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									Dr M K Vasant
                                         & Associates

PRACTICE NEWSLETTER                                                                                             Summer 2003

Dear Patient                                                        with Rotary Club of Mwanza in Tanzania (see photo).
                                                                    Apart from this dental clinic, we have two further projects
Last year, following the announcement of my honour
                                                                    lined up in Tanzania. The first is to revive a primary
(Member of the Order of the British Empire) from the
                                                                    school and the second is to set up a simple medical clinic
Queen, many of you had sent me kind messages. I am sorry
                                                                    in Musoma, Tanzania.
that I have not been able to respond to each one of you
                                                                    Details of these fund-raising activities will be posted on
personally. Naturally, I was flattered and honoured to
                                                                    our website from time to time. If you wish to participate
receive such an award. The citation for the honour read,
                                                                    in any way, we will be delighted to have your support.
“For services to Dentistry”. I therefore, sincerely feel that the
honour really belongs to the colleagues, patients and those         In the meantime we are working for your smile
who I work with – all of you. However, I thank you all for
making me the custodian of this honour and hope I will live
up to those expectations!

We have continued
to make many
changes to the practice,
many of which
feature on our website
The website also includes
details of some charity
work that I have initiated

Calling patients to partake in a research
project for Gum Disease and Heart Disease
St George’s Hospital (Dept of Cardiological Sciences), in association with our practice are recruiting patients with advanced
gum disease for a research project into a possible link between chronic gum disease and heart disease. Our patients (new or
existing) who fulfil criteria will be offered a comprehensive heart examination including ECG and blood tests. The results will
be fully discussed with the patient and followed up if necessary. This very useful study will enhance our knowledge of both the
diseases and may offer preventative strategies to reduce heart disease which is amongst the biggest killer in the UK.
WHAT’S NEW                                         ABOUT THE PRACTICE
• Virtual reality headsets to enable you to        The centre was relocated to this
watch a video while in the dental chair.
                                                   building from in 1999. The practice
• A new machine called Diagnodent, which           has been established for several
featured in the BBC’s ‘Tomorrows World’            decades and Dr M K Vasant has been
programme. This is a laser-operated machine        the principal since 1979. We adhere
to help diagnose very early decay so it can be
                                                   to the rules governing the profession
arrested without progressing into a cavity.
                                                   by General Dental Council, British
• Intra-oral camera to show your teeth on          Dental Association and the Faculty of
a TV screen to enable you to see the problem       General Dental Practitioners.
in question.

• Machinery to place dental implants for                                                        MISSION STATEMENT
missing teeth and the necessary training
and certification to place implants.
                                                                                                To offer the best possible care, value
• Bigger selection of dental sundries.                                                          for money and a wide choice of
                                                                                                treatment options for our patients.
• On site production of sports guards in
a variety of colours.
                                                                                                To provide up-to-date equipment and
• Teeth whitening using new bleaching                                                           materials.
techniques. Additional hygienists’ sessions are
available on Monday mornings, Tuesday’s,
Wednesdays and Thursday’s.                                                                      To aim for competence by continuing
                                                                                                education for the whole team.

• We have two newly appointed members of
our team. Dr Farhad Mawani has taken over
from Dr Shahrzad Radpour and Emma
                                                   NEW OR FORMER PATIENTS
Macdonald a new hygienist who will be
working Tuesday’s.                                 The practice offers various treatment options including, Denplan, BUPA and
                                                   Independent (reduced private fee).
• Congratulations to Clare who is expecting
her 2nd baby in June 2003.
                                                   All registered patients can continue on their chosen option, but unfortunately those
• Also congratulations to Tammy who got            of you who have allowed their NHS registration to lapse (i.e. have not returned in
married in June 2002.
                                                   15 months) would have been deregistered by the Dental Practice Board. This is a
• Congratulations to Meena Gohil, our              government policy, as they assume the patient have moved elsewhere.
Saturday receptionist who had a baby
last year.                                         This rule is publicised by the DOH in their leaflets.We have no discretion in this
                                                   deregistration nor the obligation to chase you to return even if we had the
                                                   manpower and the resources to do so.
• Well done to Tammy and Hayley who                Like many other dentists, our practice no longer, at this time, accepts any new
successfully completed the implantology            (or those who have come off our list) fee paying adults on the NHS. They can
nursing training.
                                                   however, join the practice as Independent, BUPA or Denplan patients.
• With the introduction of new specialist
registers, Dr Jill McLoughlin and Dr Manny         If you were a former patient and last visited the practice in 1995 or after (we
Vasant were placed on the specialist register      have computerised records after 1995) and wish to return to the practice,
of Surgical Dentistry and Prothodontics
                                                   we will give you £5.00 off our full case assessment (new patient examination).
(crown, bridge and implants), respectively.

• Dr Raj Bolaky passed his MFGDP                   At this visit, we take your medical history, do a detailed examination, discuss
(Membership of the Faculty of General              options to restore your mouth, give you a written report and estimate of your
                                                   charges. Needless to say, we will answer any questions you may have about
• Dr Vasant obtained 2 new qualifications,         your mouth.
Fellowship in Dental Surgery of the Royal
College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (FDS RCS)         To join the practice, simply book an appointment to have a consultation when we
and Diploma in Teacher Education for Medicine
                                                   will carry out a full case assessment which costs £40 reduced to £35 for former
and Dentistry (University of London Dip T Ed).
                                                   patients of the practice.
• Well done to Ronuk Vasant, Mr Vasant’s son
who is currently in his 4th year of dentistry at   If you are on benefits entitling you to free NHS dental treatment or are under 21
Guys Hospital.
                                                   years of age we may accept you on the NHS.
                 OUR PORTFOLIO          (see www.mkvasant.co.uk for more details)

                          Crown and Bridge work

                          Teeth on either side crowned and missing
                          tooth replaced.
                          A missing tooth and adjacent tooth heavily
                          filled with silver.


                          Titanium root form implant provides a means
                          to fit a post and crown where a tooth was lost.
                          Teeth following the implants, which work just
         AFTER            like natural teeth.

                          Bleaching (tooth whitening)

                          Teeth at shade C4.

                          Teeth at shade C1.


                          Porcelain Veneers

                          Gaps between front Teeth.

BEFORE                    Gaps closed and teeth covered with a porcelain
                          facing. Can also be used for whitening teeth.

                          White Fillings

                          Tooth filled with conventional silver amalgam

BEFORE                    After
                          Silver filling replaced with more aesthetic tooth
         AFTER            coloured filling.
MEET THE TEAM                                                                                   Dr Manny Vasant

Missing from the photo are: Emma Macdonald (Hygienist), our Saturday staff,
Bindu Patel, Krishna Trivedi, Mamta Aggarwal and Meena Gohil.

Back Row - from left:
Samantha Martin (Hygienist), Drs Raj Bolaky, Ranj Nath, Manny Vasant,
Farhad Mawani                                                                                   Dr Jill McLoughlin

Middle Row
Rodica Anghel, Tammy Decastro (Practice Manager), Faye Rowe, Anna Cosma,
Clare Boniface (and bump)

Front Row
Gemma Mills, Hayley Skinner                                                                     Dr Raj Bolaky

                                                                                                Dr Ranj Nath

                                                                                                Dr Farhad Mawani

                                                                                                Samantha Martin

                                                                                                Emma Macdonald

                                                                              OPENING TIMES
                                  The Dental Centre
                                  1210 London Road,                           Monday (late night) ......8.00am – 8.00pm
                                                                              Tuesday - Thursday ......8.00am – 5.30pm
                                  London SW16 4DN
                                  Tel: 020 8764 1424                          Friday ..........................8.30am – 5.30pm

                                  www.mkvasant.co.uk                          Saturday ......................8.30am – 1.00pm

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