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Phyllis Beaty


									                                                           M            uggs              B          allard

                                                            ¥ Contact Muggs Via:
                                                           ¥ Platform: Proficient in PC

  My Specialities Are:
                                                           ¥ Available Both Face-to-Face in Sonoma
                                                                  County & Online.

                                                           ¥ Programs that I LEVE & Are Proficient In:
  $   Portrait & Artistic Photography
  $   Custom Logo & Graphic Design Skills
  $   Creative & Color Conscious
                                                                 Acrobat (by the end of the semester!)
  $   Works Well With Others
                                                                 Microsoft Office
  $   Strives For The Very Best
                                                           ¥ I am a VISUAL Learner!
  $   Flexible Hours
  $   On-Time

                                                     Currently living in Guerneville, at the edge of a redwood forest along
                                                     the Russian River, with my partner of ten years, our dog and two cats.
                                                     I am a graphic designer with truly “old school” skills. I actually made
                                                     textbooks with galleys, X-Acto knives and hot wax back in the 80s...
                                                     QuarkXPress had been my preferred layout and design program
                                                     until Adobe InDesign improved the industry standard forever!
                                                     I’m excited about learning and applying all the capabilities of Adobe
                                                     InDesign CS5 with my new team members. I’m a detail-oriented,
                                                     problem solving artist, perpetually willing to share my knowledge
                                                     with others. Let’s team up!

                                                     PROGRAM             PROFICIENCY

Phyllis Beaty
                                                     QuarkXPress         Expert full time book designer 1987-2009
                                                     InDesign            Expert skills since Spring 2010
                                                                         Adobe Certified in Spring 2011
                                                     Adobe Acrobat       Intermediate skills, no formal training
                                                     Microsoft Office    Intermediate skills, no formal training
InDesign 3 Face-to-Face with Cyndi Reese             Photoshop           Intermediate skills, no formal training
             (webcasts when available)               Illustrator         Novice
                                    LEARNING STYLE   Dreamweaver         HTML & CSSI prerequisites Spring 2011          Auditory   45%                       for Dreamweaver Fall 2011
  Mac OS 10.5.8 platform            Visual     45%   Time Machine        Archiving backups to Tetra External Hard Drive
                                    Tactile    10%   Connect             Novice
                                          Pat Delaplane (rhymes with aeroplane)
                                          I use a pc and plan to attend class in person
                                          but may occasionally have to attend online.
                                          I am familiar and comfortable with the following programs:
                                          Ӭ   InDesign                 Ӭ   Premiere Pro
                                          Ӭ   Photoshop                Ӭ   After Effects
                                          Ӭ   Illustrator              Ӭ   Paint Shop Pro
                                          Ӭ   Dreamweaver              Ӭ   Microsoft Office
                                          Ӭ   Flash                    Ӭ   Acrobat

        I enjoy photography especially underwater photography.
             My learning style is mostly audio followed by visual.
I am somewhat of a perfectionist and like to see things done right.
                         If I commit to something, I stick with it.

                                            Beth Failor
                                            Platform: PC
                                            Face-to-face student
                                            Program proficiency:
                                            Advanced: InDesign, Illustrator
                                            Intermediate: Photoshop, Acrobat, HTML, CSS,
                                            Dreamweaver, Powerpoint, Word, Excel
                                            Learning Style: Auditory
                                            I am an artist and designer with 2 Bachelor of Fine
                                            Art degrees. My area of expertise is Illustration. I
                                            have completed the Adobe Certification Training in
                                            Illustrator and will complete the Adobe Certification
                                            Training in InDesign at the conclusion of this class.
                                            I am a perpetual student in the SRJC Computer
                                            Studies and Graphic Design Department. I am a
                                            teacher and freelance designer/illustrator.
                                                                                            After watching the excellent
Jessica Hewitt                                                                              documentary “Exit Through
                                                                                            the Gift Shop”, I have become                                                                         fascinated by the British street
                                                                                            artist Banksy.

• I work in a PC environment.                                                               This image, “Stop and Search”,
                                                                                            is available for download on his
                    • I plan to attend                                                      website:
                      most classes                                                
                                                                                            While not super pertinent
                    • I am proficient                                                       to this InDesign 3 class, I
                      in InDesign,                                                          thought I’d share some random
                      Photoshop,                                                            personal information and use a
                      Acrobat, and                                                          cool image.
                      Microsoft Office.

                    • My learning style
                      is Visual (65%).

                                 My name is Dessa              I have just singed up with Ado-
                                                               be connect. I am in the process
                                 Cantact info                  of getting CS5. I use the campus
                                 lab coputers for now, and I use
                                 707-480-7076                  my computer laptop. My learn-
                                 I live in Rohnert Park        ing style is Tactile/Auditory

                                 I use Windows Vista. I am a face to face student. I have completed
                                InDesign 1, and 2. I am semiprofficient in Microsoft Office, and
                                semiprofficient in InDesign. I Love the stuff, but it is hard stuff to
                                master, and I am looking forward to the day I can say confidently,
                                “Why yes, what can I help you with” or “ Oh that’s easy” I think I
                                have a good attitude, and sometimes I can be anxious, but I’ll do me
                                best to get the job done. I Look forward to working with you.
Lloyd Kenneth                               415-328-5628
                                            Mac platform

                                            Face-to-face student
                                            Proficient in InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator; know
     First name   Last name                 Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Microsoft Word; learning Flash
                                            Learning style: visual (55%), auditory (40%)
                          Folks can get confused by my name, thinking that kenneth must be my
                          first name. If you call me ken, I’ll know who you’re talking about.
                          I have 20+ years experience as a graphic designer / art director / production
                          artist, and have worked in advertising, publishing (a newspaper), and in the
                          corporate world.
                          I’m good at organization and consistency. I like color, logos, and identity
                          systems. I’m especially fond of fonts and typography. I don’t have an English
                          degree, but I read a lot and I’m good with copy, headlines, and proofreading.
                          I pay close attention to detail, and I’m a good mediator in a group.
                          I reside in San Francisco, but I commute from Novato for courses at srjc.
                          I do all my InDesign work at the campus computer labs.

                                                         Timothy Lane

                                                     I am a: face 2 face student
                                                     I am proficient in:InDesign, Illustrator, and
                                                     some Photoshop

                                                     My learning style is:

                               My experience and specialties are primarily fine art
                               and graphic design related. I am currently working
                               towards financial stability through these areas yet
                               also pay my rent and bills by DJing in nightclubs and
                               bars. I have been a resident DJ at the Comet Club in
                               San Francisco on and off for close to 15 years.
                        ... pick Me for your team ...
           just because i would never let you down!

                                       •Name: JurGita

                                • Email:

                                        • Platform: PC

                                      • Online Student

                              • I am proficient with Photoshop

                   • Learning style: auditory 40%, visual: 35%, Tactile: 25%

           • About me: I was born and grew up in a beautiful country , Lithuania.
          Seven years ago I moved to sunny California. I enjoy my life with my family in
          wonderful town, Santa Rosa. I have 10 years experience in publishing industry,
                     and for the past 10 years I'm in love with photography.

                                              n eye
                                       with a
                             e person
                 a  creativ y to collabora d
           I am               jo              a n
                     il. I en          liable
            for deta ers and am re stic
                   oth               arti
             with            g. I am                                               dent
               ard workin use of color                                 ine Stu
                        y the                                     Onl
              a nd enjo You can
                          .                       PC U        ser
              an d fonts                                                            Design
                      on m   e to be                                     en t in: In d Excel
               count                  and                         Profici Office an
                       zed,  timely                    isua l
               organi        k with
                                     !           50% V ing Style Mi
                        wor                                                                 .com
                fun to                            Lear

graphics-related specialties? A
  Marina Michaels
                                                                                     Proficient with InDesign,
                                                                                     Photoshop, Dreamweaver,
                                                                                       Acrobat, all Microsoft
                                                                               ake        Office products,
            Online student                                                ob
                                                                  I   als             FrameMaker, and a host
               PC only                                                               of others that are probably
                 CS5                                                                  not useful for this class.


                                       Seeking team members with senses
                                       of humor, strong design skills, and
                                       dedication to producing high-quality
                                       class assignments that we turn in early
                                       or on time.

                                               What I offer: all the above, plus
                                          exceptionally strong communication
    Three random facts about me: I           skills (including proofreading and
  used to keep bees, I was a librarian editing) and excellent computer skills. I           Ruled by cats
   for a few years, and I embroider.    am organized, dedicated, and efficient.

                                                  I’m mostly an online student                g     St
                                                                                            in           yle
                                                 with the exceptions of being on
           David Moniz                            campus Tuesday & Thursday          Le      35%
                                                     nights as I live out past

      9-       I’m proficient with:

               Adobe        Autodesk

             InDesign           3D Studio Max
             Illustrator           Microsoft
             Photoshop             Office 2007

    I am looking forward to collaborating via Adobe again
    as I got to experience that for the 1st time last semester
                   in Carolyn’s Acrobat class.
                                                 Fun, creative and detail-oriented with
                                                 ability to focus on the big picture.
                                                 Enjoys participation in team learning
                                                 environment, can lead or follow. Loves
                                                 animals, large breed dogs in particular!
                                                 Tactile learner who takes things apart
                                                 before consulting a manual
      Diane Nommay                                      •••••••••••
◊ Online student willing to meet face-to-face.
◊ Bi-platform skills, prefers PC.
◊ Proficient in InDesign and Photoshop &
  Microsoft Office Suite.
◊ Familiar with Adobe Acrobat, Connect,
  Illustrator & Dreamweaver.
◊ Photography enthusiast.

                                        Betty Pierce
                  Pick me,
                  Pick me!!             
                                         PCuser
                                         Face-to-FaceStudentbutcanbeOnlineaswell.

                                        Proficient in:
                                        U InDesign(obviously)
                                        U Acrobat
                                        U MicrosoftOffice
                                        U Photoshop-Beginner
                                        U Illustrator-Beginner


Kari Rasmason                               
  user            literate                  Needing a pie chart has forced me to learn the pen

                                            tool! I’m working on my curves.

                                                    visual 40%

                                                    tactile 35%

                                                    auditory 25%

InDesign CS5                 InDesign is my specialty these days, I use it daily doing page

Illustrator CS4 ii           layouts. My biggest weakness is generating ideas so I hope I

Photoshop CS3 i              get on a team with someone who has the creative streak in

MS Office 2007 ii            them. I’m a troubleshooter and very resourceful. I love fonts,

Flash CS4 i                  my cats, music, baseball, and the TV shows CSI and Lost.

Dreamweaver CS4 i            Usually I’m a perfectionist, and definitely a night person.

                                             A    st fo
                                               rti2 2 r Hire
                                                    Jules Schaafsma
                                             Online & Face-to-face Student
                                                 •Visual Learner
                                         I’m a PC Gal but I am comfortable in both Mac &
                                          PC platforms. I am proficient in many programs:
                                            InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks,
                                             HTML/CSS, MS Office Suite & AutoCAD
                                                   (& I dabble in Flash to boot!)
                                           I am fun, creative & a great gluten-free baker!!
       Peter Silva
    • Platform: PC
    • Online student
    • Learning style: Visual
    • Programs I am proficient in — InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat.

    •	 Why would you want me on a team?
    1. I have a education in fine arts.
    2. I have been on the dean highest honors list for three semesters strait (full time).
    3. I like to get stuff done.
    4. I realize their in no I in team.


                •	 Mac	and	PC	user
Erin Thompson

                •	 Face-to-face	student

                •	 Proficient	in	Photoshop,	Acrobat	and	Microsoft	Office

                •	 Learning	Dreamweaver	and	Illustrator

                •	 Tactile	learner	(scored	55%	on	test)

                •	 Actively	use	my	computer	and	design	skills	for	a	local	nonprofit

                •	 Less	is	more	philosophy

                •	 Other	skills	include	photography
                                  platform    PC
                                   student    Face-to-Face
                                 programs     InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
                             learning style   Visual
     I enjoy spending time with
     my pets (presently two cats),
     reading, painting and taking
     photographs. I also enjoy
     music and nature. I have been
     a painter for a long time and
                                                                  ut my deign por tfolio•
                                                              ek o
     several years ago switched my
     career to graphic design.
                                                       •C    h

•	     Proficient with MAC

•	     Can meet face to face and online, however I am in Ha-
       waii until February 21with an old laptop and cannot run
       CS5, need to opt out on Lab 3, but please use me later in
       the semester.

•	     Proficient in CS3 InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator,
       just learning CS5. I have been doing print work for non-
       profits for 15years, have worked with professional print-
       ers, well trained by Cyndi, but a little rusty.                   Jill Zumwalt
•	     Learning style: visual.                                           Contact me:
•	     I am a scientist with a degree in Chemistry from UC Da-
       vis. I have been a math and science teacher in the public
       schools. I love the arts and design. I am a very good
       teacher and very logical in my approach. I would espe-
       cially appreciate the artistic skills of team members.

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