CLCA AGM Minutes Aug 29 2010 by gjjur4356


                  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING AUG. 29, 2010

  1. Call To Order
        - the meeting was called to order at 1:15 pm

  2. Approval of the Agenda
        - additions: move 9.2 to 4.9; change # 11 to Door Prize Draws and then
           Adjournment becomes #12
        - Agenda approved by consensus

  3. Opening remarks and Introduction of Guests
        - CLCA President Dave Clyne welcomed all to the meeting and indicated
           that people could help themselves to refreshments at any time during the
        - It has been a busy year for the CLCA Exec. : main issues – Governance,
           preventive measures re west side flooding, Cultus Lake View Newsletters
        - Re the west side – a presentation was held for residents explaining the
           improvements done by the CL Public Works, and the Ministries of
           Forestry and Transportation; a brochure re a flooding emergency is in
        - The Governance Cmte was disbanded at the April 28th meeting
        - Dave stated that he would comment more on this later in the meeting
        - There have been 2 benefits from the Governance Cmte: 1) it provided
           valuable information on the history and current operation of CL Park;
           residents were encouraged to read the material, which is accessible on the
           website.; the Cmte process was very open and included questions from the
           public gallery and on the website
        - 2) the Cmte provided an opportunity for our Soowahlie First Nation
           neighbours to tell their history
        - The Exec. wishes to continue developing our relationship with Soowahlie
           residents; we have common interests
        - As Chief Jasper has said several times at the meetings, the Soowahlie First
           Nation has historical issues with the federal, provincial and local
           governments, but they do not have issues with CL Park residents.
        - Dave stated that we very much appreciate that Chief Otis Jasper and Larry
           Commodore were here today to speak
        - They had brought an historical display which was at the back of the room
        - Dave reported that he and Marg Wilson were privileged to be invited to
           the beach and Government House ceremonies in Victoria in April, for the
           launching of the river canoe “Shxwtitostel”, carved by His Honour
           Lieutenant Governor Steven Point and Tony Hunt. Dave and Marg
           presented slides and their observations to City council on July 5th
        - Dave reported that in the Agenda package is a summary of the tasks of the
           Executive. We will also be preparing operations manuals for Market in the
          Park and The Cultus Lake View Newsletter; the manual for COP has been
          completed by Barry and Lewis
      -   Dave announced that only the last 3 months of Exec. Cmte Meeting
          Minutes are going to be posted, as all past Minutes are on the website. The
          Minutes of the previous General Meeting will be posted.
      -   Dave reminded people who spoke today to use the mic and state their
      -   Dave introduced the following: (regrets from MLA Barry Penner, City of
          Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz and Fraser Valley Regional District
          Representative Dave Lamson;) CLPB Chair Brian Nokleby; Soowahlie
          First Nation Chief Otis Jasper and historian Larry Commodore; RCMP
          Corporal Brett Loundsbury; Park Patrol Supervisor Cole Vander Helm and
          Bylaw Enforcement Officer Kelsey Paul; COP Coordinator Lewis
          Kirkness; CLPB Fire Chief Warren Mazuren and Assistant Chief Glenn
          Charles; CL Community School Vice Principal Charlotte de Bruyn
          CLPB Commissioners Owen Skonberg and Terry Woodrow
      -   Also CLCA Exec members: Vice President Marg Wilson and Joanne
          Henderson (sent regrets), Secretary Virginia O’Brien, Treasurer Jane
          Monesmith, Barry Cornfield, Lewis Kirkness, Gary Sainiuk, Market
          Manager Lorna Griffeth and Helen Pauls, who is retiring from the Exec.;
          she was thanked for her past 2 years of service and for her willingness to
          continue to write for the Newsletter

4. Reports
   4.1 MLA – Barry Penner
       - unable to attend

   4.2 City of Chilliwack – Mayor Sharon Gaetz
       - unable to attend

   4.3 Fraser Valley Regional District – Dave Lamson
       - unable to attend

   4.4 Cultus Lake Park Board – Chair Brian Nokleby
       - Brian thanked the CLCA for their work in the community, stating that it
          is good for people to have another option to “raise their voice”
       - He reported on the status of amalgamation: the Governance Cmte was
          disbanded; the City wants to talk to the government about getting out of
          their role of responsibility for oversight of CL Park; if that occurs, then
       - The CLPB will send a delegation to the Province to present our situation
       - The CL Park Act is the governing document; Brian urged people to read
          it and give feedback to the Board about changes they would like to see
       - When the Act was created in 1932 it was farsighted, wanting to preserve
          the area for a park; but it is now outdated
    -   We need to define ourselves: are we a park with a community or a
        community with a park?
    -   There are financial sustainability issues for both
    -   Brian reported that the CAO is preparing a “good neighbour” bylaw
    -   Building bylaws are outdated and are being reviewed
    -   The cost of the 14 lots has been reduced, in keeping with the current
    -   The questionnaire re the financial situation is in process; the Board will
        use the input when preparing next year’s budget
    -   Brian said he would be available to talk with people after the meeting

4.5 Soowahlie First Nation – Chief Otis Jasper
    - Chief Jasper thanked the CLCA for their invitation to speak at the
    - He noted that the participation of Soowahlie on the Governance Cmte
       was the first step in engaging with the government and community
    - He stated that they want to build and strengthen relationships with
       community residents
    - Their issues are land and historical dealings with 3 levels of government
    - In reference to the display at the back, it does not include a map of the
       Douglas Reserve land, determined by Governor Douglas in 1864
    - (Chief Jasper later indicated that he would get a copy of the map for the
       CLCA and the CLPB office)
    - The Douglas Reserve was for 4,000 acres plus a promise to share the
    - In 1868, Governor Trutch disregarded the Douglas position and resource
       promise and reduced the area to 1,100 acres
    - During this time, there was no money for funding treaties, west of the
       Rockies; so there has not been an official treaty or agreement
    - Soowahlie has been trying to deal with this issue for the past 150 years,
       primarily with the Federal Government, and more recently with the
       Provincial and local governments
    - From 1927 to 1952 it was illegal for First Nations to pursue land claims
    - So when the CL Park Act was passed in 1932, Soowahlie was unable to
    - The Governance Cmte has given Soowahlie the opportunity to bring their
       story and history to the surface; understanding the history helps to build
    - Chief Jasper stated that their future depends on engaging in relationships
       with CL residents
    - We have a common interests and love of the Lake and have common
       issues – traffic, alienation from the Lake in summer, salmon
    - Soowahlie does not want to remove residents from the Lake
    - We want to talk without fear, to work together to have some control over
       this area, to have a local voice and a mutually beneficial relationship
    -   Dave Clyne thanked Chief Jasper and reinforced the wish to build
        relationships and dialogue; we have the love of the Lake in common

4.6 RCMP – Corporal Brett Loundsbury
    - Cpl Loundsbury stated that Inspector Wilson sends his regrets
    - Cpl Loundsbury is the head of the summer policing unit which covers
      CL, Chilliwack Lake, Harrison Lake, Hope and up to Boston Bar
    - The influx of people in the summer to this whole area is approx. 1.5
    - 2 yrs ago , providing summer policing for this area was made a priority
      and last year there was a unit of 1 Cpl and 6 Constables; this year there
      are 8 Constables
    - They have a no tolerance policy for loud and out of control parties, or for
      any criminal activity
    - Cpl Loundsbury will be back next year and will use his understanding of
      the area to formulate a focused plan
    - 187 tickets have been issued, the majority at CL
    - There were 47 twenty-four hr suspensions, 14 impaired driving charges,
      429 liquor seizures
    - The boat has been on the lake 15 times; it operates from May 20 to Sept.
    - They teach safe boating, but have also issued 114 Shipping Act warnings
      and 4 violations
    - Some boaters were prevented from launching because of inadequate
      safety equipment

4.7 Park Patrol and Citizens on Patrol – Cole Vander Helm, Kelsey Paul and
    Lewis Kirkness
    Kelsey Paul – Bylaw Enforcement Officer
    - Kelsey reported that she has been with the Park Patrol for 8 years and
       this year is in the new position of Bylaw Enforcement Officer
    - This new position is to provide continuity in enforcement and to free up
       the rest of the Park Patrol for safety related issues
    - She covers the commercial and residential areas
    - She has 160 files, most of which are about parking
    - At the last CLPB meeting, a bylaw was passed designating the space in
       front of each house as the place for resident parking only
    - If someone else is parked there, you can call the Park Patrol and the
       vehicle may be towed
    - If extra space for parking is needed, please consult with your neighbours
    - People on Lakeshore and Munroe need to write in a request to park at the
       rear of the house
    - Similarly, those on corner lots, wishing to park a the side, need to submit
       a written request
    - Boats and trailers cannot park at the front with a vehicle
    - She has issued 447 warnings on bylaw issues
-  Re dogs – some residents have apparently given incorrect information, so
   please be sure you understand the bylaw
- Re pay parking and Market in the Park – for yesterday and next Saturday,
   there will be a refund for people who pay and spend only an hour at the
- We are tightly staffed this year, so we may not be able to respond as
   quickly to your calls, but we will be as effective, fair and fast as we can
- QUESTION _ Gary Sainuik – if we call for a vehicle to be removed, how
   long do we have to wait until it is removed?
- Kelsey – we will check to see if it is owned by a local person and get
   them to move it , before we call for it to be towed
Cole Vander Helm
- Cole said that, as noted, they have fewer staff this year
- They are 24/7 until the end of Sept; then they are on reduced staff,
   working 4 nights and 2 days
- At night they patrol the beaches and Sunnyside, one of the largest
   campgrounds in western Canada
- In the residential area they deal with noise, reckless driving, drinking,
   assaults, dogs
- The major issues this year have been 5 assaults, as well as vandalism to
- Please keep your area well lit
- There have been approximately 1,000 occurrences, which is in keeping
   with the past few years
- Three PP staff have been hired into FT work – one with the Abbotsford
   Police and 2 with Corrections Canada
- Cole thanked residents for their calls to PP, COP for their work on
   weekends, the RCMP for their support
- Having a Bylaw officer has helped the rest of the staff concentrate on
- QUESTION – Dave Clyne – you said there was fewer staff this year –
   how many less?
- Cole – we have 10 staff, down from 14
Lewis Kirkness – COP
- Lewis reported that this year there are 39 volunteers, in 7 teams plus
   some spares
- Of those 39, 15 have been with COP from the beginning in 2004
- To date volunteers have done approx. 170 hrs
- There is a daytime team of 2 who patrol the parking lots, issuing ICBC
   Crime Prevention notices; by the end of July, they had distributed over
   200 notices
- There was an incident this summer with a group of youth; COP worked
   with the PP and appreciated the thank you they received from PP
- If you feel that COP is doing a good job, then please come and join us
   next year
- A reminder to COP members that the pot luck is on Sept. 11th.
  4.8 Fire Dep’t – Chief Warren Mazuren and Ass’t Chief Glenn Charles
      - Glenn indicated that it has been a transition year
      - The support from the CLPB and residents has been appreciated
      - 8 months ago, they asked the City and Columbia Valley fire halls for an
      - The 4 goals which emerged from this were: consistency, reliability,
          structure and maturity
      - To address these goals, a number of actions have been taken
      - There are now operating guidelines for training and fire fighting, and
          standard operating procedures have been developed
      - There is now a file on each member, recording their training and
      - They received basic forest fire fighting training from the local Forestry
          office and are now certified
      - CPR certification has been updated
      - a third of the 15 members have received First Responder( medical)
          training and have responded to 15 events since June 1
      - They have raised funds to purchase a defibrillator and members are being
          trained to use it
      - A grant has been received for a Train the Trainer course for basic fire
          fighting and First Responders
      - Training has occurred for handling chemicals
      - They are working on an Emergency Plan with the CLPB
      - They are raising money to purchase a thermal imaging camera
      - They have new uniforms, which have been purchased personally by each
          member ( $300)
      - They have taken the engine to the school and the Market
      - Fundraisers planned: Summer Sizzler ( Aug. 28), Halloween and a

  4.9 Community School – Vice Principal Charlotte DeBruyn
      - Charlotte stated that she has been with the School District for 17 years,
        and has been an Administrator for the past 4 years
      - She hopes to tap into the resources here in the community
      - They will have 125 students, with the full day kindergarten full at 22
      - A day care will be starting up and a preschool program, Strong Start, will
        operate 2 mornings/week with parent participation
      - Goals for the school are to teach and improve: social responsibility and
        positive behaviour, numeracy and literacy.

5. Approval of the Minutes of Aug. 23, 2009
      - GARY SAINIUK/OWEN SKONBERG, that the Minutes be approved as
         posted. CARRIED
6. Election of Officers – Lorna MacLaren
        - Lorna explained that the Constitution Bylaws require that there be 10
            Directors, with 5 elected each year
        - The Nominating Committee has recommended 4 candidates: Dave Clyne,
            Barry Cornfield, Joanne Henderson, Sheryl Henderson
        - Nominated from the floor was Nora Lowe
        - There being no further nominations, the 5 candidates were declared
            elected by acclamation
        - Lorna thanked the Nominating Cmte – Marg Wilson, Joanne Henderson
            and Gary Sainiuk

7.   Treasurer’s Report – Jane Monesmith ( posted and distributed)
- LEWIS KIRKNESS/ALLAN RUTTAN, that the Treasurer’s Report be
approved as distributed and posted. CARRIED
8.   Correspondence ( posted)
       - no questions or comments

9. Further Reports
   9.1 Market in the Park – Lorna Griffeth
   -      Lorna reported that this has been a very successful year
   -      More vendors have come over the whole season than we have had in
          previous yrs.
       - on a number of Sats. there have been only 1 or 2 empty spots out of 57
       - the weather has been good except for our 10th anniversary when we had a
       - but that didn’t keep people from enjoying the beautiful cake – good job
       - Lorna thanked Jack Short and Al Parrish for doing the space marking;
           Lewis and Dave for supervising the teens this year ( Tyson, Tanner and
           Caitlin did a good job of setting up, taking down and helping the vendors)
       - Thanks also to Clasina Turner, Joanne Henderson, Kay Turner and
           Virginia O’Brien for helping at the CLCA booth
       - Thanks to the CLPB for the parking passes for vendors – this worked very
       - We have been asking everyone what they thought about moving the
           Market and we will present results to the PB
       - We wanted to get input from the public as well as the vendors
       - Thanks for the refund arrangement for last Sat and next, so that people
          who paid to park and were only at the Market for an hr can get a refund
       - Lorna invited Soowahlie to take part in the Market – they could put out
          information about their concerns
       - This would be another bridge to communication between people in our
       - Dave thanked Lorna for her amazing hard work throughout the year

9.2 Governance – Dave Clyne
       - Dave reported that, as indicated by Brian Nokleby, the Governance
           Cmte was disbanded in April
       - he read Mayor Gaetz’s comments, from the unapproved Minutes
           which stated that , based on the response from the Province, the cost to
           citizens of Chilliwack would be too heavy to bear without financial
           assistance from the Province; also the City has no voice in issues that
           have to be worked out with Soowahlie. Further, she commented that
           the main concern was tenure and this was not part of the Cmte’s mandate
       - she thanked everyone for their participation
       - Dave stated that he, Sacha Peter and Dave Lamson voted against the
           motion to disband
          - Dave and Virginia had consulted the Terms of Reference which stated that
            the next step was a public information process; in addition, the letter from
            the Province did not seem to preclude further funding
          - The Government representative said that the Gov’t would not provide
            further funding because the City did not want to proceed
          - After the vote, Dave and Virginia did feel that at least the public could
            access all the information on the website
          Motion re CL Park Act
          - Dave reported that he had met with CLPB Chair Nokleby, Commissioners
            Peter and Skonberg and FVRD representative Dave Lamson
          - Virginia also attended a second meeting which included CAO Ron
            Campbell and Mel Turner, a retired BC Parks Manager
          - They discussed the possibility of having the CL Park Act come under the
            Ministry of the Environment
          - As a result of these 2 meetings, Dave and Virginia prepared a motion for
            the CLCA Exec.
          - They gave further input into the motion that is presented today for your
          - Dave stated that they wanted the motion to be broad and not restrictive, to
            encourage the involved levels of gov’t to look at all of the Act
          - But they did want to specifically include the 2 areas that always seem to
            be of most concern to residents and leaseholders
          - We have included a rationale for the motion
          - Basically it says that the CLCA supports a discussion of possible changes
            to the Park Act, including financial sustainability and elected
          - Dave called for the motion to be moved so discussion could occur
          - BRIAN DYCK/LORNA MACLAREN moved the following motion

                             August 29, 2010


“That the Cultus Lake Community Association members support
the discussion, by the involved levels of government, of
changing the Cultus Lake Park Act. Such discussion would
include the issues of financial sustainability and elected

Rationale: Cultus Lake Park Act, Statutes of B.C., 1932 Chapter 63 updated to June 16,
2005, states:

Cultus Lake Park Act:

18. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), the power of the Board to expend moneys
shall be limited to the money received from operating the said park, together with such
sums as may be granted by the District of Chilliwack; and the Board shall within one month
after the expiry of each year furnish the District of Chilliwack with a statement of current
receipts and expenditures as at the thirty-first day of December in each year.

   (2) The Board may pass a by-law or may from time to time pass by-laws authorizing
the borrowing and in pursuance thereof may borrow from any person such sum or sums of
money as may be requisite to meet the lawful expenditure of the Board under the following

      (a) That the obligation given to the lender shall be in writing, signed by the
Chairman and the Finance Committee [if any] and the Secretary-‘Treasurer of the Board,
and shall bear the corporate seal, and shall be for a period of not exceeding one year, but
may be renewed from time to time as circumstances may be require:

       (b) That the Board shall in the by-law name the amount to be borrowed, the
maximum rate of interest, the date on or before which principal and interest shall be
payable, and the form of the obligation to be given as an acknowledgement of the liability:

       (c) That the total of the liability so incurred shall not at any time exceed the sum of
$50,000 without the express permission of the District of Chilliwack, which permission may
be given in all cases where the said municipality deems it fitting and proper.

Cultus Lake Community Association Position:

In view of the above restrictions, it is our opinion that
Cultus Lake Park needs to have access to grants and loans
available from various levels of government.

                               Elected Representation

Cultus Lake Park Act:

3. A Board of Commissioners, to be known as the “Cultus Lake Park Board,” shall be
constituted as hereinafter provided and shall have the regulation, management,
maintenance, and improvement of Cultus Lake Park.

4. The Board shall be and is constituted a body politic and corporate and shall consist of
seven members, five of whom shall represent the District of Chilliwack, and two of whom
shall represent the residents of Cultus Lake Park and referred to hereafter as “Cultus Lake

5. (a) The qualification for a member of the Board as representing the District of Chilliwack
shall be the qualification of a member of the Council of a Municipality as provide by the
Local Government Act.

   (b) The two Cultus Lake representatives shall be qualified by being such persons who
are leaseholders of the Board or who reside within Cultus Lake Park; and who in all other
respects would be qualified for, and not disqualified from, being nominated, elected, or
holding office as a member of the Council of a municipality as provided by the Local
Government Act.

6. (b) The two Cultus Lake representatives shall be elected to the Board by persons who
are leaseholders of the Board or who reside within Cultus Lake Park.

          -   Discussion:
          -   We need to have access to gov’t grants and loans
          -   Our elected representation now is 5 from Chilliwack and 2 from CL
          -   We want the majority from CL, but didn’t specify that in the motion
          -   We want to give the problem back to the Province
          -   Glenn Charles – is Ben Stewart the new Minister of Community
          -   Dave Clyne - yes
          -   Norris Andreason - who is Mel Turner?
          -   Dave Clyne – a retired BC Parks manager who has done lots of work at
              the Deputy Minister level; he is very well informed and is a consultant on
              parks issues
          -   Owen Skonberg – CL is the only park not under the Ministry of the
          -   Glenn Charles – if the CLPB is going to make a recommendation to
              Victoria, with this be made public?
          -   Brian Nokleby – after preliminary discussion in camera, it most likely will
              be made public
          -   Gordon Hay – it will be interesting to see the response from the
              government. The last time, our request to change the Act was turned down
              because of the Governance issue. There may be more pressure now that
              there is so much more information from the Governance process
          -   Dave Clyne - the Mayor wants to talk to the gov’t about the City’s
          -   Brian Nokleby – we are not high on the govt’s agenda
        -   Dave Clyne – but if they get input from CLPB, CLCA, City and FVRD,
            this may draw more attention
        -   Chris Skonberg – can we add ecological sustainability to the motion?
        -   Dave Clyne – we feel all aspects of the Act should be addressed, but
            especially financial and representation issues
        -   Max Newhouse – if Soowahlie is involved this will help put pressure on
            the gov’t
        -   Lorna MacLaren – the motion leaves it open to bring anything to the table,
            including the environment
        -   The motion was called to question and was CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY

9.3 CLASS - Dave Clyne
       - Dave reported that they meet the last Wed of the month from Sept to June
            at 9:30 am at the DFO office; all are welcome
       - they received funding for public outreach, so a pilot survey was done at
           the Fishing Derby and the revised one was done at the Market; results are
           being tabulated
       - they are working on getting funding for nutrient monitoring
       - we need to have a baseline
       - the next meeting is Sept. 28

9.4 Cultus Lake View Newsletter – Dave Clyne
         - Dave announced that now that the Governance Cmte is ended, the
             Newsletter will come out 2x/yr, in March and July
          - community input is welcome

 10. Other Business

     10.1 Constitution – Special Resolution Follow Up – Dave Clyne
         - at the last AGM it was mentioned that sending audited financial
            statements to the Register of Societies was no longer required
        - we discussed eliminating this from the Constitution
        - after investigation, it was found that this takes a lot of work and time
        - so the recommendation is to leave the Constitution as is
        - there were no objections to this

    10.2 Future Plan Committee Survey – Chris Skonberg
        - Chris stated that a survey form was delivered to each house
        - It is due at the end of Sept.
        - You can take them to the Park office or go on the website and e-mail a
        - Copies are available at this meeting

    10.3 Thanks to Barry Cornfield
        - Barry was thanked for his work on the Newsletter and website
11. Door Prize Draws – Lewis Kirkness
       - Lewis was thanked for arranging for these
       - The following businesses contributed : CL Waterpark, Beach Buoy,

12. Adjournment
       - BARRY CORNFIELD/OWEN SKONBERG, that the meeting adjourn at
          3:05 pm. Meeting adjourned.

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