Tesla Secret To Free Energy by takesales


									                Tesla Secret To Free Energy

If you haven't heard about Nikola's Secret free electricity generator then
maybe someone was doing their job. You weren't supposed to hear about
it, but Tesla had plans to release many inventions. After saying that he
could develop a device that used surrounding energy as a fuel source, his
large investors backed off knowing that these device could threaten the
large energy companies.

The withdrawal of funding from Tesla's projects caused the immediate
halt of all this future endeavors including the Tesla generator which is
remained hidden for 90 years. Recently a discovery was found from
Tesla's private files confiscated by the government which showed plans to
build a free energy device anyone could use and build within the comfort
of their home.

Tesla grew furious with his main competition the energy company in the
US government. He briefly made the announcement that he was working
on plans to make the aforementioned device. When large investors caught
wind, they knew it would come to their private investments in the energy
sector calling them to lose money.

Eventually Nikola Tesla's lab and everything in it was confiscated and
seized and never released. Due to his bad financial planning Nikola Tesla
passed away very poor man. However his contributions to the modern
world would have made him a billionaire.

We have used his alternating current motor for over 100 years. But the
new Dawn of free energy is just around the horizon. We have released
plans that show how to build the Tesla generator. They are available on
my home blog. You may find more useful homemade energy plans and
fun diy tips.

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