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					East San Diego County League of Women Voters
                                                                                               August 2010

                                                                                       Editor: Donna Bartlett-May

  The League of Women Voters®, a non-partisan political organization, encourages informed and active participa-
  tion in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues, and influences public policy
  through education and advocacy


The League of Women Voters of        Global Warming Solutions Act of
California has taken stands on       2006. The League joins with                   Calendar
the following ballot measures that   many others to oppose this initia-
will appear on the November          tive to suspend the implementa-         August 19—5:00 pm
2010 ballot.                         tion of AB 32 until the state un-       Board Meeting
                                                                             Helix Water District Board-
                                     employment rate is 5.5% or lower        room
Proposition 11—Redistricting         for four consecutive calendar
The League is working hard to quarters.                                      August 24—County League
protect the redistricting reform                                             Day 5—7 p.m.
                                                                             Rancho Bernardo Library
process adopted by voters in Proposition 24—Tax Fairness Act                 (See page 3)
2008. Prop 11 establishes a Citi- Proposition 24 would roll back
zens Redistricting Commission the corporate tax cuts that were               August 19—12:30 pm
that will redraw district maps for passed in the “Dark of the Night”         Unit Meeting on Water Issues
the state legislature and Board of tax deals of 2008-09, costing ap-         in our Region
                                                                             El Cajon Library
Equalization after each census. proximately $1.7 billion per year
But there are two proposals on in revenue to the state. The                  Getting this newsletter by
this ballot to change the new League supports this measure,                  mail? Send your email ad-
process before Californians have believing that the budget crisis            dress to dbartlett-
a chance to see it fully imple- cannot be solved by expenditure     and save the
                                                                             League money and save a
mented. One measure, Prop 27, cuts alone, let alone expenditure              tree as well!
would completely eliminate the cuts combined with tax cuts.
redistricting commission and re-
turn the redistricting authority to Proposition 25—Simple Majority
the legislature. The League op- Vote for Budget                             Proposition 26—Polluter Protec-
poses Prop 27. Another measure, The League supports this meas-              tion
Prop 20, would add the authority ure, which would change the vote           This measure would redefine
for redrawing Congressional dis- required to pass a budget in the           taxes, and therefore require a two-
tricts to the Citizens Redistricting state legislature from the current     thirds vote on many more govern-
Commission. The League will two-thirds to a simple majority.                ment revenue decisions, including
announce its position on this This will give a majority of the              what are currently environmental
measure soon.                        legislature the ability to set the     regulatory fees. The League op-
                                     priorities for spending and should     poses this measure, because we
Proposition 23—AB 32 Suspen- change the negotiations over the               feel that all decisions about reve-
sion                                 budget to give the minority less of    nue measures should be made
The League is strongly supporting a stranglehold on the process.            with simple majority votes.
the enactment of AB 32, the

                      SMARTVOTER, your resource for election information at
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California was the first state to ad-   Association is in favor of the bill      don‟t have to remember to bring
dress the plastic bag issue with the    because they wanted to make the law      them with you from the car.
Plastic Bag Recycling Act of 2006,      uniform statewide to get the greatest
which instituted recycling programs.    environmental gain while having the   A recent study came out indicating
It is the reason you see the plastic    least impact on retailers. If passed, that reusable bags must be washed
bag recycling bins in front of your     AB 1998 would be effective January    frequently or germs and bacteria in-
grocery and drug stores. It was an      1, 2012 to give retailers and shopperscluding e coli could cause health
effort to curb the use of around 19     time to adjust.                       problems.      But as we know in
billion bags used each year.                                                  League you must consider the
                                        Several groups are opposed to the source. The report came out of the
When plastic bags were introduced       bill including the Biodegradable University of Arizona, Tucson and
in 1977, they were meant to be an       Products Institute, which supports Loma Linda University in California.
alternative to paper bags that were     bags that break down in landfills and On page one is a note: “The authors
filling up landfills. But it turned out water.                                would like to acknowledge and thank the
the plastic bags also filled landfills                                           American Chemistry Council for provid-
                                                                                 ing funding to support this study.”
and many were left blowing in the Similar legislation is already in ef-
                                                                                 The Council advocates on behalf of
breeze along our roadways and fect in dozens of other states as well
                                                                                 the plastic bag industry. The analy-
coastlines.                             as in many cities nationwide.
                                                                                 sis was based on 84 bags in Califor-
                                                                                 nia and Arizona.
The California Assembly now has         So what should we be doing to pre-
AB 1998 which would prohibit su-        pare? Many of us are already using
                                                                             The bill will be heard in Senate Ap-
permarkets and drug stores from pro-    canvas bags and other multi-use bags
                                                                             propriations on August 2.
viding the single-use plastic bags      when we shop. Many fold up small
altogether. The California Grocers      enough to fit into a purse so you

                                             LEAGUE NEEDS YOU

Come and be trained to present the Pros and Cons of the November ballot measures to our community.
Retirement homes, mobile home park associations, and church groups want to have League representa-
tives present a program on the ballot measures. This will help us to reinforce our position in the east
county community and to gain members.

Start now by contacting Anita Reith ( to say you will come to the training.

Then go to your July VOTER and read about the ten ballot measures.

Start saving clippings about the ballot measures and put them in a file.

Sign up to attend the County League Day program on August 24. It is centered on Prop 23.

Training will take place after the LWV California publishes the background material on the ballot meas-
ures, probably the third week of September. You will present in partnership with another League member
and will not have to prepare all ten measures.
Page 3                                                                                                       THE VOTER

 HEALTHCARE REPORT                           by Olive Ball, Healthcare Portfolio

 Dr. Margaret Flowers of Physicians         „single payer.‟ A national improved For a list of other allied groups go to:
 for a National Health Care Program,        Medicare for All system has myriad
 testified before President Obama‟s         benefits.”                
 Debt Commission recently, regarding
 the powerful cost control tools of a       If the reader cares to read the full text For international links go to:
 universal coverage program. She em-        of her testimony please refer to a
 phasized that a single payer system        copy of the latest newsletter from
 for our nation would provide strong        PNHP (Physicians for a Nation international-resources
 leverage for improvements to our           Health Program).
 nationwide health care system.                                                       At the above website you can get
                                                                                      comparisons between countries, each
 According to Flowers “Medicaid and                                                   report is about 150 pages including
 Medicare have not caused our rising                                                  history, legislation, organization, de-
 health care costs but are victims of                                                 livery, financing, process and out-
 our fragmented and failed market-                                                    comes, current problems and future
 based model of health care financing.                                                trends.
 Shifting the cost of health care from
 the taxpayer to the patient will not                                                       Shorter summaries for each of the
 magically make these health care                                                           countries are also available. In addi-
 costs disappear or become sustain-                                                         tion, they have specific reports on a
 able.”                                                                                     number of topics, including interna-
                                         For a list or organizations and gov- tional comparisons of efforts to im-
 “The solution to our economic crisis ernment bodies that endorse the sin- prove quality, etc.
 is to jettison the costly failed market gle payer system go to:
 model of health care and adopt a pub-
 licly financed and independently de- h t t p : / / w w w . p n h p . o r g / a c t i o n /
 livered national improved Medicare organizations-and-government-bodies
 for All. This is commonly known as -endorsing-hr-676-single-payer

                                                                               COUNTY LEAGUE DAY

                                                                   County League Day will be August 24, 2010 from 5 to 7
                                                                   p.m. at the Rancho Bernardo Library at 17110 Bernardo
                                                                   Center Drive, San Diego.

                                                                   It is open to all members and the public. The subject will be
                                                                   Sustainability: Can California Afford It or Afford to Lose
                                                                   It? There will be a panel of speakers from both sides along
                                                                   with an explanation of AB 32, Prop 23 and the history of
                                                                   Sustainability in California.
   The Kendalls will donate $300 to the League at the
                                                                   The suggested donation is $15 and is co-sponsored by LWV
   close of escrow (buyers and sellers). Call for further
                                                                   San Diego an LWV San Diego County.
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