Update on CEAL RDA Review at 2007 CEAL Annual
                            Shi Deng, Coordinator, RDA Review Subcommittee
                                CEAL Committee on Technical Processing
                                             March 21, 2007

1. What has been accomplished: RDA Drafts Reviewed

   Before 2006 CEAL Annual:
       Part I, Description. Chapters 1-6. CEAL comments were submitted on Feb. 7, 2006
       LC’s proposal on RDA Part I Internationalization. CEAL comments were submitted
          on Mar. 7, 2006
          (CEAL comments available at CTP web site: http://cealctp.lib.uci.edu/)

   Between 2006 and 2007 CEAL Annual:
       Part A, Description. Chapters 6-7 on Relationships. No comment was submitted.
       Revised LC’s proposal on RDA Part I Internationalization. No comment was
       Scope and Structure. Comments were not solicited.

2. What is on the horizon: Forthcoming RDA Drafts review timeline:

   March-June 2007: Review of revised chapter 3 on Carrier in Part A
   July-September 2007: Review of revised chapter 6-7 in Part A
   December 2007-March 2008: Review of Part B, Access
   July-September 2008: Review of complete full draft of RDA
   2009: Release of RDA

   For details, please check: http://www.collectionscanada.ca/jsc/rda.html

3. How you can get involved:

      Subscribe RDA-L listserv or read discussion archives at:

      Review RDA drafts and send comments:

       Option 1: Send to CEAL RDA Review Subcommittee via sdeng@ucsd.edu, OR
       Option 2: Use the web form at http://www.libraries.psu.edu/tas/jca/ccda/ or

       Please note that you CANNOT send comments to both channels. Either you send your
       comments to be part of CEAL comments, or you send them individually.

      Please send suggestions and/or comments regarding the CEAL RDA review process to
       sdeng@ucsd.edu or any RDA Review Subcommittee members listed below.
4. Instruction on sending comments:

   When providing your comments, please ensure you provide the following information:
     a. Rule number for the rule upon which you are commenting;
     b. A brief statement of the problem;
     c. Your proposed solution(s) to the problem;
     d. Your name and email address.

      If you submit your comments to CEAL RDA Review Subcommittee, please make sure
      you check out its review guidelines available at the CTP web site:

CEAL RDA Review Subcommittee Membership:

  Ai-lin Yang (Stanford)                                ayang1@stanford.edu
  Chwang Chia Yang (LC)                                 cyan@loc.gov
  Daphne Wang (U. Oregon)                               dwang@uoregon.edu
  Dawn Lawson (NYU)                                     dawn.lawson@nyu.edu
  Edwin Yu (CJKat)                                      info@cjkat.com
  Evelyn Kuo (UC Berkeley)                              ekuo@library.berkeley.edu
  Iping K. Wei (Princeton)                              ipingwei@phoenix.Princeton.EDU
  Jai-hsya Tsao                                         jt14@uchicago.edu
  Joy Kim (USC)                                         joykim@usc.edu
  Liu, Wen-Ling D (Indiana)                             wliu@indiana.edu
  Nanako Kodaira (Duke)                                 n.kodaira@duke.edu
  Shi Deng (UC San Diego, Coordinator)                  sdeng@ucsd.edu
  Thomas Tsai (LC, NACO&BIBCO reviewer)                 ttsa@loc.gov
  Wayne Richter (Western Washington)                    Wayne.Richter@wwu.edu
  Young-ki Lee (LC)                                     ylee@loc.gov

   Abraham J. Yu (UC Irvine, CEAL past president)       ajyu@lib.uci.edu
   Beatrice Chang Ohta (LC)                             boht@loc.gov
   Hideyuki Morimoto (Columbia,
       Chair, ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force)                hm2106@columbia.edu
   Philip A Melzer (LC, CEAL president)                 pmel@loc.gov
   Sarah S. Elman (Yale,
       ALA/CC:AAM RDA Task Force)                       sarah.elman@yale.edu

   Mary Lin (Wisconsin-Madison, Chair, CTP)             mlin@library.wisc.edu

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