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                Nuclear Sector
                Awards 2010

                Nomination form

Supported by:
The National Skills Academy for Nuclear believes the Apprenticeship route
is one of the key avenues for replenishing and building skills for the sector

      The awards are to recognise and celebrate exceptional apprentices
      employed in the nuclear sector. The aim is to have Regional Award
    winners (from the NW/NE, SE/E, SW, Wales and Scotland) and National
      Award Winners that are role models to inspire others to undertake

Nominees who progress through the selection process will be invited to attend the
high profile UK Nuclear Skills Awards Ceremony which will be held on the evening of
the 10th March 2011 in Manchester. The Skills Award Ceremony is a collaborative
event organised by the National Skills Academy for Nuclear and Cogent Sector
Skills Council, which will feature both the Regional and National award

Nominations Process

           Modern / Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3/4 qualifications)

   Completed Nominations to be received by Friday 12th November 2010

    The Skills Academy Member Employers are invited to nominate their ‘Apprentice
    of the Year’ working in the nuclear sector1. It is expected that Employers will
    continue to utilise their current selection criteria to identify their ‘best’ nuclear
    sector Apprentices. These must be apprentices who have completed, or will
    complete their apprenticeship framework (NVQ or SVQ + National/Technical
    Certificate and Core/Key Skills) before 12th October 2010.

    In particular the nominations should focus on:
     Commitment by the apprentice for their own personal development and
       progression through skills and learning
     Outstanding contributions where the apprentice has exceeded expectations
     Examples of achievement
     Developing a career in the nuclear sector
       Inspirational qualities

    Each Employer nomination should include the following minimum information:
     Nominee appraisal – to be completed by nominee
     Nomination endorsement – Employer’s statement
     Nomination endorsement – Training Provider’s statement

    Completed nominations should be sent to the Skills Academy Regional Managers
    by Friday 12th November 2010 (details provided overleaf)

 Employers are welcome to nominate one Apprentice per Site for each nomination category within a Skills
Academy Region.
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   Regional winners selection by Friday 10th December 2010

   Level 3 Modern / Advanced Apprenticeship Regional Finalists. The
   regional winner will be selected by the Regional Panel. The result will be
   withheld until the Awards Evening. The Regional Finalists will be invited to
   attend the Awards Evening on March 10th 2011 for the regional winners and the
   national winners to be announced.

   Note: The regional finalists will be asked to provide additional information for
   assessment by the National Award Panel to help in the selection process for the
   National Winners.

   National winner selection by Friday 25th February 2011

   The Skills Academy Apprenticeship Manager will select an appropriate panel to
   select the national winners. The winners will be announced at the Awards

   Completed Regional Nominations

   Please email completed nominations to your respective Skills Academy Regional
   Manager by 5pm 12th November 2010: NB. Late entries will not be accepted or included
   in the regional selection process

Julie Maykels, NW/NE Regional Manager, National Skills Academy

Steve Barrett, SE/E Regional Manager, National Skills Academy for Nuclear

Charles Bray, SW Regional Manager, National Skills Academy for Nuclear

Ken Nicol, Regional Manager - Scotland, National Skills Academy for Nuclear

Jane Grant, Regional Manager – Wales, Rheolwr Rhanbarthol – Cymru, National
Skills Academy for Nuclear, Academi Sgiliau Genedlaethol Niwclear

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                           NUCLEAR APPENTICESHIP AWARDS 2010
                                        NOMINEE INFORMATION
Name                       <full name>

Contact details            <full address>                        <contact phone number>
                                                                 <contact email address>

Date of birth              <date of birth>
By providing this personal information you are agreeing to its use by the Skills Academy and its third
parties. The information you provide will only be used for the purposes of the Awards process,
contacting you about the Awards and promotion of the Awards thereafter by the Skills Academy. For
the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 the Skills Academy are joint data controllers. We are
registered in England and Wales under, respectively, company numbers 06423637 and 04549516
Category                   Foundation Apprenticeship / Apprenticeship Category (Level 2)
(select category for       Or
your nomination)           Modern Apprenticeship / Advanced Apprenticeship Category (Level 3/4)
Apprenticeship             Duration of Apprenticeship:
framework Completed        Date completed:
                           Apprenticeship Title / Discipline:
                           Qualifications and Grades achieved:

                           Other supporting information:
Additional                 Date:    Type/Description, current status & Training Provider:
Qualifications post                 <e.g. HNC, HND, FD>
Describe your              o
apprenticeship and
explain what
commitments you
made to complete it

Describe your current      o
job & activities
carried out

5b01a706-5da1-4cc9-9d4b-a9c8bca90b77.doc                                                             3
Provide examples of         
work you are or have
been responsible for
o   Explain what you
    had to do.
o   What have you
    enjoyed about this
o   If you had to the
    job again, would
    you do anything
    differently next

Describe what you           
feel are your main
achievements since
undertaking your
These can be related
to work or outside
What are your career        
aspirations over the
next 5 years?
   What job will you be
   What new skills or
    education will you be
What other aspects          
about yourself would
like the panel to take
into consideration
   Helping others at
    Work, including
    other apprentices or
   Helping others
    outside work / in the
    community, in
    schools etc
   Involvement in local

Please append your CV and any relevant additional information to support your nomination.

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                             NUCLEAR APPENTICESHIP AWARDS 2010
                                         EMPLOYER ENDORSEMENT
 Apprentice name:

 What sets this Apprentice out to be different / wants to do more than other apprentices?
 Employer Statement


 Company & Job



Please append additional information where relevant to your endorsement of the nominee.

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                             NUCLEAR APPENTICESHIP AWARDS 2010
                                TRAINING PROVIDER ENDORSEMENT
 Apprentice name:

 Apprenticeship completed:

 Qualifications / Grades achieved:

 What sets this Apprentice out to be different / wants to do more than other apprentices?
 Training Provider Statement
 NB. Where the vocational and academic elements of the apprenticeship are delivered by different
 Providers, each Provider should support the nominee’s application


 Organisation &
 Job Position:



Please append additional information where relevant to your endorsement of the nominee.

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