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					Topo North America 9.0 >>> Topo North America 9.0 Topo North America is the most complete
mapping software available for outdoor recreation, with unsurpassed maps, available imagery, trip
planning features, on road navigation, and GPS capabilities. Scout your destination as if you were there,
anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, with up to date terrain, trail, and road detail. Explore or fly over
realistic 3-D. Import aerial imagery. Route your travels over roads and trails. See elevation profiles.
Customize and print maps at a wide range of scales. Then, navigate worry-free anywhere from the
Yukon to the Rio Grande. Everything you need comes in the box: *Complete U.S. and Canada
topographic maps and detailed streets *Major roads for Mexico*Over 4 million places-of-interest in the
U.S. and Canada *Extensive U.S. trails network and public lands, including BLM *Flexible printing
choices *Ability to share your custom maps over the internet, and more. Adding local roads to routing is
a DeLorme exclusive, this is the best way to update local roads when new developments are planned or
added between DeLorme software releases. This tool lets you draw in the road segment, connecting it to
another local road within the database. Assign a name, save it, and when you create automatic routes,
the software is smart enough to include these new roads in the routing calculations and also update the
directions. In addition to the enhanced topographic and street maps in Topo North America, your
purchase includes a $40 Data Certificate, good for supplementary data as Web downloads. Options
include USGS 1:24,000, Natural Resources Canada 1:50,000 quad maps, NOAA nautical charts, and
aerial imagery. Unlike online map and imagery sources, DeLorme data downloads can be integrated with
Topo North America maps. Use the split-screen editing capability to identify and mark structures,
landmarks, navigation markers, new roads and trails, and other features with pinpoint GPS accuracy.
Topo North America 9.0 does it all.

Topo North America 9.0 Feature
   l   Complete U.S. and Canada topographic maps and detailed streets
   l   Over 4 million places of interest in the U.S. and Canada
   l   See the terrain in vivid detail using the 3_D map views and controls
   l   Add local roads to the software, assign a name, save it and a create route.
   l   Includes data download certificate good for supplementary data includeing USGS 1:24k, Canada
       1:50k quad maps, NOAA and imagery maps          Page 1 / 2
Price : $32.98
Usually ships in 24 hours this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping.   Page 2 / 2

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