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					Working Group Members
   Kerri Murphy                  Annamaria DiFabio
   Maria Coutinho                Mary Fitzpatrick
   Angela DeSilva                Neeta Kantameni
   Nancy Arthur                  Liz Cotter
   Megan Martinez                Briana Keller
   Cindy Juntunen                Tina Hoffman
   Norma Gluckstern-Packerd      Sili Zhou
   Kay Webb                      Leili Jin
   Ryan Duffy                    Andrea Hirschi
   Patrick Rottinghaus           Marie Hammon
   Maria Eduarda Duarte          Saba Ali
Working Group Members
   LaSandra Ward            David Blustein
   Richard Young            Jeff Reese
   Raoul Van Esbrock        Jean Guichard
   India Gray
                             Itamar Gati
   Robin Cox
                             Graham Stead
   Mary Sue Richardson
                             Pamela Foley
   Filomena Parada
                             Rachel Gali Cinamon
   Jason Hacker
   Ellen McWhirter
   Matt Diemer
   Bryan Dik
Major Issues Discussed
   We decided to break into four small groups to
    develop collaborative projects around specific
    issues that emerged in our initial discussions
   The four groups are devoted to the following issues:
     The needs of adults and older adults
     Practice issues

     Training issues

     The needs of children and early adolescents
Major Issues Discussed
   Each group was given the charge to infuse a broad
    based perspective on greater inclusiveness across
    the following dimensions:
     Focus  on client populations with less volition than our
      traditional career clients.
     Focus on international perspectives

     Focus on diversity, broadly conceived
Major Issues Discussed
   Regrouping and Reinventing—Career Management
    as a life-long process
     Introduction
       What is mid and later life?
       What is work?

     Redirected   development
       Unplanned  changes
       Downsizing and sudden disabilities
Goals/Outcomes for Future
   Regrouping and Reinventing—Career Management
    as a life-long process
     Retirement:
       Planned
       Forced
       Phased

     Strategies   for maintaining employability across the
Goals/Outcomes for Future
   Regrouping and Reinventing—Career Management
    as a life-long process
     This topic will be proposed for an APA symposium
      (ideally a 2-hour symposium)
     This would be followed by one or a series of papers.

   Pamela Foley and Liz Cotter will take the
    leadership on this project
Goals/Outcomes for Future
   Practice sub-group
     The major ideas focused on the gap between theory
      and practice
     Each member of the group is looking at a different
      component of the issues discussed today because they
      feel that they need further information to move
     Filomena will focus on a continuing ed course for
      practitioners that will focus on addressing the gap
      between research and practice
Goals/Outcomes for Future
   Practice Sub-group
       LaSandra will explore a scholarship for a practitioner to
        generate ideas that will explored further on the practice/theory
        gap. The task here is that the practitioner will discuss what
        counselors will need from the theory/research world. LaSandra is
        looking for leads on how to move this forward.
        Bryan Dik and Mary Fitzpatrick will talk with NCDA to
        understand more clearly what sort of research will be more
        useful for their members. They will speak with Patrick Rottinghaus,
        who is the Research Committee Chair at NCDA
Goals/Outcomes for Future
  Practice   sub-group
    Brianna Keller and Mary Fitzpatrick will investigate non-
     psychologist/non-counselor pracititioners (career coaches)
     who do life-work coaching to understand their work better.
    Robin Cox and Mary Sue Richardson will perhaps explore
     some writing projects around the notion of valuing of
     working life vs. career vs vocational.
Goals/Outcomes for Future
   Childhood/Early Adolescence Sub-group
     Theywill explore the following three possibiliites of
     age ranges:
       Kindergarden
       Elementary school
       Adolescence
Goals/Outcomes for Future
  Childhood/Early  Adolescence
  The group will focus on elementary schools.
    Factors   that children perceive to be key in their future work
    The role expectations of parents
    How to link the first two points to present behavior
  The first stage is to do a literature analysis of what has
   been done to date.
  The group will explore funding options from the EU—
   the group has a strong international membership which
   may make this funding viable.
Goals/Outcomes for Future
   Training (Cheerful) sub-group
   Symposium-So you got stuck teaching career?: Innovative
    Methods Teaching Career Counseling Classes
     What do students want to see in a career class
     Case Based Learning

     Social Justice and Career Counseling

     Curriculum Infusion

    Website-resources for faculty/students teaching career counseling
    Faculty Student Mentorship Pairings
    This will lead to a Special Issue of CDQ or another journal/book
Next Steps & Opportunities for Involvement

   Each group will welcome new and interested
    members to join the sub-groups.
   Each group has specific plans to move its agenda
   The three team facilitators will develop a email
    listserv of all of the members so that we can
    communicate via email.
   I will send our final report to the Presidents of SVP
    and NCDA.
Next Steps & Opportunities for
   I will identify the members of NCDA among our
    working group.
   I will also present our report to the President of
    IAVEG (International Association of Vocational and
    Educational Guidance)
   Another idea is to generate names of keynote or
    plenary speaker to help excite members of SCP
    about work/career issues.
Infusion Across Projects
   Each group will strive to create projects and
    agendas that include explicit attention to
    underserved communities (including, but not limited
    to, the elderly, the poor, the working poor,
    immigrants, individuals with disabling conditions,
    unemployed, at risk teens, underemployed,
    homemakers, etc.)
   We also may to explore new underserved
Infusion across Projects
   The groups will also consider the importance of
    infusing a broader conception of work and life. This
    includes thinking about expanding the notion that
    work is embedded in relationships, culture, social
    networks, and other life roles.
Contact Information for Getting
   Interested folks can contact the facilitators:
     DavidBlustein—
     Nadya Fouad—

     Saba Ali—

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