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Curl-ups per unit of time how much the number of abdominal muscle endurance is good or bad sign of flexibility. Services muscular pain in your lower spine can be avoided to maintain good body posture. Approach is to sit, arms crossed hug his chest, legs and knees raised, heels and 30-40 cm away from the hip, toe hook along the bottom of furniture. Who sit on the lift, until close to the thigh, head as far as possible reach. Required in 1 minute repeated continuously try to do.

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									Categories of Fitness Test Components and Corresponding Exercises
    Warm - Up            Cardiovascular:          Upper Body             Flexibility:         Abdominal        Leg Exercises
    Activities                                  Strength: Push-                             Strength: Curl
                      Mile, Pacer, One Mile                           Shoulder Stretch,
                                                ups, Flexed Arm                             Ups and Trunk
                        Walk Test, BMI                               Trunk Lift, Sit and
                                                Hang, Modified                                Lift (both
                                                    Pull-ups                                   required)
Walking               Exercise bike            Push - ups            Traps                 Sit - ups         Leg Press
Jogging               Treadmill                Body Pump Class       Hamstring             Curl - ups        Squats
Jumping Rope          Aerobic DVDs             Dance Class           Quadriceps            Stability ball    Lunges
                                                                                           Pilates           Stab. Ball Wall
Calisthenics          Step aerobics            Rock Climbing         Triceps
                                                                                           Yoga              Stab. Ball Glute
Low impact aerobics   Sliding                  Stability ball        Trunk
                                                                                           Abs and Assets
Water aerobics        Eliptical                Medicine ball         Shoulder                                Leg Extensions
Side bend             Stepper                  Traverse wall         Calf                  Bosu Class        Leg Curls, seated
Knee lift             Walking                  Pilates                Pilates stretches    Ab Bench (gyms)   Hip Abductors
Jumping Jacks         Jogging                  Yoga                   Yoga stretches       Roman Chair       Hip Adductors
                                               Abs and Assets         Abductor and         Leg Raises
Arm circles           Running                                                                                Calf Raises
                                               Class                 adductors
                                               Bicep Curls/Tricep                          Core Ball trunk
Yoga warm-ups         Rope Jumping                                   Back arch                               Jump Rope
                                               Extension Weights                           rotations
                                                                                           Low back
Swim Warm-ups         Skiing/snowboarding      Certain Sports        Abdominals                              Plyometrics
Dance class warm-                                                                          Pilates
                      Spinning Class           Certain Sports        Hip flexors                             Balance Board
                                                                     Dance class           Yoga              Squats/lunges with
    Cool Down         Water Aerobics           Monkey Bars
                                                                     stretches                               overhead weights
                                               Weight room
Walking               Lap Swimming
                                               Incline, decline,
Jogging               Certain Sports
                                               regular chest press
Heel toe walking      Dance Class              Lat. Pull Down
Stretching            Sprint interval runs     Seated Rows
Slow cycling          Eating a balanced diet   Pec/Dec Machine
 Swim cool down         Rowing Machine
 Yoga cool down         Pull ups/assisted
 Fitness classes cool
                        Shoulder Press
                        Rear Delt. Machine
                        Dumbbell lateral
                        Barbell Curls
                        Plank Holds

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