VAC, 6600 TICO ROAD, TITUSVILLE, FL 32780 - (321) 268-1941 - WWW.VACWARBIRDS.ORG
                     ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DINNER 10 OCTOBER                                                STUART AIRSHOW IN NOVEMBER

  Commander Lloyd Morris presents Ann              Erik Kramer presented a very interesting             Tico Belle and the Black Daggers Jump
James with the Volunteer of the Year Award.       accounting of his experiences during World                     Team open the show.
          Congratulations, Ann!!!                 War II when his family was held captive in a
                                                            Japanese POW camp.
                                 VETERAN’S DAY WEEKEND 07 & 08 NOVEMBER & OTHER ACTIVITIES

 Retired TWA Flight Attendants baked and       Hiram Mann, former Tuskegee Airman auto-               Our volunteer ladies cooked and sold hot
          sold delicious goodies.                          graphs his book.                                      dogs, drinks, etc.

VAC directors and members with Tom Garcia      Tico Belle drops paratroopers at Fort Benning—         Walter J. Gatti, founder and president of
             in front of the A-6.                     Normandy Invasion Anniversary.                  Tensor Engineering speaking with Tom
                                                                                                                    Garcia, Rep.

 Dedication of a Cassia “Golden Shower” Tree
planted by the Modern Woodmen of America in
    front of the Museum on 11 November.                                                          Terry Yon draws a winning name as Ann James
                                                       Volunteer ladies decorated                    holds the basket at our Christmas Party.
                                                       the Museum for Christmas
              VALIANT AIR COMMAND                                          MUSEUM & GIFT SHOP
       Dedicated to restoring military aircraft
                   6600 Tico Road                                  Open 7 days a week 9 AM-5 PM
              Titusville, FL 32780-8009                    Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year’s Day

                Phone: 321-268-1941                                              ADMISSION
                 FAX: 321-268-5969
                                                                   Adults $18.00 Senior/Military $15.00
         Website:                                  Children 5-12 Years $ 5.00
                                                                  Special Tour & Family Rates Available
                                                                             FUTURE EVENTS -2010
             STATEMENT of PURPOSE
                                                                 09 January --- AirShow Meeting - Noon
The Valiant Air Command was formed to perpetuate the             16 January --- C-47 Flight
history of aviation, to encourage gathering of men and
                                                                 19 January --- Board of Director’s Meeting - Noon
women in camaraderie, research and warbird restoration,
to serve as an educational tool for young and old alike;         06 February -- C-47 Flight
and, to assure that the memory of those who gave their           14 February -- Happy Valentine’s Day
lives in service to their country shall not perish.              16 February -- Board of Director’s Meeting - Noon
                                                                 11 March ------Dirty Flight Suit Party
 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit Organization Educational Museum          12 March ----- Auction
       Recognized by the Internal Revenue Service                12, 13 & 14 March – TICO Warbird AirShow
                                                                 17 March ----- Happy St. Patrick’s Day
                                                                 23 March ---– Board of Director’s Meeting (tentative)
COMMANDER                                  Lloyd Morris               386-427-1296
EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                          Bud Evans                    321-984-3343      Greetings to Everyone,
OPERATIONS DIRECTOR                          Ken Terry                     386-322-5378      I hope all of you had a wonderful Holiday Season
                                                           and I Wish You and Your Families a Happy New
MAINTENANCE DIRECTOR                        Bob James              321-453-6995      Year! As most of you already know, we had a busy
                                                           4th Quarter here at the Museum. Our Veteran’s Day
FINANCE DIRECTOR                          Lora McCabe      Weekend Open House was a success and a big               321-268-1941      thanks to all of the volunteers, tour guides, pilots,
PERSONNEL DIRECTOR                        Bob Boswell      Greg and Christine Zahornacky for music provided,                       321-757-6756      staff and the Board of Directors for your time and
                                                           efforts in making us shine in the community!
FACILITIES DIRECTOR                      Norm Lindsay               321-267-3622
                                                           AirShow 2010 is right around the corner and we’re
PROCUREMENT DIRECTOR                        Bob Frazier    busy making plans now, so all key personnel and           561-848-4549     volunteers on our Task List, please plan to attend the
PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR                    Terry Yon     09 January 2010 Meeting at noon in the VAC                   321-268-1941     Library. It is important that we start fine-tuning the
EVENTS COORDINATOR                       Phyllis Lackey               321-268-1942
                                                           I thank everyone who has worked hard this year to
                                                           keep things running smoothly at the Museum. Our
             MEMBERSHIP RATE CHANGES                       Gift Shop looks great, so stop on in and take a look if
                                                           you haven’t been in lately. The C-47 “Tico Belle” is
       NEW MEMBERSHIP RATE changes were effective          up and running with several revenue flights already
       01 December 2009. $100.00 Single, 125.00 Family     booked in January. Thanks to everyone for a job
                                                           well done.
           RENEWAL RATES effective 01 APRIL 2010
               $100.00 Single; Family $ 125.00;
                 Lifetime remains unchanged.
And finally, the biggest accomplishment achieved           Harris, H. "Herman" L.
between our last UnScramble newsletter mailed out          Hofbauer, John F. "Jack" & Unni Andrews
is the FDOT Matching Grant for the new Vietnam             Hornblower Marine Services FL, Inc.
Display Hangar. Bids were opened on 17 December                (In Memory of Major Nathan V. Hawthorne)
and read at the Space Coast Regional Airport               Hussey, Donald L. & Carol J.
Authority Office. Although the lowest bidder had           Inge, Jr. Earl M. & Brandy Wesley
been approved at the time of this writing, the bids will   Juhl, Marvin T. & Lorraine M. Juhl
have to be formally balanced in accordance with            Keyes, Barry E. & Kathryn G.
state and county requirements. Following the Letter        Littell, R. Wallace
of Acceptance, final Permit and some small details,        Mack, James E.
we should start breaking ground shortly. I would like      Madonia, Ronald V.
all of you to be aware that impact fees alone will run     Marco, David A. & Julie
about $30,000 to $40,000, so if you have not already       Martin, Albert C.
made a contribution to the Vietnam Display Hangar          Mathis, David E.
Fund, please send in your tax-deductible donation          McGrath, Joseph P. & Deborah H.
now and help the VAC meet its goals. This building         McNamara, Harry J.
will be something that all of you can be proud of with     Moriarty, Eugene P.
your commitment.                                           NCCI Holdings, Inc.
                                                               (Match for Gail A. Nichols 2009)
See you at the 33rd Annual TICO Warbird AirShow            Parrish Medical Center (Sponsorship)
2010 and Blue Skies!!!                                         George Mikitarian/Natalie Sellers
                                                           Peckham, Howard L.
Lloyd Morris                                               Pierce, Jody (WowToyz)
                                                           Schlafly, Fred E.
          2010 AIRSHOW DONATIONS                           Schwartz, Richard J.
                                                           Stetson, Raymond C. & Rosemary & Peter Stetson
                                                           Strickland, John W.
As of 22 December 2009, the AirShow 2010.
                                                           Tensor Engineering (Walter Gatti)
Donations have reached almost $15,000. Thank you
                                                           Tullius, Robert C. (Group 44 Inc. Air Operations)
to the following individuals and businesses who have
                                                           Walker, Richard E. & Cornell
contributed to the 33rd Annual TICO Warbird AirShow
                                                           Wall, Robert D. & Donna
                                                           Whitney, David (Matching contribution from
Anderson, Roland V.                                             Emerson - Robert. M. Cox, Jr.)
Barden, Robert James (Ann Arbor Commerce Bank)             Woodard, Paul
Bayerdorffer, Herman & Cynthia
                                                           If you have not already made a donation, but would
Beck, Preston E.
                                                           like to, please mail your payment to: Valiant Air
Birch, Billy R.
                                                           Command, 6600 Tico Road, Titusville, Florida
Bond, James F.
                                                           32780-8009. Remember that your tax-deductible
Boyken, Jeff & Carolyn
                                                           donation is going to our biggest fundraiser of the
Cassidy, Richard & Phyllis
                                                           year for the benefit of the Museum. We appreciate
Capito, Mike "Cap"
                                                           each and every contribution received!
Chambliss, Charles
Clements Jr., Charles W. “CW” (Super Three, Inc.)                            SEED MONEY
Connell, MSGT. USAF (Ret) Timothy J. & Kuan C.
D'Amario, Alfred J. & Colleen R.                           The following members have donated Seed Money
Davidson, Kelly C.                                         towards the TICO Warbird AirShow 2010 and I thank
Dayton, Peter M. & Eileen                                  you whole-heartedly for your contribution. Although
Deakins-Carroll Insurance Agency                           we have not asked for Seed Money per se this year,
Dillard, William N.                                        as in past years, it does assist us with some of the
Dorrell, Jack & Joan                                       upfront expenses in preparation for this huge event.
Etter, Thomas R. & Patricia E.                             Thanks to the following individuals for your support:
Ewing, Harold H. "Hal"
Felton, Jean A.                                                            William N. Dillard
Fleck, Francis C. "Frank"                                                Tom & Patricia Etter
Graveline, Robert P.                                                Darrell M. & Dorothy M. Fisher
Greist, David M. & Rose                                                     Jerald I. Jeffers
              EXECUTIVE OFFICER                           to assist him in achieving our success in the planning
                                                          of this project. That has ultimately led to his success
The year 2009 has concluded as a "Banner Year” in         in the reality of the additions scheduled construction
the history of the Valiant Air Command. Our AirShow       beginning shortly after the first of 2010. There are
was another wonderful success and we are well into        just not enough words of praise for the outstanding
the preparations for the 2010 AirShow.                    leadership Mr. Morris has brought to the Valiant Air
                                                          Command. He has worked very hard to successfully
The TICO Belle is back in the air and showing the         build a rapport with the Space Coast Regional
Flag of the V.A.C. at other airshows. Ken Terry and       Airport Authority, State, County and City
Bob James have been running the operations with           governmental leaders as well as the Airport Director
Ann James leading the schedule for paid rides in the      Mike Powell, who has been extremely supportive of
historical C-47. Bob has been the leader in that effort   the goal of our organization.
with many, many volunteers working tirelessly in the
effort to put the aircraft back in the air.               I must tell all of the members of this great
                                                          organization that we are blessed with one of the
Our Public Relations and Tour Group Leader, Terry         world’s greatest groups of dedicated volunteers and
Yon has been so successful this year that the             donors. This is not idle praise but just come to the
success in those areas are directly the result of his     museum or airshow and you will see what your
tireless and dedicated efforts.                           financial support of this visual presentation of the
                                                          history of military aviation has become. Under the
Ken Terry has been constantly involved in aircraft        leadership of Lloyd Morris and the efforts of the
operations and has been instrumental in supporting        many, many tireless volunteers, they have made the
all of the events at the museum and at other              museum and airshow the smooth working
airshows by showing the VAC presence.                     organization we have today. It is impossible to point
                                                          out any one person who contributes the most to the
                                                          Valiant Air Command’s success as they all work
Bob Frazier is still doing his usual outstanding job in
                                                          tirelessly to create the very best environment to
getting aircraft and other “Warbird” memorabilia for
                                                          display the many historical military aircraft and
our growing museum and airshow auction.
                                                          memorabilia that we have in our museum today.
                                                          What most of us don’t see are the many events that
Norm Lindsay never seems to run out of energy in          are held in the museum during the year that promote
his total support of all the goals of the museum          the organization and introduce it to civic groups who
facilities and the flying of the TICO Belle.              would ordinarily not know what we have and what we
                                                          offer on display to the general public. The “Ladies”
Bob Boswell is doing a tremendous job with the            who help with the events as well as the volunteers
many tasks required of the Membership Director            who move the aircraft in and out of the hangar and
which has resulted in a steady growth of our              set up chairs and tables are the essential elements
membership worldwide. He is also directly                 that make the museum a show place for community
responsible for the military support we get at our        events. It is so very hard for me to adequately
airshow.                                                  describe to the members who can’t be here to see
                                                          for themselves, what a terrific amount of effort is put
Laura McCabe is expertly overseeing our finances          forth by these wonderful volunteers and staff. Just
and taxes and has the thankless job of trying to keep     allow me to say it is a true honor to be associated
the whole Board aware of our financial limitations on     with all of these tireless workers. The year of 2009
all of our spending decisions.                            has been a banner year for the VAC and we are
                                                          looking forward to an even greater 2010!
The obvious greatest challenging job is that of
Commander Lloyd Morris who oversees all of the            N. C. “Bud” Evans
organization with a full hands-on approach to all of
our activities. He is almost single-handedly                       AVIATING WITH EVANS E-101B
responsible for the raising of funds, grants and
donations, which have made the addition to the            After finally being returned to flying status I was in
museum a reality. His total dedication to the             the air flying everything we had in fighter test
organization and to this project is beyond my ability     programs. After just a few weeks I was assigned the
to describe. He has motivated all of the Board            Phase IV Stability and Control tests on the F-100D.
members and volunteers to help in any way possible
By then I had become re-current in most of the                After coming out of afterburner and finally
fighter aircraft. Having been flying the Performance          establishing a climb on the briefed schedule I
Test Program on the F-101A before being                       climbed to my cruising altitude of 38,000 feet en
hospitalized it must have seemed logical to the Test          route to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma where I had time to
Operations that I should be given the F-101B tests            settle in and become familiar with the aircraft. After
when the aircraft was assigned to Edwards. I had              landing I waited for the McDonnell support aircraft to
only partially completed my test flights when I was           arrive carrying the compressed air bottle system
hospitalized for 5 1/2 months followed by 7 ½                 required for the start system of these special J-57-
months waiting to get back on flight status. During           P55 engines. None of the military bases were
that time a friend of mine Bill Ross who had been in          equipped with this new system which the F-101B
Fighter Test Operations at Wright-Patterson Air               required for starting therefore the McDonnell support
Force Base resigned from the Air Force and took a             team had to trail me to Tinker and Kirtland Air Force
job as test pilot with McDonnell Aircraft Company,            Bases. At dinner that night with the McDonnell crew I
the manufacturer of the F-101 Voo-Doo aircraft.               learned a little more about the F-101B and the
While performing spin tests on the aircraft he was            remainder of the trip I felt fully in control of the Voo-
unable to recover after the aircraft went into a “flat        Doo II.
spin”. He had ejected but the company had placed a
stick “shaker” and “kicker” to prevent stalls and             Shortly after I started flying the tests the pilot
spins. The aircraft’s design with the horizontal              assigned to the Performance Tests was killed testing
stabilizer mounted on top of the vertical stabilizer          a Lockheed U-2 and I was assigned the whole F-
was the culprit. When the aircraft approaches a high          101B program.
angle of attack the wing and fuselage block the air
flow over the horizontal stabilizer causing it to lose lift   McDonnell Aircraft was contracted to conduct the
thus causing the aircraft to “Pitch Up”.                      spin tests on the “B” model. This time they installed
                                                              an anti-spin chute which was to be deployed if the
I was assigned the “Stability and Control” Test on the        aircraft pitched up and proceeded to enter an
F-101B and flew commercial to St. Louis, Missouri to          uncontrollable flat spin. Another former Wright-
pick-up the new test aircraft. It was a long day and I        Patterson test pilot who had resigned from the Air
was met at the terminal and driven the McDonnell              Force to work for McDonnell, Don Stuck was
factory. Bill Ross gave me a quick cockpit check, a           assigned the spin test program. When the aircraft
pat on the back and this large powerful flying                stalled, pitched-up and went into a flat spin he
machine was mine to take to Edwards to start my               deployed the spin chute and as the aircraft pitched
test program. I don’t mind telling you that I felt way        nose down the shroud lines were cut by the sharp
behind this large “Interceptor” as I taxied out to the        edge of the housing of the spin chute door which had
Lambert Field runway and lined up following                   opened to deploy the chute.                 The aircraft
commercial traffic. When I pushed those throttles             immediately returned into a flat spin. All of Don's
forward and placed both engines into afterburner, I           efforts to regain control of the aircraft were
was just hanging on for the ride. The acceleration            unsuccessful so as the safety chase pilot I started
was fantastic and I reached rotation speed almost             calling on the radio for him to eject. The aircraft
before I realized it. In order to keep the airspeed           continued to rotate in a straight downward nose level
below maximum landing gear speed required that I              flat spin with no sign of the pilot releasing the canopy
pull the nose to such a steep angle that I felt like I        or of the seat ejecting through the canopy. It
was in a near vertical climb. Quickly raising the             appeared that the aircraft was carrying the pilot with
landing gear handle allowed me to release a little            it as it approached the desert floor. It was rotating as
back pressure on the control stick but the airspeed           though it had a rod in its center around which it was
was still building and I confess that to stay on my           rapidly spinning. I had to break off and pull out from
climb schedule resulted in my visibility being almost         my diving spiral. The F-101 impacted the ground like
all blue sky. I could not have seen another aircraft if       a rotating metal pancake and exploded in a cloud of
it had been in front of my flight path. Fortunately the       sand, fire and smoke. Miraculously Don’s parachute
Departure Controllers were familiar with the F-101B’s         blossomed nearby. His low ejection through the
steep climb and they had cleared all traffic out of my        heavy canopy caused serious but not life threatening
path. I couldn’t have imagined that the “B” could             injuries. He was rushed to the hospital in Lancaster,
produce that much more performance than the                   California, the closest civilian hospital.
smaller and lighter “A” model.
                                                              He told me his fantastic story just a short time after
                                                              being admitted to the hospital. It’s a story that is
hard to forget. He had attempted to eject at about       control system of the F-101 was hydraulically driven
12,000 feet altitude while being completely out of       and gave only artificially induced feel to the pilot.
control in the flat spin. He pulled the seat arm rests   Probably the most difficult test of this very
upward which should have ejected the canopy but          demanding program and was really a wild exercise
nothing happened!         By raising the armrests it     when performing full aileron deflection rolls at high
exposed the firing trigger which fires the seat          altitude with two 450 gallon drop tanks installed. I
ejection charge. He kept trying to fire the seat         managed to complete both the Performance and
through the canopy without success.            By the    Stability-and-Control tests as well as defining the
umpteenth time he finally resolved in his mind that      absolute limits to which the aircraft could be flown
he was going to DIE!! He ran through his mind what       before the stall warning “stick shaker and kicker”
his wife and children would do when they heard of        systems were engaged. Always in the back of my
his death and then he began to think about how           mind was Don Stuck’s description of his harrowing
much it would hurt when he impacted the ground.          flat spin!
He remembers subconsciously trying to keep the
aircraft from hitting the ground and pulling harder      The only really near disaster happened on one of my
upwards on the armrest handles when suddenly he          heavy weight flights where one of my tires over-
was exploded through the canopy, his parachute           heated on take-off and being unaware of the problem
opened and he was on the ground close to the             I made my normal landing on the 15,000 foot runway
impact explosion of the F-101B. To the best of my        at Edwards AFB. It was immediately apparent that
knowledge he never flew again. I had to continue         my right tire had blown however controlling the
with my testing of the Voo-Doo while also sitting on     aircraft was not a problem. I had deployed my drag
the accident investigation board.                        chute immediately on touchdown and the nose wheel
                                                         steering system made it easy for me to remain on
                                                         the concrete as I rolled to a stop. I did not apply
                                                         brakes for fear of locking the right wheel and
                                                         possibly ending up with losing the wheel which would
                                                         result in causing serious damage to the right landing
                                                         gear strut and wing. The roll-out to a stop took what
                                                         seemed like a long time but I wasn’t too concerned
                                                         until the control tower (located a long way from the
                                                         runway) began excitedly telling me my aircraft was
                                                         on fire! As soon as I came to a stop I opened the
                                                         canopy and saw the tongue of flame licking at the
                                                         bottom of my right wing. The magnesium wheel and
                                                         the hydraulic lines were on fire with the flames
                                                         climbing up the landing gear strut towards the bottom
Looking at this wreckage created a warning to me as      of the right wing.
I was going to be assigned the task of identifying the
flight regime where the aircraft approached the point
                                                         At this point I should add that my rear seat occupant
where the “pitch-up” occurs and from where no
                                                         was a Civil Service Flight Test Engineer who had
recovery is possible. The U.S.A.F. had bought the
                                                         volunteered for the job, I’m sure it was to get the
F-101B and the company had designed a very
                                                         flying pay.     At that time most of Fighter Test
conservative stall avoidance system which
                                                         Engineers were not on flight status as most of our
compromised the full maneuvering capabilities of the
                                                         fighter aircraft being tested were single cockpit
                                                         machines. It was apparent from the start that he was
                                                         very nervous about flying and even more so when he
I believe that my flight testing of the F-101B was       knew what we were trying to accomplish in the pitch-
among the most difficult and demanding flying I have     up boundary investigation.
ever performed. The purpose of all of this phase of
testing was to fly the F-101B throughout its speed                             AND STH      THE F-101B
and altitude range defining how many “G’s” the                                             FLOWN BY ME
aircraft was capable of achieving before departing                                        DURING ALL OF
into a high speed stall and ending in a non-                                                   THE
recoverable flat spin. As if this was not difficult                                       PERFORMANCE
                                                                                          AND STABILITY
enough, the pilot feed back through the control stick                                        TESTING.
forces had to be forgotten as the irreversible flight
Apparently when he heard the words “You’re on Fire”                      OPERATIONS DIRECTOR
from the control tower he panicked. As we were
slowing down prior to opening the canopy, I called           The TICO BELLE has made 5 revenue flights since
him on the intercom and told him to slip out of his          our first flight of 23 June 2009, 3 more are scheduled
parachute, put the safety pins in the seat and climb         for 16 January 2010. In six months we have given 5
over the instrument panel into the front seat, follow        rides. We roughed out a budget that required 2.5
me over the windscreen, slide down the nose section          rides per month to break even. We are a little behind
to the nose-boom and swing down to the ground. I             schedule. Interest is picking up a little, however. We
had rapidly slipped out of my parachute and installed        need help in selling the rides to maintain the flying
the seat pins and as I stood up and looked at the            status of the BELLE, tell your families, friends,
rear cockpit. It was empty! Looking down to my left I        neighbors, even strangers, about the wonderful
saw him scrambling on the ground heading away                opportunity to ride in one of the very few Historical
from the aircraft. The rear cockpit is at least ten feet     WWII aircraft still flying. We need to accelerate the
above the ground and a large man wearing his full            pace if we are to average 2.5 revenue flights per
flying gear weighs a lot. He had leaped over the side        month by 23 June 2010.
of the aircraft with all of his flight gear on and despite
                                                             The BELLE made a flight to Fort Benning, GA that
wearing flight boots managed to severely sprain
                                                             resulted in a slight profit for us. Not what we
ankles plus other minor scrape and bruises. The
                                                             anticipated, but it was in the black.
sight of him with his back pack parachute and helmet
on scrambling on his stomach away from the aircraft          We attended the Stuart AirShow and were able to
gave the almost comical appearance of a turtle trying        drop the Black Dagger Parachute Team, sold a few
to win a race or get off the runway. I easily departed       t-shirts and toys for a few more dollars.
over the windscreen, slid down to the nose boom
and lowered myself to the ground. The fire trucks            The Airport Manager at Stuart has offered us space
and ambulance arrived soon afterwards and I helped           at the airport for a weekend of selling rides. Anyone
my injured engineer into the ambulance.                      living in that area that can help with this project,
                                                             please call me.
My replacement engineer was an Air Force 1st
Lieutenant and we worked really well together                During the Stuart AirShow, Linc Dexter and I were
successfully finishing a very demanding bit of flight        talking about our new hangar project and the efforts
testing.                                                     to raise the money we need for it. Linc suggested
                                                             special “Bomber” jackets, a limited number to sell
                                                             that as the EAA did very successfully, for their
                                                             building project. Within days after it started, Linc
                                                             ordered one and his number was 875 of 1,000
                                                             jackets at $1,000 each. I called Lloyd and got his
                                                             okay to proceed! Within hours Linc and I sold 14
                                                             jackets! This was accomplished without knowing
                                                             any details of the jacket. I researched jackets, talked
                                                             to the EAA, VAC members, got BOD approval and
                                                             here is the deal: Sell 500 jackets at $500.00 each.
                                                             We have a company willing to commit 500 black
                                                             leather bomber jackets (not heavy, lightweight style,
                                                             wearable in Florida), varying sizes, with individual
                                                             names and numbers on them. The VAC logo on the
  EVANS AND HIS F-101B FLIGHT TEST TEAM                      back, American flag on the left sleeve, MIA patch on
                                                             the right sleeve, VAC wings and your name on left
You can get up close and personal with the F-101B,           breast, and your jacket number on the right breast.
Voo-Doo at the Valiant Air Command Museum,                   Numbers will be issued as deposits are received. In
Space Coast Regional Airport, Titusville, Florida.           case we get more than one deposit at the same time,
                                                             a drawing will be held and numbers assigned. If you
N. C. “Bud” Evans [c]                                        want a special number, and it is not available, you
                                                             will be notified before your order is processed any

Note: See above Numbers 1 through 12; numbers             Item last: On Saturday, 23 January 2010 EAA
14 and 239 have already been taken. Get your              Warbird Chapter 24 in Punta Gorda is having a ”Big
$200.00 deposit to me ASAP, so you can get a low          Band WWII” type Hangar Dance and would like us to
number and support the VAC. Include your size and         bring the BELLE over there. They are attempting to
how you want your name (include call sign) spelled.       pre-sell some rides for us. We need to pre-sell
This is could be a tax deduction to the extent allowed    enough rides to pay for the trip, so if you know
by law! Call me with questions. Home (386) 322-           anyone interested in that, call me.
5378, Cell (386) 405-4822, VAC (321) 268-1941.
Sell a jacket to your friends and neighbors! Buy one      Blue Side Up!!!
for the grandkids! We should realize about $200.00
                                                          Ken Terry
for each jacket for the building fund, resulting in the
needed $100,000.00. Let’s build a hangar!!!
                                                                      MAINTENANCE DIRECTOR
I went to Williston, FL for a twice yearly event
sponsored by the EAA Chapter, and Retro Flight            As we close out the year and review the progress
once again flew the VAC flag high! It was a Toys-         that the C-47 crew has made, I think all will concur
for-Tots Pig Roast, 73 aircraft and about 200 people      that it has been a very good year. We returned the
attended.                                                 “Tico Belle” to flight on 23 June 2009 and shortly
                                                          after that obtained our FAA approval to conduct local
We have been invited by the EAA to attend Air             (within 25 nm of TIX) revenue flights. The first one
Venture 2010 with the BELLE. A new WARBIRD                occurred on 12 September 2009. Since than we
SQUARE is being built in the same location as the         have generated at least one flight per month and that
current Warbird Café and Warbird in Review area.          was intermingled with stripping the paint off and
We are on the planning board to have the BELLE            subsequent painting in the Normandy Invasion color
showcased in the area for the duration! We will be        scheme (with the black and white stripes). The nose
able to set up a table, sell merchandise,                 art was redone and numerous new decals where
memberships and ride certificates! Volunteers will        installed.
be needed to staff the booth during the hours the
public will be there.                                     We are still working on the cowling to get them
Bob James has determined it will cost $665.00 per         primed and painted while they are removed for the
person to get the BELLE up there and back. Dan            50 hour maintenance check. The “stars and bars”
Gryder, DC-3 guru is raising funds to assist 25 DC-       have been redone on the fuselage and are in work
3/C-47’s to Oshkosh and back home from all over.          on the wings. The “Tico Belle” should be in great
Funds he is able to raise will be divided, according to   shape as we look forward to the 2010 airshow
the distance flown, among the first 25 aircraft to        season.
commit (we have). Any and ALL money we receive
from this source will be used to reduce that $665.00      Robert E. James
donation. Any and ALL money we receive that is
donated directly to the VAC C-47 Fund for the                         PERSONNEL DIRECTOR
purpose of getting the BELLE up there and back will
also be used to offset the $665.00                        Last year we asked the membership for suggestions
                                                          that would improve the VAC and project the Warbird
The EAA has granted us permission to use the              Museum as a “must see” aviation destination. We
Warbird Camping Area, a short 2 block walk from           have responded and made the changes. The
Warbird Square. They have given me names of               restoration team has been very busy cleaning and
people that rent RV’s to be used in the campground.       painting the display aircraft. Additional aircraft have
Both Paul Schulten and myself are planning our            been acquired and new exhibits have been created.
housing in that manner. Bob James is suggesting           The Gift Shop has been remodeled and is loaded
renting a house for a group. The University of            with many new items including high quality art. We
Wisconsin Dormitory is available - they have a            have one of the best collections of model airplanes
school bus that runs from about 5 AM until after          available in the county. Our community involvement
midnight for transportation back and forth.               is better than ever as we strive to become an icon on
Hotels/Motels are still available within a reasonable     the Space Coast.
driving distance.    If you are interested in this
adventure, please get in touch with me so we can          We have been out of aircraft display space for some
start the process.                                        time. To solve that issue we launched a campaign to

build a new hangar. Thanks to the generous support         VIETNAM DISPLAY HANGAR BUILDING
from the membership, community organizations,                           FUND
civic and business leaders, the new display center is
becoming a reality.       Plans are in place for        Thanks to all of the individuals and businesses who
construction to be completed in 2010. We still need     have so generously supported our new Vietnam
help in final funding for this project and are          Display Hangar Fund during the past year either
continuing to seek contributions.                       through brick purchases, membership levels, or
                                                        general building fund donations:
Just over two months are remaining to prepare for
the TICO WARBIRD AIRSHOW 2010, March 12, 13,                           Abbott, Millard S. (Mel)
& 14th. Our final volunteer meeting is on Saturday,                    Allison, William S. (Stu)
09 January at Noon. Pizza will be served prior to                     Bailey, Donald J. (Beetle)
the meeting, so get there early. This will be an             Baker, George H. & Virginia (Ginny S.)
important meeting to finalize Lead Personnel and                         Bayerdorffer, Herm
Task Assignments.                                            National Geographic Society (BBC Film)
                                                                    Barendse, Louisa "Weezie"
VAC membership is now over 1200 members. With                         Beddingfield, S. T. (Sam)
increased      membership       comes      increased               Bettencourt, Philip & Marilyn
administration. One of the ways members can help                          Birch, Bill R. (Billy)
is by timely membership renewal. If the renewal                              Blau, Paul S.
date slips by and you get a friendly reminder letter,                         Boyken, Jeff
please take the time to respond. Additional letters                Brady, James G. & Violet M.
take administrative time and organizational money                           Brewer, John D.
that can be better used elsewhere. The number of                     Buhlin, Emerson & Natalie
Life Memberships has also increased. We are                 Carolina Golf Cars, Eisenhauer, Phil (L/F)
continuing to provide perks to our Life Members.                           Clark , Garrett L.
The latest is a VAC Life Member Hat. If you have                Clarke, Elizabeth F. & Thomas H.
recently moved up to a Life Membership, be sure to                           Cross, Eliot G.
stop by the museum and pick-up your hat. All Life                         Davidson, Kelly C.
Members are provided two VIP Guest Passes to the               Dillard, USAF (Ret), Col. William N.
Warbird Museum, personalized with the Name of the                       Dorrell, Jack & Joan
Life Member. The Life Member can provide these                        Drake, M.D., Timothy E.
VIP Passes to others interested in aviation that they                   Eldredge, Donald F.
think would be enjoy visiting our museum and                               English, Serge M.
possibly joining as a member or volunteering for one              Field, Peggy A. & J. A. Michael
of our many activities. The Life Member does not                  Fisher, Darrell M. & Dorothy M.
need to accompany their guests during the visit. The            Frazier, Robert H. Jr., & Diane P.
VIP Passes will be collected by the museum staff                 Frazier, Robert H. Jr. & Diane P.
when presented will be returned to the Life Member                  (In Memory of Billy & Ricky)
so they can be given out again.                                    Gage, II, Raymond W. (Ray)
                                                                             Geiler, William
The holiday season provided many opportunities to
                                                            Graefe, George A. & Margaret A. (Peggy)
get together and catch up on the past events, and of
                                                                        Graveline, Robert P.
course talk about airplanes. One of the best was our
                                                          Gruber, Robert B. "Bob" & Karen M. Harrington
own annual Christmas Dinner.           The hangar
                                                                            Haydu, Bernice
decorations and the band were great. A social hour
                                                                           Hickman, Ray E.
with hors d'oeuvres was followed by an exceptional
                                                                   Hussey, Donald L. & Carol J.
buffet with dessert. The speeches were short and
                                                                   Juhl, Marvin T. & Lorraine M.
almost everyone won a door prize. A good time was
                                                                    Lindsay, Gannell "Gaye" M.
had by all! Thanks to everyone who worked so hard
                                                                    Lindsay, Norbert "Norm" A.
to make it a fun event.
                                                                            Mack, James E.
See you at the AirShow meeting, and thank you for                Mann, Hiram E. & Kathadaza H.
your continued support.                                            McClure, Jerry D. & Anita M.
                                                                        McNamara, Harry J.
Bob Boswell                                                      Miller (J. M. Miller Inc.), John M.
                                                          Eastern Mapping Services and Vintage Wings

  Munsey, Jr., USN (Ret), Capt. Charles R. "Bob"       February, the Gryphon Group 295 lunches, three
                Neighbours, Terry L.                   tour groups, two Titusville Chamber of Commerce
                 Nichols, Jay & Gail                   meetings, two speaking engagements by our PR
               Nishimura, Robert H.                    Officer, planning for the fourth of July event and a
                 Osbun, Michael R.                     BOD meeting.
                  Ohlrich, Water E.
                   Paika, Jr., Fran                    March, Gryphon Group, airshow pilot's appreciation
                 Phillips, Richard G.                  dinner, airshow media day, Rally Against Cancer
                  Rackl, Joseph M.                     with 200 motorcyclists in the parking lot, Taste of
    RAI Corporation, Client Services-Meg Lane          Titusville, 100 attendees at the luncheon for the
                      Reilly, Tom                      Boeing group, one 5th grade tour, a BOD meeting
         Rellihan, Michael G. & Paula S.               and we managed to squeeze in a three day airshow.
       Royce, Ralph & Shumaker, Nancy C.
                                                       In April we took a break with only two tour groups,
        Schmitz, Randy W. & Kimberly A.
                                                       one     magazine    photo    shoot,   two    county
                     Shook, Arvid
                                                       commissioners meetings and a BOD meeting.
  Slawson, Cunningham, Whalen & Gaspari, P.L.
      (Dick Slawson) & Gen. Operating Acct.            May: Three tour groups, one dinner, Gryphon Group,
           Stickley , Howard & Rhea L.                 BBC     National   Geographic     filming,  County
   Stowers, Jr., Harry W. ("Wes") & Elizabeth S.       Commissioners meeting and hosting the Open
                 Strickland, John W.                   House for the Memorial Day Weekend that 1531
          Sutcliffe, David A. & Patricia M.            people attended.
               Tannenbaum, Lee M.
                     Tarter, Albert                    Lest I bore you with the rest of the year, the point I'm
                Taurasi, Domenic L.                    trying to make is that we have a lot of volunteers
      Vandevoorde, Mr. Rene G. & Karen M.              working very hard to make this organization a
            Wall, Robert D. & Donna J.                 success by earning monies, giving of their time and
                  Woodard, Paul L.                     in a lot of cases both. It takes a lot of time and effort
  Woods, USAF (RET), Lt. Col. Robert E. & Pat R.       to accomplish this so I would like to extend my
      Yon, USA (RET), Col. Terry A. & Janet            thanks to all and if you have occasion please do the
We truly appreciate your donations and please
consider making a contribution if you have not done    P.S. In our spare time we are building a new hangar.
so already. You may call the office and the forms
can be mailed to you.                                  Norm Lindsay

Commander Lloyd Morris and Director of                           PROCUREMENT DIRECTOR
Development Bob Boswell
                                                       Well another quarter of the year has passed and the
            FACILITIES DIRECTOR                        Procurement level of activity did pick up. Not all of it
                                                       was productive, but for building a growing Museum,
Another busy year has come and gone at the VAC.        you have to pursue the opportunities. Some of those
For those members that don’t get to visit the          follow:
museum on a regular basis you might think that we
just display aircraft and have an annual airshow. In   GRUMMAN MALLARD AIRPLANES --- We
order to remain a viable operation from a cost         received an offer of four stored and disassembled
standpoint we take on many more projects. One day      amphibian airplanes and the remaining assets of the
a week thru-out the year we host a lunch for the       old Chalk Airlines. After several discussions with the
Gryphon Group in our library. The Gryphon Group        owners, I along with Bob James and Tom Reilly
trains soldiers prior to them being deployed           inspected the material in Miami. Relocating all the
overseas. Our volunteer ladies serve lunch, make       material and storing it would require about 17 flat
cookies for the soldiers and give them a little TLC.   bed trailer loads. The financial risk to the VAC was
                                                       too great to accept the offer.
In January we also hosted three tours for a total of
74 people, had an airshow meeting and a Board of       OV-10 BRONCO --- With the planned release of
Directors meeting.                                     eleven flight worthy aircraft by the Department of
                                                       State and the U.S. General Service Administration
                                                       we submitted a Letter of Intent Application request
                                                       for the donation of one. On 27 November we were
awarded one that is located at Patrick A.F.B. The                          PUBLIC RELATIONS
others were awarded to other states. Approval of the
award was received 15 December and we are now in            As we are heading to Press, we have begun our
negotiations to move the aircraft to the VAC.               airshow planning in earnest. The theme of this
                                                            year’s airshow is “Honoring the Memory” and is
AH-1 COBRA --- To date we have had no success in            dedicated to those that served and sacrificed in
locating an available Cobra Helicopter.     Any             Vietnam. We still have vintage warbirds from many
information our members have would help.                    other eras, as well as the kind of line up we have
                                                            each year including our famous Pyro “wall of fire”.
LOAN AGREEMENTS --- We received and reviewed                We’ve got the posters, programs and patches in
a new 5 year loan agreement with the Navy’s                 progress and should have everything in place in
National Museum of Naval Aviation for all items on          plenty of time this year. AND, for the first time ever,
loan to the VAC. The annual inventory will follow           we will be selling advance tickets on-line through
next month. We also had to update our certification         “Ticket Derby”, at our website and theirs. We are
data for the U.S. Army’s Museum.                            also coordinating an airshow publicity campaign with
RQ-2 PIONEER --- A couple of the RQ-2 unmanned              radio, television and print media outlets, both locally
reconnaissance aircraft have been offered on loan           and as far away as Miami, Tampa and Jacksonville.
by the Navy. The aircraft are located in California         If you have a good idea about how we can spread
and cost of transporting them is a factor in reviewing      the word, don’t hesitate to call THE staff member at
the availability.                                           the Public Relations Office (me!!!).

OTHER STATIC DISPLAYS --- At the moment we                  The second thing I want to mention is about our tour
are also investigating the availability of an old British   guide program. We now have over 40 volunteers
Canberra bomber in Florida and availability of              working seven days a week on regular assignments;
several display aircraft and engines in California.         as well as special occasions such as Open House,
Transportation costs and available hangar space at          AirShow and tour groups. These volunteers donate
the VAC are major considerations.                           unbelievable man hours a year of scheduled time
                                                            alone. So, as a member, the next time you see one
DONATIONS --- Donated items to the VAC have                 of our “Blue Vested” volunteers, take the time to say
increased markedly in the last 2 months. Uniforms,          hello and thank them for their service to the VAC.
combat equipment, airplane models, books,
magazines, silk combat escape maps for pilots and           Terry Yon
two 1920 eras wooden propellers have been left with
                                                                        EVENTS COORDINATOR
us. For this THANKS TO ALL – IT HELPS.
Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas Season and           October, November and December were hectic
a Healthy, Happy New Year to our members. This is           months around the Museum with many meetings,
the end to this report.                                     events held in the Hangar, Library, and Memorabilia
                                                            Room, and off-site representation by VAC staff and
Bob Frazier.
                                                            volunteers. Take a brief moment to see what the
-----AUCTION------AUCTION------AUCTION------                VAC has been up to recently:

Now that the planning and activities for the 12, 13 &       USS Seaviper documentary filming of the C-47 *
14 March 2010 AirShow have been started, we now             VAC Membership Dinner with Guest Speaker Dr.
must plan for the ANNUAL VAC AUCTION. First of              Erik Kramer * Flight Safety Presentation by John
all, we need aviation and historic items to put into the    Gadzinski * C-47 Tico Belle at the Kissimmee
Auction.                                                    Gateway Airport’s Oktoberfest Fly-In Celebration *
                                                            Brevard County Bar Association Dinner with Guest
Please search your sources for any material we              Speaker Frank Pound * C-47 at the Orlando
might use. Beyond that, search your own attic or            Executive Airport’s SheltAir Open House * Veterans
basements, talk to friends and neighbors that may           Day Weekend Open House at the VAC * Modern
have any material we can use.                               Woodmen of America Cassia Tree dedication in
Direct any donations to Bob Frazier to be held at the       observance of Veterans Day at the VAC * C-47 at
Museum.       Remember we are a non-profit                  the Stuart Air Show * First AirShow 2010 Meeting for
organization and donations can be tax deductible for        Key Personnel * TAVC Partners in Travel FAM
you.                                                        Luncheon at Dixie Crossroads * Meeting of the
                                                            Florida Space Port Chapter of the Ninety Nines *
Bob Frazier
Annual VAC Christmas Decorating Day and                  JAN.     FEB.   MAR. - BAKERS
Volunteer Luncheon * Jack Stefano’s Birthday Party
hosted by parents and VAC members Mario and               05       02      02   Jean, Karen, Gun
Karen Stefano * Celebration of Freedom in                 12       09      09   Gaye, Joanne, Joani B.
remembrance of Pearl Harbor Day (Oaklawn                  19       16      16   Joan D., Lorraine, Jenny
Memorial Gardens, Benton House, North Brevard                                   Marilyn
Funeral Home, Royal Oaks Nursing & Rehab Center           26       23      23   Frances, Margaret, Carolyn
and Hospice of St. Francis) with Guest Speaker Col.                        30   Ailene, Ann
Danny McKnight * VAC Christmas Dinner with Tiki
Band * Space Coast Regional Airport’s Christmas          If you have a schedule change, please call Jean or
Luncheon * Parrish Medical Center Vendor Fair *          me. Again, thank you all so much for your dedication
Daedalian Dinner/Christmas Party with Guest              to the soldiers and VAC.
Speaker Tom Garcia and induction of Winston Scott,
USN (Ret) * and finally, VAC Member Jean Felton’s
grandson Andrew (Andy) R. Miller’s Eagle Scout                               GIFT SHOP
Court of Honor Ceremony hosted by parents Arnold
                                                                TIME TO VISIT THE VAC GIFT SHOP
& Pam Miller.
                                                         There have been big changes recently at the VAC
This doesn’t include the many scheduled tour             gift shop. Under the artistic guidance of Lloyd,
groups, student groups and outreach speaking             Vicki, and Sandy many displays have been
engagements by Public Relations Officer Terry Yon,       redesigned. By doing so the atmosphere of the gift
in addition to small group meetings held at the VAC.     shop has been so greatly improved, including the
We are gearing up for AirShow 2010 over the next         lighting which makes many of the displays come to
few months so check our website for updates.             life. The expanded gift shop includes an expansive
Thanks to all of the members and volunteers who          collection of souvenirs and aeronautic memorabilia
attend and/or support our special events throughout      such as many new models, beautiful warbird action
the year!                                                paintings, nose art clocks, many collectibles and
                                                         new t-shirts are available as well.
Phyllis Lackey
                                                         Come in and check out the new C-47 shirts and
     MEMBERS & FRIENDS GONE WEST                         mugs to commemorate the restoration of the Tico
                                                         Bell. And while you’re there, sign up for a once-in-
Donald Axinn took his High Flight on 12 Oct. 2009.       a-lifetime flight experience aboard the Tico Belle.
Dave Garber took his High Flight 22 Oct 09.              The Valiant Air Command is the place to see some
Bob Stewart took his High Flight 28 Oct-09.              of the greatest warbird restorations in all of Florida.
Alice M. Iacuzzo passed to her Father’s home on 28       At the gift shop you are sure to find something
Oct. 2009.                                               special to commemorate your visit.
George Preston took his High Flight on 28 Nov 09.
                                                         Sandy Brister & Vicki Domagala

The year 2009 is gone and what a wonderfully
successful year it was. We had record numbers of
volunteer ladies to bake and a large group of
“cookie-filled” soldiers that we were fortunate enough
to spoil for a short while during lunch throughout the

Thank you to all who made it happen and welcome
on board those new ones that will make 2010 even                PLANTING CREW BEAUTIFYING OUR
more memorable!!! This quarter we welcome Marilyn                         ENTRANCE
Eldredge to our group of Gryphon Group Bakers.
Marilyn’s husband, Don is one of our Tour Guides.                Joanne Baxter, Ann James, Gaye Lindsay
                                                                             & Jenny Patten

   SOLUTION TO MUSEUM GIFT SHOP ITEMS             FOURTEEN YEARS – the U.S. spent in the war.
                                                  GENERAL WESTMORELAND – Cmdr. of U.S. Forces
                                                  GENERAL VO NGUYEN GIAP – Cmdr. of Vietnam
                                                     People’s Army
                                                  HANOI – City in North Vietnam
                                                  HUE – 1968 Battle- one of the longest battles
                                                  HO CHI MINH CITY – Formerly called Saigon
                                                  INDOCHINA – Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam
                                                  M-16 RIFLE – Rifle used in the war.
                                                  MEKONG RIVER – Runs through Burma, Thailand, Laos,
                                                     Cambodia and Vietnam
                                                  OPERATION BOLO – Air battle fought on 02 Jan. 1967
                                                  OV-10 BRONCO – Aircraft flown in the war.
                                                  RANDY DUKE CUNNINGHAM – First Ace in Vietnam War
                                                  ROBIN OLDS – F-4 Fighter Pilot
                                                  SPOOKY – AC-47 Gunship “Puff the Magic Dragon”
                                                  UH-1 HUEY – Helicopter flown in the war.
                                                  VUNG TAU –City in South Vietnam
                                                  YANKEE STATION - point in the Gulf of Tonkin off the
                                                      coast of Vietnam used by U.S. Navy aircraft carriers

                                                       GEORGE BAKER SELECTED FOR EAA
                                                      WARBIRDS OF AMERICA HALL OF FAME
             HONORING THE MEMORY                             03 SEPTEMBER 2009
Honoring the Memory is our theme for this         For more than half a century, EAA members have
UnScramble and our puzzle. Many thanks to Terry   pushed the limits of aviation’s potential. From
Yon for helping with this quarter’s puzzle.       vintage ultralights, homebuilts to warbirds, aerobatics
                                                  to light-sport aircraft. These visionary aviators have
Listed below are the letters for Honoring the
                                                  diligently pursued their passion for flight. In the
Memory. Below it are persons, places, etc.
                                                  process they have preserved the spirit of aviation
concerning the Vietnam War. Fill in the blanks
                                                  that began more than 100 years ago. To recognize
before & after to make the puzzle complete. The
                                                  their contributions to the world of recreational flying,
words are listed to help you.
       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _H _ _ _ _                   each year EAA inducts a group of the most
           _ _ _ _ _ _ _O_ _ _ _ _                innovative and influential individuals into the EAA
                    _ _ N_ _                      Sport Aviation Hall of Fame.
                     _ _O_ _ _
           _ _ _ _ _ _ R_ _ _ _                   EAA Warbirds of America proudly announces its
                   _ _ _ I_ _ _ _ _               2009 Hall of Fame inductee, George Baker of New
                      _ N_ _ _ _ _ _ _
  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ G_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _            Smyrna Beach, Florida. Baker is well known for his
                                                  restoration work on Beechcraft T-34’s and flying his
              _ _ _ _ T_ _                        aerobatic routine in the unique Curtis-Wright R-3350
                      H_ _                        powered Hawker “Sky Fury”.
       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _E _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                                  He is also recognized for his efforts to inspire future
                        M -_ _ _ _ _ _ _
               _ _ _ _ _E _ _ _ _ _ _ _           aviators, mechanics, and other warbird enthusiasts,
  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _M_ _ _ _ _ _ _             by sharing his vast knowledge of aviation and
          _ _ - _ _ _ _O_ _ _                     restoration work.
                  _ _ _ R_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
        _ _ – _ _ _ _Y
George was born 19 January 1930 in Hawthorne, NJ           emblematic of that war for a generation of soldiers.
and has been flying since the age of 16. He soloed         The UH-1 was used for a variety of purposes. UH-1s
in 1946 while in the eleventh grade in high school.        tasked with ground attack or armed escort role were
At the age of 20, he started in the aircraft restoration   outfitted with rocket launchers, grenade launchers
profession, starting with a Culver Cadet.                  and machine guns. These gunship UH-1s were
                                                           referred to as Frogs or Hogs if they carried rockets or
Over the years George has won numerous awards              simply Guns if they had guns. UH-1s tasked and
for his T-34 N341GB, including Grand Champion              configured for troop transport were often called
Warbird, Post WW-II, at EAA AirVenture 2000, along         “slicks” do the absence of weapon pods. Slicks did
with Reserve Grand Champion Warbird, Post WW-II            have door gunners, but were generally employed in
at the 2001 & 2002 Sun “n” Fun Fly-Ins. He was             the troop transport and medivac roles. Another role
also awarded the Golden Wrench for his meticulous          the UH-1 often played was as a Command and
work. In 2004, he won a Preservation Award at Sun          Control bird or simple (C&C).                Battlefield
‘n’ Fun Fly-In.                                            Commanders would have several radios onboard
                                                           with which to communicate with the various elements
George has been a member of EAA Warbirds of
                                                           involved in, or supporting, an ongoing battle. The
America since 1974 and was a founding member
                                                           Commander(s) would orbit the battle area and they
and past commander of the Valiant Air Command.
                                                           would conduct the fight from their “Huey’s.” The UH-
He has flown over 100 different types of aircraft.
                                                           1 also flew in hunter-killer teams with observation
Baker was recognized at the EAA Sport Aviation Hall        helicopters. During the war over 5,000 UH-1s were
of Fame Banquet & Ceremony on Friday, 16 October           destroyed (about 50% in combat; remainder to
2009 in the EAA Museum Eagle Hangar in Oshkosh,            accidents) out of 11,827 documented in service.
WI.                                                        Over 2,000 Huey pilots were killed. Several UH-1
                                                           pilots received the Medal of Honor for their courage
 THE WARBIRD MUSEUM’S FAMOUS HELICOPTERS                   and heroic actions under fire.
When visitors and members see the two helicopters          So the next time you walk by one of these venerable
on display in our museum, they often go unnoticed          helicopter warbirds; pause for a moment and give
sitting next to the more famous warbirds. However,         them the respect they deserve -- and remember the
a closer look at the history behind the Sikorsky S-55,     roles that they played, not only in military aviation
H-19 Chickasaw and the Bell 204/5, UH-1 Iroquois,          and doctrine, but also in the evolution that came to
better known as the “Huey,” would reveal that they         the civilian helicopter industry as a result.
played a key role in two different wars and were
each part of an evolution that continues today.            This article was suggested and drafted by one of our
                                                           most prominent tour guides, Mr. John Kirk. He
The H-19 first flew in November of 1949. It has four       started out his aviation career with the Royal Air
wheels, three main rotor blades and is powered by a        Force; training in the Tiger Moth, canvas covered bi-
large radial engine. It was introduced to the U.S.         plane and finished in the Meteor, the early British jet
forces during the Korean conflict and holds the            fighter. After his military career, John had a long
distinction of being the Army’s first true transport       career as a civilian helicopter pilot. He was
helicopter and, as such, played an important role in       presented with a “Safety Award” by the Helicopter
the initial formulation of the Army doctrine regarding     Association International, for completing 20,000
air mobility and the battlefield employment of troop       accident free hours. He was a Captain rated on both
carrying helicopters. The S-55 Whirlwind version           the S-55 a Bell 205/212.
was used as a ground attack aircraft (rockets and
machine guns), by the British Royal Navy. The              John H. Kirk
French Air Force used them in North Africa as                                                 BELL UH-1 HUEY
ground attack aircraft and the U.S. Navy operated
various models in an air-sea rescue role. The H-19
was used in the early days of Vietnam War before
being replaced by the H-34; another excellent
Sikorsky product.
The UH-1 first flew in October 1956. It sits on skids
with two main rotor blades and is powered by a gas
turbine engine. The “Huey,” as it became known,            SIKORSKY H-19B CHICKASAW
played a vital role in the Vietnam War and became
                                           NON-PROFIT ORG.
    6600 TICO ROAD                           MID FLORIDA
TITUSVILLE, FL 32780-8009                  PERMIT NO. 96129


              IN THE VAC LIBRARY

               33RD ANNUAL AIRSHOW
               12, 13 & 14 MARCH 2010

           AUCTION 12 MARCH 2010

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