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Suzanne Stahl, Hands On USA

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       Hands On USA and Fairytale Brownies Join Hands for Katrina Relief
         Fairytale to Donate Brownies for Displaced Families in Mississippi

In the months since Hurricane Katrina, a huge relief effort and outpouring of donations
have helped the tens of thousands of families whose lives were destroyed by the storm.
However, there is still a great deal to be done in those areas worst hit, including Biloxi
and Gulfport, Mississippi.

Fairytale Brownies, a gourmet brownie bakery based in Phoenix, will team up with
Hands On USA to distribute brownies to these communities the week of December 26th.
“We hope our brownies will bring a smile to those displaced by Katrina,” says Eileen
Spitalny, founder and CEO of Fairytale Brownies. “But more importantly, we hope this
gesture shows that the rest of the country has not forgotten about them, especially during
the holidays.”

Hands On USA is a non-profit group dedicated to disaster response and relief.
Volunteers from around the country are clearing debris, gutting homes, removing mold
and distributing food, water, and supplies to those in need.. “We are thrilled to join with
Fairytale Brownies to send this message of hope and happiness, which can be just as
precious as brick and mortar at time like this,” says Suzanne Stahl, a volunteer with
Hands On USA.

These efforts are just the beginning. In the coming months, much work will be put into
clearing debris, moving people out of tents and into trailers, stabilizing the base
infrastructure of the coastal cities of Mississippi and providing not only life essential, but
emotional support to the survivors of Katrina - who are very determined to regain
normalcy in their lives.
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Fairytale Brownies was founded in 1992 by childhood friends Eileen Spitalny and
David Kravetz. Each batch is handcrafted from gourmet Callebaut dark Belgian
chocolate and individually wrapped to guarantee maximum freshness. Fairytale
Brownies come in a dozen flavors and three sizes. Fairytale Brownies can be shipped
worldwide, gift packaging is available for all occasions, and every product is certified
kosher. Visit or call 800-FAIRYTALE to order.

Hands On USA is the U.S.-based affiliate of Hands On Worldwide, a volunteer-staffed,
non-profit organization dedicated to timely disaster response and relief. The volunteer
center in Biloxi, MS, currently provides community outreach and supply distribution,
medical clinic support, tree and debris removal, home and business clean-up, temporary
roofing installation, animal shelter assistance, and placement as well as various
community center recovery projects. Please visit for more


 For more information on Hands On USA and the Katrina Relief Effort, please contact
                          Suzanne Stahl at 602-791-7799.

      For more information on Fairytale Brownies, please contact Eileen Spitalny
                               at 480-893-1715 x216.

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