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Comcast Cable Customer Service: 1-610-279-7200 or 1 800 COMCAST
Verizon 1-888-881-8161

PECO Emergencies & Repairs: 1-800-841-4141
All other business: 1-800-494-4000 or

See Electric

See Cable & Telephone
Verizon 1-888-625-8111 or 1-888-881-8161

PA One Call
Call 8-1-1 before you dig. The law requires three working days notice before you dig anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania. The
Pennsylvania One Call System will notify all member utilities of your plan to dig. The utilities will then mark out the underground

Street Lights
West Norriton Township Municipal Authority uses the subcontractor PECO Outdoor Lighting (1-800-265-4189) to maintain the street
lamps. You need to have the lamp post number when you call regarding a nonfunctioning lamp.

Township Sewer Department: 610-539-1773 household waste water

Verizon Residential Services: 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966) or 1-800-974-6006
Utility Line Information: 1-800-242-1776

Utility Commission
800-732-1110     www.PUC,

Utility Connection Services

Pennsylvania American Water 1-800-565-7292

West Norriton Township
The township is responsible for storm sewer maintenance; supplying recycle containers; street cleaning; snow removal from street;
street paving; building permits; and code, ordinances and law enforcement.
Township Emergency Number: 610-631-2979
Township Administration: 610-630-0450
Police Department: 610-630-1701
Fire Company: 610-539-3990
Ambulance: 610-277-8449
Sewer Department: 610-539-1773

 Berkheimer Associates: 610-279-7500
 Real Estate/County & Township: 610-539-9232
 School & Per Capita: 800-360-8989
 Earned Income Tax: 610-588-0965

Yard Sale- West Norriton Township requires a permit for yard sales. It can be found at Signs should be
placed and removed the day of the sale. If an ad has been placed in the 'Times Herald", that time frame should work well.

Montgomery County

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                         STATE AND FERERAL GOVERNMENT
                         STATE AND FERERAL GOVERNMENT

                                           Pennsylvania House of Representatives
                                       Mike Vereb

                                 House District 150
                               Montgomery County (Part)

E-Mail: Click here to contact Member
Home Page:

Hon. Mike Vereb
3950 Germantown Pike
Collegeville, PA 19426
(610) 409-2615
Fax: (610) 409-2619

Hon. Mike Vereb
314 Main Capitol
PO Box 202150
Harrisburg, PA 17120-2150
(717) 705-7164
Fax: (717) 260-6522

                                                   Pennsylvania Senate
                                                                           John C. Rafferty Jr.

                                                                             Senate District 44
                                                       Berks (part), Chester (part) and Montgomery (part) Counties.

                                               ADDRESS:                              Senate Box 203044
                                                                                     Harrisburg, PA 17120-3044
                                               ROOM:                                 20 East Wing
                                               TELEPHONE:                            (717) 787-1398
                                               D.O. ADDRESS:                         3770 Ridge Pike
                                                                                     Collegeville, PA 19426
                                                                                     (610) 831-8830
                                               E-MAIL ADDRESS:             
                                               INDIVIDUAL HOMEPAGE:        
                                               DISTRICT NEWS:                        District Newsletters

                                            U.S. House of Representatives
                                              Rep. Joe Sestak (7th Dist.)

WASHINGTON, D.C. OFFICE • 1022 Longworth House Office Building • Washington, DC 20515 • Phone: (202) 225-2011 • Fax:
                                                  (202) 226-0280
 7TH DISTRICT OFFICE • 600 N. Jackson Street Suite 203 • Media, PA 19063 • Phone: (610) 892-8623 • Fax: (610) 892-8628

                                                                          U.S. Senate

                                                             Senator Robert (Bob) Casey Jr.
                                                            393 Russell Senate Office Building
                                                                 Washington, DC 20510
                                                                   Tel: 202-224-6324
                                                                Toll Free: (866) 802-2833
                                                                  Fax: (202) 228-0604
                                                                   Philadelphia Office
                                                              2000 Market Street, Suite 1870
                                                                 Philadelphia, PA 19103
                                                                   Tel.: 215-405-9660
                                                                   Fax: 215-405-9669

                          Senator Arlen Specter
                             711 Hart Building
                          Washington, DC 20510
                            Tel.: 202-224-4254
                            Philadelphia Office
                          600 Arch St., Suite 9400
                          Philadelphia, PA 19106
                            Tel.: 215-597-7200
                            Fax: 215-597-0406

            US Postal Service
            Eagleville Post Office

          3200 Ridge Pike, Suite 300
            Norristown, PA 19403
              Tel.: 610-630-1793
             Tel.: 800-ASK-USPS
              Fax: 610-539-9248
TTY Service: 877-889-2457 for hearing impaired
               Business Hours
           Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm
           Sat      9:00am-12:00pm
           Sun                closed
            Last Daily Collection
               Mon-Fri 4:45pm
               Sat       3:45pm
               Sun        closed

          Yorktown North Mailbox

              Daily Collection
              Mon-Fri 12:45pm
              Sat     2:45pm
                                      MANAGEMENT COMPANY
                                      MANAGEMENT COMPANY
Property Management Company
Please contact, Property Manager, Debbie Poritsky with HOA or management questions/concerns at:
Email: Debbie Poritsky:
Assistant to the Property Manager, Sandy Hertzog extension 231
Mailing Address:
The Galman Group
The Pavilion
261 Old York Road, Suite 110
Jenkintown, PA 19046
General Phone Number: 215-886-2000
Debbie Poritsky’ Phone Extension: 219
Fax Number: 215-886-4972

                                    RECREATIONAL FEATURES
                                    RECREATIONAL FEATURES
Bike Path
From our community entrance turn right onto Schuylkill Avenue. After the bend in the road the path is on the left paralleling the river.
Enter the 11.5 mile multi-use paved trail at Port Indian. The trail runs from Philadelphia to Valley Forge National Historical Park
and is a popular destination for biking, rollerblading, jogging and walking. This trail connects to miles of other trails.

Clubhouse for Rent at Westover Crossing

2113 Yorktown North
Rental- call Westover Crossing member, Dotty: 610-630-3667.
Accommodates 50 people.
Westover Crossing members (homeowner) can rent the clubhouse. If a lessee wishes to rent it, the owner of the unit must sign a

Golf Course, Westover
Westover Golf Course abuts the Yorktown North common area of Westover Crossing Executive Townhomes.
Westover Country Club
401 South Schuylkill Avenue
Jeffersonville, Pennsylvania 19403
Tel: 610-539-4500
Fax: 610-539-0315

The Norristown Farm Park is a 9 minute drive from Westover Crossing. L on Schuylkill, R on W. Main, L on Whitehall, R on
Sterigere, L on Maple, immediate L on Beech & L on Spruce

Other Parks
Use this site to find other parks in Pennsylvania

Pool Area
The outdoor pool is located behind the Westover clubhouse. Your HOA fees pay for the maintenance and staffing of this recreational

Tennis Courts
Access Code- Your Westover Crossing HOA fees pay for these private courts. For the access code to gate contact Debbie Poritsky of
The Galman Group.
Games- Contact Westover Crossing member, Rachel Braddick (610-635-1161). She generously offered to provide a clearinghouse for
people looking for a tennis game. Leave her your name and number, and she’ll connect you with fellow enthusiasts.

Township Recreational Activities
Telephone: 610-630-1251

                                     WASTE AND RECYCLING
                                     WASTE AND RECYCLING
Trash and Recycle Hauler at Westover Crossing Executive Townhouse Community

Your HOA fees pay for household trash & recycling pickup on Monday and household trash pickup on Thursday. Please contact J. P.
Mascaro ( with trash collection questions & concerns at: 1 (800) 432-1616

Hazardous Waste Drop-off Site

Yard Sale Permit
West Norriton Township requires a permit for yard sales. It can be found at Signs should be placed and
removed the day of the sale.

Genuardi’s Scrips

Register and 1% of your purchases will be donated to Westover Crossing HOA.
Call 1-800-801-4973
     1. Go to
     2. Click on “sign-up”
     3. Follow the instructions
Group Name: Westover HOA
Group ID:        149361408


Board of Directors
Joe Burgstahler           Reelected 7/10 Term ends in 7/12
Bill Jupin                Reelected 7/09 Term ends in 7/11
Bob Powers                Reelected 7/09 Term ends in 7/11
Annemarie Sortino         Reelected 7/09 Term ends in 7/11
Linda Triolo              Reelected 7/10 Term ends in 7/12
To contact the Board drop a note in the clubhouse mailbox at 2113 Yorktown South

Architectural Control/Maintenance Committee
Architectural Control/Maintenance Committee
c/o Debbie Poritsky
The Galman Group
The Pavilion
261 Old York Road, Suite 110
Jenkintown, PA 19046
If you have a question regarding a request call Debbie Poritsky, Property Manager at 215-886-2000 x 219
Specify Westover Crosswinds in the “Subject”, and send to
-or- mail to
Crosswinds Editor
c/o The Galman Group
P. O. BOX 646
Jenkintown, PA 19046
drop a note in the clubhouse mailbox at 2113 Yorktown South


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