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Vol. 6, No. 2
                      REGISTER SALT LAKE AREA ACCORDION CLUB                                 February 2008

A multi-cultural fest....

                TZUMBA!—Italian folk,
                   February 19!
   Accordionist DR. THOMAS CIMA-      accordion classics and brought        Accordion Repair Shop” where he
RUSTI of Utah Valley State Univer-    down the cheering house. Hope-        is a master in repairs, restoration,
sity and his local world & folk mu-   fully, he will do a solo number or    minor tuning, and electrical ampli-
sic band TZUMBA! will be spot-        two again!                            fication issues. Blair Dean of Brig-
lighted TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19 at                                             ham City has a fascinating bio—
the Salt Lake                                                               studied with 3 teachers (Johnny
Area Accordion                                                              Hikeo who taught famed Buddy
Club at South                                                               Merrill, LeRoy Pia, and Hank Mi-
Valley Unitarian                                                            lano); served in the Army; studied
building, 6876                                                              and went into carpentry from
So. Highland Dr.                                                            which he retired; and along the
(2000 East),                                                                way went into body building and
half-mile south                                                             still runs the Mr. and Miss Utah
of I-215 freeway                                                            Body Building Championships,
at exit 8.                                                                  Mountain States Body Building
                                                                            Championships, Olympic Gold Jun-
  TZUMBA spe-
                                                                            ior Body Building Championships,
cializes in Italian
                                                                            and is Utah’s chairman for the
                                                                            National Gym Association. He is
and Italian-
                                                                            married and has 4 children. Ac-
American songs
(Louis Prima,                                                                                Continued on page 3
Dean Martin,
Frank Sinatra).
They also play                                                               Next meeting: Tuesday
some German                                                                    February 19, 2008,
polka/waltzes, French café tunes,       In addition, two other accordion-
and American jazz standards.          ists, one well known and one less     7 p.m., 6876 So. Highland
They were voted “Best Italian         so, are scheduled to play—RALPH         Dr. (2000 East), SVUU
Band” at Utah’s Ferragosto Italian    HUBRICH and BLAIR DEAN.                        building.
Festival.                               Ralph, a former accordion           Always the 3rd Tuesday of
  Accompanying “Dr. Tom” will be      teacher and performer along the
MITCH LEE, drums, and BART            Wasatch Front for many years,
                                                                                    the month.
GIBB, bass. Many will remember        recently retired and to the benefit     $4.00 donation at the
the great August night in 2006        of everyone who has an accordion
when Tom performed solo, playing      finally opened “Ralph Hubrich’s
                                                                                  door for adults.
Some 2008 Events Possibly Just For You
  MARCH 7-9 weekend, the Ameri-            Competition and Festival in Nash-        netist, and violinist, and is one of
can Accordion Musicological Soci-          ville, Tennessee at Hotel Preston.       the few orchestral musicians able
ety (AAMS) will hold its annual Ac-        The AAA with the ATG were the            to perform at concert level on
cordion Festival and Competition           U.S. co-sponsors of the 2007             more than one instrument. He
in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania at        Coupe Mondiale international ac-         has been a longtime composer
the Dolce Valley Forge Hotel. Nu-          cordion competitions held in 2007        and arranger. Contact Marian
merous fine accordionists and              in Virginia and which will be held       Kelly at 650-854-1896 or at
many informative workshops are             this year in Scotland. It is true that Joe
scheduled. See                             an important focus of the annual         Smiell also conducts a button box              ATG event is competitions—for            camp yearly.
for more info and how to register.         both youth and adults—but in-
                                           creasingly more and more atten-    AUGUST 13-16 Wednesday thru
  MARCH 13-15 Thursday thru                tion is given yearly to workshopsSaturday, the American Accordion-
Saturday, the National Accordion           and presenting outstanding accor-ists’ Association (AAA) will hold its
Association Convention (NAA), will         dion performers in impressive    70th anniversary Festival and
be held in Dallas, Texas at the            nighttime programs/shows. See    Competition in Rosslyn, Virginia at
Richardson Hotel. This year’s              the Holiday Inn. The AAA with the
theme is “It’s Party Time—Bring                                             ATG were the U.S. co-sponsors of
Your Accordion!” Over two dozen         JULY 27 to AUGUST 1 Wednes-         the 2007 Coupe Mondiale interna-
interesting workshops will be held    day thru Sunday a.m., the 19th        tional accordion competitions held
during the day, as well as evening    Annual Galla-Rini Accordion Camp in 2007 in Virginia and Washing-
programs/shows, such as Friday        will be held in San Rafael, Califor- ton D.C. and which will be held
night’s “Polka Plus,” featuring       nia (just over the Golden Gate        this year in Scotland. This annual
many outstanding accordionists        Bridge from San Francisco) at the AAA competition and festival has
from central USA to the Gulf of       Dominican College, with Maestro an emphasis on competition with
Mexico American heartland. A          Joe Smiell directing the camp.        numerous young accordionists
number of competing accordion         “You will make beautiful orches-      competing, but also has impres-
dealers are present, with their ac-   tral music in a picturesque setting, sive evening concerts/shows and
cessories, wanting to show you        will enjoy a variety of workshops,    lunchtime programs. See
why their product is your best buy.   will make new friends, and will
Learn more and pre-register at        come away with new musical in- If some       spirations. Orchestral parts will be    Information on additional accor-
of you plan on being in Texas dur-    tailored to individual skills (at all dion festivals for the upcoming
ing these dates, this will be a rich  levels) and mailed before camp        late spring and summer will be
3 days for you.                       begins. Regular and full sectional given in future issues. Generally,
                                      rehearsals will lead to a concert     June through August are months
  JUNE 12-15 Thursday thru Sat-       on the final evening.” Joe Smiell is with a number of options. M
urday, the Accordionists & Teach- a highly skilled accordionist, but-
ers Guild (ATG), will hold its annual ton-box player, bassoonist, clari-

                               For Sale
 Giuliette white accordion, 17-18 in. keyboard, 120 bass. $400.           Want to bring some
                   Call Isabel Lee 785-7219.
                                                                           Now that our great December Potluck is
                                                                         over and the January “candy closet
                                                                         clean-out” has occurred, we’ll need some
                                                                         of you to bring some goodies in the com-
                                                                         ing months. If you can, February will be
                 Tuning. Repairs. Accessories. Music.                    an excellent month to start! And to those
                                                                         who seem to bring refreshments every
                 Monarch Creator, Distributor.
                                                                         month, what a group of troupers you
                                                                         are—and everyone thanks you!
Continued from first page
companying Blair will be Bill McGaha on guitar.
                                                                            Some “Accordion
  The Play Along Players, led by Janet Todd and                             Option” Websites
includes everyone who wishes to bring their in-
strument and join in the fun, will play pre- --- Accordion friend Robert Chudek
meeting music beginning at 6:15. p.m. Socializ-  writes, “If you haven’t visited this website, I highly rec-
ing begins at the same time.                     ommend taking a look. You will find a variety of styles of
                                                 accordion, button, and bayan music including brief de-
  A $4 donation is requested at the door. As al-
ways, youth 15 and under enter free to help pass scription or background information about some of the
                                                 videos. The presenter of the website says, “I’m posting
the accordion to the next generation.            accordion videos everyday. So check my site for fresh
                                                 accordion videos.”

                                                           or phone 505-992-
                                                                  2524 is the site of Valarie Morris now living in New Mex-
                Sign Up and Get Your                              ico. She is a prolific composer and writer, often as a
                                                                  result of commissioned works for many instruments,
               Free Email Newsletter!                             including the accordion. She has 18 pieces of sheet
                                                                  music for accordions and 17 music books for accor-
                                                                  dion. She also has duet books, all available at Sand-
    Send your name, phone, and email to ja-                       scape Publications. or If you do
  this and your email newsletter doesn’t arrive,
             contact us immediately.                        has selec-
                                                                  tions from stacks of old, handwritten, hand-copied, and
                                                                  mimeographed tunes prepared by teachers and friends
                                                                  during the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. Three volumes of
                   SALT LAKE AREA                                 23 classics each are offered and their contents are
                                                                  listed on the web site. P
                  ACCORDION CLUB
  (Utah nonprofit corporation since 2002)                                 Accordions Needed
                    WWW.SLAAC.COM                                   Persons in and out of state continue to call Janet
              (801) 272-3263/                       Todd asking about used accordions. Do you have an
                                                                  instrument you want to sell? If so, call Janet at 801-
        4987 Fairbrook Lane · Holladay, Utah 84117
                                                                  272-3263. She will see if your accordion might fit the
PRESIDENT ........................... Jay Todd                    needs of one of these individuals. Also, you may bring
VICE PRESIDENT .............. Janet Todd
                                                                  accordions for sale and place them on the back tables
                                                                  at our events.
BOARD MEMBER………….Kevin Funk
  ( / 801-296-2877)                                            Ralph Hubrich
WEBMASTER ............ Natalie Mueller
                                                                          Accordion Repair Shop
Register DESIGNER...Yvonne Mueller               (801-495-1530)
REFRESHMENT CHAIR…Ruth Paslay                    (801-756-0922)              801-949-2463
“SUNSHINE CHAIR”…Nancy Cederlof                  (801-272-7195)      Sandy, UT—Call for appointment
                                                                      Repairs – restoration – minor tuning
 NOTE: For more SLAAC information, past newsletters,
public newspaper articles, photographs, services, music,
                                                                         Elect. amplification problems
       and Internet links, click to
  Meet Legendary “JOAN SOMMERS,
           ATG president”
  For decades there have been        programs and became a leading
two prominent accordion associa-     national accordion-music educa-
tions in the U.S.—the American       tion fixture; and 6-time president
Accordionists’ Association (AAA,     of the ATG during 4 different inter-
since 1938) and its two-year later   vals between 1977 to 2008!
break-off, the Accordionists &
Teachers Guild (ATG, since 1940)      Finding time for an interview
and both flourished extremely well with this busy leader was not easy,
in the great 1950s and early ‘60s  but finally it was done: “I enjoy
heydays of the accordion in Amer-  this opportunity of talking to an
ica before an equally great down-  accordion club president. Clubs
turn hit the U.S. accordion envi-  normally have an abundance of             eration Internationale des Accor-
ronment with the arrival of the    fun activities since their members        deonistes (CIA) is the world accor-
“age of the guitar.” Since then,   come from a rather confined geo-          dion umbrella organization. Under
both organizations have withered   graphical area whereas the ATG            that umbrella come national or-
much in size but not in influence  has a widespread membership               ganizations of many countries,
in the U.S. accordion world.       with fewer opportunities to get           and within those countries come
                                   together.” (The ATG has members           other accordion interests such as
   And for decades the ATG current all over the U.S., though a great         other institutions, organizations,
president, Joan Cochran Som-       number are in the Midwest and a           clubs, festivals, businesses, etc.
mers, has been a major personal- southern swath of the country.)             Within the U.S., only the ATG and
ity in the U.S. accordion world—2-                                           AAA, as voting members of the
time winner, 1955-56, of the ATG      “I hope your club members know         CIA, are allowed to hold competi-
national championship; professor that the ATG is not an exclusive            tions that send competitors to the
of music until retirement at the   organization just for teachers or         CIA world stage as was held in Vir-
University of Missouri-Kansas City any other segment of the accor-           ginia in 2007 at the Coupe
where she headed one the na-       dion community—it’s for everyone!         Mondiale (World Cup). T
tion’s few accordion-emphasis      It is understood that The Confed-

      An interview with Joan Sommers about the upcoming ATG Festival
  Question: Can you tell us about      attracted fewer young entrants for    old, benefit from meeting others
this year’s competition and festi-     many years. On the other hand,        who also have an interest in the
val? “We are very excited to           due to the continually growing        same area. They not only have an
                                       number of adults returning to the     enjoyable time, they learn a lot by
hold the 2008 ATG Festival in          accordion for pleasure, we see        attending various workshops,
Nashville, Tennessee—Music City, more and more adults enter com-             watching and listening to many
USA—at Hotel Preston beginning         petition categories designed just     performers on the concerts, and
Thursday afternoon June 12             for them. Often, some of these        sharing ideas through conversa-
through Sunday morning June 15. “competitions” are not held in               tions with others. Often these per-
There will be a sightseeing tour of public but in a private setting with     formances and workshops are
the city following the festival. Actu- an experienced adjudicator provid-    given by famous accordionists
ally, the special hotel rates will be ing a very quick review of the         from the world stage, and many
good for 3 days before and after       player’s abilities. These scenarios   times by teachers and accordion-
the festival. There will be exciting are becoming more popular.              ists within the USA who know well
performers, workshops, pro-                                                  many of the concerns, likes and
grams/shows, as well as accor-           “For your club members, I would     dislikes, problems or solutions
dion competitions for youth as         say that people who like to do any-   faced by those who attend. We
well as interested adults! Competi- thing very much, whether profes-         have music and recordings for
tions in the USA have certainly        sionally or as a hobby or young or    sale from many sources, though
we do not always accept dealers       appeal for many accordionists.        ber on the World Music Commit-
and distributors of instruments.      Though the ATG is chartered in        tee for many years, and Kevin
                                      Michigan, its officers and board      Friedrich, the current president of
  Q: In the past 10 years, where      members are in many states and        the CIA, is a past president of the
have ATG festivals/competitions       we actually have no ‘headquarters     ATG!
been held? “From 1999 on-             per se.’ The addresses of the cur-
ward—Branson, Chicago, Orlando,       rent president and executive sec-         “The ATG continues to be a
San Antonio, Chicago, Milwaukee,      retary are used for postal corre-      highly desirable organization for
Dallas, Minneapolis, and Alexan-      spondence, in addition to email,       all people interested in the accor-
dria, Virginia in 2007 where we       telephones, and our website.           dion. Although in its beginning, the
met jointly with the AAA because                                             ATG may have been viewed as one
of the co-sponsorship of the          “The ATG began because An-             only valuable to teachers, this is
Coupe Mondiale. At one time the     thony Galla-Rini, along with other no longer the case as the title
ATG held its events in Chicago dur- founders, decided there needed to clearly reflects---ACCORDIONISTS
ing the NAMM Convention. When       be an accordion organization not and Teachers Guild, etc. The ATG
NAMM no longer remained in Chi-     controlled by the interests of a         offers something important for
cago and also due to the fact that  certain area of the USA. They not        everyone interested in the accor-
the ATG wanted to reach as many     only wanted a more democratic            dion and membership provides a
of its members as possible by go-   group of accordionists but one           way in which everyone may keep
ing to other cities, the ATG began  even more interested in the musi- American accordionists involved
moving its festivals to a different cal and educational aspects of the on an international scale with all
city each year.                     instrument. It sent its first entrant worldwide musical endeavors.
                                    to the Coupe Mondiale in 1955
  Q: Does the ATG have annual       and continues to do so. The ATG             “Come to our 2008 festival!
dues, have a website? Tell us       has a strong presence in the Con- Check out our website! Join us
more about the ATG. “At pre-        federation Internationale des Ac-        and send in the extremely low-
sent, dues are $30 a year. We en- cordeonistes and it has had many priced dues and begin having a
courage everyone to visit often our of its officers attend and be active whole new dimension in your
website at at both the Winter and Summer                 ‘accordion life and accordion
atg, updated fairly regularly. We   Congress held by the CIA. I have         friendships!’” ---Interviewed by
try to publish 3 bulletins a year,  been the chair, vice chair, or mem- Jay M. Todd
but this may vary. With the advent
of the Internet, people no longer
depend on being a member of an
organization such as ATG to obtain
accordion news. But association                         Accordion and Distributing Co., LLC
with other like-minded persons in                       JOHN CASTIGLIONE Director
a large organization that impacts
much of the nation has a multi-                            Warren Mi. 48089-1367
tude of benefits and rewards and                           13300 E. 11 Mile Rd. Suite A
                                                             Fax: 586-755-6339        Email
                                                             Tel: 586-755-6050

                                                         FOUNDERS OF DIAMOND ACCORDIONS

                                                              MICHAEL J ARRALDE ACCORDION CO.
                                                              “One of America’s most prestigious tuners”
             To join us for “play-a-long”!
February “Play Along” Music
 “Play Along Group” plays every month! Anyone who wants to join in the fun, bring your accor-
dion or other instrument—guitar, buttonbox, vocal, etc. Pre-meeting starts at 6:15 p.m.
The following songs are from the 2008 “A” and “B” packets and will be played in this order:
  Redwing (“A” packet); In a Little Spanish Town (“A”); Beautiful Dreamer (“A”); Aus der Hoamat
(“A”); Snow Waltz (“B”); Louise (“B”); By the Light of the Silvery Moon (“B”); I’d like to Teach the
World to Sing (“B”); Hi Lili, Hi Lo (“B”); Beer Barrel Polka (“B”).
  2008 “A”, “B”, and “C” packets will be available by request on a sign-up sheet at the back table
at re-imbursement cost of 8 cents per page. A suggestion for players is for those who know how to
chord the melody, try playing just the chords. Come out of the audience, and into the “group”!

     Come join us – it’s fun! We need you!

                                                                                      Janet Todd,
       US!                                                                              director!
                                       Jim Tsoufakis,
                                        left, plays his
                                      pieces with great

                                         provided by
                                        Jim Williams.

                                         The Salt Lake
                                        Area Accordion
                                      Club celebrates its
                                         5th Birthday!      Wayne Eckman plays accordion and sings with gusto.

Lisa Cook, below, receives “Perfect
     Attendance” award from
            Janet Todd.

                                                                                    Janet and Jay Todd, founders of
                                                                                    SLAAC, without whom we would
                                                                                     not be going into our 6th year.

                                                                                “Shilaylee,” left, formerly known
                                                                                    as “Salt Grass,” wows the
                                                                                 audience with their rich, lovely
                                                                                 Irish tunes, as well as others.
     Remember to
      join us for

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