Nay Pyi Taw Command Commander attends opening of Outara Thiri Hospital by nikeborome

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									                                                                                                                                                                   Established 1914

   Volume XVIII, Number 206                                             7th Waxing of Tazaungmone 1372 ME                                       Saturday, 13 November, 2010

           Nay Pyi Taw Command                                                                                                         Four political objectives
                                                                                                                             * Stability of the State, community peace and tranquillity,
                                                                                                                               prevalence of law and order

          Commander attends opening                                                                                          * National reconsolidation
                                                                                                                             * Emergence of a new enduring State Constitution
                                                                                                                             * Building of a new modern developed nation in accord
                                                                                                                               with the new State Constitution

           of Outara Thiri Hospital                                                                                          *
                                                                                                                                      Four economic objectives
                                                                                                                                 Development of agriculture as the base and all-round
                                                                                                                                 development of other sectors of the economy as well
       NAY PYI TAW, 12 Nov — Commander of Nay Pyi                specialists, guests, managing director of Pinlon Hospital   *   Proper evolution of the market-oriented economic sys-
   Taw Command Brig-Gen Maung Maung Aye at-                      Enterprise Group and staff.                                 *   Development of the economy inviting participation in
                                                                                                                                 terms of technical know-how and investments from
   tended the opening of first phase (40 beds) at Interna-            The commander, the mayor and managing director of          sources inside the country and abroad
   tional-standard 300-bed Outara Thiri Hospital in Nay          the hospital group formally opened the hospital.            *   The initiative to shape the national economy must be kept
                                                                                                                                 in the hands of the State and the national peoples
   Pyi Taw District this morning.                                     Later, the commander, the mayor, the ministers,
                                                                                                                                         Four social objectives
       It was also attended by Minister for Progress of Border   the deputy ministers and guests viewed the hospital.
                                                                                                                             *   Uplift of the morale and morality of the entire na-
   Areas and National Races and Development Affairs Nay          The construction of Outara Thiri Hospital, which is             tion
   Pyi Taw Mayor U Thein Nyunt, Minister for Hotels and          expected to complete in December 2010, was started          *   Uplift of national prestige and integrity and preser-
                                                                                                                                 vation and safeguarding of cultural heritage and
   Tourism U Soe Naing, Minister for Health Dr Kyaw              on 14 November 2008. Its first phase (40 beds) was              national character
                                                                                                                             *   Uplift of dynamism of patriotic spirit
   Myint, Minister for Cooperatives U Tin Htut, deputy           opened today.                                               *   Uplift of health, fitness and education standards of
   ministers, departmental heads, medical superintendents,                               (See page 9)                            the entire nation

                                                                                                                                                                 Commander of
                                                                                                                                                                  Nay Pyi Taw
                                                                                                                                                               Brig-Gen Maung
                                                                                                                                                                   Maung Aye,
                                                                                                                                                               ministers, deputy
                                                                                                                                                             ministers and guests
                                                                                                                                                               view Outara Thiri

                                                                                              Sr.     Name               CSC Number              Constituency       Party/Independent
          Pyithu Hluttaw representatives-                                                                                                                               candidate
                                                                                              6.    U Ohn Myint         12/YaKaNa(N)010442 Phakant                  USDP
                 elect announced                                                              7.
                                                                                                    U Lun Maung
                                                                                                    U Zaw Tun
                                                                                                                        10/MaDaNa(N)029996 Bhamo
                                                                                                                        1/MaMaNa(N)025647 Momauk
                                                                                                                                                                    Shan Nationalities
              NAY PYI TAW, 12 Nov— The Union Election Commission issued Noti-                                                                                       Democratic Party
     fication No.127/2010 today. The translation of the notification is as follows:           9.  U Tun Thein (a)       1/MaKaNa(N)028072         Mansi             USDP
                            The Union of Myanmar                                                  U Tun Tun
                           Union Election Commission                                          10. U Win Naing (a)       1/YaKaNa(N)003024         Shweku            USDP
                                                                                                  U Phyu
                                 Nay Pyi Taw                                                  11. Daw Dwe Bu            1/MaKaNa(N)037405         M’Jangyang        Unity and Democracy
                             Notification No. l27 /2010                                                                                                             Party of Kachin State
                       6th Waxing of Tazaungmone 1372 ME                                                                                                            (UDPKS)
                                12 November 2010                                              Kayin State
         Announcement of names of Pyithu Hluttaw representatives                              12. Daw Nan Sae Owa       3/BaAhNa(N)020987         Hpa-an   Phalon-Sawaw
             According to the statements issued in accord with the Article 49 (b) of                                                                       Democratic Party
     Pyithu Hluttaw Election Law by Region and State Subcommissions that the                  13. U Saw Thein Aung 3/BaAhNa(N)009995 Hlaingbwe             PSDP
     following persons are representatives-elect in the Multiparty Democracy Gen-             14. U Sai Than Naing       3/PhaPaNa(N)000917 Papun          USDP
     eral Elections held on 7 November 2010, it is hereby announced that they are             15. U Saw Nay Kaw Kyee3/ThaTaNa(N)013166 Thandaunggyi Kayin Peoples Party
     Pyithu Hluttaw representatives in the constituencies shown against them.                 16. U Thurein Zaw          13/KaTaNa(N)004681 Kawkareik      USDP
                                                                                              17. U Saw Htut Khaung Lwin 3/KaHsaKa(N)017187 Kya-in-Seikkyi USDP
                                                                                              Rakhine State
                                                                                              18. U Maung Nyo            10/SaTaNa(N)006844 Sittway        Rakhine Nationalities
    Sr.      Name              CSC Number              Constituency     Party/Independent                                                                  Development Party
                                                                            candidate         19. U Tun Aung Kyaw 11/SaTaNa(N)005967 Ponnagyun             RNDP
    Kachin State                                                                              20. U Aung Tun Tha         11/MaUNa(N)005022 MraukU          RNDP
    1. U Thein Zaw          10/KaHtaNa(N)009269 Myitkyina             Union Solidarity and    21. U Tha Sein             12/UTaKa(N)015239 Kyauktaw        RNDP
                                                                      Development Party       22. U Aung Sein Tha        11/SaTaNa(N)010908 Minbya         RNDP
    2.    U Yein Borm       1/WaMaNa(N)003327        Waingmaw          NUP                    23. U Pe Than              11/MaPaTa(N)007521 Myebon         RNDP
    3.    U Myo Swe         4/HaKhaNa(N)009578       Tanai             USDP                   24. U Aung Kyaw Zan 7/ThaKaNa(N)061833 Pauktaw               RNDP
    4.    U Kyaw Soe Lay    1/MaNyaNa(N)033969       Mohnyin           USDP                   25. Daw Khin Saw Wai 12/MaGaTa(N)069675 Yathedaung           RNDP
    5.    U Phone Swe       7/AhTaNa(N)004822        Mogaung           USDP                                                       See page (4)

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                           1                                                                        11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
   2 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010

        PERSPECTIVES                                                                       People’s Desire
              Saturday, 13 November, 2010                       *   Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as stooges, holding negative views
                                                                *   Oppose those trying to jeopardize stability of the State and progress of the nation
     March towards the democracy                                *   Oppose foreign nations interfering in internal affairs of the State
     goal with peace and stability                              *   Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy
          Myanmar is home to various national
    races, who have been living in unity and
    amity from time immemorial.
                                                               Public Works, UMEHL ink BOT contracts
          Learning experiences from the
    Myanmar history, Our Three Main National
    Causes – non-disintegration of the Union,
    non-disintegration of national consolidation
    and perpetuation of sovereignty – are the
    national policy that all the citizens must uphold
    and safeguard as their ultimate desire.
          With a nation or region with peace and
    stability prevailing, its political, economic
    and social conditions will be improving.
          The State always prioritizes peace,
    stability and progress. It is also constantly
    striving for the improvement of the economy
    and education of the national people. As
    national reconsolidation has been forged, there
    have been more friendship and understanding                 A signing ceremony of BOT contract between Public Works and Union of Myanmar Economic
    among the national brethren.                                          Holdings Limited in progress in the presence of Minister for Construction
          Paddy output is on the increase in the                                                U Khin Maung Myint.—MNA
    agriculture sector fundamental to the national
                                                                   N AY P Y I T AW , 12   Kumudra Hotel in Nay           The minister made      signed contracts and
    economy. The State is manufacturing                        Nov — Minister for         Pyi Taw Hotel Zone         an opening address, and    exchanged notes.
    machines and import-substitute items by                    Construction U Khin        yesterday.                 Managing Director U            Public Works and
    establishing industrial regions and zones. The             Maung Myint attended           It was also attended   Win Than of UMEHL          UMEHL         signed
    people are now enjoying fruits of development              the signing ceremony of    by Attorney-General U      spoke words of thanks.     contracts         for
    resulting from trading commodities.                        BOT contract between       Aye Maung, deputy              Next, Managing         construction       of
          Today, Myanmar is on the road to                     Public Works and           ministers, departmental    Director U Kyaw Lin of     Yangon-Pyay-Magway
    democracy for building up a democratic                     Union of Myanmar           heads of the ministry      Public Works and           and No (4) Highway
    nation. The making of the nation requires a                Economic Holdings          and     officials     of   UMEHL Managing             through BOT system at
    gigantic effort. All the national people are               Limited at Tawwin          UMEHL.                     Director U Win Than        the ceremony.—MNA
    marching towards the goal of democracy
    along with already-achieved development                            Cash and kind donated for storm victims
    fruits and national unity.

                                                                                                                                                        SWRR Deputy
    KMD Tazaungdaing Special                                                                                                                               Minister
        Sales on 17 Nov                                                                                                                                 U Kyaw Myint
         YANGON, 12 Nov—KMD sales & service will                                                                                                            accepts
   hold Tazaungdaing Special Sales Road Show at KMD
   sales centre (Pansodan branch) on Pansodan Street
                                                                                                                                                         fishing nets
   (middle block) in Yangon on 17 November only.                                                                                                             worth
   Various kinds of PC brands and All in One PC will be                                                                                                 K 72,442,500
   offered at special price, and computer accessories at 60
                                                                                                                                                          donated by
   % discounted price.
         KMD education centre will also accept trainees                                                                                                   Myanmar
   with 20 % discount on the same day. For more information,                                                                                               Fisheries
   contact KMD sales & service centre (Ph: 245180, 385177,
   385877 and 204071).—MNA
                                                                     YANGON , 12 Nov — A ceremony to provide         Deputy Minister U Kyaw Myint accepted the
      FSD holds paper reading                                  cash and kind for storm victims in Rakhine State      donations.
                                                               was held at the hall of Fire Service Department             Myanmar Fisheries Federation donated fishing
       session on research and                                 (Head Office) in Mayangon Township here this          nets worth K 72,442,500, U Kyin Oo of Popular
             development                                       morning.
                                                                     On behalf of Minister for Social Welfare,
                                                                                                                     Plastic K 600,000 and 39th Street dwellers of
                                                                                                                     Kyauktada Township K 381,000 to Storm Giri
                                                               Relief and Resettlement U Maung Maung Swe,            victims.— MNA
        YANGON, 12 Nov — With the aim of turning out
   skillful fire fighters and conducting research on           in Mayangon Township here this afternoon.                 In the session, officials concerned gave accounts
   firefighting skills with momentum in accord with the            It was attended by Diretcor-General U Tin Moe     of foam compound to be used in fire fighting and
   need of applying modern fire extinguishing                  of FSD and officials of Control Office (Lower         techniques, and answered questions raised by those
   technology, a paper reading session was held at the         Myanmar), FSD (Head Office) and fire stations in      present. The similar sessions will be held every
   meeting hall of Fire Service Department (Head Office)       Yangon Region.                                        month.—MNA

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                         2                                                                   11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
                                                                                         THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010                              3

         Security increased in Kandahar                                                   Suicide car bomb kills at least
                    before Eid                                                                    15 in Karachi
                                                         slaughter of sheep, goats,            K ARACHI , 12 Nov—At least 15 people were killed and 100 injured in a
                                                         cows and other livestock        suspected Taleban suicide car bomb attack on Thursday at a security compound
                                                         to        commemorate           in Pakistan’s largest city Karachi where militants are held, officials said.
                                                         Ibrahim’s acceptance of              The attack took place at the compound of the police Crime Investigation
                                                         God’s command to                Department, metres from the provincial chief minister’s house in a central
                                                         sacrifice his son Ismail, is    district known as the “red zone” because of its high security status.
                                                         due to begin next                    Azam Tariq, a spokesman for the Tehrik-e-Taleban Pakistan (TTP),
                                                                                         claimed responsibility for the attack which he said was in retaliation for US
                                                         Tuesday. Leaders of the
                                                                                         air strikes in the country’s northwestern tribal areas.
                                                         28-member           NATO
                                                         alliance meet in Lisbon              “It’s a reaction to the drone strikes and such attacks will continue until
                                                         three days later, with          drone strikes are stopped,” he told Reuters. The building is used to hold and
                                                         discussions likely to be        interrogate a number of militants, including those from banned organizations.
    An Afghan National Police officer stands at Police
                                                         dominated by a timetable        It was not immediately clear how many were inside at the time of the attack.
    Sub-Station 15 in the Mahalajat area on the edge of
                                                         for the handover of                  Sharmila Farooqi, a spokeswoman for the government of Sindh Province
        Kandahar City on 6 Nov, 2010.— INTERNET
                                                         security to Afghan              where Karachi is the capital, said at least 15 people were killed and 100
       KANDAHAR,           12 perception      of     in- forces.                         injured.
   Nov—Security oper- security,” Lieutenant                                 Internet                                                                      MNA/Reuters
   ations are to be increased Colonel Victor Garcia                                                                                                    Pakistan
   in the Afghan City of told AFP. Garcia, the                      Iran building its own anti-aircraft
   Kandahar to prevent deputy commander of                                                                                                          detains US man
   attacks before the operations in and around                                missile system                                                           at airport
   Muslim festival of Eid the volatile southern               TEHERAN , 12 Nov—          will soon test its own        field modifications and
                                                                                                                                                        ISLAMABAD,        12
   and a key NATO city, and military police Iran is building its own                     version of the S-300          is at the testing stage.
                                                                                                                                                    Nov—Pakistani autho-
   conference, a US commander Lieutenant advanced anti-aircraft                          missile system, which is      Other long-range anti-
                                                                                                                                                    rities detained an
   commander said on Colonel John Voorhees, missile system, after                        still being developed at      aircraft missile systems
                              both said the threat was Russia wouldn’t sell it           military industrial sites,    are also being designed,”    American man at an
                                                                                                                                                    airport in the country’s
       “We think that the “very serious”, without one, a top commander of                the official IRNA news        IRNA              quoted
                                                further Iran’s                 elite     agency reported.              Mansourian as saying.        east on Thursday for
   Taleban are going to try disclosing
                                                         Revolutionary Guard                                           Mansourian said Russia       carrying 30 rounds of
   and stage an explosion or details.                                                         Mansourian’s com-
                                  The holy day and said Wednesday. Gen                   ments come after Russia       has caved in to US and       ammunition in his
   series of explosions at
                                                                                                                                                    luggage, officials said.
   Eid to create a media festival of Eid al-Adha, Mohammad                   Hasan       banned all sales of S-300     Israeli pressures despite
                                                                                                                                                    Airport officials in the
   buzz to give the marked by the ritual Mansourian said Iran                            missile systems to Iran,      a valid deal.
                                                                                                                                                    eastern city of Lahore
                                                                                         citing the latest round of        “To meet part of our
                                                             Iraqi soldiers man a                                                                   detained the man upon
                                                                                         tough UNsanctions.            security needs in the
                                                                                                                                                    discovering the rounds
                                                               checkpoint at the         Russia signed a 2007          field of air defence, we     in his bags. They then
                                                          entrance of the southern       contract to sell the          sought to purchase           turned him over to
                                                           city of Basra in March        sophisticated systems         S-300 from Russia but it     police.
                                                           2010. A car bomb in a         that     would        have                                     Police       officer
                                                                                                                       refused to deliver the
                                                           crowded market in the         dramatically boosted                                       Suhail Kazmi said the
                                                                                                                       defensive weapon under
                                                            southern Iraqi city of       Iran’s ability to defend                                   man told authorities
                                                                                                                       pressures from the US
                                                          Basra on Monday killed         against air strikes. Israel                                that he and his wife
                                                                                         and the United States         and the Zionist regime,
                                                            at least 10 people and                                                                  were on their way to the
                                                                                         objected to the deal.         citing UN Security
                                                           wounded 30, a military                                                                   United States. He said
                                                                                              “The Iranian version     Council resolution 1929      the man was a retired
                                                                 officer said.
                                                                                         of S-300 system is            as a pretext,” he said.      teacher at a missionary
                                                                   INTERNET              currently undergoing                           Internet    school in Lahore. The
                                                                                                                                                    man told investigators
      Saudi Arabia on alert for                             Despite ban, Palestinians build the settlements                                         that he had purchased
                                                                                                                                                    the ammunition for
          al-Qaeda attack                                       ARIEL, 12 Nov—It’s a
                                                           startling fact: The workers
                                                                                         work. Abu Libdeh said
                                                                                         the ban which imposes
                                                                                                                       the settlements in recent
                                                                                                                       years — after a period of    hunting, and that he did
       R IYADH , 12 Nov—The Interior Minister says                                                                                                  not realize he was
                                                           building Israel’s West        fines of up to $14,000 and    violence from 2000-2005
   Saudi Arabia is on alert for a possible                                                                                                          violating the law by
   al-Qaeda attack next week during hajj, the annual       Bank settlements have         jail time of up to five       which saw the two            traveling with the
   Islamic pilgrimage that draws millions of               generally             been    years for violators — will    peoples separated almost     rounds, Kazmi said.
   worshippers to the holy cities of Mecca and             Palestinians even though      eventually be enforced.       completely — has been        The US Embassy said
   Medina.                                                 Palestinians        widely    But for now, he said, the     key to the mini-revival of   Thursday that it was
       Prince Nayef did not mention any specific           consider totally immoral      government is holding off     the          Palestinian     looking into the case.
   threat or intelligence on an attack. But when he                                                                                                                 Internet
                                                           for us to work in             while it searches for ways    economy.— Internet
   was asked at a news conference about the                settlements,”         said    to help workers switch
   possibility of an al-Qaeda strike on hajj, he           Economics Minister            jobs. About 21,000
   said: “We don’t rule out any possibility of             Hassan Abu Libdeh, an         Palestinians currently
   something that disturbs the security” of the
                                                           enthusiastic supporter of     work in settlements,
                                                           the law which passed in       either in construction,
       The hajj begins on 15 Nov and lasts for
   several days. Saudi Arabia gave the West key            April        and      bans    agriculture or industry.
   intelligence on two mail bombs recently                 Palestinians from such        Their ability to return to
   intercepted after they were sent on planes from           In this photo taken on 9 Nov, 2010, a construction
   neighboring Yemen. Al-Qaeda in Yemen claimed               site in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Ariel.
   responsibility.— Internet                                                      INTERNET

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                       3                                                                      11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
   4 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010
                                       (from page 1)                                        Sr.        Name             CSC Number            Constituency Party/Independent
    Sr.      Name                 CSC Number           Constituency Party/Independent                                                                          candidate
                                                                        candidate           39. U Aung Thein          13/RaNgaNa(N)015844      Ywangan           Independent
    26. U Zaw Ki Ahmad (a)   12/PaBaTa(N)029951        Maungtaw       USDP
                                                                                            40.   U Khin Maung Myint 13/RaSaNa(N)009091        Yaksawk             USDP
        U Aung Zaw Win
                                                                                            41.   U Fransisco          13/PhaKhaNa(N)005372    Pekhon              USDP
    27. U Shwe Maung (a)     12/PaZaTa(N)036306        Buthidaung     USDP
                                                                                            42.   U Khin Maung Thi     13/LaLaNa(N)005771      Loilem              USDP
        Abdu Rawzek
                                                                                            43.   U Htay Lwin (a)      13/NaSaNa(N)000105      Namhsan             USDP
    28. U Ba Shein           11/KaPhaNa(N)007323       Kyaukpyu       RNDP
                                                                                                  U Di Lone
    29. U Aung Sein          12/KaMaRa(N)004757        Manaung        USDP
                                                                                            44.   Daw Nan Wah Nu       13/TaKaNa(N)191544      Kunhing            SNDP
    30. U Ba Htee            11/RaBaNa(N)002871        Yanbye         USDP
                                                                                            45.   U Sai Maung Tin      1/MaTaNa(N)081662       Laikha             SNDP
    31. U Thein Swe          12/DaGaNa(N)010437        An             USDP
                                                                                            46.   U Sai Tun Aye        13/MaKaNa(N)001178      Mongkai            SNDP
    32. U Ye Tun             11/ThaTaNa(N)005678       Thandwe        USDP
                                                                                            47.   U Sai Oum Hsai Mong 13/KaThaNa(N)017439      Kyaythi            SNDP
    33. Dr San Hlaing        11/TaKaNa(N)001658        Taungup        USDP
                                                                                            48.   U Kyaw Tin Shwe      13/MaRaNa(N)001417      Mongshu            USDP
    34. U Nyi Lay (a)        12/DaGaNa(N)016730        Gwa            USDP
                                                                                            49.   U Sai Hla Kyaw       13/HaPaNa(N)026970      Langkho            SNDP
        U Kyi Tha
                                                                                            50.   U Sai Kyaw Myint     13/ThaPaNa(N)008189     Mongnai            SNDP
    Shan State
                                                                                            51.   U Sai NgawngHsai Hein13/MaNaNa(N)001714      Maukmai            USDP
    35. U San Lin            13/TaKaNa(N)047070        Taunggyi       USDP
                                                                                            52.   U Tun Myint Oo       13/TaKaNa(N)048027      Mongpang           SNDP
    36. U Win Swe            12/PaBaTa(N)007902        Nyaungshwe     Inn Nationalities
                                                                      Development Party                                                             Sd/ Thein Soe
    37. U Tin Naing Thein    12/DaGaNa(N)011838        Kalaw          USDP                                                                            Chairman
    38. U Win Kyi            13/PaTaRa(N)034690        Pindaya        USDP                                                                    Union Election Commission

                                                                                            Sr.        Name             CSC Number        Constituency   Party/Independent
          Amyotha Hluttaw representatives-                                                                                                                    candidate
                 elect announced                                                             7. U Saw Taw Pale
                                                                                             8. U Aung Myint Thein
                                                                                                                         3/ThaTaNa(N) 001203
                                                                                                                         3/KaKaRa(N) 010538
                                                                                                                                                 No. 7 Kayin Peoples Party
                                                                                                                                                 No. 9 USDP
             NAY PYI TAw,12 Nov—The Union Election Commission issued Notification            9. U Min Myo Tint Lwin      3/KaKaRa(N) 056745      No. 10 All Mon Regions
                                                                                                                                                        Democracy Party
      No.128/2010 today. The translation of the Notification is as follows:                 Rakhine State
                             The Union of Myanmar                                           10. Dr Aye Maung             13/NaKhaNa(N) 009999 No. 1       Rakhine Nationalities
                            Union Election Commission                                                                                                     Development Party
                                   Nay Pyi Taw                                              11. U Kyaw Kyaw              11/MaUNa(N) 005089 No. 2         RNDP
                                                                                            12. U Khin Maung (a)         12/RaKaNa(N) 019016 No. 3        RNDP
                             Notification No. 128/2010                                          U Aung Kyaw Oo
                       6th Waxing of Tazaungmone 1372 ME                                    13. U Maung Saw Pru          AH-065374           No. 4        RNDP
                                12 November, 2010                                           14. U Kyaw Tun Aung          12/KaMaRa(N) 035219 No. 5        RNDP
          Announcement of names of Amyotha Hluttaw representatives                          15. U Khin Maung Latt        11/SaTaNa(N) 013877 No. 6        RNDP
              According to the statements issued in accord with the Article 49 (b) of the   16. U Zar Yerd Romam (a)
      Amyotha Hluttaw Election Law by Region and State Subcommissions that the                  U Htay Win               MDW-247477              No. 7    USDP
      following persons are representatives-elect in the Multiparty Democracy General       17. U Maung Thar Khin        11/MaTaNa(N) 004946     No. 8    USDP
      Elections held on 7 November 2010, it is hereby announced that they are Amyotha       18. U Maung Aye Tun          11/BaThaTa(N) 000806    No. 9    USDP
      Hluttaw representatives-elect in the constituencies shown against them.               19. U Ohn Tin                12/TaMaNa(N) 006379     No. 10   RNDP
    Sr.       Name               CSC Number           Constituency Party/Independent        20. U Nyo Tun                11/AhMaNa(N) 022944     No. 11   USDP
                                                                          candidate         21. U Myint Hlaing           11/ThaTaNa(N) 028530    No. 12   USDP
    Kayin State
     1. U Saw Aung Kyaw 3/BaAhNa(N) 023199                No. 1      Phalon-Sawaw         Shan State
        Naing (a) Shar Bu                                            Democratic Party     22. U Nyan Lin                 13/TaKaNa(N) 047011 No. 1        USDP
        Phaw                                                                              23. U Sai Kyaw Zaw Than        13/KaTaNa(N) 005810 No. 2        SNDP
     2. U Kan Nyunt          10/ThaPhaRa(N) 035741 No. 2             USDP                 24. U Shu Maung                12/DaGaNa(N) 010907 No. 8        USDP
     3. U Saw Nyein Thin     3/LaBaNa(N) 028900           No. 3      PSDP
     4. U Saw Than Tun       3/BaAhNa(N) 196096           No. 4      PSDP                                                                           Sd/Thein Soe
     5. U Saw Tun Mya Aung 12/LaKaNa(N) 020502            No. 5      USDP                                                                             Chairman
     6. Daw Nan Ni Ni Aye 3/BaAhNa(N) 013826              No. 6      USDP                                                                     Union Election Commission

                                                                                            Sr.        Name             CSC Number       Constituency      Party/Independent
          Region and State Hluttaw representatives-                                                                                                            candidate
                      elect announced                                                       Kachin State
                                                                                            1. U Kaman Du Naw        1/MakaNa(N)024334 Myitkyina (1)       National Unity
             NAY P YI TAw, 12 Nov — The Union Election Commission issued No-                                                                               Party
    tification No.129/2010 today. The translation of the notification is as fol-            2. U Khin Maung Tun 1/MaKaNa(N)022212 Myitkyina(2)             Union Solidarity and
    lows:                                                                                                                                                  Development Party
                             The Union of Myanmar                                           3. U Mya Aung            1/WaMaNa(N)004454 Waingmaw (1)        NUP
                                                                                            4. U Htaw Lwan           1/WaMaNa(N)029562 Waingmaw (2)        NUP
                            Union Election Commission                                       5. U Alay Par            1/HsaLaNa(N)000537 M’Jangyang (1)     Unity and Democ-
                                   Nay Pyi Taw                                                                                                             racy Party of Kachin
                             Notification No. l29 /2010                                                                                                    State (UDPKS)
                       6th Waxing of Tazaungmone 1372 ME                                     6. Daw Baukgyar        9/MaRaTa(N)011758 Sumprabum (1)        USDP
                                12 November 2010                                             7. U La John Ngan Hsai 1/MaKaNa(N)078072 Tanai (1)            USDP
                                                                                             8. U Kwam Hsaung       1/TaNaNa(N)001405 Tanai (2)            USDP
          Announcement of names of Region and State Hluttaw
                                                                                                Hsam Ong
                           representatives                                                   9. U Nyunt Aung        1/TaNgaNa(N)004971 Mohnyin (1)         USDP
             According to the statements issued in accord with the Article 49 (b) of Re-    10. U Nyi Lay           1/MaNyaNa(N)019818 Mohnyin (2)         USDP
    gion and State Hluttaw Election Law by Region and State Subcommissions that the         11. U Soe Nwe           1/MaKaTa(N)077220 Mogaung (1)          USDP
    following persons are representatives-elect in the Multiparty Democracy General Elec-   12. U Kyaw Myint        1/MaKaTa(N)034373 Mogaung (2)          USDP
    tions held on 7 November 2010, it is hereby announced that they are Region and State    13. U An Fraung Gam 1/MaKaTa(N)057537 Phakant (1)              USDP
    Hluttaw representatives in the constituencies shown against them.                                                        (See page 5)

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                         4                                                                       11/13/2010, 6:21 AM
                                                                                    THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010                              5
                                    (from page 4)                                    Sr.      Name                 CSC Number            Constituency Party/Independent
    Sr.      Name               CSC Number         Constituency Party/Independent                                                                         candidate
                                                                     candidate        71. U Ko Ko                                        Thanatpin (2)
                                                                                                                 7/ThaNaPa(N)003734                         USDP
    14. U Sai Myint Kyaw 1/MaKaNa(N)015150 Phakant (2)            USDP                72. U Soe Thein            7/KaWaNa(N)057705       Kawa (1)           USDP
    15. U Kyaw Swe          1/BaMaNa(N)022904 Bhamo (1)           NUP                 73. U Aye Naing            7/KaWaNa(N)085113       Kawa (2)           USDP
    16. U Tun Shein         1/BaMaNa(N)022153 Bhamo (2)           NUP                 74. U Aung Naing           7/WaMaNa(N)006508       Waw (1)            USDP
    17. U Hsut Naung        1/MaMaNa(N)003414 Momauk (1)          NUP                 75. U Maung Yu             7/WaMaNa(N)076028       Waw (2)            USDP
    18. U Myo Aung          1/MaMaNa(N)011571 Momauk (2)          Shan Nationalities  76. U Saw Lin Aung         7/NyaLaPa(N)020848      Nyaunglebin (1)    USDP
                                                                  Democratic Party    77. U Soe Paing            7/NyaLaPa(N)089705      Nyaunglebin (2)    USDP
    19. U Tun Kyaing        1/MaSaNa(N)006412 Mansi (1)           USDP                78. U Thein Swe            7/KaTaKha(N)039859      Kyaukdaga (1)      USDP
    20. U Sai Maung Shwe 1/MaSaNa(N)003055 Mansi (2)              SNDP                79. U Kyaw Hsan Oo         7/KaTaKha(N)003698      Kyaukdaga (2)      USDP
    21. U Aung Naing        1/YaKaNa(N)004305 Shwegu (1)          USDP                80. U Ko Ko Htay           7/DaUNa(N)032834        DaikU (1)          USDP
    22. U Pho Pa Kywe       1/YaKaNa(N)018258 Shwegu (2)          USDP                81. U Min Aung             7/DaUNa(N)007356        DaikU (2)          USDP
    Kayah State                                                                       82. Daw Khin Nwe           7/RaKaNa(N)007123       Shwegyin (1)       NUP
    23. U Kyaw Swe          2/DaMaHsa(N)013870 Loikaw (1)         USDP                83. U Aung Myint           7/RaKaNa(N)003150       Shwegyin (2)       USDP
    24. U Koe Ye            2/LaKaNa(N)029081 Loikaw (2)          USDP                84. U Tin Soe              7/TaNgaNa(N)030701      Toungoo (1)        USDP
    25. U Tot Ye            2/DaMaHsa(N)002637 Dimawhso (1)       USDP                85. Dr Kyaw Oo             7/TaNgaNa(N)030845      Toungoo (2)        USDP
    26. U Poe Ye (a)        2/DaMaHsa(N)003733 Dimawhso (2)       USDP                86. U Thein Myint Tun      7/RaKaRa(N)066052       Yedashe (1)        USDP
        U Po Ye Yan Aung                                                              87. U Maung Maung Thet     7/RaKaRa(N)066666       Yedashe (2)        USDP
    27. U Saw Hoo Hoo       2/PhaRaHsa(N)001151 Prusho (1)        USDP                88. U Kaung Nyunt          7/KaKaNa(N)029307       Kyaukkyi (1)       NUP
    28. U Richard           2/PhaRaHsa(N)001313 Prusho (2)        USDP                89. U Baby Ohn             7/KaKaNa(N)020513       Kyaukkyi (2)       NUP
    29. U Ye Win            2/YaTaNa(N)000232 Shadaw (1)          USDP                90. U Tint Aung            7/PhaMaNa(N)003740      Pyu (1)            USDP
    30. U Aye Maung         2/YaTaNa(N)000356 Shadaw (2)          USDP                91. U Aung Myint           7/PhaMaNa(N)086297      Pyu (2)            USDP
    31. U Chit Hla          2/BaLaKha(N)002394 Bawlake (2)        USDP                92. U Than Htaik           7/AhTaNa(N)067353       Ottwin (1)         USDP
    32. U Than Kyaw Soe 2/LaKaNa(N)045505 Pasawng (1)             USDP                93. U Win Myint            7/AhTaNa(N)028063       Ottwin (2)         USDP
    33. U Saw Ko Di         2/PhaHsaNa(N)003031 Pasawng (2)       USDP                94. U Khun Tin Myint       7/HtaTaPa(N)004339      Htatabin (1)       USDP
    34. U Thein Tun         2/LaKaNa(N)026537 Meisei (1)          USDP                95. U Kyaw Htay            7/PhaMaNa(N)029924      Htatabin (2)       USDP
    35. U Aung Naing Oo 2/DaMaHsa(N)000379 Meisei (2)             USDP                96. U Kyaw Kyaw Lin        7/HtaTaPa(N)000132      Pyay (1)           USDP
                                                                                      97. U Myo (a)              7/PaMaNa(N)013179       Pyay (2)           USDP
    Kayin State                                                                           U Myo Aung
    36. U Saw Kyi Lin       3/LaBaNa(N)007134 Hpa-an (1)          Phalon-Sawaw        98. U Win Tun Myint        7/PaKhaTa(N)014595      Paukkaung (1)      USDP
                                                                  Democratic Party    99. U Hlaing Myint Oo      7/PaKhaTa(N)005168      Paukkaung (2)      USDP
    37. U Saw Khin Maung 3/BaAhNa(N)023387 Hpa-an (2)             PSDP               100. U Kyaw Myint           7/PaTaNa(N)079156       Padaung (1)        USDP
        Myint                                                                        101. U Than Zaw             7/PaTaNa(N)048382       Padaung (2)        USDP
    38. U Min Aung Lin      6/HtaWaNa(N)097940 Hlaingbwe (1)      PSDP               102. U Aung Naing Oo        7/PaTaTa(N)058595       Paungde (1)        USDP
    39. U Saw Shar Tunt     10/KaMaRa(N)000722 Hlaingbwe (2)      PSDP               103. U Hla Pe               7/PaTaTa(N)047228       Paungde (2)        USDP
        Phaung                                                                       104. Daw Ohnma Moh          7/ThaKaNa(N)000303      Thegon (1)         USDP
    40. U Pado Aung Hsan 3/BaAhNa(N)297001 Papun (2)              USDP                    Moh Zaw
    41. U Saw Christopher 3/ThaTaNa(N)011946 Thandaunggyi (1) Kayin Peoples          105. U Ye Lin Aung          7/ThaKaNa(N)001309      Thegon (2)         USDP
                                                                  Party              106. U Tin Maung Myint      7/RaTaNa(N)011590       Shwedaung (1)      USDP
    42. U Saw J A Win Myint 3/ThaTaNa(N)000125 Thandaunggyi (2) KPP                  107. U Tun Tun Oo           7/RaTaNa(N)070860       Shwedaung (2)      USDP
    43. U Chit Hlaing       3/MaWaTa(N)002070 Myawady (1)         Kayin State Demo- 108. U Myint Lwin Oo         7/ThaWaTa(N)000321      Thayawady (1)      USDP
                                                                  cracy and Develo- 109. U Tin Soe               7/ThaWaTa(N)002662      Thayawady (2)      USDP
                                                                  pment Party        110. Daw Aye Aye Khaing     12LaMaNa(N)012365       Letpadan (1)       USDP
    44. U Than Daing        3/MaWaTa(N)005361 Myawady (2)         USDP               111. U Kyaw Min             7/LaPaTa(N)055177       Letpadan (2)       USDP
    45. U Mahn Hla Myaing 3/KaKaRa(N)014634 Kawkareik (1)         USDP               112. U Htay Aung Kywe       7/MaLaNa(N)029426       Minhla (1)         USDP
    46. U Min Soe Thein (a) 3/KaKaRa(N)035379 Kawkareik (2)       All Mon Regions 113. U Ye Htut Aung            7/MaLaNa(N)058184       Minhla (2)         USDP
        Naing Min Soe Thein                                       Democracy Party 114. U Hla Myint               7/AhPhaNa(N)003012      Okpo (1)           USDP
    47. U Saw Aung KyawMin3/BaAhNa(N)052160 Kya-in-Seikkyi (1) USDP                  115. U Htein Lin            7/AhPhaNa(N)043209      Okpo (2)           USDP
    48. U Khin Kyuu         7/PaMaNa(N)069262 Bamar National USDP                    116. U Htoo Khaing          7/ZaKaNa(N)006000       Zigon (2)          USDP
    49. U Naing Chit Oo     3/BaAhNa(N)136139 Mon National        AMRDP              117. U Tint Lwin            7/NaTaLa(N)025017       Nattalin (1)       USDP
    50. U Khun Than Myint 3/BaAhNa(N)017495 Pa-O National         Independent        118. U Mya Soe              7/NaTaLa(N)000283       Nattalin (2)       USDP
                                                                  candidate          119. U Tun Wai              7/MaNyaNa(N)001426      Moenyo (1)         USDP
    Taninthayi Region                                                                120. U Khin Maung Nyunt     7/MaNyaNa(N)047741      Moenyo (2)         NUP
    51. U Than Aung         6/KaSaNa(N)030613 Dawei (1)           USDP               121. U Khin Maung Lwin      7/KaPaKa(N)011402       Gyobingauk (1)     USDP
    52. U Myat Ko           12/MaGaTa(N)068642 Dawei (2)          USDP               122. U Win Myint Soe        7/KaPaKa(N)005724       Gyobingauk (2)     USDP
    53. Dr Win Aung         6/LaLaNa(N)002699     Launglon (1)    USDP               123. U Saw Jublee San Hla   12/RaKaNa(N)023698      Kayin National     KPP
    54. U Kyaw Htwe         6/LaLaNa(N)001563     Launglon (2)    USDP               Magway Region
    55. U Ngwe Win          6/ThaRaKha(N)001921 Thayetchaung (1) USDP                124. U Ye Myint             13/LaLaNa(N)021420      Magway (1)         USDP
    56. U Soe Htway         6/ThaRaKha(N)015939 Thayetchaung (2) USDP                125. U Han Maung            8/MaKaNa(N)079152       Magway (2)         USDP
    57. U Shwe San          6/RaPhaNa(N)001540 Yebyu (1)          USDP               126. U Aung Naing Win       8/RaNaKha(N)003613      Yenangyoung (1)    USDP
    58. U Tun Myint         6/RaPhaNa(N)001718 Yebyu (2)          NUP                127. U Win Tint             8/RaNaKha(N)055680      Yenangyoung (2)    USDP
    59. U Khin Zaw          8/MaKaNa(N)089827 Myeik (1)           USDP               128. U Nay Shin             8/KhaMaNa(N)046038      Chauk (1)          USDP
    60. Dr Kyaw Hsan        6/MaAhRa(N)026820 Myeik (2)           USDP               129. U Win Naing Oo         8/KhaMaNa(N)104147      Chauk (2)          USDP
    61. U Win Swe           6/PaLaNa(N)003591     Palaw (1)       USDP               130. U Kyi Thein            8/TaTaKa(N)057503       Taungdwingyi (1)   USDP
    62. U Htin Aung Kyaw 7/RaKaNa(N)012468 Palaw (2)              USDP               131. U Saw Win Maung        8/TaTaKa(N)015780       Taungdwingyi (2)   USDP
    63. U Kyi Win           6/KaThaNa(N)004986 Kawthoung (1)      USDP               132. U Chit Thein           8/MaThaNa(N)002173      Myothit (1)        USDP
    64. Dr Win Aung         12/BaHaNa(N)014234 Kawthoung (2)      USDP               133. U Khin Maung Win       8/MaThaNa(N)003205      Myothit (2)        USDP
    65. U Tun Aye           6/BaPaNa(N)018298 Bokpyin (1)         USDP               134. U Aung Kyaw Min        8/NaMaNa(N)002848       Natmauk (1)        USDP
    66. U Aung Kyaw         6/TaThaRa(N)019518 Bokpyin (2)        USDP               135. U Nay Win              8/NaMaNa(N)068374       Natmauk (2)        USDP
        Kyaw Oo                                                                      136. U Phone Maw Shwe       3/BaAhNa(N)010060       Minbu (1)          USDP
    67. U Saw Ha Bi         6/LaLaNa(N)044392     Kayin National USDP                137. U Maung Maung Tin      8/MaBaNa(N)068163       Minbu (2)          USDP
    Bago Region                                                                      138. U Zaw Moe Myint        8/PaPhaNa(N)000098      Pwintbyu (1)       USDP
    68. U Win Tin           12/UKaTa(N)104867 Bago (1)            USDP               139. U Aung Naing           8/PaPhaNa(N)025143      Pwintbyu (2)       USDP
    69. U Ye Myint Tun      7/PaKhaNa(N)001992 Bago (2)           USDP               140. U Thit Lwin Khaing     8/SaLaNa(N)020466       Salin (1)          USDP
    70. U Aye Soe           7/ThaNaPa(N)015252 Thanatpin (1)      USDP                                                    (See page 6)

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                       5                                                                 11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
   6 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010
                                  (from page 5)                                   Sr.     Name                CSC Number           Constituency Party/Independent
    Sr.       Name               CSC Number     Constituency Party/Independent                                                                        candidate
                                                                 candidate        212. U Moe Myint Thein    9/TaSaNa(N)073033       Thazi (1)        USDP
    141. U Win Myaing      8/SaLaNa(N)100295 Salin (2)          USDP              213. U San Tun            12/DaGaNa(N)021425      Thazi (2)        USDP
    142. U Hla Pyone       8/NgaPhaNa(N)001732Ngaphe (1)        USDP              214. U Maung Maung Oo     9/WaTaNa(N)007128       Wundwin (1)      USDP
    143. U Tin Nyunt       8/MaBaNa(N)006330 Ngaphe (2)         USDP              215. U Win Myint          9/MaHtaLa(N)021496      Wundwin (2)      USDP
    144. U Lin Aung        8/SaTaRa(N)021678 Sedoktara (1)      USDP              216. U Nyi Nyi            9/SaKaTa(N)004014       Singaing (1)     USDP
    145. U Kyi Min         8/ThaRaNa(N)003403 Thayet (1)        USDP              217. U Sein Thaung        9/SaKaTa(N)052283       Singaing (2)     USDP
    146. Daw Yin Yin Hla   8/ThaRaNa(N)043719 Thayet (2)        USDP              218. U Taing Aye          9/KaPaTa(N) 027448      Kyaukpadaung (1) USDP
    147. U Win Naing       8/KaMaNa(N)002405 Kanma (1)          USDP              219. U Win Myint          9/KaPata(N) 027446      Kyaukpadaung (2) USDP
    148. U Tin Myo Hlaing 8/KaMaNa(N)002377 Kanma (2)           USDP              220. U Kyi Pe             9/NaHtaKa(N) 005971     Natogyi (1)      USDP
    149. U Thein Zaw       8/MaTaNa(N)003999 Mindon (1)         USDP              221. U Aye Thant Swe      9/NaHtaKa(N) 006247     Natogyi (2)      USDP
    150. U Thein Aung      8/MaTaNa(N)002043 Mindon (2)         USDP              222. U Swe Than           9/PaThaKa(N) 004408     Patheingyi (1)   USDP
    151. U Myo Myint       8/KhaMaNa(N)013189 Minhla (1)        USDP              223. U Ko Ko Lwin         9/PaThaKa(N) 008335     Patheingyi (2)   USDP
    152. U Hla Soe         8/MaLaNa(N)010659 Minhla (2)         USDP              224. U Hla Win            9/MaTaRa(N) 012671      Madaya (1)       USDP
    153. U Maung Maung Soe 8/HsaPaWa(N)002473 Sinbaungwe (1)    USDP              225. U Ko Lay             9/MaTaRa(N) 014294      Madaya (2)       USDP
    154. U Myint Ngwe      8/HsaPaWa(N)015507 Sinbaungwe (2)    USDP              226. U Kyaw Tin           5/NgaZaNa(N) 005627     Ngazun (1)       USDP
    155. U Khin Swe        8/AhLaNa(N)134162 Aunglan (1)        USDP              227. U Myat Thu           5/NgaZaNa(N) 001282     Ngazun (2)       USDP
    156. U San Lwin        8/MaHtaNa(N)035041 Aunglan (2)       USDP              228. U Sai Maung Hla      12/MaGaDa(N) 007291     Shan national    SNDP
    157. U Thein Tun       8/PaKhaKa(N)013340 Pakokku (1)       USDP              Mon State
    158. U Zaw Moe Thein 8/PaKhaKa(N)038647 Pakokku (2)         USDP              229. U Hla Tun            10/KaMaRa(N) 035822    Kyaikmaraw (1)   USDP
    159. U Myint Naing     8/RaSaKa(N)004306 Yesagyo (1)        USDP              230. U San Tin            10/KaMaRa(N) 013324    Kyaikmaraw (2)   AMRDP
    160. U Tin Maung Kyaw 8/RaSaKa(N)068612 Yesagyo (2)         USDP              231. U Thet Win           3/BaAhNa(N) 007728     Bamar national   USDP
    161. U Tin Yan         8/MaMaNa(N)002508 Myaing (1)         USDP              232. U Aung Kyaw Thein    10/KaMaRa(N) 054851    Kayin national   USDP
    162. U Saw Win         8/MaMaNa(N)113637 Myaing (2)         USDP              233. U Pe Mya (a)         10/KaHtaNa(N) 004630   Pa-O national    USDP
    163. U Myint Soe Win 8/PaMaNa(N)002302 Pauk (1)             USDP                   U Khun Pe Mya
    164. U Moe Ko Ko       8/PaMaNa(N)002420 Pauk (2)           USDP              Rakhine State
    165. U Myint Soe       8/HsaPhaNa(N)047952 Seikpyu (1)      NUP               234. U Tha Lu Che         11/PaNaTa(N) 001140 Sittway (1)         Rakhine Nation-
    166. U Myint           8/HsaPhaNa(N)005583 Seikpyu (2)      NUP                                                                                 alities Develop-
    167. U Myint Aung      8/GaGaNa(N)003814 Gangaw (1)         USDP                                                                                ment Party
    168. U Win Myint Maung 8/GaGaNa(N)005130 Gangaw (2)         USDP              235. U Aung Mra Kyaw    11/SaTaNa(N) 000510      Sittway (2)      RNDP
    169. U Thein Swe       8/HtaLaNa(N)015872 Htilin (1)        USDP              236. U Aung Tun Mra     11/MaUNa(N) 030934       Ponnagyun (1)    RNDP
    170. U Win Aung        8/HtaLaNa(N)010669 Htilin (2)        USDP              237. U Aung Than Tin    11/PaNaTa(N) 001349      Ponnagyun (2)    RNDP
    171. U Htay Lwin       8/HsaMaNa(N)031674 Hsaw (1)          USDP              238. U Oo Tun Hlaing    11/MaUNa(N) 000961       MraukU (1)       RNDP
    172. U Win Pe          8/HsaMaNa(N)024325 Hsaw (2)          NUP               239. U Kyaw Thein       11/SaTaNa(N) 022315      MraukU (2)       RNDP
    173. U Salai Hla Tun   8/MaHtaNa(N)003621 Chin National     NUP               240. U Maung Hla Kyaw 11/SaTaNa(N) 027505        Kyauktaw (1)     RNDP
    Mandalay Region                                                               241. U Saw Nyein        11/KaTaNa(N) 063227      Kyauktaw (2)     RNDP
    174. Dr Win Hlaing     9/MaNaMa(N)056763 Aungmyethazan (1) USDP               242. U Maung Kyaw Zan 11/MaPaNa(N) 069913        Minbya (1)       RNDP
    175. U Phone Zaw Han 13/LaRaNa(N)007704 Aungmyethazan (2) USDP                243. U Tha Kyaw         11/MaPaNa(N) 004778      Minbya (2)       RNDP
    176. Dr Kyaw Hla       12/TaMaNa(N)005659 Chanayethazan (1) USDP              244. U Aung Win         11/MaPaTa(N) 002121      Myebon (1)       RNDP
    177. Daw Tin Tin Mar   9/MaRaMa(N)013365 Chanayethazan (2) Democratic Party   245. U Maung Lone       11/MaPaTa(N) 013661      Myebon (2)       RNDP
                                                                    (Myanmar)     246. U Maung Kyaw Thein 11/PaTaNa(N) 003567      Pauktaw (1)      RNDP
    178.   U Aung Maung        9/MaRaTa(N)005858 Mahaaungmye (1)    USDP          247. U Tet Tun Aung     11/PaTaNa(N) 014807      Pauktaw (2)      RNDP
    179.   U Pyay Win          9/MaTaRa(N)113920 Mahaaungmye (2)    USDP          248. U Hla Maung Thein 11/RaThaTa(N) 002092      Yathedaung (1)   RNDP
    180.   Dr Myint Kyu        5/MaMaNa(N)000030 Chanmyathazi (1)   USDP          249. U Po Min (a)       11/BaThaTa(N) 000371     Yathedaung (2)   RNDP
    181.   U Tun Win           9/MaRaTa(N)088857 Chanmyathazi (2)   USDP               U Bo Min
    182.   U Thein Lwin        9/MaNaTa(N)030412 Pyigyidagun (1)    USDP          250. U Zar Hein Gir (a) AK-195265                Maungtaw (1)     USDP
    183.   U Thein Hla         9/MaRaTa(N)078350 Pyigyidagun (2)    USDP               U Aung Myo Min
    184.   U Moe Naing Kyaw    5/MaRaNa(N)133305 Amarapura (1)      USDP          251. U Mra Aung         11/MaTaNa(N) 000855      Maungtaw (2)     USDP
    185.   U Aung Thein        9/AhMaRa(N)034320 Amarapura (2)      USDP          252. U Aung Myint (a)   BTG-174021               Buthidaung (1)   National Demo-
    186.   U Aung Htay Kyaw    9/MaMaNa(N)056149 PyinOoLwin (1)     USDP               Zahidolla                                                    cratic Party for
    187.   U Ye Myint          13/TaYaNa(N)003364 PyinOoLwin (2)    USDP                                                                            Development
    188.   U Bogyoke           5/RaBaNa(N)046972 Singu (1)          USDP          253. U Bawshi Ahmed       BTG-211209             Buthidaung (2)   NDPD
    189.   U Tauk              9/SaKaNa(N)001784 Singu (2)          USDP          254. U Kyaw Lwin          11/KaPhaNa(N) 039854   Kyaukpyu (1)     RNDP
    190.   U Won Gohlan        9/MaKaNa(N)023500 Mogok (1)          USDP          255. U Tin Pe             11/KaPhaNa(N) 005699   Kyaukpyu (2)     RNDP
    191.   U Myint Aung        9/MaKaNa(N)005778 Mogok (2)          USDP          256. U Aung Gyi           11/MaAhNa(N) 003636    Manaung (1)      NUP
    192.   U Aung Myint Than   9/KaHsaNa(N)018605 Kyaukse (1)       USDP          257. U Tha Nyunt          11/MaAhNa(N) 001350    Manaung (2)      USDP
    193.   U Than Soe Myint    9/KaHsaNa(N)018903 Kyaukse (2)       USDP          258. U Than Naing (a)     12/BaHaNa(N) 013201    Yanbye (1)       USDP
    194.   U Aung Kyi          9/MaThaNa(N)008479 Myittha (1)       USDP               U Ba Thein
    195.   U Aung Lin          9/MaThaNa(N)011423 Myittha (2)       USDP          259. U Kyaw Khin          8/MaTaNa(N) 014500     Yanbye (2)       USDP
    196.   U Myint Than        11/SaTaNa(N)008229 TadaU (1)         USDP          260. U Hla Maung Tin      8/PaKhaKa(N) 042592    An (1)           USDP
    197.   U Aung Thu          9/TaTaU(N)008193   TadaU (2)         USDP          261. U Tin Aung           11/AhMaNa(N) 000501    An (2)           USDP
    198.   U Kyaw Hsan         12/AhLaNa(N)022147 Myingyan (1)      USDP          162. U Hla Han            11/ThaTaNa(N) 002602   Thandwe (1)      USDP
    199.   U Aung Zan          9/MaKhaNa(N)029501 Myingyan (2)      USDP          263. U Aung Naing Oo      11/ThaTaNa(N) 005847   Thandwe (2)      USDP
    200.   U Than Htay Aung    9/TaThaNa(N)003298 Taungtha (1)      USDP          264. Daw Than Sein        11/TaKaNa(N) 004372    Taungup (1)      USDP
    201.   U Win Maung         13/KaMaNa(N)003268 Taungtha (2)      USDP          265. Dr Aung Kyaw Min     11/TaKaNa(N) 006184    Taungup (2)      USDP
    202.   U Htay Lwin         9/NyaUNa(N)029181 NyaungU (1)        USDP          266. U Htein Lin          11/GaMaNa(N) 018237    Gwa (1)          USDP
    203.   U Than Htay         9/NyaUNa(N)008197 NyaungU (2)        USDP          267. U Soe Aye            11/GaMaNa(N) 000697    Gwa (2)          USDP
    204.   U Zaw Win           9/RaMaTha(N)031236 Yamethin (1)      USDP          Shan State
    205.   U Kyaw Myint        9/RaMaTha(N)002219 Yamethin (2)      USDP          268. U Sai Tun Yin        13/TaKaNa(N) 021782 Taunggyi (1)        USDP
    206.   U Tin Soe           9/PaBaNa(N)005426 Pyawbwe (1)        USDP          269. U Khun Thein Maung   13/TaKaNa(N) 066912 Taunggyi (2)        USDP
    207.   U Tin Oo            12/TaMaNa(N)057184 Pyawbwe (2)       USDP          270. U Khun Aye Maung     13/HaPaNa(N) 021874 Hopong (1)          PNO
    208.   U Saw Htay          9/MaHtaLa(N)057643 Meiktila (1)      USDP          271. Dr U Tun Aung        13/NyaRaNa(N) 039063 Nyaungshwe (1)     Inn National
    209.   U Kyaw Aye          9/MaHtaLa(N)043535 Meiktila (2)      USDP                                                                            Development
    210.   U Soe Maw Yi        9/MaLaNa(N)000566 Mahlaing (1)       USDP                                                                            Party
    211.   U Shwe Nan          9/MaLaNa(N)006490 Mahlaing (2)       USDP                                            (See page 7)

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                         6                                                          11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
                                                                                      THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010                                  7
                                      (from page 6)                                   Sr.      Name                CSC Number     Constituency Party/Independent
    Sr.     Name                CSC Number          Constituency Party/Independent                                                                 candidate
                                                                     candidate        338. Daw Nan Kein Kham 13/KaTaNa(N) 007048 Mongyang (1)        USDP
    272. U Aung Kyi Win       13/NyaRaNa(N)039622 Nyaungshwe (2) INDP                 339. U Sai Hsam        13/MaYaNa(N) 000371 Mongyang (2)        USDP
    273. U Khun Hla Thein     13/HsaHsaNa(N)000087 Hsihseng (1)      PNO              340. U Sai Lon         13/MaHsaNa(N) 009139 Monghsat (1)       USDP
    274. U Khun Maung Wei 13/HsaHsaNa(N)008412 Hsihseng (2)          PNO              341. U Yaw Ba          13/MaHsaNa(N) 008487 Monghsat (2)       USDP
    275. U Thaung Shwe        13/TaKaNa(N) 006853 Kalaw (1)          USDP             342. U Ei Shar Mwe     13/MaPaTa(N) 016501 Mongping (1)        USDP
    276. U Myat Soe           13/KaLaNa(N) 013323 Kalaw (2)          USDP             343. U Sai Hla Win     13/MaKhaNa(N) 000146 Mongping (2)       USDP
    277. U Aung Myat          13/ThaHtaNa(N)040203 Pindaya (1)       USDP             344. U Saw Mu Lar      13/MaTaNa(N) 004446 Mongton (1)         USDP
    278 U Htoo Ko Ko          13/PaTaYa(N) 003957 Pindaya (2)        USDP             345. U Sai Win Myat Oo 13/MaTaNa(N) 003879 Mongton (2)         SNDP
    279. U Ko Ko              5/SaKaNa(N) 009610     Ywangan (1)     Independent      346. Daw Tin May Tun 13/TaKhaLa(N) 004323 Tachilek (1)         USDP
    280. U Thein Tun          13/RaNgaNa(N) 005224 Ywangan (2)       Independent      347. U Tu Maung        12/MaBaNa(N) 018456 Tachilek (2)        USDP
    281. U Aung Kyaw Nyunt 13/RaSaNa(N) 036474 Yaksawk (1)           USDP             348. U Nyunt Win       13/MaKhaNa(N) 001022 Mongphyat (1)      USDP
    282. U Myint Soe Naing    13/RaSaNa(N) 040623 Yaksawk (2)        USDP             349. U Maw Shay        13/MaPhaNa(N) 001871 Mongphyat (2)      USDP
    283. U Khun Hla Hsan      13/PaLaNa(N) 045721 Pinlaung (1)       PNO              350. U Sai En          13/KaTaNa(N) 024048 Mongyawng (1)       SNDP
    284. Daw Aye Cho Sein     13/PhaKhaNa(N)000015 Pekhon (1)        USDP             351. Daw Nan Mya Mya 13/MaYaTa(N) 002500 Mongyawng (2)         SNDP
    285. Abraham              2/LaKaNa(N) 042998     Pekhon (2)      Kayan                 Lwin
                                                                     National Party   Ayeyawady Region
    286. U Khun Degaul        13/HaPaNa(N) 027783 Loilem (1)         USDP             352. Dr Khin Khin Si   14/PaThaNa(N) 016400 Pathein (1)        USDP
    287. U Sai Ba Oo          13/LaLaNa(N) 009686 Loilem (2)         USDP             353. U Aung Kyaw Sein 14/PaThaNa(N) 024401 Pathein (2)         USDP
    288. U Sai Leik           13/NaSaNa(N) 003538 Namsang (1)        USDP             354. U Chit Lwin       14/PaThaRa(N) 021453 Kangyidaunt (1)    USDP
    289 U Sai Thurein Oo      13/NaSaNa(N) 037252 Namsang (2)        SNDP             355. Daw Khin Saw Mu 14/PaThaNa(N) 148816 Kangyidaunt (2)      USDP
    290. U Sai Mon (a)        13/KaHaNa(N) 002374 Kunhing (1)        SNDP             356. U Win Thein       14/ThaPaNa(N) 005407 Thabaung (1)       USDP
         U Sai Kyaw Tun                                                               357. U Saw Lay Htaw    14/ThaPaNa(N) 064319 Thabaung (2)       USDP
    291. U Sai Nu             13/KaHaNa(N) 001994 Kunhing (2)        USDP             358. U Saw El Gay      14/NgaPaTa(N) 004863 Ngaputaw (1)       NUP
    292. Daw Nan Eskimo       13/LaKhaNa(N) 025714 Laikha (1)        SNDP             359. U Aye Kyi         14/NgaPaTa(N) 009489 Ngaputaw (2)       USDP
    293. U Sai Kyaw Zeya      13/KaThaNa(N) 001977 Laikha (2)        SNDP             360. U Than Tun        14/KaPaNa(N) 009549 Kyonpyaw (1)        USDP
    294. U Sai Pan            13/MaKaNa(N) 001258 Mongkai (1)        SNDP             361. U Tin Soe         10/MaDaNa(N) 005572 Kyonpyaw (2)        USDP
    295. Daw Nan Kham Paing 13/MaKaNa(N) 030963 Mongkai (2)          SNDP             362. U Thaung Han      14/RaKaNa(N) 008705 Yekyi (2)           USDP
    296. U Hsan Hline         13/KaThaNa(N) 006300 Kehsi (1)         SNDP             363. Dr Htein Win      14/KaKaNa(N) 064416 Kyaunggon (1)       USDP
    297. U Sai Mon Hline      13/KaThaNa(N) 018367 Kehsi (2)         SNDP             364. U Thein Naing     14/KaKaNa(N) 003491 Kyaunggon (2)       USDP
    298. U Sai Tun Myint      13/LaLaNa(N) 094352 Mongshu (1)        SNDP             365. U Soe Myint       14/HaThaTa(N) 057878 Hinthada (1)       USDP
    299. U Sai Kan            5/SaKaNa(N) 009581     Monghsu (2)     USDP             366. Dr Thein Soe      14/MaAhNa(N) 015119 Hinthada (2)        USDP
    300. U Sai Aik Aye        13/TaKaNa(N) 024660 Langkhio (1)       SNDP             367. U Hla Khaing      14/ZaLaNa(N) 042842 Zalun (1)           USDP
    301. U Sai Lwin           13/TaKaNa(N) 005505 Langkhio (2)       SNDP             368. U San Maung       14/ZaLaNa(N) 009345 Zalun (2)           USDP
    302. U Saw Lon            13/MaNaNa(N) 002339 Mongnai (1)        SNDP             369. U Kyaw Win Naing 12/PaZaTa(N) 018287    Laymyethna (1)    USDP
    303. U Sai Maung Gyi      13/MaNaNa(N) 002034 Mongnai (2)        SNDP             370. U Aung Myo Nyunt 14/MaAhNa(N) 008649 Myanaung (1)         USDP
    304. U Soe Htaik          13/LaKhaTa(N) 007093 Maukmai (1)       SNDP             371. U Aung Win Swe    14/MaAhNa(N) 002437 Myanaung (2)        USDP
    305. U Khun Han Thein Oo 13/TaKaNa(N) 065556 Maukmai (2)         USDP             372. U Khin Kyaw Nyunt 3/BaAhNa(N) 019726    Kyangin (1)       USDP
    306. U Sai Moe Kyi        13/MaPaNa(N) 001360 Mongpan (1)        SNDP             373. U Soe Paing       14/KaKhaNa(N) 023693 Kyangin (2)        NUP
    307. U Sai Aung Kham      13/MaPaNa(N) 000113 Mongpan (2)        USDP             374. U Myat Soe        14/HaThaTa(N) 032463 Ingapu (2)         USDP
    308. U Sai Kyu            13/LaRaNa(N) 043143 Lashio (1)         USDP             375. U Pyone Cho       14/MaMaNa(N) 009804 Myaungmya (1)       USDP
    309. U Sai Kham Hmat      13/LaRaNa(N) 036119 Lashio (2)         USDP             376. U Win Ko Ko       14/MaMaNa(N) 133918 Myaungmya (2)       USDP
    310. U Sai Hsam Sein      13/TaYaNa(N) 001685 Tangyan (1)        USDP             377. U Nyein Shwe      14/AhMaNa(N) 066110 Einme (1)           NUP
    311. U Sai Tun Tun Lwin 13/TaYaNa(N) 000735 Tangyan (2)          SNDP             378. U Mya Than        14/AhMaNa(N) 006187 Einme (2)           USDP
    312. U Sai San Pe         13/MaRaTa(N) 002239 Mongyai (1)        SNDP             379. U Saw Mya Thein 14/WaKhaMa(N) 011403 Wakema (1)           NUP
    313. U Sai Longe Kham (a) 13/LaRaNa(N) 125157 Mongyai (2)        SNDP             380. U Kyaw Lwin       14/WaKhaMa(N) 009213 Wakema (2)         USDP
         U Aik Phu                                                                    381. U Zaw Win         14/LaPaTa(N) 005630   Labutta (1)       NUP
    314. U Sai Kham Kyaw      13/KaMaNa(N) 067023 Kyaukme (1)        SNDP             382. U Htein Lin       14/LaPaTa(N) 000945   Labutta (2)       USDP
    315. U Sai Than Maung     13/KaMaNa(N) 009129 Kyaukme (2)        SNDP             383. U Aung Zaw Hlaing 14/MaMaKa(N) 006321 Mawlamyinegyun(1) USDP
    316. U Sai Naw Kham (a) 13/ThaPaNa(N)019906 Hsipaw (1)           SNDP             384. U Myint Aung      14/MaMaKa (N) 010632 Mawlamyinegyun(2) USDP
         U Tin Tun Aung                                                               385. U Yan Win         12/HsaKhaNa(N) 028873 Maubin (1)        USDP
    317. U Sai Sein Win       13/ThaPaNa(N) 043892 Hsipaw (2)        SNDP             386. U Than Tun        14/MaAhPa(N) 120737 Maubin (2)          USDP
    318. U Kyaw Mya           13/NaKhaTa(N) 003185 Nawngkhio (1) NUP                  387. U Mahn Thet Tin   14/PaTaNa(N) 004275 Pantanaw (1)        NUP
    319. U Sai Ba Tun         13/KaMaNa(N) 021068 Nawngkhio (2) SNDP                  388. U Nyein Myaing    14/PaTaNa(N) 072999 Pantanaw (2)        USDP
    320. U Zaw Oo             13/NaMaTa(N) 004084 Namtu (1)          USDP             389. Dr Hla Min        14/NyaTaNa(N) 086581 Nyaungdon (1)      USDP
    321. Daw Nan Kham Aye 13/NaMaTa(N) 017054 Namtu (2)              SNDP             390. U Phone Myint     14/NyaTaNa(N) 051716 Nyaungdon (2)      USDP
    322. U Khin Zaw Win       13/MaMaTa(N) 003162 Momeik (1)         USDP             391. U Naing Win       14/DaNaPha(N) 011578 Danubyu (1)        USDP
    323. U Sai Hsan Kwe       13/MaMaTa(N) 008560 Momeik (2)         SNDP             392. U Hla Myint       14/DaNaPha(N) 004492 Danubyu (2)        USDP
    324. U Zaw Zaw            13/MaBaNa(N) 017503 Mabein (1)         USDP             393. U Hla Win Bo      14/PhaPaNa(N) 006499 Pyapon (1)         USDP
    325. U Thant Zin Oo       13/MaBaNa(N) 013781 Mabein (2)         USDP             394. U Win Myint       14/PhaPaNa(N) 009827 Pyapon (2)         USDP
    326. Dr Myo Tun           13/KaLaTa(N) 003401 Kunlong (1)        USDP             395. U Myo Win         14/BaKaLa(N)036584    Bogale (1)        USDP
    327. U Tun Yin (a)        13/KaLaTa(N) 005161 Kunlong (2)        USDP             396. U San Maung       14/BaKaLa(N) 022709 Bogale (2)          USDP
         U Lauk Woo                                                                   397. U Kyaw Hla        14/KaLaNa(N) 007734 Kyaiklat (1)        USDP
    328. Daw Nan Ngwe Ngwe 13/MaHsaTa(N) 000651 Muse (1)             SNDP             398. U Than Soe Aung   14/KaLaNa(N) 123969 Kyaiklat (2)        USDP
    329. U Kein Maing         13/MaHsaTa(N) 021716 Muse (2)          USDP             399. U Myint Oo        14/DaDaRa(N) 004761 Dedaye (1)          USDP
    330. U Sai Tin Oo         13/NaKhaNa(N) 013254 Namkham (1)       SNDP             400. U Thein Tun       14/DaDaRa(N) 004190 Dedaye (2)          USDP
    331. U Kyaw Myint (a)     13/NaKhaNa(N) 033187 Namkham (2)       USDP             401. U Mahn Than Shwe 12/MaBaNa(N) 020570 Kayin national       USDP
         U Win Maung                                                                                                                              Sd/ Thein Soe
    332. U Sai Hsa Lu         13/KaKhaNa(N) 002433 Kutkai (1)        USDP                                                                           Chairman
    333. U Myint Lwin (a)     13/KaKhaNa(N) 010009 Kutkai (2)        USDP                                                                   Union Election Commission
         U Wan Kwe Tar
    334. U Sai Lone Hsaing    13/KaTaNa(N) 005249 Kengtung (1)       USDP                Announcement of remaining lists of representatives-elect to be continued
    335. U Ah Pha             13/KaTaNa(N) 014422 Kengtung (2)       USDP                      NAY P YI TAW, 12 Nov — Of representatives-elect for respective Hluttaws in
    336. U Sai Mont           13/MaKhaNa(N)000095 Mongkhat (1)       USDP              Multiparty Democracy General Elections held on 7 November 2010, the announcement
    337. U Ya Kuk             13/MaKhaNa(N)000260 Mongkhat (2)       USDP              on remaining lists of representatives-elect will be issued.—MNA

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                       7                                                                    11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
   8 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010

               Welcome and accept national victory cheerfully
                                                                                                                                    Myat Phone Lu
            The 2010 multiparty democracy general           Correspondents Club and journalists and reporters        western diplomats are making such accusations
     elections have been completed successfully. And        from local journals and magazines observing the          because even the President himself of the world
     the Myanmar people have passed the fifth of the        casting of the votes at the polling stations since the   power is openly interfering in the internal affairs
     seven-step Road Map successfully.                      morning of the election day. All these arrangements      of other countries.
            The multiparty democracy general elections      were made in order that both the nation and the                 State Secretary Clinton also made a
     were simultaneously held in States and Regions         international community could know the transparent       statement the same day, echoing her president’s
     nationwide on 7 November. All the polling stations     and free and fair election of Myanmar, the active        statement. Likewise, the committee of members
     opened simultaneously at 6 am and the voters cast      participation of Myanmar people in election              of parliament of European Union made a
     their ballots earnestly. Election news was reported    processes, the expression of public desires and the      statement. It is crystal clear that the western
     on TV and in dailies and private journals. It was      systematic election processes. In other words, we        bloc is making attacks without any reason by
     heartening to see that the people happily went to      have invited all to see to the acid test of the          slandering the Myanmar elections in which
     polling stations and cast their votes, enjoying the    elections.                                               the person or party they favour did not take
     first ever voting right they got in 20 years.                In so doing, authorities concerned with full       part. They cannot see anything as long as they
            The media featured the election images          respect invited all foreign diplomats and resident       are turning a blind eye to Myanmar’s purity,
     colourfully such as the polling station officer’s      representatives from UN agencies to observe the          transparency, effort and success.
     announcement of the opening of polling stations        18 constituencies across the country. The US                     I would like to continue to say that the
     and the people lining up to vote, drawing up ballot    and EU diplomats refused to come with. Before            western diplomats not only received political
     papers, choosing the candidates they liked in          the elections, there were various accusations            parties and politicians frequently at their
     secret polling booths and putting their ballot         that the elections would not be transparent, free        embassies and residences but also visited the
     papers into the ballot boxes. When the time came       and fair without foreign observers. But again,           party headquarters and the homes of the
     to close the polling stations in the evening, we       the invitation was turned down. It was too               politicians. Moreover, they went to border
     found arrangements were being made for the             difficult to understand them.                            areas and held discussions with national race
     voters assembling in the compound of polling                 In reality, the US and the EU are godfathers       parties and national race groups many times.
     stations to be able to cast their votes before 4 pm.   of democracy. Whatever place and whatever                They did not support the elections although
     We also witnessed through media that in counting       issue, they talk about democracy repeatedly.             they took great interest in Myanmar’s
     votes after the closing of polling stations, votes     What’s more, they are always saying that they            democracy affairs. Their acts are not sensible
     were being counted, checked and recorded in a          want to see democracy flourishing in Myanmar             and reasonable.
     systematic way in the presence of the polling          and promote the democracy cause of Myanmar.                      Although the western diplomats failed to
     station officers, responsible persons, members of      In practice, they turned a blind eye to the              recognize the first step of Myanmar
     subcommissions concerned, representatives              multiparty general elections, the first step             democratization, diplomats of neighbouring
     appointed by Hluttaw candidates, the voters and        towards democracy in Myanmar. It can be                  countries including ASEAN and other world
     the observers.                                         assumed that they failed to encourage the                nations supported and recognized the aspirations
            Studying these facts, it can clearly be seen    democracy cause and disrupt the systematic               of Myanmar people for democratization by
     that all necessary measures were taken in accord       democratic process in Myanmar. It is so                  observing the Myanmar democracy elections with
     with the election law and rules to ensure a free       disappointing.                                           full of enthusiasm. They witnessed the real
     and fair election as well as transparency and all-           To make matters worse, the statement of            situation of the elections. So all the diplomats
     inclusiveness.         Likewise,        systematic     President Obama was released from the White              who observed the Myanmar elections praised
     arrangements were made in the media sector so          House on the Myanmar election day. As usual, they        and recognized that Myanmar election was
     that the people could observe the real election        made one-sided accusations that the elections of         free and fair and it was held systematically
     processes nationwide as if they were witnessing        Myanmar would be window dressing. Besides, the           with the massive participation of the entire
     personally.                                            statements says that they will closely watch             Myanmar people who cast votes freely and
            We saw ambassadors to Myanmar, charges          Myanmar in the post-election period by putting           actively in the elections and opened the door to
     d’ affaires ai, resident representatives of UN         pressure on and continuing engagements and               democracy in unison. Anyhow, we must be
     agencies, members of Myanmar Foreign                   sanctions against Myanmar. It is not strange that        grateful to them for their support in the drive
                                                                                                                     for democratization process of the host country.
           In reality, the US and the EU are godfathers of                                                                  Despite the slanderous remarks on
                                                                                                                     Myanmar elections by the western bloc, many
       democracy. Whatever place and whatever issue, they talk                                                       friendly nations have witnessed the truth and
       about democracy repeatedly. What’s more, they are always                                                      made a correct review. China, for example,
                                                                                                                     welcomed Myanmar’s smooth multiparty
       saying that they want to see democracy flourishing in                                                         democracy general elections, saying that the
       Myanmar and promote the democracy cause of Myanmar.                                                           election was a vital part in its transition to an
                                                                                                                     elected government, that smooth and successful
       In practice, they turned a blind eye to the multiparty                                                        holding of the elections was a significant step
                                                                                                                     for Myanmar, and that it is required to
       general elections, the first step towards democracy in                                                        recognize and welcome the Myanmar elections.
       Myanmar. It can be assumed that they failed to encourage                                                             Similarly, ASEAN welcomed the
                                                                                                                     Myanmar elections. ASEAN Chair, Vietnam,
       the democracy cause and disrupt the systematic democratic                                                     issued a statement dated 8 November. The
       process in Myanmar. It is so disappointing.                                                                   statement said ASEAN welcomes the
                                                                                                                                        (See page 9)

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                        8                                                                    11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
                                                                                            THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010                                     9

                                                                                                  Modern hospital equipment seen at Outara Thiri Hospital.—MNA

    Commander of Nay Pyi Taw Command Brig-Gen Maung Maung Aye,
     Nay Pyi Taw Mayor U Thein Nyunt and the Managing Director of
      Ottarathiri Hospital formally open Outara Thiri Hospital.—MNA

   Nay Pyi Taw
           (from page 1)
                 The           O ut a r a
   Thiri Hospital is the
   first ever private
   hospital in Nay Pyi Taw
   and has the standard of
   SSC and Pinlon Hospi-
   tals in Yangon. It has
   been planned to arrange
   one-day              trips          of
   specialists at home and
   abroad for patients
   from middle and upper                                                                    Photo shows Outara Thiri Hospital.—MNA
   Myanmar to provide in-                         T h e h o s p i t a l A c q u i r e d E x a m i n a - P e l v i s , A b d o m e n & Spine, Tharacic Spine, angiograms, X-ray, Ul-
   t e r n a t i o n a l - s t a n d a r d has been equipped with t i o n s - H e a d ,       N e c k , Pelvis, Upper Limbs, L u m b a r             S p i n e , trasound, Fluoros copy
   medical treatment.                      16 Slices CT Scanner, C h e s t              A b d o m e n , Lower Limbs, Cervical M y c l o g r a m ,         A l l and C-arm.—MNA

     Welcome and accept national…                                     ASEAN welcomed the Myanmar elections. ASEAN
                       (from page 8)
    Myanmar elections held on 7 November as a                     Chair, Vietnam, issued a statement dated 8 November. The
    significant step ahead the implementation of                  statement said ASEAN welcomes the Myanmar elections
    the seven-step Road Map for Democracy.
    ASEAN encourages Myanmar to continue to                       held on 7 November as a significant step ahead the
    accelerate the process of national reconciliation             implementation of the seven-step Road Map for Democracy.
    and democratization for stability and
    development in the country. ASEAN also                        ASEAN encourages Myanmar to continue to accelerate the
    stresses the need for Myanmar to continue to                  process of national reconciliation and democratization for
    work together with ASEAN and the UN in this
    process. ASEAN stands ready to assist                         stability and development in the country. ASEAN also
    Myanmar if required and in accordance with
    the ASEAN Charter. It is obvious that the
                                                                  stresses the need for Myanmar to continue to work together
    entire international community, a true friend                 with ASEAN and the UN in this process. ASEAN stands
    with correct view, stands on our side although
    there were slanderous remarks made by those
                                                                  ready to assist Myanmar if required and in accordance with
    who did not want to rejoice at other’s success.               the ASEAN Charter.
           It is true that all Myanmar people are fully
    satisfied with the elections. They enjoyed the right       process of most of world nations where elections              into the annals of Myanmar history as a free and
    to cast their votes freely in accord with their own        are held once every four or five years. They have to          fair election with the participation of the political
    views, convictions and wishes. They are looking            do their best to hold elections as one of the processes       parties and the people. Despite opposition from
    forwards to the time when names of representatives         of internal affairs in accord with their own situations.      those who did not want to rejoice at others’
    they elected are announced. No one but the                 Likewise, Myanmar saw smooth and successful                   success, I would like to honour again the elections
    Myanmar people could understand how much the               elections to be able to march toward the goal of              as a national victory the State and its people have
    elections were free and fair and how systematically        democracy. Under the systematic supervision of                to hail and honour cheerfully.
    and truly they were held.                                  the Union Election Commission, the new chapter                                       *****
           All in all, an election is a normal political       of democratization had been opened, going down                              Translation: ST+YM

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                          9                                                                          11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
   10 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010

      Technology a blessing, a curse for                                                         AOL taps BofA to mull Yahoo deal
               remote island                                                                                                                                The AOL logo is seen
                                                 if she’s on her land-line phone. She
                                                 has no cell.                                                                                               on the outside of the
                                                     “When you don’t have it, you don’t                                                                     building housing the
                                                 miss it. That’s what I say,” says the
                                                                                                                                                            companies corporate
                                                 spunky 70-year-old grandmother,
                                                 who’s as comfortable telling jokes at                                                                        headquarters in
                                                 the local pub as she is attending Mass                                                                          New York.
                                                 each morning.
                                                     Technology isn’t really her thing.                                                                           INTERNET
                                                 So, it’s a small miracle when Bass
                                                 drives, once a month, to her island’s            NEW YORK, 12 Nov—          combining AOL with             the sources.
                                                 rural health center to sit down in front     AOL Inc has tapped Bank        Yahoo is still considered          Getting Yahoo and
                                                 of a wide-screen television. There,          of America to explore          in an early stage and may      AOL to merge on a stock
                                                 she and a handful of other islanders         strategic       options        not materialize into a deal,   deal is challenging, that
                                                 connect by video conference with a           including a potential          the sources said.              source said.
                                                 similar group in Charlevoix, Mich, a         Yahoo Inc merger,                  But the Yahoo deal is          Private equity firms
     In this 6 Oct, 2010 photo, Muggs            two-hour ferry ride to the south and         according to people            compelling for AOL             including Silver Lake,
     Bass, 70, sits in her kitchen in her        east.                                        familiar with the matter.      Chief Executive Tim            TPG Capital, Madison
      home on Beaver Island, Mich                    They chat. They laugh. They cry              Allen & Co LLC, a          Armstrong, who believes        Dearborn Partners and
                   INTERNET                      together.                                    New York-based bout-           he can do a better job         KKR have previously
                                                     All of them have, or have had,           ique investment bank that      running a combined             approached AOL to
       B EAVER I SLAND , 12 Nov— Muggs           cancer, Bass included. Hers started          focuses on media and           company, the sources           explore a buyout of
   Bass doesn’t own a computer. She’s            with a lump in her breast and has since      entertainment, is also         said.                          Yahoo but sources said
   pretty much dead set against e-mail.          metastasized to her bones, making her        advising AOL on its                “First of all, Yahoo       private equity interest has
   Anyone who calls her home on                  cancer treatable, but incurable, her         options, said one of the       has to be approached and       cooled over the past few
   Michigan’s remote Beaver Island               doctors tell her.                            sources.                       this is nowhere close to       weeks.
   should be prepared for a busy signal,                                        Internet          The      idea      of      that point,” said one of                        Reuters

      Fed officials voice concerns about bond buying German government extends
                                                                   NEW YORK, 12 Nov— Three top Federal Reserve                         anti-pirate mission
                                                              officials on Monday voiced concerns about the central
                                                              bank's latest efforts to boost the economy, with one                BERLIN, 12 Nov— Germany will extend three
                                                              warning the Fed's bond buying might need to be curbed          military deployments including its contribution to an
                                                              to head-off inflation.                                         EU naval force tracking pirates off Somalia, the
                                                                   The remarks from Fed Governor Kevin Warsh, Dal-           government said on Wednesday.
                                                              las Fed chief Richard Fisher and Thomas Hoenig of the               Parliament must still approve the extension of the
                                                              Kansas City Fed underscored the unease within the cen-         missions, in which Germany has provided 320
                                                              tral bank about the decision to buy an additional $600         personnel to the anti-piracy force, sent 120 soldiers to
                                                              billion in government debt. Last week's decision has           Bosnia, and will send a ship with 220 soldiers to take
                                                              sparked an unusually vocal public debate among Fed             part in NATO’s Active Endeavour operation patrolling
                                                              officials and drawn the ire of many countries that say         in the Mediterranean.
                                                              the United States is deliberately pushing down the dol-              Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg
                                                              lar.                                                           said on Tuesday Germany should be ready to use its
      The US Federal Reserve Building is pictured in               Warsh raised the prospect that rising inflation risks     military against pirates and to defend its economic
                Washington, on 15 Dec, 2009.                  could prompt the central bank to scale back the                interests. Military deployments are still a sensitive
                             INTERNET                         programme even with unemployment still painfully               issue in Germany, more than 60 years after Adolf
                                                              high.                                                          Hitler’s Nazis started World War II. President Horst
     Saudi Arabia vows help to                                     “Policies should be altered if certain objectives are     Koehler resigned in May after being accused of
                                                              satisfied, purported benefits disappoint, or potential risks   “gunboat diplomacy” for saying that military
      Yemen in fighting Qaeda                                 threaten to materialize,” Warsh said. “We haven't bought       intervention was justified in an emergency to uphold
        M ECCA , 12 Nov—Saudi Arabia pledged on ourselves an eight month holiday. We bought ourselves                        German interests such as free trade routes.
   Wednesday to give Yemen whatever help it needed to eight months of hard work,” he said.—Internet                                                                  MNA/Reuters
   fight al-Qaeda after the militant group claimed
   responsibility for a recently foiled bomb plot, which
   Riyadh helped uncover.
                                                                 SAP grills Oracle as Apotheker absent from trial
                                                                                                         Oracle CEO          richest man said he could not cite documentation
         Late last month, authorities in Dubai and Britain                                              Larry Ellison        proving his company’s claim of the cost of lost
   intercepted two bombs hidden in toner cartridges destined                                            speaks during        business. German-based SAP asserts that it owes
   for the United States from Yemen via FedEx and United                                                 his keynote         Oracle merely tens of millions of dollars.
   Parcel Service, after a tip-off from Saudi Arabia. The al-                                           address at the           Oracle’s star witness also failed to produce
   Qaeda affiliate based in Yemen, plagued by armed                                                      Oracle Open         testimony of his public assertion that Hewlett-
   disorder, claimed responsibility for the attempt. “The                                               World in San
   security situation in Yemen is as important to us as the                                                                  Packard Co’s new CEO, Leo Apotheker, knew of
                                                                                                          Francisco.         the theft when he headed SAP and did nothing
   security situation in the kingdom,” the Saudi Interior                                                  INTERNET
   Minister, Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, told reporters in                                                                   about it until Oracle sued.
   Islam’s holiest city Mecca where millions of Muslims            O AKLAND , 12 Nov— Oracle Corp CEO Larry                      A source told Reuters that Oracle had hired
   flock to the annual pilgrimage, or haj, next week. In the Ellison testified that SAP’s theft of its software              private detectives to locate Apotheker so he could
   first remarks on the matter made by a top security cost his company $4 billion, doubling his previous                     be subpoenaed to appear in the trial.
   official from the US ally, Nayef said security cooperation estimate, but failed to bring strong supporting                    The normally brash, outspoken Ellison left
   between Saudi Arabia and Yemen was at the best written evidence.                                                          the courtroom on Monday without speaking to
   possible level and that the kingdom would help its              SAP lawyers immediately challenged Ellison                reporters.
   impoverished neighbour.—MNA/Reuters                        to back up the new figure, but Silicon Valley’s                                                           Reuters

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                           10                                                                        11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
                                                                                        THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010                                 11
     19 Chinese return home after Somali pirate ordeal                                                Eat a carrot, hurt the economy?
       BEIJING, 12 Nov—A group of 17                                                           LONDON , 12 Nov—           country’s bad eating              The study was paid
   Chinese sailors returned home safely                                                    Eating a healthy diet may      habits might prevent         for by the London School
   after being held hostage more than four                                                 be good for you, but it        nearly 70,000 people         of Hygiene and Tropical
   months by Somali pirates who gave them                                                  may be unintentionally         from prematurely dying       Medicine and was
   only one meal of boiled potatoes per                                                    slimming for the               of diet-related health       published         online
   day, newspapers reported on Thursday.                                                   economies of some              problems like heart          Thursday in the medical
   The pirates were paid an undisclosed                                                    developing countries, a        disease and cancer. It       journal, Lancet. “We are
   amount of money in ransom after the             Armed Somali pirates carrying out
                                                    preparations to a skiff in Hobyo,      new study says. British        would also theoretically     not suggesting people
   Shanghai-based ship’s owner mortgaged                                                   researchers modelled           save the health system       not eat a healthy diet,”
                                                   northeastern Somalia, in January
   his home and all his shipping company                   2010.— INTERNET                 what could happen if           20 billion pounds ($32       said Richard Smith, a
   shares to raise funds, the Beijing Daily                                                people in Britain and          billion) every year. In      professor of health
   said.                                        on its way to India from Saudi Arabia      Brazil adopted healthier       Brazil, however, the rates   system economics at the
       The group arrived in Shanghai on         when an unknown number of pirates          diets as defined by the        of illnesses linked to a     London School of
   Wednesday on a flight from the Qatari        seized control on 28 June. The pirates     World Health Organi-           poor diet are not as high    Hygiene and Tropical
   Capital of Doha, the paper said. All were    had initially demanded a ransom of         zation, including more         as in the UK So              Medicine. “We’re just
   in good health, despite having survived      $15 million, but that was later            fruits and vegetables and      Brazilians would get         trying to point out that
   for 131 days on their potato diet and        negotiated downward after the pirates      less meat and dairy            relatively few health        healthier eating can have
   suffering from limited water supplies        began showing greater flexibility by       products.                      benefits while their         unintended        conse-
   and poor hygiene conditions. All their       the third month, the Beijing Daily said.       In Britain, experts        economy might lose           quences.”
   belongings, including mobile phones and      The final amount paid was not given.       estimated that fixing the      millions.                                     Internet
   personal items, had been left on board       Somali pirates are regularly able to
   the ship with the pirates, it said.          make multimillion dollar ransoms from                   Cisco revenue outlook stokes
       The sailors had been crewing the         their hijackings.
   Singaporean-flagged “Golden Blessing”                                       Internet                      competition fears
                                                                                                NEW YORK, 12 Nov—                                          Cisco Systems Inc
    Lawsuit over air security at Vancouver Games                                           Cisco Systems Inc has                                        said on 10 Nov , 2010,
       VANCOUVER, 12 Nov—        Association of Canada,       carrying last-minute         given a disappointing
                                                                                                                                                       that its earnings for the
   Small air operators whose     which says the losses        passengers.                  sales forecast for the
   wings were clipped by         during the Games topped                                   second quarter in a row,                                    latest quarter climbed 8
                                                                  Most air travel
   security rules during the     C$1 million. Canada also     between Vancouver            raising doubts about the                                     percent from last year,
   Vancouver Olympics            hosted the G8 and G20        and coastal commu-           network        equipment                                    providing fresh evidence
   said on We-dnesday they       summits in Toronto this      nities is done using         maker’s competitive                                          that business spending
   are suing the Canadian        year.                        float-planes and small       chops despite an uptick in                                  on technology continues
   govern-ment            for        Aircraft were prohi-     aircraft, and does not       its most recent quarterly
                                                                                                                                                          to recover from the
   damages.                      bited from flying near       involves less stringent      earnings. Back in August,
       The six operators,        Olympic venues im-                                        Cisco       CEO       John                                   recession.— INTERNET
                                                              passenger screening
   including Pacific Coastal     mediately before and                                      Chambers            rattled
                                                              requirements than                                           has grown revenue            comparable, Cisco said
   Airlines,      say     the    during the Winter Games                                   investors by pointing to
                                                              airports use. Officials                                     steadily over the past few   Wednesday that revenue
   government ignored their      in Vancouver and British                                  “unusual uncertainty”
                                                              at Transport Canada          among customers about          years. And last month        for the quarter running
   requests for com-             Columbia’s Whistler
   pensation, some-thing         resort in February, and      were not immediately         the pace of economic           Juniper projected that       from November through
   they say is normally paid     tighter        passenger     available for comment        recovery.                      fourth-quarter sales will    January will climb just 3
   to businesses hurt by         screening was required       on the lawsuit.                   But some analysts         be up at least 17 percent    percent to 5 percent.
   security for events such      through-out the region.          The security budget      worry the latest shortfall     over the same quarter a      That’s less than half the
   as G8 summits.                The charter and small        for the Vancouver            in Cisco’s revenue             year ago.                    growth rate that analysts
       “It is quite unaccep-     airline        operators     Games was more than          projections may have               While the numbers        predicted.
   table that the Canadian       complain they lost out on    C$900 million ($900          more to do with smaller        are      not     directly                     Internet
   government will not face
   up      to     its      re-
                                 tourist revenue during the
                                 Olympics, and the
                                                              million), nearly all of
                                                              which was paid for by
                                                                                           competitors eroding its
                                                                                           dominant market posi-
                                                                                                                            Nepal police crackdown on
   sponsibilities,” said John    screening rules limited      the federal govern-          tion. Juniper Networks               illegal gambling
   McKenna, presi-dent of        their      flights    and    ment.                        Inc, for instance, is just a
                                                                                                                        KATHMANDU , 12 Nov—Police in Nepal have
   the Air Transport             prevented them from                          Internet     fraction of Cisco’s size but
                                                                                                                    launched a crackdown on casino operators, charging
          Asia shares gain amid higher commodity prices, G20                                                        them with breaking the law by allowing local people
                                                                                                                    to gamble, Kathmandu police chief Bhog Bahadur
        B ANGKOK , 12 Nov—Asian markets mostly                                                                      Thapa said on Thursday. Gambling is illegal in
   climbed Thursday amid higher commodity prices                                                                    Nepal, but eight hotels in the capital Kathmandu
   and as President Barack Obama called on world                                                                    operate casinos under special government licences
   leaders at the Group of 20 summit to work together to                                                            that only allow them to admit foreign customers.
   advance the economic recovery.                                                                                       Police say five of the casinos routinely flout
        Oil jumped above $88 a barrel and prices for                                                                the law by allowing locals to gamble, and they
   some metals were also higher. The dollar fell against                                                            have issued warrants for the arrest of their owners.
   the euro and gained against the yen. Meetings of                                                                 “The Nepal government issues licences for the
   world leaders in South Korea on Thursday and Friday                                                              casinos on condition that they only allow foreigners
   and in Japan on the weekend provided the background                                                              to gamble,” Thapa told AFP.
   to trading.                                                                                                          “They are violating the law by letting Nepalese
        Tensions over currencies and trade gaps are                                                                 citizens gamble.”
   overhanging the Group of 20 and APEC summits as                                                                      Police in Kathmandu conduct regular raids on
   America’s move to flood its sluggish economy with           Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock
                                                                                                                    casinos and arrest locals found gambling. Thapa
   $600 billion of cash and weaken the dollar triggers              Exchange on 8 Nov, 2010. —INTERNET
                                                                                                                    said 28 arrests had been made during the recent
   alarm in export-reliant nations from China to              called on other leaders to work in concert to craft a festival period in Nepal. Nepal’s first casino opened
   Germany.                                                   new economic order to replace one powered by the in 1968 in a hotel owned by former king Gyanendra
        Obama tried to defuse tensions, saying a strong       US running huge trade deficits while other countries and the industry has long been a draw for tourists
   US economy would help the rest of the world and            accumulate vast surpluses.—Internet                   from neighbouring India.—Internet

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                         11                                                                      11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
    12 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010

             CLAIMS DAY NOTICE                                       CLAIMS DAY NOTICE                                                                  Ill man pleads
       MV KOTA RESTU VOY NO (059)                                    MV XIANG DA VOY NO (1044)                                                        guilty to ’04 murder
        Consignees of cargo carried on MV KOTA RESTU                Consignees of cargo carried on MV XIANG DA
    VOY NO (059) are hereby notified that the vessel will       VOY NO (1044) are hereby notified that the vessel will                                   of 3-year-old
    be arriving on 13.11.2010 and cargo will be discharged      be arriving on 13.11.2010 and cargo will be discharged                                   J OLIET , 12 Nov—A
    into the premises of A.W.P.T where it will lie at the       into the premises of A.W.P.T where it will lie at the                                 convicted sex offender
    consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the byelaws    consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the byelaws                              pleaded guilty on Wednes-
    and conditions of the Port of Yangon.                       and conditions of the Port of Yangon.                                                 day in the 2004 sexual as-
        Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am              Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am                                    sault and murder of a 3-
    to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day now           to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day now                                     year-old suburban Chi-
    declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo    declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo                              cago girl whose father was
    from the Vessel.                                            from the Vessel.                                                                      wrongly accused in the
        No claims against this vessel will be admitted              No claims against this vessel will be admitted after
                                                                                                                                                      crime. With the parents of
    after the Claims Day.                                       the Claims Day.
                                                                                                                                                      Riley Fox sitting just a few
             SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT                                   SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT                                                  feet away, Scott Eby said
                  MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY                                        MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY                                                  in a clear voice the word
        AGENT FOR: M/S ADVANCE CONTAINER                                   AGENT FOR: M/S CHINA SHIPPING                                              “guilty” six times — en-
                                   LINES                                      (MALAYSIA) AGENCY SDN BHD                                               suring he will spend the
    Phone No: 256908/378316/376797                              Phone No: 256908/378316/376797                                                        rest of his life behind bars.
             CLAIMS DAY NOTICE                                                                                                                           In exchange for the 39-
                                                                                                                                                      year-old’s plea, prosecu-
              MV ANH SON VOY NO ( )                                                                                                                   tors agreed not to seek the
         Consignees of cargo carried on MV ANH SON                                                                                                    death penalty. The court-
     VOY NO ( ) are hereby notified that the vessel will be                                                                                           room was packed with
     arriving on 13.11.2010 and cargo will be discharged
                                                                                                                                                      dozens of friends and
     into the premises of 4.S.P.W where it will lie at the
     consignee’s risk and expenses and subject to the byelaws                                                                                         family of Riley, many
     and conditions of the Port of Yangon.                                                                                                            wearing pins with a pho-
         Damaged cargo will be surveyed daily from 8 am                                                                                               tograph of the girl nick-
     to 11:20 am and 12 noon to 4 pm to Claims Day now                                                                                                named “Rileybugs” on
     declared as the third day after final discharge of cargo                                                                                         them.—Internet
     from the Vessel.                                            Four Loko and other alcoholic energy drinks are
         No claims against this vessel will be admitted           seen in the cooler of a convenience store on 10              Ten killed in fire at
     after the Claims Day.                                               Nov, 2010, in Seattle.—INTERNET
              SHIPPING AGENCY DEPARTMENT                                                                                     S Korea nursing home
                   MYANMA PORT AUTHORITY                              Washington state bans                                     SEOUL, 12 Nov—At least 10 women were killed
                  TRADING CO, LTD (VIETNAM)                           alcoholic energy drinks                              when a fire destroyed a senior citizens nursing
                                                                O LYMPIA , 12 Nov—           also have banned boozy        home early on Friday in the South Korean
     Phone No: 256924/256914                                                                                               southeastern port city of Pohang, officials said.
                                                             Retailers have a week to        energy drinks from cam-
                                                             clear millions of dollars       pus while the federal              The city’s fire department said most of those
                                                             worth of alcoholic energy       Food and Drug Admin-          killed were elderly patients who could not move
                                                             drinks from their shelves       istration reviews their       easily and were unable to escape. Seventeen people
                                                             after state regulators          safety, and US Sen.           were injured.
                                                             banned them on Wednes-          Chuck Schumer, D-NY,               “I was sleeping and went out because I saw
                                                             day, citing the hospitaliza-    called on Wednesday for       light, and flames were shooting up from the office,”
                                                             tion of nine dangerously        a ban in his state.           said night-time caretaker Choi, who used only one
                                                             drunk college students                            Internet    name.—MNA/Reuters
                                                             last month.
    Photo taken on 7 Nov, 2010 shows a general view of          The emergency ban,           Wendy’s sells new fries with potato skin, sea salt
    a steel factory of Shougang Group, a Chinese iron similar to those in Michi-             NEW YORK, 12 Nov—             mer. Now, the fries, which ads airing later this
    and steel maker, in Beijing, capital of China. By the gan, Utah and Oklahoma,        With an eye toward ap-            first appear on Thursday month, to highlight the
    end of 2010, Shougang Group will close the last fur- takes effect on 18 Nov.         pealing to foodies,               and roll out over the next changes. —Internet
    naces in its old factories in western Beijing and fin- Washington’s rule targets     Wendy’s is remaking its           two weeks. This is the
    ish relocating facilities there to Hebei Province due beer-based drinks that         fries with Russett pota-          first major overhaul of the
    to the government’s efforts to reduce air pollution in also feature caffeine, such   toes, leaving the skin on         41-year-old company’s
    the capital. After relocation, the old factory site will as the malt-liquor energy   and sprinkling sea salt on        fries, although it has ad-
    be developed into a complex of tourism, entertain- drink Four Loko.                  top. The fast-food chain          justed the recipe in the
    ment, business, and residential housing.— XINHUA            Some universities        has been changing its             past.
                                                                                         menu to focus on “real”               The new fries are
    Feds propose graphic cigarette warning labels                                        ingredients to win more           slightly slimmer than the
                                                                                         fans.                             old ones, and crispier be-
        RICHMOND, 12 Nov—         a new campaign an-            Wednesday to reduce to-
                                                                                             The first move in the         cause they’re smaller.
    Corpses, cancer patients      nounced by the Food and       bacco use, which is re-
                                                                                         strategy was a new line of        They will have more salt,
    and diseased lungs are        Drug Administration and       sponsible for about
                                                                                         salads such as Apple Pe-          a medium size fry goes
    among the images the fed-     the Department of Health      443,000 deaths per year.
                                                                                         can Chicken in the sum-           from 350 milligrams to      A product image pro-
    eral government plans for     and Human Services on                         Internet
                                                                                                                           500 milligrams, and calo- vided by Wendy’s, shows
    larger, graphic warning                                                                  Three examples of pro-                                    the Natural Cut Fries
                                                                                                                           ries add 10 to 420.
    labels that would take up                                                                posed warning graphics            The selling price will with Sea Salt. With an
    half of each pack of ciga-                                                               that will appear on ciga-     not change, ranging from eye toward appealing to
    rettes sold in the United                                                                rette packaging as part       99 cents to about $2.         foodies, Wendy’s is
    States. Whether smokers                                                                  of the government’s new           The fries will still remaking its fries with
    addicted to nicotine will                                                                   tobacco prevention         come to stores frozen. Russett potatoes, leav-
    see them as a reason to                                                                   efforts, seen in Wash-       Wendy’s is planning a        ing the skin on and
    quit remains a question.                                                                    ington, on 10 Nov,                                     sprinkling sea salt on
                                                                                                                           marketing push, includ-
        The images are part of                                                                   2010.— INTERNET                                           top.— INTERNET
                                                                                                                           ing national television

Untitled-4                                  12                                                                     10/12/18, 12:42 AM
                                                                                       THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010                                  13

      Qantas grounds troubled A380s
           until further notice
       SYDNEY , 12 Nov—       also led to Singapore          relaunch) unlikely to be
   Qantas grounded its        Airlines putting three of      within the next couple of
   Airbus A380 super-         its superjumbos out of         days, beyond that we’re
   jumbos until further       action.                        unwilling to say.”
   notice Thursday, a week        A spokesman told               Qantas is among a
   after a mid-air engine     AFP that Qantas’s A380s,       group     of     carriers
   blast prompted serious     which service long-haul        conducting urgent safety
   safety worries over the    routes        connecting       checks of the A380s’
   world’s          biggest   Australian cities with Los     Rolls-Royce Trent 900
   passenger jet. The         Angeles and London,            engines as investigators
   Australian       carrier   would not be used for at       work to determine what
   revamped its flight        least a few days. “We’re       caused last Thursday’s
   schedule to exclude the    not really putting a time-     blow-out over the             A Qantas Airbus A380 lands at Sydney International Airport. Qantas grounded its
   six flagship A380s,        frame on it at the moment.     Indonesian Island of            Airbus A380 superjumbos until further notice Thursday, a week after a mid-air
   potentially for “weeks”,   The situation’s really         Batam.                        engine blast prompted serious safety worries over the world’s biggest passenger jet.
   after the blow-out which   fluid,” he said. “It’s (the                      Internet                                         INTERNET

    Lambert wins 3 CMA awards, including                                                          Mel Gibson, ex, in LA court for
               album of year                                                                             custody hearing
                                               country than Miranda,” the icon said.                                                         L OS A NGELES , 12 Nov—Mel
                                                   Lambert won three CMA awards                                                         Gibson appeared in court Wednesday
                                               Wednesday night, including the                                                           for the first time for a custody hearing
                                               coveted album of the year, celebrating                                                   involving his infant daughter with
                                               her 27th birthday by leading a sea change                                                an estranged ex-girlfriend.
                                               in country music that also included                                                           The Academy Award winner
                                               two wins for her fiance, Blake Shelton,                                                  arrived for the all-day session about
                                               and entertainer of the year for long-                                                    10 minutes before Russian musician
                                               suffering Brad Paisley. The blond                                                        Oksana Grigorieva at a downtown
                                               Texas firebrand whose breakthrough                                                       Los Angeles courthouse, escorted by
                                               album “Revolution” was just that                                                         deputies.
                                               joined Lynn on stage with Sheryl Crow                                                         He remained out of sight during
                                               for a rendition of “Coal Miner’s                                                         a lengthy morning break, but walked
                                               Daughter.”                                                                               calmly through the courthouse with
                                                   Lambert received her female                                                          his attorneys to and from a luncheon
        Brad Paisley, left, accepts the        vocalist of the year trophy from Lynn,
     Entertainer of the Year Award from                                                                                                 strategy session.
                                               who is celebrating her 50th year as a                                                         Gibson did not speak to the group
       Tim McGraw at the 44th Annual
                                               singer. “I hope it’s the beginning,”                                                     of reporters convened outside Judge
     Country Music Awards in Nashville,
     Tenn, on 10 Nov, 2010.— INTERNET
                                               Lambert said. “I hope that I’m here 40                                                   Scott Gordon’s closely guarded
                                               years from now, handing out an award                                                     courtroom. By law, the custody
       N ASHVILE , 12 Nov —Miranda             like Loretta did.” Lambert also won                                                      proceedings are closed to the public
   Lambert’s coronation at the Country         video of the year for “The House That                                                    and the case file is sealed. At least
   Music Association Awards came with          Built Me,” which also won song of the                                                    part of Wednesday’s session was
   the most authentic endorsement you          year for songwriters Tom Douglas and                                                     spent addressing the release of
   can get in Music City: Loretta Lynn.        Allan Shamblin.                             Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva.
                                                                                                                                        information about the case, but
   “Nobody in country music is more                                             Internet               INTERNET
                                                                                                                                        attorneys for both sides declined to
      Sierra ski resorts                        Mexico battle over Cancun tigers close to                                               comment in detail about what
                                                                                                                                        occurred. They are scheduled to
       opening next 10                                           climax                                                                 reconvene on 22 Nov.
            days                                   MEXICO CITY, 12 Nov— Cancun’s “Pepe Tiger” may soon lose
                                               his big cats and his dream of opening a zoo near the sun-soaked
        RENO, 12 Nov —The early winter         Mexican resort city after a decades-long battle that has seen a           Jose Juarez Gil, popularly known as Pepe Tiger,
   storm that dumped more than a foot of       mauling, animal cruelty charges and even claims of national
   snow on the upper elevations of the         sovereignty.                                                              feeds ‘Zetita’, a 20-day old tiger cub, at his home
   Sierra Nevada the past few days has             Mexican officials are preparing to remove the eight tigers and
   some area ski resorts moving up their       two jaguars kept by Jose Juarez Gil — or “Pepe Tiger” — saying they              in Cancun, Mexico, on 9 Nov, 2010.
   starting dates.                             are being kept in unsafe conditions, a charge denied by Juarez Gil
        Boreal is already up and running       who says he loves the cats and lets them swim and run in his makeshift                          INTERNET
   and Mammoth plans to open on                animal refuge on the road to Cancun’s Airport. He vowed on
   Thursday. Mount Rose, Ski Resort,           Wednesday to fight their removal, saying he will appeal the latest
   Squaw Valley USA, Heavenly and              seizure order. “Do you think I am going to just leave my whole life
   Northstar at Tahoe all plan to kick off     behind?” asked Juarez Gil. His surreal tale began in the 1980s, when
   their seasons in the next two weeks.        police started turning over to him tigers and jaguars seized from the
   Opening dates announced as of               private zoos of drug traffickers and other criminals. In the following
   Wednesday include: Heavenly, 19 Nov         decades, shopping malls and luxury apartments sprung up around his
   Squaw Valley USA and Northstar at           land on the outskirts of Cancun, but he has stubbornly refused to give
   Tahoe, 20 Nov Alpine Meadows and            up his animals or his property. Court appeals had allowed his
   Tahoe Donner, 10 Dec Mt Shasta, 16          improvised refuge to limp on, despite what authorities and US-based
   Dec.                                        groups said were bad health and diet conditions for the big cats.
                                  Internet                                                                    Internet

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                         13                                                                     11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
   14 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010
                                                                 Altidore scores; Lichaj makes Mariners broadcaster Niehaus dies
                                                                                                 S EATTLE , 12 Nov —   Known for his trade-
                                                                           EPL debut           Broadcaster      Dave mark “My Oh My!” ex-
                                                                     BARCELONA, 12 Nov —            Jefferson Montero
                                                                                                                                Niehaus, who called           pression, Niehaus re-
                                                                 Jozy Altidore scored his       scored in the 18th minute for
                                                                                                                                Seattle Mariners’ games       ceived the 2008 Ford C.
                                                                 second goal of the series,     Villarreal, which plays a
                                                                                                                                from their first Major        Frick award and was in-
                                                                 helping Villarreal to a 2-0    league match at Barcelona
                                                                                                                                League Baseball season        ducted into the broadcast-
                                                                 victory over Poli Ejido on     on Saturday night. Barce-
                                                                                                                                through this year, has died   ers’ wing of the Baseball
                                                                 Wednesday night and a          lona routed visiting Ceuta
                                                                                                                                at the age of 75, his fam-    Hall of Fame in 2008.
                                                                 3-1 aggregate win in the       5-1 to advance 7-1 but lost
                                                                                                                                ily has said. Niehaus died                      Internet
                                                                 fourth round of the Span-      defender Gabriel Milito in
                                                                                                                                after suffering a heart at-
                                                                 ish Copa del Rey. The          the 39th minute to a thigh
                                                                                                                                tack at his home in subur-
                                                                 American forward scored        injury — the Blaugrana al-
                                                                                                                                ban Bellevue, relatives
                                                                 in the 89th minute at El       ready will be without de-
    Manchester City’s Pablo Zabaleta, left, jumps for                                                                           said.
                                                                 Madrigal. His goal on the      fender Gerard Pique on Sat-
    the ball against Manchester United’s Nani during                                                                                He had been the voice
                                                                 road on 27 Oct was his         urday due to a one-match
      their English Premier League soccer match at                                                                              of the Mariners from their
                                                                 first for the Yellow Sub-      suspension. “Milito has
      The City of Manchester Stadium, Manchester,                                                                               first game, on 6 April,
                                                                 marine since a league          been ruled out for between
          England, on 10 Nov, 2010.— INTERNET                                                                                   1977, through the end of
                                                                 match at Athletic Bilbao       four and six weeks,” the
                                                                                                                                the 2010 season, his
      Barton faces FA probe over                                 on 1 Nov, 2008.                team said.— Internet
                                                                                                                                rounded Midwestern
           Pedersen punch                                                                                                       voice describing the ex-
                                                                                                                                ploits of such players as
       NEWCASTLE, 12 Nov —         Barton escaped punish-                                                                       the Mariners’ Japanese
    Joey Barton could face an      ment, but the FA may well                                                                    star Ichiro Suzuki and Ken       Broadcaster Dave
    English FA probe after         investigate and could                                                                        Griffey Jnr.                         Niehaus
    the Newcastle midfielder       hand the midfielder a ret-
    was caught on camera           rospective suspension.                                                                           Okla sisters each record
    punching Morten Gamst          Newcastle boss Chris
    Pedersen during his side’s     Hughton said he had not                                                                         hole-in-one in same round
    2-1 defeat against             seen the clash, while                                                                           EDMOND, 12 Nov — Two sisters on the Central Okla-
    Blackburn at St James’         Blackburn manager Sam                                                                        homa golf team are celebrating holes-in-one recorded
    Park. Barton collided          Allardyce refused to be                                                                      in the same round. Erica and Lindsey Bensch each
    with Pedersen in an off        drawn on the incident but                                                                    pulled off the feat on Tuesday during a round at
    the ball incident in the       he hinted he wouldn’t be      Newcastle United’s midfielder Joey Barton (R) could            KickingBird Golf Club.
    second half on Wednes-         susprised to see action       face an English FA probe after the Newcastle                      Erica Bensch, a junior, had the ace on the 124-yard
    day and then knocked the       taken against Barton, who     midfielder was caught on camera punching Morten                No. 3 hole, using a gap wedge in windy conditions.
    Norway international to        has been involved in sev-     Gamst Pedersen during his side’s 2-1 defeat against            Less than two hours later, freshman Lindsey Bensch
    the turf with a punch to       eral controversial inci-           Blackburn at St James’ Park.— INTERNET                    knocked in an 8-iron on the 142-yard No. 11 hole. Erica
    the ribs.                      dents on and off the field                                                                   Bensch shot a 1-under 69 while her sister finished with
       Referee Mike Jones
    didn’t see the incident so
                                   during his troubled ca-
                                   reer.— Internet
                                                                          S P O R T S                                           an even-par 70.— Internet

                                                                                                                                    Wall has triple-double in
     Cycling: Contador happy as                                        Margarito makes fun of
                                                                                                                                     Wizards’ 98-91 win
         case moves forward                                           Pacquiao trainer in video                                     WASHINGTON, 12 Nov
      M ADRID , 12 Nov —                                            ARLINGTON, 12 Nov —         Rios — both of whom are         —With Magic Johnson
   Tour de France champion                                       Antonio Margarito has re-      trained by Robert Garcia        watching, Wizards rookie
   Alberto Contador, who is                                      peatedly said he is sorry      — appear to mock the            John Wall put on some
   provisionally suspended                                       for a hand-wrapping            Parkinson’s disease of          showtime of his own. He
   following a positive test                                     scandal that almost ended      Pacquiao trainer Freddie        got his first professional
   for clenbuterol, said on                                      his boxing career. Now         Roach.                          triple-double with 19
   Wednesday he was happy            Tour de France cham-        his camp has had to                Before even talking         points, 13 assists and 10
   his case is finally being         pion Alberto Contador       apologize again, for           about the junior middle-        rebounds to lead the
   handled by the Spanish          licit and performance-en-     something else only days       weight title bout during a      Washington Wizards to a
   cycling         federation      hancing blood transfu-        before getting into the        news conference Wednes-         98-91 win over the Hou-
   (RFEC). “I’m happy that         sion. Earlier Wednesday a     ring against Manny             day at Cowboys Stadium,         ston Rockets on Wednes-
   the case is being handled       report in AS sports daily     Pacquiao. A video inter-       Garcia first apologized for     day night. Johnson’s 138
   by the federation because                                                                                                                                  Washington Wizards’
                                   claimed the RFEC would        view posted by Elie            the video.                      triple-doubles were sec-
   that means we can now                                                                                                                                      John Wall (2) reacts af-
                                   take “at least two months”    Seckbach of FanHouse                              Internet     ond only to Oscar
   move forward,” said                                                                                                                                        ter his dunk during the
                                   to decide whether it would    recently raced across the                                      Robertson in NBA his-
   Contador, who faces a ban                                                                                                                                  first half of an NBA bas-
                                   sanction Contador or          Internet, in which                                             tory.
   from the sport as well as                                                                                                                                  ketball game against the
                                   not.— Internet                Margarito and Brandon                                              “He’s a legend, a Hall
   giving up his 2010 yellow                                                                                                                                  Houston Rockets, on 10
                                                                                                                                of Famer, somebody that
   jersey.                            Yao injures leg in Rockets                                                                you would look up too,”
                                                                                                                                                               Nov, 2010, in Washing-
      Contador has claimed                                                                                                      Wall said.
   his positive result for trace           loss to Wizards                                                                             “He had the            Gilbert Arenas leading
   amounts of the banned              WASHINGTON, 12 Nov — China’s Yao Ming injured                                             ‘Showtime’ in him, won        the break and the de-
   weight loss/muscle-build-       his left leg during the first quarter of the Houston Rock-                                   championships. You try        fender taking away
   ing drug, following a test      ets’ 98-91 loss to the Washington Wizards on Wednes-                                         to reach the goals he got     Andray Blatche running
   on the Tour de France in        day. The 7-foot-6 Yao, who has had repeated leg and foot     Manny Pacquiao, right,          but do it in your own fash-   down the lane, Wall
   July, was down to eating        ailments that forced him to miss the entire 2009-10 sea-      listens to his trainer         ionable way.”                 raced down the right
   contaminated meat - al-         son, limped off the court after straining a tendon.           Freddie Roach, left,               The 6-foot-4 Wall had     wing and skied to snare
   though sceptics suggest he         “It looked like somewhere around the ankle,” Yao told     during a news confer-           his own highlight mo-         a lofted underhand lob
   may have inadvertantly          the Rockets’ team website ( “To-       ence on 10 Nov, 2010,           ment when he showed off       pass with his right hand
   put clenbuterol back into       morrow we’ll have a scan and a detailed checkout —            in Arlington, Texas.           his athleticism early in      and slam it home.
   his system through an il-       until tomorrow I can’t tell you anything.” — Internet               INTERNET                 the second quarter. With                       Internet

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                            14                                                                         11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
                                                                                               THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Saturday, 13 November, 2010                                    15
                                                                                                                                 Kaba-Aye and Central Yangon. Total rainfall since 1-1-
     Weather Map of Myanmar and Neighbouring Areas
                                                                                  WEATHER                                        2010 was (82.20) inches at Mingaladon, (96.06) inches at
                                                                                                                                 Kaba-Aye and (108.46) inches at Central Yangon.
                                                                              Friday, 12th November, 2010                        Maximum wind speed at Yangon (Kaba-Aye) was (6) mph
                                                                         Summary of observations recorded at 09:30 hr.           from North at (09:30) hours MST on 11-11-2010.
                                                                    M.S.T. During the past 24 hours, light rain has been              Bay Inference: Weather is partly cloudy to cloudy
                                                                    isolated in Kachin State and Taninthayi Region, weather      over the Andaman Sea and South Bay and generally fair
                                                                    has been partly cloudy in Rakhine, Shan and Mon States       elsewhere Bay of Bengal.
                                                                    and generally fair in the remaining States and Regions.           Forecast valid until evening of the 13thNovember
                                                                    Night temperatures were (4°C) above November average         2010: Light rain or thundershowers are likely to be
                                                                    temperature in Mon State, (3°C) to (4°C) below November      isolated in Kachin State and Taninthayi Region, weather
                                                                    average temperatures in Kayah State and Bago Region and      will be partly cloudy in Chin, Shan and Mon States, upper
                                                                    (6°C) below November average temperatures in Shan and        Sagaing Regions and generally fair in the remaining
                                                                    Chin States and about November average temperatures          States and Regions. Degree of certainty is (60%).
                                                                    in the remaining States and Regions. The significant night        State of the sea: Seas will be moderate in Myanmar
                                                                    temperatures were Mindat (6°C), Pinlaung and Haka (7°C)      waters.
                                                                    each. The noteworthy amount of rainfall recorded was              Outlook for subsequent two days: Likelihood of
                                                                    Mahanbaw (0.39) inch.                                        continuation of rain or thundershowers in the extreme
                                                                                           Nay Pyi Taw                           Southern Myanmar areas.
                                                                         Maximum temperature on 11-11-2010 was 92°F.                  Forecast for Nay Pyi Taw and neighbouring area
                                                                    Minimum temperature on 12-11-2010 was 64°F. Relative         for 13-11-2010: Generally fair weather.
                                                                    humidity at (09:30) hours MST on 12-11-2010 was (76%).            Forecast for Yangon and neighbouring area for
                                                                    Rainfall on 12-11-2010 was (Nil) .                           13-11-2010: Generally fair weather.
                                                                                         Yangon (Kaba-Aye)                            Forecast for Mandalay and neighbouring area for
                                                                         Maximum temperature on 11-11-2010 was 93°F.             13-11-2010: Generally fair weather.
                                                                    Minimum temperature on 12-11-2010 was 70°F. Relative              Weather Outlook For Third Weekend Of
                                                                    humidity at (09:30) hours MST on 12-11-2010 was (67%).       November 2010: During the coming weekend, weather
                                                                    Total sunshine hours on 11-11-2010 was (9.2) hours.          will be generally fair in Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay Region
                                                                         Rainfall on 12-11-2010 was (Nil) at Mingaladon,         and partly cloudly in Yangon Region.

                   ASLEEP IN JESUS                                                   Daw Khin Zan                                              MYANMAR INTERNATIONAL
               Daw Kyi Kyi Htwe Peremans                            ( Mitzi Tun Maung nee Mitzi Kyaw Zan U)                                     Programme Schedule
             ( Mrs. Kay Raymond Peremans)                                                                                                      (13-11-2010)(Saturday)
                      Age: 94 Years
                                                                                      77 Years
         Daughter of (U Chit Htwe) and (Daw Ma Ma);Younger                      B.Com., Dip. Ed., M.A.
    sister of (Moses Aung Thwin), (Daw Baby), (U Saw Lwin),              Beloved daughter of the late Justice U Kyaw                Transmissions                     Times
    (Daw Hta Hta) and Older sister of (U Ohn Tin), (U Nyunt
                                                                    Zan U and Daw Khin U, beloved daughter-in-law of                Local                - (09:00am ~ 11:00am) MST
    Maung), (Daw Kyu Yin-Budima), (Saw Myat Zin). Beloved                                                                           Oversea Transmission - (13-11-10 09:30 am ~
    wife of Mr. Joseph Peremans; beloved mother of Barbara
                                                                    the late U Sein Nyo Tun (ICS. Rtd.) and Daw Kyawt
                                                                                                                                                            14-11-10 09:30 am) MST
    (Raymond) Martinesz and Danny Raymond; beloved                  Tha, beloved wife of U Tun Maung (Reggie), be-
    grandmother of Kay Martinesz Pugh, Sean and Natalie             loved sister of Michael Tun Zan-Daw Nu Nu Tha                Local Transmission
    Raymond; great grandmother of Oshana, Ethan, Eden and           and Helen Khin Mya Zan, beloved mother of Dr.                * Opening
    Solomon Pugh and Tyler Raymond. Also loving aunt to             Tun Zan Maung-Dr. Khin Khin Oo, Mr. Kyaw Zan                 * News
    many nieces and nephews, fell asleep in Jesus’arms on 3rd       Maung-JenniferKoh and Mrs. Mimi Khin Myint                   * Annually Held Hot-Air Balloon Releasing
    November 2010 at Mahar Myaing Medical Centre.                   Zan Maung Trentin-Mr. Guillaume Trentin, be-                   Festival
         Funeral service will take place at Yayway Cemetery on                                                                   * News
                                                                    loved grandmother of Ray Khin Zan Maung, Khin
    Monday, the 15th November at 10:00am. Afterwards,                                                                            * Myanmar Traditional Instruments
    memorial service will take place at home, 6:00 p.m., followed
                                                                    Nan Zan Maung, Win Khin Zan Maung and Sienna                   ‘‘Myanmar Drum’’
    by refreshment.                                                 Zan-Maung Trentin, beloved aunt of Christopher               * News
         Transportation will be provided from No. (5) Nagayon       Tun Zan and Kevin Kyaw Zan Thar, passedaway                  * Galaxy Racing Club
    Pagoda Road, 81/2 Mile. Also from No.(68) U Wisara Road,        peacefully at Vancouver General Hospital at 1pm              * Against All Odds
    (SDA Church) at 9:00 a.m. exactly.                              on 8 November, 2010.                                         * News
                                                                                                                                 * Record Album
                                                                    2:30 pm                       5:05 pm                        Oversea Transmission
                                    8:25 am
                                     7. Musical Programme           10. Jiont Preformance          7. Teleplay (Health)          * Opening
                                    8:40 am                             by State Traditional      5:30 pm                        * News
                                                                        Orchestra                  8. Documentary                * Annually Held Hot-Air Balloon Releasing
                                     8. International News
                                                                    2:45 pm                       5:40 pm
                                    8:45 am                         11. Song Of National                                           Festival
                                     9. Local Talent                                               9. Musical Programme          * News
                                    11:00 am                                                      5:50 pm
                                                                    2:50 pm                                                      * Myanmar Traditional Instruments
                                     1. Martial Song                12. International News        10. International
          Saturday,                                                                                   Science News                 ‘‘Myanmar Drum’’
                                    11:10 am                        4:00 pm
       13 November                   2. Musical Programme                                         6:00 pm                        * News
                                                                     1. Martial Song
       View on today                11:20 am                        4:10 pm                       11. Evening News               * Galaxy Racing Club
                                     3. Game For Children            2. Musical Programme         6:15 pm                        * Against All Odds
     7:00 am                                                        4:20 pm                       12. Weather Report
                                    11:45 am                                                                                     * News
     1. Paritta By Hilly                                             3. Cultural Dance            6:20 pm
         Region Missionary           4. Round Up Of The                                                                          * Record Album
                                        Week’s TV Local             4:30 pm                       13. Ahlashamae
         Sayadaw                                                     4. Myanmar                                                  * News
                                        News                                                          Hlagabawai
     7:25 am                                                            Traditional Cultural      6:40 pm                        * ‘‘Myanmar Orchestra’’ Reception Music
     2. To Be Healthy               12:15 pm                            Performing Arts                                          * Myanmar Customs & Naming System
                                     5. Yan Can Cook                                              14. Yindagomae
         Exercise                                                       Competition               7:00 pm                        * News
     7:30 am                        12:35 pm                        4:45 pm
                                                                                                  15. TV Drama Series            * Today’s Youths and Dancer Training
     3. Morning News                 6. TV Drama Series              5. University Of
                                                                        Distance Education        8:00 pm                          Courses
     7:40 am                        1:35 pm
                                                                        (TV Lectures)             16. News                       * Music Gallery
     4. Dhamma Puja Song             7. Mahowthada
                                                                        -Second Year              17. International News         * News
    7:50 am                             (Part-7)
                                                                        (History)                 18. Weather Report
     5. Nice & Sweet                2:00 pm                                                                                      * Myanmar Handicrafts
                                                                    5:00 pm                       19. Cartoon Series
         Song                        8. Documentary                                                                              * News
                                                                     6. Songs For                 20. TV Drama Series
    8:05 am                         2:15 pm                                                                                      * Myanmar Kite
                                                                        Upholding                 21. Gitadagale
     6. Poem Garden                  9. Music Series                                                                             * Myanmar Movies ‘‘Mommy’s Girls’’
                                                                        National Spirit               Phwinfbaohn

    R/489    Printed and published by the New Light of Myanmar press in Nay Pyi Taw, the News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministry of Information, Union of Myanmar.

13-11 2010 NL.pmd                              15                                                                        11/13/2010, 5:35 AM
   7th Waxing of Tazaungmone 1372 ME                                                                                                Saturday, 13 November, 2010

              Only with stability and peace will the nation develop
              Only with stability and peace will democratization process be successful

              Anarchy begets anarchy, not democracy
              Riots beget riots, not democracy
              Democracy can be introduced only through constitution

                      People’s Desire                                                            VOA, BBC-sowing hatred
                                                                                                 among the people
              We favour peace and stability
              We favour development                                                              RFA, DVB-generating public
              We oppose unrest and violence
                                                                                                 Do not allow ourselves to be
              Wipe out those inciting unrest                                                     swayed by killer broadcasts
              and violence                                                                       designed to cause troubles

         Ho Chi Minh-Yangon-Ho Chi Minh                                                                                             INSIDE

              direct flight on 15 Nov                                                                                    It is true that all Myanmar
                                                                                                                     people are fully satisfied with
                                                                                                                     the elections. They enjoyed the
                                                                                                                     right to cast their votes freely in
                                                                                                                     accord with their own views,
                                                                                                                     convictions and wishes. They are
                                                                                                                     looking forwards to the time
                                                                                                                     when names of representatives
                                                                                                                     they elected are announced.
                                                                                                                    MYAT PHONE LU                        PAGES 8+9

     Vietnamese Ambassador to the Union of Myanmar Mr Chu Cong Phung extends greetings at                               Significant night temperatures
               press conference on Ho Chi Minh-Yangon-Ho Chi Minh direct flight.
                                                                                                                    Mindat                            (6º C)
       YANGON, 12 Nov—A press conference on Ho Chi          to Ho Chi Minh-Yangon-Ho Chi Minh direct flight
   Minh-Yangon-Ho Chi Minh direct flight of Vietnamese      and Vietnamese Airlines. Next, they replied to the
                                                                                                                    Pinlaung                          (7º C)
   Airlines was held at Parkroyal Hotel, here, this         queries raised by those present.                        Haka                              (7º C)
   afternoon.                                                    Ho Chi Minh-Yangon-Ho Chi Minh direct flight
       Present on the occasion were Vietnamese              will go into commercial operation with Airbus A320
   Ambassador to the Union of Myanmar Mr Chu Cong           on Sunday, Monday and Friday every week. Price of            Supplement of ballot
   Phung, diplomats, the general manager of Vietnamese      return ticket is US$ 110 per head.
   Airlines and officials, members of Myanmar Foreign            Vietnamese Airlines will join hands with Myanma       counts for each Hluttaw
   Correspondents Club, editorial staff of journals and
   magazines and guests.
                                                            Airways for development of tourism industry in
                                                            Myanmar. The plan is under way to run the flight four
                                                                                                                         The four-page supplements carrying ballot
       Vietnamese Ambassador to Myanmar Mr Chu              times a week.
                                                                                                                    counts for each Hluttaw candidate are attached in
   Cong Phung extended greetings. General Manager Mr             The maiden flight will be launched at Yangon
                                                                                                                    this daily issued today.
   Cao Xuan Phu of the airlines explained matters related   International Airport at 5.50 pm on 15 November.—MNA

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