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					                                                                     Volume 2, Issue 11               November, 2010

                                                  The “FIRST” Edition
The First United Methodist Church of Pontiac, Illinois

    Open hearts.
      Open minds.                                              Rev. Ray’s Reflections
         Open doors.

                                         “How Passionate Are You?”             video announcements
                                                                               for display in the church
Special Points of Interest            On Saturday, September 11th, a team narthex, 4) to design
                                      of five laypersons joined me in an Illi- and print business-sized
•    Chaddock Appreciation Night                                               cards with vital church
                                      nois Great Rivers Conference spon-
•    “Angel Tree”                     sored workshop on Passionate Worship. information for mem-
•    Golden Elite 2010                Members of the team included Nancy       bers to use as an aid for
                                      DiNardi, Worship Chairperson; Laura      inviting friends,
•    Stewardship of Presence                                                   neighbors, and col-
                                      Ramseyer, Sanctuary & Bell Choir Di-
•    Care Packages for the Troops     rector; Susan Owens, Coordinator of      leagues to worship, and 5) to increase
•    Veterans’ Day Tribute - 11/7     Contemporary Worship; Becky Trewar- the membership of our worship tech
•    Phil & Judy Icenogle Present     tha, Worship Tech Team member; and team.
     Prime Timers Program             John McGlasson, Lay Leader.
                                                                               Our long-term steps are to be imple-
•    Ring the Bell for Salvation
                                      Following the workshop our team was      mented within a six-eighteen month
                                      directed to create a “Passionate Wor-    range. These are 1) to form a visual
•    Hanging of the Greens                                                     arts team that will create new banners
                                      ship” Action Plan, that would answer
                                      the question, “How can we help the       for worship and explore other ways to
                                      Pontiac First United Methodist Church    incorporate more visual arts in worship,
                                      become more passionate in our wor-       and 2) to create a Taizé worship ser-
                                      ship of God?”                            vice possibly on an alternate day of the
                                                                               week and at an alternate site. For
                                      This action plan consists of short-term, more information on Taizé worship,
                                      medium-term, and long-term steps.        please go to
                                      Our short-term steps have already
                         2010         been implemented. They are 1) to         “Why should I be passionate when it
                                      eliminate announcements from our         comes to worshipping God?” you may
                                      worship service, and 2) to include a     ask. Because we were created for this
                                      time of silence within the worship ser- very reason!
Youth News                     P. 2
                                      vice. The feedback has been very
Parish Nurse News              P. 3   positive with both of these changes.     In Christ’s Service,
Birthdays/                     P. 5   Announcements are now available
Anniversaries                         within the worship bulletin and upon
                                      the sanctuary screen prior to each ser-
Nov. Bible Readings            P. 6   vice, and can also be accessed on the
                                      homepage of our church website at        Rev. Ray
MOPS                           P. 8
UMW News                       P.10

                                      Our medium-term steps are to be
Financial Report
                                      implemented within a three-six month
                                      range. These are 1) to incorporate
                                      drama into worship, 2) to create a
                                      wall/or windows of prayer, 3) to create
 Page 2                                                                                  The “FIRST” Edition

             Forming Faith - The Way Ahead                                           Student Gathering
                                                                           We are developing a gathering time for
When I was in Jr. High I went to a classroom in the basement of            6-12th grade students on Sunday morning
my home church very nearly every week...well, at least three out           where they will be encouraged to experi-
of four weeks. My mother was my Sunday School teacher and I                ence God and share faith with one an-
felt compelled to go. At this time in my life I had many questions. I      other.
was being introduced to science that seemed to challenge what I
read in the Bible and because I excelled in academics, I was                              Confirmation
placed in special classes that allowed me space to think critically        The process of confirmation is changing
and problem-solve. At Church, on the other hand, I felt like a spec-       significantly. We are incorporating small
tator at a performance and in Sunday School I didn’t feel as               groups, adult mentors, requiring atten-
though we were engaging in critical thinking or topics that were as        dance at Sunday School and Church, and
                                      engaging as school. By the           lengthening the process to a year and a
                                      time of my eighth grade year (I      half.
                                      had been confirmed in seventh
                                      grade), I had much more free-              Rotational Sunday School
                                      dom to choose whether I would        6-12th grade Sunday School classes start-
                                      go to church and Sunday              ing next August will no longer require
                                      School or not. I chose not.          year-long teachers. The year will be di-
                                       In the Sunday night book study      vided into 6-8 week sessions with Biblical
                                       “Presence-Centered Youth            or topical themes to engage students in a
                                                                           variety of ways. This will give teachers
                                       Ministry,” adult leaders of youth
                                                                           time to recharge; be formed in faith
                                       have been discussing just this
                                                                           themselves; and have time to prepare for
sort of situation. We have been discussing the need to engage
                                                                           their work in new ways!
students mind-heart-body to encourage them in connecting with
God. That means we want our youth to build upon the Bible sto-
ries they have learned as children so that they can apply the Bible                   Adult Bible Studies
to their lives. We don’t do this to form better-behaved youth or so        Short-term Bible Studies are being devel-
that they will be better citizens. In fact, if we are truly disciples of   oped for next Spring. A five year goal is
Jesus, we might find we are called to his radical ministry of politi-      that, over time, every person in this
cal defiance and unreasonable love.                                        church would become involved in some
It was not until my first year of college that I followed a girl to the    type of class or small group, but first we
                                                                           must provide more opportunities that
United Methodist campus ministry and accidentally became in-
                                                                           have broad appeal.
volved in church again. I found a place that reflected God’s love to
me, allowed me to doubt, and gave me opportunities to think criti-
cally. I began to feel connected to God -the God who loved me-                          Faithful Leaders
and I began, naturally, to feel a compulsion to share that love with       “Faith education” can only be successful
others.                                                                    when people of the church are engaging
                                                                           in Spiritual practices. Ray and I are both
My hope is that during this next year of focusing on Intentional
                                                                           encouraging this church to be a church
Faith Formation, that we can create an authentic atmosphere
                                                                           that prays and we will promote spiritual
where youth and young adults are invited to think critically and           practices such as fasting, scripture read-
even doubt as they wrestle with their faith and the radical scrip-         ing, worship... the list goes on.
tures of Jesus Christ. My hope is that this faith formation will no
longer be thought of as the job of an associate pastor or a few
parents, but that the whole church would engage with our student                       Dancing Disciples
ministries. If we do this, our church can become a place of true           This process of having creative space for
transformation and faith development. Would you join me in this            students to engage with God has already
process?                                                                   been happening at this church of course.
                                                                           The most recent example is Dancing Dis-
                                                                           ciples where students are finding ways to
                                                                           connect with God using their God-given
                                                                           talent of dance and movement.
 Volume 2, Issue 11                                                                        Page 3

                                Avoiding Falls
     Falls are one of the leading causes of serious injuries, such as hip, wrist,
  shoulder and fractured vertebrae. In the elderly, these falls can lead to loss of
  independence, often resulting in a move to a nursing home or other super-
  vised living facility. In some instances, a fall can even result in death.

  Everyone has the potential to fall but younger people usually don’t suffer
  long term effects. Some of the common conditions in older adults that can
  increase the risk of falls are heart disease, stroke, Parkinson’s, diabetes,          From the
  arthritis, COPD, heart failure, and vision problems. Also, some medications         Parish Nurses
  can be a risk problem in causing falls.

  Some tips to avoid falls are as follows:
     Get some exercise. Regular, moderate physical activity increases muscle strength and balance.
     Eat a sensible, balanced diet. Good nutrition results in higher energy. Check with your healthcare pro-
         vider about calcium and Vitamin D supplements.
     Do a home safety inspection. Eliminate obvious risks such as poor lighting, throw rugs and clutter.
         Turn on lights when you walk through your house at night. Use nightlights. Remember the cold
         weather will lead to ice and snow. Make sure that you don’t walk in either before someone has
         cleared your sidewalks and drives.
     Take your time and think ahead. When you rise from a seated position, stand for a few seconds before
     Use a walker or cane when you need them. Though it is not always easy to accept your need for them,
         they may save you from further problems.
     Talk to your healthcare provider if you have experienced a fall, or if you’re having dizziness, balance
         problems or impaired vision.
     Have a portable telephone with you, especially if you live alone.

   If you do live alone, think about getting a Lifeline or other medical alert system which will get you assis-
 tance quickly. The Pontiac Fire Department also has information on a Knox Box, which is a locked box that
 you keep on your front door. In the box is a key to your house. The fire department has a key for the box
 and can open it if they get called to your house and you are unable to open the door. Having one or both of
 these items can help in an emergency.

   We all know that if we fall spiritually, God is always there to lift us up, cradle us in His hands and send us
 on our way. In the physical sense, we know that there are times no one is there to prevent falls or to pick us
 up afterwards. We need to anticipate and prevent these falls before they happen. (Much of this article was
 taken from a Philips Lifeline brochure)

  The parish nurses can get more information to you if you need it.
                                                                            In Christ’s Love, Mary & Karen

Wednesday                             Wednesday Night Connection has been a great success. It is a
                              time of table fellowship. We eat, talk and play games together. We
  Night                       hope that you will join us during the Wednesdays of November for
                              this night of family fun. The meal is prepared by volunteers each week
Connection                    and we ask that you consider making a donation to support the meal
                              and ministry of Wednesday Night Connection.
   Page 4                                                                                    The “FIRST” Edition
    Livingston             Monday 1- 5 PM
                                                                           THANK YOU
      County            Wednesday 1- 5 PM
                        Saturday10 AM-12PM
                                                                     to everyone who donated
      Pantry               Community                                   blood at the October
                          Pantry Sunday                                    Bloodmobile.
                            November 7
    Please bring canned soup.
                                                November Bloodmobile: Nov. 24 at the VFW

                 We want to thank                            Dear Church                       Thank you for
                 everyone for food,                          Family:                            allowing our
                 prayers, cards                               We want to ex-                   group to meet
                 and memorial                                 press our most                   at your church.
                 gifts given in                               sincere thanks to    You make these two little
                 honor of Sally.                              the people of       words - THANK YOU - mean
                 Knowing our             this church who have surrounded us                so much!
church family was supporting us          with love since the death of our son,
gave us strength during a diffi-         brother, grandson, and nephew,                    The Autism
cult time. We also want to say a         Bryan. The flowers, food and con-               Awareness Group
special thank you to Rev. Ray            dolences helped us through a time
for his visits and pastoral care.        that has been overwhelming. We              “THE ANGEL TREE”
Sally loved working for her              thank God for the blessings He has                for the Children of
church and loved her church              poured out through each of you!                  Heartland Headstart
family. May God bless you all.
                                                                                   You have the opportunity to show
 Harve Bargmann & family                             The Baker Family                your Christmas spirit and help
                                                                                    needy kids. The Angel Tree will
                                                                                                   be displayed in the
                        “Scouting for Food” Drive                                                   narthex beginning
                       Boy Scout Troop 76, Cub Scout Pack 76, and Girl                             Sunday, November
                                                                                                  28 and will be ready
               Scout Troops of Pontiac will be collecting for the Pontiac
                                                                                                  to receive your gifts.
               Food Pantries. Scouts will be coming door to door on                                Just select an angel
               Nov. 6th to collect food or you may place nonperishable             from the tree, buy an appropriate
               food items in a box or bag on your front porch between               gift for the child listed, wrap the
               9:00 AM and 2:00 PM for pick up. You can also drop off               gift, place the angel on top of
food donations at the Pontiac City Council Meeting Chambers, on Saturday,            the gift and place it under the
November 6 between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. For more information or pick               tree. Last day to bring your gift is
up call: 815-842-3397 before Nov. 6.                                                Sunday, Dec. 12. Thank you for
                                                                                              your generosity.

Chaddock Invites First UMC Congregation to an “Evening of Appreciation” on Monday,
                          November 1st in Fellowship Hall
Chaddock gratefully acknowledges the long-standing support of First UMC for their ministry. The purpose of the
reception is to make everyone more aware of the scope and breadth of Chaddock’s services, the latest develop-
ments on campus, and plans we are putting into place to extend this ministry. The event will run from 7:00-8:30
 PM. It will begin with fellowship followed by a brief presentation by Chaddock’s President. There will be a time
  for questions after which refreshments will be served and displays of many aspects of our agency will be fea-
                             tured. Chaddock looks forward to their evening in Pontiac.
   Volume 2, Issue 11                                                                                                       Page 5

                                                           WORSHIP SERVICE                                        November
November Birthdays                                          VOLUNTEERS                                         Anniversary Dates

Carolyn Wayman 1         Gabriel Travis     15                        November 7, 2010
                                                   8:15 Greeters: Joan Bolz, Dorothy Attig, Don/Carol Gard-   Harold & Norma Carstens 1st
Shelly Murphy      1     Shelley Grove      16     ner
                                                                                                              Roger & Joyce Tuttle       1st
Kevin Fitzsimmons 1      Jack Murphy        17     Ushers: Tom/Sandy Corcoran, Linda Dionne, Martha Slavik
Bryce Davis        1     Amber Christensen 17      Coffee servers: Roger & Joyce Tuttle                       Lyle & Sabra Molen        3rd
                                                   Welcome Desk 7:45-10 AM: Sheila Geschwind
Lindsey Hunt       1     Doug McCoy         18                                                                Don & Betty Jo Frieden     5th
Leah Wayman        1     Michelle Fitzsimmons 18   9:30 Greeters: Joan Bevill                                 Tom & Connie Ewing         7th
Lynn Alderman      2     Zachary Theiss     18     Ushers: Mike, Shelly & Vincent Murphy
                                                   Welcome Desk 10-noon: Theresa Jones                        Mike & Shelley Grove      8th
Wren Woodburn 2          Jeff Allen         19
Abraham Jean Jacques 2   Sarah Harms        19                                                                Phil & Dawn Baker         16th
                                                   10:45 Greeters/ushers: Cheryl Spires family
Norma Carstens 3         Austin Hockenberry 19     Coffee servers: Gary & Lynn Cunningham                     Larry & Peggy Immke      18th
Jessica Bargmann 3       Nancy Kuster       20                                                                Nathan & Angie Nollen    22nd
                                                                      November 14, 2010
Kara Dunahee       3     Dale Fulkerson     21     8:15 Greeters: Jim/Rosalie Garretson, Carol Howells,       Rick & Lisa Hansen       24th
Dorothy Sebert     4     Denise Stielow     21     Becky Stilwell
                                                   Ushers: Harold/Norma Carstens, Tom/Connie Ewing            Wayne & Lynn Taylor      24th
Gretchen Stinebaugh 4    Haley Fairfield    21
                                                   Coffee servers: Stan/Marcia Weber                          Tim & Stephanie Kohlmeier28th
Lyle Kindred       4     Brianna Hilleary   21
                                                   Welcome Desk 7:45-10 AM: Barb Fitzsimmons
Susan Bush         5     Lara Wunsch        22
Bill Landstrom     5     Jeff Telford       22     9:30 Greeters: Susan Bush
Richard Ritter     5     Carol Taylor       23     Ushers: Russ & Cindy Munch
                                                   Welcome Desk 10-noon: Maggie Christianson
Gary Cunningham 6        Marcia Cox         23
Jim McCabe         6     Alma Lalicker      23     10:45 Greeters/ushers: Sabra Molen, Deann McDugle
Denny Read         6     Kennard Drayton 23        Coffee servers: Steve & Sandy Graham
Brian Collins      6     Luke McGlasson 23
Nicole Blaetz      6     Donald Frailey     23
                                                                      November 21, 2010
                                                   8:15 Greeters: Bob/Maggie Janssen, Donna Pike, Nicki         Life Transitions
Nathan Lewis       7     Payton Semmens 23         Rosenbaum
Sidney Dunning     7     Abby Cushing       24     Ushers: Harold/Betty Frobish, Larry/Peg Immke                       Deaths:
                                                   Coffee servers: Jake/Bonnie Rexroad
Tyler Sweitzer     8     Joe Foley          25     Welcome Desk 7:45-10 AM: Linda Smith                              Bryan Baker
Joan Bolz          9     Phil Baker         26                                                                         9/29/2010
Rosalie Garretson 9      Courtney Kauffman 26      9:30 Greeters: Doris Burnside
                                                   Ushers: John & Karen Hildreth
                                                                                                                   Sally Bargmann
Raleigh Harris     9     Joe Mehrkens       27                                                                         9/30/2010
                                                   Welcome Desk 10-noon: Michelle Clark
Kevin Dunahee      9     Jeff Kohlmeier     27
Adelle Dearth      9     Fern Pettit        28     10:45 Greeters/ushers: Steve/Sandy Graham                          Marriages
                                                   Coffee servers: Cheryl Spires family
Gene Schulz        10    Tom Dunlap         28                                                                  Mindy Lee Rebholz
Lesley Hoerner     10    Noah Dunham        28                                                                         and
Carol Ritter       11    Taylor Bounds      28                                                                 John Joseph Schopp
Isabel Gardner     12    Mark Francis       29                         November 28, 2010                            October 9, 2010
                                                   8:15 Greeters: Nate/Angie Nollen family, Dorothy Sebert,
Maggie Christianson 12   Ron Brackman       29     JoAnn Unzicker
Lila Baker         13    Jessica Durham     29
                                                                                                              Kathleen Marie Hansen
                                                   Ushers: Homer/Rosalind Reed, Bill/Marlene Landstrom
                                                   Coffee servers: Lee/Linda Opperman
Bill Propp         13    Mark Levin         29
                                                   Welcome Desk 7:45-10 AM: Peg Mehrkens                      Michael Andrew Staton
Jim Purdy          13    Ashley Diaz        29                                                                     October 16, 2010
Cassidy Murphy     13    Robbie Williamson 29      9:30 Greeters: Jean Shane
Sally Phillips     14    Cheryl Spires      30     Ushers: Jim & Dorothy King                                 Christina Marie Gosteli
Barb Fitzsimmons 14      Ted McGlasson      30     Welcome Desk 10-noon: Dave Schott                                    and
Matt Burcar        14    Angie Nollen       30                                                                   Kyle Lee Ensley
                                                   10:45 Greeters/ushers: Gary/Connie McDugle                      October 23, 2010
Teresa Grant-Quick 15                              Coffee servers: Ken/Donna Densmore
Rick Hansen        15
Page 6                                                                                   The “FIRST” Edition
                                                                                         The “FIRST” Edition

                            DAILY BIBLE READINGS - NOVEMBER 2010

    "But this is how God fulfilled what he had foretold through all the prophets, saying that his Christ
        would suffer." - Acts 3:18

            Old Testament - 1                     Old Testament - 2               New Testament
   1        I Chronicles    13, 14                Ezekiel   14, 15                John     5:1-23
    2       I Chronicles    15:1-29               Ezekiel   16:1-34               John     5:24-47
    3       I Chronicles    16:1-43               Ezekiel   16:35-63              John     6:1-21
    4       I Chronicles    17, 18                Ezekiel   17:1-24               John     6:22-40
    5       I Chronicles    19, 20                Ezekiel   18, 19                John     6:41 to 7:1
    6       I Chronicles    21:1-30               Ezekiel   20:1-44               John     7:2-30
                                                            20:45 to
    7       I Chronicles    22, 23                Ezekiel   21:32                 John     7:31 to 8:11
    8       I Chronicles    24, 25                Ezekiel   22:1-31               John     8:12-30
    9       I Chronicles    26, 27                Ezekiel   23:1-49               John     8:31-59
   10       I Chronicles    28:1-21               Ezekiel   24, 25                John     9:1-17
   11       I Chronicles    29:1-30               Ezekiel   26:1-21               John     9:18-38
   12       II Chronicles   1, 2                  Ezekiel   27:1-36               John     9:39 to 10:18
   13       II Chronicles   3, 4                  Ezekiel   28:1-26               John     10:19-42
                                                            29:1 to
   14       II Chronicles   5:1 to 6:11           Ezekiel   30:19                 John     11:1-27
                                                            30:20 to
   15       II Chronicles   6:12-42               Ezekiel   31:18                 John     11:28-54
   16       II Chronicles   7:1-22                Ezekiel   32:1-32               John     11:55 to 12:19
   17       II Chronicles   8, 9                  Ezekiel   33:1-33               John     12:20-50
   18       II Chronicles   10, 11                Ezekiel   34:1-31               John     13:1-30
                                                            35:1 to
   19       II Chronicles   12, 13                Ezekiel   36:15                 John     13:31 to 14:14
   20       II Chronicles   14, 15                Ezekiel   36:16-38              John     14:15-31
   21       II Chronicles   16, 17                Ezekiel   37:1-28               John     15:1-16
   22       II Chronicles   18, 19                Ezekiel   38:1-23               John     15:17 to 16:15
   23       II Chronicles   20:1-37               Ezekiel   39:1-29               John     16:16-38
   24       II Chronicles   21, 22                Ezekiel   40:1-49               John     17:1-26
   25       II Chronicles   23, 24                Ezekiel   41:1-26               John     18:1-27
   26       II Chronicles   25:1-28               Ezekiel   42:1-20               John     18:28 to 19:16
   27       II Chronicles   26:1-23               Ezekiel   43:1-27               John     19:17-42
   28       II Chronicles   27, 28                Ezekiel   44:1-31               John     20:1-31
   29       II Chronicles   29:1-36               Ezekiel   45:1-25               John     21:1-25
   30       II Chronicles   30:1-27               Ezekiel   46:1-24               I John   1:1-10
         Volume 2           Issue 11                                                                                           Page 7

                                     Golden Elite Sunday Celebration
On Sunday, October 17 , the Pontiac First United Methodist Church recognized those persons who have
been church members for 50+ years. This group of “Golden Elite” members now numbers 119 persons
ranging in 50 to 86 years of church membership. It is with a deep sense of appreciation that we say
“Thank You” to these persons for giving of their prayers, their presence, their gifts and their service all
to the glory of God and for the good of our church family, the Pontiac community, and beyond.

Left to Right: Rev. Dr. Ray Owens, Marilyn Weber, Betty Hoerner, Mildred Deweese, Norma Studebaker, Susan Fordyce, Becky Stilwell,
Rev. Scott Carnes.

                                                                            The Golden Elite Class of 2010 includes Gaylene
                                                                            Bedeker, Mildred Deweese, Linda Eckhoff, Betty
                                                                            Edwards, Susan Fordyce, Phyllis Gilman, Donald
                                                                            Hicks, Betty Hoerner, Rita Schlosser, Maurice
                                                                            Schrock, Virginia Schrock, Darrel Shoop, JoAnn
                                                                            Stalter, Becky Stilwell, Norma Studebaker, and
                                                                            Marilyn Weber.

                                                                            In addition, those Golden Elite members who
                                                                            have finished their course in faith during the past
                                                                            year were remembered. They include Lillian
                                                                            Johnson, Neil Bach, Henry Vertrees, Dorothy
                                                                            Kramer, Jess Purdy, and Anna Beth Thompson.

Left to Right: Rev. Scott Carnes, Rita Schlosser, Gaylene Bedeker,
Rev. Dr. Ray Owens.
Page 8                                                                            The “FIRST” Edition

   Thank you to everyone who helped support & donate baked goods for our MOPS Fundraiser Bake
   Sale in September! We had a very profitable day at all three locations. God Bless You ALL!!

   October 6th Meet-
   ing: Our fun creative
   activity for this meet-
   ing was painting
   glass plates. All the
   mothers showed
   their artistic side and
   enjoyed some good
   quality ‘mom time’.

   October 20th meeting: MOPS (Most Outstanding Players) For our second meeting of this month, we
   all got into shape with our guest speaker, Amy Gibson, who currently works at the Pontiac Recreation
   Center as an Aerobic Instructor. Amy helped us maintain healthy lifestyles with good nutrition, and
   keeping physically fit while raising our families. In order to
   be protected from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke,
   and osteoporosis for life, we must abide by the SUCCESS
         GOD (Never feel alone, GOD is always with you)
         WELL (Water, Exercise, Love, Laughter)
         2 3 4 5 6 7- 8 (2 Poultry, 3 Milks, 4 Fruits, 5 Veggies,
             6 Whole Grains, 7- 8 Hrs Sleep)
   Amy also had us do a little cardio/fitness training to give us
   strength and keep us energized. Thank you Amy for your
   motivation and encouragement to restore our health so we
   can “Rock as Moms”.
Volume 2, Issue 11                                                                             Page 9

                                            Our Stewardship of Presence!
                         To celebrate our stewardship of presence, we are recognizing those persons
                         who were in worship attendance three or more times during the month of
                         October. October has five Sundays this year. However, due to our publica-
                         tion deadline we are only able to include the first four Sundays. We will ac-
                         knowledge those persons whose attendance on October 31st will be their
                         third of the month in our December First Edition. We have a slight increase
                         in the number of our 3X+ worshippers in October.

   A few of you have asked that your name not be listed and we will honor your request. The listing
   of names is an encouragement to one another as we seek to be faithful to God and accountable to
   each other by fulfilling the intent of Hebrews 10:25 “Let us not give up meeting together, as some
   are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another--and all the more as you see the Day

   Phyllis Abbot, Richard & Lynn Alderman, John & Leona Allison, Dorothy Attig, Ron & Vicki Aupperle,
   Sharon Austin, Phil & Dawn Baker, Drew & Austin, Marla Bammann, Walter & Louise Billington,
   Joan Bolz, Mae Brewer, Bob & Margaret Brunskill, Kirk Burkett & Will, Bessie Busing, Scott Carnes,
   Harold & Norma Carstens, Bernice Childers, Mae Clark, Steve Conard, Rosella Cottrell, Gary & Lynn
   Cunningham, Francis Deffenbaugh, Mildred Deweese, Mary Dievendorf, Dick Dievendorf, Nancy
   DiNardi, Linda Dionne, Rondell & Jeanette Dodsen, Amy Duffy, Alexa & Jacob, Ron & Jean Dunning,
   Mike & Donna Dwyer, Lois Earing, Pamela Earing, Joyce Elston;

   Bill & Betty Fairfield, Merle & Kay Ferguson, Barb Fitzsimmons, Jamie Fitzsimmons, Danette
   Forbes-Colclasure, Don & Phyllis Fortna, Don Frieden, Harold & Betty Frobish, Jim & Rosalie Garret-
   son, Dick & Sheila Geschwind, Roger & Phyllis Gosteli, Dean & Mary Hamilton, Rick & Lisa Hansen,
   Linda Harner, Oveta Hepperly, Patricia Hepperly, Carol Herdien, John & Karen Hildreth, Marianne
   Hilgendorf, Bob & Betty Hoerner, Carol Howells, Wayne Hughes, Marci Hunt, Lauren, Lindsay &
   Kaitlyn, Kay Hunter, Bob & Pat Jacobs, Eleanor Jacobson, Milt & Nancy Johnson, Mary Carol Jones,
   Lorraine Kammermann, Duane Kiesewetter, Jon & Tammy Kilgore & Alec;

   Jim & Dorothy King, Stephanie Kohlmeier, John Kramer, Alma Lalicker, John & Katie Langhoff,
   Mary Lauher, Laura Leslie, Bob & Bev Long & Taylor, Scott Long, Joan Lyons, Caryl McCoy, Gary &
   Connie McDugle, John McGlasson, Kara Mehrkens, Lauren, Andrea & Samantha, Joe & Peg
   Mehrkens, Al & Mary Lou Meng, Art Miller, Shelly Murphy, Nathan & Angie Nollen, Isaac & Ava,
   Mariam Oelschlager, Lee & Linda Opperman & Dakota, Ray & Susan Owens, Mary Ellen Peabody,
   Margery Pratt, Tom & Laura Ramseyer & Jamie, Denny & Sandy Read, John & Nancy Rich, Rich &
   Carol Ritter, Ruby Scherr, Don & Ruth Schlosser, Rita Schlosser; Dave & Judy Schott, Dorothy
   Sebert, Jeff & Billie Semmens, Makinzi & Payton,

   Lois Senter, Bob & Audrey Shane, Jean Shane, Martha Slavik, Elaine Sloan, Linda Smith, Bill &
   Janet Snider, Gene Speers, Jack Stewart, Denise Stielow, Becky Stilwell, Gretchen Stinebaugh,
   Richard Stover, Julia Sullivan, Kathi Sutter, Barb Swanson, Missy Theiss & Sophie, Kristal Travis,
   Karen Traylor & Katelyn, John & Becky Trewartha, Mary Tronc, JoAnn Unzicker, Elsie Utterback,
   Karen Viemont, Debbie Voigts, Becky Walker, Deb Wargo & Abby, David & Vicki Wayman, Leah &
   Drew, Don & Carolyn Wayman, Marilyn Weber, Stan & Marcia Weber, Amber White, Troy William-
   son, Dick & Eleanor Winters, LeRae Young.

   If you believe your name was omitted in error, please let us know. And please be sure to fill out
   your white card each Sunday and place it in the offering plate.
Page 10                                                                      The “FIRST” Edition

                      NEWS AND VIEWS from United Methodist Women

                                  November 3rd Circle Meetings

             Faith Circle, 9:30 AM, Evenglow Lodge Program: Rev. Scott Carnes

                  Hope Circle, 1:30 PM, Asbury Program: Rev. Scott Carnes
                    Hostess: Mary Lou Meng Devotions: Mary Lou Meng

            Love Circle, 7 PM, Asbury Program: Elsie Utterback “Thank Offering”
                  Devotions: Lois Senter   Dutch Treat at the Dairy Queen

                                             September Financial Reports
 C                                    September income $ 26,309.30
 O                                   September expenses 37,207.55
 R                                                     $-10,898.25               Needed each
 N                                                                                  week:
                         Yr. to date income          $  314.632.48
 E                                                                                 $9,072.00
                         Yr. to date expenses           360,669.28
                                                      $ -46,036.80

With this issue we begin a new feature that looks at how our stewardship makes a difference.
Each Sunday we receive God’s tithes and our offerings. So just how do our gifts impact our
church, community, and world?

One of the most significant areas where differences are being made is through the work of our
Staff-Parish Relations Committee. Our S-PRC is the personnel team of our church family. It is
charged with helping provide the very best in clergy and lay staff leadership by serving as a liai-
son between our employees (staff) and our congregation (parish).

With five full-time and four part-time employees there are always challenges to be met. The
committee works to assure open communication and a healthy church environment where rela-
tionships of trust are naturally formed among and between staff and parish.

All the committee’s efforts are aligned with our church mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ
for the transformation of the world. In this coming year, a special emphasis will be placed upon
fulfilling our mission through intentional faith development among our staff and throughout our
   Volume 2, Issue 11                                                                                   Page 11 Page 11

                            Operation Care Packages -
                                                                                  Veteran’s Day Tribute –
                             Support For Our Troops                                          November 7th
                            First UMC is teaming up with the Liv. County
                          Farm Bureau and Bank of Pontiac for the 6th year
                          to collect monetary donations to purchase inter-
                            national phone cards and other items for our
                              military personnel in time for the holidays.
                             Monetary donations may be sent to Phone
Cards for Troops, c/o Liv. County Farm Bureau, 901 W. Howard
St., PO Box 410, Pontiac, IL . Checks should be made out to “Phone
Cards for Troops”. Below is a list of suggested items that we are collect-
 ing. Please place these items in the box provided near the church office
                 before November 2nd. THANK YOU!!

             Hot Chocolate, Hot cider packets
              Jerky, Slim Jims. Summer sausage                                   On Sunday, November 7th, we will pay special
                   Small boxes of crackers                                   tribute to all those men and women who have
                  Canned fruit (snack size)
                                                                             served our nation and protected our freedoms
           Canned or packets of tuna or chicken
                                                                             through the armed forces. In a fashion similar to
              Trail mix, Nuts, Sunflower seeds
            Packaged cookies, Rice Krispie treats                            our Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day tributes, we
           Granola bars, protein bars, fruit snacks                          are asking our church family to provide pictures of
                   Dried fruit/fruit snacks                                  family members or friends living or deceased who
         Instant oatmeal packets, Easy Mac packets                           have served or are currently serving in any of the
             Microwave or Hearty canned soup                                 branches of service. You may submit a photo-
                Candy canes, Christmas candy                                 graph (by Nov. 4th) which will be scanned and
                         Multi-vitamins                                      then available for you to pick up in the church of-
               Over the counter pain reliever                                fice, or you may e-mail a digital photograph to
                     Disposable cameras                             Please include with your
                T-shirts (brown, white or tan)                               photos the person’s name, branch of service, rank,
                    Batteries AA or AAA
                                                                             and dates of service including any wars or conflicts
                 Sweat pants, Blanket throws
                                                                             they may have served during. When I have cre-
               Small 8” to 12” Christmas trees
         Ornaments (handmade or bought, no glass)                            ated a similar tribute in the past, it was especially
         Christmas stockings (handmade or bought)                            meaningful for those persons who had photos of
                    New men’s magazines                                      loved ones in uniform along with a current day
                       Handheld games                                        photo. You do not have to submit a picture in uni-
                     Disposable cameras                                      form, just be sure to include service information.
                        DVD’s or CD’s

                                   Phil & Judy Icenogle to Present “Prime Timers” Program on
                                                          November 8th
                           Come join us for lunch at noon (suggested donation $3.00) on Monday,
                         November 8th and stay for the exciting program presented by Phil and Judy
                        Icenogle on their mission trip to Central America. The trip was sponsored by
 Grace UMC of Pekin. Twenty-three volunteers made the journey in July, 2010 to a small village near
   Chichicastenago, Guatemala, that had been devastated by the spring mudslides from a hurricane.
    They will share some amazing slides of the beauty of this country as well as the poverty and de-
  struction. Please call the church office by November 5th or sign up on Sunday mornings at
         the Welcome Desk to reserve a place. Come join in the great food and fellowship!
                                  This meeting is open to everyone.
                                                                                             Non-Profit Organization
                                                                                                        U.S. Postage
November 2010                                 Change Service Requested                              Pontiac, Illinois
                                                                                                       Permit No. 44

                                                 First United Methodist Church
                                             “Making Disciples of Jesus Christ”

  First United
Methodist Church
 219 N. Chicago St.
 Pontiac, IL 61764

  Phone: (815) 842-1157
   Fax: (815) 844-6425
         Web Site:
    Directing Pastor
  Rev. Dr. Ray Owens
   Associate Pastor
   Rev. Scott Carnes
   Newsletter Editor
  Cheryl K. O’Donnell

Early Deadline for                                          Ring the Bell for
 December issue                                              The Salvation                   MARK YOUR
Wednesday, Nov. 10                                                                          CALENDARS...
                                  “Hanging of                    Army
                                  the Greens”                                                Children’s
                                                            First UMC will be ringing        Christmas
                                   Preparing the            the bell for The Salvation
                                   Church for the
                                                               Army at K-Mart on             Program
                                   Advent Season
                                                              Saturday, Dec. 11,           December 12th
                          The Worship Committee
                          invites you to join them on           8 a.m. - 8 p.m.          10:45 Worship Service
                          Friday, November 26th at                   and
                                                                                        The holiday season is right
                          9 AM and Saturday, Novem-            Sunday, Dec. 12,
                                                                noon - 8 p.m.
                                                                                       around the corner - remem-
                          ber 29th, 8:30 AM.
                                                                                         ber, the children practice
      2010                This is a great time of fun and
                          fellowship as the decorations
                                                              The sign-up list will be
                                                             available on the bulletin
                                                                                        during the Sunday School
                                                                                          hour to prepare for the
                          go up and hearts are warmed        board outside the office    program and need to at-
          First           for the joyous season of Jesus’   during the week or at the
United Methodist Church   birth. Try to find a few hours
                                                                                        tend as often as possible.
     Pontiac, Illinois                                        Welcome Center on         Thank you to our parents
                          to join with your church fam-
                          ily in celebrating Advent - in    Sunday mornings. Check for making that extra effort
                          fact, why not make this an        your calendar and sign up
                                                                                            during a busy time.
                          annual event!!                    for the time you prefer.
  Open hearts.
    Open minds.
      Open doors.