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									 San Diego County      2007
Sheriff’s Department   Annual Report
Message From The Sheriff

     am proud to present our 2007 Annual Report for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.
     It was a year that will forever be marked by the devastating October wild fires. At its peak,
     there were seven fires burning in San Diego County. More than 368,000 acres burned, threatening
17,000 residential structures. The mass notification system (Reverse 911) was successfully implemented,
issuing 515,000 voluntary and mandatory evacuation orders under trying circumstances. Tragically,
ten people lost their lives during the fires.

Lessons learned from the past proved valuable in saving      In addition to our employees, we owe a debt of
lives and property. The heroic efforts of the San Diego      gratitude to our many volunteers and citizen support
County Sheriff’s Department and other first responders       groups, such as Search and Rescue, Honorary Deputy
averted a much larger catastrophe. The firestorm             Sheriffs’ Association, and the Law Enforcement
brought together federal, state, county, city, and tribal    Foundation. All support our mission with the priceless
officials to work with community groups in a united          gifts of time and talent.
effort to provide shelter, food, and assistance to
                                                             I would like to acknowledge the County’s Public Safety
thousands of displaced residents.
                                                             Group, led by Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard
In the following pages, we describe many significant         and Deputy Chief Administrative Officer Harold Tuck.
projects initiated and completed by our five bureaus in      The County Board of Supervisors has also provided
the past year. For example, early in the year, I requested   tremendous support in making public safety a priority
that the Office of Independent Review be brought in          for the citizens of San Diego County.
to assess this department’s use of force practices. This
                                                             I hope you enjoy this year’s report of our accomplish-
in-depth analysis by an outside agency resulted in 36
                                                             ments and endeavors. If you have any comments or
recommendations, most of which were implemented.
                                                             questions, I welcome your input.
This is just one highlight of many that demonstrate this
department’s dedication to continual improvement.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department has some
of the most outstanding men and women I know
working here. We would not be who we are, if not for
the dedication and hard work of each person. This            Bill Kolender
report showcases some of these people who make us            San Diego County Sheriff
who we are. I want to thank each of them.

                                                                                          2007 Annual Report |    1
                             Office Of The Sheriff

                                      ndersheriff Bill Gore is
                                      the department’s
                                      second-in-command and
                             works closely with the Sheriff in
                             the leadership and management
                             of the department. Together, they
                             oversee nearly 4,000 employees
                             and 2,000 volunteers, and
                             manage a budget in excess of
                             $566 million.

                             The San Diego County Sheriff’s
                             Department covers 4,200 square
                             miles and provides police services
                             to a population of over 890,000,
                             including 17 Native American

                             The department provides contract
                             law enforcement services to the
                             cities of Del Mar, Encinitas, Solana
                             Beach, Imperial Beach, Lemon
                             Grove, Poway, Santee, San
                             Marcos and Vista. Additionally,
                             the department operates one
                             of the largest jail systems in the
                             United States, with an average
                             daily inmate population of 5,121.
                             The department also provides
                             support services to other law
                             enforcement agencies throughout
                             the county. These ancillary services
                             include those from the Sheriff’s

William Gore, Undersheriff
Crime Lab, Search and Rescue, Dive Team, and Aerial           • Hired ten new forensic professionals for the Crime
Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies (ASTREA).              Lab to employ DNA technology in solving street
                                                                crimes such as robberies, burglaries, and auto thefts
                                                              • Adopted recommendations made by the Office of
    The department operates one of                              Independent Review regarding the department’s
    the largest jail systems in the                             use of force policies and procedures
    United States, with an average                            • Expanded the Youthful Offender Reentry Program,
    daily inmate population of 5,121.                           which helps rebuild lives and reduce recidivism
                                                              • Developed additional court security teams to
                                                                address high-risk and high-profile cases
Undersheriff Gore is responsible for the day-to-day
                                                              • Hired, trained, and graduated more than 350
administration and operation of the San Diego County
                                                                Sheriff’s cadets
Sheriff’s Department. He provides leadership and
                                                              • Established the Division of Inspectional Services,
oversight to five bureaus: Court Services, Detention
                                                                which conducts performance and compliance audits
Services, Human Resources, Law Enforcement Services,
                                                              • Opened the new 4S Ranch Substation, which served
and Management Services. He also oversees the Office
                                                                as an Emergency Operations Center during the
of the Sheriff, which includes the Division of Inspectional
                                                                October fires
Services, Media/Public Affairs, Legal Affairs, and
                                                              • Implemented an E-Crime reporting system, which
Legislative/Governmental Affairs.
                                                                allows the public to report non-violent, low-grade
The department accomplished many goals in 2007                  crimes online, keeping deputies available for serious
and achieved numerous successes. Highlights include:            crimes and public safety issues

                                                                                            2007 Annual Report |    3
                                          Law Enforcement Services Bureau

                                                    he Law Enforcement Services Bureau serves nearly
                                                    900,000 individuals who live in the county’s unincorpo-
                                                    rated communities or in one of the nine incorporated
                                          cities that contract our services. The bureau also provides many
                                          regional services, including our Crime Lab, Aviation Unit, Bomb-
                                          Arson Unit, and Search and Rescue Unit to approximately three
                                          million county residents.

    James Cooke, Assistant Sheriff

In 2007, Law Enforcement Services patrol personnel        Santee, Poway, San Marcos, Vista, and Encinitas. The
responded to 233,088 calls, while our Emergency           Encinitas Station provides law enforcement services
Services Dispatchers handled 151,440 calls to 9-1-1,      to that city, as well as the cities of Del Mar and Solana
of which 30,323 were wireless.                            Beach. Each Sheriff’s Station serves the function of the
                                                          respective city’s police department with the Station
The bureau has 1,248 staff members, of which 723 are
                                                          Captain operating essentially as its Chief of Police.
deputy sheriffs assigned to patrol, traffic, detective,
and other support functions. In addition, the bureau      A new Alpine Station is coming in Spring 2008. It will
has 111 sergeants to supervise the various functions      be three times the size of the existing substation, to
and 362 non-sworn professional support staff. The         accommodate future growth in the surrounding
2007/2008 budget for Law Enforcement Services is          community. The total cost of the project upon
just over $187 million.                                   completion will be approximately $6.7 million.

Command                                                   Substations
The Law Enforcement Services Bureau is managed by         The Sheriff’s Department operates nine substations in
Assistant Sheriff Jim Cooke, Commander Al Skoglund,       Alpine, Ramona, Campo, Fallbrook, Julian, Pine Valley,
and Commander Mike McNally. A third commander             Valley Center, 4S Ranch, and Ranchita. Substations
position will be filled in 2008.                          provide the same law enforcement services as stations
                                                          with the exception of traffic enforcement.
                                                          The 4S Ranch Substation opened in November 2007.
The Sheriff’s Department operates seven full-service
                                                          The 2007 fires struck the area a month before the
Patrol Stations in Imperial Beach, Lemon Grove,
                                                          substation was open, but the facility rose to the

                                                            center for the Harris Fire, managing and coordinating
                                                            the activities of Sheriff’s deputies, police officers
                                                            from many jurisdictions, California Highway Patrol
                                                            officers, US Border Patrol agents, California National
                                                            Guard soldiers, and other resources.

                                                            The Sheriff’s Communications Center provides round-
                                                            the-clock professional public safety services to over
                                                            one million residents of San Diego County.

                                                            Last year, Emergency Services Dispatchers processed
                                                            over 1,600 calls a day for law enforcement services, with
                                                            approximately one quarter of those being 9-1-1 calls.

                                                            In response to the 2003 Cedar Fire, the Communications
                                                            Center implemented a new mass notification system.
                                                            This system was used extensively in the October 2007
                                                            wildfires. During these fires, the system delivered
                                                            emergency evacuation notices, water safety warnings,
occasion and served as a vital emergency operations
                                                            and other important community messages.
center during the fires.

During 2007, the Fallbrook Substation responded to
the Rice Fire. The Fallbrook Substation served as the
primary law enforcement command center for the
Rice Fire, managing and coordinating the activities of
Sheriff’s deputies, responding federal and state
police officers from many jurisdictions, and California
National Guard soldiers.

Rural Enforcement Detail
Although San Diego County is home to a major
metropolitan city, it encompasses a remote rural area       Emergency Services Division
covering 2,263 square miles. Providing law enforcement      The Emergency Services Division includes the Sheriff’s
services to an area so large and diverse is a tremendous    Aviation Unit known as ASTREA (Aerial Support to
challenge that is met every day by the members of the       Regional Enforcement Agencies), the Special
Rural Enforcement Detail.                                   Enforcement Detail which is the department’s full-time
                                                            Special Weapons and Tactics Team, the Bomb-Arson
During 2007, the Rural Enforcement Detail had five
                                                            Unit, the Law Enforcement Reserve Unit, the Crisis
major wildland fires, with the Harris Fire being the
                                                            Negotiations Team, and the Search and Rescue Team.
largest in loss of lives and property. The Rural Division
served as the primary law enforcement command

                                                                                           2007 Annual Report | 5
ASTREA                                                     In 2007, ASTREA aircraft were responsible for rescuing
In the 35 years ASTREA has been providing air support      38 individuals. Seven of those were hoist rescues,
to the citizens of San Diego County, it has been           including a 200-pound Mastiff. In law enforcement
responsible for saving hundreds of lives through search    related activities, ASTREA located downed aircraft and
and rescue missions, medical evacuations, and fire-        aided in the location and apprehension of suspects.
fighting operations. With the addition of Copter 10
and Copter 12, and our partnership with CDF, ASTREA’s      SEARCH AND RESCUE TEAM
abilities and usefulness to the people of San Diego        In March 1963, the first official Sheriff’s Search and
County have increased even more.                           Rescue Team was formed. Today, the team has over
                                                           200 volunteers who contribute countless hours of
The ASTREA fleet consists of five MD 500 Type III
                                                           their personal time. In 2007 alone, SAR donated a
helicopters, two Bell 205 A1 type II helicopters (Fire/
                                                           total of 51,567 man-hours and 295,105 miles. In dollars
Rescue Program), and a new Bell 407 Type III helicopter
                                                           and cents, this adds up to a saving of $425,000
that was acquired in 2007. This new aircraft is equipped
                                                           annually for the county.
with video downlink capability acquired through the
3C’s Project (Command Control Communications).             Eight SAR volunteers donated more than 1,000 hours,
The video images of any incident that our aircraft can     including the SAR Commander, Chris Van Gorder, who
fly over, can be electronically transmitted through our    in his day job works as the CEO for Scripps Healthcare.
Regional Communications System to the various
                                                           SAR K-9 Unit Leader Pam Medurst was named the
Department Operations Centers or Emergency
                                                           California Reserve Peace Officers Association (CRPOA)
Operations Center, giving command staff a better
                                                           Search and Rescue member of the year for 2007. She
picture of the situation.
                                                           volunteered 1,993 hours in 2007. Pam works with three

                                                             beagles, Snickers, Charlie and Danie (named after
                                                             Danielle Van Dam). In addition, she established an
                                                             “Adopt a SAR Dog” program for school age children.

                                                             In 2007, the Law Enforcement Reserve Support Detail
                                                             personnel provided a total of 32,869 hours of service,
                                                             drove 143,102 personal miles, and participated in 56
                                                             Special Events. The Reserves Detail logged more than
                                                             1,600 hours during the devastating October fires that
                                                             raged throughout San Diego County. The Reserve
                                                             Transportation Unit transported more than 227
                                                             prisoners to jail, saving countless hours for field patrol
                                                             deputies. The total amount of hours volunteered by
                                                             the Reserve Detail equates to $1,196,252 in savings to
                                                             the Sheriff’s Department and the public.

Success Story: Varrio San Marcos Gang Injunction             However, since the granting of the civil gang injunction
In October 2007, after over 1-1/2 years of investigation     against Varrio San Marcos, there has been a remarkable
and documentation, a request for a civil gang                decline in gang-related activity in the established
injunction against 93 members of the Varrio San Marcos       safety zones.
Criminal Street Gang was submitted to the Superior
Court of the County of San Diego.                            Success Story: Commercial Robbery Suspect Caught
                                                             During the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008,
A civil gang injunction is a process that prohibits          numerous commercial burglaries occurred in the
specified individuals from participating in activities       Fallbrook business district.
that may benefit the gang within specific safety zones.
Violation of any of the prohibited acts is grounds for       Deputies recognized the series early, and when
arrest. The objective of acquiring a civil gang injunction   responding to the calls for service made every effort
is simple – to reduce gang activity and its influence        to locate and collect evidence from the crime scenes.
upon the community.                                          At the same time they worked every lead and detained
                                                             and questioned potential suspects.
After careful review, a preliminary injunction was
granted containing all of the requested restrictions         In early February, while conducting operations
against the listed members.                                  specifically directed toward catching the perpetrator
                                                             of these commercial burglaries, Detective Lauhon
Since granting the injunctions, the gang’s ability to        caught a 21-year-old male suspect, who was taken into
function effectively as a criminal organization, maintain    custody and formally charged with 19 burglaries.
control of their claimed territory, and recruit new
members, has been severely restricted.                       The burglaries were attributed to this suspect through
                                                             evidence collected by deputies who first responded
Further court hearings and proper service to the             to the call.
affected gang members will be needed in the first
half of 2008 for the injunction to become permanent.

                                                                                             2007 Annual Report |     7
Crime Lab                                                       FORENSIC ALCOHOL
Here are some of the recent successes of forensic               In 2007, criminalists in the Forensic Alcohol Section of
professionals at the Crime Lab, both in the field and           the Crime Lab testified over 140 times in courtrooms
in the Laboratory.                                              throughout San Diego County. Most cases involved
                                                                “driving under the influence of alcohol” and included
DNA TECHNOLOGY: TAKING ON STREET CRIMES                         misdemeanors, felonies, and even homicides.
In 2007, the Sheriff requested funding from the Board of
Supervisors for a new team to deploy DNA technology             ATTACKING FINGERPRINT CASE BACKLOG
to street crimes, including robberies, burglaries, and          In 2007 the lab created a new Cal-ID Backlog
auto thefts. The aim was to take the science that has           Reduction Team to get fingerprints into the Department
changed the investigation of homicides and sex crimes,          of Justice’s automated fingerprint system. Funded by
and use it to solve crimes that affect the quality of life in   the Regional Access Network Board, this innovative
neighborhoods. The Board approved the Sheriff’s plan.           program worked through a backlog of over 2,000 cases
                                                                in which prints had been obtained but not entered into
Today the lab is putting together a first-of-its-kind
                                                                the database. The project was expected to take two
Rapid Response DNA Team. In 2007 alone, DNA
                                                                years, but the team cleaned up the entire backlog in
criminalists identified suspects with DNA in over 200
                                                                five months, identifying suspects in 225 cases. The team
street crimes – all of them cases where there was no
                                                                is now assisting other law enforcement agencies with
known suspect. This means criminalists at the lab
                                                                their backlog.
are now assisting area detectives in solving series of
robberies, and burglaries, and auto thefts – cases that
would otherwise have gone unsolved.

Success Story: Sexual Assault Detail                      case with Criminalist Cathy Jakovich of the Sheriff’s
In 2007, the Sheriff’s Department created a new Sexual    Crime Lab’s Cold Case Forensic Team.
Assault Detail in the Central Investigations Division.
                                                          In 1976, crime scene investigators had carefully
This team of investigators works sex crimes countywide.
                                                          preserved evidence, including her fingernails. They’d
Within months of creating the new detail, it showed
                                                          been checked for the presence of blood with negative
its value by pairing up with the Crime Lab to solve a
                                                          results. But had they, the criminalist asked, been
frightening rape series.
                                                          checked for human skin? If Anita had fought back, there
Success Story: A Cold Case Homicide                       was a chance her assailant’s skin could be discovered
The Cold Case Forensics Team solved the 31-year-          even years later.
old homicide of Anita Marie Carrier, a 20-year-old        She checked. There was in fact foreign DNA – not
woman who was viciously stabbed to death in 1976.         that of the victim’s. She checked it against Manley’s.
The pathologist identified more than thirty wounds,       The result: a match. The case was solved.
probably from a steak knife. Chula Vista detectives
quickly honed in on a suspect, Charles Manley. But, no    Success Story: Solving a Robbery Through DNA
weapon was found and no blood was found on Manley.        Deputy Christi Licudine responded to investigate a
                                                          residential burglary in Lemon Grove. There were no
The case went cold and unsolved. Meanwhile, Charles
                                                          witnesses, but the deputy spotted something out of
Manley had earned his way onto death row in Nevada
                                                          place: two cigarette butts in the house. The victims of
for a lifetime of sexual offenses and other violence,
                                                          the burglary don’t smoke. She collected the cigarette
culminating in the death of a young grade-school
                                                          butts as evidence. Crime Lab Criminalist Connie Milton
teacher. In 2001, before he could be executed, Manley
                                                          obtained DNA types from both. Because there were
died at age 53 from hepatitis C. Still, the question
                                                          no suspects, she submitted them to the State’s DNA
remained: was Manley the killer or should detectives
                                                          database, CODIS. That search turned up matches to
be looking for another suspect?
                                                          two repeat offenders. Detective Brad Farr found and
Retired Chula Vista Detective Robert Conrad was called    arrested the suspects.
back into service to work cold cases. He discussed the

                                                                                        2007 Annual Report | 9
                                           Detention Services Bureau

                                                      irected by Assistant Sheriff Al Guerin, the Detention
                                                      Services Bureau has eight facilities with an annual budget
                                                      of just over $200 million. In 2007, those facilities accepted
                                           nearly 100,000 new bookings, and housed, fed, and cared for an
                                           average daily population of 5,121 inmates at an average cost of
                                           approximately $110 per inmate per day. Over 8.5 million meals
                                           were prepared and served by the Sheriff’s Food Services Division
                                           at an average cost of 95 cents per meal.

      Al Guerin, Assistant Sheriff

In 2007, the bureau implemented a new Youthful
Offender Reentry Program at the Descanso Detention
Facility. This program, a collaborative effort between
the Sheriff and Probation Department, offers 18 to
25-year-old high-risk offenders substance abuse
education, behavioral treatment, and vocational and
employment counseling. Each participant receives a
community reentry plan. These efforts earned the
Descanso Detention Facility and Inmate Services              to their successful community reentry. More than 700
Division the Probation Department Chief’s Award for          inmates participated in this program in 2007.
outstanding performance.
                                                             In support of Crime Stoppers, the bureau recognized
A second reentry program was implemented at the              the jails’ potential to become the Internet of unsolved
East Mesa Detention Facility, in which Correctional          crimes. With more than 5,000 inmates detained in
Counselors interview inmates to assess their clinical and    Sheriff’s custody daily, knowledge about unsolved
social needs as well as public safety risks. These           crimes is readily available. To tap into this resource,
assessments help identify the most pertinent needs of        the bureau created and distributed Cold Case Playing
each inmate, along with community and correctional           Cards to the inmate population. Each card contains
programs that can provide appropriate services to these      victim information, a case summary, and the Crime
inmates upon release. Inmates about to be released           Stopper’s contact information. The use of this
receive an Individual Service Plan with written goals        program in other states has led to the closure of
and objectives that they have identified as key factors      previously unsolved crimes.

State Proposition 69 requires the collection of DNA         The Medical Services Division achieved significant
samples from all adults and juveniles convicted of any      accomplishments in 2007. The division played an
felony offense. In 2007, bureau staff collected 4,667       instrumental role in the reentry efforts associated
DNA samples from inmates, bringing the total collected      with Senate Bill 618 by medically screening more than
since implementing Prop 69 to 20,423.                       240 inmates.

Jail overcrowding continued to be a significant             In addition, the division purchased a digital X-ray
challenge. To assist in addressing this issue, Facility 8   machine, and installed it at the San Diego Central Jail.
was opened, adding 200 CSA-rated beds to the                All inmates entering the Central Jail now receive chest
detention system. Throughout our system, the staff’s        X-rays to aid in the early identification of tuberculosis.
innovative and proactive supervision reduced inmate vs.     This new process significantly reduces exposure
inmate assaults by 14%. This is the second consecutive      rates for inmates, staff, and the general public. Since
year a substantial reduction in inmate violence occurred.   implementation in October 2007, three inmates were
                                                            identified and immediately separated from the general
In early 2007, a new e-mail system for inmates became
                                                            population for proper treatment.
operational. Over the year, Sheriff’s inmates received
235,672 electronic messages from friends and family.        The division also installed an automated medication-
                                                            dispensing machine in the pharmacy. The pre-packing
As yet another benefit to the inmate population, the
                                                            capability of this machine improves pill-dispensing
Inmate Services Division improved commissary
                                                            efficiency. When full compatibility with the Jail
operations with a new automated order verification
                                                            Information Management System (JIMS) is achieved,
system. This system enables commissary staff to process
                                                            pre-packing of medications for individual inmates will
and deliver inmate orders within 24 hours, providing
                                                            become possible.
increased revenue for the Inmate Welfare Fund.

                                                                                           2007 Annual Report | 11
                                           Court Services Bureau

                                                       ur goal is to provide a safe and secure environment that
                                                       enables the judicial system to serve the community

                                           The San Diego Sheriff’s Court Services Bureau provides security
                                           services for the third largest court system in the United States.
                                           The system’s ten court facilities manage more than 600,000
                                           civil and criminal case filings each year.

     Kim Quaco, Assistant Sheriff

The bureau has a budget of nearly $52 million, $32.3
million of which is derived from a contract between
the Superior Courts and the Sheriff’s Department for
security services. This is the largest service contract
provided by the department. Last year, the bureau’s
courthouse screening stations checked nearly four
million individuals and denied more than 19,000
potential weapons.

Since 2002, the bureau has provided security at the
County Administrative Center (CAC). The CAC attracts
310,000 public visitors a year who are screened for           Department, including policies and procedures, interior
weapons prior to admittance. This historic site               and exterior security measures, and an assessment of
accommodates approximately 1,000 county employees             physical building security measures. This assessment
and elected public officials who rely on Sheriff’s            will allow the Sheriff’s Department to improve its policies
personnel for their safety and security concerns.             and practices and to prioritize needs for added
Recently, the bureau provided training for all building       security measures.
tenants in personal security, critical response, and
                                                              Last year, the Investigation Unit reviewed 30 judicial
emergency evacuation.
                                                              threats, conducted 1,250 follow-up investigations, and
In 2007, the Sheriff’s Department contracted with the         worked 749 extradition cases. The unit also worked with
National Center for State Courts to do an in-depth            the U.S. Department of Justice in identifying judicial
assessment of court security provided by the Sheriff’s        threat subjects who are trying to buy firearms.

The bureau’s additional responsibilities include the       In 2007, the Civil Unit processed 64,260 civil documents
safe and timely movement of in-state, federal, and         and processed more than $21 million dollars in fees
county prisoners to and from court appearances,            and collections. It also generated more than $2.5
medical clinics, funerals, and local and out-of-county     million in revenue. It also developed and imple-
warrants. In 2007, the Prisoner Transportation Detail      mented “Roadmap to Success,” which entails:
transported over 209,000 inmates and logged over             • Attending trainings and classes
673,000 miles.                                               • Standardizing the civil procedural desk manual
                                                             • Ongoing training to meet employee’s needs
    In 2007, the Prisoner Transportation
    Detail transported over 209,000                        CSB Highlight
                                                           Domestic violence is a serious problem. The Sheriff’s
    inmates and logged over 673,000
                                                           Department Court Services Bureau partnered with
                                                           other agencies to increase efficiency and accuracy in
                                                           obtaining and processing domestic violence orders.
The bureau’s Civil Unit handles processes such as
                                                           The bureau also built a new web page, providing the
temporary restraining orders, evictions, wage
                                                           public with critical restraining order information, and
garnishments, bank levies, summons, claims, real &
                                                           created a Domestic Violence/Temporary Restraining
personal property levies and sales. Residents and
                                                           Order (DV/TRO) information packet. Additionally, an
businesses in San Diego County use the bureau’s
                                                           educational community outreach program was
services to help serve civil processes and enforce court
                                                           developed. Together, these communication tools and
orders. This unit handles a high volume of customers
                                                           outreach programs provide domestic violence victims
in person and by telephone.
                                                           with answers, resources, and support.

                                                                                         2007 Annual Report | 13
                                                    Management Services Bureau

                                                               he mission of the Management Services Bureau is to

                                                    T          provide quality business-related support and expertise.
                                                               The bureau accomplishes its mission through the activities
                                                    of five divisions: Contracts, Data Services, Fiscal Services, Support
                                                    Services and Wireless Services.

John “Chuck” Gaines, Executive Director

      Contracts Division
      The Contracts Division develops revenue and
      procurement contracts, and manages law enforcement
      services contracts with nine incorporated cities, two
      Indian tribes, and various districts, as well as the security
      contract with the San Diego Superior Court.
                                                                      Data Services Division
      Highlights of 2007 included:
                                                                      The Data Services Division acquires, installs, and
      • Managing more than $109 million worth of
                                                                      maintains all information systems used within the
           revenue contracts and coordinating $41 million
                                                                      Sheriff’s Department, including over 4,000 pieces of
           in grants for the department
                                                                      computer hardware. Data Services also supports key
      • Negotiating a new Law Enforcement Services
                                                                      information systems like the SDLaw network serving
           Agreement with nine contract cities
                                                                      all law enforcement and justice agencies in the San
      • Procuring a $2.9 million Bell 407 helicopter
                                                                      Diego region.
      • Administering several major procurements including
           an agreement for department-wide towing services           Key implementations in 2007 include:
           and a targeting system for the Regional Firearms           • Major updates to the Sheriff’s Jail Information
           Training Center                                              Management System (JIMS), adding new
      • Obtaining a $1.5 million Mentally Ill Offender Crime            pharmacological functionality and improved inmate
           Reduction Grant and a $983,000 Byrne Memorial                order processing for commissary items
           Grant                                                      • A new system enabling the public to e-mail inmates,
      • Supporting all areas of the department by providing             reducing the resources needed to inspect, handle
           technical assistance with all procurements                   and deliver traditional mail into the detention facilities

• The E-Crime system, which allows the public to           cash, travel services, and inventory. It also establishes
  report harassing phone calls, vehicle burglary,          billing rates and provides short term and long-range
  vandalism, lost property and theft over the Internet     financial forecasts and analytical support to all bureaus.
  rather than having a deputy sheriff meet the victim
                                                           In 2007, the Financial Services unit reviewed the
  and take a report in the field
                                                           department’s cash handling and control procedures,
• The E-Mug system, a new electronic mugshot
                                                           and will institute additional training in that regard
  system that enables tabletop lineups of suspects,
                                                           during 2008. Additionally, the unit provided training
  provides high-quality suspect photos and wanted
                                                           to management personnel in financial management,
  posters in electronic format to all regional law
                                                           acceptance of donations, travel policies and procedures,
  enforcement agencies, and connects to statewide
                                                           and ethics.
  and national mugshot databases

                                                           Support Services
Fiscal Services Division
                                                           Support Services has three divisions: Facilities Planning
This division provides budget, financial, and general
                                                           and Management, Fleet Management, and Records
accounting functions for the entire department,
                                                           and Identification.
through its Financial Services and Budget and Revenue
Management units.                                          The Facilities Planning and Management Division
                                                           maintains all department facilities and plans and
Fiscal Services develops and monitors the annual
                                                           oversees all facility enhancements, capital projects,
budget, which is $566 million for fiscal year 2007-08,
                                                           and major maintenance projects. Planning efforts range
offset by $364 million in program revenues. In addition,
                                                           from master plans, to proposed facility construction,
the division also provides accounting services and
                                                           to site selections.
manages procurement cards, accounts payable, petty

                                                                                          2007 Annual Report | 15
A total of 37 major maintenance projects were                 • Warrants Section staff handled 25,000 protective
completed in 2007, including:                                   orders and approximately 84,000 arrest warrants
• Replacing cell fixtures at South Bay Detention Facility
                                                              The Fleet Management Division monitors maintenance
• Replacing roofs at Las Colinas
                                                              costs and preventative maintenance schedules to
• New glass in the visitor’s lobby at George Bailey,
                                                              reduce downtime on vehicle repairs, monitors fuel
     along with new fencing
                                                              usage and costs, develops outfitting guidelines to
Facility enhancements included new carpet and paint,          ensure department needs are met, provides accident
new furniture, and the installation of a telephone            administration, and stabilizes overall operating costs
recording system. Facilities receiving enhancements           within the Fleet Unit.
in 2007, include George Bailey, Las Colinas and Vista
                                                              In 2007, the division:
Detention Facilities, Poway, Santee, Vista and San
                                                              • Oversaw the maintenance of 1,485 Sheriff’s vehicles
Marcos Patrol Stations, the San Marcos Wireless Shop,
                                                              • Reduced the number of vehicles overdue for
and the department’s headquarters at Ridgehaven.
                                                                preventive maintenance by 9%
Major new capital projects in 2007 included:                  • Ordered 200 replacement vehicles to maintain fleet
• 4S Ranch Sheriff’s Substation, a 6,500 square foot            strength
     facility that served as an emergency operations center   • Purchased six MCI 50 passenger buses to replace
     during the October 2007 wildfires, a month before          older buses used in transporting inmates. At a cost
     becoming fully operational in November 2007                of approximately $450,000 each, these buses are the
• The Sheriff’s Bomb and Arson Training Facility was            largest single purchase of inmate transportation
     fully renovated with new offices, training rooms,          vehicles in the department’s history
     explosives storage and disassembly buildings, and
     security systems, creating the most advanced bomb        Wireless Services Division
     and arson facility in the western United States          The Wireless Services Division (WSD) operates and
• Alpine Station, a 14,000 square foot building in            maintains all public safety wireless communications
     Alpine, was acquired and remodeling began in             systems used by the County of San Diego, including
     anticipation of opening a new patrol station in 2008     mobile (in-car) and portable (hand-held) radios.

The Records and Identification Division is staffed 24-        The division also manages the San Diego County –
hours a day, 365 days a year to provide professional          Imperial County Regional Communications System
support and service to the department, the law                (RCS) radio network that serves the majority of the
enforcement community, and county residents. The              public safety (law enforcement and fire) and public
division is composed of four sections: Bookings, Cal-ID,      service (transportation, schools) users in this region.
Cases, and Warrants.
                                                              During 2007, the division completed a four-year, $23
2007 by the numbers:                                          million enhancement to the RCS system that improved
• Cal-ID Section staff processed 125,000 electronic           system capacity and coverage. The goal of this
     fingerprint submissions                                  enhancement was realized during the October 2007
• Cases Section staff entered 73,000 arrest and criminal      wildfires, with the RCS providing a 71% improvement
     reports into the Automated Regional Justice              in radio system response and availability compared
     Information System (ARJIS)                               with the fires of October 2003.
• Bookings Section staff handled 144,000 jail
     booking files

                                           Human Resource Services Bureau

                                                     ur most valuable resource is our employees. No matter
                                                     how far technology in law enforcement advances, there
                                                     will never be a substitute for the right person in the
                                           right place with the right training and tools. Attracting and
                                           retaining qualified people is the job of the Human Resource
                                           Services Bureau.

     Rob Ahern, Assistant Sheriff

Raising Awareness
Our Professional Staff Training (PST) provided over
12,900 hours of training to 1,713 students. This training
included welcoming 195 new professional staff to
the Sheriff’s Department. In-house training programs
included Diversity Awareness, Sexual Harassment
Prevention, Leadership, Teambuilding, File
Management, and Personal Awareness. Contracted
training included programs in CPR, First Aid, AED,
                                                                Cadets experience real-life situations at the Training Center
Microsoft Office, and Risk Management.

Reaching Out
                                                            Detentions – Court Services positions, an increase of
Our Personnel/Recruiting Unit continued their extensive
                                                            13.95 percent from 2006. At the same time, we
recruiting efforts at the Women in Law Enforcement
                                                            decreased our number of vacancies by 12.61 percent.
Exposition and numerous Sheriff’s Department open
houses. As a result of those efforts, we received nearly    The Training Division was instrumental in the successful
500 more employment applications in 2007 compared           issuance of over 800 Tasers to first responders. A
to 2006.                                                    total of 424 deputies went through our three-day,
                                                            POST-certified training course. The class was so
Maintaining High Standards                                  successful that the Training Division will present the
Last year, the Personnel Division tested 3,905              Taser course to Detentions deputies in preparation
candidates for Deputy Sheriff and Deputy Sheriff/           for the rollout of Tasers in our detention facilities.

                                                                                            2007 Annual Report | 17
                                Deputy Sheriffs’ Association

                                    n 2007, everyone at the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (DSA) had a busy year.

                                I   On the state level, we improved lines of communication with the Los Angeles
                                    Police Protective League and the Association of Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs.
                                These two associations have shared their knowledge and expertise as we all deal
                                with the issues of recruitment, retention, pensions and benefits.

                                At the local level, we signed letters of understanding with the county that provided
                                financial incentives for open enrollees and increased finder’s fees for referrals.
                                The association, department and county worked together to reach a solution to
                                the parking situation facing deputies working at our downtown facilities.

                                The DSA and our legal representatives worked closely with the Division of
                                Inspectional Services (formerly PSU) on the creation and implementation of new
                                policies based on recommendations made by the Office of Independent Review.
Ernie Carrillo, DSA President

                                Lastly, the lines of communication between Sheriff Kolender, Command Staff
                                and the County Board of Supervisors continued to be strong and we look forward
                                to solidifying these same lines during this upcoming year. On behalf of the Board
                                of Directors of the DSA, thank you for your support in 2007 and we look forward
                                to a healthy and strong relationship in 2008.

                                Honorary Deputy Sheriffs’ Association

                                       ormer Sheriff John F. Duffy founded the San Diego County Honorary

                                F      Deputy Sheriffs’ Association (HDSA) in 1974. It currently consists of over
                                       700 local business and community leaders who support law enforcement
                                throughout the county through generous donations of time and money. To date,
                                the HDSA has contributed more than $4.8 million through projects and donations.

                                The HDSA continues to focus on providing funds for education, training and
                                equipment for all our law enforcement agencies in the county. Last year, the HDSA
                                raised or contributed more than $324,000 to the law enforcement community.

                                The HDSA also owns and operates the Sheriff’s Museum in Old Town, which
                                provides a historical perspective of local law enforcement to the thousands of
                                children and citizens who visit each year.

                                We are proud to be considered partners with our Sheriff’s Deputies, and look
                                forward to another successful year in 2008 as we keep looking for opportunities
Jeff Basford, HDSA President
                                to serve and support their mission.

Awards For 2007

Department Awards

Medal for Lifesaving                 Oscar Escobedo                Letter of Commendation
Mark Cook                            George Garcia                 John Cannon
Yvan Rogers                          Roy Mayne                     Keith Crowl
                                     Michael Moore                 Mark Foster
Distinguished Service Medal          Steven Morace                 Keith Griggs
Rick Ellington                       Brian Patterson               Jay Pavlenko
                                     Daniel Perkins                Jeff Schmidt
Medal of Merit
                                     Jason Philpot                 Glen Twyman
Jerry Hannis
                                     Kevin Ralph                   Jason Vickery
Meritorious Unit Citation
                                     Certificate of Commendation   Extraordinary Achievement
Operation Black Ball Investigation
                                     Leonel Gurrola                Deborah Duncan
Recruiting & Background Units
                                     Jesus “Chuy” Gutierrez        Linda Jackson
Certificate for Lifesaving           Dan Pena
Steven Ashkar                        Dave Ross
Franklin Burkey                      Ellen Vest
John Cannon                          Maria Wood
Jeffrey Creighton                    Mario Zermeno

Civilian Awards

Distinguished Service Award          Civilian Commendation
Ralph Bishop                         Pamela Kulbarsh
Verlon Cox                           Christopher Smith
Clarence Good
                                     Letter of Appreciation
Meritorious Service Award            Tom Juris
Zackary Dinsmore                     Simi & Abdul Karim
Jason Russo                          Joseph Schnurr
Jason Suetos
Christopher Villa

                                                                            2007 Annual Report | 19
Facts About Us

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department was             On average, we house 5,175 inmates in our detention
founded in 1850, the same year California became a        facilities, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
state. We are the fourth largest Sheriff’s Department     We keep safe 171 court rooms, at ten courthouses
in the United States, and we provide law enforcement      throughout the county.
services to nine contract cities and the unincorporated
areas of the county.

Mission Statement

In partnership with our communities, we provide
the highest quality public safety services.

Core Values

HONESTY     We are truthful in our words and in our actions.

LOYALTY     We affirm our allegiance to our community, to our
            department and to our Core Values.

TRUST       We are confident in the integrity, the ability and the
            good character of others.

RESPECT     We treat each other with dignity, honoring the rights,
            ideas and opinions of all individuals.

FAIRNESS    We are just and impartial in all of our interactions.
            Our decisions are made without personal favoritism.

INTEGRITY   We are people of character and principle. We do what
            is right, even when no one is looking.

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            Design        BrainShine Design
            Photography   Sandy Huffaker, Tom Keck
Main Office
John F. Duffy Administrative Center
9621 Ridgehaven Court
San Diego, CA 92123

Mailing Address:
P Box 939062
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Phone: (858) 974-2222
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