Why No One Cares About Your Idea by Joel_Nielsen


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									                                     Here’s a Little Hint, I DON’T CARE

This weekend I wanted to hang myself. Somehow I got roped into going to a networking meeting that I
thought would add value to our company. Instead I found myself on the Island Of Mistfit Toys listening
to one “great” idea after another. For two hours people stood up, introduced themselves and talked
about their businesses. It was excruciating. Bored, I found myself leaning over to my Sales Director and
whispering “that’ll never fly”and “this guy is a nutjob.” As time slowly ticked by, I looked for a stealthy
way to leave. No luck, we were trapped. I began to wonder if the orange extension cord laying along
the floor could be used as an effective noose. We bolted at the break.

In 16 years as a business consultant I have seen a lot of ideas pushed across my desk. Some were
legitimate, others pipe dreams. One of the tricks to success is cultivating a support team. The problem
is that your friends and family probably won’t be that team. Understanding the psyche of friends and
family will help you work beyond them. To help you through the discouragement I will give you a few
survival tips for sharing your million dollar idea with the world.

   1. The only person passionate about your idea is you. Nobody else will be able to relate to your
      idea because they probably don’t understand the problem much less the genius of your solution.
      Ideas are deeply personal so be careful who you share it with.
   2. No one will have the nerve to tell you that you are an idiot. By nature, family and friends try to
      be supportive so you are never going to get an honest opinion from any of them. If one of them
      happens to pull you aside and explain that you are crazy, hold on to them for dear life. Blunt
      honesty is rare and goes a long way in this business.
   3. Be prepared to go it alone. Even though a lot of people will slap you on the back and praise you
      as a visionary, none of them will actually stick around to get dirty with you. It’s not their fault,
      they just don’t want to be the one stuck explaining why you are a moron. If you can accept the
      fact that you are going to build this business alone you’ll turn a refreshing corner.
   4. You will become a rock star when your idea makes money. You’ve probably heard the quote
      that “success breeds success.” It’s totally true. And once the money starts to flow you will be
      amazed at the people who will emerge from the wood work to praise you, usually with one hand
      in the air, the other in your pocket. Bask in the glory but keep your wallet in the vault.

Entrepreneurship is a lonely road often void of family and friends. Don’t get discouraged when no one
cares about your idea. Your passion isn’t their passion and that’s ok. What many small business owners
will likely tell you is that along the lonely road to success you will find people who will hitch a ride with
you because they feel and believe as you do. These relationships are some of the strongest because
they are forged in the heat of failure and cooled in the waters of success. Friends and family will lend
different levels of support. The only one you really need to convince is you. *This article was picked up
and published by Technorati.com*

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