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2009 Ride of Silence Events Report Alabama

VIEWS: 117 PAGES: 106

									           2009 Ride of Silence Events Report

                                    Total 2009 Riders: 13567

           Number of Locations Reporting in: 197 (out of 282 known locations) 70%


Montgomery, 100 Riders

A representative from the mayor's office spoke to the riders and then joined us for the ride. A
range of riders from downtown hipsters to rail trailers to team racers.

Event Photos

Bruce Herbitter,

Tuscaloosa, 60 Riders

This was the first organized Ride of Silence held in Tuscaloosa. The Druid City Bicycle club
organized the event. Cyclists from the club, Velo City cycling team, the University of Alabama
cycling team, and local residents participated. Personal stories of accidents as well as
remembrances of friends and family killed in a cycling accident in a car were shared prior to the
Event Photos

Laurie J. Bonnici,

Huntsville, 25 Riders

A small but serious group. We had another fatality this past year.

Event Photos

Jamie Miernik,

Birmingham (Homewood), 150 Riders

The 2009 edition of the ride of silence was a huge success! The ride began at Homewood Cycle,
where we named all those injured/killed, read the ROS payer and then had a moment of silence.
We had over 160 riders show up! The ride ended up in the middle of the town center in front of
City Hall. It was a great to show the community how strong and prevelant the cycling
community is here in Birmingham. This year we tried to make the event a bit more festive by
having a free BBQ cookout after the ride to celebrate cycling. The BBQ was possible due to
some fantastic sponsors(Lewis, Feldman, Lehane & McAtee, LLC and Cahaba Cycles).

Event Photos

Faris Malki,


Mesa, 70 Riders

We had a great ride this year with about 70 riders. Phoenix Metro Traffic provided escort for
safety and additional visibility. The weather was warm but not hot, perfect for riding! This year
we had a couple familys join us which was great to get the kids involved.

Event Photos

Eric Hirning,

SaddleBrooke, 25 Riders

Five officers of the Pinal County Sheriff's Bicycle Patrol Unit joined 20 other riders in the
SaddleBrooke Ride of Silence.

Event Photos

Bob Lamb,

tucson, 275 Riders
We had a great turnout this year! The local news reporters from CBS, NBC and Fox News
documented the event, Perimeter Bicycling provided Bike Patrol doing a great job of keeping the
pace to 10mph; leading us through the intersections were the Southwest Rangers and The Brad
Fund provided pizza for the riders upon our return.

Event Photos

Martha Lemen,

Green Valley, 75 Riders

We were pleased with the growth this year to seventy-five riders. Other support personnel and
observers make the total attendance close to one hundred. Excellent advance publicity in the
local papers and email notices to lists that we had helped get the riders out. We invited riders to
come a half hour before the ride to enjoy healthy refreshments and mingle with others. We again
had support from the Sheriff’s department and the local fire department. Our ride was close to
seven miles at an average speed of 9 mph.

Event Photos

Chuck Hill,
Kingman, 83 Riders

All participants seemed touched by the slow, silent ride. We had wonderful cooperation from the
local police and fire departments. Easiest and perhaps most meaningful event I have ever

Event Photos

Bonnie Tomlin,

San Luis, 250 Riders

This ride will go to benefit our local youths and honor the memory of our club founder who was
stuck head on by a passing car during a club training ride. The event flyer can be found on
Event Photos

Yuma Bike Club,


Little Rock, 35 Riders

We had about 35 riders at 12 mph for about 3 miles, 2 abreast. We went down the road along
Murray Park and the Arkansas River in Little Rock.

Event Photos

Jim Britt,


Ventura, 4 Riders

Event Photos

Channel Islands Bike Club,

antioch, 35 Riders

It was a thrill to see 35 cyclists show up for the Ride of Silence in Antioch. I was worried that
only my wife and I would show. But many Delta Pedalers, the local bike club, came, and perhaps
even more exciting, my daughter Erin got the message out to a lot of her fixed gear friends who
came too. My wife had purchased two rolls of ribbon for armbands. It wasn't enough! We ended
up safety pinning smaller pieces on riders. Almost half the riders wore red.

There aren't a ton of cyclists in Antioch. At least that's what I'd thought. And I certainly wasn't
aware of the young guys fixed gear community. But there they were. What a cool bunch of
young men. And the way they ride those fixies. Amazing. I think they had a good time.

I'd put on the poster "Wear a helmet" but these guys came without them. I didn't feel like I could
send them away, so they rode helmetless. What's a guy to do?

We did a very slow lap around North-of-the-freeway Antioch. Many people waved, gave us a
thumbs-up, or honked in support. I'd been a little concerned about the ride in that this city isn't
used to seeing a large group of cyclists become the traffic. But Antioch came through quite
nicely. Only one car-driving misdirected soul threw fast food trash at us. Much better than I had
worried about.

We met at City Hall. There was a planning meeting that night. I hope a few of the planners noted
the number of cyclists, and manage to plan for them better in the future.

Event Photos

Curtis Corlew,

Temecula, 60 Riders

The Third Annual Ride of Silence for Riverside County (CA) was held May 20 in Temecula.
More than 60 riders participated, and we were led this year by Team Khaki, a group of active
duty Marines from nearby Camp Pendleton.
For the first time, we had three clubs join - Team Khaki, Temecula Valley Cyclists, and Cal
Pools Racing.
Alex Possehl, a teenager from Wildomar whose brother was killed in a cycling accident a year
ago, returned for the second Ride of Silence. Liz and Bill Bibb, as well as several other original
organizers of the ride, returned to offer support as well, bringing photos of riders, handing out
black arm bands with names on them, and encouraging cyclists to return next year.
With Team Khaki leading, this year's ride went well. The group stayed together and there were
no incidents with motorists. (Last year we had one elderly driver yell at the group to get on the
Press coverage was excellent before and after the ride.
Thanks to everyone who participated, organized, and supported. We will definitely be back next
year! Photos are online, and all questions can be directed to
Event Photos

Rick Peoples,

Pasadena, 82 Riders

3rd year, consistent turnout.

Event Photos

Rick Babington,

Bonita, 24 Riders
We met for the second year in row for a 12 mile loop around the Bonita Golf Course/Rohr Park
area. I was pleased to see our numbers double this year. Joining us were members of local
cycling clubs; South Bay WoW, Major Taylor, Dewalt Racing, and Pista Palace, as well as Scott
Kaplan of the Mighty 1090. Several riders have been touched personally by the loss of a fellow
cyclist-- names were called out and we all rode in their memory. Thanks to all who came out!

Event Photos

Ofelia Gutierrez-Duarte,

Irvine, 106 Riders

Great Police support including having the Irvine City Chief ride at the front of the pack & Public
Works documenting teh program as part of League of American Bicyclist's "Bicycle Friendly
City" award process.

No press coverage however...

Event Photos

Bill Sellin,

Santa Rosa, 35 Riders

An excellent turnout for the inaugural Santa Rosa/ Sonoma County ROS. Next year's event is
guaranteed to be bigger and better. Thanks to Stout Brothers Irish Pub for hosting, and much
thanks to those who participated.

Event Photos

Brian Loveless,
Modesto, 85 Riders

This years event had the most riders of any year so far. We have been holding this event since
the begining and it appears to be growing. We remembered Mike Ritchey, who was killed by a
car on one of the country roads in our county. His wife and many friends put a ghost bike at the
spot he was hit. We are not able to get a lot of news coverage, but will keep trying. If you live in
Stanislaus County and eant to be involved with helping us in 2010, pleas email me

Event Photos

Louis Levin,

Thousand Oaks, 110 Riders

110 cyclists were accompanied by 5 officers from the Thousand Oaks bike patrol. The entire
procession was escorted by 5 police patrol cars, blocking traffic for the procession. See the link
for details about this ride.

Event Photos

Conejo Valley Cyclists,

Sacramento, 26 Riders

Event Photos

David Azevedo,

Brea, 5 Riders
Event Photos

Michael Gardner,

San Diego, 12 Riders

We had a small group of riders.

Event Photos

Frank Paiano,

Fullerton, 23 Riders

Event Photos



Boulder, 24 Riders

It was really a great experience.

We rode a little over nine miles and passed a lot of our fallen friend's favorite places.

Along the way, the people we passed elicited great responses.
All of our riders wore helmets and used their lights.

Event Photos

Jessica Smith,

Avon, 35 Riders

This was our 2nd Annual Ride of Silence. We had twice as many participants this year. We rode
5 miles to the Brett Malin Bridge where there is a plaque in memory of Brett that says, I am
away. I am with the wind and the sun. I am the bike and the bike is me. The annual Ride of
Silence helps to keep the topic of rode safety for cyclists in the fore front. The message needs to
be revisits continuely.

Event Photos

Linda Guerrette,

Golden, 15 Riders

The 6th annual Ride of Silence in Golden, Colorado brought 15 cyclists together on a beautiful
evening to honor injured and fallen cyclists in a moving ceremony.

The Golden ride is held each year in memory of Matthew Holmbeck who was killed by a drunk
driver in Minnesota in 1988.

Event Photos

Kristin Stewart,

Glenwood Springs, 35 Riders

Event Photos

Jeff Neer,


Rehoboth, 38 Riders

Riders came from as far away as Wilmington and Dover, DE. to ride with the Sussex Cyclists.
We had a very diverse group of cyclists - from the child on the tow a long to very experienced
cyclists. The State Police escorted the riders (front & back) the entire route.
Event Photos

Jack Boettger / Bobbi Dunham , /

District Of Columbia

Washington, 25 Riders

This year cyclists in Washington, DC joined cyclists throughout the world in the Ride of Silence.
About 30 cyclists started from the Jefferson Memorial and rode past the Capitol, District
Building and White House on the way to American University and past the sites where last year
Alice Swanson and Ian Wolfe were killed.

It was eerie riding along without talking. Cycling is such a social activity, so, to be with so many
other cyclists and to not be talking was powerful.

I think people who saw us were mostly perplexed, though some riders did think to attach signs to
their bike to let people know what the ride was about, and so I think there we did make people

Trying to ride as a group, and to follow all traffic laws, meant that it was slow, and took longer
than an hour to travel the 10 mile route, but it was a beautiful evening for riding and I'm not sure
anyone minded.

Event Photos

David Cranor,

Miami, 250 Riders

I found out about the "Ride of Silence" through an Critical Mass meetup group that I belong to.
The online invitation had only three confirmed attendees - so I was incredibly surprised when I
got there and there were about 250 cyclists there to show support, the biggest, well, most 'critical'
mass I've seen in Miami yet.

Also in the cycling crowd were policemen, firefighters, and city officials who came out to show
support. This particular ride on Key Biscayne was sponsored by the Everglades Bicycle Club, an
bicycle group started in the '70s who recently suffered a terrible loss when a member was killed
on a cycling trip.

It was very emotional for many, myself included. Last summer, when I biked across the country,
there were many instances when I became so aware of my own mortality and I feel very lucky to
have made it safely across. Not everyone is so lucky and my thoughts and prayers go out to all
who have lost someone dear to them.

Event Photos

Debbie Attias,

Lecanto, 0 Riders

Unfortunately we were rained out with a bad weather system and had to cancel our event. We
tried until the last minute and decided not to ride due to conditions. In the email to cancel we
asked for riders to have their own remembrance at 7 PM. We will coordinate a 2010 event.

Event Photos
Jim McLean,

Sanibel Island, 13 Riders

We came close to getting rained out, but spent an hour riding less than 10 mph and all who
participated were glad they did.
We wore "Ride of Silence" and "Remember the Fallen " signs on our backs and bikes.

Event Photos

Patti Sousa,

Brooksville, 0 Riders

Rained out.

Event Photos

Steve Diez,

Clearwater, 1 Riders

Florida had a full week of heavy rains so, not surprisingly, I rode alone. It poured until about 15
minutes before and began again about 15 minutes after I finished the 10.5 mile course, but the
ride was dry with about five minutes of actual sunshine.
The pre-arranged police escort was there, as well as a sweep vehicle, but with only me riding
there was no need to keep them. As always, it was a powerful experience - even by myself.

Event Photos

Ruth Holmberg,

Poinciana, 1 Riders

Florida has had some really rotten bicycle-riding weather conditions; however, I had a Ride-of-
Silence of one! It rained practically all day until 6:40 PM. It was still drizzling as I left home for
the start at Freedom Park. My wife guessed that no one else would show up. She was correct, but
at 7:00 PM it cleared up enough for me to start out on my own - it was my quiet time to
remember several friends who were either killed or injured by vehicles while riding their bikes. I
had about 5.5 miles into the ride and all of a sudden the rain, driven by strong winds, started
again. At that time I was a little over 3 miles from home. Then - lightning! I abandoned my
funeral procession pace and sprinted as best I could into the wind and rain to get home, soaked,
but safe. So it was for Solivita's 3rd annual Ride of Silence.
Warm regards,

Event Photos

Bruce Everard,

Ft Lauderddale, 70 Riders

Event Photos

Celia Conti,

  aples, 4 Riders
The rain literally put a DAMPER on our ride!

Event Photos

Michelle Avola,

Saint Petersburg, 2 Riders

Torrential Downpours!
2 lowly riders and many angry automobiles. Maybe next year...

Event Photos

Stu Giesecke,

Fort Myers, 42 Riders

Storm predictions impacted our ridership, but the ride was completed with only trace rainfall. A
broad range of riders participated including families and racers, approx. 3yrs - 75yrs in age. We
were joined by two members of the Fort Myers Bike Patrol police force, and received a high
quality photo-essay in the local Fort Myers News-Press.

Event Photos


BikeWalkLee / Toni Ferrell,
Lakeland, 6 Riders

While prepared for, and expecting, 40 or more riders, we suffered from horrible weather. The
heavy rain broke about 6:20 and held off until about 7:45. I was thrilled with the five who came
out and joined me. Our gathering point is a church that offered their Chapel if we needed it, but
we managed to have our opening outside. Two of the attendees did not ride and the four of us
who did cut the ride short at 6 miles and just avoided the next downpour.
While we were disappointed, this year we attracted the attention of our State D.O.T District and
the local police departments through our volunteer work with the local chapter of the "Safe Kids"
partnership and can look forward to their continuing cooperation in the future.

There is a 5:52 video on the P.A.B.A. site listed below. The newspaper, while interested, has not
published anything as of this date.

(We seriously needed the rain, by the way.)

Event Photos

Allan L. Richards,

Bonita Springs, 10 Riders

Rain stopped minutes before the ride and probably caused many not to show up in the gated
community of Bonita Bay. In addition to riding in memory and honor of those killed and injured
on the roads nation-wide, we ride in memory of our fallen member, Worth Brunjten.

Event Photos

Claude Weir,

Punta Gorda, 15 Riders

We had heavy rains right up until 15 minutes before the event which lead to a small turnout. Our
local paper however did report the event and posted a few pictures. We hope for a much larger
turnout next year.

Event Photos

Patty Stefan,
Jacksonville, 0 Riders

We were seriously rained out in 2009.

Event Photos

Jeanne Hargrave,

  aples, 4 Riders

rained all day

Event Photos



Marietta, 18 Riders

I am pleased to report that we gave out more red armbands than black ones. We actually had a
rider who had bought his bike that morning just so he could participate in memory of his Cousin
who was killed last fall. We got coverage by the local newpaper and made it to the front page of
the Metro Section. Everyone said they would come again next year. I am hopeful that this
Marietta ride will have grow as more riders hear about it.

Event Photos

Celeste Burr,
LaGrange, 10 Riders

Unfortunately we had a very low turn out this year with only ten riders. Most likely due to the
late start in promoting the ride locally. That and it is a Wednesday night in the bible belt. We still
had a police escort both front and back that blocked intersections and gave us the right of way as
we went though the stop light intersections in town. Sorry no photos this year.

Event Photos

Ken Hacka,

Milledgeville, 6 Riders

Event Photos

Adam Heagy,


Evanston, 21 Riders

It was a beautiful spring evening in the Chicago area. A little before 7 David Barish of the
Evanston Bicycle Club called the group to order and explained the history and purpose of the
ride. Prayers were offered and a passage of scripture was read. Names of the few riders killed in
Evanston (only 3 in the last 10 years or so!!) were read.

A little after 7 p.m. - we were off!

We were only about 2 dozen or so - but we attracted attention! People waved or honked. Kids
joined in for a few blocks here and there. They didn't question the silence.

It couldn't have been a better night - weather wise. It had been warm during the day and was just
starting to cool off a bit. The wind from the south was gusty. It was so great to be out and riding
and smelling the grass and the lilacs and lily of the valley that were in bloom.

At one point we were all bunched up at a traffic light. Waiting calmly and in complete silence. It
gave me goose bumps. A cyclist's version of a "candlelight vigil/memorial".

We finished the ride about 8:30 p.m. and we broke our silence with a huge ROAR. That turned
some heads too!

We're planning for a MUCH bigger turn-out next year!

Event Photos

Evanston Bicycle Club/Wendy Melto,

Downers Grove, 33 Riders

This was our first ROS in Downers Grove and we had about 32 people attend! We wore black
and red armbands, had a police send off and only one flat tire! It was a wonderful evening,
especially considering that it has rained every Wednesday night for the past month! The event
received great comments and we look forward to doing it again next year!

Event Photos

Loni Wiedemann,

Peoria, 70 Riders

We expected around 35, we had over 70 participate, thanks in part to Mike's passion for cycling.
Motorists stopped and waited for us to pass, and waved us thru intersectons. Riders stopped and
explained our purpose to pedestrians who were awestruck by the size of our group. We definitely
made a loud and clear statement for being so silent.

Event Photos

Bill Clark & Mike Honnold,
Arlington Heights, 55 Riders

This year's ride was the biggest yet in Arlington Heights per lead organizer Gary Gilbert. The
night was perfect and the mood was somber, reflective and peaceful.

Event Photos

Bob Skwarek,

Charleston, 13 Riders

This was the second year for the ride in Charleston. Endorsements were gathered from local
health organizations, emergency services, law enforcement, Bike & Hike bike shop, and Health
Studies Dept. and Women's Studies at Eastern Ill. Univ.
Event Photos

Molly Daniel,

Joliet, 41 Riders

The Ride of Silence Joliet, IL was escorted by 9 Joliet Police Department Bike Patrol Officers
and a front and tail police car with lights flashing as we rode an 8 mile loop on heavy traffic
roads on the west side of Joliet. It was the best weather, sunny with temps in the low 80s, in the 4
years the ride has rolled in Joliet, IL. The ride honors the memory of my Mom, Jan Briese,
senselessly and tragically killed while leading her Thursday morning Joliet Bicycle Ride on May
26, 2005, as she had for 12+ years. We also remembered all fallen cyclists whose lives were
tragically ended far too soon.

The Ride of Silence mission is important; senseless tragedies are happening everyday.

Event Photos

Sara Jo Briese,


Goshen, 32 Riders

Great day and a great turn out for the first time in this area. 32 riders showed up including 2 guys
on mountain bikes that just rolled up and decided to join in, We were even joined by a member
of Notre Dame's cycling team who rode 30+ miles each way to attend. WSBT tv showed up and
did a nice piece about the ride which can be viewed at their web site or on youtube. To a rider
everyone was very interested in doing this again and we look forward to continued growth of this
powerful statement.

Event Photos

Don Poole,

Fort Wayne, 26 Riders

It was a beautiful evening for a ride with clear skies and temperatures in the seventies. About
6:30pm I began by welcoming everyone and explaining the purpose of the ride. I then read the
names of cyclists in our community that had been killed or injured on public roadways followed
by a prayer. Everyone was then instructed on how the ride would proceed with an emphasis on
safety. We rode about 10 miles on low traffic city streets and kept the group together. After the
ride some of us gathered at a downtown eatery for food and conversation.

Event Photos

Dave Lehman,

Carmel, 32 Riders

The temperature was in the low 80's when the ride started, with completely clear skies and a light
breeze. The ride has a front escort vehicle and a rear "chase" vehicle, both marked with ROS
signage. The 12-mile route started and ended in a suburban area but the middle portion was in a
pleasant country setting and took one hour to complete. The ride began with a few
announcements and then some solemn words about ROS from Mike Avey, the previous
organizer. One rider came from Minneapolis, MN (700 miles) to participate.

Next year's event, given more time to organize, will have more publicity, hopefully a police
escort, local media coverage and a small social gathering after the ride. We also expect a
substantial increase in attendance. Despite the late start, this year's attendance was roughly
double previous years.

How may I add names to the memorial list of fallen riders?

Thank You!
Joe Hunter-Lattak

Event Photos
Joseph J. Hunter-Lattak (Joe) ,


Atlantic, 22 Riders

Tom Hayes who was hit & permanently injured on his bicycle here in Atlantic in 2007 rode with
us. He now has to ride a recumbent bike because of the injuries he sustained. It was an honor to
ride with him.

Event Photos

Rosie Jones/Jay Miller,

Cedar Rapids , 31 Riders

As the first year’s Ride of Silence in Cedar Rapids Iowa was ready to start, cyclist began to draw
together and talk over the day’s events and the upcoming ride. In attendance of the ride were a
husband and daughter of Penny Vanous. Penny was killed on August 31st of 2008 when a
motorist struck both Don and Penny from behind while they were riding their bicycles on a
Buchanan County road. Don suffered minor injuries in the accident. Weather and road conditions
were not a factor in the accident; it was concluded the driver just did not see them. No charges
were filed.
The ride started with a quick recap over the route, and the rules of the road. A brief word was
then given to the group by Amanda. She had introduced herself as well as her mother Penny. She
had explained to the group what had happened and how much her mom love to cycle. She thanks
everyone for participating and to be safe on this and every ride.
Following a quick speech the cyclist lined up on 3rd avenue and waited for the light to turn green
to start their way down the first leg of the route. As we made our way through town, 31 cyclists
moving silently through traffic seemed to be making an impression on motorist and pedestrians
alike. Although streets were not blocked off, cars gave way to the cyclist at 4 way stops. Some
pedestrians waved us on as we cursed by them.
As we arrived to our final stop we gathered around and talk about the ride and the people who
we rode in memory for. The group also talked about next year and how to gather more cyclists
for the event. Overall the entire ride went well. In planning the event this ride had made an
impression on me that I did not expect. I was not only moved by the attendance of so many
cyclists but touched by Amanda and Don for their strength and courage to share their experience.
I can only hope that they were able to draw comfort from the support we offer. This year I
dedicated the ride to Penny Vanous. Although we rode for the ones we lost we also rode for

Event Photos


David Glandon,

Marshalltown, 7 Riders

Our 3rd year

Event Photos

Kent Geffe,

Mason City, 95 Riders

Our event started at 6:30PM with live music by Von Ketelsen from Fort Dodge as the cyclists
and others gathered in Central Park. At 7:00PM, our program started with an introduction,
history, and purpose by Steven Schurtz. We dedicated our ride to Rick Lind and recognized the
cyclist killed by a truck crossing a bike lane in Minneapolis this morning. Following this, Mayor
Roger Bang declared May 20, 209, as "Ride of Silence Day" in Mason City. Senator Amanda
Ragan and Representative Sharon Steckman discussed the Bicyclists Safety Bill that passed the
Iowa Senate this year but did not make it out of committee in the House. The family of Rick
Lind, a cyclist who was killed on July 11, 2008, in Mason City while riding home from work
was recognized. Von Ketelsen played "Amazing Grace" as all sang. Instructions for the ride were
given. The group was lead by Officer Jason Hugi of the MCPD and Tim "Pace Car" Putnam.
There were 80 riders and 15 non-riding participants. After the riders returned to the park, Von
played so more as people discussed cycling and cycling safety, with remarks by Matt Curtis of
Wayne's Ski & Cycle. We are looking forward to the event next year, while hoping for less wind
than we experienced this year.

Event Photos

Steven Schurtz,

Le Mars, 9 Riders

Our group was small but dignified as we rode in silence through residential neighborhoods and
the recreational trails of Le Mars, Iowa. Riding in our group was Erin Schroeder, a cyclist
recently injured while riding. Erin was knocked unconscious after being struck by a full beer can
thrown at her by a passing motorist. A reward is currently being offered for information leading
to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

Event Photos

Mark Sturgeon,

Sioux City, 7 Riders

The Sioux City Journal, KCAU TV and KMEG TV were at the start of the event for an
interview. We did have less people show up for this years event then last years. May have been
because it was earlier this year and around graduation time for high school kids, etc.

Event Photos

John Vodochodsky,

Ames, 70 Riders

Sorry about the late entry. Many people have been thanked through the local newspaper as their
help was appreciated. The local police helped again with traffic signals along our route. We had
drivers in the lead and tail end of our cycling group. The local newspaper printed a notice at no
charge. Flyers were handed out by local bike shops and at a nearby annual bike ride.
The night was perfect. We had around 70 riders participate. I am hoping for more cyclists next
I am sorry I do not have pictures. We couldn't get our program to work on the computer.

Event Photos

Julie Engeman,


Wichita, 9 Riders

The OZ Bicycle Club of Wichita had 9 riders take part in the ride. The names of those killed or
injured were read before the ride.
KAKE TV Channel 10 came out and covered the ride. It was shown on the ten o'clock news.

Event Photos

Don Kramer,


Lexington, 16 Riders
We had a somewhat reduced turnout, as the month of May is Bike Lexington; with many rides
taking place every evening across town. This is great for cycling, but is taking away a number of
riders from our Ride of Silence.

Event Photos

Bluegrass Cycling Club,


  ew Orleans, 1 Riders

New Orleans had just been picked for the 2013 super bowl. I guess people would rather attend
that celebration. Sad though we had a bicycle related death just a few days ago. We don't have
many, they all seem to be hit and runs.

Event Photos

Donald Duzac,


Brunswick, 32 Riders

A warm and sunny evening (contrary to past ROS) greeted bicyclists who travelled as far as 25
miles to join the ride. Channel 8, a Portland TV station shot footage of the ride and featured
video of the riders as well interviews on the 11:00 o'clock news. The TV announcer pretty much
read the entire Press Advisory. Many participants commented on the time for reflection. We
appreciate the cooperation of the Brunswick Police Department who provided traffic control.

Event Photos
Tony Barrett,


Rockville, 20 Riders

For the first time in three years, we did not have a series of severe thunderstorms move through
the area, but our count remained 20 riders. This year's ride began from the plaza in front of the
new Rockville Library in Town Center, and traveled in a silent procession approximately 10
miles through many areas of Rockville, all under the capable escort of the Rockville City Police.
For the first time we included the Friendship Bridge (bikes and pedestrians only) over I-270. The
final portion of the ride, a very busy stretch southbound on Route 355 from Gude Drive to Beall
Ave., is where we most appreciated the police escort!

Event Photos

Denny Freezer,

Hagerstown, 65 Riders

This was the second ROS sponsored by the Cumberland Valley Cycling Club in special memory
of our friend, Lloyd Clarke, who was killed on 9/20/07 in Incline Village NV. We drew about 10
more riders than last year. Once again, the City of Hagerstown provided excellent support with
the bike police, and the participation of city officials. The route covered the signed, ten mile Hub
City Tour route.

Event Photos
Dick Cushwa,

Columbia, 25 Riders

With very little planning since we found about the ride late, we were very happy with the
turnout. We advertised for about 48 hours, however next year will be an extraordinary event.

Event Photos

John Beck,


Marthas Vineyard, 11 Riders

I pulled it together at the last minute. Next year I will get the ball rolling sooner. A few impatient
drivers and a little harrassment by some youngins but everyone remained composed.

Event Photos

Matthew Safranek,

West Boylston, 0 Riders

Event Photos

Kim McCoy,

Haslett, 22 Riders

Had beautiful evening for the ride. I spoke briefly about the purpose/history of the RoS. Another
rider spoke briefly about the tragic death of a fellow cyclist a few years back. This version of the
RoS proceeded from a local middle school thru some suburban residential areas to a 3/4 loop of
the largest lake in the county and back to the middle school.

Event Photos

Lenny Provencher,

East Lansing, 65 Riders

The Ride of Silence event that started from the Mich. St. Univ. Campus (MSU Bikes Service
Center) traveled around campus, thru downtown E. Lansing, then down to the State Capitol in
Lansing. Approx. 65 people rode (10 of whom were police officers from MSU Police, Lansing
PD & LCC Police) in the event. On the Capitol steps we heard from several people who had
loved ones or friends who had been hit and killed or injured.

Event Photos

Tim Potter,
Harbor Springs, 48 Riders

Weather conditions were near perfect for the 2nd Harbor Springs Ride of Silence. The 2009 Ride
honored the memory of Fred Knoodle, an avid local cyclist who was killed while cycling in
August of 2008. Many Thanks go to his wife Jimmie and son Dave for their presence at the ride's
start/finish. Thanks also go out to officer Dave Heater of the Harbor Springs Police Department
who joined the group on his police issued bicycle. Thanks also go to Lt. Michael Keiser of the
Emmet County Sheriff's Department for aiding in traffic control for highway crossing &
challenging intersections. Also thanks to all of those that participated in this year's ride and to
those who support our efforts to promote safe cycling.

Event Photos
Christopher Benson,

Grosse Pointes, 55 Riders

First year as an "official" Ride of Silence. Made it part of our regular Wednesday night
Wolverine Sports Club Ride. Wanted our group to participate in this International Event! Largest
turnout for this year! I hope to get more visibility next year like they did in Grand Rapids, with
vehicles and banners!

Event Photos

Russ St. John,

Detroit, 250 Riders

We started the ride on Belle Isle, and picked up a large number of riders along the way. The
Detroit Police dispatched their bike patrol unit, headed by Sgt. Bliss, who provided a rolling
escort and street closure. We rode from Belle Isle to Ford Field, circled Comerica Park, and
returned to Belle Isle.

Wheelhouse Detroit provided logistic and oranizational support and sponsored the ride. Macomb
Bike and Fitness served a wonderful post-ride meal. The League of Michigan Bicyclists
supported the event through publicity and its Region One Representative.

We honored the memory of those injured and killed. We rode sensibly and responsibly in a
major city, promoting cycling in a safe manner.

Event Photos

Steve Roach,

Cadillac, 53 Riders
We had a wonderful ride with the City providing 2 police escorts. Among the 53 riders, 12 of
them wore red arm bands to show that they had suffered injury due to a motorist. Our local paper
and TV station both did a story on the Ride of Silence.

Event Photos

Kamie Wade,

Saginaw, 47 Riders

The 47 riders included one on a Penny farthing and one on a unicycle. The helmets from Field
Neurosciences Institute did not arrive. We thank the Mid-Michigan Children's Museum for th
cold water and pit stop facilities.

Event Photos

Larry M. Tesch,

Lennon, 11 Riders
Very nice evening for our ride. We were perhaps small in number but a meaningful ride. One of
the founding members of our club joined us this year. Thanks to all that participated.

Event Photos

David Otto,

Holland, 78 Riders

Beautiful day to ride. We remembered the 5 local cyclists that had been killed in the last 11
years. Many rode to rally support for Walter Catton, injured earlier this month, who underwent
another surgery the morning of the ride.

Event Photos

Laura Harris,

Spring Lake, 44 Riders

We were joined on the ride by two Ottawa County Sheriffs on Bikes and two additional Sheriffs
provided escort and traffic control services along the entire route.

Event Photos

Mark Stoll,
Lapeer, 16 Riders

Hello Mark-

I just wanted to give you a report of how our ride went last night.

The Lapeer Ride of Silence began at around 6:50 pm on May 20th, 2009! I started off by talking
about what the R of S was about and reading the story from GR that was on Mlive. I also talked
about two of our riders, Rita and James, their bother was killed last August, on a training ride for
his first triathlon. It gave the ride even more meaning as we were able to represent those who
have been injured or killed on the road.

We rode 2 abreast, side by side, in silence on the country roads surronding Lapeer County. It was
a beautiful ride and we had respect from most of the traffic. Most of the cars stayed back from us
and let us do our ride.

It was a very emotional ride for everyone, but great in so many ways. We felt that we made a
statement and hope to make even more of an impact next year. Our goal was to have 10 riders
and we had 16 and hope to at least double that next year.

Thanks so much for organizing this in Michigan. Our hearts go out to everyone involved!



Becky O F

Romans 15v4-6

"If you judge others you will have no time to love them."~ Mother Teresa

"Before you echo 'Amen' in your home or place of worship, think and remember...a child is
listening." Mary Griffith.

Event Photos

Rebecca Forfar,

Manistique, 1 Riders
Sustained winds of 35 mph and gusts over 50 mph discouraged a town of mainly saturday and
novice riders. Better luck next year.

Event Photos

Christina Riddle,

Ypsilanti, 11 Riders

Good weather, some media coverage and participation by our local "Bike Ypsi" group.

Event Photos

Bob Krzewinski,

Grand Rapids, 202 Riders

With thoughts of our largest turn out, thanks to pre-Ride coverage from TV Channel 13, from
WGVU Radio, and in the Daily News, The Honorable Mayor in attendance, with handing out
150+ free Ride of Silence / Share the Road T-Shirts and near perfect weather, the 2009 Grand
Rapids Ride of Silence began under a very solemn cloud, due to the death of a Grand Rapids’
bicyclist, who had an accident with a city vehicle just a few short hours prior to our start.

The Honorable Mayor George Heartwell, who spoke and rode the entire route with us, had
originally planned to read a Proclamation he drafted a few weeks ago. But under the
circumstances we agreed now would not be the proper time. Instead his Honor spoke briefly
about the accident which was still under investigation, the bicyclist’s name not yet released, and
talked instead of the need for safety and how cyclists and motorist both need to be aware of each
other, for all to Share the Road. “This is driven home in an awful and very sad way tonight” were
but a few of his many remarks. His Honor led the prayer, asking all to keep the family of the
unknown rider in our hearts and prayers this evening.

A GR Patrol Car led us on our route through downtown and out to John Ball Park. With bright
orange shirts stating Share the Road on 150 riders backs, and our Ride of Silence funeral flags,
we let the public know why we were riding. (including the large RofS banner on both sides of
our SAG van) When we approached and began to circle the rotary at John Ball Park, giving us
the opportunity to acknowledge each other, the 4 Pipers of the Grand Rapids & District Pipe
Band began playing “Amazing Grace”, which meant much more on this somber evening. They
were there to welcome us when we arrived back at Riverside Park. We had one rider on a penny
farthing do the entire route. The final rider count I was given; 202 riders, including the dozen tots
being pulled by parents in trailers.

As always, we look to next year, May 19th, 2010 at 7:00 PM and pray it will be under different

Now to the many thanks, for without these folks, organizations and businesses, our Ride would
not be possible:

To Thomas Fish of Motion Initiatives for 100% coordinating the T-Shirt fund and doing much of
the leg-work for the design.

To fellow members of the Rapid Wheelmen Bicycle Club, who helped out prior to and at the

To Chicago Dr/Kentwood/Holland Cycle Fitness, CycleSafe, FreeWheeler Bike Shop, Fun
Promotions, Grand Rapids Bicycle Co., Rapid Wheelmen Bicycle Club, Slingshot Bikes, Speed
Merchant Bike Shop, West MI Trails & Greenways, Western MMBA, West MI Coast Riders
and Village Bike Shops for donations to the T-Shirt fund or GR RofS General Fund.

To our anonymous donor, who donated a large sum to the T-Shirt Fund. She is a U.S. soldier
stationed in Afghanistan, who arrived stateside the day of the Ride, and arrived in GR at the last
minute to ride with us. We are very thankful of her contribution, not only to our Ride, but to our

To the Honorable Mayor Heartwell for joining us, and to his and the City’s commitment to make
Grand Rapids a safe cycling community. As our elected official, we appreciated his Honor’s
thoughts and comments. And as an ordained minister, for leading us in prayer that evening.

To Lt. Pat Dean of the Grand Rapids Police, who once again arranged for the GR Patrol Car, and
for loaning us the portable PA system, that allowed Mayor Heartwell and myself to address our

To members of the Grand Rapids District & Pipe Band, who again showed their support to GR’s
Ride of Silence.

To Alger Schwinn for providing the Flag Sticks and the SAG van that evening.

To Jim DeGracia of Jade Cycles, for building a Jade Cycle specifically for our anonymous donor
to borrow that evening, and again being our last rider with a FDOT regulation Share the Road
sign mounted to his bike.
To Jennifer Pascua, who provided pre-Ride coverage on WZZM TV.
To Shelley Irwin, who provided pre-Ride coverage on WGVU Public Radio.
To Danielle Arndt, who provided pre-Ride coverage in The Daily News.
To the media who covered the Ride that evening. (including WMMT covering Kalamazoo’s

To all my fellow Michigan Organizers, who again helped make MI the top location worldwide,
with 30 locations.

And finally to all the greater Grand Rapids area riders who came out to honor family or friends,
and who wish to make Grand Rapids one of the LAB’s Bicycle Friendly Communities.

WZZMTV Post Ride
WOODTV Post Ride
WXMI TV Post Ride,0,574239.story
GR Press Post Ride
GR Press Post Ride
GR Press Post Ride
Greenville Daily News Pre Ride
GR Press Post Ride
GR Press Post Ride Pictures
GR RofS Photos thanks to Amy & Josh Duggan
GR RofS Video Part 2 Thanks to Veloise
GR RofS Video Part 1 Thanks to Veloise
WGVU Radio Post Ride

Event Photos
Mark Hagar,

Sault Ste. Marie, 8 Riders

A nice group of riders, more than the last two years combined, meet at Pro Sports to ride this
year's RoF. The weather couldn't have been better, in the 80's and a light wind. The ride was
perfect and afterwards we talked about setting up a Facebook group with the local university so
we are working on our bike culture and future happenings.

Event Photos

Tony Talentino,
Kalamazoo, 88 Riders

The 2009 Kalamazoo area Ride of Silence was done this year out of Richland at the Gull Lake
High School, we rode from this location with hopes of having middle school students ride to
honor Andy Callighan a 6th grader at Gull Lake Middle School who died tragically when his
bike collided with a car near his home in Hickory Corners.

I had a poster made up with a picture of Andy that everyone signed and we will be giving it to
Andy's family. 88 riders came out to ride this year under sunny skies and warm weather.

We received coverage from WWMT Channel 3 and the Kalamazoo Gazette in both the
hometown edition and May 21st front page of the Kalamazoo Gazette.

Caption for picture, from Gazette article: Anna Demming, a math teacher at Ryan Intermediate
School, had Andrew as a student in the 4th grade. Ride of Silence in memory of Andrew
Callighan, who was killed by an automobile last March. The ride started at Gull Lake High
School and went around town and the area. The ride is to make motorists aware of cyclists on the
road. (Jerry Campbell / Special to the Gazette).

Event Photos

Mark Rose,

Boyne City, 60 Riders

We had 75 attend our Memorial Program and 60 completed the ride. This was the first time we
ever had decent weather, previously we had cold temps in the 30's, strong winds in the 30 MPH's
and heavy rain. Maybe we should try June.

Event Photos
Michael Sheean, North Country Bicycle Club ,

Battle Creek, 51 Riders

We had a great evening to ride and 51 area bicyclists participated.

The Battle Creek Police Department provided two motorcycle officers for escort and traffic
control at major intersections.

Riders enjoy sandwiches provided by Big City Subs at the end of the ride at our start/finish point
- Getaway Sports.

I'll post photos of the ride on our new Battle Creek Bicycle Club web site when it is updated later
this week.

Wayne White
Battle Creek Bicycle Club

Event Photos

Wayne White ,

Ann Arbor, 50 Riders

The Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society invited all riders to meet at Wheeler Park in Ann Arbor.
Kenton Smith bid us farewell on the bagpipes with Amazing Grace. Three Ann Arbor police
officers on bikes escorted our cyclists around our route that went right through town at a busy
hour of the day. We brought a lot of visibility to Ann Arbor.

Event Photos

Kathleen Donahoe,

Grayling, 8 Riders

so sorry to hear about the loss of another cyclist. I got your message after my 8 cyclists left for
their ride so when they returned we had prayer for the cyclist their family and for all of you. our
ride went well. the weather was great and we had 8 enthusiastic people on the ride. will write you
a full report later.
Event Photos

Margaret Creps, ,

Adrian, 19 Riders

The weather cooperated and we enjoyed our largest gathering ever! Although still small (19
riders), we enjoyed fellowship before and after our ride. We remembered two cyclists who were
fatally injured and another who survived ( a local 93 year old gentleman). A couple of High
School students joined us for the cause, it had been promoted by their NHS. Our age range was
16 to 82, what a pleasure to gather for this cause.
We'll see you in 2010!

Event Photos

Jim Dickson,

iron mountain, 50 Riders

Event Photos

Kevin Socia,

Royal Oak, 85 Riders

Oakland County held its first RoS which was attended by over 80 riders. The route rolled
through the cities of Royal Oak and Ferndale, where we were assisted by the local police
departments and lead by Wolverine Ride Leader Calvin T Hughes. Local news channels 2 and 7
interviewed ride promoters and ran segments on the evening news. Film producer Richard Noiret
was there to capture the event on film for possible future use in bicycle safety education and
awareness with the Secretary of State!
We are looking forward to next years event and are already lining up our sponsors! The Oakland
County/Royal Oak RoS was started a mere 11 days before the event many people helped to pull
off a safe and enjoyable ride.
The team of volunteers consisted of:
Dennis Van Stee - Director of Communications/ Assistant Organizer
without Dennis's hard work and determination the event would not have happened!
Eric Rafeld - Wolverine Ride Leader/Support Vehicle Driver/sign in booth volunteer
Dante Lanzetti - LMB Chair/ Support Vehicle Driver/ mediator
Calvin T. Hughes Jr - Wolverine Ride Leader/ RoS Ride Leader/ Course Designer

Event Photos

Colleen Brown,

Westland, 29 Riders

While it was a little disappointing having so few people show up, I have to remember that there
are two new locations in the Detroit area for R of S so, it's not so much.

SO glad it didn't rain this year!

Event Photos

Dave Duffield,

Traverse City, 73 Riders

The Traverse City Ride of Silence was a significant success in all respects. The ride was indeed
quiet- virtually no talking. Big help from several people.

TC Mayor Michael Estes (in R of S T-shirt) did a very nice job- stressed the importance of the
ride, importance of bicycling to TC and City Commission, Commission working on improving
infrastructure (“It may seem slow to many of you, but lighting speed for the Commission”).

Total riders: 73, 3 or 4 of them were kids
All T-shirts gone in no time. We need to have more in 2010.
People were gathering as early as 5:40pm.
EuroStop Deli & Café stayed open and probably did $75 or more worth of business. Big thanks
to Marieta Braun!
Bob Braveheart, Cherry Capital Cycling Club member, played the bagpipes (Amazing Grace)
just east of the new Boardman bridge. The sound traveling across the water was haunting.

Many positive comments before and afterwards.

One person came to ride whose father was killed a few years ago in Benzie Co.
I made mention of the tragedy in G.R. this very afternoon.

The weather was sunny and 84F (exactly 40 degrees warmer than 2008) and while windy, unlike
last year, it did not rain.

Event Photos

Fred Schaafsma,


Mound, 1 Riders

Solo rider. Mound MN USA. Todd Landon. Second year participating. May 20th, 2009

Event Photos

Todd Landon,
Minneapolis, 100 Riders

Yesterday was a dark day. A good friend of mine Dennis Dumm was struck down when riding
his bike to work. He followed all the laws of the road and was even wearing his girlfriends
helmet. We was hit by a semi-truck when he was riding in the bike lane. This was a terrible loss
to the cycling community. Yesterday I had planned the MPLS Ride of Silence. The day before I
myself was almost struck down by a motorist. This made the ride have meaning. Then Dennis
was killed. Now this ride became more personal. There was a somber attitude in the air, a friend
of Dennis spoke at the gathering before the ride. I ran out of armbands for people (Black
armbands for people honouring or mourning the loss of riders and red for those who have been
hit), hundred people at minimum showed up for the ride. Then we stated to ride, the original plan
was to ride by all the ghost bikes in the twin cities. The first stop was at Jimmy Nisser's ghost
bike on Excelsior Blvd. From here we rode via the greenway to Park Ave, the location of where
Dennis was taken from us. We road up to the spot. There I met his girlfriend with open arms. I
gave her a black bandanna to mourn the loss. There she embraced me and thanked me for putting
this ride on. From there we rode up to Nick's ghost bike. This was a friend of Mike Jones's (
another person on the ride) he told me that the ghost bike that was put up there was removed that
day and he went to try to find out where it went. Apparently the police dept took it down saying
it was obstructing traffic. Mike relentlessly put up a sign anyway. From there most of the group
headed home. The group had fallen from 100+ to roughly 12 riders. We rode to St.Paul. There
was a last one on summit ave. The ride was long and windy, but we did it.

Event Photos

Todd Cole,

Springfield, 14 Riders

We had a great ride, although a few very new riders that we did not want to leave behind. This
caused us to finish in the twilight, something I'd rather not do. I would like to suggest that "we"
consider changing the start time a little earlier since safety is certanly a major concern.

Event Photos

Dave Christiano,

Kansas City, 123 Riders

we had a very silent and very safe ride.

Event Photos

Rich Davis ,
Saint Joseph, 20 Riders

About a 12 mile route at 12 mph. We went right down the heart of Saint Joseph.

Event Photos

Bob Neidinger,

Sedalia, 23 Riders

23 riders from Sedalia went out for the second Ride of Silence in this area on Wednesday
evening, May 20th. We traveled 8.5 miles with police escort and stopped at the court house for
pictures. This year's ride hit close to home due to a local third-grader who was killed on a bike
earlier this spring.

Event Photos

Greg Moore,

Farmington, 20 Riders
The Parkland Cyclists hosted the 2009 Ride of Silence for the Farmington / Park Hills area.
Twenty riders showed up to make this a great event for our community that not only raised
awareness for cyclists but showed that our club will take an active role in cycling safety and
awareness. The ride was organized by Kurt and Shanna Glore with assistance from the
Farmington Police Department's bike patrol division.

Event Photos

Kurt Glore,


kalispell, 13 Riders

amazing how a ride such as this creates such a magical energy field of love and caring for ALL

Event Photos

Susen-marie ,


Bellevue, 72 Riders

Law enforcement provided a motorcycle escort

Event Photos
Lynn Rollins,

Lincoln, 24 Riders

Our ride used city streets in Lincoln. We passed in front of the State Capital building then rode
through the Hay Market restaurant/bar district.

Event Photos

Great Plains Bicycling Club,


Las Vegas, 24 Riders

This was the fifth year of the Las Vegas Valley Bicycle Club organizing and taking part in the
"Ride of Silence" here in Las Vegas. Our turn out of paricpanting cyclists was improved over
last year. We also want to report that we had a significant drop in cycling deaths due to motor
vehicle accidents. There were seven cyclists that died during the May 1st to May 1st 2008/2009
according to the statistics report from the Clark County Coroners Office. This is much improved
over the same period in 2007/2008 when we had eleven victims. Our hope is that motorists will
be even more aware of cyclists and there will be fewer deaths of cyclists next year.

After a short riders meeting, a short speech, the reading of the cycling accident victims names
and a moment of silence, we began our 15 mile street ride around the west side of Las Vegas.
The evening was mild with a slight wind making it perfect cycling weather. Along the way we
had any number of motorists blow their horns and say encouraging things to us in support of our
ride. I want to thank all of our riders for coming out and helping us this year and encourage them
to return to help us again next year. I also want to thank Lisa Caterborne, the Webmaster of the site for her support, advertizing, general assistance to the Las Vegas
Valley Bicycle Club and filling in as our SAG driver this year.

Event Photos
James C. "Jim" Little,

   ew Jersey

northfield, 2 Riders

we had a wonderful ride although there were only two individuals doing the ride, one riding a
recumbent bike. we rode in silence for 12miles and enjoyed the evening and giving thanks to be
able to enjoy the sport of cycling and more aware of the folks that lost their unfortunate lives
doing what we enjoy

Event Photos

Lou Frankel,

Skillman, 10 Riders

We were a small group but the local police were nice enough to escort us. The cue sheet was
designed to keep us on more major roads than we would normally ride to increase our exposure
and really try to get the message out! It was a beautiful night and ride.

Event Photos

Heather Haggan,

   ew Mexico

Albuquerque, 85 Riders
We had a great turn-out this year. A bagpipe player sent us off with Amazing Grace. It was
powerful to ride together through the busy city streets and residential neighborhoods. Cars
honked in solidarity, families gathered in yards to watch us go by; awareness raised and loved
ones honored.

Event Photos

Leigh Ann Inglis,

   ew York

Kingston, 27 Riders

This second year for RofS in Kingston, NY had a doubling of participants from last year. We
solemnly road 8-miles through New York States first capital (see video on Youtube site) after
donning red or black arm bands and remembering why we were gathered.

Event Photos

Bill Miller,

Binghamton, 42 Riders

Thanks to all of the 42 riders that participated in our Ride of Silence. We started in
Binghamton’s Recreation Park and toured the better part of the downtown streets on a beautiful
evening. A special thanks to News Team 34 for the pre ride publicity and the coverage of the

Event Photos

Dick Porterfield,
Utica, 50 Riders

Just a nice quiet ride thru the streets of Utica,NY. It went well, we had a great evening for it. I
am looking into the cost of having banners made to drape the lead vehicle next year.

Event Photos

Dave Taylor,

Albany, 100 Riders

On Tuesday May 19, 2009 an 11 year old boy was killed in a bike/auto crash in Albany NY. This
tragedy ocurred 24 hours before the Ride of Silence.
Event Photos

Claire Nolan,

Scarsdale/Greenburgh, 36 Riders

An excellent evening for cycling and a beautiful silent ride. Central avenue is a very busy
roadway and has been the site of many car/bike collisions. We had a Police escort to insure
safety and increase the visibility of the ride. The line of riders was viewed by hundreds of
passing commuters. Please read the news article linked and find the photographs.
Keep safe -


Event Photos

Pearson Constantino,

  ew York City, 12 Riders

12 riders made a round trip on the Central Park loop road at 7pm, in good weather. Friends and
family of three bikers who lost their lives were remembered in this year's ride.

Riding this year were Ron Rollo, Emily Zdyrko, Chris Alonzo, Colleen Danaher,Rodney Ramos,
Kate McKeown, Hayley Zdyrko, Candace Stuart, Gary Skeggs, Susan Griffin, Michael Zdyrko.

Next year we will work to increase our ridership. Central park ahd hundreds of riders alongside
us, so with some better promotion we hope to have a bigger group.

Michael Zdyrko,
New York City

Event Photos

Michael Zdyrko,

Massapequa Pk, 14 Riders

Our ride was 8.5 miles that went through developments, highway and about a mile on a bike
path. The night was perfect with clear skies and temps in the 60's. This years ride consisted of all
club members, where last year we had others that found the ride on this site. I am looking
forward to doing it again next year.

Event Photos

Massapeuqa Park Bicycle Club,

   orth Carolina

Gastonia, 50 Riders

This was the 4th Observance of the Ride of Silence organized by the Coasters Cycling Team and
the Gaston County Cyclists Club. We were supported by the Gaston County Sheriff and the City
of Gastonia Police Department, which provided squad car and motorcycle escorts.

After a brief but moving Memorial Service to honor those who have been lost and/or injured, we
began from the Gaston County Courthouse. We traveled east along Ozark/Long Avenue to
Gaston Memorial Hospital. At the hospital, we circled the Emergency Room driveway and
returned to the Courthouse via Franklin Boulevard, Gastonia's busiest street.

Our group included riders of all abilities. It was a beautiful evening for a ride and we all are
grateful that we were able to participate.

Event Photos

Doc Bradshaw,

Hickory, 17 Riders

Event Photos

Lanny Lambert,

Elizabeth City, 22 Riders

We had 22 riders, and a Police escort for our ride. Dave Copley made a few comments
concerning his bicycle accident with an automobile in 2003, which he and his wife survived.
Chaplin Mark Tanis from the United States Coast Guard base in Elizabeth City offered a prayer
for our group and cyclists through out the world. This year we have lost a bicyclist in Elizabeth
City as well as a navy seal bicyclist in Virginia Beach, Va. We hope that our Ride of Silence
event has raised awareness in our local area. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Event Photos
David Copley,

Wilmington, 45 Riders

Conducted by the Cape Fer Cyclists.

Conditions were wonderful and the ride went very well. Not even a flat.

Two of our members who are on the police force escorted the ride and stopped traffic for the ride
at all major intersections.

Event Photos

John Absi,

Asheville, 25 Riders

Event Photos

Pattie Moore,

WI STO -SALEM, 50 Riders

Ride was a success with approximately 50 riders. Bagpiper started the ride off with Amazing
Grace and greeted riders with God Bless America on the return.

Event Photos,
Wilson, 80 Riders

Event Photos

Kevin Whalen,


Cincinnati, 1 Riders

Event Photos

Libby Rheude,

Columbus, 750 Riders

This was our 6th annual Ride of Silence. We continue to have massive crowds. Columbus Mayor
Coleman addressed the crowd beforehand, and rode with our group. This event continues to
attract substantial media coverage here, and more importantly, the attention and action, from our
City administrators to improve accomodations for cyclists on our roads.

We use a police escort (akin to a funeral procession). Pictures don't do justice to the sheer
volume of riders.

This year we honored two bicyclists in particular - 43 year old Tracy Corbin who was struck &
killed while riding to work (he couldn't afford a car) and 70-year old David Hines who regularily
rode an adult tricycle (with orange flags!) 1 mile back and forth to the local fast-food place,
twice a day, to have coffee with his buddies. He was struck/killed directly in front of his home.

Event Photos

Jeff STephens,

Medina, 16 Riders

Thank you for championing such a worthy cause. Here in Medina, Ohio our sixteen rode slowly,
somberly, and with composure as we honored our fallen fellow cyclists and raised awareness of
the rules of the road pertaining to cycling.

Event Photos

Century Cycles/Mike Petcher,


Stillwater, 35 Riders

Police Escort, 10 mile ride start from Stillwater Municipal Building out to Boomer Lake and

Event Photos

Mary Cash,

Tulsa, 70 Riders

Approximately 70 spandexed riders and one lone, unidentified lady in a big floppy, flowery sun
dress rolled southbound Riverside Drive, during rush hour, in Tulsa, OK in memory of Beverly
Motorist Roberto Salvador Alvelais-Torres collided with the front wheel of cyclist Mrs. Duffield,
74, 1 September 2009.

Describing a macabre, surreal scene, witnesses reported an unidentified lone lady in a big floopy,
flowery sun dress, on a bicycle, towing a ghost bike on a trailer, during rush hour traffic on one
of the busiest Tulsa roadways, as if the soul of Mrs. Duffield was searching for a final resting

A small group of spandexed riders witnessed the installation of a ghost bike at the crash site,

The unidentified lady disappeared shortly after the short installation, without incident.

Event Photos

Tulsa Bike Palooza,


Bend, 160 Riders

We had a great turnout, with about 160 riders. We honored our local riders that sadly had been
lost, including Keith Moon and Duke Noteboon, and rode a slow, 5-mile route. Our local Police
dept. escorted us through the streets.

Event Photos

Susanna Julber,

Beaverton, 42 Riders

42 riders, including the son of one man who was killed and Beaverton's two bicycle patrol
officers rode the 6 mile loop around Beaverton passing ghost bikes placed in geographically
representative areas where they were killed.

Event Photos

Hal Ballard,

Pendleton, 18 Riders

We had our ride begin with a few words from Gary Jensen who had lost his wife Marilyn in
2005 to a motorist's inattention. We all wore buttons bearing her image and black armbands. A
reporter from our newspaper was there and rode with us.

Event Photos

Susan Kelley,

Salem, 12 Riders

Our ride started at 6:00, so that our participants could be home before dark. I would like to
suggest that RofS adopt an earlier-than-7 start time. We took our group over the newly opened
pedestrian/bike bridge which was formerly a railroad bridge.

Event Photos

Joanne Heilinger,

Eugene, 150 Riders

Event Photos
Richard Hughes,

Corvallis, 140 Riders

It was perfect weather for this year's RoS. This was our 5th annual. Cyclists turned out in record
numbers, though we've averaged about 100 since 2006.
The RoS has been our area's largest gathering of cyclists each year for the past 4 years.
Our local paper, the Gazette Times, ran a story on the RoS several days in advance -- even
included a picture of yours truly!
The city's bicycle/pedestrian coordinator, Joe Whinnery, spoke to the crowd and handed out
bright colored vests to many of them. The Corvallis' Police Department was well represented
with four officers on bikes.
We rode about 6.5 miles slowly and silently, and finished just in time for those without lights to
get home before dark.

Event Photos

Jerry Rooney,

Portland, 50 Riders

we had some advance p.r. from and from the transpo blogger on about forty or fifty people showed up, and I invited the advocacy staffer at to speak briefly. eight or nine mile loop through the northeast quadrant, passing
two sites where cyclists had been struck in recent months -- one killed, one with a traumatic
brain injury. distributed spoke cards with info about state statutes allowing cyclists (nearly) equal
access to the roads.

Event Photos

R. Willis,

West Chester, 21 Riders

The riders included a woman who was hit by a car in August of 2008 and a man whose son had
been killed by a car while on his bike. We had wonderful weather for the ride. Temperatures
between 65 - 70 degrees with a nice breeze.

Event Photos

Frank Dulin,
Williamsport, 35 Riders

35 riders rolled out of Williamsport's largest city park at 7 PM and made a silent procession at 12
mph west across town through residential areas and on a return route straight through the
downtown. It was a beautiful evening and many people watched us as we passed. The youngest
rider in the group was 10 - and the oldest was 73. This is the 4th year we have held the ROS in
Williamsport - and it is an honor to be a part of this international event.

Event Photos

Barb Jarmoska,

Allentown, 13 Riders

Very light turn out. Difficult community to get going.

Event Photos

Robert Erbeau,
Doylestown, 204 Riders

Doylestown had our first annual Ride of Silence, hosted by the Central Bucks Bicycle Club
(CBBC) and the Borough of Doylestown. We publicized the event in the CBBC newsletter and
website. A half dozen other clubs and another half dozen racing teams were notified too. The
local paper did a great story on the event two days before, but as it was our first, we didn’t know
what to expect. When asked how many would attend, I said, Anywhere from 20 to 200, and I’d
be happy with 50 riders.

I arrived at 6pm and about 20 people were already there. We handed out armbands – either red or
black (made by Carla from CBBC) – to folks as they signed in. The final numbers: 154 signed in,
but many arrived just in time to join the ride. Bill, a friend from SCU, another club, counted 204
cyclists! It was overwhelming.

Around 6:50pm, I began opening remarks thanking all involved – both organizers and
participants. I explained why we’re riding and clarified the laws regarding bikes and cars. The
message: … without knowing your rights you cannot defend them. I then shared some safety
tips. When I asked who rode as close the curb as possible, about ¾ of the riders raised hands.
“Don’t do it!” I yelled, and explained why not.

Local racer Mike Bowe gave some advice and shared his story of a car hitting him from behind.
Then Bev Bongiorno shared the story of losing her sister, who was killed when training for her
8th MS150 ride.

I finished with the history of the Ride and read the Poem. We were led out of the lot by a
Doylestown police car. Two of our emergency vehicles with ROS banners leapfrogged ahead to
make sure that intersections along our route were closed to traffic. We started out at a 10 mph
pace and lowered it to 8 mph to accommodate new riders who showed up to support us. The
route took us on a loop through the Borough. Although we tried to avoid hills, even small rises
stretched the field.

Lots of folks along the route stopped what they were doing to acknowledge, wave, clap, smile,
and cheer us. Through it all, we remained remarkably silent. Doylestown residents were talking
about it for weeks after. Our inaugural ride was an unqualified success, and we all look forward
to a bigger and better one next year.

Event Photos

Don Berk,
Cleona & Annville, 18 Riders

LVBC's Ride of Silence took place on a section of SR422 because cyclists have been injured on
this highway. It is a critical transportation route for cyclists as well as motorists. The start was at
the Police Dept of Cleona Borough and they assisted our entering SR422. In Annville, a
bagpiper, who is also a cyclist and has been in crashes, played a dirge as we passed by.
We reversed our route in Annville.
This was our first year as an organized bicycling advocacy organization and consequently, our
first effort to have a Ride of Silence.

Event Photos

Lebanon Valley Bicycle Club,

Rhode Island

Warwick, 3 Riders

Arrived by bike 1 hour before start. Only 2 other showed by 6:30, waited, then we 3 began ride,
which was mapped to pass through a particular neighborhood of a local rider, Frank Cabral, who
was killed cycling in September, 2007.

Also in his honor, a ghost bike was placed at a horrific nearby intersection where cyclists are
forced to ride dangerously on a sand strewn sidewalk. My handout shows our suggestion for a
short bikeway to avoid, which has now made it onto city plans, plus a route to parallel a 4-lane,
shoulderless stretch that violates federal and state laws for lack of cycling accommodations. The
map was sent to a DOT official.

In contrast to previous years, my 12-mile route was designed to be pleasant; riders were
delighted and surprised, since it hardly ever left views of bays, coves, inlets and ponds
throughout. We saw a white egret at a salt marsh among other sea birds. They so enjoyed, we did
its 2-mile extension, which took in a sunset view from a high ridge (and a fine downhill).

Sandra, his grieving mother, who does not ride, met with us after. She said that 4 youths showed
up late, didn't know where to go; warned them to arrive BEFORE 7:00, otherwise it gets dark
during ride. Another rider, unplanned, arrived after 8:00 to escort me home. After our lengthy
conversation with Sandra, we 2 rode several more miles in the dark, I with my bright lights
(L&M head and Blackburn rear blinker) and him under streetlights.

Unlike 2008, we got no support from media despite all efforts; last year we had 2 ghost bikes
deployed early, although they were gone before ride date, but this may have helped raise
awareness. Handbills given at group rides and listserver mentions drew all attendees. In a state
with the nation's highest unemployment (11%) and town budgets in crisis, such issues are
understandably low on people's priority list. These are all the more reason to help disadvantaged
with low cost alternative transportation represented by cycling.
Event Photos

Alan Barta,

South Carolina

Charleston, 40 Riders

Very visible, wonderful ride with police escorts. Very meaningful.

Event Photos

Jane West,

Columbia, 150 Riders
I wanted to thank everyone who attended and had a part in the Ride of Silence on Wednesday
night. It appears that we had approximately 150 riders of all skill levels present. Nearly double
from last year’s ride. We got some great coverage on WOLO, WIS and from the State

I wanted to especially thank those who attended and had lost family members to vehicle/bicycle
accidents. I know it was difficult for you to be there. You should know that each and everyone in
the cycling community deeply feels your loss. I know every time I get on a bike I think about
those we have lost.

We also need to thank the legislative cycling caucus that passed a house resolution encouraging
the citizens of South Carolina to participate in Rides of Silence across the state. We will be
displaying the resolution at the bike shops over the next several weeks. Please stop in to your
shop and take a look. Representatives Laurie Funderburk, Garry Smith, James Smith, J. Roland
Smith, have worked hard to strengthen our bike laws as well as pass this resolution. I’m hopeful
that in time South Carolina will someday be a safe place to ride thanks to these efforts.

Event Photos

Tim Davis,

Summerville, 70 Riders

Event Photos

Mark Greenslit,


Murfreesboro, 35 Riders
35 riders gathered at the County Courthouse parking lot downtown and exchanged names of who
they were riding the Ride of Silence in memory of.
We held a moment of silence and then began our ride- which had a police motorcycle escort the
entire route. This made staying together easy and we were able to cruise on through the traffic
lights and signs. Most motorists pulled over and stopped- just as they do for a funeral. Our route
took us through the MTSU campus- where spring fling games were taking place and as we rode
through with escort- the games stopped- as we were observed riding single file at our slow pace.
As we finished and exchanged wishes for a safe cycling year- nearly every rider told me this
years ride had gone very well.
R.I.P.- Larry S.

Event Photos

Cary Way,

Clarksville, 30 Riders

We had a ok turnout. We always have a police escort to block traffic and everyone had a great
time. Hopefully we will get some news coverage in the local paper in the next couple of days.

Event Photos

Clarksville Cycling Club/ Lawrence Mize,

  ashville, 100 Riders

Nashville enjoyed a very successful Ride of Silence from Centennial Park in downtown
Nashville. Over 100 riders of all abilities and backgrounds attended. The ride went quietly
through 6.5 miles of downtown without incident. The local NBC affiliate, Channel 4, was there
to report on the event and aired the piece that night. See the link provided to view the video from
Channel 4.

Event Photos

Tim Hall,
Chattanooga, 175 Riders

We had excellent police support, rode just over 12 miles through downtown and two busy
neighborhoods, we had good media coverage. Everyone felt the ride was successful and
respectful. Drivers were courteous even when we took both lanes on our last 3 miles of the route.
Lots of cheers from people on the street and the ride was discussed on talk radio the next
morning. We rode to honor and remember David Meek, our friend and fellow cyclist killed in
March by a truck driver.

Event Photos

Sydney Roberts,


Dallas, 2000 Riders

The "Mother" ride went off with a few hitches that were cleared up moments before the ride. We
had a problem with the City with our lack of police numbers, but they came through at the end
with enough Dallas police to ensure a great event. I want to thank the Special events people as
well as the Dallas police for their committment to helping the ROS. We had a few guest speakers
this year. Tim Green, a victim of an aggressive driver during a charity ride was our first to talk
about his experience. He was so amazing and had even me in tears. Then the two sons of
Anthony Mungioli spoke about their father who was killed when a young man insisted the sun
was in his eyes and didn't see this wonderful 51 year old bicyclist. Our last speaker was none
other than Chris "Coach" Phelan who gave us a proper send off to the ride. The bagpiper played
Amazing Grace as we head out of the parking lot for a ride around the lake with police escort.
My husband, Jim, and I were the escorted by Team PACC ride marshals and a police car. We
had Tim Green and our youngest daughter behind us, followed by a large number of the
Mungioli family and Jimmy Hoyt, the owner of Richardson Bike Mart. The stokerless tandems
followed and then the general crowd peppered with ride marshals.
Upon arrival back to the parking lot we lined both sides and waited for the last rider. We then
had one of the Mungiolis walk a ghost bike down the middle and, eventually, Coach Phelan with
his fist raised in solidarity as the bagpiper played TAPS. I thanked everyone for being there and
encouraged them to be safe. This was my fourth year to direct the "original" ROS and I am
honored to have done so. I have since retired and hope to ride as a guest in the future.

Event Photos

Gail P. Spann,

Amarillo, 171 Riders

Amarillo's fifth annual Ride drew 171 riders. We rode a 7 mile course with Amarillo Police
escort service (3 squad cars plus 4 uniformed officers on APD bicycles) through neighborhoods
and a commercial district. Our start/stop point this year was Amarillo Museum of Art on the
campus of Amarillo College in the central part of our town (population 185,000). Our start/stop
point and route changes each year. Our pre-ride program included a bagpiper who played for free
and ride dedication to Tasha Enloe, local rider, who was killed by a motorist on May 26, 2008.
Our publicity included email blasts, flyers, calendar insertions in the local media (newspaper,
radio and TV stations). The City of Amarillo issues a parade permit at no charge but we do pay
$210 for the three squad cars and three off-duty officers. We pass the helmet during pre-ride
announcements to cover the $210. Other expenses are limited to post-ride refreshments which
are donated by a member of Old Tascosa Cycling (, the official
host of the Ride. A committee of three organized the event and five others helped during the
Ride, including a driver of the SAG wagon.

Event Photos

Kenneth Graham,

San Antonio, 105 Riders

This was the sixth Ride of Silence here in San Antonio. It remains a purely grass roots event not
sponsored by any organization, club or team. I've been involved in some capacity since the first
ride in 2004. There is no registration, no sign-in, no entry fee and as such, no budget.
We had a pretty decent turn out with over 100 riders (up from last year's 85). In years past, I
would put out fliers in bike shops as well as give out handbills to cyclists at any group rides I
knew about. This year, save for several dozen I gave out on three rides and a couple more left at
Bike World, the only other publicity I did was via e-mail and social network sites. So despite
doing far more in years past (and absorbing the associated costs out of pocket), we had 20%
more riders this year. Most riders who participate are commuters and casual riders.
The BAD:
Most of your "hard core" (i.e competitive and/or advanced recreational) cyclists can't be bothered
it seems. Better outreach needs to occur as we encountered quite a few cyclists and groups out on
“training” rides who knew what the RoS was but couldn’t be bothered to break their routine.
It became a bit of a goat rodeo on parts of Broadway as some of the “critical mass” typers kept
trying to push the pace and kept the group bunched up across multiple lanes instead of in a
double file, but in the end, it worked out well enough.
Every year, I invite SAPD Bike Patrol and Park Police. Every year, despite this being in their
best self-interests, no one shows up. Not unless we pay them- but again, no budget.
Every year, I send out a press release/request for coverage to local radio, print and TV news and
we might get one or two outlets to show up. So this year, I only sent an e-mail to the city desk at
the paper since they are the only ones to consistently express interest. Ironically, if TV media do
show up, it's often at 6:55, they want an interview, and then it throws off the entire event
schedule. To be sure, I whole heartedly want to get as much public exposure out there as that's
part of the purpose. But without additional assistance, it's not possible.
Because it's truly a grassroots event, anyone can assume the Ride Coordinator roll. All it takes is
going to the website and registering your ride. In fact, many larger communities have multiple
rides simultaneously taking place across the town. However, as of two weeks before the event,
San Antonio was not on the list of cities participating at all so I decided to step up once again and
make something happen. The lack of advanced organization showed somewhat.
I exchanged messages with Gail Spann about our ride and my frustrations with the "critical
mass" element that almost worked against us. As the coordinator for the Mother Ride in Dallas
(one that attracts over a thousand riders every year) she provided some solid advice and
I also had a contentious but cordial exchange with my colleague and friend, Lydia Kelly of the
BMAC. While we agree to disagree with some of the operational aspects, some very good ideas
and suggestions were also exchanged that if implemented, would be for the betterment of the
This is all to say that I eagerly invite and accept all offers to help coordinate and make the ride
better for next year. But if the ride is to grow, we definitely will need to manage the group better,
which probably means securing police escorts.
My sincerest thanks to all those who made an effort to come out and ride. I hope I can count on
everyone's assistance for 2010.

Event Photos

George Longoria,

Mineral Wells, 10 Riders

Event Photos

Mineral Wells

Iris Stagner,

Houston, 170 Riders

The Houston Ride of Silence started out from Memorial Park under sunny skies with about 150-
200 riders.We rode as a group through the park, down Washington Ave into downtown Houston
to the steps of City Hall.A really cool tribute was the West End rider accompanying the
"Riderless Bike." As the silent riders arrived at the steps of City Hall, a lone Bagpiper played.
We gathered around the reflecting pool and I recited the Ride of Silence poem. It was an
especially poignant moment when Mario Pena talked about his sister, Leigh Boone, who was
struck and killed by a speeding Houston firetruck while cycling to work. The group then headed
back towards the park as the bagpipes played. Channel 2 News was there to cover the somber
event, made all the more relevant by Leigh's recent and tragic passing. We all resolved to be
more careful while driving and cycling and pledged support for the important "Safe Passing"
legislation. Let's hope that next year this will be a fun ride with no particular relevance. Peace ,
Matt W

Event Photos

Matt Wurth,

Arlington, 40 Riders

Nearly 40 riders came out to honor those injured or killed while cycling on public roadways.
After a moving poem entitled “Silent Riders” which was composed and recited by our own
Glenn Showers, riders quietly filed out of River Legacy Park in a funereal manner. Two abreast
from front to back at precisely 10.5 MPH and with SAG in tow, it was a striking parade of
reverence for the nine-mile loop.

Special thanks to Rodney Bailey and Bicycles Inc., Team Bicycles, Inc., and to North Texas
Mountain Bike Patrol. Rod and Bicycles Inc. were kind enough to trail the pack as SAG while a
number of Team Bicycles Inc. riders loaned their experience and mastery toward keeping the
group organized and efficient. Patrollers from North Texas Mountain Bike Patrol were
positioned at point and sweep to ensure everyone’s safety. Kudos to Bicycles Inc., Bicycles Inc.
Riding Team, North Texas Mountain Bike Patrol, and especially Rodney Bailey, for jobs well
done. AA riders – many thanks and congratulations for showing up in force and lending your
skill and knowledge to this fledgling event.

Event Photos

Kazey Bunch,

Coppell, 135 Riders
Between 125 and 150 riders participated in the Ride of Silence in Coppell, TX this year. It was
the second year for the ride, and quite an increase from last year’s 70 participants. The Ride of
Silence started in Coppell last year after a local resident and avid cyclist, Greg Dean, was hit and
killed by a motorist that ran a red light on July 22, 2007. Greg was well known in the
community, on and off the bike.

Several city officials rode with us: a city councilman, the Fire Chief, others in the Fire
Department, and the former Mayor of Coppell. The recently elected Mayor was there, too, but
didn’t ride.

Our course was 11 miles on the city streets. We behaved as regular vehicular cyclists and obeyed
the traffic laws, so did not need to have a parade permit or police escort. We broke up into
groups of 15-20 riders, a manageable size to make it through stop signs and traffic signals. Ride
Marshals were in each group. Our course was mostly right turns on multi-lane roads so traffic
could come around us and also make right turns in-between the groups. It worked well. A
Bicycles Plus (local bike shop) van, with a large Ride of Silence sign on the back, followed the
rear group in case support was needed.

We started announcements at 6:45 p.m. with an introduction and explaining what is expected of
each rider. Patti Dean, Greg’s wife, spoke to the group with messages to do what you enjoy and
keep riding your bikes, be safe, bring awareness for motorists and bicyclists to share the road,
but also know how important it is for your family that you make it home after every ride, and
that is not always a guarantee. “It’s not fair, and I don’t like it,” she said as she recalled not
having Greg there for their daughter’s school functions this past year. “It’s not fair that a
bicyclist who is obeying the law does not come home because a motorist wasn’t paying
attention.” “Greg loved to ride his bicycle and he was very safe, but Greg never came home.”

At 7:00 pm, Kyle Wilkinson, a high school junior, played Amazing Grace on the trumpet as the
group was led out. We had one stoker-less tandem in the front. Returning an hour later, the
cyclists lined up with helmets off, and listened to Taps played on the trumpet. It was a somber
end to the silent ride.

Event Photos

David Stonecipher,
Beaumont, 48 Riders

A late start on preparation caused a lower turnout than was expected.

Event Photos

Rick Beaulieu,

Mineral Wells, 13 Riders

Event Photos

Iris, Stagner

Austin, 100 Riders

Event Photos
Emily Glickman,


orem, 50 Riders

We had around 50 rides join us for our police escorted first hosting of the Ride of Silence in
Orem Utah. We had a group of 30 youth that rode with us as well.

Event Photos

Shaun Christian,


Montpelier, 7 Riders

Event Photos

VT Bicyce & Pedestrian Coalition,

Harrisonburg, 25 Riders

25 riders from Harrisonburg High School at 7 pm. Local TV coverage broadcast the beginning of
the ride and interviewed 2 riders. This year's ride included one cyclist who had suffured TBI
after being hit from behind by a truck four years ago. This year as in previous year's riders kept
the family of Joe Hiney in their thoughts. Sadly the family of Jessica Bungard, who was killed
while cycling near her home in Fredericksburg on June 22, 2009, was added to our

Event Photos

Marshall Hammond,

Waynesboro, 16 Riders

Event Photos

Jim Leake,

hampton, 4 Riders

we all wanted to attend one of these, but due to traffic conditions we could not drive to Virginia
Beach, therefore we went silently and after reading the poem off the ride web site out on our 10
mile course, and returned in about one hour. It was a very reflective ride, and we appreciate the
importance of annually making people aware of this issue.

Event Photos
Gene Parsons,

Kilmarnock, 9 Riders

Small turnout but we are taking steps to increase the attendance next year.

Event Photos



Bainbridge Island, 20 Riders

Good ride again this year, we changed the route so we could ride past the bagpiper four times
and stay in the downtown core. No police escort this year as they were busy with other police
work. We did have a local news reporter ride with us and take video to add to his print story.
Also had a city council woman ride towing her two kids in a trailer. Successful ride for me in
memory of my cycling coach John Hood, Sr.

Event Photos

Kim Bottles,

Seattle, 80 Riders

Perfect weather. Riders assembled at Gas Works park, on the shore of Lake Union.

One person gave a solemn opening talk. Another person played the bag pipes. Then we headed
As a departure from previous years, we did not go through downtown Seattle. We did hit several
major arterials, but also some residential streets. A wide variety of riders showed up.

Event Photos

Duane Wright,

West Virginia

Charleston, 70 Riders

The widow of a West Virginia cyclist killed by a motorist in 2008, Charlie Williamson, spoke
before the ride. She talked about the events that led to Charlie's death (he was killed by a
speeding motorist, who was talking on a cell phone), and of their success in having a "Ghost
Bike" placed at the site of his death. The group ride was chaperoned by the City of Charleston's
(W.Va.) bicycle police partol.

Event Photos

Chuck Peterson,


Racine, 40 Riders

This was our first Ride of Silence in Racine and the only one held in the state of Wisconsin this
year. We had a good turnout with about 40 people attending, including a Racine police sergeant.
We wore black and red armbands, made signs to wear on our backs with slogans like “Share the
Road”, “Same roads, same rights, same rules, and “Ride of Silence”. The local paper, the Racine
Journal Times, gave us great coverage with an article the week previous to the ride and a front
page article and picture the day after the ride. We received many great comments from ride
participants and also from local citizens afterwards. We are looking forward to coordinating the
ride again next year!
Your local Ride of Silence advocates,
Ellen Peters and Kerry Turner

Event Photos

Ellen Peters,


Laramie, 1 Riders

Sporadic rain all day, let up for the start of the ride. One third of the way through, severe thunder
storm moved in, lightening too close, so ride ended under a picnic shelter.

Event Photos

Nancy Sindelar,


Hobart, 37 Riders

Approximately 35 riders turned out to Hobart’s inaugural ride of silence 2009 which was
initiated to remember the lives lost and injuries on our roads. The ride travelled through St
Davids Park along Sandy Bay Rd to the Long Beach Promenade at Lower Sandy Bay and was
covered by ABC local radio, Sea Fm and Southern Cross TV.
Hobart Cyclists will ride in silence tonight to remember all innocent road users who have
suffered injury and death on our roads.

Health Hobart Transport spokesperson, Katie Kingshott said, “We are gathering on Parliament
Lawns tonight to remember all road users; motorist, motorcycle riders, cyclists and pedestrians
who have suffered through no fault of their own”.

In Australia alone, road trauma costs an estimated $17 Billion dollars per year, a staggering 2.3%
of Australia ’s gross domestic product (Centre fof National Research on Disability and
Rehabilitation Medicine, 2006).

The ‘ride of silence’ is happening in over 300 cities around the world with an estimated rider
tally of 22,500 participants.

Hobart ride promoter Liam Correy is hoping that: ‘the ride can highlight the vulnerability of
cyclists and pedestrians while also demonstrating the growing population of cyclists choosing a
mode of transport that has far less risk of inflicting damage upon other road users”.

There is increasing evidence that higher levels of motor vehicle use increase the risk of road
trauma. Therefore strategies that provide non-motorised transport options are increasingly
recognised as an effective road safety strategy (Litman & Fitzroy, 2005 cited in Cycling
Promotion Fund Website).

Mr Correy said that he is “concerned by the opposition to decreased speed limits, especially in
urban areas despite the research consensus world wide that points to increased speed as the
single most important risk factor for serious or fatal collisions involving road users”.

“Slowing urban traffic down is such a simple solution that costs a few minutes of someones day
but would well save their whole life”.

The World Health Organisation highlights this with research indicating that the pedestrian
fatality rate is 85% when the speed is around 60km an hour, however, when the speed limit is
dropped to 30 km an hour the pedestrian fatality rate is only 5%.

Katie Kingshott concluded that she: “doesn’t want to come home one night to find that a family
member or friend has been killed or injured just because the state government was so scared of
public opinion that they couldn’t reduce the speed limit to levels that support the safety of
vulnerable road users”.

Healthy Transport Hobart will be offering free bike lights, reflective tape and high visibility
clothing to rider tonight to help car users see cyclists on the road.

Event Photos

Liam Correy,

Wagga Wagga, 32 Riders

We had 32 riders turn up for the inaugural ride of silence 2009, we assembled in town then rode
out of town for a moments silence to remember a recently taken rider and those others that have
been taken from us while out riding.

Peter Makin

Event Photos

Peter Makin,

Townsville, 4 Riders

Event Photos

Carl Van Wyk,

  ewcastle, 150 Riders

This was the first Ride of Silence in Newcastle, Australia.
We were pleased with the turn out of around 150 riders.
We had TV, radio and newspaper coverage to help spread our important message, that the road is
there to share.

Event Photos

Michelle Mason,

BE DIGO, 150 Riders

The Ride of Silence will not be quiet

150 cycilsts took part in Bendigo's 2009 Ride of Silence. Photo: Eddie Barkla
On May 20, 2009, at 7:00 PM, the Ride of Silence began in North America to roll across the
globe. In 2003, Chris Phelan organized the first Ride Of Silence in Dallas after endurance cyclist
Larry Schwartz was hit by the mirror of a passing bus and was killed. There is no brochure, no
sponsors and no registration fees. The ride is a chance to show respect:

To HONOR those who have been injured or killed
To RAISE AWARENESS that we are here
To ask that we all SHARE THE ROAD
Last Saturday May 23 at 8.45am under the escort of the Victorian Police Traffic Managment
Unit 150 riders from the cycling community of Bendigo contributed to the global message of the
increasing need for safe shared road usage. The following are some of the reflections of some of
the riders that participated.

During the ride I was thinking injuries and also death sometimes due to ignorance and stupidity.
I also thought about how much things have improved over the last twelve months alone. I have
noticed they have made repairs to the bike lane near the botanic gardens and also the rail
crossing near the lake to name a couple.I thought of how the Bendigo cycling community is such
a really great bunch of folk too.
Was mindful of newer riders being in the biggest bunch they have ridden in. Reflected, having
played a fair bit of sport with one of Tim Ledwidges brother, a tinge of sadness crept in for those
that are still coping with such a dreadful thing. However it was balanced out by the feeling of
being very proud to be part of the cycling community.
I attended the ride of silence on Saturday and really appreciated the police escort and traffic
management. This gave us time to concentrate and reflect on those injured or lost their lives on
our roads on their bicycles. My memory will be of a man ahead of me comforting another while
he rode by simply placing his arm across the other man’s shoulders.An excellent ride for an
important cause.
From Saturday’s roll up, it is quite obvious that cycling is a passion shared strongly in this
wonderful city. The strength of numbers and the respect that the riders have shown for riders that
have been killed or injured whilst participating in what we know as the world’s greatest sport is
evidence of this.
This is the 3rd time I have participated in this ride and each time the feeling of unity, compassion
and respect is stronger. The more we ride together, the more we remember them. It was great to
see so many riders from all walks and levels of cycling supporting this important ride and riding
as one.
I always find the group ride a time to reflect on how many we are how unsafe /safe riding can be
and generally how lucky we are with few accidents and the great effort to informally organise
such a big group.
As we normally ride and chat – each year this is a great time to reflect.Yesterday on this slower
ride with large numbers riding in solidarity was a chance to reflect on those not as fortunate as us
who had been injured, traumatised or died on our roads. It was a powerful way of drawing my
attention to how blessed I am to be able to get out there and enjoy friends, the scenery and ward
off old age riding my bike. It was great to see such a large number of likeminded people joining
together to highlight this to our community and raise their awareness of our presence on the road.
The Ride of Silence…

Today we number many but ride as one
In honor of those not with us, friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, sons
With helmets on tight and heads down low,
We ride in silence, cautious and slow
The wheels start spinning in the lead pack
But today we ride and no one attacks
The dark sunglasses cover our tears
Remembering those we held so dear
Today’s ride is to make others aware
The road is there for all to share
To those not with us or by our side,
May God be your partner on your final ride
- Mike Murgas

See you on the road soon God willing

Event Photos

Eddie Barkla,


Santa Cruz, 42 Riders
Our ride began at 10:10 on saturday 23, 2009. We finished at 13:00.
This year we had more cyclists than last year and we were scorted again by our friends from the
" Policia Comunitaria" (Community Police) in their bycicles.
This was a great event and more exciting and also significant because we do not have yet a
cycling culture in Bolivia. We take many pictures and we made a main stop at Manzana Uno in
our central Park "24 de Septiembre" where we asked for a minute of silence for killed cyclists.
Statistics in our city: Year 2007-23 traffic accidents from which 2 cyclis were killed. We also
remembered the person who died in Grand Rapids this year.
Thanks a lot for your support and complete resources which helped us to organize our ROS.

Sigan pedaleando... sigamos unidos a través de la distancia en esta gran Marcha del Silencio.
Hasta el 2010!!!

Sus amigos
Santa Cruz - Bolivia

Event Photos

Gina Muñoz In The Name Of PEDALEROS DEL URUBO ,


Belo Horizonte, 150 Riders

Wednesday night, May 20th, one hundred and fifty silent bikers took the streets of downtown,
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, in memorian of those who were injured or killed by cars while
riding a bike. The protesters defend a city more friendly and supportive of the healthiest and less
responsible for current traffic caos transportation method available: the bike.
Most of the bikes had attached plates explaining the motivation of the protest, with sayings like
"for more humanization on the roads". The event is part of the Ride of Silence, which occurs at
the same day on over 200 cities all over the world, and was held in Belo Horizonte for the third
Belo Horizonte's Ride of Silence was organized by the biker groups Mountain Bike BH
( and Le Vélo (, and was
supported by MTB-Barreiro (, Pampulha road bikers and the
Bike Mania bike shop.

Event Photos,,MUL1162200-9077-

Humberto Guerra,

Brunei Darussalam

Bandar Seri Begawan, 120 Riders

Accidents involving cyclists in Brunei are quite rare but the quick succession of two recent
incidences saddened and angered many local cyclists.

Mrs Lee Jefford, an avid runner and cyclist was a victim of hit and run on 13th April 2009. In
less than two weeks, Mr Mohd Jafaar sustained injuries to his knees and shoulders after he was
hit by a motorist who was texting on her mobile phone while driving.
In light of both incidences, we were compelled to do something on road safety awareness. Ride
of Silence provides the platform for us to mourn those who have passed and raise safety
awareness among the living, motorist and cyclists alike.
Despite the short (two day) notice, more than 100 (close to 130) cyclists joined us on the Ride of
Silence. We delayed the start time (8:15 p.m.) to accommodate the Muslim prayer time. We also
adopted a slightly longer route(25km) so that we rode pass the accident site of Lee Jefford, I
guess, desperatly way, trying to tell others not let such tragedy happen here again.

We were honoured by the participation of Pehin Yahya, Minister of Industry and Primary
Resources. My best description on the significance of Pehin's participation is he was the
"Amplifier" for Brunei Ride of Silence. If not for his presence, Ride of Silence would not have
received national TV coverage and front page headline in Naional Newspapers. His partcipation
amplify our voice and message.

Indeed, as per the news headline; "Ride of Silence Sent a Loud Message" on the night of 20th
May 2009. We only hope and pray that our message did get through.

Personally, I hope I don't have to organise another Ride of Silence because each year we do it
mean cyclists and other road users continue to be killed or injured. I truly look forward to the day
when Ride of Silence is truly silent.

Event Photos

Lim Boon Teck,


Edmonton, 14 Riders

Short notice to the community produced a smallish turn out.
The people that showed up were quite diverse.
We cycled approximately 23 kms and did a tour past the three sites of the ghost bikes from 2008
where we had a short announcement and a moment of silence.
Unfortunately we did not arrive at the terminus point at the time I had advertised - therefore the
media had already departed.
The City of Edmonton created a Proclamation for the ride.
We will do this ride again next year with more promotion.

Event Photos

Michael Kalmanovitch,
Sherbrooke Qc, 300 Riders

Hello to you all
The event ride of silence this year was a success. More than three hundred cyclists came together
to make their droits.Several cyclists were given the word to media participer.they have
accompanied us and will be there next year

All share the road and our passion see you next year
Richard Fortier Club cycliste de Sherbrooke

Event Photos


Richard Fortier,

Toronto, 30 Riders

About 30 people rode in the Ride of Silence. The ride was organized by Martin Reis. We started
at Bloor and Spadina, and rode along Bloor, down Yonge, across Queen to City Hall. At the
Peace Garden, Martin read out the names of the people who have been killed on bikes in Toronto
over the last decade.

Event Photos

Jun Nogami,

Gatineau, 60 Riders

Pour la première fois dans l’histoire de cet événement à Gatineau, la météo nous fut favorable.
Enfin, le soleil brillait et le thermomètre marquait plus de 20 C ! Ce qui n’a certainement pas nuit
à rassembler une soixantaine de cyclistes à l'Hôtel de ville peu avant 19h00. Nous comptions
dans nos rangs les Éclaireurs du groupe scout St-Raymond, des Présidents (arhum) et des
membres des 4 organisations cyclistes de la région ainsi que des cyclistes ‘indépendants’, bien

Comme l’année dernière, nous avons eu droit à une très belle allocution de l'ancien maire de Hull
et Père de la route verte, à une généreuse escorte policière, à l’encadrement très apprécié de
François Gélinas et Alain Gauthier et au support de tous les instants de Jacques Fournier. En
prime cette année, notre départ fut accompagné de pièces de trompette de l’étudiant du
Conservatoire de musique de Gatineau, Amric Trudel. Je vous le jure, l’atmosphère était là.

Nous avons eu aussi une bonne couverture médiatique : 3 stations de radio privées, la station de
Radio publique Radio-Canada et un article dans un hebdomadaire de la région. Les journalistes /
animateurs m'ont presque tous parlé du respect du Code de la route des cyclistes, contrepartie de
notre manifestation, un sujet délicat.

For the first time in the history of the Ride of Silence event held in the City of Gatineau, the
weather has been favorable to us. At last, the sun was shining and the thermometer went up just
over 68 Fahrenheit!

This great weather was certainly not detrimental to gathering a group of roughly sixty cyclists in
front of the City Hall shortly before 7:00 PM. We had within our ranks the St-Raymond Scout
troop, the Presidents and members of four local cycling organizations as well as a good number
of independent cyclists.

Like last year’s ROS held in our city, the ride was preceded by a beautiful speech given by Mr.
Michel Légère, former Mayor of the City of Hull and Father of the Green Road. Our event
greatly benefited from a substantial police escort, the mentoring offered by François Gélinas,
Alain Gauthier and the dedicated support given to us by Jacques Fournier.

As a bonus this year, our ride departure was accompanied by a beautiful trumpet solo played by
Amric Trudel, a student of the Gatineau Conservatory of Music. I swear to you, the atmosphere
was great!

We also had good media coverage of the event: Three private radio stations and one public radio
station (Radio-Canada) broadcasted news coverage about our Ride of Silence. In addition, one
article was also written in a regional newspaper.

The majority of journalists and radio show hosts discussed with us, the event organizers, of the
respect of traffic laws by cyclists, which is in itself a touchy subject, a little trade-off to our
positive and well-executed demonstration.

Event Photos
Julie Gilbert,

South shore of Montreal and region, 400 Riders

Since the beginning, our Tour de silence Rive-Sud, our version of “The Ride of Silence” has not
been spoiled by mother nature. We have had to deal with rain with most of our outings except for
one year.

However, the participation has been quite good over the years and this year, the number of
participants has more than tripled. At this year’s press conference, prior to the ride, the speeches
by the 2 honorary presidents were recorded in several local newspapers. We also had 4
interviews that were broadcasted on television.

We invite you to browse our web site at to obtain a better
understanding of our involvement.( photos included )

Event Photos

Andre Bergeron,

St-Georges Beauce, 50 Riders

Event Photos

Sur 2 Roues Beauce,

  iagara Falls, 76 Riders

Awesome weather, great turnout of riders for our 3rd RoS. Much appreciated support from
Niagara Regional Police and St. John Ambulance escorts. Cogeco TV came out for an interview
and we had coverage from SNAP Niagara and Niagara This Week. Couldn't get a story in our
local paper this year. Thanks to the City of Niagara Falls for allowing a spot on their website where the riders could post their comments and intent to ride. I'm
looking forward to next year, this ride touches a lot of folks.

Event Photos

Niagara Falls Trails & Bikeway Committee,

Quebec, 75 Riders

Event Photos

Guy Cyr,


VALLEDUPAR , 70 Riders

Asistieron de cerca de 70 personas lo cual se considero un éxito, las personas asistieron con
camiseta blanca y llevaron carteleras nombrando las personas fallecidas practicando ciclismo.

Event Photos


Athens, 50 Riders

This was the very first time that members of the Greek cycling community participated in the
Ride of Silence.
The ride was from Voula to Lagonissi and back. It was a scenic ride next to the sea with about 50
participants.The ride was organized by the cycling forum Cyclist Friends. Our participation was
a last minute decision so we did not organize as well as we could. Next year we will plan ahead
and we hope we will have even more participation. Ride safe!

Event Photos

George Yiannibas,

Kuala Lumpur, 30 Riders

..wheel start rolling at 8:30pm finished at 10:45pm.. 13 miles++

Event Photos



Xalapa, 20 Riders

Unfortunately we had fewer riders this year because Mexico was in the midst of the "Swine Flu"
outbreak. However, the spirit of the ride was the same as we commerated the fallen in our
struggle to be able to ride safely throughout the world.
¡Que viva la bicicleta!

Event Photos
Prociclismo Xalapa,

   ew Zealand

Auckland, 1 Riders

It was really really silent. Me and myself set off at 1905 and rode silently along Quay st and on
to the waterfront. Silently the ride progressed until a bunch of 4 arrived from Gladstone rd. I
thought what the hell - may as well join them, even if they are exceeding the 20km/h speed limit.
So I did. Rode like the clappers. Had a great time. Maybe a few more will turn up next year???

Event Photos

Duncan Styles,

Saint Kitts and evis

Charlestown, 64 Riders

Charlestown, Nevis was transformed last night as a total of 64 bike riders from The Nevis Cycle
& Triathlon Club, the Nevis ‘Bikes Not bombs’ program and other concerned riders came
together to honor and remember the victims of motorcars across the world, and to ask the
motorists of Nevis to ‘Share The Road’ with them.

Two officers from the Nevis police force were also on hand to help with traffic control as the
riders rode slowly in silence for ½ an hour through the streets of Charlestown, the course taking
them along Samuel Hunkins Drive, around past the Cultural Centre through the centre of town,
out to Reliable motors and back for 3 loops.

Interested onlookers were handed prepared flyers to let them know the purpose of the ride, as
were any of the motorists who expressed an interest, enabling the riders to maintain their silence

TNCTC representative Winston Crooke said “this was a very special moment, seeing the mostly
very young riders embracing the spirit of the event’

Event Photos

Winston Crooke,


Singapore, 497 Riders

Event Photos

Benoit Valin,


ZAMORA, 45 Riders

45 cyclists have made a city tour through the city of Zamora. Has read the poem and an apparent
rise in the latest accident in the city and at the end of Rua in the main square of the city of
Zamora is handed a flower to the families of the three latest deaths in an accident.
45 ciclistas han efectuado un circuito urbano por la ciudad de Zamora. Se ha leido el poema y un
manifiesto en el lugar del último accidente en la ciudad y al finalizar la rua, en la Plaza Mayor de
la ciudad de Zamora se le ha entregado una flor a los familiares de los tres ultimos fallecidos en

Event Photos

United Arab Emirates

Dubai, 1 Riders

1st Annual Ride of Silence 2009 in Dubai, UAE was a success considering it was one rider. The
ride was accomplished, In fact I did two rides, one in the morning and one in the evening. I
wasn't sure I would be able to do the evening ride due to rush hour traffic congestion on my ride
route. No bike lanes in Dubai make for an interesting challenge and it was a bit scary for my first
ride in the evening with the traffic.

The morning ride was 35.4K or 22 miles and I stopped for the photo in front of the Burg Al Arab
one of the Icons of Dubai. The evening ride was 24.5k or 15.2 miles which took me through the
Dry Docks of Dubai and past the Jumeriah Masque and along the beach rode in Dubai.

The weather was perfect, and I have already put it on my calendar to begin organizing and put us
on the map for 2010 and I hope it will include the local riding organizations, media and
government entities, since it will have to be sponsored and approved by the government

Thanks for allowing me to ride as an individual this year, I felt the spirit of the ride even as a
lone rider

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