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					                                                       September/October .................... Vol. 1, Issue 1

                     The Wade Update                                                       ™
                  News from the Best Bed and Breakfasts in Colorado
Welcome to The Wade Update – Your inside look at Community of Wade Colorado and all the offering
this special place has to offer. This newsletter is your key to finding out the latest that is happening in
our community, tips and tricks to get the most out your visit and invaluable ideas of how to choose the
 right vacation adventure service and lodging features that meet you and your family needs while you
                    stay at our world renown B&B –the Best Colorado has to offer!

Summer In The Mountains

        The mountains are a beautiful place to                 following types of activities: hiking, water
vacation. If you stay at a bed and breakfast                   skiing, white water rafting, mountain climbing,
while vacationing in the mountains, it can make                and much more. So, there is something to do
the experience even more special. We own                       even when the snow melts away!
three bed and breakfasts in various parts of
Colorado, they include: The Wade’s Snowed                              Many of our guests stay with us again
Inn, The Wade House, and the Blue Fox Bed                      and again. Ethan Schell has stayed at all three
and Breakfast. Each bed and breakfast offers a                 of our locations in almost every season. Ethan
unique vacation experience!                                    and his family enjoy the various activities that
                                                               are only available in the wintertime, such as
        Some people like to take a tropical                    skiing, but he also feels there is a lot to offer
vacation during the summer so that they can                    during the other seasons, as well. “Colorado is
soak up the rays. However, if you want to cool                 nature at its finest. If you enjoy activities that
off a little, and still have an exciting vacation in           involve land or water, Colorado can be the ideal
the outdoors, you might want to stay with us in                place to go. Now, if you want to make the trip
Colorado! We get warm temperatures, but the                    even more fun, you can stay at one of the
humidity is not through the roof! Therefore,                   Wade’s bed and breakfasts. That’s a complete
you can enjoy many outdoor activities, without                 vacation!”
even suffering heatstroke!
                                                                       We pride ourselves on honest guests,
        All of our bed and breakfasts are in                   and we look forward to helping you create a
locations that provide easy access to the                      memorable vacation experience.
                                            September/October .................... Vol. 1, Issue 1

Vacation Packages

When you are looking for a       the summer, fall, and spring          Although we know that you
great travel bargain, you        seasons. We have special              would like your vacation to
typically run into vacation      packages for the winter               last forever, we do have some
packages with all types of       season, which we will tell            restrictions. However, we
restrictions. Some packages      you a little bit about later!         aren’t going to hurt your eyes
only let you do certain          The Build A Vacation                  with the fine print! We offer
activities and make you miss     package can’t get any                 weekend, weeklong, and two-
out on some the activities you   simpler! We’ll send you               week vacation stays. If these
would most enjoy. That’s         some information about the            vacation stays do not work
why we have developed the        different activities we offer,        for your schedule, we will do
Build A Vacation package.        or that are offered in the area,      the best that we can to get
                                 and you choose what you               you on vacation! It just
The Build A Vacation             want to do.                           might cost a little extra.
package is available during

Popular Seasonal Activities

       WINTER                                        SPRING
       Skiing                                        White water rafting
       Skating                                       Mountain climbing
       Snowboarding                                  Sailing
       Sleigh riding                                 Water skiing

       SUMMER                                        FALL
       Swimming                                      Hiking
       Water skiing                                  Horseback riding
       Canoeing                                      Mountain climbing
       Sailing                                       Antiquing

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