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NAS Storage Network Attached Storage


NAS (Network Attached Storage) storage device about the network topology through the standard (eg Ethernet) to a group of computers. NAS is the storage component level approach, its focus is to help solve the rapidly increasing demand for storage capacity.

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									                                                                            NAS Storage
                                                                Network Attached Storage
                     Cross Platform Data Storage for Workgroups

Scalable High Performance Data Storage

    •   Fastest NAS Available!
    •   500 GB Usable Capacity - Expandable to 2 TB
    •   Fault Tolerant - RAID 0, 1, and 5 (and JBOD)
    •   500 MHz Processor
    •   7.0 MB/Sec Performance.
    •   Hot-Swap Drive Canisters
    •   Volume Management
    •         ure
        Con g from Web or Front Panel
    •   Ethernet 10/100 Network Interface
    •   Alerts via SMNP/SMPT

                                                                 NAS Stor Network-Attached Storage with 3 SCSI drives - usable
                                                                 capacity of 500 GB. Expansion Chassis available for larger capacity.

The Reactive NAS Stor is a highly scalable storage solution that addresses the growing demand for reliable workgroup
storage. Simultaneously accessible by Windows, Unix, NetWare, and HTTP clients, the NAS Stor affords maximum
 xibility. NAS Stor was designed with ease of operation in mind - it has all necessary software for operation embedded
                                                        ur t n           e          m             e
on-board. Administration for NAS Stor, including con g a io ma nagem nt , vol u e ma nagem nt , and u pdat e ar e  s,
handled with a web browser interface. Stored data is protected with RAID level 1 or level 5. User speci e storage groups
can be partitioned and protected with access security.

                                           Network Attached Storage
Traditional server-based storage architecture requires           capacity and bandwidth, reducing the effectiveness of the
the IT manager to take the server down to upgrade the            server and often requiring server upgrades.
storage capacity. Additionally, more storage will utilize I/O
                                                                 Network Attached Storage bypasses the traditional le
                                                                 server and attaches directly to the network hub without
                                                                 taking network equipment off-line. NAS Stor is optimally
                                                                           ur d       r a    gl    nct n          ct el ,
                                                                 pre-con g e t oper fo m si n ef u io ver y ef fe iv y
                                                                 Storage. The operating system on a NAS Stor emulates
                                                                 multiple network environments and le s haring protocols,
                                                                 allowing simultaneous use of the storage from multiple
                                                                 user platforms. The NAS operating system does not
                                                                 require license fees and can be upgraded by re a  shing
                                                                 new firmware. The NAS equipment provides simple
                                                                 administration, easy-to-manage security, RAID, and fault
                                                                 tolerant design. Backup and restore functions are simple,
                                                                 and can be managed remotely with the web browser
                 SUPPORTED CLIENTS                                                              SPECIFICATIONS
                                                                                                      NAS Storage

Microsoft Windows                                                           PROCESSOR
  Acts as a DHCP Server.                                                      AMD K6-500 Processor
  Supported systems: Windows 3.11, 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, LAN                  512 Megabytes RAM
  Manager 1.3 and above, LAN Server 1.3 and above.
  Supported protocols: SMB over NetBIOS/TCP/IP, WINS/NBNS.
  Installation: Appears as an NT server (user level), supporting            GENERAL SECURITY FEATURES
  WINS and DHCP. Parameters are set with the intuitive, Web-based            NDS, NetWare Bindery, NT Domain Authentication Services.
  interface.                                                                 RAID partitions mappable as logical drives or directories.
  Security: User-level                                                       User Limit set on peruser basis.
  Accessing discs: Use Explorer, File Manager or standard OS/2 tools.
  All hard disks can be mapped to one drive letter, individual hard disks
  and/or top level folders can be mapped to a drive letter.                 NETWORK MANAGEMENT
                                                                             Standard Web Browser management.
Unix                                                                         E-mail (SMTP) support for noti cation of system events.
  Supported systems: Supports all UNIX dialects through NFS over             Event logging and statistics.
  UDP/IP on TCP/IP networks.                                                 IP Address Assignment
  Supported protocols: NFS over UDP/IP, TCP, PC-NFS, ARP,
  Installation: Set IP address via RARP or DHCP.                            FILE SERVING / BACKUP
  Security: NFS version 2, User ID, Group ID.                                 Automatic Backup Scheduling.
  Accessing discs: Use standard mount or Web Browser.                         Web Browser access to le system.
  Supported systems: Internet/intranet over HTTP 1.0 compatible
  Supported protocols: HTTP 1.0 over TCP/IP                                 SOFTWARE UPDATES
                                                                                sh NAS Stor rmware without requiring FTP.
                                                                             Re a
  Supported systems: Web Browsers HTTP 1.0 (Microsoft Internet
  Explorer, Netscape Navigator)                                             PERFORMANCE / RAID
                                                                             Storage         Up to 540 GB of Network Attached Storage.
Novell NetWare                                                               Transfer Rate Network throughput - 75 MB/Sec.
  Supported systems: NetWare 3.X, 4.X and 5.X                                RAID            Linear, RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring), and
  Supported protocols: NDS, NCP (IPX and NetWare/IP) Installation:                                                RAID 5. Hardware RAID
  Appears as a NetWare NDS and/or Bindery le server.                         implementation.
  NDS: Simple installation, using Server View the NAS Stor will then                         Flexible RAID Partitioning
  install itself in the NDS tree within a few seconds.                       Backup          Optional DAT tape.
  Bindery: No con g    uration required.
  Security: Encrypted passwords. Authorization via file server,
  including NDS. All security setup handled by standard NetWare tools       NETWORK REQUIREMENTS
  such as NWAdmin when installed in the NDS tree. Authentication             Ethernet       RJ-45 connector for 10Base-T or 100Base-TX,
  via le server when in Bindery mode.                                                                            Auto-sensing. Category 5
  Time synchronization: NDS                                                  cable.
  Accessing discs: Use standard NetWare clients. All hard disks              Gigabit
  can be mapped to one drive letter and individual hard disks can             Ethernet      Optional
  be mapped to a drive letter.                                               TCP/IP
                                                                             Simultaneously supports multiple protocols.

                            MODELS                                          NAS HARDWARE
                                                                             CPU        AMD K6-500 MHz 32-bit processor.
        NAS Stor -90               3 x 36 GB SCSI Drives
        NAS Stor -150              3 x 60 GB SCSI Drives                      RAM             512 MB standard PC133 DIMM.
        NAS Stor -460              3 x 180 GB SCSI Drives                     FLASH           4 MB
             Larger Capacities Available with Expansion                       SCSI            15 SCSI Device Support
                                                                                              SCSI-2 50-Pin internal connector.
                                                                                              SCSI-3 68-Pin internal connector.
                            OPTIONS                                           EIDE            4 EIDE devices.
                                                                              Clock           Real-time clock with battery backup.
        Tape Backup                                                           Indicators      LED for detection, status, and operation.
        Tower Cabinet                                                         Quality                         d
                                                                                              ISO-9000 certi e quality
        Expansion Chassis
        Extended Warranty, 2-Year Warranty                                  NETWORK CONNECTION
                   Other Options Available                                    Ethernet  RJ-45 Category 3/5 compliant cable connector.

                                                                            Speci cations subject to change without notice.


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