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					      |4      The Cefer KapMs Gwttei T»MU May t*. IMt                                                                                                                                                                                           detertioo and at
                                                                                                        Trial Held for                                                                                        Judge Overrules minor children.
                                                                                                           Two Protesters                        Courthouse News                                                                 He was accused of
                                                                                                                                                                                                              Motion on Movies his month-old child Maydeserting

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       21. .
                                                                                                        Special to The Gazette                                                                                     Judge J. Paul Naughton has Municipal Judge John B.
                                                                                                              IOWA CITY - Two persons                                        of action to take. It will be up to overruled a defense motion that Reilly imposed the sentence. '
                                                                                                                                          Investigation into
                                                                                                           arrested on disturbing the peace                                  the grand jury to take any ac- movies of an alleged drunk
                                                                                                           charges in connection with the                                                                                                         Recommend New City
                                                                                                           Nov. 1 demonstration againsl   2 Fatal Accidents                  tion in the earlier accident.       driver not be allowed a s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hall for Oelwein
                                                                                                                                                                                In last week's accident, Mark evidence in the case.
                                                                                                           marine corps recruiting at Iowa
                                                                                                                                           To Be Continued
 Marion Defers Action                                                                                      Memorial union went on trial in                                   Jon Ladage, son of Mrs. Robert William E. Meskimen was Special to Th« Gazette
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    OELWEIN — Marvin Stenson
                                                                                                           :owa City police court Monday Police investigative reports on J. Ladage, 211 Twentieth streetcharged with drunk driving in of Stenson and Warm architects
                                                                          Mae E. O'Kelly, 78, of 2340l       afternoon Thev wer
                                                                                                                      -         e Bruce A. two recent Cedar Rapids auto NE, died shortly after the ac- the 400 block of Tenth street SE told the city council Monday
  On Bus Service Pact                                                   Twenty-seventh street and a:£lark of Des Moines and Fred accidents in which three persons cident. Richard D. Rose, son of March 6. Authorities said he i night that Ms firm felt it was
                                                                        Marion resident for 61 years, Barnett of rural Kaloiia.                                              Mrs. Joy Rose, 122 Twentieth
                                                                                                                                             lost their lives will be turned street NE, and Earnest Rose of almost hit a building when not advisable to repair the
                                      would be used above ground died Monday in a Cedar Rapids               Police Judge Marion Neely                                                                           turning into a driveway.         Oelwein city hall which was
   By Larry Tanner                                                     hospital. She was born the took the cases under advisement over to court authorities for Ottumwa, died Saturday.                            The defense motion said the damaged in a recent tornado.
                                      only for waste pipe and vent                                                                           further investigation.
     Marion's council deferred ac- systems.                             daughter of George and Calliejafter the trial that lasted some                                          Police said the car was movie was taken w i t h o u t He recommednded that a new
  tion on the bus service agree-                                       Knapp Aug. 25, 1889, at'two hours. He asked both sides County Atty. William Faches traveling south on Forest and Meskimen's consent and its use building be constructed. The
   ment Monday with the Regional An objector to the ordinance, Prairieburg.                               to
                                                                                                              submit further briefs.        Tuesday said the report on the went out of control as Heppe as evidence would be contrary
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  council will study the sug-
  Transit Authority until liability Lee F. Blodgett, 505 T e n t h On Nov. 14, 1907, at Martellej The two cases were combined one-car accident last Friday in attempted to pass another car. to his right against self-in-
  insurance carried by the RTA avenue, said the plastic was she was married to John A. as a matter of expediency.                           which two 17-year-old boys The auto struck a tree on the crimination.                                 gestion.
  is discussed.                      inferior to other types of pipe.                                                                       received fatal injuries will be west side of the street head-on, The April grand jury returned The council also sold $54,000 in
                                                                       O'Kelly, who died Sept. 30, 1942. Clark and Barnett w e r e                                                                                                                bonds to the First National bank
     City officials expressed the He urged the council to give Mrs. O'Kelly was a member of| amon g 107 persons arrested in turned over to j u v e n i l e shot up the tree and flipped over an indictment in the case.                           of Oelwein and the Carleton Beh
  opinion that the $500,000 insur-   the matter more study before                                         connection with that Nov. 1       authorities.                     on its top, according to police.
  ance carried by the RTA should     giving final approval to the the First United M e t h o d i s t Vietnam war protest. Of that Driver of the car in the ac-                                                                                    Co. of Des Moines. The bid
                                                                       church of Marion and Grove                                           cident, at Linden and Forest             Awaited Interview           Suspended Term to                figure was not immediately
  be raised to $1 million for one ordinance.                           City Rebekah lodge No. 35.         total 86 have been found guilty
  person and $3 million for one            Building Use Okayed                                                                              drives SE, was Kendall Heppe, Heppe was released after
                                                                          Surviving are two s o n s , or pled guilty and sentenced to 17, of 118 Twentieth street NE.                                                     James B. Surrett available. The money will be
                                                                                                                                                                             treatment at a hospital for                                          used for new fire equipment.
  accident.                            Approval was given by the Chauncy O'Kelly of Almond, pay fifty-dollar fines and court The report of the May 12 two- minor injuries.                                         James B. Surrett, 30, of 324
     City Manager Peter F. Cri- council to permit the Hydro- Wis., and DeVer O'Kelly of costs.                                              car accident in which Toy In the earlier accident, Larry Second avenue SE, received a CHICAGO CUBS play the
  varo said city officials expect Space Systems Corp. to use the Marion; two daughters, Mrs.                                                Masad was killed will be turned D. Olmstead, 22, of 334 Seven- suspended sentence of 90 days in Philadelphia Phillies — Live and
  to meet with the RTA later building at the intersection of Maxine Woods of Marion and Plan Fayette Vote                                   over to the July grand jury for teenth street SE, was a the county jail Monday after he in COLOR! Tuesday at 6:30 PM
  this week.                        Grand avenue and South Elev- Mrs. Harley Bartosh of Cedar                      On School Repairs further investigation, Faches passenger in the car driven by pled guilty to a charge of on Channel 9.
      Approval was given to the enth street, formerly occupied Rapids; 14 grandchildren and 21 Special to The Gazette                       said.                            his cousin, Richard Olmstead.
   first reading of an ordinance by a grocery super market, for jreat-grandchildren; two FAYETTE - The school                                         Hit Broadside
   amending the plumbing code manufacture of its product The brothers, Arthur Knapp of Cedar board has decided to put a pro- Investigating officers s a i d Faches said his decision on                          DICKEY'S                                Really Gets 'Em
                                                                                                                                                                             what action to take in this case
   to permit limited use of plas- permit is in effect for one year. Rapids and John Knapp of posal to repair the high school Masad's car, southbound on! had awaited an interview with
   tic pipe. Ralph Hflmer, build- The request was made by Marion and a sister, Mrs. Glenn j on the ballot at the regular
                                                                                                                                            Edgewood road SW, was struck Larry Olmstead, who w a s                                                              SPARKLE 4
   ing inspector, said the pipe Roger J. Pierce, president of Hempy of Marion.
                                    the newly-formed firm.               .Services: Wednesday at 3:30 September school board elec- broadside by a car driven by hospitalized and was unable to
                                                                                                          tion.                             Richard L. Olmstead, 23, of 1400 be questioned until last week.                                                  C-L-E-A-N-!^
                                       The building is located in thej
                                     Marion Heights shopping center.   Marion, conducted by the Rev. Money for the project would Seventh avenue SE. Masad, of Police estimated the speed of
                                                                                                          come from funds already on 433 Twentieth street NW, was the Olmstead vehicle at 75 miles
 Payment of                         The area is zoned C-2- com- Lloyd C. Kellams. Burial will be hand in the schoolhouse fund. 52.
                                    mercial. Under this zoning, the    in Oak Shade cemetery. Friends                                                                        an hour before the collision. The
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        NEWI Tlfci W ¥

                                                                       may call at the chapel.            The funds are what remain from Faches said he hopes the speed limit at the intersection is                                      QUALITY CONTROLLED
  $1,567 Set                        council was informed by City
                                    Attorney Robert J. S t o n e ,
                                                                                     * * *                two previous bond issues.         juvenile court will t a k e 45 m.p.h.
                                                                          Women's and girls' skirts dry Work would include replace- jurisdiction in last week's ac-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              JM«Mt»«r Xmtlmmml Imttltmtt ml »r» ClMMln
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            ON THI CORHIR OF 7TM AVB. AND 1ITH ST*tIT, MARION
                                     jermits for light industry may
   By Linn-Mar                       ie approved by the council.       cleaned 50c each. Plain or ment of flooring and windows. cident to determine what course!
                                                                       pleated. Send as many as you
                                                                                                                                                                                     DRIVE SAFELY

    The Linn-Mar board of The rezoning of land in the like. Albert's Dry Cleaners.—
 education has authorized the 1965 annexation to the city was Adv.
 payment of $1,567.03 to the approved. Property rezoned is                           * * *
 Haegg Roofing Co. for work         on the south side of Fifth avenue Beautician, part or full time.
 completed on the Indian Creek from Twenty-second to Thirty- Wilson Beauty Salon.—Adv.
 elementary building roof.          first streets from R-3 to R-4                   * * *
                                    residential.                          Kiwanis — The M a r i o n
    The board also directed the
 school architect to prepare new               Street Lights            Kiwanis dub will meet Wed-
 specifications for completion of A petition for street lights on      nesday instead of Thursday
 the project preparatory to let- A avenue and South Nineteenth because of the Memorial day
 ting bids for summer work on street and midblock on A holiday. The group's monthly
the school roof.                    avenue between South Fifteenth business meeting and board
             Portables              and South Nineteenth streets reports are planned. Dinner is
                                    was referred to the utilities at 6:15 p.m. at the Suburban.
    The board met with represen- committee for action.                               * * *
tatives of the Marion Cashway Approval was given to the Sale! Clearance ladies
and Spahn and Rose lumber American Oil Co. to resurface children's dresses, blouses,
firms to prepare specifications the alley at the rear of the sportswear. Open Friday even-
for portable buildings to be used firm's service station on Seventh ings. Marion Boston Store. —
for classrooms in the high avenue and Ninth street Ap- Adv.
school and junior high. Bids will proval was given subject to the                     * * *
be taken in June for a minimum stipulation that plans and                 Large selection M e m o r i a l
of five temporary classrooms. specifications are submitted to wreaths and sprays.
    Contracts for teachers were the city engineer's office.             Franklin Store. — Adv.
                                                                                     * * *
approved. Teachers hired were: A request from the Stoner
Rosemary Ann Kock, fourth System, Inc., for a sign on city-               Eta Iota chapter of Beta Sigma
grade at main elementary; owned property on Seventh Phi will meet tonight (Tuesday)
Robert L. Holub, high school avenue near the Second street at 7:45 in the home of
social studies; Eileen Jennings, railroad overpass was denied by Terry Evans at Springville. Mrs.
high school home economics and the council.                             David Grussendorf has the pro-
junior high subjects; Diana The council decided to meet! gram.                       * * *
Engel, high school science; June 6 with the park board to
                                                                          Having sold my home — sell-
David R. Ulrick, high school discuss the park land acquisition ^SIS^ Sri s7e
m a t h e m a t i c s ; Margaret program.
Anderson, second grade a t                                              classified Ad 22. — Adv.
                                                  * * *                              * * *
Wilkins.                            Temporary Assignment For Sale: Living room drapes,
   The budget hearing was set
for July 8, the same night as the        To Fireman Gibney lined, like new. 377-3416.—Adv.
                                                                                     * * *
board's annual meeting.                John Gibney, an 11-year Pi No Ho Camp Fire group
             3 Projects             veteran on the Marion fire held a ceremonial Monday at St.
                                    department, has received a Joseph's school. Awards
   Approval was given for three temporary appointment PS fire beads were presented to 14 girls.
elementary, secondary educa- captain, City Manager Peter F.!FamUies of members
tion act of 1965 projects. Pro- Crivaro said Tuesday.                  guests.
jects are: Junior high science, Permanent appointment is
$2,267.20; senior high science, subject to a civil service ex-| Found — * * * — 7th Ave.
$1,842.90; senior high industrial amination to be taken at a later 377-0758. - Adv.
arts, $905.                         date, Crivaro said. G i b n e y                  * * *
   Authorization was given to the became a fireman March 1, Parker pen sets. Name free.
payment of $5,700 to the 1957.                                         Ray's Jewelry. — Adv.
architect, Kohlmann, Eckman                       * * *
and Hukill, for work on the Bible School — Vacation Bible                          Flyer Better
Bowman Woods school building. school has been set up at the St.
The bill is for partial payment Paul's Lutheran church for June SANTA PAULO, Calif.
of fees on the project.            3-7 and June 10-14. Children — Mira Slovak, whose sailplane I
              * * *                three years old by Jan. 1, 1968, crashed at the end of
   Give Awards — Cub Scout through those starting first mile flight, was listed
pack 58 met Monday at the grade next fall will attend 9 to in "slightly improved"
American Legion hall a n d 11 a.m. sessions. Children from dition.
presented awards to S c o t t second through eighth grades
Hartman, Gary Hines, Matt will attend from 9 a.m. to 2:30
Moeller, Bruce Winch, Jerry p.m. Further information may
Stockton, Steve Crowley, Scott be obtained by calling Director
Henderson, John Huut, Tim Mrs. Neil Garnatz, 377-3105.
                                                 * * *
Mooney, Steve Knapp, Jerry
Meyerhoff, B r e n t Davidson, Closed Memorial day. Please                Chain Link
Robert F e d d e r s o n , John drive carefully. John's Conoco.
Laschansky, Jimmy Holecek, -Adv.
Mark Wilcox, Tom Chester,                        * * *
Mike Hunter.                          Marion Heights Pharmacy will
              * * *                be open 9-12 Memorial Day —
   Woman for c l e a n i n g . Adv.
Permanent. Part or full time.                    * * *
Crestview Acres, Inc., 1485           Applications being taken for
Grand Ave. — Adv.                  full time sales lady. B e n
              * * *                Franklin Store. — Adv.
    Rummage Sale: Tuesday,                       * * *
Wednesday, 94 p.m. 1251 6th Reliable girl or elderly woman
Ave. Miscellaneous, some an- to sit in my home. 377-4630 after
tiques.—Adv.                       4:30. - Adv.

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