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									The University of Virginia
Division of Infectious Diseases and
       International Health

    William A. Petri, Jr., MD, PhD
            Division Chief
    Director, ID Training Program
ID Fellowship Program
    Clinical Focus

      Brian Wispelwey, MD
 Director, ID Fellowship Program
         UVA Infectious Diseases
          Fellowship Program

   Our fellowship program is committed to
    excellence in clinical infectious diseases
    training with the expressed goal of producing
    the next generation of physician-scientists.
                    UVA ID
   Unique 3 year structure
   1st yr–Research
   2nd/3rd yrs-Combined clinical with ongoing
   Rationale
           The Clinical Experience
   End of 1st yr-Micro Lab orientation
   Combination of inpatient consults and several
    outpatient clinic experiences
   Case, didactic and journal club conferences.
           The Clinical Experience
   Three fellows per year allows 6 months of
    clinical and 6 months research in each of the
    last two years.
   3 rotations-General Inpatient Consults
   Transplant/HIV Consults
   Outpatient
               Inpatient Consults

   Team composed of 1 fellow, 1-2 Residents,
    1-4 Students
   Daily rounds with attending
   Consult cap at 6 before 5pm Cross-cover and
    division of labor with transplant fellow
   Diverse patient mix
       Transplant/HIV Inpatient Consults

   UVA has active Liver, Kidney, Lung, Heart
    and Pancreas transplant programs
   A new director for bone marrow transplant is
    expected to be in place by 7/09
   3 attendings rotate responsibilities with fellow
    for transplant cases
   HIV patients have a different attending
              Outpatient Block
   Clinics-HIV, ID, Traveler’s and STD
   Phone consults
   Case Conference

   Ryan White HIV-2 year continuity clinic one
    ½ day per week
   General ID
   STD-(Health Dept)
   Traveler’s Clinic
   Case conference
   ID board review didactic
   HIV didactic-18 hr curriculum
   Two Journal clubs-basic science and clinical
   Research in progress-several venues
UVA ID Fellowship Program
     Research Focus

        Eric Houpt, MD
      Director of Research
     ID Fellowship Program
   Go from an excellent medical resident to a
    sought-after Assistant Professor in 3 years
             How - a straight path
   Research acumen in a focused area of Infectious
    Disease research
   Track-record of peer-reviewed publications
   Propose research interesting enough to receive
    extramural funding
    • ex, National Institutes of Health Mentored Clinical
      Scientist Development K08/K23 Awards.
     ID Fellow Research at UVA
   Develop a research program with one or more
    faculty members from the Infectious Disease
    Group or from another department.
   Extensive mentoring and an Advisory committee
   Protected time
   Superb research infrastructure and support
     ID Fellow Research at UVA
   (with mentorship) the fellow defines project,
    designs and performs experiments, interprets
    data, writes publications and grants
   Formal coursework
   Mostly on-the-job learning
   One year is protected to “jump-start”
   Years 2 and 3 allow the research to be maintained
    while Clinical training occurs
                 Areas of Research
   Immune response
    • Braciale, Engelhard, Fu, Hammarskjold, Houpt, Petri, Ravichandran

   Global health/Parasitology
    • Dillingham, Guerrant, Houpt, Moore, Pearson, Peterson, Petri, Scheld

   Bacterial pathogenesis
    • Goldberg, Hewlett, Hoffman, Hughes, Mann, Ramakrishnan, Scheld, Sifri,

   Virology/HIV
    • Hammarskjold, Hayden, Kedes, Rekosh, Yuan

   Host genetics/Epidemiology
    • Guerrant, Concannon, Hall, Knaus, Peterson, Petri, Rich, Warren
                    UVA ID Fellows 2009
 Fellow        Year      Residency             Project                  Mentor/Advisors

   Eby          3        Brigham &          Pertussis toxin          Hewlett/Mandell/Parsons
                          Womens                                            Casanova
 Mathers        3          Maine        Klebsiella pneumoniae     Sifri/Hoffman/Scheld/Goldberg
Pawlowski       2         Colorado       C. difficile virulence   Guerrant/Houpt/Ernst/Kolling/
Tchouaffi-      2        St. Joseph’s   Staphylococcus biofilm    Hoffman/Guerrant/Dillingham/
  Nana                                                                 Sifri/Ravichandran
 Moore          1           UVA          MRSA pathogenesis        Sifri/Mann/Houpt/Ravichandran

  Doka          1           Duke        HIV subtype diversity          Scheld/Yuan/Houpt

 Snider         1           UVA          ID epidemiology in           Petri/Braciale/Hayden
 Heysell     Next year      Yale         TBD: Tb in S. Africa                 TBD

 Thomas      Next year      Yale         TBD: Tb in S. Africa                 TBD

   Day       Next year   Ohio State              TBD                          TBD
        Former UVA ID Fellows

   Last 10 years, 9 NIH K grants funded
   Now at: Cleveland Clinic, Columbia, Pittsburgh, Mt.
    Sinai, VCU, UVA, Vermont, Northwestern, Wake
    Forest, ETSU, MUSC, Stanford, UBC, Duke
   http://www.healthsystem.virginia.edu/internet/inf-

   Don’t worry about “finding” a project or mentor
   Get a sense for our environment first
   Determine if our program is the right fit for your
    career vision
   If yes, after the match, we pay to revisit and your
    research project details and mentor will happen.
                 ID Fellowship Program
                  Contact Information
   William A. Petri, Jr., MD, PhD
    • wap3g@virginia.edu

   Brian Wispelwey, MD
     • bw9g@virginia.edu

   Eric Houpt, MD
     • erh6k@virginia.edu

   Elaine Day, Fellowship Coordinator
     •   emd8a@virginia.edu
     •   (434) 243-6832
     •   409 Lane Road, Box 801340
     •   Charlottesville, VA 22908-1340

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