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					NOVEMBER 2010                     Al-Anon & Alateen Districts 6 – 10 Meeting Schedule                               (May Be Copied)
                  AUBURN                                                                                                           W 7:30 pm
Unity Ch, 1212 High St           M 7:30 pm                ELK GROVE                                             NEWCASTLE
1339 Live Oak Ln. (upstairs, back rm)          8517 Bond Rd, at E. Stockton Blvd                 Newcastle Methodist Ch (W)            T 7 pm
                                   T 6:30pm     Grocery, upstairs 2nd Floor                       Buena Vista & Page (off old State Hwy)
1st Congreg. Ch                      T 1 pm                        (H, P)   M 7:30 pm                       NORTH HIGHLANDS
 710 Auburn Ravine Rd (BS) W 10 am             Edward Harris Middle School                       6015 Watt Avenue #2 (CH, AT)
Beth Luth Ch, 1279 High St Th 7:30 pm           8691 Power Inn Rd         (AT) W 7 pm             Enter: SETA Head Start door T 7 pm
                  BENICIA                       Go past R. of office bldg. Turn L., see signs.                  ORANGEVALE
Benecia Congregational Church                  St Joseph Catholic Ch                             Ch of Christ, 5915 Main Ave         M 8 pm
 1305 W. 2nd Street                 Th 8 pm      9961 Elk Grove-Florin Rd        F 8 pm             (Library)         (H, CH) Th 7:30 pm
           (Young Adults) (H) M 5:45 pm                (AAC, Candlelight)    S 7:15 pm           Redeemer Covenant Ch (H)             T 7 pm
            CAMERON PARK                       Good Shepherd Ch                                   6800 Main Ave (at Vallejo)
Light of the Hills Ch (B, H)         M 7 pm     9539 Racquet Court             S 10 am           1st Baptist Ch.of Orangevale
  3100 Rodeo Rd          (Foyer)                              FAIRFIELD                            8998 Central Ave              T 10:00 am
  (behind Burke’s Junction)       F 7:30 pm    Grace Episcopal Ch               M 8 pm           American River Alano         (H)    Su 4 pm
            (BS 1st F, STC 3rd F}                1405 Kentucky              F 7 to 9 pm           9346 Greenback Lane (AT Rm B, H)
                  COLFAX                       1601 Enterprise St 13 (SP)       Th 7                                 (M, H, Rm A) W 8 pm
United Methodist Ch           (BS) S 10 am     pm                                                                PINE GROVE
  59 W Church St                                  Ages 15 to 90                                  19394 Highway 88                Th 5:30 pm
              CARMICHAEL                                     FAIR OAKS                             (Downstairs from market)
Sunset No-Al Club              (H) M 6 pm      Fair Oaks Presb Ch (H, BS) M 7 pm                               POLLOCK PINES
 5809 Gibbons Dr                                11427 Fair Oaks Blvd, Annex 2                     Pollock Pines Community Ch
Carmichael Presbyterian Ch (B, C, CH)           (near Madison)                                   (Evergreen
 5645 Marconi Ave (upstairs)                    (Holidays: St Francis Episcopal Ch,                Rm) 6361 Pony Express Trail M 7 pm
 (Babies under 1 OK in mtg)         F 10 am     11430 Fair Oaks Blvd)                                           PLACERVILLE
American River Comm Ch (H) F 7 pm                              FOLSOM                            Placer Hts Baptist Ch (New) Th 11:30 am
 3300 Walnut Ave                               Trinity Episcopal Ch          T 7:30 pm            2954 Schnell School Rd
                   DAVIS                        803 Figuroa (at Wool St)                          (Parson’s house)                    Th 12 n
UCD Memorial Union Bldg                        Oak Hills Ch, 1100 Blue Ravine Rd                 Senior Centr. 937 Spring St (H) Th 7pm
                  (H, CH) +Th 12:10 pm                                 (P)      W 7 pm                       RANCHO CORDOVA
  +: Ask room number at info desk              Mt Olive Lutheran Ch          F 7:30              Grace Lutheran Ch
Davis Community Ch 4th & D                     pm                                                  2201 Benita Dr (at Coloma)         Th 12 n
     Rm 151 (P,*)         M 6:30 to 7:45 pm     320 Montrose Dr                                  United Methodist Ch         (H) Su 6:30 pm
       “ 151 (AT Rm 150,H,*) T 7 pm                              GALT                             2101 Zinfandel (Preschool Bldg)
       “ 151 (W,child care,H,*) S 4 pm         Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Ch                           RANCHO MURIETA
       “ 151 (H,*)                   S 9 am      604 E St              (H)   F 5:30 pm           WSO Bldg, 15160 Jackson Hywy T 7 pm
United Methodist Ch                            12490 Alta Mesa Rd       (M)     S 7 pm                            RIO VISTA
 1620 Anderson Rd (BS, H)             T 12 n               GRASS VALLEY                          Congregational Ch
Our Faith Lutheran Ch, 1801 Oak Ave            175 Joerschke Dr       Suite K                      230 Sacramento St               T 9:30 am
  Fellowship Hall      (P, H,*) W 6:30 pm                             (N)            M 7 pm        (Annex, downstairs)            Th 6:30 pm
                        (BS,H*)     W 8 pm                            (N)           T 10 am                       ROCKLIN
                        (H,*)       Th 8 pm                           (N, M)          T 7 pm     St Matthews Lutheran Ch
Davis Communicare Health Ctr                                          (W,SS,H)       W 7 pm        5901 Lonetree Blvd                Th 7 pm
  2051 John Jones Rd, behind Sutter                                   (AT)          Th 7 pm      3101 Sunset Ave, (New)           Su 2:30 pm
  Davis Hospital (H, New,*) Th 6:30 pm                                (N)           F 10 am        St. B-6 (Behind strip mall) Su 3:00 pm
Congregation Bet Haverim, Grade 3 Rm                                                S 10 am                      ROSEVILLE
 1715 Anderson Rd (AAC,H) Su 5 pm                                                    S 6 pm      Hillcrest Alliance Ch (New for P) M 7pm
                   DIXON                       Going N, off frw. at Brunswick,      Su 1 pm       911 Hillcrest Ave         (P) M 7:30 pm
United Methodist Ch                            L on Maltman, L on Joerschke                                                 (P)        W 12 n
 209 Jefferson St (H)               M 7 pm     Sierra Pines United Meth Ch     Th 7 pm           Bethel Lutheran Ch, 1050 Douglas Blvd
Dixon Cornerstone Baptist Ch                   (Lake of the Pines)                                (at Folsom Rd, I-80 2 blks W)        F 8 pm
 185 W. Cherry                       F 7 pm    22559 Hacienda Dr, Rm 1 (H)                       Bayside West Community Ch
               EL DORADO                                      JACKSON                             10020 Foothills Blvd, Rm 35
El Dorado Comm Ch, 4701 Church St               14 Water St                     M 7 pm            Mtg Established 1951:                T 7 pm
   (H) (SS 1st T, BS last T)      T 6:30 pm                                W 11:30 am                                      (New) T 6:30 pm
           EL DORADO HILLS                                     (H)              Th 12 n                                      (B)      F10 am
Lakehills Covenant Ch, Rms B4 & B5                             (STC)         F 7:30 pm           Warehouse Ministries
  7000 Rossmore Lane (C, H) Th 7                                            Su 6:30 pm            9089 Foothills Blvd, Suite 900
pm                                              United Meth Ch, 120 Church St T 7                                     (STC, AT)      S 11 am
Cornerstone Christian Ch                             pm                                                                (STC, H)      Su 1 pm
  931 Lassen Lane (C, H)             S 9 am                     LOOMIS                           Lyman Leak Center (AAC)           W 7:30 pm
     Both mtgs: Use upper parking lot          Shepherd of Sierra Ch (BS) W 10 am                 1203 Gabrielli Dr                  Th 7 pm
                                                 5400 Barton Rd (at Rocklin Rd)                    (behind Fire Station, off Cirby, Su 7 pm
NOVEMBER 2010                     Al-Anon & Alateen Districts 6 – 10 Meeting Schedule                      (May Be Copied)
 near Sunrise)                                SPANISH MTNGS IN SACRAMENTO                                   KEY
Granite Bay Lutheran Ch            S 7 pm     (Also see West Sacramento & other cities)   (AAC) Al-Anon Adult Children
 6365 Douglas Blvd                           All Saints Episcopal Ch    M 6:30 pm         (AL) Al-Anon in another room
                                                2076 Sutterville Road (AAC-SP)            (AT) Alateen in another room
           SHINGLE SPRINGS                      (AT only-Bilingual)         W 6 pm        (B)   Babysitting available
Discovery Hills Evangelical Ch               2251 Florin Rd #145 (SP) T, W, F 6 p         (BS) Book Study
   4270 Shingle Springs Dr. (H) M 12n                                                     (C)   Children under age 1 OK
                          (H,AT) W 7 pm                SOUTH LAKE TAHOE                   (CH) Holidays no meeting
             SACRAMENTO                      Sierra Community Ch (STC) W 7:15 am          (G)   Gay focus
First Christian Ch (AAC, M) T 7:30 pm          1165 Sierra Blvd (at Osborne)              (H)   One hour meeting
                   (AAC, W)       W 6 pm     St Theresa’s Parish Ctr (H) F 5:30 pm        (M)   Men only
  3901 Folsom Blvd (Sanctuary entr.)            1170 Rufus Allen Blvd (at Lyons)          (New) Newcomers
Lutheran Ch of Good Shepherd                                                  M 7 pm      (N)   No Children
                     (New for P) 7:00 pm                       TRUCKEE                    (P)   Parents of Alcoholics
                           (P) Th 7:30 pm    Ch of the Mountains, 10069 Church St         (PT) Preteen Meeting
  1615 Morse Ave (at Arden)                     (Small house to rear) (H)      M 7 pm     (SP) Spanish speaking
Mosaic Law Synagogue                         For Goodness Sake                            (SS) Step Study
  2300 Sierra Blvd         (H)      M 12 n     10157 Donner Pass Road W 6:30 pm           (STC) Steps, Traditions,
Parkside Community Ch                                         VACAVILLE                            Concepts Study
  5700 S. Land Park Drive        M 10 am     799 Yellowstone Dr (H)         T 7:30 pm     (W)    Women Only
Faith Presbyterian Ch                        Vaca Valley Hosp (New, H) W 7:30 pm          M       Monday
  625 Florin Rd           (H)       T 7 pm     1000 Nut Tree Rd                           T      Tuesday
Westminster Presbyterian Ch         M 12 n   Kaiser Vaca Valley Pkwy                      W      Wednesday
  13th & N Sts           (H,CH,*)                     3rd fl rm C (SS)          F 7 pm    Th     Thursday
  (Holidays: Sunlight Of The Spirit                   3rd fl rm D (AT)         F 7 pm     F       Friday
  bookstore, 2314 J St) (H)                  Presbyterian Ch         (N)       Th 12 n    S      Saturday
Kaiser Alc/Drug Rehab, 2829 Watt Ave           425 Hemlock                                Su     Sunday
 (All mtgs CH) Rm 4 (H) T 7:30 pm                              VALLEJO
                  Rm 4 (M) Th 7:25 pm        502 Virginia St       (STC)      Su 5 pm       This meeting list is Confidential
                  Rm 1            S 11 am    Community Presby Ch                                     It is only for sharing
Fremont Presbyterian Ch                        2800 Georgia St                 T 7 pm            Al-Anon/Alateen meetings.
 5770 Carlson Dr (at H St, near CSUS) (*)             WEST SACRAMENTO                        It is not to be used as a mailing
 Newcomers, Rm 201 Gym Bldg (New)            1361 Merkley Av           (SP)   W 6 pm               or commercial venture
                           M 6:15-6:45 pm      (near Jefferson)
 Regular mtg Rm 201 Gym Bldg M 7 pm                            WINTERS                         AL-ANON IS NOT AFFILIATED
 (All other mtgs, old bldg, (H)     W 12 n   Winters Library                                   WHERE MEETINGS ARE HELD
   2nd floor Rm 3211)           W 7:30 pm      201 Second St at Russell Th 6:30 pm
                          (AAC) Su 7 pm                      WOODLAND                           For this schedule on line:
Arden Christian Ctr             M 7:30 pm    Timothy's Bakery               M 7:30 pm   
  4300 Las Cruces                   F 12 n    418-B Main St            (H)       T 12 n
   (off Eastern betw Arden & Fair Oaks)       (Back Entrance)                  W 7 pm              World Service Office
3501 2nd Av                (G)     W 6 pm                               (H)    Th 12 n        1600 Corporate Landing Pkwy
Sierra Vista Hosp          (M) M 6:45 pm                                    Su 10 am          Virginia Beach, Va 23456-5617
  8001 Bruceville Rd (near Kaiser So)                                 (BS)    Su 7 pm
                                             _____________________________________             Toll-free telephone number:
Kaiser Point West 1650 Response Rd
                                               Al-Anon Information Service (AIS)                       (888) 425-2666
 (Kids under 2 OK, CH)
                                                            Office Hours:                             Monday – Friday
 Ask room number at info desk M 6 pm
                                                       Monday to Wednesday                  8 am – 6 pm Eastern Standard Time
Lutheran Ch of the Cross
                                                         10:00am to 3:00pm
  4465 H St                 (AAC) Th 7 pm
                                                   Thursday 10:00am to 5:00pm                WSO e-mail:
State Capitol Rm 127 (CH, H) F 12 n
                                               Office closed Friday through Sunday
  (L St side)
                                                         5429 Palm Ave #A                     Al-Anon via World Wide Web:
Trinity Episcopal Ch, 2620 Capitol Ave
                                                       Sacramento, CA 95841
  (Cafeteria)                    F 7:30 pm                                         
                                               Meeting Information: 916-334-2970
St Marks Methodist Ch (H, W)
                                                      Business: 916-334-2971
  2391 St Marks Way               Th 6 pm                                                   Northern Calif World Service Area
                                                      Toll-free: 888-482-4240
Sacramento Recovery House                                                                              Web Site:
                                                         Fax: 916-334-6366
  1914 22nd St                     S 1 pm                                               
Sutter Center for Psychiatry
                                                   Office Manager: Ken Priestley
   7700 Folsom Blvd                 T 7 pm                                                     AA: (916) 454-1100 (24 hrs)
Quinn Cottages, 1500 North A St
   (W. of 16th)                    M 7 pm
Kaiser Arden Annex, 3240 Arden Way
   (Near Morse)      (CH, AT)     Th 7 pm

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