July 2010

On June 26, Hassel the Pit Bull was neutered at the Neuter
Scooter Pit Bull Clinic along with 43 other Pit Bulls. Here he is
seen leaving with his North Park owner. Hassel will be a much
happier and calmer pet from now on thanks to being altered.      FLO JO CELEBRATE THE
Thanks to SNAP for providing this wonderful service and to
Grace Church for making their parking lot and meeting room       FAMILY DAY
available to SNAP. On June 30, the Neuter Scooter returned to
Grace Church to provide a regular clinic for all pets. Call 619- Congratulations to Laurie Carlock and City Heights Park and Rec Area
525-3047 to schedule your pet for spay or neuter.                 Manger Raul Contreras for organizing a successful Celebrate the
                                                                  Family Day at the Joyner Elementary shared ball fields next to Joyner
SNAP spay/neuter prices for low income pet owners:                Elementary. Elizabeth Tate (Flo Jo's sister), Mayor Sanders, Florence
                                                                  Griffith (Flo Jo's mother), Principal Gil Gutierrez, Councilmember
Cats are $30 each or 2/$55.
                                                                  Gloria and others cut the ribbon to celebrate the opening of the joint
Dogs are $40 each or 2/$75. Price includes rabies vaccination use ball fields.
and a one year licensing, Advantage and nail trim.
                                                                 MID-CITY COMMUNITY
Pit Bulls, Chows and Rotties or mixes of these breeds are $20
each. Rabies and one year license included.                      COURT
                                                                 Deputy City Attorney, Kristen Beatie, invites interested parties to
WATER CONSERVATION                                               represent our neighborhood as a Mid-City Community Court Panelist
                                                                 and/or as an MCCC Community Advisory Board Member. This court
GARDEN                                                           has been operating since 2003 and has processed over 600 offender
                                                                 participants and resulted in 2800 plus hours of work-service per-
Please come to the next APNA meeting to hear a presentation      formed in the community. You must attend one 4 hour orientation
from Pamela Thorsch of Rebuilding Together about the Water       course and participate as a panelist when you are available. Mid-City
Conservation Garden that has been approved for the vacant lot    Community Court is held once a month. The maximum volunteer time
that was purchased and added to our park with a grant with       is two hours per month. If you are interested in applying to volunteer
support from former Councilmember Toni Atkins two years ago.     with MCCC, please email Coordinator Janet Long at
See insert for details.                                 or call 533-5668.
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                                                                               Manzanita Canyon Review

                                                                                             Brainstorm ways to improve Manzanita Canyon
                                                                                             Thursday, August 12, 2010
                                                                                             3:00PM to 5:00PM
                                                                                             City Heights Library – 3795 Fairmount Ave.
                                                                                             Organized by San Diego Canyonlands, a City
                                                                                             Heights Canyons and Communities Alliance
                                                                                             partner along with Project CLEAN, Carey
                                                                                             Construction and Design, Park and Rec Open
                                                                                             Space Rangers and Ocean Discovery Institute -
MID-CITY SDPD PRESENTS                                                                       For Information Call 619-284-9399

$400 TO AZALEA SOCCER                                                          County
                                                                               m                       Department of Animal Services is
                                                                                             waiving Adoption Fees through September 4.
TEAM                                                                                         Includes dogs over 5 years old or dogs at the
                                                                                             shelter over 30 days.
Last month, Captain Lawrence McKinney, Lt. David Nisleit, Officer David
Tos and Sgt. Chuck Kay presented a $400 check to the Azalea Soccer          mSunshine Little League Sign-ups Held every
Team. SDPD and the athletes came together to meet and talk after an          Sunday 11:00AM-1:00PM and Wednesdays 4:30-
unfortunate mistaken identity incident after a teen was shot by a BB gun in  6:00PM. For More information contact Coach
Azalea Park. The teen mistakenly believed the shot came from a certain       Lopez – 619-992-0708.
car in the AP parking lot and reported that to SDPD. Turns out the car
                                                                            mTrash Collection Rule: Containers need to
belonged to our local young hero who works for AP Rec and was coach-
ing soccer at the time. SDPD arrived on the scene and was given              be put out by 6:00AM. Blue and Greens recycling
permission to search the car but as a safety precaution, our young hero      will alternate every other week. Also, we will now
                                                                             have trash collection on Martin Luther King Day,
was put in handcuffs in full view of our soccer athletes. He was subse-
                                                                             Presidents' Day, Cesar Chavez Day and Veteran's
quently released but everyone who witnessed this was horrified that this
could happen to such an upstanding individual. As a result, Captain
McKinney, Lt. Nisleit and Officer Tos met with the athletes and other Save the Dates:
interested parties to explain that there had been a mistaken identification
(this was not explained at the time of the handcuffing) and that suspects
                                                                            mSeptember 25, Coastal Cleanup Day, 9AM to Noon
who are questioned are typically handcuffed for the protection of the
                                                                            mOctober 23, FaceLift
officers as well as the suspect. Captain McKinney and Lt. Nisleit both
shared accounts of being mistakenly arrested when they were teens. In
                                                                              Real ty for The Now TM
short, it can happen to anyone.

In the process meeting, it was learned that our athletes have done very                                                  21st C entury
                                                                                                                              REAL ESTATE
well in their games and have been undefeated so far. It was also learned
that funds to purchase jerseys were short. As a result, Mid-City SDPD
were able to secure a $400 grant which they later presented to the Azalea
Soccer Team to give them the encouragement to keep up the good work                                                 JP Schuiteman
training for soccer AND also the community hours that the athletes have      EQUAL HOUSING
                                                                                                       Call now!            619-757-6092
been giving to our neighborhood.                                            Lic # 01870887       
Garden Concept:

         Project Overview:

                             VOLUNTEER   SPONSOR   DONATE
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15 Homes - Over 700 Volunteers

To our amazing FaceLift Volunteers,
Donors and Community
HousingWorks staff:

We can honestly say this was one of
our most amazing events ever! I am
proud to have done my part; prouder
still to have stood shoulder to
shoulder with such amazing people.
Together, we have improved yet
another neighborhood in City Heights.
Without the City Heights PAC, and
their approval of the use of redevelop-
ment funds, and the generous
donations of our major sponsors, we
would never be able to improve these
homes and the lives of our local
families. Many other important
donations come in the form of
materials and services from local
businesses and institutions.

My sincere thanks go out to all who
make this happen, from large funders,
hardcore volunteers, the youngest
sweeper, and everyone in between.
The tireless pursuit of getting it all
done and keeping it organized takes
every one doing their part.

Jody Carey,
Chair, FaceLift Committee
                                          Photos by:
Committee Members:                        Kathy Hudson
Dennis Wood          Mary Vaccariello
                                          Amanda Moss
Amanda Moss          Becky Modesto
Jim Varnadore        Kevin Modesto        Tom Lashbrook
Patty Vaccariello    Michael Sprague
                                          Dennis Wood
Linda Pennington, Project Manager
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                  AIWA                                                  HERRON'S AUTO BODY & PAINT
                 3150 FAIRMOUNT AVENUE, SAN DIEGO, CA 92105             INSURANCE
                               FOREIGN & DOMESTIC                       COLLISION                                 35 YEARS IN BUSINESS
  TEL: (619) 528-1770          SMOG                                     PAINTING
  TEL: (619) 528-1604          MUFFLER
  FAX: (619) 528-1457                                                           SEE US LAST FOR YOUR ESTIMATE
                               NEW TIRES
                               ALIGNMENT                              4796 HOME AVENUE
                               GENERAL REPAIR                         SAN DIEGO, CA 92105                     CERTIFIED

    Recommended by: Mark & Linda, Tom & Larry, Dennis and Jody        PH. 281-4801

                      3105 Fairmount Avenue                                           CBH CONSULTING
                                                                                      Human Resources Consultants
    ELEVEN               (Fairmount and Redwood Across from Poplar)

                                    COFFEE                            4146 Arbor Vitae Drive                        Carolyn A. Biggs-Harris
                               12 Oz - $1.39                          San Diego, CA 92105-4502
                                                                                                                    Principle HR Consultant
   Refills 99¢                 16 Oz - $1.49
                               20 Oz - $1.59                          Phone: 619-282-8033
                                                                      Fax: 619-282-8034
                               24 Oz - $1.99                          Email:
                                                                                               Helping hands for HR Departments

Be a responsible pet owner and have your dogs and
cats spayed or neutered at the Neuter Scooter, a state
of the art mobile pet clinic operated by SNAP, Spay
                                                                      SMALL BUSINESS MONEY MATTERS
Neuter Action Project, to reduce pet overpopulation in
San Diego. The charge for dogs is only $40 (includes
rabies vaccination and one year licensing, Advantage                                             Sandra J. Brooks
and nail trim) and for cats it is only $30. Pit bulls,
chows and rotweillers get a special rate of $20 (rabies                               Individual & Business               Corporate Troubleshooting
and one year license included).                                                             Bookkeeping                   System Cleanups
                  Call (866) SPAYBUS
                                                                              Tax Agency Representation                   Expert Income Tax Preparation
                   (that’s 866-772-9287)                              Voice: 619-516-5814            Email:               Fax: 619-516-5104
               to schedule an appointment.                                   INTEGRITY IS THE CORE OF MY BUSINESS
     Over 20,000 Animals Spayed/Neutered So Far
                AREA MEETING
            AUGUST 4, 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM
           Mid-City Substation 4310 Landis St.

     Many thanks to Jay Levine at PIP Printing at
  4555 El Cajon Boulevard for the wonderful discount
    and the fine job they do in printing the Parkster.
               The Parkster is printed with
               a grant from Price Charities.
                                                                                                    AZALEA PARK NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION
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