China and the Nuclear Bomb by liwenting


									China and the Nuclear Bomb

      By Kael Kristof and
       Jordan Culpepper
        Reasons for Development

• Korean War
• U.S. based nuclear
  threats and nuclear
• Minimum deterrence
• Strengthen national
Nuclear Development
        • Began in 1954
        • Deal with USSR in 1957
        • 1964: 1st successful atomic
          bomb test
        • 1967: 1st successful
          hydrogen and thermonuclear
          bomb tests
        • 1988: Reportedly tested a
          neutron bomb
        • Last Test: July 29, 1996
        • Design espionage
        8 Elements of China’s Nuclear
•   Universal “no-first-use” pledge
•   Negative security assurances to non-nuclear weapon states
•   Participates in nuclear weapon free zone treaties
•   Pledge not to target Russia or U.S.
•   Advocates the complete destruction of nuclear weapons
•   Opposes space-based weapons and missile defenses
•   Endorses a treaty banning the production of fissile material
•   Agreed to a suspension on nuclear testing and signed the
    Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT)
China’s Nuclear Stockpile
     Jiang Zemin’s
       “5 Musts”
China must:
1.   Own strategic nuclear weapons to ensure national security
2.   Guarantee the safety of strategic nuclear bases and prevent against
     the loss of combat effectiveness from attacks by hostile countries
3.   Ensure that its strategic nuclear weapons are at a high degree of war
4.   Be able to launch nuclear counterattack and re-attack against an
5.   Pay attention to the global situation of strategic balance and stability
     and adjust its strategic nuclear weapon development accordingly
      Current Nuclear Attitude
• Advocates nuclear disarmament
• Claims that nuclear defenses are “purely
  – Goal is to deter nuclear blackmail
• Could move toward a “limited deterrence”
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