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									 Volume 32 Issue 3            1400 Foulk Rd. Wilmington, Delaware 19803                         Dec. 2011

 Good Christmas Gifts pg. 5            Winter Weather Season pg. 9             November Elections pg. 3

                                      The History of Christmas            Change in dates of
                                           By: Lovely Gross                    Finals
               PAws                       Celebrated on December          By: Krissy Kahlbaugh
                Up                25th, Christmas is the main holi-
                                                                                For almost every school in
                                  day of the season. From Christ-       the Brandywine School District,
  Winter Sports                   mas trees and candy canes to          finals, or midterms for those who
    Starting                      nativity scenes and the Birth of      do not have block scheduling, are
                                  Jesus; Christmas is the one time of   completing their midterms and
Change of classes                 year that is celebrated around the    starting a new marking period.
                                  world, making it a huge religious     This year there is a change to when
   winter break                   and cultural phenomenon.              finals are done for Brandywine, we
                                          But the origins of Christ-    are completing them after winter
                                  mas began on quite a controversial    break. Usually, finals are taken be-
                                  note, in the beginning of the 17th    fore winter break and then a new
                                  century. A Puritan by the name of     marking period starts in January.
                 Paws             Oliver Cromwell and other puri-       During this time students would
                 Down             tans banned the holiday in 1645,      be cramming on the weekends,
                                  and anyone caught celebrating it      trying to get in that last bit of in-
finals after winter               was severely punished. It wasn’t      formation they can before they
       break                      until the 19th century of June 26th   have to take the test that will deter-
                                  1870 that the holiday was finally     mine what the final grade for the
 cold classrooms                  recognized. Authors Washing-          class will be. Finals for Brandywine
                                  ton Irving and Charles Dickens        start on January 5. Having finals on
                                  were said to be the influences that   a later date can give the students of
   cold weather                   helped America to truly embrace       Brandywine more time to prepare
                                  and reinvent the cheerful season.     for their finals. CONTINUED ON
                                  CONTINUED ON PAGE 2                   PAGE 3
                                                     News                                                          2
        Their books portrayed            garlic seasoning and playing games       for example, celebrates this time of
Christmas as a peaceful, warm-           like dreidel or giving the Hanukah       year by decorating their stores and
hearted day that brings people           gelt, which is money given to chil-      homes with evergreen and also hav-
together based off of charity and        dren to enhance the enjoyment of         ing plays performed by children
goodwill towards others. From            the holiday. Kwanzaa, another type       acting out the Birth of Jesus. Bra-
there, classic traditions started such   of Christmas holiday, first recog-       zil, also celebrates the holiday, often
as caroling, baking cookies, mistle-     nized on December 26, 1966; is a         by attending a midnight mass that
toe, exchanging of presents and          weeklong celebration that honors         starts on Christmas Eve and ends at
hanging stockings beside the bed         Black Heritage. This holiday consists    1am on Christmas day. At the end
in hopes of it being full of gifts the   of candle lighting and gift giving.      of the mass, families come home to
next day; that, among many others,       Kwanzaa also uses seven guiding          a feast of turkey, ham, colored rice
helped Christmas to become what          symbols where one is used on each        and fruit dishes. Finally France has
we know today.                           day of observance. They are Umoja,       traditions that consist of children
        Hanukah also called “the         Kujichaguila, Ujima, Ujamaa, Nia,        putting their shoes in front of a fire-
Festival of lights” is an eight day      Kumba, and Imani that serve as the       place in hopes of them being filled
Jewish holiday that starts December      fundamental value system in which        with gifts the next morning and
1st and ends December 9th. This          they celebrate. Gifts are usually giv-   families attending festivals and day
holiday marks the rededication of        en to children and mostly consist of     long church services.
the temple of Jerusalem and is cel-      books or a heritage symbol to stress               All in all, Christmas is a cel-
ebrated with a lighting of candles       the importance of education, cul-        ebration that varies in many forms
each night. Most traditions also         ture and tradition.                      and is the one special holiday that
consist of eating foods fried in oil              But the U.S. is not the only    people can enjoy.
such as “latkes” which are potato        country that celebrates Christmas.
pancakes flavored with onion or          It is also a universal holiday. Japan

What Are You Doing For Winter Break?
By: Amy Snyder
        Winter break is a 10 day va-     are mostly taking advantage of the       the interesting things they have
cation during the school year that is    relaxation. I had the pleasure to in-    planned for their break. A lot of
highly anticipated by all high school    terview Alexa Meloro, a sophomore        the events they had planned re-
students. It is a time for sitting by    at BHS, and she stated, “I don’t         ally inspired me to do something
the fire and drinking hot chocolate      know yet. Probably just chilling         extraordinary and new this win-
with your family and friends, skiing     and hanging out with family and          ter break. So when break comes
and sledding down icy mountains,         friends!”                                around, make sure you make the
and the exciting feeling of open-        I also enjoyed talking with a fresh-     best of it. Try and do something dif-
ing multiple presents on Christmas       man at BHS, Ellen Sheehy. She            ferent. If you’re just sitting around
day. Some students are traveling         thrilled me with news that she           the house, call a friend over to go
to different states, while others are    was going shopping in New York           outside in the snow! Or if you’re
just relaxing at home. I’ve talked to    with her family. To make it even         skiing down your usual hill, at-
a handful of BHS students, asking        more exhilarating, Ellen also told       tempt at going down the steeper
them one simple question: What           me, “Then, I’m going to a show on        one! Whether you’re at home with
are you doing over winter break?         Broadway, which is really exciting!”     friends or cruising down the streets
        After talking to a couple of             I really enjoyed interview-      of NYC, try and make this winter
our Bulldogs, I realized that they       ing our Bulldogs and discovering         break a memorable one!
                                                 News                                                       3
                                                                               CHANGE IN DATES OF
November Election Turnout
By: Kathie Wu                                                                   FINALS CONTINUED
        Recent voter registration     tween the two political parties.               Having finals on a later date
statistics bring up a debate within           The election results for      can give the students of Brandywine
Delaware’s Republican Party and       all Delaware offices may also be      more time to prepare for their finals.
the reason for their losses on the    due to the level of engagement        Most students won’t have to rush to
                                                                            get every subject covered or be in a
election on Nov. 2.                   of the Delaware and national Re-
                                                                            rush to prepare. Senior Chris Ull-
                As for the results    publican Party to engage in par-      rich agrees with this statement, he
of the 2010 election, Christopher     ty-building and voter registra-       says “It’s a good idea; all the students
Coons of the Democratic Party         tion. Compared to an aggressive       get to relax more.
won with 56.6 percent of votes        party-building operation by the                More teachers will have time
for U.S. Senator. Democrat John       Democrats, the Republicans hap-       to review and possibly go over top-
Carney Jr. is the representative in   pened to fall short.                  ics they didn’t cover as well so stu-
congress with 56.8 percent and                The increase in Democrat      dents can understand them. Teach-
41 percent of votes respectively.     voter registration however did        ers could also go over a new topic or
Attorney General is Beau Biden        come from Republicans switch-         new chapter before finals. Teach-
III with 78.9 percent of votes and    ing parties. The registered Dem-      ers and students can also get more
                                                                            grades in for that marking period, so
State Treasurer is Chip Flowers Jr.   ocrat Party voters were all ag-
                                                                            there will be a chance to bring your
with 51 percent of votes. Finally,    gressive, new first-time voters.      grade up in a specific class. Senior
Thomas Wagner Jr. won state Au-       This shows just how influential       Chris Ullrich has said “It’s a chance
ditor of Accounts with 50.4 per-      the outreach by the Democratic        to complete one last quiz or one last
cent of votes.                        Party was.                            homework to bring your grade up.”
        Meanwhile, Republican                 Republicans      registered            Finals determine your grade
candidates for all offices in Dela-   voters actually increased from        for the year, whether you do well or
ware faced a hostile electorate       2008 to 2010 by over 4,000 peo-       bad, pass or fail. So it’s important
greater than ones in past years.      ple, which means that the voter       the students and teachers of Bran-
The Democrats on the other            increase of the Democratic Party      dywine prepare for them the right
hand, have added over 29,000          did not represent Republicans         way. Every student here deserves to
                                                                            pass their finals. It’s a great oppor-
voters, a staggering 11 percent       switching to the Democrats.
                                                                            tunity to prepare more, to make sure
increase from 2008 to 2010 in an              Some say, weaknesses
                                                                            you pass the class. Even though that
aggressive voter registration by      in the Republican Party’s core        not might be the case, and some stu-
the Democrat Party of Delaware.       operations at the national level      dents are going to have bad grades,
        Delaware, known as the        may have contributed to a large       they tried their best. So everyone
“First State” to ratify the US con-   Democrat election turnout. In         get those books out and start study-
stitution, is a lightly populated     fact, the Political Director of the   ing, finals will be right around the
area. In fact, votes cast for US      Republican national committee         corner. Good luck Bulldogs!
senate in Delaware only totaled       wrote a letter of resignation and
305,716 votes. Therefore, the in-     described an inadequate effort of
crease of 29,000 voters represent-    party-building and fund-raising
ed almost 10 percent of all votes     at the Republican National Com-
cast for US senate, illustrating      mittee.
just how broad the gap was be-
                                      News                                                       4
The Brandywine Line Staff   Morning Announcements
                            By: Kate McConachie
       Mr. Rick Shea                “At BHS, we are committed     the same announcements daily.
   Editor-in-Chief          to increasing student achievement     All the unnecessary informa-
        Kathie Wu           and improving instruction. Pre-       tion is just adding clutter to the
   Associate Editors        vent distractions. We are a no hat,   announcements, which should
       Jasmine Hall         no cell phone, no iPod school!”       include vital news for students,
     Geena Ciabattoni       For those of us who need to hear      rather than sounding like a bro-
                            the announcements daily, the end      ken record. There doesn’t need
       Tommy McKee
                            of the day idea isn’t quite working   to be anything that isn’t relevant.
      Copy Editor                                                 Important information, says Em-
                            out. People just don’t seem to care
      Geena Ciabattoni                                            ily, is “like colleges visiting, and if
                            enough to be quiet and courteous.
     News Editor                    This topic tends to be com-   certain practices are cancelled or
        Jasmine Hall        mon gossip around the school.         if they are held in a different lo-
                            There was uncertainty among the       cation.” These pieces of informa-
    Sports Editor
                            students when it was broadcasted      tion are indeed on the announce-
       Tommy McKee                                                ments, but due to the time of the
                            that the announcements were go-
   Features Editor          ing to take place in the afternoon.   day that they are read, students
      Lovely Gross          No one was really sure what to        can’t hear.
Opinon/Editorial Editor     think. But when 4th period came                 Along with the repetitive
                            around and the announcements          nature of our announcements
        Jasmine Hall                                              comes the infamous line from Dr.
  Arts/Entertainment        started, everyone’s fears were con-
                            firmed.                               Thompson, “We are a no hat, no
                                    “I would be more inclined     phone, and no iPod school!” You
       Brianna Rykard
                            to listen in the morning because      will realize that if you are told
                            usually people are quieter and I am   something over and over again, it
        Ariel Adams                                               loses its meaning. Emily agreed.
     Samuel Dougherty       not trying to finish work for class
                            and can actually pay attention”       When asked if those words had
        Andria Floyd
                            says senior Emily Clawson. There      any affect on her, Emily stated
      Margaret Ganakis
        Jesse Ginefra       is much animosity going around        “They used to when the rule was
       Andrew Gross         the school due to these trouble-      first said, but now I know the rule
        Joseph Heitz        some announcements. Students          and I do not feel the need to hear
     Dyanna Henderson       are saying they would much rather     it every day.”
      Krissy Kahlbaugh      have them in the morning rather                 The announcements are
      Kate McConachie       than the afternoon.                   how students receive important
        Chloe Palmer                The other issue surround-     information, and the hullabaloo
      Ronniesha Potts       ing the announcements is the con-     that has been started about them
         Amy Snyder         tent. Certain items of information    isn’t helping. However, things
        Illiya Wallace                                            change every day at Brandywine
                            have been stated every single day.
                            “I feel they are pointless” says      High School. Hopefully the next
                            Emily, when asked about hearing       change will benefit us rather than
                                                                  harm us. Go Bulldogs!!
                                             Features                                                       5
                                                                                     Good Holiday Gifts
Christmas Meal Plans                                                                 By: Dyanna Henderson
By: Geena Ciabattoni
                                                                                          Ever get stressed during
        Once a year, Christmas           pat dry. Remove any large fat depos-    the holiday season? Well I know
comes around the corner and helps        its. Loosen the skin from the breast.   that I do. The main reason why so
remind us of family, giving gifts, and   This is done by slowly working your     many people get stressed over the
most importantly, food! Everyone         fingers between the breast and the      holidays would be that they don’t
who does celebrate Christmas loves       skin. Work it loose to the end of the   know what kind of gift to get
many different types of home-style       drumstick, being careful not to tear
                                                                                 their loved ones. I’m writing this
food, like turkey, stuffing, mashed      the skin.
                                                                                 so that you can get good ideas for
potatoes, cranberry sauce, biscuits      4. Using your hand, spread a gen-
and desserts. Personally, I prefer the   erous amount of the rosemary mix-
                                                                                 the gifts you would like to buy.
turkey, but asking around I got com-     ture under the breast skin and down     The good thing about this is that
pletely different answers. Heather       the thigh and leg. Rub the remain-      they are not expensive at all. And
McKee, grade 12, said that her fa-       der of the rosemary mixture over        that’s a good thing because not all
vorite Christmas side-dish would         the outside of the breast. Use tooth-   of us have a lot of money. So this
have to be the candied yams. “That’s     picks to seal skin over any exposed     way we can get an amazing gift
seriously ALL I eat at Christmas!”       breast meat.                            for someone we care about with-
she says. “I love collard greens and     5. Place the turkey on a rack in a      out worrying about running out
mashed potatoes,” says senior An-        roasting pan. Add about 1/4 inch        of money.
drew Hemphill, “they’re banging”.        of water to the bottom of the pan.               First, you will need to get
What’s your favorite? If you don’t       Roast in the preheated oven 3 to 4      a gift for your family members.
have one, here is a very appealing       hours, or until the internal tempera-   For your mom, you could get her
turkey for you to try at home:           ture of the bird reaches 180 degrees    a candle of her favorite scent like
Rosemary Roasted Turkey                  F (80 degrees C).
                                                                                 apple cinnamon or French vanil-
Ingredients                                                                      la, a book or you could make her a
- ¾ cup olive oil                                                                photo album of everyone in your
- 3 tablespoons minced garlic                                                    family. Some gift ideas you could
- 2 tablespoons chopped fresh                                                    get your dad could be a subscrip-
rosemary                                                                         tion to his favorite magazine or
- 1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil                                               maybe get him some tools. A cou-
- 1 tablespoon Italian seasoning                                                 ple gifts that you could get your
- 1 teaspoon ground black pepper                                                 sister could be clothes that she’s
- Salt to taste                                                                  been dying for, a pair of shoes, or
- 1 (12 pound) whole turkey
                                                                                 some accessories that she would
                                                                                 like. A gift for your brother could
1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F
                                                                                 be some tickets to watch his fa-
(165 degrees C).                                                                 vorite sports team or you could
2. In a small bowl, mix the olive oil,                                           get him a watch. A nice gift to get
garlic, rosemary, basil, Italian sea-                                            your grandmother is something
soning, black pepper and salt. Set                                               homemade like a scarf, cookies
aside                                                                            or you can paint. CONTINUED
3. Wash the turkey inside and out;                                               ON PAGE 7
                                             Features                                                        6
Senior Spotlight: Tommy McKee
By: Jesse Ginefra
         In this Senior Spotlight we’ll   Brandywine? And also for the other     and that I was just one of the guys.
get to know swimming prodigy              swimming leagues you compete in.       Their coaches get along very well
Thomas Patrick McKee Jr., a state                  Accomplishments I’ve got-     with the team. I didn’t want to go
champion in the 100 and two time          ten at Brandywine are: State Cham-     somewhere where the coach was
champion in 200 freestyle races, an       pion in 200 Freestyle- 2009, 2010      a big yeller. Also, Auburn is in the
Eagles fan, a lover of baby back ribs     and in the 100 Freestyle in 2010.      top five teams at NCAAs almost ev-
and an all around great guy. Tom-         Also, I have competed on the nation-   ery year, and they have won the SEC
my recently accepted a swimming           al level and placed high at YMCA       championship for the past 14 years
scholarship to Auburn University          Nationals and US Junior Nationals.     straight. I’d have to say the selling
and is getting ready to start Bran-       And this past summer, I competed       point for Auburn though was all of
                                          at the US National Championships       the southern girls you can’t really
dywine’s upcoming swimming
                                          in Irvine, CA.                         get much better than that.
season. In this interview we’ll learn
                                          What do you do to train on a normal
how he started swimming, who he                                            What are some things you look for-
looks up to, his training                                                  ward to this swimming season and
regimen, and what keeps                                                    for your career at Auburn?
him focused to be the                                                               At high school states, I’m
star swimmer he is. Let’s                                                  hoping to break the state records in
get it started…                                                            the 200 and 500 Freestyle. At YMCA
                                                                           Nationals, and also the record in the
What influenced you to                                                     200 Freestyle, along with the 1000
start organized swimming                                                   Freestyle and 400 Individual Med-
and how early did you                                                      ley. Last year I got second by less
start?                                                                     than a tenth of a second in the 200
        I had taken lessons                                                free so winning it this year would be
at the YMCA before, and I                                                  great.
think I liked it, but it was                                                        At Auburn, there are a lot of
probably my mom just
making me do it. I needed to use my          In a normal week, I train things I’m looking forward to. It will
                                                                           be the first time for me training with
energy up somehow. I started tak- eight times. My practice schedule a team of that caliber which should
ing lessons when I was either 2 or 3 is Mon-Frid 3:30-6:00 in the after- help me improve. I think I would
years old.                           noon. Then, on Tues. and Thurs.
                                     mornings I lift and swim before never forget swimming at the SEC
Who has been most influential in school from 5:15-6:45. Saturdays and NCAA Championships so I’m
your career?                         are the worst, though; we lift for an going to have to work hard to get
        My coach, Meredith Griffin, hour then swim for two in a half in there.
has probably been the most influen- the morning from 7:00-10:30. Sun- What advice do you have for all un-
tial person in my swimming career. days are my day off so I’ll usually derclassmen swimmers?
She has been coaching for a long just spend the day resting.                        Work hard. Pretty simple
time has coached swimmers that are                                         advice, but easier said then done.
on the US National team now, so she Why did you decide to go to Auburn? You can’t just decide to push your-
knows what she’s doing.                      There are many reasons that self one day then slack on the next.
                                     I chose Auburn. When I visited, I It has to be an everyday thing if you
What are your accomplishments at felt like I fit right in with the team
                                                                           truly want to improve.
                                              Features                                                         7
Effects of Low Self Esteem on Young Girls                                            GOOD HOLIDAY GIFTS
By: Maggie Ganakis                                                                      CONTINUED
         Media stereotypes are unob-      National Report on the State of                    If you don’t know how to
tainable goals that young girls strive    Self-Esteem, conducted with girls         make any of these things, try to
to achieve, but rarely do. I’ve seen      between eight and 17 and commis-          learn them so your grandmother
the effects of trying to mimic these      sioned by the Dove Self-Esteem            can have the best gift ever! Some-
goals; they result in low self-esteem,    Fund.                                     thing that you could get your
anorexia, bulimia, and many other                  75 percent of girls with low     grandfather is you could go on a
illnesses.                                self-esteem reported engaging in          fishing trip with him or to person-
         The way that girls look at       negative and potentially harmful          alize a mug with your artwork or a
themselves is disheartening. Young        activities, such as disordered eating,    saying.
girls grow up watching television,        cutting, bullying, smoking or drink-               Some gift ideas for friends
and television is a big part of the       ing, when feeling badly about them-       could be jewelry like necklaces,
blame for low self esteem.                selves -- compared with 25 percent        bracelets, or earrings. You could also
Okay, so when you tune into one           of girls with high self-esteem.           get them a t-shirt with their favorite
of your favorite TV shows, you are                 61 percent of teen girls with    band on it. Also you could get them
greeted by a cast of people, some-        low self-esteem admit to talking          a CD of their favorite artist or band,
times from all ethnic backgrounds,        badly about themselves. (Compared         or a gift card to their favorite store
but you also are greeted by some-         to 15 percent of girls with high self-    at the mall. I interviewed some peo-
thing else. You are welcomed by           esteem.)                                  ple to see what they were getting for
a strange new breed of perfectly                   25 percent of teen girls with    their loved ones this holiday season
tanned, muscled teenagers who             low self-esteem resort to injuring        and here’s the one interview I had
have perfect bodies and love to show      themselves on purpose or cutting          with Ariel Adams. “For my mom
them off.                                 when feeling badly about them-            I’m going to get her a candle and a
         This isn’t reality, but naïve    selves. (Compared to 4 percent of         rose or a necklace. For my grand-
young girls think it is. So they strive   girls with high self-esteem.)             father I’m going to get him electric
to fit into that perfect circle, and               25 percent of teen girls with    shavers and axe spray. A gift for my
when they form an oval, their world       low self-esteem practice disordered
                                                                                    sister would be some clothes and
comes crumbling down, which               eating, such as starving themselves,
                                                                                    earrings. For my brother I’m going
makes them a prime candidate for          refusing to eat, or over-eating and
                                                                                    to get him a toothbrush and a fitted
low self-esteem, anorexia, & buli-        throwing up, when feeling badly
mia.                                      about themselves. (Compared to 7
                                                                                             So those were some gift
         Self-esteem has become a         percent of girls with high self-es-
                                                                                    ideas for the holiday season so you
national crisis in this country. The      teem.)’
                                                                                    can feel less stressed at this time.
majority of girls (seven in ten) feel              Ninth grader Emma DiRo-
                                                                                    You can see that you can get some
they do not measure up in some way        sato says “I don’t get why all televi-
                                                                                    really good gifts for your loved ones
including their looks, performance        sion does is show what seems to be
in school and relationships. Most         “The Perfect Girl”, but in reality that
                                                                                    without spending a fortune and the
disturbing is that girls with low self-   isn’t what most of America looks          gift you get them can be one that
esteem are engaging in harmful and        like!”                                    they might use a couple of times.
destructive behavior that can leave a              So, the next time that you       Although I gave you some gift ideas
lasting imprint on their lives.           tune into your favorite program,          you can always ask whoever you’re
         These new findings come          take a good look at the people in it,     buying a gift for, what they would
from Real Girls, Real Pressure: A         and think “Is this reality?”              like to receive. Good luck and Hap-
                                                                                    py Holidays!
                               Arts and Entertainment                                                 8
Winter Vacation SpotS
By: chloe palmer
         Winter break is a great      mont is located on Mt. Mansfield,     nearby is a great way to use your
time to take fun trips with your      Vermont’s highest peak at 4395’.      time. If you have family that lives
family and friends. Everyone is       When you come to visit, the           a little further than Delaware,
dying to get away from the frigid     Mountain Road Shuttle is free so      take a few days to be with them
cold and go somewhere warm            it’s much easier to reach this des-   to celebrate this time of year.
and exotic; however the price of      tination. To make it even easier              The holiday season is full
a vacation to paradise is just un-    to find, it is in Stowe, Vermont,     of fun activities you can experi-
realistic for most families. There    and only forty minutes away           ence with your friends and fami-
are plenty of fun places to take      from the airport. If this sounds      ly. Even when it’s cold and snowy,
day trips or even getaway for a       like fun to you, visit stowe.com      you can enjoy fun trips such as
few days. Delaware may seem           to plan your
boring, but there are so many ex-     trip; they even
citing activities to get your mind    have a guide
off the cold.                         to planning
         The one place that nev-      your      vaca-
er seems to get old is the King       tion here if it’s
of Prussia mall, located on 160       your first time
North Gulf Road. It has over 300      at the Stowe
stores! This is a wonderful shop-     Lodge.
ping experience full of Christ-               If Ver-
mas sales to buy almost anything      mont seems
you’re looking for. There’s a huge    too far or ex-
variety of stores which makes it      pensive      for
a great destination for a day trip    you,       Blue
to enjoy with friends or family.      Mountain Ski
It’s also not very far from Bran-     Area is just
dywine, about a thirty to forty       the place for
five minute drive. When it’s cold     you. Located
outside and you don’t have time       at 1660 Blue
or money to take a long trip, the     Mountain Drive, Palmerton,            skiing at a lodge, or just sledding
King of Prussia mall is the per-      Pennsylvania 18071, this is much      down the hill at BHS. And while
fect place to visit.                  closer to home. You can check         you might want to get away to
         If you’re not in the mood    out 800poconos.com to plan a          paradise on a warm beach, this
to shop and you want to be close      trip, look at pictures, maps, or      is unfortunately just over the
to the snow, skiing is a really fun   just to see what the weather fore-    budget of most families. When
activity for a group of people to     cast is on Blue Mountain.             money is short however there
do together. If you have a few                Of course, during the hol-    are plenty of fun places nearby
days to travel, you can go up to      idays it’s very important to see      that are a blast to visit. Have fun
Vermont to ski or snowboard.          your family. Spending a day of        this holiday season and always
Stowe Mountain Lodge in Ver-          your break going to visit relatives   be safe.
                               Arts and Entertainment                                            9
Winter Weather Season                                                      Sidewalk of Fame
By: Sam Dougherty                                                          By: Andria Floyd

         Put away your swim           dents and teachers winter break             Have you ever dreamt
trunks and get out your snow          is something to look forward to.     of being famous and having
jackets, Brandywine. The warm         Not only are we out of school but    your name on the Hollywood
weather is gone and winter is here.   we also get to celebrate Christmas   Walk of Fame? Well now is
With the record breaking snow-        and other holidays at that time.     your chance! The blue paint-
fall last season, I’m sure many are   Looking at all of the good things
nervous to see what Mother Na-        that winter brings us makes it
                                                                           ings on the sidewalk in front
ture will bring us this winter. The   easy to look past the bad things.    of the gym are a fundraiser
amount of snow isn’t predicted to     To really enjoy winter you need      called the Sidewalk of Fame.
be as much as last year but we will   to always stay positive, and look    Any student can buy one and
still find ourselves in the winter    on the bright side of things.        it only costs ten dollars. The
weather battleground. The battle             With the days becoming        money will go to the Class
of man
                                                                           of 2013. See Ms. Dillon or
snow is                                                                    any Class of 2013 advisor to
never                                                                      buy one and have your name
ending.                                                                    painted on the sidewalk for
                                                                           all to see!
are ex-
t h a t
is on its
way, not
just skiers or snowboarders. Win-     shorter and nights becoming lon-
ter is a time that comes around       ger some may say that it is hard
once a year and gives us many         to look on the bright side during
new things to do. Instead of go-      winter time. Shoveling snow is a
ing swimming at the pool we can       pain and driving conditions are
go ice skating at the rink. Rather    terrible. Athletes play sports in
than laying out at the beach we       the winter often have to deal with
can lay in the snow and make          games being cancelled due to bad
snow angels. When one is not out      weather. For “summer people”
playing in the snow most time is      the winter is a time where you
spent inside, staying warm. This      must remain patient. Bundle up
is a great chance to become clos-     and stay positive, the winter sea-
er to family and friends. For stu-    son will be here in no time.
                                   Arts and Entertainment                                                                  10
Fall Play Review: Anne of Green Gables
By: Illiya Wallace
         If you have been a fan of the      he said, “I was happy and nervous                 work leading up to the opening
movie “Anne Of Green Gables,” this          because this is the biggest part I                day went?” She said it takes a lot of
play is one that you should have            received in a play.” But he has had               work and time, but it’s a lot of fun.
seen. The cast did such a wonderful         many minor parts in many plays.                            Andria Floyd, a backstage
job on this play. I can honestly say        Because of his talent, I asked him if             crew member, was also excited
for this being my first time going to       he takes any extra classes or lessons             about Anne of Green Gables. “How
a school play their hard work defi-         outside of school. He replied no, but             was it working backstage this
nitely payed off. This in particular is     is thinking about starting some and               year?” I asked. She replied “It was
one to remember. My favorite scene          attending some summer camps.                      stressful, we lost someone’s prop
would be from the first act when                                                              and we were very short staffed.” I
Anne was in school and Gilbert                                                                wasn’t surprise to hear this because
pulled her hair and she smacked                                                               I have been in many dance shows
him with a book and got in trouble.                                                           , and being backstage it gets very
From the second act the tea party                                                             hectic. So I asked “Was this your
scene was great. When Anne was
                                                                                              first time working backstage?” She
dared by Josie Pye to walk on top
                                                                                              replied “No, I have worked back-
of the roof and Anne fell off. After
                                                                                              stage before. I worked backstage
watching the play, I wanted to run
                                                                                              last year.” So this made me wonder
off and watch the movie.
                                                                                              “What was the difference in last
         Maggie Davis, the lead fe-
                                                                                              year’s play then this year as far as
male actress, was amazing as Anne.
For this being her first time ever                                                            the work?” She informed me that
playing a lead she did a very con-                                                            “Last year’s play had less props
vincing job as Anne. When I asked                                                             and we didn’t have to move as
her “How did you react when you                                                               much. This year we had to change
saw your name as Anne?” She said                                                              the backround and move bigger
“I jumped for joy up and down the         Maggie Davis in a scene from Anne of Green Gables   and more props.” “Were you able
halls and I told all my friends.” Mag-              Mrs. Jolly, the director of               to watch the play when it was oc-
gie is only a sophomore and this is         the play was very excited when I                  curing?” “No, I was not but a cast
only her second year acting in a            met with her. When being asked                    member’s parent recorded it and
school play. So, I asked her “how           “How do you think the play went                   we watched it at the after party.” So
long have you been acting and do            and how did the cast do?” She re-                 after all the excitement backstage I
you take acting classes?” She told          plied “The kids did a really nice                 was wondering “What was your fa-
me she has been acting since she            job and the audience responded                    vorite scene in the play?” She an-
was in fifth grade and that she nev-        well.” Which I believe is true be-                swered in said “My favorite scene
er took acting class but she has at-        cause I was in the audience and for               was the tea party.”
tended summer camps for fun.                that being my first time experienc-                        So over all the play was
         Golden Boardley, the lead-         ing a school play the audience re-                great. The cast was exceptional and
ing male in the school play, was            sponded just how a director would                 did an awesome job. I encourage
outstanding. This also was Golden           want them to. Knowing how hard                    anyone who had not seen a play
first time receiving a leading role         the cast worked on the play I was                 and wants to try it, go for it. It will
in a play. When I asked him how             wondering how Mrs. Jolly felt                     be worth your time and your mon-
did he feel about landing the lead          they did. “How does she think the                 ey.
                                Arts and Entertainment                                                 11
Winter Fashion Trends
                                                                                Dangers of Bullying
By: Brianna Rykard                                                                   By: Ariel Adams
        As the temperature starts      a winter wardrobe this year. They               Our world is far from per-
to drop and the leaves begin to        keep you warm while also being         fect. There are so many personali-
change, the fashions in school         chic for those long winter nights.     ties that clash together that it would
                                                                              be close to impossible to have ev-
do too. Girls are trading their flip   A trend that is making its way
                                                                              eryone getting along. It’s in no way
flops for UGGs and boys are trad-      back from the 20’s and 30’s is the
                                                                              bad to have different personalities
ing their short sleeve shirts for      aviator jacket. Made popular by        in this world, but sometimes it can
long sleeve button ups. “Since its     Amelia Earhart, this jacket goes       be more dangerous than we think.
starting to get cold, I’m probably     perfect with anything you wear         When people are different or act a
going to start wearing my Polo         from skinny jeans to a flirty skirt.   certain way, bad things are bound to
button ups and boots more often.”      It has a furry collar that gives you   happen, such as bullying. Bullying
says junior Kyle Wheeler. People       added warmth when paired with          is when another person is cruel or
assume that dark colors corre-         a scarf for those snowy mornings.      overbearing. There are many kinds
spond with winter but not this         The perfect accessory for an avia-     of bullying, verbal, physical, mental
year. Bright fun colors are. Orchid,   tor jacket is a wedge boot. These      and cyber bullying.
coral, rose, lagoon and many oth-      boots are perfect with a dress and              It is very disheartening when
er bright colors are what’s popular    cute stockings or skinny cargo         I hear about someone getting bul-
this year. These colors will help      pants. They’re easier to walk in       lied. People need to notice that this
get you out of those winter blues.     than high heels or if you just want    is a very important subject. On the
        Sophomore Brandi Brown         a slimming effect these boots are      news a few months ago, there was
says about the new winter colors       perfect.                               a feature about a young man who
                                                                              committed suicide by jumping off of
is, “These colors are cute and they            As December starts and
                                                                              the George Washington Bridge after
make me think about summer in-         with January right around the
                                                                              being filmed while having a sexual
stead of winter.” They go perfect      corner, these essentials will          encounter with another man, and
with any pair of jeans, regardless     keep you warm all the way until        the video was posted on the inter-
of the rinse or you can go for a       March.                                 net. Tyler Clementi then committed
more polished look by pairing it                                              suicide.
with a pair of khakis and a chunky                                                     Bullying’s unethical. No per-
necklace.                                                                     son should have to take their life be-
        From tall to short, to Bai-                                           cause of someone’s intention to hurt.
ley button and Bailey button                                                  Bullying easily get out of hand.
triplet, UGGs will forever be as-                                                      Bullies may be trying to find
sociated with winter. UGGs are                                                a way to escape the madness in their
warm, comfy boots that are made                                               lives, and they do that by lowering
from sheepskin and they keep                                                  another person’s self-esteem. The
your feet warm no matter how                                                  world may not be perfect but, if we
low the temperature is. “I love                                               all try, we can make it a better place,
my UGGs like they’re everything                                               and save a lot of lives.
                                                                                       It’s never too late to help
to me. I wear them all the time;
                                                                              someone who is being bullied. Stand
they keep my feet so warm.” says
                                                                              up and defend them. Neither you
senior Brianna Fogelman. Fur                                                  nor the victim would ever forget it.
scarves and vests are major part of
                                  Arts and Entertainment                                                  12
Race to the Top
By: Andrew Gross

         Ever since President Obama      sight and testing programs. I think                But not every critic thinks
created Race to the Top, there have      the best improvements in education        Obama’s new act will be as suc-
been many disputes between po-           are made at the building level where      cessful as what Holodick believes
litical leaders, analysts, and regu-     administrators and teachers work          it will be. “Neither money nor legal
lar Americans around the country.        together in a climate of trust, coop-     maneuvering will bridge the deep
While there are citizens that op-        eration, motivation, and common           cultural chasm between parents in
pose and detest the new act, there       purpose,” but unfortunately he is,        low-income neighborhoods,” says
are just as many that praise and         “not sure whether
show spite to the ones that strongly     RTTT can help
dislike it.                              achieve the first
         “Race to the Top is a new       part of the equa-
program, as you know, and there-         tion,” the first part
fore it’s hard to say how effective it   being the schools’
has been or will be,” says Mark Ho-      decisions of how
lodick, the current superintendent       to spend the RTTT
of the Brandywine School District.       funds.
Dwayne Caldwell, a 9th grade Eng-                 A lt h ou g h
lish teacher at BHS, also finds it       a large population
difficult to decide whether RTTT         feels weary about
will be more successful than No          the new act, there
Child Left Behind. “There is a lot of    are many who are optimistic and           Stephen Woolworth, a guest col-
funding at stake, but the needs of       eager to see what lies ahead. The         umnist for The Seattle Times and
education have been known for a          funding for each winning state of         the associate dean in the School of
long time.” Although Mr. Caldwell        RTTT has the potential to help the        Education at Pacific Lutheran Uni-
                                                     schools systems tremen-       versity. Woolworth goes on to say
                                                     dously if spent correctly.    that parents must be actively in-
                                                     “From the overall grant of    volved in their child’s schooling in
                                                     $119 million to the state,    order to produce, not only a better
                                                     the Brandywine School         child, but also a more productive
                                                     District will receive just    school day; because RTTT does
                                                     over $5 million over four     not address schools with engaged
                                                     years,” which surprisingly,   parents, many share the same be-
                                                     “represents less than 1%      liefs are not excited about the act.
                                                     of our projected operating             No one knows exactly how
                                                     budgets over that period      Race to the Top is going to turn
                                                     of time,” says Holodick.      out; but judging by the premise
is unsure on whether RTTT will           “Our number one goal as a District        and process of President Obama’s
be a success, he knows there are         is to increase academic achievement       new act, the US will have a suc-
some major problems embedded             for all students. Thanks to RTTT          cessful future managed by the chil-
in the act. “I hope the funding is       funding, we have additional re-           dren taught and educated under
spent on more than general over-         sources to achieve that goal.”            Obama’s hands.
                                                  Sports                                              13
Coaches Corner
By: Ronneisha Potts
    When mentioning a success-         competitive, so we will need to               Making the transition from
ful team, many give a majority         play our best each and every            middle school athletics to high
of the recognition to the players.     night. I feel that we have a num-       school athletics can be a major
Most people forget the person on       ber of returning players that are       shock for some players. It takes
the team who takes the fall for the    ‘battle-tested’ and will be ready       time to adjust and go through
losses, sets up the program, or        to step up to the challenge,” says      situations that make you men-
who shares the knowledge they          Christensen.                            tally tough. One’s personality can
know about the sport to the ath-             When it comes to returning        sometimes determine if they’ll
letes who participate. Sometimes       players, most coaches agreed that       fail or succeed. A person who has
we tend to forget “The Coaches’        they want a strong sense of lead-       that strong ambition, might have
Corner.” There is always an in-        ership as well as consistency. It’s     a better outcome than a person
terest on how the athletes feel,       obvious that on a team each per-        who never has intentions on ex-
but how often are we concerned         son has their own personal role         ceeding the average standards.
about the coaches true thoughts        that should be fulfilled in each        Only time will tell. Coach Da-
and opinions?                          competition. It is important to         mon Daniels, of the girls’ basket-
   Despite all the anticipation that   know and understand your capa-          ball teams said, “I expect the new
continues to build up as many          bilities. “I just want each player to   players to learn to listen and lis-
prepare for the winter season          do what they do, and do it to their     ten to learn”.
sports, when it’s all over and the     best ability,” said Potts.                  Every team has that one factor
clock has zero seconds left on it, a      It seems at times coaches forget     that makes them who they are,
true soldier of the game wants to      how important the coach-player          whether it was something natural
come out on top, with a victory.       relationship is and how much it         to them or something they de-
The only question is “What are         can determine your success. This        veloped over time. Major things,
the keys of success to get there?”     type of relationship has a lot to       such as team bonding can deter-
Coach Ronnie Potts, of the girls’      do with the results that you get        mine these factors. “The team
basketball team, came out with a       out of a team as well as each indi-     works together as a unit,” says
bold reply stating that “If we play    vidual player. Coach Keith Neff,        Coach Peg McCoy, head coach
together, we’ll finish in nothing      of the wrestling team says, “The        for distance in indoor track. Neff
less than the final four [teams in     coach-player relationship is huge.      states that he has a hard work-
the state basketball tournament].”     It must exist in order to get the       ing bunch that refuses to give up
On the other hand, boys’ bas-          most out of your athletes, so I put     and continues to fight through
ketball coach Steve Christensen        a lot of time and effort into learn-    adversity. One player can have
commented on his outlook on            ing what makes each of them,            the greatest characteristic in the
the upcoming season. “We have a        as individuals, tick.” In the end,      world, but when you can get a
solid team, featuring a good mix       when it comes to high school            “team” to become tough as one
of experienced players and young       level athletics the moral to this       and have love for one another,
talent. If the players work hard,      situation when it comes to high         they form a strong will to win.
play as a team, and improve each       school level athletics is that the      This includes increasing mental
day, then we will have a success-      player won’t care about what you        toughness, outlooks toward ev-
ful season. Flight A is extremely      know if they know you don’t care.       ery competition, patience, con-
                                                Sports                                               14
COACHES CORNER CONTINUED                                                             Winter Sports
    Every year a team changes de-     helps the student-athletes under-                By: Joe Heitz
spite the possibility that you have   stand and respect the value of                 The BHS winter sports sea-
all your players returning or new     hard work. We expect our kids to      son is causing much excitement for
ones entering. Coach Potts and        work hard everyday, both on and       many people. Four sports lined up
Coach Daniels agreed that in the      off the court. We always tell them    are wrestling, basketball, swimming,
past years they’ve had players        that having a great work ethic        and indoor track.
that are involved in other sports     will set the stage for a success-              Wrestling, coached by Mr.
but this year all the girls on the    ful future”. Effort and work ethic    Keith Neff, will kick off their season
team consider basketball their        were to major factors among the       with four scrimmages and then the
main, number one sport.               coaches. “I bring the idea of hav-    Brandywine Invitational. Returning
         Every season a team will     ing a hard work ethic amongst         seniors are Nick Miller, Andy Short,
                                                                            Andrew Schmohl, Brandon Stump,
change mentally or physically (as     the girls. I let them know that ‘We
                                                                            and Sayam Yadav. Winter track,
far as players staying or leaving).   can’t control our talent level. We    coached by Mrs. Peg McCoy, begins
       By the end of the season,      can’t control our family tree. We     their season at the Worcester county
coaches want their athletes to im-    can control our effort each and       track meet. Returning seniors for
prove athletically, academically,     every day.’”, Said Coach Daniels.     boy’s indoor track are Brandon Ca-
and socially. “I want the girls to    Coach McCoy said “I try to keep       plan, Hakeem Harris, Alpha Mansa-
recognize how far they’ve come        it fun, I’m fairly organized, and     ray, Jameel Meachum, and Chanon
as far as their character, and be     have a strong background in track     Tuntivate. For girl’s indoor track
able to think about the life les-     and field”. I admired the response    the seniors are Alexa Borelli, Maeve
sons they’ve took from being on       I received from Coach Neff, for       McCoy, Allison Lofland, Brianna
this team, as well as the game of     simple fact that he made a basic      Fogelman, and Allison Bredimus.
basketball in general” said Potts.    statement but people often forget              Swimming, under new head
                                                                            coach, Mr. Randy Stone, starts their
Athletics are not only activities,    how important the idea is when
                                                                            season off against Salesianum on
they teach you about life because     working with any team in gener-       the boy’s side, and Urusuline on the
you’ll tend to go through tough       al. Neff went on to say “My team      girl’s side. Seniors are, Colin Weir,
situations that you can compare       knows I care”, which is something     Eric Wegner, Sean Coleman, Angie
to a life situation.                  I find mandatory from a coach to      Corrado, Lindsey Horton, Tommy
     I wanted the coaches to give     a team.                               McKee, and Lauren Silverstein.
themselves credit and think about                                           Boy’s basketball, coached by Mr.
the thing they bring to their team                                          Steve Christensen, has three scrim-
because this is something that is                                           mages and then a season opener
not acknowledged enough. Many                                               at home against Salesianum. Girl’s
of them said basic ideas but it                                             basketball, coached by Mr. Damon
takes a certain type of person to                                           Daniels, begin with three scrim-
                                                                            mages and the season opener is
realize how important these ideas
                                                                            home against Newark. Seniors for
are when it comes to managing a                                             boy’s team are Michael Boxley, Tevin
team. “I bring toughness, loyalty,                                          Tucker, John Frazier, and Charles
dedication and love to this team”                                           Jackson. For girls basketball they are
says Potts. Christensen went on                                             Erica Horton, Arianna Talley, and
to say “I think our coaching staff                                          Brianna Hall.
                                       Sports                                           15
Fall Sports Wrapup
By: Tommy McKee

                               ant. The team’s top runner,     The boys had a fantastic sea-
Unfortunately, the football Maeve McCoy, finished with         son this year, finishing the
team has once again fin- an impressive 22nd place at           regular season with a record
ished with no wins this sea- the State Championship.           of 9-4-1. The majority of
son. Although, they did earn                                   their losses came in the be-
two wins early in the season Field Hockey                      ginning of the season when
against Friends in their sea- This season the girls finished   they were missing a few key
son opener, and then Mount with a solid 8-5-2 record.          players and they started off
Pleasant. They had to forfeit They got a great win against     0-3-1. They then went on
these wins because of an in- rival Concord, beating them       a six-game winning streak
eligible player and finished 2-0, and they added a few         to completely change the
the rest of the season 0-10.   blow-outs against Christiana    course of the season. In the
                               and Glasgow at the end of       first round of the playoffs,
Boys Cross Country             the season, winning 9-0 and     they suffered a tough loss to
This season, the boys’ team 10-1. The team barely missed
                                                               Caravel losing 4-3 but they
had a disappointing year, fin- making the playoffs but it
                                                               put up a good fight.
ishing with a record of 1-6. was still a great season!
Although, they did keep the
meets very close things just Volleyball
didn’t seem to go their way. The Volleyball
A notable finish was made by team had a disap-
Chanon Tuntivate at the State pointing season
Championship, where he this year, finish-
placed 12th and was named ing with a record
to 3rd Team All-State!         of 1-14. Their
                               lone win came
Girls Cross Country            against Delcastle
The girls’ team this season when they swept
finished with a solid record Cougars in three
of 4-2, including a sweep games straight.                      Greg Whitcraft (left) steals the ball
against rival, Mount Pleas- Soccer                             in their match against Charter.

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