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					                                     Why Do Business Face to Face

One of the elements that MediaShark has over our competitors is our ability to meet with our clients
face to face. When it comes to web design, the only way to get it right is by meeting with you on a
monthly basis.

In our industry we have found a lot of companies that offer to design a website and then shuffle you to
the “love em and leave em” files. Any business owner will tell you that finding new customers is a
constantly changing exercise. A good marketing campaign includes a flexibility element that allows you
to adapt to marketing conditions. For some, it’s hard to give up a marketing campaign that has worked
well in the past.

I recently received my 12 ton yellow pages book and laughed that there are still people using it, much
less advertising in it. Yellow page advertising is an antiquated way to market products and services.
That doesn’t stop businesses from spending money on them. While most businesses understand the
need to build the best website possible, many stick to the yellow pages because it used to work in the

At MediaShark we focus on businesses located in Orem, Provo, St. George and Salt Lake City. We
understand the marketing environment because we live here, we work here. If you are looking for a
company that gives away a free or cheap website hold on to your hats. It’s likely to be about as effective
as a yellow pages ad. If you are looking for a Utah based website design team, give us a try. We have a
reputation for building the best websites in Utah.

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Description: Technology can't replace doing business face to face.