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					w w w. u c - e d u c a t e . o r g                   University City Foundation for Public Schools                                   Spring 2009

                    P R E S I D E N T ’ S      M E S S A G E                                                          EdUCate!
                                                                                                                      PMB 154 F
                    By Rojielynn Fay                                                                                  3368 Governor Drive
                                                                                                                      San Diego, CA 92122-0989

                    What a Year!!                                                                                     T: 858.677.0989

                                                                                                                      Board of Directors

                             n our fall newsletter, we outlined EdUCate!'s goal this year to purchase laptops.        Rojielynn Fay, President
                             We planned to build on and extend the usability of the document cameras. Our             Elizabeth Murray, Vice President
                             hope is to have a laptop in every classroom in three years.                              Julie Castan, Secretar y
                                                                                                                      Lynn Shields, Treasurer
                                Along the way, we made a number of changes.                                           Crunchy Beacom
                                The most public is the move of our signature event, Taste of the Triangle, to the     Tom Beers
                             spring. We did so on the experience and expertise of Paul McCabe, Executive Chef,        Tom Crews
                                                                                                                      Brook Feerick
                     Kitchen 1540 and a member of the EdUCate! board. Another change was a new location,
                                                                                                                      Steve Gray
                     the Hilton Hotel La Jolla. Luckily for us, our co-chairs, Brook and Tom Feerick, are veter-      Heidi Hansen
                                                 ans with a year under their belt.                                    Karen Har vey
                                                     Right around the semester change, the Teacher Wish List          Jeanne Hoey
                                                                                                                      Michele Lolly
                                                 program was launched. With the help of our webmaster, Glenn          Marge Lorang
                                                 Castan, we were able to launch this program with our organiza-       Diane Lueke
                                                 tion. After a summer hiatus, the wishes will be back up for the      Paul McCabe
                                                                                                                      Annie Morley
                                                 2009/10 school year.                                                 Kim Rober ts
                                                     Also, this year Kim Roberts and Marge Lorang successfully        Goody Sibold
                                                 submitted a grant application to Las Patronas. Their funding         Laurel Slater
                                                                                                                      Dan Squiller
                                                 added another $13,237 for 10 laptops.
                                                                                                                      Mar yAnn Stewar t
                        We continued the Honor A Teacher program—especially popular during Teacher
                     Appreciation Week and raised $9,260 this year. This is the 3rd year for our Dollar A Day         We ’ r e o n t h e w e b :
                     campaign. Thanks to an anonymous donor, we were able to raise $32,466 (in comparison,            w w w. u
                     we raised $31,831 last year).
                        So far, we have purchase 54 laptops distributed amongst our five schools.
                        Lastly and most importantly, six of our board members are moving on. They have each
                     served six years on the board and we are thankful for their service. Crunchy Beacom served     Thank You
                     as our Marketing and Communications Chair. Crunchy has also done Taste publicity. Lynn         to our donors and
                     Shields served as Treasurer for six years, and also served on the Finance committee. Both        supporters for
                     Crunchy and Lynn have been active on the Taste Silent Auction committee. Tom Beers,             all of your much
                     our Development chair, oversaw our Document Camera Program and New Board                       needed and much
                     Challenge campaign. Heidi Hansen served on our Governance and Allocations Committees            appreciated help.
                     and oversaw Board Development. She also worked on School Relations and founded Dollar
                     A Day. Goody Sibold, who speaks so passionately on the behalf of teachers, has been our
                     Honor A Teacher chair since its inception. And Laurel Slater, who was our President last
                     year, chaired Taste the previous year. They have supported and encouraged us to take a leap
                     and make changes this past year. Thanks very much for your dedication, support and
                     passion. You have shown us how!
                     of theTriangle
                            2 0 0 9
                         I almost killed my dad when he         Conseur, and Dan Coulson) who were          card alone), but my friends at checkout
                     told me he’d eaten just before Taste of    making their “Taste” debut.                 told me he’d written the check for well
                     the Triangle 2009. (He has attended            When I finally quit visiting with       over the final bid amount. When ques-
                     the event every year for 15 years, and     School Board members, principals, old       tioned, it turned out my mom had
                     knows better!) But, hungry or not, he      friends, and my kids’ former teachers       prewritten their check to EdUCate!
                     and my mom (both 86) were there—           long enough to sit down with my folks,      before they ever came to the Hilton that
                     cruising the beautiful silent auction      I heard all about the scallops from Paul    night, knowing that they were going to
                     tables, listening to the Standley String   McCabe’s Kitchen 1540, the lettuce          contribute to our good cause regardless
                     Quartet, marveling at Bill Menish’s        wraps from P.F. Chang’s, the beef filet     of if they managed to place a bid at the
                     tongue-twister warm up and brilliant       from Fleming’s, the free beer (FREE         (thankfully) crowded auction tables.
                     live auction, watching the DVD of          BEER? Nothing tastes as good as free            My folks are Depression era, fixed-
                     little Raeann Reinhardt and UCHS           beer!), and all three yogurt flavors from   income UC residents. World War II
                     teacher John Hayden, and eventually        Forbidden Yogurt. It seems he’d found       meant that neither graduated from col-
                     making their way out to “restaurant        room for some gourmet delights after all.   lege, but they are lifelong learners who
                     row” for a taste of something, if not 21       I almost killed him again when I        had great careers and who are enjoying
                     somethings! Unlike me, Dad visited         heard he’d overpaid for his auction         a happy retirement. They put all of us
                     with each chef, making it all the way      item (is he getting senile?). He had        through as much parochial school,
                     down to the end of the walkway to hear     sounded so proud of landing a bargain       college, and graduate school as we were
                     the three Standley Middle School           (an overflowing garden basket for my        willing to work through. They travel
                     teacher-musicians (Phillip Marcus, Ray     mom for less than the price of the gift     cross-country to every graduation, and

2   EdUCate! Spring ’09
celebrate every academic effort and        tough recession. Or about the Tom
success.                                   family, who had enough faith in
   I’m sur e I finally killed him          EdUCate! and the UC community to
when he picked up this newsletter and      place a bid of $35K that night—to buy
realized I’d written a piece about him,    a kitchen on the spot. But our donors,
but he’s exactly what EdUCate! is all      volunteers and supporters are too
about. Respect for the power of educa-     numerous to thank individually in this
tion, appreciation of individual effort,   newsletter. This community is incredi-
and belief in the power of many indi-      ble. You’re killin’ me. Thanks.
viduals working together.                                          —Marge Lorang
   I probably should have written
about Alison Dorvillier, the amazing
kitchen designer, and owner of La
Jolla’s Design Inplace, who approached
us and offered a $50,000 kitchen
remodel, simply because her kids
attend our schools. Then I could have
bragged about the UC area contractors
who jumped onboard, accepting only
gratitude for payment during this

                                                                                      PHOTOS COURTESY OF MATT RISI

                                                                                    EdUCate! Spring ’09              3
                                                                          Denise and Gar y Sneag             Diane and Dave Masser-Fr ye
MANY, MANY                                                                Daniel Squiller and Robin Read
                                                                          Mar yAnn Stewar t
                                                                                                             Carol and Dana May
                                                                                                             Diane and Keith McCar ty

THANKS TO ALL                                                             Theresa Sze
                                                                          Carmen and Chiang Tom
                                                                                                             Susanna Meck
                                                                                                             Janet Murray

WHO HAVE GIVEN.                                                           Hilde and Ton van Daelen
                                                                          Brian Wilson and Michele Lolly
                                                                                                             Peter and Karen Newman
                                                                                                             Kazuki and Sadafumi Noda

OUR APPRECIATION IS                                                       Milo and Susan Worsham             John and Andrea Nowell
                                                                                                             Kira and Bob Olds

ECLIPSED ONLY BY                                                          $100+
                                                                          Eric and Niki Ackermann
                                                                                                             Jin Sook Park
                                                                                                             Audrey Patterson

                                                                          Fritz and Susana Ahern             Dr. and Mrs. John Person
                                                                          Joseph and Linda Bailey            PTE Hope, Inc
                                                                          Nancy and Mike Beck                Deborah and David Ramirez
                                                                          Brookie Best                       Jane Reilly
$10,000 and Above                   Gemma and Stephan Hollman             Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Bissonnette   Baccala Rober to
Anonymous                           Diane and Michael Lueke               Gerald and Tracy Bracht            Caridad Rosette
Las Patronas                        Paul and Mar y McCabe                 Marion and John Brooks             Mar ti and Michael Rowan
UC Marketplace                      Dr. and Mrs. Richard McNeal           Ta-Hsiang Chao and Hsiu-Mei Yang   Michelle and Jesse Rubin
                                    Cathy and Gordon Romanas              Andrea and Louis Cher tkow         Diane Schmidt
$2,500+                             Goody and Brian Sibold                Rober t and Rebecca Claborn        John Schmidt
Terri and Steve Gray                Mr. Joseph R. Starnes                 Roseann Concannon                  Claire Shanghnessy
Qualcomm                            Louis and Elizabeth Tommasino         Edinei Dal Bem                     Ron and Peggy Shapiro
Washington Mutual Matching          John and Chris Wilbur                 Christina Deckard                  Tracy Shaw
  Gift Program                                                            Marisa DiVito                      Lynn and Steve Shields
                                    $250+                                 Sretenka Dokich                    Janet and Steve Shields
$1,000+                             Karen Arden and Paul McRae            Jef f and Nancy Dosick             D. Slavey
Bay Mesa Real Estate Association    Luciana Astiz                         Dowling & Yahne, Inc               Anne and Dan St. Louis
Karen and John Br yan               Mirona and Mihai Azimioara            Mar tin Feeney                     Pia and Manish Sud
Rober t and Brooke Choi             Christopher and Linda Beresford       Joan Fetko                         Marsha and Gerald Toyen
Lisa Churchill and Susan Forsburg   Mar y Carey                           Walter and Louise Ganus            United Way, Inc.
Brook and Tom Feerick               John and Susan Cotsirilos             V. and T. Gillum                   Volker and Eva Vallon
William and Alicia Flores           Cher yl and Tim Creagh                Bruce and Lucy Goodwin             Diane and Buddy Voit
Allen and Constance Gif fen         Thomas Crews and                      Ann and Mar tin Graham             James Wilkinson and Ann Van Leer
Car yl Lees-Centur y 21 Award          Paula Goodman-Crews                Harold and Geraldine Gray          Ann Wille & Associates
Dr. John Spinosa and                William Disher                        Steven and Carolina Gregor         Malcolm Williamson and
   Ms. Marge Lorang                 Colleen and Richard Doering                                                 Danielle Wellander
                                                                          John Halaka
Amy and Craig Magnusson             Mark Estelle and Tracy Black                                             Karen Wilshe
                                                                          Heidi Hansen
Elizabeth and Bruce Murray          Ronald and Rojielynn Fay                                                 Susan Wilson and Mark Banham
                                                                          Jane and John Hargrove
Ryan Preston                        Chris and John Fikes                                                     Mr. and Mrs. John Wolfe
                                                                          Hiram and Suzanne Haynes-Pitts
Dennis Roth                         Howard Noack and                                                         David and Marcia Wollner
                                                                          Diane Hazard
Ming Yan                               Kendra French-Noack                                                   Irene and Matt Xavier
                                                                          Tracy Hirschfeld
Yi Zhao                             Mark and Ann Fulcher                                                     Hongzhou Xu and X. Shi
                                                                          Reuben Hof fman
                                    Susan Lewis Glick and                                                    LiJia Zheng
                                       Steven Glick                       Reid and Julie Hollyfield
                                    Sandra and Richard Groebner           Laura and George Imthurn
John and Luann Beacom                                                                                        Up to $100
                                    Laurie Jo Guinn and Brad Spitz        Stephanie Jed
Thomas and Jane Beers                                                                                        Blesilia and Alfonso Abalos
                                    Frederick, Eric and Jennifer Hazard   Sher yl Jenking
Julie and Glenn Castan                                                                                       Vicki Adams
                                    Michael and Robin Held                Yiming Jiang and Ping Li
Dr. Hank and Mrs. Jill Chambers                                                                              Pearl and Jerr y Amos
                                    Mr. Paul Nierman and                  Mark and Cathy Johnson
Patricia and David Cox                                                                                       Engeline Arce
                                       Ms. Deborah Hor witz               Chris Kueker
Michael and Karen Drogin                                                                                     Ann Armstrong-Ash and Phil Ash
                                    Nancy and Bill Ivey                   Anne Kuhner t
Drs. Don and M. E. Fithian                                                                                   Kathleen Arriaga
                                    Joan Lantz-Ratajac and                Kathleen Langan-Cranford and
Gail and Larr y Forgey                 Aleksandar Ratajac                    Ted Cranford                    Marianna Benedict
Elizabeth For t                     Heidi Lyons                           Elizabeth M. Lauer                 Naina Bhoot
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Fowler            Frank and April Maskiewicz            James Leather                      Joan and Joseph Brantuas
Rick and Suzanne Hagan              Susan and Zoran Mikic                 Michael and Catherine Lester       Mar y Buchanan and Jay Sleigh
Karen and Dan Har vey               Clinton and Annie Morley              Susan Levy                         Scott and Cher yl Burian-Baldwin
Kenway and Jeanne Hoey              Kim Rober ts                          Chuan Li and Young-Ching Yang      Ruth Bush
Holly and Rick Hogrefe              Grant and Kathleen Sinnock            Layne and Jenny Lisenbee           Linda Canada
Lawrence Hogue and Diane Willcox    Laurel and Daniel Slater              Liyong Diao and Qing Liu           Gang Cao and Fang Yang

4   EdUCate! Spring ’09
Young Cha and Sunhee Cha           Ho-Sup Lee                               Ellie Vandiver                        Centur y Club
Jianfen Chen                       Jungsuk Lee                              Carl Votolato                         Channel 10 KGTV News
Isan Chen and Grace Shiao          Sandra and Ernest Lippe                  Clif ford Weiler                      Children's Museum
Junhua Chen and Jing Qian          Kristin and Joseph Longfellow            Nancy and Randy Wolman                Christian Community Theatre
Frances and Rober t Clarence       Alphonse and LeWayne Lorang              Heeyeun Woo                           The Cigar Factor y
Michael Cohen                      Betty Lum and Cher yl Stoker             Tedd and Karie Wright                 Clairemont Sur f Shop
Eugene Brandon and Rebecca Cole    Rania Jada and Dirk Merkel               Tim Wright                            The Comedy Store
Philip and Dana Cudaback           Ar thur Miller and Elisabetta Nicolato   Fang Yang                             Cookies By Design
Robin Dishman                      Marie and Mike Minnick                   Zhen Ye                               Coronado Playhouse
Adrienne and Daniel Dubin          Patti and Bill Mocock                                                          Cour tyard by Marriott in
Kelly and Alber t Escobedo         Pamela Moore                             Delicious Thanks                         Kearny Mesa
Susan Fanno                        Clare Mor ton                            to our Taste                          Tim and Cher yl Creagh
                                                                            of the Triangle                       Joaquim Cruz
April Fernandez                    Angela Muniz                             Restaurants:
Dr. Cecilia Fernandez, Principal   Jon and Jill Nathenson                                                         Culture Shock Dance Center
                                                                            Barolo Ristorante Italiano
Keisuke Fujii                      Diane Nelsen                                                                   Curie PTA
                                                                            Barona Valley Ranch Resor t
Marianne Gannon                    Jennifer Nelson                             and Casino                         Del Mar Thoroughbred Club
Delton and Carrie Garcia           Tram Nguyen                              Cal-A-Vie Health Spa                  Disneyland Resor ts
Daniel Goldstein and               Carla and Dennis Nugent                  Donovan's Steak and Chop House        The Doctors TV Show
   Sharon Graham                   Paulette and Tim O'Shea                  Fleming's Prime Steakhouse &          Donovan's Steak and Chop House
Ilda Vaz Gomes and Rui Gomes                                                   Wine Bar                           Alison Dor villier
                                   Scott and Kathleen Owen
Damian Gomez                                                                Forbidden Yogur t                     Dowling and Yahnke
                                   Judy and Michael Palm
Jef f and Barbara Gordon                                                    Harr y's Bar & American Grill         Dr. Phil Show
                                   Joel Paynel and Jenny Paynel
Clark Lawrence and Kathy Grauer                                             Infusions of Tea                      Walter Eduardo
                                   Helen Peach
Helen Green                                                                 Ki Ku Ya Sushi                        El Indio Restaurant
                                   Jef frey Peterson
William Griswold                                                            Kitchen 1540 L'Auberge Del Mar        Extreme Pizza
                                   Rober t and Mimi Phillips
Connie Hall                                                                 La Jolla Brew House                   Feerick Family
                                   Louise and James Pickering
Manwoo Han                                                                  Leucadia Pizzeria                     Tom Feerick
                                   Anne Pitta
Heeyeun Woo Han                                                             Lorna's Italian Kitchen               The Fish Market
                                   Chuck and Nina Podhorsky
Dave and Kelly Hansen                                                       Miami Grille                          M.E. Fithian
                                   Elouise and Larr y Potomac
Mar y and George Harris                                                     P.F. Chang's                          The French Gourmet
                                   Cindy Preston
Daina Har tin                                                               The French Gourmet                       Restaurant and Baker y
                                   James Quiett
David and Elsiegay Her tzel                                                 The Marine Room                       Friar Tux
                                   Bobbi Richardson
Amanda and David Hirko                                                      The Melting Pot                       Gaslamp Tavern
                                   Delilah and Luis Rivera
John and Jeannette Holm                                                     Torreyana Grill Restaurant            Governor Animal Clinic
                                   Laura and Tony Rizzo
Jef fer y and Huiling Hom                                                   Via Italia Trattoria                  Great News Cooking School
                                   Thomas and Beth Ross
John and Laleh Howard                                                       Whole Foods Market La Jolla           The Gymboree Corporation
                                   Mar y and John Russell
Tara and Neil Howell                                                                                              H&M Landing
                                   William J. and Mar y A. Schef fel
Kelly Hsu                                                                   Thanks to our                         Dr. Richard Hagstrom
                                   Ellen Schmeding
                                                                            Taste of the                          Michele Hagstrom
Yuan-Mei Hsu                       Bruce and Helene Sherman                 Triangle Auction
Aida and Jasmin Ibrahimovic                                                                                       Dave Hanson
                                   Xinying Shi                              Contributors:
Kwangok Jeong and Sumi Hong                                                                                       Elaine Hanson and Bruce Robbins
                                   Satoko Shibata                           A Better Deal
The Jung Family                                                                                                   Heidi Hansen, AIA
                                   Masayuki and Kanoko Shimabukuro          Rob and Barbara Agnew
Kumiko Kanatani                                                                                                   The Handler y Hotel in
                                   Debbie and Paul Shtein                   Ahern Family
                                                                                                                     Mission Valley
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Karg        Byron and Vivian Sink                    Claire-Lise Matthey Anderegg
                                                                                                                  Peter Hewitt
Yoshitaka Kawaraguchi              Glen Boyajian and Barbara Skalak         Shaun Anderson
                                                                                                                  Shelley Hill of Ethan Allen Design
Scott and Meredith Kennedy         Shawn and David Skillin                  Anthology
                                                                                                                  Hirko Consulting
Nam Kim and Ja Ok Koo              Mr. Ernest Smith, Principal Retired      Apollonia Greek Bistro
                                                                                                                  Tracy Hirschfeld
Young Hwan Kim and                 Benchawanna Soontornniyomkij             Bahia Belle
   Jeong Hee Park                                                                                                 Hollywood Wax Museum
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Staples                     Balboa Park Museums
Loreen King                                                                                                       Islands Restaurants
                                   Paula and Spencer Stein                  Beauty Kliniek Aromatherapy
Kelley and Darren Klassen                                                                                         Marjorie Jackson
                                                                               Day Spa
                                   Ann Sumida-Johnson                                                             Dori Jaf fee
Donnalee and Steven Kleinpeter                                              Bettys on Boards
                                   Yixiao Sun                                                                     Jewish Community Center
Rev. and Mrs. Douglas Koehler                                               Matt Booker
                                   Ruth Surujon                                                                   John’s Natural Dog Training
Hiroshi and Chiaki Komada                                                   Boy Scout Troop 271
                                   Christina Swift                                                                   Company
Yuko Kono                                                                   Brigantine Family of Restaurants
                                   Elaine and Cynthia Tanner                                                      Josten’s
Beth and Andrew Kur tz                                                      Broadway San Diego
                                   Kenji Tatematsu                                                                Chris Juarez and Family
Patrick Lane                                                                Caniglia Family
                                   Tung Thanh Trinh and                                                           Kenyon's Soo Bahk Do
Kee Rock Lee                          Tu Trinh Thi Do                       Carmen's Dance Shoes
                                                                                                                  Nancy Knuttila at Rose Canyon
Kwangyoon Lee and Seungmi Jung     Edward Under wood                        Casey, Gerr y, Schenk, Francavilla,      Beauty and Spa
In-Soo Lee                                                                     Blatt and Penfield, LLP
                                   Gobiraj Vadivelrajan
                                                                                                                                 continued on page 6

                                                                                                                                EdUCate! Spring ’09   5
continued from page 5

The Kobey Corporation            San Diego Car Care in
Kur tz Family                       Costa Verde
La Jolla Pop Warner              San Diego Golf Institute
Ty Lackey                        San Diego Sherif fs and Bill
Lamont Street Grill
                                 San Diego Zoo
Don Laughlin
                                 Scottland Concer ts/Scott and
Michael Lester                      Leslie Pedersen
Marge Lorang                     Scripps Memorial Hospital
Lou and Mickey's Downtown           Executive Physical
Diane Lueke                      SDSU Athletics
MacDougall Family/JWM Holdings   Seafor th Boat Rentals
Mama's Cucina Italiana           Lynn Shields                              S AV E T H E D AT E ! !
Marble Room                      Paul and Debbie Shtein                    OCTOBER 3, 2009
                                    and Family
Paul McCabe of Kitchen 1540
   at L'Auberge Del Mar          Skate World Roller Rink           Don't miss the First Annual EdUCate! Oktoberfest.
Lynn McNeal                      Skillin Family                       Saturday, October 3, 2009 at Standley Park.
Miami Grille                     Sky Sailing                             This community event will draw everyone
Minnick Family                   Sandy and Charlie Smith
                                                                     together to have a great time! Friends, Music,
Minuteman Press Super Store      Jane Sroka of Phoenix
                                    Trading Company                  Contests, Food & Beer, plus great fall activities
Miramar Nurser y
                                 Stan Lawrence Photography                   for the kids—what could be better?
Miramar Speed Circuit
                                 Stanley Steemer                           START GROWING NOW!! There will be a
Molly Maid
                                 Starbucks at Navajo and
Morley Family                                                      homegrown pumpkin contest for biggest pumpkin,
                                    Highway 125
Museum of Photographic Ar ts                                               roundest pumpkin and ugliest pumpkin.
                                 Spencer and Paula Stein
Patricia Newman
                                 Steele Bodies Personalized          Plant those seeds now! ALSO, try your hand at
Nott's Forest Soccer                Fitness
                                                                   canning and submit a jar of homemade pickles or
Ocean Beach People's Organic     Dan Storrs of Nor th County
   Foods Market                     School of Driving                jam for our judges to choose from. AND, while
Ocean Experience Sur f School    Subway Restaurants                    you are in the kitchen, dust off your favorite
Bob and Kira Olds                Sycuan Resor t                               recipe for our pie making contest.
Old Globe Theater                Bob Sydow and Lynn Hedani
                                                                      Categories and contests to be announced at a
Mayra Onuchic                    Tapenade Restaurant
The Original Pancake House       Terese Charlson of PRP                       later date. Hope to see you there!
Chris and Sara Owens                Wine International
Kathleen Owen of                 Thornton Winer y
   Kat's Bag Boutique            Tim Haugh Photography
Pala Casino Spa and Resor t      Tio Leo's Mexican Restaurant      EdUCate!
The Penthouse Gym and
   Alber to Giacomelli
                                 Tracy Lee Black Jewelr y          Financial Snapshot
                                 UC High School Senior Class
Perr y Meyer Fine Ar t                                             Funds Raised:
                                 UC Liquor
Pick Family Par tnership
                                 Ultra Zone Lazer Tag              Dollar A Day                                          $ 32,466
Postal Annex in UC
                                 United Kingdom Soccer Academy
Princeton Review                                                   Honor A Teacher                                            9,260
                                 University City Jewelers
Marc and Elaine Provencher                                         Las Patronas                                             13,327
                                 University City Little League
Bret and Linda Qua
                                 Peter Varellas                    Taste of the Triangle*                                   30,039
RA Sushi
                                 Wahoo's Fish Taco in La Jolla     Teacher Wish List                                          3,464
Real Mex Restaurants
                                 Kate Walter
Jane Reilly
                                 Dave Warner of Pro Reps           Total                                                 $ 88,556
Reyman Photography                  Hospitality
Roppongi Restaurant              Wave Waterpark
Beth Ross at                     Marie Webber                      Paid Out:
   La Jolla Hair Studio
                                 Pia Weber                         54 Laptops                                            $ 73,639
                                 Whiskey Girl Restaurant
Dave Rudie, Catalina                                               Scholarships                                               3,000
                                 Dean Williams
   Of fshore Products
                                 Wild Rivers Waterpark             Teacher Wish List                                          3,464
Andrea Rushing
                                 Holly Wolf
Ryan Bros Cof fee                                                  Total                                                 $ 80,103
                                 Yandell Family
Sail Ho Golf Club
                                 Harr y Year wood
Sammy's Woodfired Pizza                                            *We are working out the details of our very first (and quite success-
                                 Roylee York, R.B. Financial and   ful) kitchen remodel auction. Once that's finalized the amount raised
San Diego Academy of Ballet
                                    York Real Estate Company       at Taste increases by $35,000 or 25 more laptops.

6   EdUCate! Spring ’09
2008-09 Honored Teachers                                        Spr eckels Elementar y
                                                                Lisa Alessio
                                                                                         University City
                                                                                          High School
                                                                Peggy Araiza             Lauriel Adsit
                                                                Deron Bear               Guillermo Alegria

            onor A Teacher is a program that has raised over                             Jean Claude Beauville
                                                                Sarah Bobier
            $60,000 for our students since it began six years   Sandy Boyd               Susan Bristol
            ago. It is a wonderful way for families to show     Karen Bryan              Mike Brown
            gratitude to our exceptionally fine educators       Nancy Chavez             Brian Campagnone
            and staff in the five University City schools.      Ann Conerly              Roseann Concannon
                                                                Cindy Cook               Valerie Coon
       When you write a check or donate online to Honor a                                Michael Cummins
                                                                Raquel Early
   Teacher (HAT), your student’s teacher gets a certificate     Irene Esper              Cindy Drensky
   with your personal message of thanks. The school prin-       Dr. Cecilia Fernandez    Donna Fallon
   cipal is notified; some of the principals announce HAT       Sonia Gomez-Neri         Michele Fournier
   honorees at staff meetings, providing peer recognition.      Matt Lyons               Gabby Gilbert
                                                                Renee McCabe             Holly Harding
   This generous and appreciative community (in spite of
                                                                Nikki Morgan             Linda Hathaway
   the current economy) has honored 156 individual teach-       Emily Murad              John Hayden
   ers at our five schools with 280 certificates of thanks      Shawn Nelson             Julie Hicks
   given out during this school year.                           Elizabeth Stewart        Tara Howell
       Donations to HAT begin at $25, but any amount is         Millie Weil              Lourdes Huerta
   gratefully accepted, and amounts are not revealed. For                                Marty Irwin
                                                                Standley Middle School   Ty Lackey
   more information on how to say “thank you” to an edu-                                 Rob Larson
                                                                Nancy Boler
   cator go to www.uc-educate.or g . The following are          Andrea Bowers            David Lau
   the individuals who were honored this past school year:      Brian Buckel             Sally Levens
                                                                Senyint Chim             Sandra Mann
   Curie Elementar y              Doyle Elementar y             Sheryl Coulon            Heidi Murphy
   Lynn Altomare                  Alice Evans                   Jennean Danielson        Mary Murphey
   Colleen Alvarez                Amy Lynn                      Todd Davis               Kate Neale
   Kim Balastrieri                Barbara Mitchell              Jennie Dohoney           Gail Newcomb
   William Barck                  Ceci Braidic                  Aimee Dunn               Bonnie Newmark
   Mary Bassett                   Christine Dorudian            Barbara Greer            Ray Perkins
   Stephanie Calvao               Dan Harney                    Darla Harlow             Mike Price
   Elizabeth Commentz             Dana Archuleta                Aaron Hartin             Barbara Prince
   Lisa Downard                   Frank Romero                  Kimberly Hardy           Requa Puccinelli
   Denise Engebretsen             Gail Janes                    Phillip Huszar           Maureen Quessenberry
   Chris Fikes                    Gina Wheeler                  Maire Juergens           Joyce Reading
   Jennifer Hagan                 Hannah Wong                   Judy Lattimore           Jennifer Samples
   Jill Harris                    Janell Small                  Lyndia Lewis             Jonathan Shiller
   Monica Hernandez               Jennifer Flener               Heidi Lyon               Dianne Slavey
   Chris Juarez                   Joanie Fay                    Phillip Marcus           Norma Smith
   Marilynn Kawaoka               Judy Walker                   Jennifer Mazzella        Donna St. Aubin-Vehar
   Renee Kuhl                     Juli Redmerski                Robert O'Sullivan        Lauriann Stanley
   Pat Kutyla                     Kelly Dudley                  Elisa Owens              Lucretia Stell
   Michael Leavenworth            Lisa Alessio                  Melinda Prietto          Terry Stonebraker
   Jackie Linsin                  Louise Rosenstein             Shelly Rannikko          Barbara Thompson
   Matt Lyons                     Nancy Vincent                 Todd Resley              Donaldo Viana
   Stephanie McDade               Samantha Lunn                 Jennifer Roberts         Nanci White
   Karen McKelvey                 Serena Newell                 Sherry Turner            Jane Yamamoto
   Annette Saavedra               Susan Dickson                 Juan Valdez              Mr. Price & UCHS staff
   Hank Sensenbaugh               Susan Traganza                Don Weedmark
   Marion Sipe                    Suwanna Siegler               Eric Weinberg
   Cheryl Thompson                Tim Barringer
   Chris Tingley                  Tish White
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                                     f you pay attention to public education, you’ve heard of “achievement gaps.”
                                     Well, when EdUCate! switched from teacher-written grant applications to
                                     its current technology focus, we created a few gaps of our own—gaps in

                 WISH LIST           what teachers need day-to-day, and what they have.
                                         Luckily EdUCate’s web guru, Glenn Castan, built a Teacher Wish List

                                     web portal where teachers can easily post their needs and donors can easily
                             donate to fulfill them, with no ads, no spam, no surcharges.
                                 In January we told our 253 teachers about the program, and we went live in
                             February. By May UC donors had granted 55 wishes, including a last-ditch plea
                             from the high school newspaper to underwrite its last two issues. Teachers asked for
                             everything from colored pencils to dissecting kits to printers, costing from $8 to
                             $500, and you responded. Our EdUCate! treasurer and a board member coordinated
                             all the receipts, checks, thank you e-mails, etc.
                                 Look for new postings to the Wish Lists in the fall. You can search by school
                             and pay for all or part of any listed item.