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									              Update on CEAL RDA Review at 2007 CEAL Annual
                            Shi Deng, Coordinator, RDA Review Subcommittee
                                CEAL Committee on Technical Processing
                                             March 21, 2007

1. What has been accomplished: RDA Drafts Reviewed

   Before 2006 CEAL Annual:
       Part I, Description. Chapters 1-6. CEAL comments were submitted on Feb. 7, 2006
       LC’s proposal on RDA Part I Internationalization. CEAL comments were submitted
          on Mar. 7, 2006
          (CEAL comments available at CTP web site:

   Between 2006 and 2007 CEAL Annual:
       Part A, Description. Chapters 6-7 on Relationships. No comment was submitted.
       Revised LC’s proposal on RDA Part I Internationalization. No comment was
       Scope and Structure. Comments were not solicited.

2. What is on the horizon: Forthcoming RDA Drafts review timeline:

   March-June 2007: Review of revised chapter 3 on Carrier in Part A
   July-September 2007: Review of revised chapter 6-7 in Part A
   December 2007-March 2008: Review of Part B, Access
   July-September 2008: Review of complete full draft of RDA
   2009: Release of RDA

   For details, please check:

3. How you can get involved:

      Subscribe RDA-L listserv or read discussion archives at:

      Review RDA drafts and send comments:

       Option 1: Send to CEAL RDA Review Subcommittee via, OR
       Option 2: Use the web form at or

       Please note that you CANNOT send comments to both channels. Either you send your
       comments to be part of CEAL comments, or you send them individually.

      Please send suggestions and/or comments regarding the CEAL RDA review process to or any RDA Review Subcommittee members listed below.
4. Instruction on sending comments:

   When providing your comments, please ensure you provide the following information:
     a. Rule number for the rule upon which you are commenting;
     b. A brief statement of the problem;
     c. Your proposed solution(s) to the problem;
     d. Your name and email address.

      If you submit your comments to CEAL RDA Review Subcommittee, please make sure
      you check out its review guidelines available at the CTP web site:

CEAL RDA Review Subcommittee Membership:

  Ai-lin Yang (Stanford)                      
  Chwang Chia Yang (LC)                       
  Daphne Wang (U. Oregon)                     
  Dawn Lawson (NYU)                           
  Edwin Yu (CJKat)                            
  Evelyn Kuo (UC Berkeley)                    
  Iping K. Wei (Princeton)                              ipingwei@phoenix.Princeton.EDU
  Jai-hsya Tsao                               
  Joy Kim (USC)                               
  Liu, Wen-Ling D (Indiana)                   
  Nanako Kodaira (Duke)                       
  Shi Deng (UC San Diego, Coordinator)        
  Thomas Tsai (LC, NACO&BIBCO reviewer)       
  Wayne Richter (Western Washington)          
  Young-ki Lee (LC)                           

   Abraham J. Yu (UC Irvine, CEAL past president)
   Beatrice Chang Ohta (LC)                   
   Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia,
       Chair, ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force)      
   Philip A Melzer (LC, CEAL president)       
   Sarah S. Elman (Yale,
       ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force)             

   Mary Lin (Wisconsin-Madison, Chair, CTP)   

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