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					Ronald Mcdonald House® of delawaRe

                       Our h use
  Our families cOme frOm many hOmes tO stay at Our hOme.                                                                         Fall 2010

  29% of our families live in Delaware and 1% have traveled internationally to
  stay here; the rest of the families have come to us from across the nation.
                                                                                                            in this issue
                                                                                                            Message from the President      2
                                                                                                            Board of Directors              3
                                                                                                            Upcoming Events              3&5
                                                                                                            Donor Lists                   4-5

                   NathaNiel                                                                                Volunteer Spotlight
                                                                                                            Recent Events
                                                                                                            Wish List
                                                                                                            Kindness of the Heart           8

                   caN wiN this!
                   Mollika Goold is one of those people you feel instantly at ease with. Her joyful
                   personality is contagious, and she has a way about her that could make anyone
                   smile. Mollika has been coming to the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware
                   from her home in Colorado since May 2010. She has traveled the 1750 mile trip
                   to the House several times and has made many friends at the House in the last
                   few months. She is a source of support for a lot of other parents going through
                   the same stress of doctors’ visits and constant worry.
                                                                                                            For Volunteer
                   At the same time, Mollika has found that the House is a great source of support          Information, Call:
                   for her as well. She explains, “It’s a ‘home away from home’, just a lot more            302 656 HUGS
                   people. You feel like you belong, like it’s a place you can let go of your worries
                   and see how other families deal with their challenges. You see what they are
                   going through and you can tell them your story and just hope for a few minutes
                   you can breathe and smile.”

                   During her time at the House Mollika’s son, Nathaniel, has undergone brain
                                                                                                            The Ronald McDonald
                              surgery and lower lumbar surgery. He laughs as he holds his new
                                                                                                            House® of Delaware -
                                trophy congratulating him on his 35th surgery. Nathaniel’s trophy
                                                                                                            Rockland Road
                                   was given to him by a friend and they both seem to think it’s
                                    pretty funny. Mollika jokes, “He may not be able to win a sports        The Ronald McDonald
                                      trophy at the moment, but he can win this”. Nathaniel, like           Family Room® at Christiana
                                        his mother, is a joy to be around. He is a happy energetic          Hospital - Christiana Care
                                        11 year old who loves model cars and baseball. His favorite         Health System
                                        team is the Los Angeles Angels. When he is older he hopes
                                          to one day join the Army.
                                                                                                            The Ronald McDonald
                                                                                                            Family Room® at Bayhealth
                                                                                                            Medical Center - Kent
                                               The Ronald McDonald House has been a place of                General Hospital
                                                 support for Nathaniel as well. Mollika explains,
                                                  “seeing other kids with challenges has inspired           The Ronald McDonald
                                                  Nathaniel to deal with his challenges. He is more         Family Room® at Nemours/
                                                 encouraged by seeing others.” Nathaniel is often           Alfred I. duPont Hospital for
                                               seen playing with the other kids here. In the evenings,      Children
                                             Mollika, Nathaniel and their new friends enjoy dinner
                                             together. It is obvious by watching them that the
                                              parents serve as a source of comfort for one another.
                                              The bonds that families make often last a lifetime.

                                                When asked what advice she had for other parents
                                               Mollika said, “they’re not alone; there are moms,
                                               dads, aunts, uncles, that deal with this on a daily basis.
                                              It may not be easy, but you learn how to deal with it.
                                               The fact that you have the Ronald McDonald House,
                                                and a place to pray with each other, it makes the day
                                                a little easier.”

                                                                                                                302 656 4847
                                                                                                                                         Our Mission . . .
                                                                                                                                              To provide nurturing and supportive environments and services to
                                                                                                                                              directly improve the health and well being of children and to bring
                                                                                                                                              comfort to their families.

                                                                                                                                         Our Vision . . .
                                    Ronald Mcdonald House                                                                    ®                Supporting families to reach the hope of tomorrow from the
                                                                                                                                              challenges of today.

                                    of delawaRe
                                                                               Dear Friends of the Ronald McDonald House
                                                                               As the days shorten and we approach the holiday season, I think of the many ways that the
                                                                               Ronald McDonald House of Delaware supports families during the winter months. I stumbled
                                                                               on a lovely illustration of holiday hospitality and wanted to share this private act of kindness
                                                                               with all of you.

                                                                               While participating in the House Thank-A-Thon this fall, I called dozens of generous donors to
                                                                               thank them for their gifts to our House. After a long string of leaving messages on answering
                                                                               machines, I was especially pleased to reach Staci Scheetz of Pitman, New Jersey. Staci’s infant
                                                                               daughter, Liza, was to have ear surgery early on the morning of December 24, 2008. To insure
                                                                               their early pre-op arrival to the duPont Hospital for Children, the family was urged to stay at
                                                                               the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware overnight on December 23. So, on the night before
                                                                               the night before Christmas, they were delighted to discover festive surroundings at the House
                                             Anne J. Wright, President
                                                                               complete with a home-cooked meal, grateful families and supportive staff and volunteers. The
                                                                               next morning’s weather report affirmed how smart their choice had been to stay at the House as
                                                                               the main road that they would have taken to Wilmington was iced over due to a winter storm.
These Ronald McDonald House of Delaware
children passed away recently but will forever be                              When they checked out early on Christmas Eve morning, they knew that many of the families
                                                                               they’d met the night before would not be as lucky to be going home for the holidays. Struck
                                                                               by their own good fortune and by the gifts of hospitality that they had received, Staci and her
 In Our Hearts                                                                 husband, Robert Uyehara, offered to pay for every family’s overnight stay on that Christmas Eve.
                     Zuheily Hernandez                                         After extending this anonymous gesture, they headed to the duPont Hospital for Children where
                     Baby Boys Carre                                           Liza’s procedure went well. They were home in Pitman in time for Christmas Eve in their own
                     Lucas Evans                                               home.
                     Jesse Dodson                                              As Christmas Eve 2009 approached, the Scheetz-Uyehara family was reminded of the joy they
                                                                               took from being the holiday “elves” that gave this unexpected gift to all at the Ronald McDonald
                                                                               House in 2008. They called the House and offered to do it again and this time there were even
                                                                               more families relying on the House over the holiday. Staci offered, “Our healthy daughters are
    Mark Your Calendars                                                        our greatest blessing. It is our joy and privilege to help in such a small way.”

    Thursday, December 16                                                      Today Liza is two and a half years old and while she continues to see Nemours physicians at
    Share A Night Lighting Ceremony 6 pm                                       duPont Hospital, they have not needed another stay at the Ronald McDonald House. But through
    Ronald McDonald House of Delaware                                          Staci and Robert’s generosity --- and thousands others just like them, including so many of you
                                                                               --- we will have served more families in 2010 than ever before. May your holidays be joyous and
    Wednesday, December 22                                                     as we light the lights on Share A Night on December 16, we know that every light stands for one
    Men’s and Women’s Basketball                                               family on one night in our House. Let us all work together to continue to give that gift.
    Doubleheader - University of Delaware
    Saturday, March 12 &                                                       With my thanks for all you do for the House,
    Sunday, March 13, 2011
    American Girl Fashion Show
    Saturday, April 23
    5k Run/Walk - Big Fish Grill, Wilmington                                                                 Anne J. Wright

    Ronald McDonald House of Delaware - Facts and Figures
    Ronald McDonald House of Delaware opened its doors in 1991 with a capacity
    to serve 17 families. Today it has increased in size to serve 50 families nightly.                                    To    p   DI   a g n o s E s      2009
    In 2009, we provided 13,417 nightly visits at the House and housed 2,838
    families and served 22,532 families in our 3 Ronald McDonald Family Rooms.                                                                         Orthopedics                                                           25%
                                                                                                                                     General Surgery and Other                                                       22%
            Delaware                                     29%                                                 Pediatric Intensive Care/Neonatal Intensive Care                                      10%
         Out-of-State                                                               70%                                                             Cerebral Palsy                               9%
                                                                                                                                                   Gastrointestinal                              9%
         International             1%
                                                                                                                                           Oncology/Hematology                                  8%
     Families who stay at the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware travel from as near                                                                          Cardiac                      6%
     as Smyrna, Delaware and as far away as Poland.                                                                                                      Neurology                        6%
                                                                                                                                    Solid Organ Transplantation                     4%
                                                                                                                                           Rehabilitative Services           1%
    To   Ta l       In   c o m E   2009
         84%                                                                                                 The Ronald McDonald House of Delaware serves families of children of seriously or chronically ill or injured children.
                                                       Investment Income/Losses
                                                       Fund Raisers
                                                                                                                        To   Ta l     Ex   p E n s E s      2009
                              16%                      Room Donations                                                                              12%
                     -5%                5%

    Families are asked to contribute $15 per night, but no one is ever turned away because of an inability                                                                                     Program Services
    to pay. Over 90% of the funds to operate the House and Family Rooms come from community support.                                                                   80%                     Indirect Fund Raising
                                                                                                                                                                                              Management & General

2         Fall 10
                                                                                                                                  Ronald Mcdonald House
                                                                                                                                  of delawaRe
                Thursday, December 16                          Holiday planning is in full swing at the
                                                               Ronald McDonald House of Delaware.                                 President
                    Lighting Ceremony                                                                                             Anne J. Wright
                                                               Our Share A Night committee is planning                            Vice Presidents
                                                  6 pm         one of the best holiday lighting ceremonies                        Mary E. Bowler
                                                                                                                                  Marke D. Dickinson
                                                               for December 16th. Share A Night, our                              James F. Lardear
                                                               largest fundraiser, focuses on the true                            Elizabeth B. Lee
                                                               meaning of the holiday season - sharing                            Marilyn W. Carpenter
                                                               and compassion for families in need - at                           Treasurer
                                                               the Ronald McDonald House, a “home                                 Richard D. Rowland
                                                                                                                                  Board of Directors
                                                               away from home” for families of seriously or                       Bo Backerman
                                                               chronically ill or injured children who are                        Perry S. Beberman
                                                                                                                                  Joseph Claricurzio
                                                               being treated at area hospitals.                                   Bernard J. Clark, III, M.D.
                                                                                                                                  Mary Jane M. Cocozzoli
                                                                                                                                  Chester “Chip” Davis, Jr.
                                                                                                                                  Ann Roberts Dukart
                                                               Share A Night                                                      Barbara Dukart
                                                                                                                                  Jennifer A. Ehlers
faMilies   tHat sta at ouR
                   y         House are asked to contribute                                                                        Wayne A. Fluke
$15 dollars a night, however, the actual cost of operating                                                                        Jim Kelly
a guest room per night is $65. In the face of mounting                                                                            Paul D. Kempinski
                                                               Clip-and-Mail Registration:                                        Darren Laterza
medical bills and other associated financial problems,
many families cannot afford even this small amount. It is      Schools/Organizations                                              Rachel M. Macha
your contribution through Share A Night that allows us to                                                                         Robert R. Nelson, PhD
                                                               Yes, we want to be a part of SHARE A NIGHT.                        Michelle A. Pena
keep our requested donation at $15 a night and provide
                                                                                                                                  William C. Pickett
lodging for families in need.                                  Please Print                                                       Roy Proujansky, M.D.
HeRe’s How sHaRe a nigHt woRks. For each $15 contributed                                                                          Ron Robine
by an individual, family, organization, school or business,    School/Class/Organization Name                                     Monté Ross
one holiday light is added to the outside of our House and                                                                        Craig R. Shor
property. Then, to commemorate the efforts of all those                                                                           Deborah Tuttle, M.D.
contributors, a lighting ceremony is held to symbolize the                                                                        Counsel to the Board
                                                               Name as you wish it to appear in our Newsletter
generosity and compassion of everyone involved where                                                                              Morton Richard Kimmel, Esq.
each donor can see a light, an outward, visible symbol of                                                                         Executive Director
their generosity.                                                                                                                 Pamela W. Cornforth
                                                               Activity Description                                               Operations Director
“Share A Night is an important part of our year end fund
                                                                                                                                  Meg Aument
raising efforts,” said Pam Cornforth, Executive Director.
“On behalf of the families we serve I would like to thank                                                                         Development Director
the community and benefactors for making a difference in                                                                          Barbara Loeslein
                                                               Contact Name
the lives of seriously ill children.”                                                                                             Social Worker
                                                                                                                                  Val Budischak
Once again this year, Richard and Linda Faucher and
                                                               Address                                                            Resident Manager
their children of Bear, Delaware, who are well-known for
                                                                                                                                  Hope Byrd
holiday house lights display, will be hanging the lights
and decorating our House.                                                                                                         Assistant Operations Manager
                                                                                                                                  Megan Racobaldo
Schools and organizations are encouraged to organize           Phone: Day                              Evening
                                                                                                                                  Volunteer Manager
projects to contribute “lights” for the House. There are                                                                          Sara Funaiock
a variety of sponsorship packages for businesses, civic                                                                           Special Events Coordinator
                                                               Authorized Signature
groups and individuals that would like to be involved with                                                                        Dawn Brooks
Share A Night, from a $5,000 Gift of Love to a $250 Gift of    Please return by December 10, 2010
                                                                                                                                  Development Assistant
Hope. Call Dawn Brooks, Special Events Coordinator at          Ronald McDonald House of Delaware
                                                                                                                                  Pam Jones
the Ronald McDonald House for more information.                1901 Rockland Road
                                                               Wilmington, DE 19803                                               Executive Assistant
Individuals who contribute to Share A Night may do so as                                                                          Carol Sayles
a memorial or tribute gift for a special occasion, such as a                                                                      Maintenance Assistant
Christmas remembrance in a friend or loved one’s name.         foR                    on how you, your group or
                                                                         MoRe infoRMation                                         Fran Patone
The tradition continues as we prepare for the annual           business can become involved, call 302-656-HUGS or                 Advisory Council
Lighting Ceremony and party on Thursday, December              complete the form above and mail it to the House at                R.R.M. Carpenter, III, Chairman
16th, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. with light refreshments. Sponsors       the address listed.                                                Joseph Carbonell
include: Ronald McDonald House Charities Philadelphia          Please return forms by 12/10/10.                                   Nick Cerchio
Region, Inc., Chase, Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital                                                                            Paul Cohen
for Children, ING Direct, Corporation Service Company,                                                                            Joseph G. DiPinto
Bank of America, Terry & Ben Smith, Patterson-Woods                                                                               Stanley M. Diver
& Associates, Law Office of Joseph A. Gabay, Blue Cross        Online?                                                            John S. Duchala
Blue Shield of Delaware, Marvin & Palmer Associates, Inc.,                                                                        Tom Ferry
                                                               Donating is easy! Go to and give.                    Don Gagnon
Delmarva Power, Edgecraft Corporation and Michael              You may also use the website to contact us, e-mail                 Richard J. Gessner, Jr.
Vassallo Electrical Contractor, Inc. In-kind sponsors          a change of address, read the newsletter and get                   Marsha Gilmore
include: Wilmington Trust Company, WJBR 99.5 FM, Rich          information about House happenings and events.                     Derrick Gunn
Faucher & family and Cupcake Heaven.                                                                                              Robert V.A. Harra, Jr.
                                                                                                                                  Richard D. Leigh
                                                                                                                                  Rachel M. Macha
                                                                                                                                  Willie Martin
                         Be our Guest!                                                            s ave t he D ate !              Stephen Nelson
                                                                                                                                  Dr. David Pensak
                                                                                                                                  Betsy Rawls
                         Ronald McDonald House families and friends,                                                              Louis Rosenberg
                         please join us on Wednesday, December 22 for                                                             Penny Stoker
                         the University of Delaware Men’s and Women’s                                                             Michael Waite
                         Basketball doubleheader. The women’s team tips                                                           James A. Wolfe
                         off at 6pm vs. St. Joe’s, with the men following at                     Friday, September 30, 2011       William T. Wood, Jr.
                         8:30pm vs. Penn. ALL Ronald McDonald House                               Barclays at the Riverfront      This newsletter is made possible with the
                                                                                                                                  generous support of:
                         families and friends will receive free admission to                       20th Anniversary Event
the game when you bring one of the following Wish List items: Paper                                  7:00pm to 11:00pm            Shor & Associates
                                                                                                                                  Newsletter Design and Production
towels, Disinfectant wipes, Cereal, Individually wrapped snacks, Gas cards                 Celebrating 20 years of caring for     Spectrum Printing
$10-$15. Please register with Dawn Brooks at or (302)                   families with seriously ill children   Newsletter Printing
428-5330 by noon on Friday, December 17.
                                                                                                                                                                     Fall 10   3
CONTRIBUTIONS TO OUR H♥USE                                                                                                                                                           MEMORIALS ♥
    CONTRIBUTORS                                    Movers Specialty Service, Inc.
                                                    Mr. Thomas Neeson
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Woodward W. Eastburn
                                                                                                Mr. James Edwards
                                                                                                                                            Mr. and Mrs. Verino Pettinaro
                                                                                                                                            Ms. April L. Phillips
                                                                                                                                                                                     MEMORIALS                                In memory of IMRICH GRESCHLER
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Helen Daley
    May 1, 2010 - September 30, 2010                Mr. David Nelson                            Jennifer Ehlers                             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Pierelli             May 1, 2010 – September 30, 2010
                                                    Patterson Woods & Associates                Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Ekbladh                  Pine Valley Corvettes                                                             In memory of JULIE GRICOL
                                                    Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Pearlman            Gary A. Emmett, M.D.                        Pleasantville Elementary School          In memory of IZZAT ABAYA                 Mr. and Mrs. M. Daniel Whitmarsh
    Circle of Hope
                                                    Pat and Bim Pickett                         Ms. Deborah Lynne Enney                     Ms. Concetta Poalillo                    Mary Ellen Mulhern
    $25,000 and above
                                                    Dr. and Mrs. Christian Pizarro              Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Ennis, Jr.           Ms. Lisa M. Pongnon                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mulhern, Sr.      In memory of XAVIER ROCCO TISCHIO HAACK
    Ronald McDonald House Charities®                The PNC Foundation                          Mr. Adolphus Epps, Jr.                      Mr. Timothy G. Potts                                                              Jane Coughlin
                                                    Wolfgang and Maria Elena Radtke             Mr. Chad Wallace Everett                    Tammy Lynn Powell-Thomas, Briar Thomas   In memory of TONY ARENA                  Declan and Mackenzie Jackman
      Philadelphia Region, Inc.
                                                    Mrs. Pauline Raughley                       Dr. Rebekah Fedele                             and Abrianna (Baby Abby) Powell       Ronna and Marilyn Cantor                 Mary and Erin Laney
    Circle of Optimism                              Dr. and Mrs. Grafton D. Reeves              Dr. Andrew Feiring and                      Mr. and Mrs. Howard Price
                                                    Mr. Ross Rieder                               Dr. Anna Marie D’Amico                    Mrs. Monique L. Price                    In memory of CAROL BARTELL               In memory of HILDA HAMPTON
    $10,000 - $24,999
                                                    Ms. Charisse L. Rodgers                     Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Feldmann                 Mr. Jerry S. Prigg                       Kathy Folts Edwards and Alan Edwards     Lydia and Stacy Cohen
    Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Inc.     Mr. Louis B. Rosenberg                      Ms. Carol Fenley                            Mr. Thomas M. Przybylski
                                                    Mr. Robert Schoell                          The Finizio Family                          Ms. Karen L. Ptak                        In memory of MARTHA BIANCHINI            In memory of DR. MICHAEL HARTY
    Kohl’s Department Stores
                                                    Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Scott                 Mark Finkelstein and Michael Zeik           Ralph’s Towing & Auto LLC                Linda and John Manzi                     Mary Patricia Harty
    Red Robin Rocks the House Fundraiser
    H. Dean and Lissetta W. Smith                   Ms. Linda Shanno                            Ms. Jodi Finnegan                           “Red Hot Mama’s” at Howard Weston
                                                    Ms. Kelly J. Showalter                      Mr. Robert S. Fitzmire                         Senior Center                         In memory of HORTENCE BRADLEY            In memory of ELIZABETH HATHAWAY
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Jack Sirotniak                 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Forte                      Mr. and Mrs. Dean Reed                   Jo Jo Girls Charity                      Mr. James R. Edwards
    Circle of Understanding
    $5,000 - $9,999                                 Mr. Gregory A. Slomiana                     Mr. and Mrs. William Fortier                Ms. Lori Ann Reinhardt
                                                    Ms. Mary Sodl                               Forwood Elementary School                   Mr. and Mrs. John Richart                In memory of TREVAYNE CAMPBELL           In memory of ERIC HAYMAN
                                                    Ellen Spurrier, MD                          Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard A. Frank              Debi Richeal and Abigail Hamilton        Mike Glessner                            Scott, Roberta, Brad and Jared Cutler
    AAA Mid-Atlantic
                                                    The Standard                                Ms. Christine Frazer                        Mrs. Susan Rickert                       Tana Hinman
    Stacey and Gregg Bacchieri
    Corporation Service Company (CSC)               Dr. John and Mariane Stefano                Ms. Lynn I. Frehsee                         Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rittenhouse                                                    In memory of RAYMOND W. HOFMANN
                                                    Suakim Court No. 54, Daughters of Isis      Ms. Nina A. Frisby                          Ms. Melissa Robinson                     In memory of HAZEL CARLSON               Woodward W. and Beverle Eastburn
    Del-One Foundation
                                                    Talleyville Fire Company Fifth Annual       FruitFlowers                                Mr. and Mrs. Steven Rose                 Marie Davis                              Ellen Hinrichs
    HSBC Bank USA, N.A.
    Nancy and Tad Jeffrey                             Antique & Classic Car Show                Mr. Carl F. Jumps                           Ms. Mary Rosiak                                                                   Robert and Frances Huebner
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Taran                  Ms. Jean Futrell                            Mr. Robert H. Rothermel                  In memory of ED CASEY                    Dolores P. May
    The Kimmel-Spiller Charitable Foundation
                                                    Mr. Jack Teague                             Greg Galardi and Tara Quinn                 Mr. Isaac Ruiz                           Phyllis Barlow
    Nordstrom’s Tile Project                        TheMIGroup                                  Shalesh Ganjoo                              Mr. and Mrs. John Rust                                                            In memory of J. MILTON HUDSON
                                                    Thurgood Marshall Elementary School         Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gansz                  Ms. Caren F. Samluk                      In memory of JOSEPHINE A. CELANO         Marilyn and Michael Uffner
    Edna Bennett Pierce
                                                      students and staff                        Mrs. Megan Garber                           Mr. and Mrs. David Saunders              Frank and Jennie Sorbello
    John P. Piper/Deborah J. Tuttle
    Terry and Ben Smith                             Mr. and Mrs. William Tice                   Ms. Jacqueline Gatcomb                      Mr. Michael Scheinert                                                             In memory of JOHN F. HYDE
                                                    Mr. James A. Turnbull, Sr.                  Gauger-Cobbs Middle School                  Dr. and Mrs. Richard Schmidt             In memory of THOMAS CLARK                T. Warren and Barbara McCafferty
    St. Mary Magdalen School
                                                    Mrs. Marsh Uebler                           Mr. Michael L. Henry                        Ms. Teresa L. Schrenker                  John and Linda Manzi
    State of Delaware Grant in Aid
    TD Bank, through the                            UPS Foundation                              The Genzlinger Family                       Mr. Edward M. Scubelek                                                            In memory of LIAM KANE AND
                                                    Victory Packaging                           Mr. and Mrs. Neil Gervasio                  Mr. Christopher J. Seivert               In memory of EVELYN JOAN COLL            FAMILY AND FRIENDS
       TD Charitable Foundation
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Howell F. Wallace              Mr. and Mrs. William Goeller                Ms. Lorraine Serva                       The Ostrowsky Family                     Alberta Keahey
    The Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation
                                                    The Wal-Mart Foundation                     Mr. and Mrs. Jim Gorecki                    Service Unlimited, Inc.
                                                    Walmart Camden, Delaware                    Mr. Jeffrey S. Haggerty                     Mr. Anthony P. Sforza                    In memory of JOYCE COLLINS               In memory of ALEX KERR
    Circle of Sharing
                                                    Walmart New Castle, Delaware                Mrs. Dianne H. Hall                         Mr. Dave Shaw                            Marilyn and Michael Uffner               St. Mary Magdalen NJHS 3X3 Tournament
    $2,000 - $4,999
                                                    Mr. Kent Wenger                             Ms. Heather Hall                            Ms. Linda Sherrod Haith
                                                    Ms. Marilyn E. Whorl                        H. Theodore Harcke, M.D.                    The Shisler Family and Boeing            In memory of ALEXANDRA JACLYN CONAWAY    In memory of MARGARET S. KILBRIDE
    The 6-0 Football Club
                                                    Wilmington Flower Market, Inc.              Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn Hardin                     UAW Union employees                   Shelley and David Brietling              Lynne and Steve
    A.S.P.A. - Anesthesia Services, P.A.
    Alpha Delta Pi Theta Delta Chapter              Ms. Patricia A. Wilson                      Mr. and Mrs. Harry Harner                   Mr. and Mrs. William E. Shone, Jr.
                                                    The Womans Club of Claymont                 Mr. Jerald Harrell                          Ms. Holly Siebach                        In memory of RICHARD (DICK) CORSON       In memory of NELLIE KOERNER
    Anesthesia Business Consultants, L.L.C.
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William T. Wood, Jr.           Richard Hartman and Anna Ingram             Mr. and Mrs. Bill Sites                  Marie Davis                              Scott and Roberta Cutler
    Bank of America
    Mary Bowler and Ken Jones                       Carol and Jeff Yetter                       Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Hauber               Ms. Cassandra Smith
                                                    Alan Zerbe’s friends and colleagues         Ms. Barbara Hawkins                         Mrs. Dori Smith                          In memory of LESTER COSTENOBLE           In memory of ELOISE C. KOONS
    The Colby Restaurant Group
                                                    Mr. Justin Zook                             Mr. and Mrs. Michael Heck                   Mr. and Mrs. John Smith                  Milka Liebesman                          Wilda Phillips
    DDR Productions
    Delmarva Power Matching Program                                                             Ms. Michelle Heck                           Mr. Kenneth A. Smith
                                                    Member                                      Ms. Stacy D. Hertzfeld                      Ms. Joanne M. Smolka                     In memory of MICHAEL D. DADDIO           In memory of GRACE KOSMAN
                                                    $50 - $249                                  Ms. M.L. Hewish                             Carol Snyder                             Dan and Maria Pierelli                   Mr. and Mrs. V. Autorino
    Kent County Levy Court
    MERCER                                                                                      Mr. Robert Higgins                          Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sorbello
                                                    A Basket Case                               Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hinkle                 St. Mary of the Assumption               In memory of VINCENT DELGUIDICE          In memory of RITA KULISICH
    Ronald McDonald House Charities®
                                                    Ms. Barbara Rowland Adams                   Mr. Thomas Holben                              confirmation students                 Grandma and Grandpa                      Marsh Uebler
    Mr. David Rosenberg
    sanofi-aventis Research and Development         Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Alexander           Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Holveck                  Mr. and Mrs. Rick Stammerjohann
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Martin Anderson                Mr. Muhammad Hossain                        Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Steinmetz             In memory of FRANK AND CONNIE DIKSA      In memory of MADELINE KUTCHER
                                                    Anonymous                                   Mr. Scott Allen Hovatter                    Ms. Nichole C. Stevens                   Linda and Steve Llanso                   Tommy and Karen Wallace
    Circle of Endearment
    $250 - $1,999                                   Ms. Diadora Aponte                          Mr. and Mrs. Steven Howarth                 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Storti
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Arruda                 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hunter                     Mr. Edward M. Sullivan                   In memory of SARA EVE DONALDSON          In memory of BILL LATTOMUS
                                                    Asset Management                            Ms. Lin Illingworth                         Ms. Lori Swider                          Asset Management Alliance                John and Marilynn Toomey
    Artesian Water Co.
                                                    AstraZeneca LP                              Immaculate Conception School                Mr. William Sylvester                    Jacquelyne Cross
    Dr. Gina Baffa and Mr. Steve Caputo
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Autorino               Ms. Geraldine Ingram                        Mr. and Mrs. Gene Taylor                 Margaret Minkwitz                        In memory of LAURA LAYTON
    Bank of America Matching Gift Program
                                                    Mr. Michael R. Bailor                       Laura S. Inselman, M.D.                     Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Tennille          Janet Young and Family                   Parker and Maxine Turner
    Ms. Phyllis Barlow
    Ms. Sheila V. Barr                              Barclays Bank Delaware                      Ms. Kristina Jerrell                        Terrace Athletic Club
                                                    Mr. Randy R. Beddoe                         Mr. and Mrs. John Jobes                     Carl and Mary Theroux                    In memory of LEONARD EHRLICH             In memory of STEVE LEJEUNE
    Bella Vista Trattoria & Pizzeria Fundraiser
                                                    Mr. Craig S. Beebe                          Ms. May Lee Johnson                         Mr. and Mrs. Joe Thibodoux               Roberta and Scott Cutler                 Kris and Jeff Viar
    Mr. Michael A. Brady
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Brady                       Mr. Gregory Bell                            Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Johnson              Ms. Whitney Thibodoux
                                                    Mr. Kenneth Belle                           Mr. Joseph Jones                            Mrs. Diane H. Thomas                     In memory of LUCAS MICHAEL EVANS         In memory of HILDA D. LIVINGSTONE
    Mr. Robert W. Brielmaier
                                                    Richard L. Bender and Alison E. Frost       JPMorgan Chase Foundation                   Thomas M. Durkin & Sons, Inc.            Alex and Rosemary Apostolina             Maria Caccamo
    Ms. Sarina H. Brown
                                                    Mrs. Betti H. Bentley                         Matching Gift Program                     Ms. Rose M. Thompson                     Bill and Elga Brown
    Ms. Rasamy Broyles
                                                    Ms. Patricia Beuchler                       JPMorgan Chase Volunteer Team /             Mr. and Mrs. John Toomey, Jr.            Garrett Colmorgen, MD                    In memory of LIZ’S FATHER
    Mr. and Mrs. R. R. M. Carpenter, III
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. George Bierwierth                Gina Rogers-Mooney                        Ms. Christa Tyner                        JoAnne P. Freed                          Ronna Cantor
    Chase Card Marketing Services
                                                    Mr. Corey L. Blackston                      Ms. Jane Juhrden                            Marilyn and Michael Uffner               Megan Garber
    Chichester High School
                                                    Mr. John A. Blizzard                        Ms. Doris Kane                              United Methodist Women Cecilton Parish   Nadine Noble                             In memory of CAROL LOCK
       National Honor Society
                                                    Sally Bohres’s Bridge Group                 Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Kane                  Mr. Michael H. Usilton                   Kristin Parsons                          The “Bridge Group”
    Children’s House Montessori School -
                                                    Mr. Douglas J. Bole                         Dr. and Mrs. Doug Katz                      Mr. Thomas A. Valdivia                   Carole Rosen                             Mrs. David Dawson
       Concord Branch
    Christiana Care Health System Pediatrics        Mr. and Mrs. Brian Bolender                 Mark, Laurel Keegan                         Vanguard Days of Caring                                                           Jim and Kathy Forte
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. William Bowlsbey               Ms. Laura Kelly                             Mr. Donald R. Vanvorst, Jr.              In memory of BEVERLY FARNAN              Jacqueline Gatcomb
    Mr. Richard T. Christopher
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. David Brietling                Mr. and Mrs. Bill Kienzle                   Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Viar                   Class of “55”/ W.H.S. Dinner Group       Jerald Harrell
    The Claricurzio Family
                                                    Jim Broeker and Jeanne Andersen             Mrs. Jennifer Kimminau                      Mr. Joseph Vieira                        Claude Moore, Jeweler, Inc.              Hugh Horning
    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cocozzoli
                                                    Mr. Roderick O. Brooks                      The Kirwin Family - Gene, Melissa, Justin   Mr. Anthony M. Vincent                   Elaine Eichler                           Marcia Marszalek and Peter Murphy
    Mr. and Mrs. Arthur G. Connolly, Jr.
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brown                       & Nicolette                               Ms. Jennifer L. Wagner                   Mike and Rita L. Hafich                  Barbara and Ray Mateer
    Ms. Mary Cool
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Browne              Mr. Gerald W. Kissel                        Mr. Joseph M. Wagner, Jr.                Arthur and Nancy Hannig                  Thomas and Deirdre McCambridge
    Mr. and Mrs. Gui Costin
                                                    Mr. Daniel J. Bull                          Drs. Joel and Shirley Klein                 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wallace              Ed and Maria Hassel                      The Rellers
    Courtyard Newark at the
                                                    Ms. Amy Burg                                Ms. Violet Knorr                            Rhonda Walter, M.D.                      Mr. and Mrs. William A. Leo              Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stroble
       University of Delaware Event
                                                    Mr. Bransby W. Bushey, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Philip Knotts                  Mr. Jack Ward                            Lillian R. Mitchell
    Kate Cronan, M.D.
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Buttafogo               Mr. Chris Kreb                              Mr. Mustufa J. Watkins                   Elaine Rosenberg                         In memory of WARREN LYNCH
    Delaware Federal Credit Union (Del-One)
                                                    Mrs. R.R.M. Carpenter, Jr.                  Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Landis                   Weber Far Hills, Inc.                    Bill and Cyndi Sites                     Joan Myer
    Delmarva Power
                                                    Ms. Susan Carruth                           Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Larimore            Mr. and Mrs. Jason Weissberg             Bruce C. and Beverly G. Turnbull
    Art and Nancy Diver
                                                    Cecil Vault & Memorial Company              May Lim                                     Mr. Kendon Wheeler                       Weber Far Hills, Inc.                    In memory of MARTINO AND FLORENCE
    DuPont Women’s Golf Association
    Edgecraft Corporation                           Mr. and Mrs. James Chaikin                  Mr. and Mrs. Steve Llanso                   Dr. and Mrs. James C. White                                                       MACCARONI
                                                    Mr. Robert G. Chapman                       Mrs. Kathleen Lynch                         Ms. Kristie A. Williams                  In memory of LOUISE W. FEGLEY            Mary Ann and John D’Oria
    Mrs. Virginia Fedele
                                                    Ms. Jennifer L. Chellew                     Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Malick                    Mr. Jeffrey H. Willingham                Georgia D. Fegley
    Dr. and Mrs. T. E. Figueroa
    Fox Rothschild LLP                              Chi Chicks Red Hat Society Chapter 21418    Marty Godwin Tennis Charity Event           Dr. Tony Willoughby                                                               In memory of HELEN MARINELLI
                                                    Mr. and Mrs. Albert Chisholm                Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mateer                     Mr. David A. Wilson, Jr.                 In memory of DR. DANIEL M. FINKELSTEIN   Mr. James R. Edwards
    Ms. Sara A. Funaiock
                                                    Bonita Chism, Andrea George, Tracy          Ms. Diana W. Maxmin                         Mrs. Jessica Wilson                      Mark Finkelstein and Michael Zelk
    Law Office of Joseph A. Gabay
    Mr. and Mrs. Don Gagnon                           McKinley, Donna Peters, and Carol Netta   McDonald’s Team -Northeast                  Ms. Serena N. Wilson-Archie                                                       In memory of BRIAN MARTIN
                                                    Christiana Care Health Services               Dr. Pepper Snapple Group                  Ms. Margery J. Windolph                  In memory of DONNA FUQUA GOODMAN         Gene and Nancy Taylor
    GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
                                                    Citibank Delaware Women’s Council           Ms. Alison C. McKenna                       Mr. Kenneth H. Wright                    Maureen Devlin
       Matching Gift Program
    Greenville Crossing’s 1st Annual                Class of ‘55 W. H S. Dinner Group           Mary Kate and John McKenna                  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Zembsch
       Charity Event                                Claude Moore, Jeweler, Inc.                 Ms. Kathleen R. McNamee                     Zimny & Associates, P.A.
    Ms. Phyllis O. Harris                           Ms. Chrysa Cohen                            Ms. Kandace McNatt
    Mary Patricia Harty, M.D.                       Dr. Garrett Colmorgen                       Ms. Catherine M. McNichol
    Hegenbarth Consulting LLC                       Deborah M. Consolini, M.D.                  Ms. Susan L. Milligan
    Imlach Group                                    Mr. Joseph Conte                            Ms. Margaret Minkwitz
    J. Christian Studio                             Ms. Mollie Conway                           Ms. Lillian Mitchell                        Eddie and Makena
    Mr. Larry C. Jarvis                             Mr. Ronald E. Cote                          Mr. Dennis M. Moak                          Kimminau presented
    JPMorgan Chase Foundation                       Mr. Robert Coupe and                        Ms. Judith Molloy
       Volunteer Program                              Mrs. Pam Angeline-Coupe                   Mr. Michael W. Mooney                       a check to Barbara
    Jule’s Jewels                                   Mr. Tony Lee Covington
                                                    Ms. Christina Craig
                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Brian Moore
                                                                                                Paul and Cynthia Morgan
                                                                                                                                            Loeslein from proceeds
    Mr. David W. King
    Mr. Robert B. Knox                              Ms. Jacquelyne Cross                        Ms. Katherine A. Morris                     of their lemonade
                                                    Mr. Edward P. Crumbock                      Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Mulhern, Sr.
    The Korean Martial Arts Institute II
    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kullman                    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Culley                     Ms. Joan S. Myer
                                                                                                                                            stand for the
    The Honorable Gregory F. Lavelle                Ms. Susan Culpepper                         The Nace Family                             Ronald McDonald
    Mr. and Mrs. William T. Lawrence                Ms. Jennifer Daggett                        Mr. Keith Naugle
    Mrs. Milka L. W. Liebesman                      Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dangay                 Newark High School                          House of
    Mr. Brian Lindenmuth                            Dr. and Mrs. George Datto, III              Ms. Anna Nichols                            Delaware.
    Mr. and Mrs. Max Lorig                          Mrs. Daphne Renee Davis                     Mr. and Mrs. Eric Nichols
    Rachel Macha                                    Ms. Marie Davis                             Mr. and Mrs. Larry Nicholson
    Mr. and Mrs. Keith Marsh                        Mrs. David Dawson                           Emilie Rajaratnam Ninan
    Marvin & Palmer Associates, Inc.                Ms. Samantha DeFabio                        Tom Noone, Cindy Flanagan
    Paige Masley                                    Dr. and Mrs. Allan R. DeJong                  and Family & Friends
    Mr. and Mrs. Max Matteson, II                   Ms. Vanessa DeShields                       Mr. and Mrs. Clint Norris
    McCain Foods USA                                Mr. and Mrs. Larry A. Dietrich              North Star Elementary School teachers
    Anne Meduri, M.D.                               Mr. Vernon Dilks                            Mr. and Mrs. Thomas O’Donnell
    Michael Vassallo Electrical Contractors, Inc.   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Dillman                Mr. and Mrs. Frank Olszewski
    Mr. Patrick Mitchell                            Mr. Richard J. D’Orazio                     Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Oplinger
    Mr. Stephen Mottola                             Mr. and Mrs. John D’Oria                    Dr. Robert O’Reilly
                                                    Janet and Alan Dukart                       Ms. Kristin Parsons

4        Fall 10
                                                                                                                                      American Girl
                                             TRIBUTES ♥                                                                                                                      8th Annual
Janice and Frank Olszewski
                                             TRIBUTES                                In honor of ELIZA AND DAVIS NOONE
                                                                                          “Happy Birthday”
                                             May 1, 2010 – September 30, 2010        Michael and Kristin Heck
In memory of ANDREW MCDONOUGH                                                        Tom Noone and Cindy Flanagan
St. Mary Magdalen NJHS 3X3 Tournament        In honor of ADDIE
                                                                                     Bryan and Zina Rittle

Diane Fuller
                                             “Happy 4th Birthday”
                                             Ava Bradley                             In honor of FRANK AND BETTY PALERMO
                                                                                         “50th Wedding Anniversary”
                                                                                                                                                                                   FASHION SHOW
                                             In honor of BETTY AGOVINO
                                             Jan Tellman
                                                                                     Marie Mazzotta                                                                 Mark Your Calendars:
Robert L. and Jean Ann Ennis
                                             In honor of RYAN BLACK
                                                                                     In honor of MADISON ANN PHIPPS
                                                                                     Carol Snyder
                                                                                                                                     Saturday, March 12th                                               Sunday, March 13th
In memory of EUGENE MONINGHOFF               Maureen O’Dell
                                                                                     In honor of ROY PROUJANSKY, MD                    10:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. & 6:00 p.m.                                  12:00 noon & 4:00 p.m.
Scott Cutler
                                             In honor of CHRISTINA BOBER             Gary A. Emmett, MD
In memory of JOYCE M. MURRAY                 Edward S. Bober
                                                                                     In honor of DYLAN PRZYBYSZ
                                                                                                                                    Girls will be modeling the Spring Fashions from the American Girl Collection
Robert L. and Jean Ann Ennis
                                             In honor of J. RICHARD BOWEN, M.D.      Violet M. Knorr                                for both young girls and their dolls as well as historical fashions.

                                                                                                                                                        American Girl Fashion Show is Back!!!
In memory of CAROLINE NEAL                   H. Theodore Harcke, MD
                                                                                     In honor of MARK RANDO, JR.
The Kirwin Familly, Gene, Melissa, Justin                                            Lynn Frehsee
and Nicolette                                In honor of TRACY BROWN
                                             “Barclays 2010 Chairman’s Award”
                                                                                     In honor of BETSY RAWLS
In memory of HELENE O’CONNELL                Barclaycard US
                                                                                     DuPont Women’s Golf Association
                                                                                                                                    This is a great memory maker as well as a fund raising event for the House and a fun time for moms and
Judith Molloy
                                             In honor of ALAN CAIN
                                                                                                                                    daughters, even grandmoms, aunts and cousins. A meal will be served at all shows as well as chances to
                                                                                     In honor of KAITLYN REED
In memory of MARY ELLIOTT HARRIGAN            “Volunteer Efforts”                     “Happy 13th Birthday”                         win great American Girl prizes.
O’HEAR                                       The Wal-Mart Foundation                 Dean and Lori Reed
Marilyn and Michael Uffner
                                             In honor of MATTHEW CAMPISI
                                                                                                                                    Advance show tickets and “grand” prize raffle tickets will go on sale beginning January 10, 2011. To
                                                                                     In honor of HAILEY RICHART
In memory of WILLIAM J. O’LEARY                “Volunteer efforts”                    “Excellent Achievement 2009-10 School Year”   order your show tickets or “grand” prize raffle tickets, complete the response form and return to the House
                                             JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Susan and Paul Arruda                                                                Mr. and Mrs. John Richart
                                                                                                                                    beginning January 10, 2011. Ticket requests received BEFORE January 10th cannot be accepted.
In memory of EMMIE O’TOOLE                   In honor of BARBARA CRONAN              In honor of OLIVIA RICHART
St. Mary Magdalen NJHS 3X3 Tournament        Kate Cronan, Steve Zderic and Family     “Excellent Achievement 2009-10 School Year”   Whether you plan to attend the Fashion Show or not, here’s your chance to purchase a raffle ticket for
                                             In honor of EMILY DUNLOP
                                                                                     Mr. and Mrs. John Richart                      one of our “grand” prizes. Tickets are $5.00 each or five for $20.00. You can select which prize to have
Richard Bender and Alison Frost              Maria Dunlop                            In honor of JOHN L. RICHART II                 your ticket(s) placed. Please complete the form below to pre-purchase your raffle ticket. Note: Grand prize
                                                                                      “Excellent Achievement 2009-10 School Year”
                                             In honor of JAMES ERHARDT               Mr. and Mrs. John Richart
                                                                                                                                    raffles will be drawn at the end of the last show. You do not need to be present to win. Additional raffle
In memory of MATEO PAREDES
Anonymous                                     “Thank you for a great year”                                                          prizes will also be available at the shows.
                                             The Nace Family                         In honor of ADEN M. RIVERA
In memory of NICHOLAS LOUIS PARZANESE                                                   “Happy Birthday”
                                             In honor of BILLY AND EMMA FELDMANN
                                                                                                                                    Reserve Your American Girl Tickets Now
Joann Lubrano and Mike Cosden                                                        Anonymous
                                                    “Happy Birthday”
In memory of JEANNE PETE                     Brian and Amy Bedilion                  In honor of HELEN RODDY
                                             Cindy Boulden                            “Volunteer Efforts”
Thomas M. Przybylski
                                             Brian and Amy Burg
                                                                                                                                    Tickets are limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. Parties who
                                                                                     The Wal-Mart Foundation
In memory of BRIONNA LEIGH PETTIT            Fritz and Nancy Feldmann                                                               wish to be seated together should order tickets on the same order form (eight seats
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel T. Hauber                Greg and Emily Ferris                   In honor of GEOFFREY A. SAWYER, III            per table). Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope; tickets will be mailed to you.
                                             Brian and Stephanie Lesher                  “Happy Birthday”
                                             Daniel and Anisa Parks                  Jessica Wilson
                                             John and Rachel Scott
                                                                                                                                    Every ticket order must include at least one adult.
Pauline Raughley
                                             Matthew Shenahan                        In honor of JOANNE SCOTT
                                             Eric and Deborah Stephens                  “Happy Birthday”                            Please state event preference:                         Date                        Time
In memory of BABY GIRL REID
                                             Luis and Graciela Velasquez             Thomas Holben
Lorraine Serva                                                                                                                                           First choice
                                             In honor of SUE FELLMAN                 In honor of SARAH SHERMAN
Manetta, Forrest, Aliya, Alyssa and Ashlyn     “Happy Birthday”                         “Happy Birthday”                                                 Second choice
                                             Joan Montesano                          Leslie and Ed Goldenberg
                                                                                                                                                         Third choice
                                             In honor of MILO FENLEY                 In honor of TERRY AND BEN SMITH
In memory of EDNA ROWDON
Employees from Boeing U.A.W. Union            “Happy 1st Birthday”                       “Spirit of Care”                           Number of event tickets:                 Adults            Children $35.00 each = $
                                             Carol Fenley                            Mary and Rick Browne
The Shisler Family

In memory of PAUL J. SAKOWSKI JR.            In honor of DOROTHY FINGER              In honor of HEIDI STAMMERJOHANN                       Grand Prize Raffle Tickets $5 each or five for $20
                                                “Happy Birthday”                         “Happy 2nd Birthday”
The Finizio Family
                                             Milka Liebesman                         Anonymous                                                                                   # of tickets:                   = Total $
Joey Keegan                                                                          Jason and Amy Beisel
Mark, Laurel Keegan                                                                  Victor and Hilda Bermudez
                                             In honor of FRED GARFINKEL
Eleanor Klinitski
                                               “Special Birthday”                    Jim Broeker and Jeanne Andersen                                   Grand Prizes (please indicate # of tickets for each prize):
Linda and Eric Nichols                                                               Phillip and Kaela Dakes
Liam and Deborah O’Rourke                    Judy and Alex Montag
                                                                                     Chris and Kristin Gimello
                                             In honor of ABBY GEUZLINGER’S FAMILY    Jim and Linda Gorecki                                 My American Girl™ Doll – Doll, Pet Show Outfit, Pet Show Set, Pepper,
In memory of ADA SCHERER
Jan and Yvonne Harrison                      Donna Geuzlinger                        The King Family                                       Sparkly Hair Pick, Doll Stand.
                                                                                     David and Mary Lurwick
                                                                                     The McCullough Family
In memory of GRACE SHAW                      In honor of C. EARL GREEN
                                                                                     Chrissy Montenaro
                                                                                                                                           My American Girl™ Doll – Doll, Fancy Riding Outfit, Doll Brush, Doll
Regina Miller                                William T. and Catherine M. Lawrence
                                                                                     Debi Richeal and Abigail Hamilton                     Stand.
                                             In honor of JACK AND JAN HEGENBARTH     Len and Judy Richeal
& MOTHER-IN-LAW                                  “50th Wedding Anniversary”          Raymond Rudolph
                                                                                     Tim and Jackie Schorn
                                                                                                                                           Rebecca® – Rebecca Doll & Meet Rebecca Paperback Book, Rebecca Bed
                                             Bill and Nancy Kienzle
Marsh Uebler                                                                         Robert and Shara Simpson                              and Bedding, Rebecca Doll Pajamas, Doll Stand, Sparkly Hair Pick.
                                             In honor of MAX HEYSE                   Rick and Lisa Stammerjohann
In memory of JEAN SLOBODA
Denise and Vincent Deskiewicz                 “Happy Birthday”                       Vicki and Paul Tensfeldt                              Bitty Twins® – Bitty Twins Doll Set, Pajamas, Trundle Bed and Bedding,
                                             The Sullivan Family                     Katy Travaline
                                                                                     Gregg and Bernadette Valentine                        Hair Care Kit.
In memory of CAMILLE SMITH
Marilyn and Michael Uffner                   In honor of SAMUEL HINKLE &
                                             CLAIRE PRIEBE                           In honor of JOHN AND MIRIAM STEVENS                   Bitty Baby® – Bitty Baby Doll, Stroller, Baby Ballerina Oufit for Doll.
                                               “Happy Birthday”                      Steven and Sandra Johnson
Marilyn and Michael Uffner                   The 6-0 Football Club
                                             The Curry Family                        In honor of THE TRZECIAK FAMILY
                                             The Hevesy Family                       Brian, Kelly, Jack-Cole Trzeciak               Souvenirs:         Tote for Girl                                    x $22.00 = Total $
Ben and Terry Smith                          Richard and Florence Hinkle
                                             The Parker Family                       In honor of JOAN WACHSTEIN                                        Tote for Doll                                    x $8.00 = Total $
                                                                                     Regina Miller
Marilyn Whorl (Her “G”)
                                             In honor of CAROL ILLINGWORTH                                                                             Treat Seat                                       x $24.00 = Total $
                                                 “Happy Birthday”                    In honor of ABBY WALTER
In memory of JACK SWAIN
                                             Lin Illingworth                         Rhonda S. Walter, MD                                              Accessory Set                                    x $12.00 = Total $
Joan S. Myer                                 In honor of BETH KELLEHER               In honor of LOGAN WEAVER
                                             “Thank you for a great year”            Dori Smith
                                                                                                                                                       Other                                                                  $
In memory of KATHLEEN HAWKINS TALLEY         The Nace Family                                                                                           See for additional souvenirs, Guest Model information
“Chi Chicks” Red Hat Society Chapter 21418                                           In honor of ANNE JEFFREY WRIGHT                                     and “Birthday Packages.”
Barbara Hawkins                              In honor of JOANNE KRIPPAHNE            Nancy and Tad Jeffrey
Marlane Radzius                              Sondra and Max Lorig                                                                                                                                             Grand Total $
                                                                                     In honor of MR. AND MRS. LIAM YOUNG
In memory of MARY TAYLOR                     In honor of LAURA                          “Wedding Anniversary”
Marsh Uebler                                 “Masters Degree in Social Work”         Aunt June                                      Checks payable to Ronald McDonald House of Delaware. American Express, Visa,
                                             Vicki and Harold Horowitz               Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Savage                      Mastercard and Discover are also welcomed.
In memory of PEARL WALLACE
Tommy and Karen Wallace                      In honor of JAMES LAWLER
                                              “Volunteer efforts”                                                                   Name
In memory of MARK A. WASHINGTON, JR.         JPMorgan Chase Foundation
Rita W. Bristol
                                             In honor of MARSHA AND MEL LEVY
In memory of SYLVIA WILDER                   Patricia Shuirman
Susan and Paul Arruda                                                                                                               City                                        State        Zip                 Phone
                                             In honor of MIA ROSE LONERGAN
In memory of SARA WILLOUGHBY                 Neil and Angela Gervasio
Dr. Tony Willoughby                                                                  The Ronald McDonald                            Credit Card Number                                                        Exp. Date
                                             In honor of ETHAN ALEXANDER LUBAROFF     House of Delaware
In memory of JEAN ZERBE                      Barbara and Les Dukart                    is a proud partner
Richard and Darlene Cuomo
                                                                                        of United Way of                            Signature
Steven and Rita Howarth                      In honor of PAIGE MASLEY
Alan Zerbe’s Friends & Colleagues from       The Masley Family & Friends            Delaware and receives
  Stanley Black & Decker                                                            funding through donor                                                            Mail order form to:
                                             In honor of COLE MELVIN
                                             Barb and Howard Price                        designations.                                American Girl, c/o Ronald McDonald House of Delaware, 1901 Rockland Road,
                                                                                                                                                                   Wilmington, DE 19803
                                             In honor of DOROTHY MOORE
                                                                                       United Way of Delaware                                             Call (302) 428-5330 for more information
                                             AstraZeneca LP
                                                                                       Designation Code #0800
                                             In honor of JEANMARIE NETTLETON                                                                    TICKET ORDERS CANNOT BE ACCEPTED BEFORE JANUARY 10, 2011.
                                                 “Volunteer efforts”
                                             JPMorgan Chase Foundation
                                                                                    United Way of Southeastern PA
                                                                                      Designation Code #6368                                                                                                               Fall 10           5
Not All Art Is Found in a Museum
On Saturday, September 25, 2010, two hundred children gathered at the Ronald McDonald
House of Delaware for a tile painting party. This fundraiser was sponsored by Nordstrom
which plans to open their Christiana Mall store in April 2011. The “bug-themed” tiles will
be installed in the Kids’ Wear floor of their store. The cost per child was $25 and Nordstrom
matched the collected amount and all the proceeds from the tile painting effort were donated
to the House.
Charles Bigger, a professional sculptor from the greater Seattle area, helped facilitate the event
and assisted the children which ranged in ages between 5 and 12 in creating their masterpieces.
When the kids were not painting their tiles, they munched on special bug-prepared treats
provided by Feastivities Catering and drank bug juice. “As You Wish” Face Painting by Catey
Hill provided the children with face designs and temporary tattoos. Peg Broadwater twisted
balloons into ladybugs, butterfly wings, spiders and other bug like creatures. Ronald McDonald
was on hand in the afternoon to entertain and encourage the painters.
A very special thanks to Nordstrom for selecting the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware
for their project and to Lisa Imperato from Nordstrom for coordinating this event. The young
painters will be invited to a special grand unveiling and “find your tile” party in the store prior
to their grand opening.

                                            14th Annual ABATE “Run for Kids”
                                            On Sunday, August 15th motorcycles could be seen for miles as the annual ABATE (American Bikers Aiming Toward
                                            Education) “Run for Kids” was held to benefit the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware and Nemours/Alfred I. duPont
                                            Hospital for Children. This annual event has raised over $66,000 for the House in its 14 years. The group also collects
                                            wish list items for the House and new toys and games for the children at duPont Hospital as well as at the House.
                                            Special thanks to county coordinators Donald Gibbons, Jason Small, Matt Woods and Steve Burge and all the members
                                            of ABATE for their continued dedication to the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware. We would also like to thank Mary
                                            Jane and Rob Cocozzoli, Robin Soutar and Ken and Maggie Schlotterer as well as House and Teen Troop volunteers for
                                            cooking and serving lunch to the ABATE members.

                                                                                   Talleyville Car Show
                                            Adopt A Room                           The 5th Annual Talleyville Fire Company Antique and Classic Car Show that
                                                                                   benefited the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware was held on Sunday,
                                            Since May, Dr. Deborah Tuttle          September 26. We are most grateful for the support of Talleyville Fire Company
          Circle of Care                    and Dr. John Piper, Nordstrom (2
                                            rooms), Mrs. Edna Bennett Pierce,
                                                                                   especially, Dan Kiley, Todd Meredith, Rick Catalano and Pat Kiley who served
                                                                                   as organizers of the event and worked so hard to support the work of the
                                            St. Mary Magdalen School, AAA          Ronald McDonald House. Thank you to the following sponsors:
    Gift Clubs 2010
                                            Mid-Atlantic, Stacey and Gregg         Sponsors: Buccini Pollin Group, WSFS, HY-Point Dairy, Le Chateau Gourmet
    Circle of Hope $25,000 and above        Bacchieri, Terry & Ben Smith,          Catering, Rush Uniform Company, Choice Marketing, Crown Trophy, Security
    Circle of Optimism $10,000-$24,999      Wachovia Wells Fargo Foundation,       Instrument, Summit Mechanical, Delmarva Communications, New Castle
    Circle of Understanding $5,000-$9,999   Kimmel Foundation, TD Bank,            Insurance Co. and Halo Service Group.
    Circle of Sharing $2,000-$4,999         Bank of America (2 rooms) and
    Circle of Endearment $250-$1,999        Tad and Nancy Jeffrey renewed                                   Winners:
                                            their support of the Adopt A Room                               Best of Show: R.W.“Bob”Anderson, Denver, PA
    Member up to $250
                                            program. To date over 28 of our 50                                    2010 Chevrolet Corvette
    There is still time to make your        guest rooms have been adopted!                                  2nd Place: William McKinney, Wilmington, DE
                                            A $5,000 donation adopts a room                                       1923 Ford Model T Touring Car
    contribution to our 2010 Circle of
          Circle of Care
    Care Annual Campaign!
                                            for a year commencing on the date
                                            the donation is received. This
                                                                                                            3rd Place: Rich Truskolawski, Newark, DE
                                                                                                                  1948 Desoto “Woody” Wagon
    Your gift at any level helps            donation helps defray the costs
    the Ronald McDonald House               of operating one guest room.

                                            The benefits include a plaque
    provide a “home away from
                                            with your name near the door of
    home” for families staying at the       the guest room, recognition in
    House this year.                        our newsletter and annual report
                                            and a special Ronald Glass Shoe                    My stay here was warm
         Thank You!                         keepsake. You can make a big
                                            impact on this program and help
                                                                                          and pleasant . . . it felt like we were home.”
           Circle of Care                   families in need! Please contact
                                            Barbara Loeslein at 428-5331 or
                                   for more
                                                                                                                        Play Wii with the Shah Family!
                                                                                                                        The Ronald McDonald House of Delaware
Ronald McDonald Family Room Program                                                                                     welcomes community groups to do fun
                                                                                                                        activities with our families who are staying
♥ The Ronald McDonald Family Room at Christiana Hospital reopened in April after getting                                at the House. These activities relieve stress
     an extensive make-over. Families can now relax amidst comfortable chairs and subtle                                and provide enjoyment for kids and adults
     twinkle lights, as well as enjoy snacks and coffee when available. From April through                              who are staying at the House. A little over
     August, the Family Room served 704 families and a total of 1,911 guests!                                           a year ago, the Shah family (mom Judy and
♥ In September, the Ronald McDonald House of Delaware welcomed Kelsey Cler, the new                                     sons Cameron and Alexander) asked if they
     Community and Family Room Coordinator. In a joint collaboration between the House                                  could come in and play the Nintendo Wii
     and Public Allies, an AmeriCorps program, Kelsey will be helping to oversee the Family                             with our families once or twice a month.
     Rooms and introduce new programming until the end of the Public Allies term in June.             What a great success it has been! Cameron and Alexander
     More information about Public Allies can be found at                       love the interaction with the families staying at the House
                                                                                                      and feel like they are making a difference when they have
♥ A new program, On-the-Go Meal Kits, has started at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital                repeat customers playing the video games. Our families look
     for Children, providing families in need with a healthy meal. Volunteer groups provide           forward to it after a long day of therapy or discharge from
     the contents and the people-power to fill and decorate the bags provided by the House.           surgery. Thank you Shah family for your continued support of
     To learn how to help with the Meal Kit program, contact Kelsey at or            our families at the House!

6        Fall 10
                                              Planned Giving                                                                                                       22nd Annual Golf
Jackie Sample, an avid volunteer and friend of the Ronald McDonald House, has all her
                                                                                                                                                               Tournament for the House
affairs in order and has named the Ronald McDonald House as the beneficiary of one of
her estate gifts. As a mother of five grown children with children of their own, Jackie has
identified the House as her primary beneficiary. Jackie and her husband were blessed with
five healthy children. They never had to face the challenges that families who stay at the
House do – as Jackie is a witness to this everyday. Jackie has given her time and talent to
the House for over 7 years. When she decided to include the House in her will she knew
it was the right decision for her and her family. Jackie recently received one of the highest
                                    volunteer awards the House has to offer and a room was
                                    adopted for one year in recognition of her many hours
                                     of volunteer service and dedication. “I am here at the
                                     House four times a week and see first hand how much
                                     the House means to the families. I feel confident with
                                      my decision of naming the Ronald McDonald House in
                                      my will because I know I will be a part of supporting
                                      the House in years to come.” We thank Jackie for her
                                       dedication to the Ronald McDonald House and for
                                       her planned gift to the House. For more information                                                                   On Monday, August 9th, one-hundred-sixteen golfers
                                       please contact Barbara Loeslein at (302) 428-5331 or                                                                  took to the links at the exclusive Bidermann Golf Club
                                       Pam Cornforth at (302) 428-5311.                                                                                      on a beautiful sunny day which featured several contest
                                                                                                                                                             holes including a $1 Million Charity Challenge presented
                                 On August 4th the Second Annual Red Robin Rocks the House                                                                   by Discover Bank. The day of fun was completed with a
                                 Funfest was held at the Brandywine Town Center to benefit                                                                   cocktail reception and dinner featuring a live and silent
                                 the House. The committee was led by Co-Chairs Dave Tiberi                                                                   auction. Sponsors include:
                                 and Michael Waite and the event was hosted by Craig Colby,
                                 owner of Red Robin in the Brandywine Town Center. Over                                                                       Presenting Sponsor
                                 $12,000 was raised for the House through children’s activities,
                                 haircuts provided by J.Christian Studio, an antique car show
                                 and silent auction. Red Robin also donated a portion of all
                                 sales from the day to the House. A special thank you to the
                                                                                                                                                              Dinners Sponsor
                                 hard working committee led by Dave Tiberi, Michael Waite
                                 and Craig Colby including Carla Bobka, Greg Bobka, Patrick
                                 Fogarty, Carol Forsythe, Ruth Fulmer, Michael Graves, Megan
                                 Harper, Kory Hitchens, Rodney Jordan, Stephanie Marchak,
Chris Marchak, John Presley, Chip Romano, Eric Svalgard, Carl Thompson, Mark Thompson,                                                                        Charity Challenge Sponsor
Marcy Wilkinson, Tom Voytek and the many volunteers from HSBC, TD Bank, Bank of America
and Ronald McDonald House. We would also like to thank management and security teams
at the Brandywine Town Center including Dot Edwards, John Dowling and Michael Connelly                                                                        Cocktail Reception Sponsor
for all their help and support in making Red Robin Rocks the House a success.

                                                                                                                                                               Shoot Out Sponsor
Volunteers contribute time and care to the House in various ways to help make it a “home away
                                                                                                                                                             Bag Tag Sponsor: AAA Mid-Atlantic; Goodie Bag Sponsor:
from home.” One of the ways volunteers help is by getting involved with special events that
                                                                                                                                                             Anesthesia Business Consultants; Golf Club Sponsors:
help to raise awareness and funding for the House. This fall was a very busy time for special
                                                                                                                                                             Delmarva Broadcasting Company, MERCER, Nemours/
events held on behalf of the House including the Grotto Pizza Run, Talleyille Fire Company’s
                                                                                                                                                             Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children; Hole in One
Annual Antique Car Show and the Nordstrom Tile Painting Party. Volunteers helping to serve on
                                                                                                                                                             Sponsor: Diver Chevrolet; Cart Sponsor: Cumberland
the American Girl Fashion Show Committee for the 2011 shows are already starting work this fall
                                                                                                                                                             Dairy; Tee Sponsors: Artisans’ Bank, Blue Cross Blue Shield
for next spring’s event. Volunteers, along with committee members, will help at the upcoming
                                                                                                                                                             of Delaware, the Claricurzio family, Dukart Management/
American Girl Model Auditions held on November 10th and 20th. Committee volunteer members
                                                                                                                                                             McDonald’s, Wilmington Trust.
will also begin meeting this fall to begin planning for the House’s 20th Anniversary Celebration
planned for September 30, 2011. If you would like to volunteer your time to help serve on either                                                             In-Kind Contributors: Brewers Outlet, Delmarva
the American Girl Fashion Show or the 20th Anniversary Celebration committees please contact                                                                 Broadcasting WDEL/WSTW, Dole Fresh Fruit, Herr’s,
Dawn Brooks, Special Events Coordinator, at or at 302-428-5315. A huge                                                                    M&M Restaurant Supply, Procacci Brothers.
thank you to all the volunteers that came out to help and support the events held to benefit
the House this fall. Thank you to the University of Delaware chapters of Alpha Delta Pi, Delta                                                               Dr. Howdy Giles, a friend of Arnold Palmer and author of
Sigma Pi, and Phi Sigma Pi, for providing volunteers to help make the events a success and to                                                                The King and I, an Unlikely Journey from Fan to Friend,
volunteers from Kelly Services for their continued support with group volunteer needs. If you                                                                was on hand signing copies of his book and sharing golf
are seeking a group volunteer opportunity or have a group of family and friends that would                                                                   stories. Special thanks to Pete Booker who served as our
like to identify a group volunteer need at the House or with a special event please contact Sara                                                             live auctioneer; Chris Anderson who participated in our
Funaiock, Volunteer Manager, at or 302-428-5340.                                                                                        Beat the Pro Contest, and finally the many volunteers
                                                                                                                                                             from Valero and Kohl’s who gave of their time to help
While the busy special event season was underway, volunteers at the House continued to                                                                       make this tournament an exciting and successful event.
make sure the House operated daily. House volunteers help with everyday tasks that provide
a nurturing environment for the families they help to serve. Operating the House seven days                                                                  Our committee, ably led by John (Jay) A. Reed will be
a week, 52 weeks per year requires a lot of help! One of the most important elements of                                                                      meeting soon to work on the August 15, 2011 event
the program is volunteers willing to share their knowledge and love of the House with new                                                                    which will be held once again at Bidermann. Joining
volunteers. A special thank you to volunteers Janel Paonessa, Barbara Clark, Joan Irwin, Carol                                                               Jay on the committee were: Pete Booker, Dawn Brooks,
Yetter, Jean Pitts, Patti Johns, Kaitlyn Hajen, Terri Walters, Arlene Cronin, Nancy Jenkins, Michele                                                         Barry Crozier, Henry Grabowski, Judy Grabowski, Frank
Houlday, Mary Prosceno, Mary McAteer, Dick & Phyllis Panico, and Karen Durnan for working                                                                    J. Laganosky, Barbara Loeslein, Eileen Masterson-Carr,
with our new volunteers.                                                                                                                                     Stephen C. Nelson, Carlton P. Schowe, Mark Surtees and
                                                                                                                                                             David Wolfenden.
MEAL CONTRIBUTORS May 1, 2010 - September 30, 2010
Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children   Bank of America Child Development          Ciro Poppiti & Family                 Glasgow Church                             Linda Dean & Friends                    Sanchez, Medina, & Richichi
  3F Nursing Team                         Center Newark I                           Dalton & Chapman Families             Glenmede Trust Company                     Macaroni Grill                          Sarah’s Helpers
Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children   Barclays Bank Delaware                     Delaware McDonald’s Owner/Operators   Goldman Sachs Trust Company                Melvin Family                           Seth Bruce & Friends
  PACU                                   Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant              Delaware National Guard               Grotto Pizza                               Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League    Sheri Caldwell
AAA Mid-Atlantic                         Best Buy                                   Detwieler Family                      Hardy Audio Visual                         Nulites                                 Skanska, Inc.
Accenture                                Bethel A.M.E. Church Y.P.D.                Donna Rescinito & Friends             Harry’s Savoy Grill                        Mom’s Club of Middletown                St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
Achiever’s Dynasty                       Blue Hen Parrothead Club                   DuPont Crop Protection                Honeywell                                  Mount Lebanon United Methodist Church   St. Marks High School - SMART Club
Alpha Epsilon Phi                        Bobbi Johnston & Friends                   DuPont CTC                            HSBC                                       Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church   Sullivan’s Steakhouse
American Honda Finance                   Brandywine Decorative Painters             DuPont Edgmoor                        Independent Order of Odd Fellows           New Life Church                         The Butz & Williams Families
AmeriHealth Red, White, Blue Crew        Brandywine Naamans Rotary Club             Elam United Methodist Church          JPMorgan Chase                             Oxford Football Team                    The Thomas Family
Artisans’ Bank                           Bright Horizons Child Development Center   Family of Nathan Mills                KidsHealth from Nemours                    Pam & Grey Baker Family                 Total Home Construction
Association of Pediatric Hematology       Newark II                                 Gallucio’s Restaurant                 Knights of Columbus                        Phi Beta Sigma                          Wilmington Trust
Oncology Nurses                          Bruce Johnson and friends                  Girl Scout Troop 515                  Laurent Family                             Pilgrim Baptist Church                  Wilmington West Rotary
BADV                                     Chase Bank                                 Girl Scout Troop 5520                 Lauri Palm Family & Friends                Principal Trust Company                 WSFS
Bank of America                          Chase Card Services                        Girl Scout Troop 5702                 Linda & Sarah Thomas                       Rebecca Horning & Family                                  Fall 10            7
                                                                                                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE

                     Ronald Mcdonald House®                                                                                                                                       PAID
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Our House Wish List                                                                                                                                                              HannaH RitteR with
                                                                                                                                                                                 her Wish List Donation
Guest Room Needs                                                                                                                                                                 that she collected!
HouseHold iteMs                       kitcHen iteMs                       cleaning supplies                     Additional Needs                 For the health and safety of
 ♥ White towel sets                   Freezer bags(1 & 2 Gallon size)       Spray air fresheners/               Gift Certificates (Restaurant,   our families, we cannot
 Double Bed Sheet Sets                  ♥ Paper towels                         Febreeze                         Target, Pharmacy, Movie          accept used items or stuffed
 Universal TV remotes                   Napkins                             ♥ Disinfectant wipes                passes, etc),                    animals.
 AAA Batteries                          Corelle® Livingware™                Disinfectant cleaner                Gas Cards
                                          Winter Frost White dinner           (NO BLEACH)                                                        Wish List items will be used
food iteMs                                plates, dessert plates and        Laundry detergent                   ♥ Items that are especially      at the Ronald McDonald House
  Sliced Bread - white/wheat              10 oz. bowls                      Fabric softener sheets               needed!                         and Ronald McDonald Family
  Eggs                                  9X13 disposable                     Furniture polish                                                     Rooms in local hospitals.
  Individually wrapped                    aluminum pans                     Magic Erasers                       Monetary donations are always
     snacks                             Aluminum Foil                                                           appreciated.
  ♥ Breakfast cereal                    Plastic food storage containers
  Canned fruit and meats

                                    Kindness of the Heart . . .

 a teaM fRoM Bank of aMeRica lends a                                             tHe Butz    and     williaMs   faMilies                                  ddR events gRoup held their 16th
 helping hand in keeping our grounds                                             gave back to the House and prepared                                      annual Golf Invitational and proceeds
 beautifully mulched and trimmed.                                                dinner for 70 guests.                                                    were donated to the House.

  Thanks to the dupont coMpany                                                 Members from fiRst data conducted a                                       A big welcome to glenMede tRust
  the families at the House are provided                                       Wish List drive and donated three trunk                                   coMpany. They are new to our meal
  transportation to various places in                                          loads of items! They also scheduled dates                                 program and prepared their first dinner
  Delaware.                                                                    to prepare lunch and dinner.                                              in July.

  Mom’s night out! tHe MoM’s cluB                                               tHe sHaMlin faMily spent their Saturday                                   Aloha! wilMington tRust went above
  of dela aRe found time in their busy
            w                                                                   afternoon baking countless cupcakes and                                   and beyond with their Hawaiian themed
  schedules to prepare a meal for our                                           other delicious desserts at the House.                                    dinner.

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