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					              The                                                                                                          May 2009

Southern Yarn
        N E W S L E T T E R             O F     T H E   D O W N   U N D E R    C L U B      O F    W I N N I P E G       I N C .

downundercalendar                      2 0 0 9
   details on page 3

   Movie Night
   Place/Time: TBA
  Stay tuned for an update on this event.

   Saturday June 27,
   10:00 and noon
   Golf Tournament
  Players Golf Course, 2695 Inkster Blvd
  18 holes starts at 10:00 am, 9 holes starts
  at noon. Stay for lunch and enjoy a burger
  and drink for $12. Be sure to reserve your
  spot to play by June 17 – 237-1805.

   Beausejour Dairy Bar
  A day in the country, Margaret’s Magical
  Mystery Quiz, and delicious ice cream.
  Who could ask for more! Details in the
  June Yarn.

Welcome, New Members!
Shane Potocnik and Dana Hamilton
Ian and Joan White
Louise Butler
Lisa Norris
Anne Cucca
Thibaut Lauwers

                  RSVP              Feel like a
                                    spot of golf?
                   You’ll need a tee time! So
                    don’t forget to call! It is
                always polite to RSVP. Phone
             237-1805 or send email to
                                           A Full House
                                                                               on ANZAC Day
         the down under club of winnipeg inc.                                  On Saturday April 25, the large number of people
                   Station Main, PO Box 1655                                   in attendance and the mix of young and old
         Winnipeg Manitoba Canada R3C 2Z6                                     ensured a great atmosphere for reflection and
                   telephone: 1-204-832-4405                                  remembrance, and a great recipe for humour and
            email:                                   conversation. For an extended write up of the event,
             web:                                     see page 3.               Brian Hydesmith photos.
 editorially                                               hat do October, November, Decem-      don’t really need to keep.

     yours      Jenny Gates
                                                W          ber, January, February, March,
                                                           April and May have in common?
                                                Can’t remember? Well, it’s white, it’s cold,
                                                                                                      The larger items must go by the end of
                                                                                                 the month, but some smaller items will be
                                                                                                 auctioned off to the members via the
                                                and it’s snow. Yes, you read correctly. That’s   newsletter in the coming months. Many of
                                                eight months out of twelve in which you can      the items, such as T-shirts, can be used as
        s the weather                           see, feel or walk through it in the air or on    prizes at upcoming events, or if you would

A       turned chilly this
        week, news broke that Tourism
Queensland had selected British adventurer
                                                the ground.
                                                    Now I ask you, why are we here? Most of
                                                us come from warm, sunny, if a bit wet at
                                                                                                 like to purchase any of the T-shirts, etc., we
                                                                                                 will make a full list available once we have
                                                                                                 moved the items and inventoried every-
Ben Southall for the Best Job in the World –    times, towns throughout New Zealand and          thing.
caretaker on Hamilton Island for six months.    Australia. So I’ll ask you one more time,             If you are interested in any of the items
Bah humbug! As you might remember, I            why are we here? Please send your respons-       listed here, call me at 663-6549.
applied for that job – a nice present for my    es to the DUCW newsletter because I am                Panda and Winston have a new cousin,
birthday on May 7, or so I had hoped.           interested to hear from you. We will print       Farley. He’s a cockapoo, white with black
    Instead, I found myself watching “The       some of the responses in                         highlights, sort of a Minnie-Me to Panda in
Man From Snowy River” on television, and        the next few newsletters.                        colour. He’s only about 7 lbs so far, but very
got lost for a while in Banjo Patterson’s                                                        cute. Panda and Winston got to meet him
story about the Aussie bush and the charac-                                                      the other day and Winston was not too sure
ters who live and work there. Ah, it’s
enough to make you homesick.                    president’s                                      about this little creature following him
                                                                                                 around. Panda, however, took him in stride
    Added to that, my nieces and nephews
have spent the past few months trying to
                                                ramblings     Terry Roberts
                                                                                                 and made him feel at home here in our
                                                                                                 backyard. Even Wally came out to see the
convince me that after almost two years, it’s                                                    new guy on the block, and after checking
time for me to come visit. And they have            Now, to other club stuff. We are going       him out from a distance, decided that this
finally won me over.                             through everything we have in storage            little intruder was nothing to worry about
    So a heads up that the July issue of the    because we have to move it after a very gen-     and went about the business of doing cat-
Yarn will be a smaller version of itself as I   erous stay at the Dunn Rite warehouse.           type stuff. The blue jays are back visiting in
venture south and folks here take on the        They are doing a big clean up and we have        our yard along with the resident rabbit, so
newsletter in my absence.                       to move our stuff out. Most of it is from the    all is well in Wally’s yard.
    In the meantime, enjoy this issue that      Folklorama pavilions we’ve held. There are            Hopefully, the weather will improve over
provides news from home (pp. 4 and 5),          things we want to hang on to, but some big-      the next few weeks and we can start enjoy-
introduces you to the Fitzhenrys (p. 6), and    ger items will be offered to the members         ing spring and summer. Don’t forget to
focuses again on our Commonwealth (p. 7).       who wish to have a piece of history.             come out to our upcoming events this sum-
Be sure to read the piece by guest contribu-        There is the bar that served so many         mer.
tor Minister Nancy Allen (p. 6) and rum-        visitors and introduced them to both New
mage through your photo collections for         Zealand and Australian beers. It’s just over
Folklorama photos and videos (p. 3).            12’ in length and 2.5’ wide – great for the
    And make a point of responding to           basement, eh! There are also two display
Terry’s call for submissions about why you      cabinets that were used for souvenirs, a
are here (see opposite). Send a paragraph       wine display used to promote Australian
or two to the Newsletter by email               wine, and a few other odds and ends we
( or mail (see the
mailing address on the front and back
pages of this issue). I’ll provide my
response after I get                                Go global with Jamaican patties,
back from Oz ...
                                                       Scottish shortbread and
                                                          English-style trifle

                                                 Molly’s Meat Pies
                                                                         390 – Unit G, Provencher Blvd
                                                                           ph. 231-0221; fax: 231-5450
                                                                 hours: mon-fri 9:00-6:00, sat 9:00-5:30

2 The Southern Yarn •                                                                                         May 2009
                                                     great to have you all part of this important     Magical Mystery Quiz, and taste some deli-
all things social in the club
                                                     event on our calendar. After the service we      cious ice cream. More details in the June
                                                     all enjoyed meat pies and numerous deli-         newsletter.
                                                     cious salads. Thank you to all who brought
                                                     the salads and side dishes. Also a big thank     Archival Paraphenalia
                                                     you to those who helped out in the kitchen.      We are almost done collecting all the para-
                                                     If noisy chatter was any indication, I’d say     phenalia to include in the DUCW archives
                                                     everyone had a good time. In fact, the only      box going to the Provincial Archives in June.
                                                     thing missing was the Two-Up – but there         So this is a last call for anything that you
                                                     was simply no room to even toss a penny!         have that you would like to include. We are
                                                                                                      looking for items such as historic Club docu-
                                                     What’s coming up ...                             ments, newspaper clippings, Folklorama
 See a full size group photo in our online edition                                                    documentation – particularly for the 2004
                                                        Some time in June                             pavilion – and any other bits and pieces you
What you missed ...                                     Movie Night                                   think important to archive. Contact Jenny at
                                                     Place/Time: TBA                                  228-9959 or
    Saturday April 25                                Stay tuned for an update on this event.
    ANZAC Day                                                                                         Folklorama Photos and Videos
There must have been something in the air               June 27                                       We are also looking for any photos – prints
on ANZAC Day, with close to 80 people com-              Annual Golf Tournament                        and on CD – as well as video footage from
ing out to pay tribute and celebrate. Wreaths        Players Golf Course, 2695 Inkster Blvd           any of the Folklorama pavilions (1993, 1994,
were laid, the ANZAC Requiem was deliv-              18 holes starts at 10:00 am, and 9 holes         1997, 2000 and 2004). At some point, we will
ered byAl Hansen, and the national anthems           starts at noon. Stay for lunch and enjoy a       compile a collection for the archives and
were sung. Navigation school trainees at 17          burger and drink for $12. Players need to        also to make available at social meetings and
Wing Winnipeg, including the Royal New               RSVP to or 237-           for members to view. If you have anything
Zealand Air Force, and members of the Gen-           1805 by June 17th to make sure there is          you would like to donate to this worthy
eral Monash Branch of the Canadian Legion            room to team up. This is always a great event    cause, contact Charlie at 275-7083 or
and the Wartime Pilots and Observers Asso-           – lots of fun and an excellent opportunity to (VIDEO) or
ciation joined club members for the ceremo-          strut your stuff, whether you can play golf      Jenny at 228-9959 or info@downunder-
ny. This year, we did something a little             like a pro or a newbie!                 (PHOTOS).
different and read out the names and a brief
military history of the loved ones for whom             JULY                                          DIDG
several of our members wanted to dedicate               Beausejour Dairy Bar                          AUCTION
the service – thank you to those who shared          Join fellow DUCW members and friends in a        Australian enter-
their memories with us. We plan on extend-           fantastic day trip to the Beausejour Dairy       tainer     Xavier
ing that opportunity to all those who attend         Bar. Owned and operated by DUCW mem-             Rudd, didgeridoo
the ANZAC service in the future. A highlight         bers Lou Savisky and Helene DeKezel, this        craftsman
of the evening was welcoming many new                is a fabulous opportunity to get out into the    Nathan Burton,
members to the Club (see page 1). It was             country for a while, take part in Margaret’s     and our own

     Where the tucker is fair dinkum
                                                                                                      Gerry     Gordon
                                                                                                      have teamed up

      and the atmosphere is beaut!
                                                                                                      to raise money
                                                                                                      for the recent
                                                                                                      Australian bushfires. They are auctioning off
                                                                                                      a Rudd autographed Burton made Yirdaki

     We can satisfy your Au ssie food crav ings with some beaut tucker such
                                                                                                      (didgeridoo) with a custom-made Australian

     as meat pies sausage rolls Aussie burgers pumpkin soup kangaroo and
                                                                                                      sheepskin carry case, generously donated by

     lamb Or try one of our delicious sweets including sticky date pudding
                                                                                                      Gerry, on Ebay – – from June 19

     lamingtons and pavlova And of course you can wet your whistle with
                                                                                                      to June 28 this year. [You need to register on

     our great selection of Aussie beers and
                                                                                                      Ebay to be able to place a bid.] 100% of the

                                                                                                      proceeds will be donated to charity and
                                                                                                      divided between the Australian Red

     Pop into D       Osborne
                                                                                                      Cross/Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund

     or call
                                                                                                      and an animal organisation (yet to be decid-

     for reservations
                                                                                                      ed). The didg is in the key of C and made
                                                                                                      from Woolly Butt (Eucalyptus miniata) from
     Open from : a m
                                                                                                      the Northern Territory, Australia. For more
     to :   a m daily                                                                                 information, visit:
                                                                                                      /pages/Auction-2009.html or send an email

May 2009                                                                                    • The Southern Yarn 3
                                                  ended today without a shot being fired. An
source: Sydney Morning Herald, unless noted.
                                                  Arnott’s spokeswoman said Krispy Kreme
                                                  Australia must have been coconuts to think
                                                  it could take advantage of the 103-year old
                                                  Vo-Vo trade mark. Indeed, the doughnut
                                                  maker has backed down and agreed to
  But will we                                     rename the Iced Dough-Vo from May 11. A
   be able to                                     storm in a teacup, it seems.                      Cars floating down a flooded Dolphin Street,
 tell or taste                                                                                      Coogee. Photo: Jonathon Miller.
   the differ-                                    Worm’s turn as tequila fuels car
        ence?                                     [Apr 25, 2009] It has powered many a wild         Surf’s up at Coogee!
                                                  night and now it might power your car.            [May 4, 2009] The assessment was simple
GM bananas flourishing                             Researchers in south-east Queensland are          enough: “This is fairly extreme.” And when
[Apr 23, 2009,] Scientists in      hoping the plant that fuels tequila madness       floodwaters a metre and a half deep surged
Queensland say Australia’s first genetically       can fuel internal combustion engines as           through Waverley and Coogee in Sydney, the
modified banana plants are flourishing. Two         well. Agave tequilana, used to make the           scene of carnage included cars lifted and
plots have been planted near Innisfail by the     potent spirit, is one of the most water-effi-      thrown onto footpaths, shops inundated,
Queensland University of Technology. One          cient plants in the world and has the poten-      houses flooded, and water gushing from
trial has nutrient-enriched bananas, while        tial to create ethanol. Tequila researchers –     light fixtures. “It was like a river’s come
the other has plants modified with resist-         yes, there are such people – are busy assess-     through your house and you’re standing
ance to the yellow sigatoka disease. “They        ing the succulent plant’s potential to serve      there going, ‘What the heck?!’” The combina-
were planted out in March so that’s the first      as an alternative raw material for ethanol        tion of an upper-level trough and onshore
trial. So far, the plants are looking really      production units located around sugar mills.      winds brought up to 77mm in two hours and
good. The real results, of course, start to flow   “We believe Agave shows real promise here         caused flash flooding in some areas.
in when the plants start fruiting.”               in Australia as a second-generation biofuel.”

                 The real deal!
                                                                                                    Media madness in The Times Online this week.
Legal crunch: Vo-Vo vs Dough-Vo
[Apr 24, 2009] Arnott’s, maker of the iconic                                                        Web of lies
                                                  Rhett Dashwood and part of the alphabet he dis-
Iced Vo-Vo biscuit, is threatening legal                                                            [May 8, 2009] British newspapers are agog
                                                  covered on Google Maps. Photo: Google Maps.
action against the Krispy Kreme doughnut                                                            with “reports” that the “outback” town of
chain if it doesn’t stop selling “Iced Dough-     The A-Z of Google Maps                            Bowen was being overrun with “scores” of
Vo” doughnuts. The name given to the              [Apr 27, 2009] A Melbourne man has com-           hairy, “barking”, “super-sized” eastern taran-
doughnuts, which are topped with a pink           pleted a six-month-long quest to turn topog-      tulas roaming the streets and “spinning a
fondant icing sprinkled with coconut, was         raphy into typography. Rhett Dashwood has         web of terror”: “Earlier this week locals spot-
deceptively similar to Arnott’s Vo-Vo trade-      just published a Google Maps alphabet fea-        ted an Australian tarantula wandering
marks and sounded almost identical. Howev-        turing all 26 letters that he found in man-       toward a public garden in the centre of town
er, Krispy Kreme Australia claim that the         made or naturally occurring formations. The       where people often sit for lunch. They called
Iced Dough-Vo and a Rocky Road doughnut           32-year-old creative director set himself the     in a pest controller, but not before using a
were part of a Fair Dinkum Doughnuts pro-         task of tracking down all the letters in his      can of insect spray to paralyse the spider.
motion to “pay homage to some Aussie              home state of Victoria using the Google Maps      Australia is known around the world for its
household favourites”. The much-loved Iced        satellite view. Dashwood’s alphabet features      large and deadly creepy crawlies, but even
Vo-Vo, with its strips of pink fondant and jam    many familiar Victoria landmarks including        locals have been shocked by the size of the
sprinkled with coconut, is a favourite of         the MCG (“O”), the courts at the Lawn Tennis      giant venomous spiders.” However, locals
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who mentioned          Association of Victoria in Kooyong (“C”) and      laughed off the coverage, admitting there
it in his 2007 election victory speech.           the footbridge between Flinder’s Walk and         had been “no cases of them eating children,
     * April 30, 2009 — The war of the clones     Southbank in Melbourne city (“J”).                or anything like that.”

4 The Southern Yarn •                                                                                             May 2009
                                                pooches out for a DUCW event to mark Inter-       Maori society and now slated for removal to
source: NZ Herald, unless otherwise noted
                                                national Day of the Dog next year ...             make way for a new hospital at Silverdale,
                                                                                                  only two large boulders remain out of a
                                                *^:&%$#@!                                         dozen found 38 years ago: “They were con-
Award-winning                                   [Apr 27, 2009] New Zealand’s South                cretion boulders, which can only form in sea
innovator to                                    Islanders are more likely to take offence at      sediments, yet they had made it to the top of
teach US                                        nasty expletives than Kiwis living in the         this high, yellow clay hill.” Geologists believe
peers a lesson                                  country’s North Island. And it’s not because      they were used for calendar and surveying
[Apr 24, 2009] How-                             South Islanders are more potty-mouthed,           functions more than 800 years ago.
ick College geogra-                             but rather because they are more conserva-
phy and social                                  tive. People in the north are more liberal and    Keith Park statue.
studies      teacher                            less offended by that sort of language, “while    Photo: NZ Herald.
Nathan Kerr has Nathan Kerr.                    in the south, people take offence at rude
been invited by Photo: Glenn Jeffrey.           things people say more readily.” There were       Keith Park
Microsoft to speak                              207 charges brought for public profanity in       statue to go
to 1,400 teachers about his innovative          2007, up 11 per cent on the previous year and     up in
approach to education at the National Educa-    29 per cent on the year before that. The          Trafalgar
tional Computing Conference. Named the          charge carries a $1,000 (A$789.64) fine.           Square
most innovative teacher in the world at                                                           [May 8, 2009] A
Microsoft’s international awards ceremony       A sea lion in                                     statue of New
in Hong Kong last November, his commit-         more appro-                                       Zealand airman Keith Park will go on Trafal-
ment to pushing the boundaries of learning      priate sur-                                       gar Square’s fourth plinth for six months
through information technology and student      rounds.                                           from October, after which it will go to a per-
involvement has won him praise worldwide.       Photo:                                            manent site in Waterloo Place, close to New
However, “m-learning” – presenting video        Wikipedia.                                        Zealand House, to coincide with next year’s
lessons through mobile devices – is still no                                                      70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain.
match for high-quality teaching and a good      Eviction imminent                                 Born in New Zealand in 1892 and serving at
relationship with students: “If you have a      [May 6, 2009] A sea lion that has made            Gallipoli and the Somme in World War I,
good relationship with your students they       Bluff’s main street its home is about to be       Park became a pilot, served in both World
will enjoy learning a lot more.”                evicted. After taking a shine to Marine           Wars, shot down 20 enemy aircraft, com-
                                                Parade more than a month ago, the seal has        manded 11 Group Fighter Command, and
Two-year-old                                    defied all efforts to move him: “The darned        was responsible for the defence of London
Alexander                                       thing keeps coming back.” Residents are           and southeast England during the Battle of
Sharp with                                      concerned about the disruption to traffic and      Britain – and yet remained modest about his
Paulie, a                                       the near-misses with cars, so Department of       achievements throughout his life.
five-year-old                                    Conservation officers are figuring out the
greyhound.                                      best way to remove the city’s newest resi-        Bright future
Photo: Greg                                                                                       for Mr
Dog day afternoon                               Russell Ire-                                      [May 8, 2009]
[Apr 27, 2009] Hundreds of greyhounds met       land says the                                     Graffiti artists
at parks yesterday to mark National Grey-       stones                                            were given an
hound Walk Day and International Day of the     served a fair-                                    odd canvas yesterday, turning an ordinary
Dog. Launched in 2006, Greyhounds as Pets       skinned pre-                                      school bus into a buzzing piece of art to be
is a charitable trust that finds homes for ex-   Maori society                                     reckoned with. Promoting a new documen-
                                                as a calen-
racing greyhounds, and has, to date,                                                              tary film Alter Ego that premiered in Auckland
                                                dar. Photo:
matched 320 greyhounds to families. Event                                                         yesterday, graffiti artists applied their colour-
                                                Brett Phibbs.
organiser Lynda Sharp said greyhounds                                                             ful skills to the once dowdy-looking school
make amazing pets: “Other than a few blats      Call to save hilltop boulders                     bus from Dargaville High School. Affection-
around the yard each day, they’re quite         [May 6, 2009] Researchers are calling for the     ately dubbed Mr Whippy by students, the old
happy to settle down and snooze away the        protection of round boulders on an Auckland       bus quickly turned into something far more
day. They’re gentle, affectionate and loyal –   hilltop that are of international historical      special in front of a large crowd that had
the perfect pet.” Perhaps we can get our        importance. Placed there by an ancient pre-       formed to watch the artists work.

                                                                                          Roll-up Security Shutters,

   Kiwi Installations                                                                      decks, fences and more.
                                                                                        Free in-home/cottage estimates.

                                                                 Call Terry 229-6642 or 663-6549

May 2009                                                                                • The Southern Yarn 5
                                                                                                   castle, NSW, offered him a position. So, in
gettingtoknow…           members of our club
                                                                                                   1996 they headed down under.
                                                                                                        A lot happened there. Their daughter,
                                                                                                   Shannon, now 11, was born. Maureen was a
                                                                                                   reporter for the Newcastle Herald and during
The Fitzhenrys                                                                                     the 2000 Olympics, covering women’s bas-
                                                                                                   ketball for all the Herald affiliates through-
Carl Fitzhenry was born in Moose Jaw,                                                              out Oz. She is now Media Relations Manager
Saskatchewan, where his father was sta-                                                            for the Canadian Wheat Board in Winnipeg.
tioned with the RCAF and subjected to sever-                                                            (So, why am I writing her story?!)
al transfers, including Portage La Prairie,                                                             In 1999, the family came back to Win-
Manitoba, and Trenton. Ontario. It was there                                                       nipeg for a visit, and eventually moved back
that Carl finished his Grade XIII and later                                                         permanently in 2001.
trained as an X-ray technologist and ultra-                                                             Meanwhile, Shannon is in French
sound technician. In 1980 he moved to Win-                                                         Immersion at Van Walleghem School in Lin-
nipeg, working at Misericordia Hospital and                                                        denwoods, and enjoys softball, as well as
for a year in Kenora, Ontario.                                                                     scuba diving at Pan Am Pool. In 2003, their
    Maureen (Houston) comes from Boisse-                                                           son Dylan was born and will be starting
vain, Manitoba, where she took her school-                                                         school this fall. He likes skating and swim-
ing and, later, two years at Balmoral Hall                                                         ming. Carl and Maureen curl at Victoria
Girls’ School. She then moved to Peterbor-                                                         Curling Club and Maureen practices yoga.
ough, Ontario, to attend Trent University and                                                           So we have three Canadians and one
earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, and then                                                           Aussie in the family, though they all have
studied journalism at Castlegar, B.C. She       when the two teams met, he was apparently          dual citizenship now. And Carl says they still
worked at the Winnipeg Free Press from 1988     struck by her pitch. They were married in          think about going back to Australia some-
to 1996 as a reporter and editor, including     1995 at the Breezy Bend Golf Course in Win-        time.
the role of City Editor.                        nipeg.                                                  They heard about the DUCW on line and
    During that period, Maureen played              Some friends suggested that Carl submit        joined in 2002.
baseball on the Free Press commercial team.     his resume to prospective employers in Aus-             Gordon Keatch
Carl was sparing on the CJOB team, and          tralia, and a private diagnostic clinic in New-

Immigration in                      Manitoba Provincial Nominee           Canada in providing comprehen-       employers and government pro-
Manitoba: A Success                 Program offers several priority       sive and pro-active protection for   grams that are the foundation for
Story                               streams, and complete applica-        temporary foreign workers,           our significant and nationally
The Provincial Nominee Pro-         tions of the strongest applicants     mandatory licensing of third-        recognized achievements. I look
gram was developed by Manito-       are processed first. Government        party recruiters, and options        forward to our continued work
ba to attract skilled immigrants    funding for immigration and set-      for effective and ethical recruit-   together as we build an even
and entrepreneurs who can help      tlement programming has               ment by Manitoba employers.          more dynamic and efficient
in our long-term economic pros-     increased by more than 260%,              In Manitoba we recognize         Provincial Nominee Program.
perity and population growth.       and staffing levels have more         the long-term integration of our     Working together we can ensure
Over the last 10 years, annual      than doubled since 1999.              newcomers requires strong and        that Manitoba will continue to
immigration has increased by            The most important part of        vibrant ethnocultural communi-       grow and prosper thanks to the
more than 200% from 3,702           our holistic approach to attract-     ties that represent the increas-     talent and enthusiasm newcom-
arrivals in 1999 to 11,230 in       ing and retaining immigrants is       ing diversity of this Province.      ers bring to our province.
2008. Today, Provincial Nomi-       the success of our settlement         Through programs like the Eth-
nees make up over 70% of total      and integration strategy. Settle-     nocultural Community Support
immigrants to Manitoba.             ment services and programs are        Fund, as well as other supports
    We continue to see immi-        delivered with Government sup-        for workplace integration and
grants choosing to settle in com-   port by a wide range of settle-       welcoming communities, our
munities outside of Winnipeg.       ment partner agencies located in      Government is committed to
Since 2003, over 13,000 new-        neighbourhoods and communi-           supporting a policy of Multicul-
comers have settled in more         ties throughout the Province. In      turalism that embraces and
than 130 rural communities, and     2008, the immigrant employ-           encourages diverse cultures that
in 2008, approximately 34.2% of     ment rate in Manitoba was 83%,        enrich us all.
Provincial Nominees settled in      significantly higher than the             After a decade of success            The Honourable Nancy Allan
communities outside of Win-         immigrant employment rate for         attracting, welcoming and                        Minister of Labour and
nipeg.                              the rest of Canada.                   retaining immigrants as new                  Immigration, and Minister
    There are many reasons for          In addition, Manitoba’s           Manitobans, we can all take             responsible for Multiculturalism
the success of Manitoba’s holis-    Worker Recruitment and Protec-        pride in the strong partnerships
tic immigration strategy. The       tion Act is a model for the rest of   between families, communities,

6 The Southern Yarn •                                                                                           May 2009
commonwealth                                                                                        drought-stricken souls, quarter of a million
                                                                                                    of them, huddled in some of the largest and
place            by Murray Burt                                                                     worst refugee camps in the world.
                                                                                                         And that’s not all that are imperfect.
Warts and All                                                                                            Hope lies in the Commonwealth majori-
With so many of our 53-member Common-                                                               ty, which, often at huge sacrifice, honors
wealth nations seeming to be headed to hell                                                         most of the principles they endorsed in join-
in a hand basket, it’s hard to stay shiny eyed                                                      ing the Commonwealth. The disadvantaged
and positive about one of the world’s most        or death if they stray into government criti-     need and deserve the priority of material
wonderful institutions.                           cism. Racism is a mold on every civic action.     support from the older and richer brother-
    But we must.                                       Nigeria headlines dangerously signal a       hood of nations, like Canada, Britain, Aus-
    And hope lies with the CHOGM (Com-            slip-sliding drift to the shambles of the past    tralia, New Zealand, India, Singapore,
monwealth Heads of Government Meeting)            with its high murder rate, kidnapping, cor-       Malaysia, to name the obvious. Our foreign
session in Trinidad next November. That’s         ruption, unsettled north and delta, and polit-    policies should adjust to this — and could,
when all the leaders get a chance to appraise     ical thugs violently intimidating media           with little sacrifice.
one another, censure and perhaps expel a          people.                                                May the Commonwealth’s poorest soon
member or two.                                         Pakistan seems an ever-weakening bar-        be freed from their hateful shackles and find
    Look at these depressing examples of          rier to the spread of Taliban horrors. Their      satisfaction and growth in environments
countries gone haywire they have to consider:     brand of civic administration includes pub-       where their children and grandchildren can
    Fiji, the tropical vacation paradise for      lic execution, sometimes beheadings, limb         run their countries free of the meanness of
many of us when we lived down under,              dismemberment, flogging in the street, the         uncontrolled power.
seems bent on perpetuating anarchy or self-       terrorizing of women, and the closing of                                  This summer should
destruction. Its military strongman Com-          schools and the destruction of civilized                             be one of hope.
modore Frank Bainimarama still rails              institutions. It’s management by terror, a                                In April we marked
against all pleas by his Pacific neighbours to     race to feudalism. Islamabad can’t control it.                       the Commonwealth birth
arrange for the elections he promised to end           Kenya’s coalition government again is                           (or perhaps rebirth in its
his dictatorship. The media is oppressed.         headed for collapse, and a deadlock of politi-                       modern form). Sixty years
Policing is violent. The judiciary is hog-tied.   cal wills portends more riots and adminis-        ago, on April 29, 1949, members signed the
Guns rule. Expulsion is routine, especially       trative failure as factions squabbled over the    London Declaration under which the Head of
of Kiwis and Aussies.                             spoils of the country’s power-sharing accord.     Commonwealth Formula was agreed upon to
    Sri Lanka seems not to have spilled           Raila Odinga, the prime minister, has repeat-     keep India a member as a republic. What a
enough blood among its people to satisfy          edly accused the president, Mwai Kibaki, of       brilliant and fortuitous move. Many former
government that peace can be shaped from          failing to honor promises made when the           British colonies followed that lead, became
the charnel house that has been wrought.          joint government was formed last year. All        republics and remained in the fellowship.
Writers are fearful of night visitors, beating    this is far removed from the starved and          Lester B. Pearson, as foreign minister,
                                                                                                    signed for Canada at 10 Downing Street,
                                                                                                    under the eye of Clement Atlee.

 CALL NOW                                                                                                The formula retained Her Majesty the
                                                                                                    Queen as head of the Commonwealth, but
 Great travel bargains to great                                                                     lifted the patina of monarchy for those coun-
 destinations for individual                                                                        tries that were uncomfortable with it.
 travellers & group tours.                                                                               So we are 60 and still at bat. In spite of
                                                                                                    our shortcomings, let’s hope the new Com-
                          Calgary to Perth AT XMAS TIME CAD $1,285!!                                monwealth can improve things and extend
                                                                                                    its innings and hit a century.
                           Los Angeles to Australia RETURN USD $459
                     Los Angeles to Australia WITH A STOP IN FIJI RETURN USD $615                   Murray Burt is president of the Royal Com-
                    Vancouver to Sydney WITH A FREE STOP IN NEW ZEALAND CAD $998                    monwealth Society (Manitoba), an advisory
                                                                                                    councillor of the Commonwealth Human
                       Calgary to Sydney WITH 3 FREE STOPS RETURN CAD $1,429                        Rights Initiative, and travels widely.
   Spring                                                        More than 40 years’
     for                                                       South Pacific experience

May 2009                                                                                  • The Southern Yarn 7

members of our club
                                                      down under humour

Our thoughts are with you                             Lost Bagpiper
Sincere condolences to the Vernon family on           [courtesy Dusty Titheridge]
the loss of Jacqueline’s dad, Percy, who
passed away on April 16.                              As a bagpiper, I was asked by a funeral

Bringing them home
                                                      director to play at a graveside service
                                                      for a homeless man who had no family                                                                      DO
Major Sumner of Tal Kin Jeri sends his hellos
to everyone. “We are still going good and
                                                      or friends. The funeral was to be held at a cemetery in
                                                      the remote countryside and this man would be the first
strong, doing performances in different
parts of South Australia and at conferences
                                                      to be laid to rest there.
                                                          As I was not familiar with the backwoods area, I
around Adelaide. I will be flying to London            became lost and, being a typical man, did not stop for
on Sunday May 10th to bring back some of              directions. I finally arrived an hour late. I saw the back-                                                 Man
the remains of our old people that were               hoe and the crew who were eating lunch, but the hearse
taken from their burial sites about a 100             was nowhere in sight.
years ago. I will be there for about 10 days.             I apologized to the workers for my tardiness and
                                                                                                                          Board of Directors
Regards, Major.”                                      stepped to the side of the open grave where I saw the
                                                      vault lid already in place.                                         Terry Roberts
                                                          I assured the workers I would not hold them up for              Vice President:
send us your favourite web sites
                                                      long, but this was the proper thing to do. The workers
                                                      gathered around, still eating their lunch. I played out my
                                                                                                                          Ken Coad
                                                      heart and soul.                                                     Charlie Powell                    As I played the workers began to weep. I played and             Media/Communications:
sheep/reaction_version5.swf – good luck               I played like I’d never played before, from Going Home              Jenny Gates
catching ’em!                                         and The Lord is My Shepherd to Flowers of the Forest. I             Treasurer: – watch, shuffle and enjoy                                                                               Peter Debenham
                                                      closed the lengthy session with Amazing Grace and
this diverse selection of videos                                                                                          Social Coordinator:
                                                      walked back to my car.                                              Margaret Munn
                                                          As I was opening the door and taking off my coat, I             Membership:
.htm – The Man From Snowy River
                                                      overheard one of the workers saying to another, “Sweet              Lucia Barron – All about
                                                      Jeezuz, Mary ’n Joseph, I have never seen nothin’ like              Past President:

                                                      that before and I’ve been putting in septic tanks for               Lynley Davidson – when Kiwis fly west
                                                      twenty years.”

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                                                                                                                          contributors within the club,
                                                                                                                          from overseas and information

                      Peak to Peak
                                                                                             hit us with your best shot   THE DOWN UNDER
                      Visitors to Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains in British Columbia                                    CLUB OF WINNIPEG INC.
                      can now be whisked between the two peaks on a remarkable new gondola lift called the Peak 2         Station Main, PO Box 1655,
                      Peak. Crossing 4.4 km in less than 11 minutes, they are dangled 436 metres above the valley.        Winnipeg Manitoba Canada R3C 2Z6
                      Just four towers support the new lift, with a massive unsupported span of 3 km. Visitors to this    1-204-832-4405
                      venue for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games will be surprised by this splendid new lift. Check it out
                      at                                       Brian Hydesmith photo.

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