mind from his          the book of Joel.
forty-five years ago, many years       earliest understanding the solemn          When 1 first went out to the
                                         British Advent Messenger
Philippine Islands in 1920, sixteen    they get through the lessons, they      Sabbath." The director of that field
 years ago, there were 6,000 be-       take one of the Bible readings,         later baptized a good many people
lievers in this island, and to-day     and go out to give it. Seven of         from the efforts of these young
there are 16,000. Ten thousand         these young men are preaching the       people.
have come in in sixteen years, and     Bible readings and taking cottage          So, my dear young friends, I am
they have largely been brought in      meetings, and they were all at it,      so glad that the Lord has a place
by young people. When our work         and having wonderful experi-            in His work for every one of our
started in the Philippines, they got   ences." Then she wrote a post-          children and you. God has a won-
a little group of Philippine young     script down a t the bottom : "I         derful career for every one of you.
men together. These young men          must not forget to tell you about       Remember, young people, that if
got a great conviction. They gave      our office-boy. H e has had a cot-      every one of you will just make
themselves to the Lord and went        tage meeting for weeks now, and         Jesus first in your life, H e will
out to preach, and it is wonderful     he has thirty-nine people who have      give you a work to do and a glori-
what God did through them.             signed the covenant to keep the         ous reward in His kingdom.
   When I was down in the West
Indies, in Central America, I went
away back into the interior among
the Indians. I noticed in one meet-
ing a little girl associating with                               THE IRISH MISSIONS
one of our office secretaries. A
few weeks' later she wrote to me
about being in the work. She was
                                                           Evangelists' Reports
a very earnest little Christian and
she said, "Brother MacGuire, I
have been working with one of
my girl friends in the high school                    Cork                     that Catholics were listening under
and she has accepted the Sabbath,         WE esteem it a privilege to bring    one's feet. "So we thanked God,
                                                                               and took courage."
and she is about to be baptized and    greetings from the city of Cork,
enter the church." A few months        and to relate a few of our ex-             As we neared the end of our six
later she wrote to me about a          periences and activities. Cork is       months' rental, the problem re-
whole family who were all inter-       in the extreme south of the Irish       turned of finding a better and
ested, and beginning to keep the       Free State. It has a population of      cheaper hall. This proved exceed-
Sabbath. I have been encouraged        80,000, of which 76,000 are Roman       ingly difficult, as Roman Catholics
so many times to see the amazing       Catholics.                              were afraid to let their rooms, and
things that God works through             Our first great difficulty was to    the only Protestant agent belonged
young people who get the convic-       find a hall. We were refused the        to the Plymouth Brethren. We
tion and go to work.                   use of any of the cinemas and all       were guided providentially to a
   I went to another island where      the Protestant halls. W e were          Jewish merchant who agreed to
the people were in a deplorable        glad finally to hire a billiard hall,   share a store-room with us. This
condition. They were poor and ig-      situated over a public-house and        room is over insurance offices on
norant. They had no school, but        owned by a Roman Catholic. In           one of the main streets. W e par-
they had a little group of young       the circumstances, our advertising      titioned and decorated it, and to-
people. I talked to them about all     had to be limited to the 4,000 Pro-     day it is one of the cosiest meeting-
being in the Lord's work. But they     testants who are scattered over         places we have in the British Isles.
did not have any books and did         the city.                                  During our nine months' mis-
not know how to do anything.              Our attendance was small when        sion we have covered all phases of
They had a young lady in charge        we opened our first meeting on          the message, also given twenty-
of the society, a black girl, so I     October 20, 1935. This was partly       two lantern lectures, sold 300
sent for a few copies of that little   due to the situation of the hall,       books, and distributed over 1,000
book, Ho&-to Give Bible Readings,      and partly to the opposition which      magazines and tracts. W e contri-
and T suppose you would not be         came chiefly from the Cathedral         buted $3 to the Big Week and
so happy if I were to give you a       ministry and the Baptist pastor.        collected 335 for the Harvest In-
hundred pounds apiece. They said,      The Lord enabled us to remove           gathering.
"We have got a book that will tell     much of the prejudice, however,            Conditions in Cork are well
us how to go to work for the           and the attendance increased. In        described in Gospel W o r k e r s , page
Lord."                                 spite of alcoholic odours and           462, where it is stated :
   A few weeks after I got home        other adverse conditions over              "In some places the work must
I had a letter from the secretary      which we had no control, the Lord       begin in a small way, and advance
down there and she said: "I am         blessed us with a strong interest.      slowly. This is all that the labour-
sure you will be interested to know    A number of Catholics used to sit       ers can do." The people of Cork
what has happened since you were       in the room beneath to hear the         are attached strongly to their
here. They get together one even-      message. I t added interest to the      churches. And though they ac-
ing a week, and each evening they      presentation of Daniel seven and        knowledge that we have the truth,
study one chapter. Then when           the change of the Sabbath to know       yet they cling to their old affilia-
                                          British Advent Messenger                                      AUGUST 4 , 1936

tions. But we believe that many of      ened to ineffectiveness, and Rome           A letter was put into the local
them will yet respond to the call,      is claiming the bigger share of the         paper saying that there were
"Come out of her, My people." A         privileges of the city. The Order           enough preachers and Christian
few have begun to keep the Sab-         of Orangemen, which has been for            workers in Derry, and that there
bath. One Baptist lady, who has         two centuries a substantial politi-         was no need for the lectures of
given generous donations to the         cal bulwark against Roman ag-               Pastor Bailey.
effort, has begun to observe the        gression, is distressed because her             Our first Sunday meeting had
Sabbath. A man strongly addicted        young men are frequently inter-             an attendance of fifty. Now that
to drink and gambling has re-           marrying with Catholic girls, and           the Sabbath has been presented
formed his life and attends Sab-        thus they lose their militancy.             and summer time has arrived, this
bath-school. Others are weighing        "Who will carry on after we are             has been cut down by one-half.
the evidences of our faith and are      gone?" is the sad lament of their           W e have a reading list of twenty-
counting the cost of obeying the        fathers. There is a further frater-         five. And so the people of Derry
truth.                                  nizing to be observed among the             have stood afar off. W e are grate-
   In conclusion, let me say a word     upper classes of the city, and many,        ful, however, to the Lord for
of appreciation for the good ser-       for business reasons, establish             raising up a friend, such as we
vices rendered by Brother Zins.         a compromise with "the enemy."              have needed, in the managing
H e has worked faithfully and           Presbyterianism has the strongest           director of The Derry Standard,
adapted himself well to the pecu-       Protestant following, and their             the Presbyterian newspaper. The
liar conditions of this Catholic city   ministers maintain a strict over-           gentleman, who is incidentally the
with its multitudes of priests,          sight of their flock.                      brother of Pastor S. Joyce, Sr.,
monks, and nuns. His has been no            With such conditions prevailing,        has given us wide publicity in pub-
easy task, and we were encouraged        I entered Londonderry in October           lishing very full reports of my
by his co-operation. W e believe        last, with Sister B. Cleary as my       '   lectures and has accepted for print
 that the prospects are bright for       Bible-worker.                               in addition all my letters. Hence
 the Advent message in the city of          Owing to strong religious preju-        my audience has been multiplied
 Cork.          J. A. MCMILLAN.          dices existing, and the extreme            manyfold.
                                         caution exercised, I could get no              I might mention here that to a
                                         suitable hall within the walls, and         strong presentation of the Sabbath,
           Londonderry                   was obliged to plafi my campaign            covering a period of one month,
                                         from a centre in a suburb on the            not one reply was forthcoming
   IT is not generally appreciated in    other side of the river, where the          from any of the church ministers.
Great Britain that at one time the       Orange Hall was offered me after            The same can be said, with but one
citizens of Derry-a mere handful         my list of subjects had been ap-            exception, to my sending all the
-put up an heroic and successful         proved by the committee of man-             clergy a circular letter and litera-
resistance to the 20,000 soldiers of     agement. My campaign, however.              ture on "The Change of the Sab-
James IT, the emissary of Rome,          was introduced by two week-night            bath."
until relief was brought by Wil-         lectures at the Guildhall, the chief           While presenting "The Mark of
liam of Orange. This memorable           hall of the city. Here I had an at-         the Beast," a city councillor and
siege determined whether a Catho-        t e n d a n c e of thirty-four and          president of the local branch of the
lic or a Protestant king should          eighteen. The opening was not               Protestant League attended. At
rule Great Britain, and the result       very auspicious, for the meetings           the close of the meeting he asked
was that James 1 lost his throne,        had been well advertised by news-           to be introduced to me, and gave
fled to France, and left Derry and       papers, posters, and handbills.             me an invitation to give the same
England to the victorious King           Thus, with mixed feelings, we be-           message "word for word" to the
William.                                 gan our campaign proper on the              next Protestant League meeting
   Thus the gallant defenders of         Sunday following, after church              This provided for me my largest
this small city in Northern Ireland      time, at Waterside.                         meeting in a free hall in the city,
changed the course of English his-          Early we encountered opposition,         with free advertising by newspaper
tory in 16%$ since when the Pro-         in the secretary of The Christian           and handbills. Nearly two hundred
testant religion and the liberties of    Workers' Union publicly denounc-            in this way listened with keen at-
England have been maintained.            ing us at an interdenominational            tention to the third angel's mes-
   To-day what Rome did not ac-          evangelistic meeting at the Guild-          sage, many of whom expressed to
quire by the army of James 11,           hall. Church ministers began to             me their great appreciation of all
she is accomplishing by peaceful         warn their congregations against            they had h e a d . At the close, the
penetration. The population of the       false prophets. W e were declared           committee thanked me, handed me
city is 45,000, of which 27,000, or      to be Mormons, then Russellites             the collection, and presented me
two-thirds, is Roman Catholic.           The Plymouth Brethren were gal-              with an Irish Blackthorn as a
 Priests and nuns are everywhere         vanized into activity and had a             token of their friendship.
 to be seen, and they boast of a          special man from Belfast to con-              A very lengthy report of this
 cathedral, convents, schools, and        duct a series of meetings, and here         lecture appeared in both the Pro-
 other institutions.                      again, I was held up as a danger            testant newspapers of the city, and
   Protestant resistance has weak-        to the welfare of the community.            many are expressing their convic-
AUGUST 4, 1931                           British Advent Messenger                                              15

tion that the Bible requires the ob-   We have started a Sabbath-school       pite this fact we are able to show
servance of Saturday, while Sun-       and hold a regular Sabbath ser-        a small increase over the previous
day has for its authority the anti-    vice.                                  period and feel grateful to our
Christian power of Rome.                 The work at present is slow,         heavenly Father for the faithful-
   From those attending our meet-      but as we hold on to it, we are con-   ness of our people during these
ings, there are about twelve mak-      vinced that eventually, under the      trying years.
ing an attempt to keep the Sabbath.    blessing of God, we shall gather
                                                                                 We have done some pioneer
Our average week-night atten-          out a strong company of believers.
                                                                              work in the Orkney and Shetland
dance is also about that number.                          F. C. BAILEY.       Islands and also in the Island of
                                                                              Skye and hope to see some fruit
                                                                              for our labours in the near future.
                                                                              But when we realize the number
                         SCOTTISH MISSION                                     of towns and villages still un-
                                                                              worked we recognize we have a
   Superintendent's Report, 1932 to 1935                                      staggering task before us. There
                                                                              are scores of islands, together
                            BY L. MURDOCH                                     with very large agricultural areas,
                                                                              where as yet no work has been
                                                                              done and we do not have a single
                                                                              Sabbath-keeper. The followincr
   IT is with pleasure that I give a   organized church in Aberdeen, and      facts present a mighty challenge
report of the progress of the work     hope to organize a church in Dun-      to our small force of workers.
in the Scottish Mission during the     dee as well in the near future. The    There are sixty villages with ap-
past four years. We feel that the      members in Aberdeen have set           proximately two thousand people,
Lord has blessed His faithful          their hearts on obtaining a granite    forty with a population of between
labourers, and we thank and praise     church building of their own, and      three and four thousand, thirty
Him for the success H e has given.     we believe that this will be a         with a population of between five
   During this period twelve public    reality before very long.              and ten thousand, seventeen towns
campaigns have been conducted by          The Scottish people have always     with a population of between ten
our workers and 109 people             been greatly interested in missions,   and twenty thousand, fourteen
brought into this message. A num-      and the same spirit that urged         towns with a population of be-
ber of our lay brethren have held      David Livingstone to open up the       tween thirty and sixty thousand;
small efforts and they have had        dark continent of Africa is still      not to mention that there are over
the great joy of winning souls for     manifest in our country. Perhaps       a million people in Glasgow, where
the Master. We plan to develop         this is one reason for the good        we have only one minister and one
this phase of our work more and        success we have had in our Har-        Bible-worker. It will be necessary
more, because we believe that God      vest Ingathering Work. During          for us to have more workers and
has great opportunities for these      the quadrennium $2,688 has been        to make much larger plans and
brethren in helping to finish our      raised, this being an increase of      probably change our methods if
task in Scotland.                      nearly £700 over the previous          we are going to take this message
   Four years ago we were carry-       period. We thank God for this          to these people in this generation.
ing a debt of nearly 331,000 on our    splendid achievement and also for         Our colporteurs have laboured
church buildings, but through the      the number of people with whom         untiringly, and the Lord has given
earnest endeavours and the co-         we have been able to get into touch    them favour with the people by
operation of our entire member-        as the result of the Harvest In-       supplying their needs and giving
ship and the help of the British       gathering, some of whom have           them souls for their hire. Nothing
Union, this large sum has been en-     now become members of our              brings greater joy to those who
tirely cleared and sufficient money    church. Our total mission offer-       carry our truth-filled books than
raised t o ~ ~ our buildings in good
               ut                      ings during this period have in-       to see some souls brought into this
repair.                                creased from 33,357 to £4,109.         message as the direct result of
   During the past four months we        The years of depression through      their endeavours.
have been able to obtain the ex-       which we have passed have been            We have a number of students
clusive use of an excellent hall in    most keenly felt in Scotland; large    studying medicine in Glasgow and
the centre of Edinburgh; though        businesses have been moving to         Edinburgh, some of whom have
we can never feel satisfied until      the south to such an extent that       had remarkable success in obtain-
we have a church building of our       the Government has become              ing medical scholarships. Last
own in the capital of Scotland, so     alarmed for the future of the          Easter during the recess, whicl!
that our work may be properly          country, and at the moment plans       lasted only two weeks, two of the
represented.                           are in operation to stem the tide.     medical students sold $100 worth
   Very good work has been done        Because of this, the earning power     of our bound books. The success
in the north of Scotland during        of our people has been greatly         that has attended these students in
this period, and we are happy to       limited and this has had an ad-        gaining scholarships, thus enabling
report that we now have a fully        verse effect on our tithes; but des-   them to pay all their expenses
                                          British Adoent Messenger                                          AUGUST 4, 1936

through a m e d i d college, should longing is to see this glorious                everywhere, and we thank Him for
inspire many of our young men to Advent message p r o c l a i m e d                what has been accomplished.
follow their example, so that our throughout the whole land with                       During the past few months I
medical work may be greatly the zeal and religious fervour that                     have had the privilege of labour -
strengthened in the British Union. characterized her earlier reform-                ing in Glasgow. On Sunday eveli
   W e have six regular workers in ers.                                             ing, May 31st, we had a sm:dl
our Mission; they have laboured         With the exception of seven or
                                                                                    baptismal service. The church was
untiringly through the years and eight, all her towns, some of them                 filled with people who had come to
it has been a great pleasure to having a population of many thou-                   witness the sacred ordinance, at
associate with them. Sister Archi- sands, have yet to be entered with               the close of which nine dear souls
bald has been connected with the the third angel's message. The                     were received into the church,
work in Scotland almost from the thought of this, knowing the short-                seven by baptism and two by vote.
beginning and Sister McRorie, ness of time, is almost overwhelm-                    It was through the faithful follow-
Sister Fleming, and Brother Tap- ing. Our cry is, "0 Lord, how                      ing up of Harvest Ingathering
ping have been with us since leav- long?" W e do most earnestly pray                work by Miss Mitchell, one of our
ing the college almost six years that God will send us a larger                     local sisters, that one of these
ago. Brethren F. W. Johnston number of workers, so that greater                     candidates was won. There are
from Canada and S. G. Joyce from and more determined efforts than                   others who are interested, among
Ireland gave us strong help with hitherto may be put forth to reach                 whom is the principal of one of
our evangelistic work during this the inhabitants of this fair land.                the colleges in Glasgow. W e do
period, and we could not close this     It is about forty years since our
                                                                                    hope that these will take their
report without speaking a word of blessed truth entered this land. W e              definite stand.
deep appreciation to all who have have some members who accepted
laboured with us during the past it about that time and who are                        We appreciate the good help
quadrennium. Brother Morrison, still faithful. T o them it is dearer                given first of all by Miss Fleming
who began work in Scotland a than life itself. W e can indeed                       and latterly by Miss McRorie, as
quarter of a century ago and has raise an ebenezer to God for the                   also the unstinted service of
since been working in the South wonderful keeping power that is in                  Brother Barr in arranging for the
and North Conferences and also in this Advent message; when it gets                 music and singing. W e rejoice to-
Wales, a few months ago returned a real hold it never does let go.                  gether in what has been accom-
to the field of his former labours. Although the work in Scotland has               plished and ask an interest in your
Our people extended to him the gone slower than in other parts of                   prayers for the work in Scntland.
warmest welcome back home again. the Union, yet God has a people                                        D. MORRISON.
   W e sincerely thank all our mem-
bers for their faithfulness and the
loyal support and co-operation
which has made this good report                                    RESOLUTIONS
possible. W e feel we can say with
the psalmist, "How excellent is
 Thy lovingkindness, 0 God!            RESOLUTION ON COLPORTEUR WORK                  Resolved, 1. That as members of
therefore the children of men put                                                   the remnant church we do all in our
                                        WHEREAS, has signally blessed               power to encourage our young people
 their trust under the shadow of the efforts of our consecrated colpor-             to obtain an education at Newbold
 Thy wings." "0 continue Thy teur-evangelists, resulting in an ever-                Missionary College.
lovingkindness unto them that widening distribution of the printed                    2. That in all our churches and
                                               and the conversion of many
know Thee : and Thy righteous- message the truth,
                                     souls to
                                                                                    companies we follow the plan of hav-
 ness to the upright in heart."                                                     ing a Students' Aid Fund in order
                                        Resolved, That we pray the Lord             to assist worthy young people who
   W e ask for an interest in your of the harvest to send more labourers            do not have the necessary means to
prayers that the work may advance into this field of service, and that we           begin their College course.
more rapidly in Scotland.           unite in encouraging suitable men and             3. That we uphold in prayer our
                                     women to devote their lives to the             teachers and those who have the
                                     literature ministry.                           leadership of the youth, that they
                                                                                    may be given special wisdom and
             Glasgow                         RESOLUTION ON EDUCATION                tact in dealing with those under their
  SCOTLAND one of the most
              is                                                                    care so that the noble army of young
                                          WHEREAS, educational system
                                                     Our                            people in our midst may be saved in
wonderful countries in the world,       was founded under the guidance of           the kingdom of God.
and certainly one of the most           God for the purpose of saving our
beautiful. Beholding her scenery        youth and preparing them for ser-
one is reminded of the lines, writ-     vice in the Advent cause, and               ((   BRITISH   ADVENT    MESSENGER

ten by her national bard, "From                      In
                                          WHEREAS, these last days our
scenes like these, old Scotia's         young people are being made a special
                                        object of attack of the enemy, and
grandeur springs."
  I t is not, however, her natural
beauty, nor her historic record that
concerns us most. Our greatest
                                          WHEREAS, schools and colleges
                                        have been designated in the Spirit
                                        of prophecy as cities of refuge for
                                        our tempted and tried youth,
                                                                                    I)             EDITORS
                                                                                         A S. Maxwell
                                                                                                       W L. Emmtrson


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