SEPTEMBER 21, 2006

Medicine Hat – The City of Medicine Hat resumes management of off-street downtown parking
from the City Centre Development Agency (CCDA) this weekend.

Management of downtown parking includes the sale of parking passes for the Choke Cherry,
Linden, and Cottonwood parking lots, and the second and third levels of the Transit Terminal
Parkade. The City also provides routine maintenance such as snow and ice control, line
painting, sweeping, litter control, vandalism repair and sign maintenance.

In January 2004, the City Centre Development Agency (CCDA) took over marketing of off-street
parking lots in the downtown area. In April 2006, the City received notice that the CCDA wished
to terminate the agreement effective Sept. 24, 2006.

“We’ve done everything to make the transfer of the management of downtown parking back to
the City as seamless as possible for our customers,” says Tim Scory, Manager of Operations,
Municipal Works. “Nothing has changed. Visitors can still park four hours free at Cottonwood Lot
and the second level Transit Parkade. The costs also remain the same for the remainder of the

Current fees for parking passes range from $35 to $45 per month/$400 to $500 per year.
Medicine Hat’s fees for off-street parking are comparable to the fees charged in Red Deer and
Lethbridge. Pending Council approval, there will be a 3.5 per cent inflationary increase to fees
for 2007 and 2008.

“Current pass holders have been contacted by the City to notify them that the City is taking over
management of downtown parking,” adds Scory. “If you have any questions about downtown
parking contact the Municipal Works department at 529-8177.”

Residents can purchase monthly or yearly passes (January to December) at the cashiers’ desk
at City Hall.

In 2007, the Municipal Works department plans to review off-street parking, which will include a
public consultation meeting to gain feedback from residents.

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For further information, please contact:

Tim Scory                                         Jody Lamb
Manager of Operations, Municipal Works            Corporate Communications Manager
City of Medicine Hat                              City of Medicine Hat
(403) 529-8179                                    (403) 502-8071

DOWNTOWN                                             What about accessibility?
                                                     All City owned off-street
                                                                                                        Are passes interchangeable between lots?
                                                                                                        No. This is because there are a certain amount
OFF-STREET PARKING                                   parking lots have designated                       of passes available for each lot. Some lots are
                                                     accessible parking stalls.                         for pass holders only and these lots may already
                                                                                                        be fully subscribed. Other lots are a mix of daily
                                                                                                        and monthly parking so that members of the
                                                                                                        public have a variety of parking options. They can
Where can I park off-street in downtown              How much do passes cost?                           however be used for any vehicle.
Medicine Hat?                                        Costs are as follows:
You can find a location map on the back of this       • Chokecherry Lot $45 month/$500 year
brochure. The lots available are parking for pass    • Linden Lot $45 month/$500 year                   Why do I have to sign a parking agreement?
holders only, daily parking or a combination of      • Cottonwood Lot $45 month, no yearly              The parking agreement is your proof of purchase.
both. Please note that the Cottonwood Lot has        • Transit Terminal Parkade                         It outlines the terms and conditions that both
been sold to a third party for development. Passes            Level 2 general:                          parties agree to undertake. The City of Medicine
for this lot are available on a month-by-month                $35 month/$400 year                       Hat may need to contact you about your pass, for
basis only.                                                   Level 2 reserved/plug-in stall:           example if we carry out parking lot repairs.
                                                              $45 month/$500 year
                                                              Level 3:
Where can I buy a parking pass?                               $35 month/$400 year                       What if I lose my pass?
You can buy monthly or yearly passes at the                                                             Simply bring your parking agreement to Municipal
cashiers’ desk at City Hall. Yearly passes are       Can I buy a partial month pass?                    Works and they will issue a duplicate.
available for January to December. This is           Yes. If you purchase your monthly pass after the
because parking rates are subject to change each     15 of that same month, your monthly pass is half
calendar year. You simply buy 12 monthly passes      price.
in January to receive the discounted yearly price.
The cashiers accept cheques, cash and interact.      Can I get a refund if I change my mind about
                                                     where I park?
                                                     Yes. Simply bring the unused parking pass and
                                                     your parking agreement to Municipal Works. They
                                                     are able to issue a cheque request for future      Questions?
                                                     months, but not for the current month.             For general questions, maintenance or to report a
                                                                                                        broken ticket machine, please contact:

                                                                                                                      Municipal Works
                                                                                                                      City of Medicine Hat
                                                                                                                       188 Kipling St SE
                                                                                                                      Medicine Hat, Alberta
                                                                                                                            T1A 1Y3
                                                                                                                        (403) 529 8177

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