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Contact: Meredith Tompkins
1141 Broad Street
Augusta, Georgia 30901
Tel. 706-495-7033

                                      GLOSS WARE
                                     by Bella Faccia

Augusta, Georgia- August 2009

Meredith Tompkins has always considered lip gloss a critical beauty necessity. It is a belief
passed down from her grandmother, who will never leave the house without her signature
red lips. With that in mind, Tompkins created Gloss Wares, made with breakthrough
technology for maximum staying power, filled with nourishing lip properties, natural
antioxidants and botanicals, and completely paraben free. Infused with Vanilla, for a sweet
smell and taste. Plus radiant reflecting pigments, or as Tompkins calls it, “jewels for the
lips.” These Gloss Wares are available in sixteen brilliant colors. Gloss Wares are perfect for
all skin types and ages.

With the recent launch of Gloss Wares, the company has SOLD OUT twice within the first
few weeks of shipment. They have expanded from the Augusta market to Atlanta, Seattle,
New York City, and Florida. Tompkins niche product is being placed in high-end beauty
boutiques throughout the world.


If you’d like more information about Gloss Wares by Bella Faccia, or to schedule an
interview with Meredith Tompkins, please call 706-495-7033 or email Bella Faccia at
    bella faccia
        airbrush + makeup llc

Meredith Tompkins

1141 Broad Street
Augusta. Georgia 30901
c. 706.495.7033
w. 706.724.0040
Meredith Tompkins is an experienced and
accomplished beauty makeup artist. She has
worked in the industry for a decade and is based in
Georgia. The moment she started working and
traveling the US as an in-house trainer for Victoria's
Secret Beauty she knew it was her calling. From
there she meet and married Kyle Tompkins, an
Aveda platform artist and owner of La Dolce Vita
Salon and Spa. She furthered her career in skin
therapy and makeup artistry. She received her
training from the International Dermal Institute and
Temptu NYC.

As a makeup artist her career presented
opportunities working with recognized companies
such as Victoria's Secret Beauty, Sevi Vegan
Cosmetics, Bella Brides, Intercoiffure, and Temptu

Today, she owns and operates Bella Faccia
"Beautiful Face" Airbrush Makeup llc, as well as La
Dolce Vita Spa. She has partnered with Sevi
Cosmetics, where she serves as Color Consultant,
to launch Bella Faccia Vegan Mineral Cosmetics.
She is the co-founder/host of A Marry Occasion
creme de la creme Bridal Show for the Augusta
market. She is a beauty author for Bella Bridal

                                                                   bella faccia
Magazine, as well as, the key makeup artist for
several magazine covers. She has partnered with
Earthfare Supermarket to launch a Makeup Artistry
Series covering the Fundamentals of Healthy
Beauty from the Inside Out. Recently, she has
                                                                        airbrush + makeup llc
collaborated with a Canadian Cosmetic Company
to launch 16 high shine, long wear lip glosses.
                                                                     Wholesale Marketing Kit
She has been featured on NBC Augusta for her
Ultimate Ultrasonic Facials, Spotlighting Downtown       With the recent launch of bella faccia Gloss Ware's the
Businesses, and A Marry Occasion Bridal Show.            company has SOLD OUT twice within the first few weeks of
                                                         shipment! They have expanded from the Augusta market
She enjoys painting, practicing yoga, traveling,         to Atlanta, NYC, Seattle, Florida, and Martha’s
photography, and being a mother to her 3 and 11          Vineyard!
year old girls, Lucie and Stella. Her approach on
makeup application is simply bringing out the            We would love to have you on board with this luxurious lip
natural inner beauty we all possess. Her intention is    gloss. Made with the highest quality ingredients at an
to intensify the core of each individual by creating     extremely affordable price. All artwork for bella faccia
sophisticated, sexy, modern, and elegant looks.
    	                                                    designed by Japanese artist Kayo Tamaishi.               	
                WHY GLOSS WARES?
                * Breakthrough technology to
                 create 16 luxurious long
                 wear, high shine gloss with
                 maximum staying power.

                * Nourishing lip properties.

                * Filled with natural anti-
                 oxidants and botanicals.

                * Completely Paraben-Free.

                * Hint of Vanilla for a delicious
                 taste and smell.

                * ALL16 glosses are best
                 sellers and best, best

                * Stand up display unit.

Window Decal:

                                                                     October 2009

                                                                  CEO/DEVELOPER of Gloss Wares by Bella

                                                                          Faccia. Photo by Hillary Odom.

By Merry Glenne, Skirt Editor

The Secret To...                                   “The secret to creating the ultimate fall power
                                                   pout is to choose a bold, high-gloss color such
From Visine to toothpaste, Meredith tried just     as red, deep plum or coral, and apply it directly
about everything to cover up her “bad skin.”       to the entire lip.”
While covering up her “bumps” as a teenager,
she uncovered a makeup application technique       EXTRAS:
that would enhance her career as a makeup          1. Growing up, Meredith loved to makeover her
artist. Using simple tricks, including layering,   mother, a!PE teacher,!and her friends. "When prom
Temptu airbrush makeup and her own newly-          came around," she says, "I was booked."
developed high-shine, long-wear, great tasting,
stay-put lip gloss, Meredith is making women       2. At just $18, Meredith's lip gloss is flying off the
sparkle and shine. Meredith’s gloss is available   makeup counter. "I've gone through three
                                                   shipments in four weeks," she says.
at her studio Bella Faccia airbrush + makeup
llc. in Augusta and Woo Skincare &                 3. Meredith is mommy to two little girls; Lucienne
Cosmetics in Atlanta.                              (Lucy), three and a half, and Stella, 11.
    Bella Faccia Retail Partners

                           Georgia NY
                           89A East Houston Street
                           New York, New York 10012

                           Woo Skin Care + Cosmetics
                           2339 Peachtree Road
                           Atlanta, Georgia 30305

                           Duque Salon + Spa + Boutique
                           5348 Ballard Avenue NW
                           Seattle, Washington 98107

                           La Dolce Vita Salon + Spa
                           1141 Broad Street
                           Augusta, Georgia 30901

                           Simply Spoiled Boutique
                           1417 1st Street
                           Sarasota, Florida 34236

                   1325 Miller Road, Suite J
                   Greenville, South Carolina 29607
                   Ordering in November 2009

                   Jeffre Scott Apothecary
                   6432 Rea Road
                   Charlotte, North Carolina 28277
                   Ordering in October 2009

                   Elysium Salon
                   4 Liberty St
                   Charleston, SC 29401

    Coming soon to....

                  Midnight Farm @ Martha’s Vineyard
                  18 Water-Cromwell Lane
                  Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts 02568
                  Ordering in March 2010

                   Luxe Apothecary
                   4209 Lassiter Mill Road #126
                   Raleigh, North Carolina 27609
                   Ordering in November 2009

     Pish Posh Patchouli’s
     82 South Barrett Square Suite 1-C
     PO Box 611176
     Rosemary Beach, Florida 32641

     Blossom Cosmetic Boutique
     13 South State Street
     Newtown, Pennsylvania 18940

      See Jane
      323 W Broughton Street
      Savannah, Georgia 31401
    See Jane
    323 W Broughton Street
    Savannah, Georgia 31401

      Sassy Bitch by Bella Faccia
      coming soon....An exclusive
      international partnership between
      Meredith Tompkins and Tami Fricks,
      CEO/Founder of Sassy Bitch Wines
      from Chile. Connecting the two worlds
      of cosmetics and spirits for every

      For more information:


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